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A Different Kind Of Hero

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The room was dark and gloomy in the once beautiful Riddle Manor when the Death Eaters apparated in. Lucius Malfoy bowed his head and kneeled down in front of his Lord with the other Death Eaters. Today would be the day, were they finally got rid of one Harry James Potter. His Lord had everything planned to the finest detail and this was his chance to make his failure from Potter’s second year right at last.

Back then, he had not known how valuable the little notebook that his Lord had given him was, but now he knew. Sure, he was still his Master’s right hand man, but he wanted to try and fix his mistake, and that meant that he would be the one to bring the Potter boy to his master.

The Dark Lord rose and turned to his loyal followers: “This time nothing will go wrong. Our mission is perfectly planned and to prevent any other surprises, I will cast a spell on you all.” Lucius felt his wife shiver next to him, but she was a born Black and did not let it show to anybody else.
“This spell will make sure, that anyone who betrays me today, will pay dearly for it,” Lord Voldemort lifted his wand and muttered a curse, too silent for Lucius to hear, but he had no need for it anyway, he would never betray his Master.



Harry looked out of the train window, without seeing anything. His thoughts were numb, as was his body. Only seven days ago, he had carried Cedric Diggory’s dead body from the maze, on the day that Voldemort had returned. Cedric had been a friend, not a close one like Ron or Hermione, but a friend none than less and he had not been able to save him.

Even worse, he had been the reason why Cedric had died in the first place. Why hadn't he been selfish for once? Had he just taken the cup alone, the Hufflepuff would still be alive. As always, he had to be a foolish Gryffindor, bringing everybody around him in danger, and this time, he had even killed a fellow student this way. How many would follow? With Voldemort back to full power, Harry didn't want to imagine it.

Even without the death of his fellow student, the encounter at the graveyard would have been a shock. He had finally seen Voldemort eye to eye and realised, that he was not prepared at all. With his current level of knowledge, he stood no chance against any Death Eater, let alone Lord Voldemort. Once more he asked himself, what was Dumbledore thinking? It certainly looked as if he would be the one, who had to kill Voldemort in the end, so why didn't the headmaster prepare him for the battle? Harry was not sure how he should feel about the old wizard anymore. He knew, Dumbledore only did what he thought best for Harry and his other students, but he never asked if Harry thought it best as well. Harry had started to wish, that the headmaster would include him more in his fight against Voldemort, at least, if he really was the one to kill him in the end.

To be honest, he didn't want to fight at all; he didn't feel like a hero. The only reason why he had yet to hide, run away or simply decline Dumbledore’s request, were his friends. He knew Voldemort would not stop killing people, only because he refused to fight him again, but he really didn't know, how long he would be able to stand up against the powerful wizard. The last term had been torture; full of nightmares and hurt, mentally as well as physically.

His scar had hurt nearly every night and the nightmares he suffered from his enemy left him screaming even in his sleep. Neither Ron, nor Hermione had been able to lift his spirits in the last week of school, or even before then and they had finally given up. They had all stayed a bit over a month longer at Hogwarts for the last task of the tournament. That meant, that Harry at least had been able to celebrate his fifteenth birthday with his friends, even though, he had wanted nothing more than to be left alone at that point. They had no classes for the last month of their stay at school. They only spent the first month of their summer holidays at school. Harry had been happy about this little mercy, because he would only have to bear the Dursleys for four weeks this year, maybe even three, if Ron was allowed to fetch him earlier.

But the fact that he had to return to 4 Privet Drive alone was horrible enough. Last summer, they had starved him so thoroughly, that he had not recovered through the entire school year. It was as if his body was unable to gain any weight at all since then. His ribs were clearly visible and he had not grown an inch as well. He had been locked into the cupboard once more, after two years with his own room, he had been locked up again. As shabby as Dudley’s spare room had been, it was much better than the cupboard beneath the stairs.

He had felt so lonely that last summer. He had spent the long and dark days and nights wishing and daydreaming about a person, that would take him into his arms, reassure him, listen to him, understand him, and offer him help and a better home. But that person had never arrived. Truth to be told, how should someone like that come? No one knew about his abusive relatives, or at least, not how bad it really was, not even Ron and Hermione. And no guardian angel would suddenly appear in front of him. That thought was ridiculous. Still, sitting in the Hogwarts Express, on his way back to his awful relatives, the loneliness he had not felt during his fourth year crept up on him again, as did the wish for a saviour who would save the saviour.

Sure, he had his two best friends, but he could not ask them to help him more than they already did. Besides, that would mean that he would have to tell them that his relatives not only starved him and locked him into a closet, but also that they hit him on a regular basis. Not very brutally, only with their hands, but it was painful and humiliating enough.

Now, his two best friends sat silently chatting across from him. They were fairly content with each other and Harry was sure, that they would end up together, as soon as Ron matured a bit more. The Hogwarts Express slowed down and finally came to a halt at Platform Nine and Three Quarters. Harry rose to his feet and took his trunk in one hand, whilst he grabbed Hedwig’s cage with the other. Without waiting for his friends, he shuffled out of the compartment and went towards the next exit.

In that moment he had left the train, several loud cracks echoed in the big hall and over twenty Death Eaters appeared. Chaos erupted on the platform. Students were screaming and running in the direction of the exit, but there too, were Death Eaters, blocking the only way out. The first spells flew and Harry quickly ducked, desperately looking for Ron and Hermione, but could not find them in the panicked crowd. He cursed silently and drew his wand, at least, this way he stood a little chance of leaving Kings Cross alive.

Another loud crack sounded and he saw Voldemort approaching. All memories from the graveyard flooded his mind and he felt his body freeze. His dead parents appeared in front of his inner eye, Voldemort’s taunting voice once more echoed in his ears and he closed his eyes for one moment to get rid of their sad faces and to block out Cedric’s voice, who asked him to bring his body back to his father. It was too much for him, he was not prepared and he would die here, without saving his friends or the Wizarding World. A tall figure, clad in blue with golden stars on his robes, materialized in front of him. Immediately Voldemort and Dumbledore started to fight.

The Dark Lord was distracted, but Harry saw with fear another Death Eater heading for him, his wand raised. Harry didn't have to look under the white mask to recognise the man. His long white-blond hair was indicator enough: Lucius Malfoy. Panicking, he took a step backwards; this man was probably the most cold-hearted and cruellest of Voldemort’s followers.
He had seen him four times in the last years: first, in his Second Year at Flourish and Blotts, where he had smuggled Tom Riddle’s diary into Ginny Weasley’s book bag, and then after his battle against Voldemort’s Memory and the Basilisk; last summer, at the Quidditch World Cup, and then only a few weeks ago, when Voldemort had been resurrected. All times the Malfoy patriarch had been a cruel and arrogant arse, but Harry never doubted his abilities when it came to magic and that made the man so much more frightening.

“Potter!” A voice shouted a few steps away from him and he quickly turned his head to see Snape desperately motioning for him. Harry hesitated just a moment, he had never trusted the Potions Master, but Dumbledore did and he had not many other options right now.
“Quickly, Potter!” Snape snapped again, and praying for his friends to be safe, Harry started to run. Unfortunately Harry was not the only one, who had noticed Snape’s plan to rescue him.



Harry landed harshly in a pile of limbs. A knee that didn't belong to him was painfully sticking into his abdomen, and something long and heavy had landed on his shoulders. He groaned loudly and tried to get up, but the weight of whatever lay across his back pressed him down.

He heard someone cursing and thought that it was probably his Professor, when a second voice followed. Suddenly panicked once again, he gathered all his strength to push from the ground. The heavy thing slid from his back and he was finally able to stand up, only to freeze immediately. There on the ground, lay not only Snape, who had apparated him away from Voldemort, but also Lucius Malfoy and a big, black snake.

Lucius must have grabbed his or Snape’s robes just a moment before their apparition. How Nagini had managed to attach herself so quickly was beyond Harry. Thinking quickly he pulled his wand from his pocket and bound the Malfoy Lord and the devious snake with a spell, even before Snape was back on his feet.

“Well done, Potter. It seems you have some brains after all in this thick skull of yours,” his teacher snapped and finally got up. Harry ignored him and turned around, to see where they had actually landed and noticed with horror that they were in front of Number 4 Privet Drive.

“Snape, what are we doing here?” He asked. “It is Professor Snape to you, even when we are not at Hogwarts, I will not tolerate your ill-mannered behaviour.” He glared threateningly at him, before adding: “Quickly, take the snake and pull her into your relatives’ pathetic garden. We have to get inside the blood wards.”

