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[podfic] the world has teeth

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It's strange, but when I first read this fic, I went 'mmm yeah, good fic, well written', put it aside and didn't really...think about it again. But then I decided that I wanted to podfic something of this length, and I went'mmm yeah what about that fic I read, I mean it was p good, not bad'. And then, as I recorded this, I fell in love with it.

I fell in love with the Outsider, so inhuman and other, I fell in love with Corvo, my precious crow, and most of all, I fell in love with the Dunwall that jukeboxhound has written, filthy, lovely Dunwall. In all honesty, if it was a place where I could live, I'd probably want to live there.

Yes, I am aware that's not exactly sane, considering all the *gestures at plague, dead whales, filth, people on stilts setting fire to people, assassins, etc etc* Dunwall-ness

I hope that you'll enjoy this fic as much as I enjoyed reading it!