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Star Wars Rebels: The Vernissage

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Agent Kallus scours the holoscreen as he searches the galactic maps for reports of Rebel activity. Meticulous in his assessment to improve his rank and status in the Imperial Security Bureau of the Empire. He grimaces at each report among thousands about Rebel activity that springs on his holofeed. Then a notification appears from a report. He dreads this holocomm from Lothal about a Grand Admiral Thrawn from Coruscant as he mumbles. “Don’t answer this comm. Don’t answer it. How did a Chiss get promoted to the rank Grand Admiral?”

Thrawn let the holocomm ring to find this Agent Kallus whom he has never met. He appears in a hologram, finally as a scan reviews Agent Kallus’ rank. Thrawn chose him from his list of Imperials that can be molded under his leadership. But with Kallus’ sneer in his voice he immediately realizes Kallus was a speciests. “Commander Kallus, I am sending you the codes approved of a mandated mission by the Emperor himself. If successful, you will promoted in rank in a department of your choosing.”

“Does your inquiry have anything to do with the Imperial Security Bureau on Lothal?”

“Commander Kallus,” his red eyes probably the only distinguishable features. “Must I explain the state of operations to you? If it is at all possible as a mission mandate by the Emperor himself?”

Agent Kallus clears throat to conceal his hatred of aliens in order to speak to Thrawn. He knows very little about the Chiss. “Admiral, Lothal is a veldt grassland with savannahs planet with few natural estates dotted in various locales. The city center is main population 90% human, 10% alien,” he enunciates each species to show his xenophobic bigotry to make it clear to Thrawn about his place in Imperial society. “Most aliens are the servants of human families. Most of the families on the planets serve the Empire as high command officials. I believe you know Governor Pryce, I worked with her briefly on my stent on Lothal.”

Thrawn has the manners of a gentleman along with a scorn that could strike at any time. But he could hear the distinct quaver in the agent's voice that suggests a nervousness from their conversation. “Have there been any problems or disturbances on Lothal, Commander. I do hope there are no hindrances there.”

Agent Kallus wondered what kind of question was that. “Admiral, nothing that the ISB cannot handle,” he pauses to comprehend what Thrawn wants.  “Why do you ask?”

He studies his reaction for a moment when his intelligence reports say otherwise. “No reason. How are technology productions?”

“Ask Governor Pryce that question. The Imperial Security Bureau is here to ensure the safety of all humans – err – Imperial citizens.”

“How resourceful of you, I'll be sure to remember your name, for now, that is all I wanted to inquire. Should I know anything else?”

“Would you like for me to arrange a tour of our new crystalline chips for the Sienar ships?” Kallus analyzed the codes sent to him and was unsure of what it said, but it was of great surprise. Serve under a Chiss for a promotion? He wonders what this Chiss really wants.

Thrawn twists his head to see the Empire’s new technology. “Interesting. Send me a schematic blueprint when they become available. I'm sure they'll live up to expectations.”

Agent Kallus unsure if he could arrange a meeting for an alien intruder such as “Yes, Thrawn – err – Admiral,” his brows furrows. “Are you planning to come to Lothal?”

“I decided I'll be inspecting these Sienar crystal chips myself among other things. Expect my arrival in two standard days. And for your sake I hope there are no unpleasant surprises.” Thrawn cuts the transmission.

Agent Kallus facepalms on desktop about Thrawns arrival and mumbles. “Guess I stand under the ire of Pryce and the rest of the Lothal.”