Rolling his eyes in annoyance, but not asking further, Harry tried to lift the heavy reptile, but only succeeded to pull her on her tail after himself onto the small patch of grass of his aunt’s precious garden. Really, they had other problems than him not calling Snape by his title. He struggled with Nagini for a moment, but the reptile hissed threateningly, luckily restricted as she was, she could not do much more. Snape had taken Lucius over his shoulder; who was glaring evilly at them, and dumped him carelessly next to Voldemort’s beloved snake. Harry turned his face away from the man, who even bound and helpless succeeded in looking threatening and dignified, giving Harry the feeling he was worth as much as a flubberworm.

“Let's knock and hope that your poor excuse of a family will let us in, at least until we can contact Dumbledore,” Snape ordered and motioned for Harry to go over to the neat house. Turning, Harry noticed that the house was illuminated in green light and with a third wave of horror he looked up into the sky.

“What have I explained to you not even five minutes ago, Potter? I will not tolerate...” his teacher snapped, but Harry cut him off quickly: “I don't think that my relatives will give us any problems,” he said and pointed at the Dark Mark above their heads.

Harry flinched, when Snape cursed once again and dragged him by his wrist to the front door: “We have to ensure the Blood Wards, pray, that they are not too long dead!” The front door was leaning open slightly and Harry was pushed roughly inside. In the next moment the light in the small hallway light up and his eyes fell on the dead bodies of his uncle, aunt and cousin.

Harry did not know how he should feel about their death. They never had been nice people. In fact, they had been violent and unfair, but nobody deserved death at Voldemort’s hands either. At least, it must have gone quickly, there were no outer signs of pain only shock in their dead eyes.

“Was it the killing curse?” Harry questioned and Snape nodded, still glaring, before crouching down next to them and laying a hand on his uncle’s throat. “We are lucky, they are still warm. That means, they couldn’t have been dead for a very long.” The man stood up and turned to Harry: “I will explain a blood ritual to you that will stop the blood wards around this house from disappearing and after that, I will go and try to contact Dumbledore.”

“Would it not be better, if you do the ritual?” Harry asked, chewing his bottom lip nervously. He had never performed a ritual and was not sure if he would be powerful enough. On top of that, Hermione had once told him, that you had to be very precise in a ritual and he had never been a very precise person. That was the main reason, why he always failed so greatly at potions.

Snape sneered at him: “As willingly as I would do that, I am not able to. The ritual is a dark one, and only a Parselmouth can perform it.”
Harry’s eyes widened: “There are spells in Parseltongue?”

“Yes, there are, but we have no time for explanations right now. Where is the kitchen?”
Harry pointed irritably to a door on his left and Snape disappeared into the room, only to return after a few seconds with a large kitchen knife.

“Follow me,” the man ordered and went back outside. Sighing, Harry followed quickly. He had the feeling, that this would be a long and stressful night. He found Snape at the small front gate that lead onto the street. He pressed the knife in Harry’s hand and explained: “Now, you cut yourself and after that you have to write with your blood the name of the person you want to keep out above a line, made from your blood as well. Beneath it, you write the name of the person and creature you want to keep in this house... and Potter?”

Harry turned questioning eyes at his Potions Teacher as sign that he was listening attentively. “It is important, that you think their names in Parseltongue for the ritual to work.” Snape explained and pointed at the ground.

Nodding, Harry ground his teeth together and pressed the knife to his left palm. The cut stung, but he ignored the pain and laid the blade down, before kneeling down and starting to write. To his surprise, he was writing in a whole different script; the names of his enemy and his two prisoners.

Snape, who must have noticed Harry’s confused look said: “This is Parselscript, lettering only a Parselmouth possess.”

As he wrote, he could feel his magic pouring into the words and his blood started to shimmer faintly. Finishing the last letter of Nagini’s name, he then stood back up: “So, now Voldemort isn't able to get in here anymore and Lucius and Nagini can't get out?” He asked to be sure, that he had understood Snape’s hasty explanation right.

“Indeed. Voldemort will, again, not be able to find you here and Lucius and Nagini can only leave the house in your company. I will go now, but be careful: Do not use magic under any circumstances. You are still under age and the Ministry will be informed of your doing. It is likely, that the Dark Lord has his spies there and he could find you this way.”

“I promise, I will not do any kind of magic,” Harry agreed and watched Snape bending down and searching for something in Lucius pocket. When he stood up again, he held the man’s wand in his hands: “I will go now and take this with me. You may untie him, he is no threat right now. If he kills you, he will never be able to leave this house and die sooner or later as well.”

The blonde mans eyes narrowed threateningly, but Snape only scoffed, before turning to leave.

Harry watched the man leaving the plot, but when he was on the street he turned around once more: “I will try to be back as soon as possible, but it could take a while. I have to find a way to contact Dumbledore without alerting the Dark Lord.” Harry nodded, still not quite comprehending what had just happened.

Only when Snape had disappeared into the darkness and he turned to his two captives, did he realise the whole extent of his very pathetic situation. How could this have happened? He was stuck with none other than Lucius Malfoy at 4 Privet Drive. The next few days would surely be hell. Hopefully Snape, as much as he hated the man and did not wish to see him at all in his holidays, would not need long to return, but at the moment he doubted that he would be so lucky.

With a sigh he decided to deal with Nagini first: “Hello Nagini. Do you know who I am?” he asked in Parseltongue. The reptile glared and hissed: “You are the Potter boy. My master hates you. He says that you are a filthy Half-blood.” Ignoring the insult, because what else would you expect from Voldemort’s familiar? He explained:

“You're currently bound to me and this house, so you will not be able to leave. I will untie you now, but don't try to kill me; it would be your death as well.” The snake glared fiercely at him, but Harry only cut the ropes that bound her body with the kitchen knife, before turning to Lucius. He really didn't want to bother with the arrogant Pureblood.

“You heard Snape?” he asked shortly and waited for Lucius Malfoy to nod. “Good, then you know that nothing good will come from trying to kill me. This is my house and we will live as I say, I have no problem with starving you otherwise,” Harry threatened, even though he could never starve a person, not even Lucius Malfoy. He knew how bad hunger could feel and no one deserved to be treated that way.

Cutting the ropes around Lucius’ hands and ankles and waited for the taller man to stand up, which he did with more grace than Harry could ever muster. “Let's go inside,” He said, turning back to his dead family's house.

“I will not stay at a muggle house!” Lucius spat and gave the house a nasty look, as if it had offended him personally, before throwing the same look at Harry.

“Sure, if you want to remain outside, it is fine with me. At least, this way I don't have to deal with you,” Harry replied coldly and stepped inside without giving the Malfoy patriarch another look.

In the hallway he nearly stumbled over Nagini, who sniffed the corpses with interest, her tongue flickering out in what seemed like hunger. “Don't eat them. I will give you something, but they were my family and even though I didn't like them, they do not deserve to end up as your evening meal,” he stopped her quickly and to his surprise the large female reptile stopped immediately.

Sighing, he went into the kitchen; he had to think about where to bury his relatives. He could not call the police, they would ask too many questions and maybe even take him with them and he didn't need that. But he also could not leave them on the floor to rot either, so that meant, that he had to bury them himself.

Opening the refrigerator door, he searched for some meat for Nagini. Luckily it seemed, as if his aunt had planned to make a roast and he took the large piece of raw flesh and threw it over to the snake that had followed him into the kitchen. She gulped it down hungrily and slithered out of the kitchen, leaving Harry alone once again.

Another look into the refrigerator told him, that there was not much left. It was a Sunday and that meant that his aunt had planned to go grocery shopping the next day. After a bit of searching he found some eggs and potatoes and started to fry them. It was not much and he was not sure if Malfoy would spare the meal even a look, but he would not treat his prisoners like Voldemort always did. That would only mean, that Harry was no better than him and he wanted to be.

The cutting of the vegetables calmed him down a bit and he started to think over his immense luck he once more had. What should he do with Lucius? Currently the man was sulking in his aunt’s front garden, but he would surely not stay there forever and he didn't trust him one bit. Lucius was the kind of man, who would kill him in his sleep, even though he would die himself, only to have his revenge on Harry and to accomplish a great service for his master. Why didn't all the Death Eaters realize, that Voldemort only used them? They would never be anything more to the evil wizard than useful puppets, regardless of what they did for him?

That meant that he could not let Lucius alone or out of sight. He would have to keep a close eye on the Death Eater.

Sighing, he retrieved a pan from the cupboard and turned on the stove and continued to think about the matter: Even when he watched Lucius closely, that would not prevent the man from sneaking down in the kitchen and steal a knife, whilst he was sound asleep. Normally an alarm spell would do the job, but he hadn't the option right now. Desperately, he started rummaging in the drawers and finally stopped, when his eyes landed on a small ball of wool. Maybe this would do the trick. He pocketed the wool and checked if the pan was hot enough.

After another minute he dropped the potatoes into the pan and started frying them absentmindedly. Nagini would not make any trouble right now, he was sure of that, after all she had listened to him earlier in the hallway and had stopped to eat his relatives. Furthermore, she really didn't seem very aggressive or murderous towards him.

When the meal was ready, he placed it onto two plates and put it on the small kitchen table, before combing with one hand through his already messy hair and going outside to retrieve Lucius. The man was leaning against the fence, his arms crossed and glaring at everything. Harry could clearly see the distaste for everything muggle written all over his face. Distaste was after all, the one emotion even a Malfoy showed openly. Even then, the man succeeded in looking aristocratic and proud even in his battered Death Eaters robe. His mask lay forgotten on the grass, the moonlight reflected on his pale skin and his hair floated slightly in the soft evening breeze, giving him an unearthly appearance.

“Lucius, dinner is ready,” he announced after a moment of watching the man and crossed his arms over his chest. Lucius turned his sneering face to him and hissed: “I will not eat something that has been cooked the muggle way.”

“Fine, be hungry, I do not care,” Harry replied and added: “You can come in any time you like; I will leave the door open.” Lucius didn't grace him with a reply and he went back inside to eat, before his meal could grow cold.



Lucius Malfoy was glaring at the small house in front of him, rubbing his sore wrist. Pathetic, he thought, this is the place, where the Golden Boy lives? He could not quite believe it and even less could he believe that he was Potter’s captive right now. How could he have sunk so low? He had wanted to prevent Potter from apparating with Severus, the traitor, but instead had been pulled along. He would make sure that the Dark Lord learned about this deception as soon as he had managed to free himself.

He knew the ritual Severus had made Potter perform. It was from a collection of parchment he and the dark man had found on some mission for their master two years ago. The notes they had found were clearly very old and written in English and Parselscript and Lucius had immediately seen their value. After they had given their Lord the parchments, he had been generous and let them study the spells and rituals as well, at least the few, they could understand. It had been a great honour for Lucius, to sit by his master’s side and study these ancient spells, which would surely help their cause one day. But currently it seemed as if everything would turn out differently.

When he was free again, he would make sure that nobody ever found out, that he had been stuck at Potter’s house. He was a very powerful wizard, skilled in many arts, such as healing, the wizarding rights, potions, the dark arts, and even its defence. To be held prisoner like this by a mere boy was pathetic.

Sighing, Lucius turned his head up to the clear night sky. He did not know how long he had been standing outside, trying to ignore the muggle surroundings. A Malfoy should never be forced to stay at a place like this; he was a Pureblood after all and the most noble on top of that. The nerves of that boy to drag him along and even threaten him! Unfortunately Potter had all the power to threaten him right now, thanks to his former best friend Severus Snape, without the intelligent wizard, the boy would have stood no chance against him. Without the man’s knowledge, Potter would have never been able to perform this Merlin forsaken ritual. He could have brought this annoying boy to his master, maybe even dead and he would have been highly rewarded, but Potter had once again destroyed everything with his unnaturally huge amount of luck.

But he would get his revenge on Potter and on Severus and it will be painful and torturing. A cold wind penetrated his robes and he shivered slightly. Maybe he should go inside, even though the house was revolting, but he could not stay outside the whole night and getting ill in the end. Merlin knows what methods muggle healers use to cure their patients; he would probably die because of their treatment.
With a last sneer at the driveway he walked up to the unassuming door and found it still open.



“Why is the meal cold? Is your house elf so incompetent that it even forgets to cast a stasis charm on this miserable food?”

Harry looked up from the television towards the kitchen and rose with a sigh. It seemed, Lucius had finally decided to grace him with his presence. He went into the kitchen to find the man standing at the small table, glaring down at the fried potatoes and eggs.

“This is a muggle house, you will not find a house elf here,” he explained dryly and rolled his eyes in annoyance. Really, did the man know nothing at all about muggles? Sure, Lucius Malfoy was a pureblood, but how could he be so ignorant? After all, muggles lived nearly everywhere.

“And who cooked this meal then? I do not believe that Dumbledore lets his Golden Boy stay each year eight weeks at a house, which does not have the upper most luxury,” Lucius scoffed.

“Yeah, but you will noticed that it's true. You will not find an ounce of magic at this place,” Harry replied and took the plate from the desk to carry it over to the microwave. When he turned back around, he noticed that Lucius looked slightly paler than normal.
“What are you doing?” the man asked and eyed the microwave skeptically, as if the device might actually jump him or blow up in his face.

“Heating up your meal,” Harry sighed and stopped the little device. When he put the plate down in front of his grumpy house guest, the man’s cold silver eyes grew even colder.

“I will not eat anything that is heated up by this... muggle thing” Lucius glared. Rolling his eyes Harry replied: “There is nothing else, you have to eat it, if you don't want to go to sleep hungry and let me remind you: If you had come to dinner when I had called you, it wouldn't be cold right now.”

The man's glare intensified and Harry was sure, he could freeze things with it, but he didn't back down and hold those cold silver eyes.

“Fork,” Lucius demanded when he noticed, that Harry would not fall to his feet in fear and Harry went over to the top drawer, to retrieve the utensil for him. He watched Lucius giving the fork a nasty look, before the man started eating. His face contorted into a disgusted expression: “Potter, this tastes awful!”

“It would have tasted better two hours ago,” Harry sat down across from him, not knowing what else he should do or how he should behave around the arrogant wizard.
Lucius ate slowly and elegantly, Harry noticed and thought, that Lucius seemed so out of place in this little muggle kitchen. His posture was perfect, the personification of grace and elegance, as if he was dining in a noble restaurant and not eating with an IKEA-fork.

“When you are finished, you have to help me carrying my relatives to the basement. We can't leave them in the hallway like this, someone could see them and call the police and neither you nor I can obliviate a bunch of officers right now,” he announced after a while of watching.

Lucius fixed his cold gaze on him and drawled: “A Malfoy never does physical labour.”

“Then that will change now,” Harry glared back. The man's attitude started to get on his nerves and he felt a headache approaching.

They fell silent once more and Harry was glad when the Malfoy patriarch was finally finished with eating.

“Let's get it over with,” Harry announced and went into the hallway and waited for Lucius Malfoy to arrive.

“There is no way that we can carry this whale of a man down into your basement without a wand and I will surely not strain my back by trying this hopeless task” Lucius said, sneering down at his dead uncle.

“Oh you will,” Harry replied and crouched down to grab him under his shoulders. When Lucius didn't move and just remained standing he sighed for the hundredth time this evening: “Do I have to threaten you every time I need your help? Let me tell you: my relatives had not taught me much, but they have taught me, how to make someone's life miserable without the use of magic and I will gladly give you a taste of what I mean,” he said, thinking for a moment, that it really would be delightful to lock the Malfoy patriarch up in his old cupboard, but quickly shoved the thought to the side when he realized what he was thinking. He was not Lord Voldemort and he was not Vernon Dursley either.

Sighing for the hundredth time this evening he said: “Look, we are alone in this muggle house and as long as I cannot risk using magic, that means, that I need your help. I can remind you of the fact that I could let you starve every time, but I think it would be much easier, if you would just do what I ask of you.”

“You will pay for this, be sure of it,” Lucius hissed, but bend down to grab Vernon’s feet.

His uncle was even heavier than Harry had imagined. The man must weigh over 300 pounds. Groaning and struggling he came to his feet and turned towards the basement door. Lucius was panting heavily and Harry had only to take one look to see that he really had never done any kind of physical labour. The small distance to the basement door seemed far too long and Harry didn't dare to let his uncle down, because he feared, that he would not get him up once again. He opened the door to the basement with his elbow and they started to carry the heavy body down the stairs.

“I hope it is not far anymore, or otherwise I will drop this... man,” Lucius panted half way down.

“Just the last few steps and we can put him down in the hallway,” Harry panted as heavily at the taller man. As soon as they had reached their destination they laid Vernon’s body down unceremoniously. Harry leaned against the cold stone wall and tried to catch his breath, hopefully Dudley would not be as heavy.

Unfortunately, Dudley seemed to have reached not only his father’s height by only 16 years of age, but also his weight. They struggled once more and in the end, even the ever perfect Malfoy patriarch looked slightly dishevelled. In contrast to the two men, aunt Petunia was light like a feather and Lucius promptly suggested, that Harry could carry her down alone, which he did, because he had enough of the man’s complaining.

When Harry came back into the living room, he saw Lucius sitting on the expensive sofa, with his custom disgusted look on his face once more.

“If you make that face any longer, it might just stay this way, you know?” He commented flopping down into the armchair. He grabbed the remote to turn on the telly and ignored the sneer he received for his comment and started to zap through the channels.

Stopping at a chart show, he leaned back into his chair and closed his eyes to relax for a moment, but Lucius voice pulled him from his peaceful state only moments later:
“Potter, this is horrible! Turn this thing off, before my ears actually bleed and fall off!”

“It's just music. There is nothing else we can do, or do you want to play a game of chess with me?” He snapped without opening his eyes. He waited for an answer, but when none came he relaxed again and slowly drifted away. He was so tired after his horrible day and after carrying the heavy bodies of his late family downstairs. Just a minute, he thought and fell asleep.



Lucius tried to block out the horrible sounds that came from the black box across from him. This was a nightmare. His personal nightmare. He had always known that he hated muggles, but this was even worse than he could have ever imagined. His eyes wandered from the black box to the creamy white sofa and armchair with golden patterns that probably should look luxurious and expensive, but felt like something that came from the garbage dump. This sofa would never make its way into his Manor, even if someone would give it to him as a present.

The whole house was an imposition. It was small and smelled too strongly of cleaning agents and he had yet to find a sign of taste. The way they lived, with all these strange and loud engines were disturbing and insufferable. It all left him wondering, why Muggleborns or Halfbloods didn't hate muggles themselves, when they had to suffer this life every day.

His eyes wandered further and landed on a fireplace, which looked as if it had never been used. Over a dozen pictures of the fat man, his wife and ugly son stood on top of the fireplace, but none of Potter. He frowned slightly, but decided, that it was none of his concern why there were no pictures of the boy.

Finally his eyes settled on said boy, who had fallen asleep in his armchair. He was quite small for his age, far smaller than his own son and had he not known better, he would have guessed that he was even younger than he really was. His face was haggard, but it had yet to develop the sharp angles of an adult. He sneered inwardly, Voldemort’s methods might be brutal, but at least he never would let a child fight his war. No matter how much of the Death Eaters sons or daughters wanted to take their places next to their parents, they were not allowed to do so until they had reached the age of seventeen.

The thought only made him hate the light side even more. This was one of these points that had been the reason why he had joined the Dark Lord: The light side did not value family and their children as much as they should anymore. In fact, they valued near to nothing of the old wizarding traditions and instead adopted those from the Muggleborns, which had no place in their old and honourable society. Sometimes he asked himself, how a wizard like Albus Dumbledore from an old and much respected Pureblood family could have become the leader and symbol of the muggle- lovers. It was shameful.

Turning back to the black box, he tried to imagine, how the next few days would work out. He could not imagine, how the life if a muggle was, but he had the suspicion that he would know after tomorrow. Hopefully, his master would find a way to save him from this disgusting place, after all, he was his right-hand man, or otherwise he might be tempted to kill Potter after all. True, that would mean that he would die in this house as well, but at least he would have done a great deed for the Dark Lord.

He watched the pictures moving in the black box for a moment. A scandalous clad woman was singing and dancing hideously right now. No woman should leave her home as naked as her. This brought his thoughts to his own wife and son. He hoped that his Lord would not think of him as a traitor, because that would mean that they probably were dead already. He loved his wife in a sisterly way. He could never see the appeal in the female body, but they had grown up together and she had accepted that he would never be more interested in her and was content with it.

A wave of exhaustion overwhelmed him and he rose from the sofa to wake Potter up. It was already late and the day had been rather tiring, especially the end of it. He went over and glanced down at the child in front of him. He really looked like James Potter; Severus had been right about that. Wrinkling his nose at the boys’ messy hair he bent down and shook his shoulder.



Harry was awoken by the rough shake of his shoulder. He groaned in annoyance and tried to turn around, but something was hindering his movements. “Potter, wake up! I am exhausted; show me my bed for the night!”

His eyes flew open and the events of the evening came crashing down on him. How could he have been so stupid to fall asleep with Lucius Malfoy in the same room and without any safety measure? “I am up,” he grumbled and batted the long fingered hand away. A look at the clock told him, that it was already one in the morning; they really should go to bed. His legs had fallen asleep in his curled up position and he swayed slightly when he stood.

“The bedroom is on the second floor,” he explained and led the way. In the hallway upstairs he stopped, thinking about his next move. He had a plan to ensure his safety during the night, but that meant that they would have to sleep in close proximity. He cringed inwardly, but decided that a bed for himself was not worth the risk of getting killed in his sleep. Turning left he opened the door to his aunt and uncles bedroom and stepped inside. He saw a flicker of shock in Lucius eyes, but it was so quickly gone, that he couldn't be sure that he really had seen it.

“I will change the covers and then we will sleep here, do you want a nightshirt?” he asked and received yet again a disgusted look from his guest. Shrugging, he opened the cupboard and quickly and changed the covers of the mattress, comforters and pillows, before stripping down to his boxers and t-shirt. Then he retrieved the ball of wool from his trousers pocket and bit a, maybe five foot long, piece off of it.

“Stretch out you arm, it doesn't matter which,” he commanded stiffly, but of course, all that Lucius was doing was glaring down at him. It cost all his willpower to hold his cold gaze. The man was so much more powerful and taller than him. In a fight, no matter if magically or physically, he stood no chance to win. Only now did he realize, that the tips of his hair only reached the aristocrat’s elbows, he was only five feet tall after all, whilst the noble man looked more like 6 foot 4. That was a really disturbing feeling, he felt like a small boy who tried to threaten his teacher. How had he stood that look earlier? Had he been insane?

An elegant eyebrow lifted and Lucius did as he was told surprisingly. Harry gulped, the single lifted eyebrow reminded him so strongly of the man’s son, Draco, who was his rival ever since his first year, and yet, the gesture was completely different. Everybody always said that Draco looked just like his father, that even their gestures were the same, but Harry had noticed in these few hours he had spent with the older Malfoy, that they were completely wrong. Every little movement Lucius made, was far more gracious than his son would ever be able to manage. The stern and elegant demeanour came naturally to Lucius, but Harry had always thought that Draco looked as if he had to work for his reputation as an elegant Malfoy heir. Now he knew that he had been right.

Flushing, he grabbed Lucius wrist and tied one end of the string to his wrist, before fixing the other at his own.

“What are you doing, Potter?”

“This way, I will wake up, if you tried to sneak down to the kitchen to fetch a knife to kill me,” Harry answered neutrally and tugged on the cord, to show what he meant.

“I would not be so stupid and kill you in the night, as long as there is a chance that my master will come and find me,” Lucius said smoothly.

“Sure, keep believing that. I will tell you, neither side is concerned for his soldiers,” Harry replied and went over to the bed. The man really was deluded. But he himself had been deluded as well until just a week ago, so he probably should not hold it against the man. Anything else he would; his violence, his willingness to torture, his prejudices against muggles and muggleborns, but not that. He climbed into bed slowly, so that Lucius could follow without being yanked by his hand. When they both lay under the covers, he turned the light on his nightstand off and turned away from the man.

It was a strange feeling to share a bed for the first time in his life; he had never done that, not even with a lover, because he had yet to have his first girlfriend. At least, Lucius had scooted over to the other end of the bed and they would most likely not touch accidentally. He only hoped that he would not suffer from nightmares this night, because he could not even cast a silencing spell to save his already little pride.

They laid in uncomfortable silence and all the time Lucius laid perfectly still, his breath even. Even with the cord he felt as if he was laying next to a dangerous lion; or in Lucius’ case a poisonous snake, and Harry needed many hours to fall asleep eventually, but that wasn't the best thing to do. As soon as he had drifted off, the pictures started to play in front of his inner eyes. Cedric’s lifeless body was falling to the ground, whilst Voldemort rose from a bubbling Cauldron and his uncle beat him up with his black belt. Subconsciously, he knew, that he was just dreaming and that he was tossing and turning but he could not flee from his nightmare.



When he awoke, he was drenched in sweat and still trembling. He sat up slowly and needed a moment to recognize the room and the covered figure beside him.

Sighing, he turned to the alarm clock and saw, that it was already 10 AM, they had to get up and shopping. Lucius was still sleeping, at least as far as he could tell, because he had his back still turned towards him and Harry could not see his face, but his breathing was even as ever and so Harry guessed, that he had to wake him. Thinking about how to accomplish that, he laid a hand carefully down on the man’s shoulder, but before he could say anything the Death Eater turned around.

“Have you slept well?” Harry asked quickly, to prevent an awkward silence, only to regret his question a second later, when the stern face hardened even further:
“I have to tell you, that you are not a pleasant bed companion. You were quite vocal during the night.”

Harry quickly averted his gaze, he knew what that meant: He had at least moaned in his sleep, maybe even screamed or spoken out loud. His pride was now officially gone. If Lucius somehow got free, it would not even take a week, before the Daily Prophet knew about his nightmares and the paper would spread the news all over the country, writing about the boy- who- lives' weak mental state of mind.

“Sorry, about that,” he mumbled and untied the cord on his wrist before climbing out of bed. “I will go shower and after that, we have to go grocery shopping, if we want something to eat,” he added and searched for a towel in the large cupboard. He pulled two out and handed one over to Lucius. “In case you want to clean yourself up after me,” he explained and left the room.

The bathroom was just at the end of the floor. On his way he nearly stumbled over Nagini, who eyed him intensely, before hissing: “Do you have breakfast? The meat you gave to me yesterday was not much and I am hungry.”

Harry blinked stupidly for a moment, before catching up on the question. Eyeing the reptile more closely, he could imagine why she was still hungry. Nagini was huge, at least ten feet long and her body was thick like a small tree. The piece of beef must have been like a bite of chocolate for her. “Sure, I will give you something today, but Lucius and I have to go shopping first, so it can take a while,” he promised and scratched his head in slight embarrassment, he really should be more considerate about his guests. He refused to call Nagini or even Lucius prisoners or captives; he was no Dark Lord and had only bound himself temporarily to these two to save his life.

Nagini nodded and asked: “Are you planning to go under the falling water, you humans use to clean yourself?”

Nodding stupidly, Harry waited for whatever the snake was getting at.
“Can I come with you? The moist atmosphere in a bathroom is good for my skin. It will get dry and start to split open otherwise.”

“Yeah,” Harry allowed baffled, opening the door bathroom door and holding it open, so that the reptile could slither in first. When he stepped in beside her, he noticed that Nagini had curled up under the washbasin. Closing the door, he quickly undressed before stepping into the shower stall, he felt a flush rising up his neck, maybe it was silly, but it was a female after all who was watching him.

As soon as the water washed over his tense body, he forgot that he was not alone in the room. The hot water was soothing and his stressed muscles relaxed slowly but steadily. Sighing contently he grabbed the bottle of shampoo and started to massage it into his hair. It was nice to have a shower without worrying about when his aunt might come up and kick him out off shower, because he supposedly used too much water.

He rinsed off and decided to stay a bit longer under the warm spray, before he would face the day and especially Lucius Malfoy. Shortly, he wondered what the light haired man was doing right now, but dismissed the thought quickly, he would find out when he was finished. Right now he wanted to enjoy this moment of peace.

Ten minutes later he finally stepped out from under the stall and nearly jumped at the sight of Nagini, he had almost forgotten her. She was eyeing him curiously and Harry wanted to squirm under her scrutinizing look, he had no idea why she was eyeing him like this.

“You are still a young one aren't you?” she inquired finally.
“I am fifteen. I will be an adult in two years,” he replied, feeling a bit offended.

“Then you are still a hatchling,” Nagini hissed.
Harry gaped at her. Was she implying that he was still a child? Sure, he was small and thin for his age, due to the Dursleys abuse and neglect, but he was at least a teenager. “I am no hatchling! I am a teen!” He huffed, now certainly affronted.

“Snakes only know hatchlings and adults. As long as you are not an adult or have mated you are a hatchling. I do not know what a teen is,” Nagini huffed.
“A teen is someone between childhood and adulthood,” he tried to explain.
“I do not know that, but you do not smell like someone who will be an adult soon,” The snake repeated herself.

Giving up on this particular matter, Harry started to dress in fresh clothes:
“Was it good to lay in the bathroom?”
“Yes, thank you. My skin feels better now. My master doesn't allow me often to accompany him,” Nagini thanked him with a curt nod of her heavy head.

Harry had noticed, that she had hissed the word master with a peculiar edge to it, so he asked: “Do you not like him?”
“I have not bound myself to him and he is the reason, why I suffer horrible pains most of the time,” she answered.
“Is he hurting you?” Harry inquired. He started to worry for the snake, she was not evil in the least and he had the feeling that she would rather choose any other master than Voldemort, something any sane creature would do in his opinion.
“He has implanted a piece of his soul inside my body, in order to live forever. It hurts to be close to him and it is worse when he is experiencing especially strong feelings.”

Harry looked down at the reptile in shock. Nagini had to suffer the same headaches he had to suffer so often and she had given him an important piece of information: It was because of a piece of Voldemort’s soul inside her body. Does that mean that he had a piece of him inside his body as well? And further more: could he somehow get rid of it? Would that mean that he had found a way to kill Voldemort? But thinking about that, he really didn't want to become a killer, or even be a hero at all.

Focusing back on the matter at hand he told Nagini: “I suffer the same pains like you do.” he lifted his bangs from his forehead and showed her his scar. Nagini watched for a moment, before pointing with her nose on a spot in the middle of her back.

Harry bent forwards and saw to his horror, a big lightning bolt scar imprinted in her skin. He drew back with a loud gasp. This was the secret of his suffering and his connection to Voldemort. Did Dumbledore know? He could not answer this question, but for the old man’s sake he hoped that he didn't.

“I feel for you, ” he told Nagini with a sad expression and she nodded in acceptance. He finally opened the bathroom door and left the damp room, Nagini slithering out behind him.



Lucius was not in the bedroom anymore, so Harry went downstairs and found the man sitting on the sofa in the living room. He looked up, when he noticed Harry entering and stood up without a word, his perfect icy Malfoy- mask in place and disappeared upstairs.

Sighing, Harry strode over to the big shelf unit and opened the door to the far left. He knew that his uncle had always kept money in a hidden safe there and they would need it for the shopping. Remembering, that he had to fetch the key, he walked down into the cellar and crouched down beside his dead uncle. Luckily, the coldness of the room had stopped the corpses from starting to smell.

Everything in Harry was reluctant to search the man’s trousers for his keys, but there was no way getting around it. His uncle felt cold, even through the layers of clothing. A shiver ran through Harry’s body and he decided to hurry up. It was unsettling to be so close to Vernon, even though he was dead. When the man had been alive, Harry had always tried to stay as far away from him as he could, in fear of his big fist wanting to hit him. But now the man could do nothing to him anymore.

He finally found the keys in his uncles’ chest pocket. Harry retrieved them and went upstairs quickly. To his surprise he found over 500 pounds in the safe and without any bad feelings he pocketed the money and closed the cupboard again. Feeling thirsty he decided to fetch a glass of water. In the kitchen he could hear loud cursing from above. It sounded, as if Lucius had some difficulties with the muggle shower. For a moment he thought about helping the man, but then decided to let him suffer a bit, he surely deserved that and settled on snickering.

Taking the glass of water with him, he returned to the living room and turned on the TV. There was nothing interesting to watch, but it was better than to stare at the wall and wait for Lucius to finally be ready. Harry had never understood what his cousin and uncle had liked about watching TV so much. It was a boring waste of time and he could think of many other things he normally would prefer doing. Nagini came over to him and laid her heavy head in his lap, eyeing him with expecting eyes.

“Do you want to be patted?” he asked her a bit surprised and when she nodded, he started to gently stroke her scales. It felt entirely different than he would have imagined. Nagini's scales were not rough to the touch, but felt like lukewarm water, not soft in the sense of a fine piece of cloth. It really felt like water. It was a nice and calm feeling and Harry found himself wishing, that the snake would stay with him. She was a nice companion and the only one he knew, who had suffered similar pains to his own.

“How have you ended up as Voldemort’s familiar?” he asked her after a while of content silence.
“As I told you before, I am not his familiar. A magical creature can only bind itself out of its free will to a master and I have never done that. But he had captured me and never let me out of his sight, so I had no chance of getting away from him, until yesterday,” she hissed.

“If you want, I can try to help you. I have the same goal as you: I want to be free from him as well,” He proposed, but Nagini didn't answer. He supposed that she needed time to think about it. It was never an easy decision to betray Voldemort.

Footsteps sounded and Lucius appeared in the doorway. His face was even more mask-like usual and Harry mused that he was downright pissed off. His long silver-blond hair was still damp and darker than in its dry state, making the man look even paler.

“Do you want a hairdryer?” Harry asked and tried to sound friendly.
“What is a hairdryer?” the Malfoy patriarch asked in a flat voice.
“It is a device, to dry someone’s hair. It works with warm air,” Harry tried to explain.

Lucius wrinkled his nose: “I will not risk my hair by using a muggle device,” the wizard answered.
“Then let's go shopping. Nagini is already hungry and I am as well,” Harry rolled his eyes at the expected answer and stood up. He checked his pockets for the keys and the money before motioning to Lucius to follow him.

Nagini looked as if she wanted to follow him as well, but he shook his head:
“Sorry girl, but you have to wait for us at home. The muggles would only panic, if they saw you. I think even the most wizards and witches would do that.”

The snake looked disappointed but returned to the living room, where she curled up on the armchair, where Harry had previously sat in.

He turned to his guest and eyed his appearance. This wouldn't work. Lucius could not go out like this; he looked too much like a wizard. “Take off your cloak and what are you wearing under this Death Eater-jacket?” Harry commanded and earned himself an offended glare.

“What do you want Potter? I will not undress myself in front of you.”
Harry rolled his eyes: “Don't worry; I would not want you to see you undressed either.”

This statement seemed to offend the Malfoy patriarch even further: “I can assure you, my body is a pleasant sight, in contrast to the appearance of others.” His silver eyes scanned Harry’s far too small and scrawny body and he had to fight an embarrassed flush.

“I just want to know, what you are wearing underneath. You can not accompany me like this. Everything about you screams wizard,” Harry replied.

Lucius lifted one of his elegant eyebrows: “A wizard should not be forced to hide what he is. We are superior to muggles.”

Harry narrowed his eyes: “Spare me your sick beliefs about Blood Purity. I won't hear them. It doesn't matter anyway right now. We could get problems with the ministry and I won't have that, so just do as I told you.”

“No ministry official would dare to arrest a Malfoy,” Lucius replied.
Harry sighed not believing, how thick-headed a man could be: “Do I have to threaten you again?”

“You have bad manners, Potter, but I have never expected anything else,” Lucius sneered, but finally unclasped his cloak.
Lucius was, to Harry’s relief, wearing a crisp white button down shirt underneath his death eater jacket. Only the black silk ribbon he used instead of a muggle tie still looked a bit odd, but Harry guessed, that the muggles would only think that Lucius was an eccentric. “That looks better,”

“A Malfoy always looks perfect and up to the highest standards,” Lucius drawled, revulsion shining in his cold eyes.

“Yeah, I know, your son has told me often enough,” Harry winked at him and started to lead the way out of the house and in the direction to the pavement. When he had reached the little fence, which separated the Dursleys garden from the street, Lucius stopped him:
“Potter, what are you doing?”

“Going to the grocery store,” he answered a bit bewildered.
“You do not honestly intend to travel there by foot.” Lucius drawled.
“Of course I do. We can’t apparate there and I am still too young to drive a car and we can’t use a broom, either,” he replied.

“It is undignified for a Malfoy to go anywhere by foot. It should be undignified for every proud wizard, but I imagine, that we cannot count you to this group,” the man sneered.

Harry sneered back. “I am so sorry Lord Malfoy, that I am not up to your standards, but do you know what? It is your own fault that you are currently stuck with me, you shouldn't have tried to stop me and Professor Snape,” he snapped and started to walk at a quicker pace. After a few steps he could feel the blood ritual starting to work, pulling Lucius after him. Harry could hear an angry growl, but shortly after, the man was by his side, a murderous expression on his aristocratic face.

Harry noticed that they had drawn a bit of attention. The neighbours were looking out of their windows, or even stood openly in their doorways or gardens and watched them. They had probably tried to hear their argument and Harry could not stop thinking about what his aunt would have said if she was still alive. She probably would have fainted or had a nervous breakdown from fear that the neighbours could find out that they were housing freaks right now. In a way, her biggest nightmare had just come true. Somehow, that filled him with a childish sense of joy and he started to snicker.

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Harry stood in the grocery store, eyeing the tins and contemplating whether he should really cook for a man every day who does not appreciate it anyway. The way to the store had been long and torturous, with Lucius muttering darkly the whole time. Harry had heard enough of his spiteful words to last him a lifetime. Every time the Malfoy patriarch had seen a garbage bin, he had hissed filthy and the small but neat and often beautiful front gardens were called pitiful by him.

Harry really wanted to know, how the Lord of the Noble Malfoy Family succeeded to have an air of superiority around him, even as a captive in a small muggle town, where he would have surely died soon of starvation without Harry's help. Harry felt totally small and unimportant next to him, even though he knew that he was not. All the way to their destination, women and men alike had followed the tall man with their eyes, whilst giving Harry nasty looks, as if they wanted to tell him that a scrawny boy like him, should not be seen next to a gorgeous man like Lucius Malfoy.

He glanced over to Malfoy and had to admit that the people had been right in one point: Lucius Malfoy was gorgeous. It was really unfair, that an evil bastard like him should have such beautiful looks. His legs were long and powerful, his waist slim and his shoulders broad. His button-down shirt and the tight black trousers hugged his slim but muscled frame perfectly and left absolutely nothing to the imagination and instead of starting to look old, like a man in his early thirties usually did, his age gave only the impression of maturity and wisdom. On top of that all his extraordinary white-blond hair, which reflected the sunlight with every movement and made the man seem as if he had a halo around his head and his piercing silvery eyes. Harry could understand why women would run after a man like him; he looked like an exotic model.

But Lucius Malfoy was still an evil bastard with a sick mind and no looks could ever outweigh this fact.
“What are these?” Lucius sneered and pointed at a tin.

“Cooked food in tins... you just have to heat it up and eat it,” Harry explained.
“You will not buy even one of them. I will not eat food, which was cooked Merlin knows how many days ago. Muggles cannot do charms to prevent it from wasting, I will not risk my health by eating something like this,” the man commanded and Harry sighed heavily. He should have known that he would not get away from cooking. Lucius was too stuck up and spoiled to eat fast food.

“It is perfectly edible. Muggles use vacuum to make their food long lasting,” Harry tried to explain, but with no success.
“This does not sound like a safe method. You will cook, at least for me, feel free to eat this long lasting food yourself, go on and poison yourself but do not endanger me!” Lucius huffed and went in the direction of the vegetables.

Harry followed him quickly suppressing the urge to roll his eyes yet again; he did not trust Lucius Malfoy to behave inconspicuously in a muggle store.

“What would you like to eat then?” Harry made the mistake of asking.
“I would appreciate oysters for dinner,” the aristocrat drawled.

Harry gave him an amused look and started to drop some vegetables he would need for a chicken soup with noodles in his trolley and walked over to the meat section. Eyeing the iced meat, he wondered how much he should buy for Nagini; he didn't suppose that he would find a small cow in this store.

“Do you know, how often Voldemort fed Nagini and how much?” he asked, turning to Lucius.

Lucius looked, as if he wouldn't answer him, but then said neutrally: “She normally got one prisoner per week, but sometimes he gave her two or even three, then she only had to eat after two weeks again,”

Harry wanted to cringe at the fact that Voldemort had fed her with humans, but restrained himself, he didn't want to look disgusted or even weak in front of Voldemort’s right-hand man.

Sighing, he fetched a couple of rabbits, chickens, ducks, and beef steaks from the freezer and put it with the vegetables. Nagini really was an expensive pet, maybe he should take her to the next meadow with sheep or cows instead of buying rabbits and chickens; she would surely like to hunt again after all these years in Voldemort’s captivity. But he would bring her this food first, because he had promised to feed her soon and he would not have time to accompany her until tomorrow night. This night they had to bury his late relatives.

“Where are my oysters?” Lucius pulled him from his thought.

“This is just a small store, they don't sell oysters here,” Harry lied and went over to the deserts and yoghurts. He would not buy expensive oysters for Lucius Malfoy; besides, he had no idea how they had to be prepared and he surely would end up food- poisoning the richest aristocrat in the wizarding world. Harry would not risk it. Lucius would only charge him as soon as he was free of Harry.

“Muggles live on a much lower level than even I have imagined,” Lucius drawled when he appeared next to Harry.

Harry ignored him and instead said: “Pick something you like.”
The Death Eater raised an eyebrow and carefully took a chocolate pudding to eye it critically.

“You don't have to fear it, it is just a desert, it will not try to harm you,” Harry scoffed.
“I am not afraid of it, but a good portion of caution is always in order, especially in a muggle store,” Lucius explained with a stern voice.

“Yeah, I get it: Constant vigilance!” he replied dryly. Lucius rewarded him with an evil glare, which only made Harry snicker. “So have you decided?” Harry asked and dropped some of the chocolate puddings into the trolley.

“I will forgo this... offer,” Lucius declared in a drawling voice and put the desert back onto its shelf. Harry only shrugged, it was not his problem that Lucius didn't trust anything muggle.

They went to the cash register and Harry laid everything in front of the young woman, who smiled friendly at him. She looked a bit funny, when she noticed all the frozen meat, but began to scan everything without asking any questions.

“This is a slow procedure,” Lucius scoffed and the woman looked up to see who had criticize her, but the moment her eyes landed on Lucius she went beet red and her mouth opened without producing any sound. Lucius, who had seen the girl’s reaction, only sneered at her and Harry wanted nothing more but to give him a piece of his mind about polite behaviour, but they were already drawing enough attention as it was. Unimpressed, the girl started to bet her lashes seductively.

“How much is it?” He asked quickly, before Lucius would start to think about cursing the gaping girl wandlessly

The girl jerked when Harry pulled her from her daydreams and stuttered: “56, 49 Pounds, Sir.”

The Sir was obviously meant for Lucius, because the girl was still looking at him and no one in their right mind would call him Sir. He looked far too young. He put the money in front of the cashier and actually had to knock a few times on the counter before she noticed him.

“Your money,” he said, more than a bit annoyed by now.
She finally caught on to his mood and hastily gave him his change before squeaking: “Have a nice day, Sir!”

Harry growled in the back of his throat and stomped out of the store.
Outside, he waited for Lucius to catch up with him, who appeared a second later with a lazy stride. "At least muggles can recognize their superiors when they are in front of them"

"Arrogant bastard" Harry muttered darkly.
"My parents were married, Potter."
"Were they brother and sister too?” Harry asked innocently making Lucius scowl at him.

Happy with finally having shut the bastard up, he pointed with his nose at the three heavy plastic backs: “I don't think that you will help me carrying these?”
“No, of course not. I already told you, Malfoys do not do physical labour,” He said smoothly... too smoothly for Harry’s liking.

“But you will help me bury the Dursleys later this evening; you will not get around that. They cannot rot in the cellar,” Harry said darkly and set a quick pace, not waiting for another snide remark. He wanted to get home; it was far too stressful to go outside in the muggle world with Lucius Malfoy. Harry glanced sideways and to his dismay he noticed that, while he was panting and nearly running, Lucius was still striding elegantly, only at a faster pace. He huffed and turned his face away, he didn't need this realization for his ego.

“My, my, are we envious?” Lucius mocked him; the man had apparently noticed his stare.
“No, I am not. I am just annoyed. You cannot be inconspicuous for one moment, can you?” Harry snapped back. “We have a big problem, if someone finds us right now.”

“It is not my fault, that my wand has been taken away from me, it was after all your ally and if you had been raised properly, like every heir to an family like yours should have been, even with a worthless Mudblood mother, and not by muggles and that old fool of an headmaster, you would be in possession of an unregistered wand and be able to do magic even in the holidays,” Lucius drawled. “Besides, I cannot see the problem with being found by somebody. That would only mean that I could finally bring you to my master.”

Harry growled angrily: “You expect that it would be some of your comrades, but what if it would be someone from the Ministry? I could tell them, that you tried to bring me to Voldemort. You are still wearing your Death Eaters robes and your mask is lying in my front garden, what do you think they would do? Send you home or to Azkaban? And don't talk about my mother like this ever again!”

For once, Lucius said nothing in reply and Harry was thankful for that, stomping back all the way to 4 Privet Drive and fuming silently.

Nagini was still lying lazily in the armchair when they came back, but rose up as soon as she noticed them. She slithered from her resting place and came over to Harry:
“Have you brought me something to eat?” She asked, without acknowledging Lucius.
“I have. It is in the bags, wait a moment and I will give it to you,” Harry dumped the bags on the counter and unwrapped most of the meat, then he went to the back garden, to lay it down on the grass, he did not want blood stains on the expensive carpet. He would only get problems with Marge in the end, or who ever would inherit the house.

“You should wait a few minutes, until the sun has defrosted everything, or you might get ill otherwise,” he hissed to Nagini, who had followed him.
“Thank you,” she hissed back and curled around her meal to wait patiently.

Harry tried to decide what to do next. He wanted to stay outside for a while and enjoy the sun, but it was nearly lunch time and he still had to cook. So he went inside and promised himself to include Lucius in the cooking, the man could do something else other than insult him about his food. He quickly packed away all the groceries and returned the rest of the money to the safe, and then he shouted for his unpleasant guest.

Lucius let him wait for at least five minutes. Harry was sure that he had done that on purpose, because there was nothing in his relative’s house he could be occupied with right now, unless he had found his undying love for sappy muggle TV- drama series.

When the aristocrat finally graced him with his presence, Harry commanded: “Help me with cutting the vegetables.” He would not ask Lucius, or he would get another answer in the manner of the high and mighty patriarch.

The man stepped to the knife that lay on the counter and started without arguing. Harry was surprised and turned to his own work at hand: preparing the chicken for the soup. He washed it carefully, before putting it down next to a big pot full of still cold water. After turning the stove on, he turned to Lucius and examined his handy work.

“You know, we are not brewing a potion, it don't has to be so accurate.”
“Accuracy is the key to wealth and public image, but there is no way that a Halfblood like you would ever have learned that,” Lucius sneered.

Harry grew beet red: “Just so that you know: I have enough public image and I am not poor either.” He didn't know where the urge to defend himself came from, after all; he knew how Lucius Malfoys mind worked. Nothing other than perfection was acceptable for him and that started by ones blood status.

“But you are not very wealthy either and your public image is mostly a poor one,” Lucius didn't looked up from his work, that made Harry even more angry.
“At least, Halfblood and muggle-born parents don’t think only about their children's blood status and love them unconditionally,” Harry spat venomously.

“We love our children as well, in fact, children are the most valuable thing to Purebloods, that is why none of our children fight in the war, not until they are adults and can decide that for themselves,” Lucius replied smoothly as ever.

Harry felt the words like a knife in his heart, Lucius had hit closer to home than the man would ever have imagined. He wanted to grab his own kitchen knife and shove it into the Death Eaters back. He fought the urge with all his willpower and forced a false smile on his face:
“At least, we can fight for our world.” He had hoped that his face could for once fool somebody, but by the look in Lucius eyes, Harry knew that the man had seen right through his lies:
“Keep believing in your own lies, Potter, but spare me.”

“Sure, but you do that as well. Protecting your children until they are seventeen and then standing by and watching how they are tortured by the Cruciatus Curse? That is so much better!” He laughed and his voice sounded mad even to his own ears, but he had reached his goal, Lucius had gone a bit paler and his hands where slightly shaking. With a smirk, Harry turned away and dropped the chicken into the pot.



This was the second night in which Potter was moaning, tossing and turning. Like last night, the boy had connected their hands and turned to the wall and he himself had turned in the other direction. He had hoped that he could have a quiet night’s sleep, but as it was, it was very unlikely. So instead, he laid once more awake, thinking about the day with the boy-who-lived. After the displeasing walk to the shopping centre and the cooking, Harry had gone outside to lay lazy in the sun and he had tried to find something to do in the pathetic muggle house. He had ended up with a muggle novel, which was obviously meant for women and it did not surprise Lucius anymore as to why muggles had no sense of culture, etiquette or art, when they only read stories like this one, however, it was preferable to the loud black box with the moving pictures and the scandalous clad women.

Still, the predictable story could not hold him captive and so his thoughts had drifted off to the mystery that was Harry Potter. The boy lived an entirely different life than he had imagined or even his son, who knew Potter better then he himself, had reported him. Draco had always said that Potter behaved high and mighty, like he owned the world, but after all he had witnessed until now, he had to suspect that Draco’s observations might have sprung from his own jealousy over Potter’s fame. The whole environment, where the boy lived, showed clearly, that he lived without any luxury at all.

Potter had cleaned and cooked and walked to the little store. Lucius was still not happy about the fact, that he had to walk as well, but that was not the point right now, and it had been better than helping Potter burying his late family. The boy had fetched a second shovel from an old lady by named Mrs. Figg and thrust it into his hands with the word: “Dig!”

He had tried to refuse, but in the end he had to face the fact that he was not the person who held the most power right now. That was a new and unwelcome feeling for him. Sure, he had never been Minister of Magic or something like that, but in his own way, through his magical power, his intelligence, his money and standing amongst the Pureblood families, he had always been more influential than any politician. He really resented that feeling and still did not know how to behave around a boy who treated him like any other common wizard without fearing his money or his social standing. Normally he got his way through a clever combination of bribery and threats, but he had no wand to threaten Potter and he would not be interested in galleons, as far as Lucius could see. That meant he had nothing to influence the young hero and in the end he could do nothing but dig.

And then there had been his words from yesterday evening. Potter had told him that he believed that neither side cared about their soldiers in this war. He didn't know what soldiers were, but he assumed that they must be similar to aurors in the wizarding world. Did this mean that the hero of the light side didn't agree with the way things were going? Maybe even with his given task in this war?

Lucius knew that the war was a much more complicated matter than most wizards knew and he asked himself how much Potter knew and how much Dumbledore kept secret from him. He decided to watch Potter more closely, maybe he would find out something useful for his Lord.

One thing he had already found out: His Lord’s snake had taken a liking to the boy wonder. Lucius could not really question the snakes changing loyalty, because Potter was kind hearted, even to an enemy, another point that irritated him about the boy. Potter had treated him mostly in a polite manner, and that more than anything else, had shown Lucius how different his Lord and Potter really were.

Despite himself, Lucius had gotten the feeling that a true Lord should not reign through fear, threats, and torture. Potter had been right back in the kitchen: What use was it to keep the children away from the war and then stand by and watch how they were tortured as soon as they had reached adulthood? Children were after al the most precious goods they had in the wizarding world. He had hated Potter for his comment, because the child had been right. But still, the Dark Lord was right in more points than Dumbledore, he knew that even more now, after he had been forced to live among muggles for over a day, than before.

A sob came from his right and he turned to look at Potter. Tears were streaming down his face and his body was shaking, the boy seemed to be having a nightmare. No child should suffer nightmares at this young age; he had always believed that and protected his own son to the best of his abilities.

Lucius took the chance to study Potter more closely than he could during the day. The boy was small, only 5,2 feet tall, his shoulders narrow and his closed eyes big in his face. He looked as if he had not reached puberty yet, it was disconcerting to think that he had to be nearly 15 by now. On a closer inspection he noticed that he really did not resemble James Potter as much as he had first thought. True, he had his father’s thick and messy hair, and his general features, but James had always been tall and broad shouldered, nearly as tall as an adult as Lucius himself. In contrast to that, his son could be mistaken for a girl, if he would grow his hair longer; there was not much masculinity about him. Maybe this would change when Potter’s facial features grew sharper with age and were not as boyish anymore.

But this all was really of no interest to him. Potter was still an insufferable brat with a far too big mouth and who definitely needed to be taught some manners (maybe even with the help of a bit good, old caning), a proper way to dress himself and a brush. Normally, he would never consider caning a method to teach a child anything, his parents had taught him that, but the small raven seemed to be immune against anything else.

Another sob tore itself from Potter’s mouth and he wished for a silencing spell. For a moment he thought about waking the boy up, to save him from his nightly torture, but then remembered that Potter was not his concern and just turned back around, trying to ignore the sounds that no child should ever make.

The next morning after he had showered, dressed himself and gone down into the small kitchen; Potter once again shocked him with one of his ridiculous ideas. The boy eyed him across the table and sniffed loudly, before wrinkling his nose: “We will drive to muggle London and buy you some new clothes. You are starting to reek, or your robes do.”

Glaring as threateningly as he could, he declared: “I will not accompany you on a shopping spree to muggle London and I will certainly not wear anything remotely like muggle clothes.”

Instead of being impressed, that nightmare of a boy only smirked: “If you don't want to get new clothes, I could always give you some old ones of my uncles.”

Every other wizard would have fled at his icy glare, but Potter didn't even waver. The thought of buying and even wearing muggle clothes was revolting, but unfortunately, he was by now sure that Potter would stick to his threat and make him wear his dead uncle’s shirts and trousers. With the best sneer he could muster he said: “Fine, but don't expect that I will pay you the money back.”

“I would never dream of it,” Potter rolled his eyes, something he did quite often and stood up.
“We have forty minutes to get to the bus. Be ready to leave in thirty,” the boy commanded and strolled out of the room. Maybe his son had been right after all and Harry Potter was as arrogant as he had told him.

Sneering at his breakfast, which consisted of Muffins, he finished quickly and left his plate behind. Potter could look after the dishes. That was a task he certainly would never do. No Malfoy would ever clean dirty dishes, that was a job for house elves or wizards who were of no importance as he himself was.

He found the boy sitting in the living room, petting his new pet snake absentmindedly. His hair was as messy as ever and the colour of the red shirt was faded, as was the picture on the front of it. How could the boy dress in revolting clothes like this? He was the boy-who-lived, a celebrity, as much as Lucius hated that fact, so why hadn't his relatives provided him with a more fitting attire? Even muggles must have enough intelligence to realise that no one, who was in the interest of the public eye should be seen like this.

He was roughly pulled from his thoughts, when the fireplace suddenly flared up and he was alert immediately, gripping for his wand, which was not there. Potter had jumped up as well, his wand now outstretched before him, regardless of the fact that he would not be able to use it unless he wanted to get into serious trouble, which he would, the golden boy had, after all, already ignored the laws for underage wizards once.

His eyes darted around in the room, searching for anything that could be used as a weapon, even though he would have no chance with a knife if suddenly aurors and ministry officials would appear.

A face formed in the flames and he sighed inwardly, when he recognized Severus Snape in the heath.

“Snape!” Potter sighed and the potions master glared at him:
“Potter, I will drop fifty points from Gryffindor even before the next term has officially started, if you not start to address me properly!”

Potter rolled his eyes in clear annoyance, there was apparently no threat that would teach the brat to behave himself like it would be adequate in front of a superior and Lucius once again thought, that a proper caning might be a lesson the young hero would benefit from.

“Have you been able to contact Dumbledore?” Potter asked crouching down in front of the fireplace.
“No, the Dark Lord is still searching for you and I had to lay low. I have not much time either, because I broke into a muggle house to use their fireplace, in hope that nobody will notice that I know where you are hiding.”

Potter nodded: “How long will it be, until you can contact anybody?”
“That depends on how quickly the Dark Lord will give up on finding you. I just wanted to make sure, that our hero,” Severus sneered at that word, “ still alive.”
“I am,” Potter’s look had darkened and his voice was colder than Lucius had ever heard it before.

“Good, I will take my leave then and contact you, as soon as I can,” with that said the spy disappeared once again.
Potter glared a moment at the once again empty hearth, before looking at his watch and saying: “We have to go now.”

Without any more argument, he slipped into his expensive dragon hide boots, after all, he knew when a fight was pointless and it would be much more respectable to bear with the situation silently. They left the house and Potter took the same way they had gone yesterday to the grocery store. Once again the muggles were looking, goggling at him. As a Malfoy, he was used to these kinds of looks, Malfoys after all were famous for their beauty and normally he relished in these gazes, especially, when they came from young and attractive wizards, but not today. He had no interest in unattractive muggle women in their mid-forties.

Glancing discretely over at the boy next to him, he remembered, that only yesterday, Potter had seemed to enjoy their attention, or at least get some amusement from it, but today he looked totally annoyed, but that could be because of Severus' visit a few minutes ago, the two truly hated each other and he could sympathize with his former friend. He himself would not want to be stuck in a classroom with that boy for seven years, twice a week.

On the other hand, he could not understand why Potter didn't try to get along with the potions master; after all, it would be wise to gain an acquaintance like Severus Snape. It was always good to befriend intelligent and talented people and the traitor was the best potions brewer in the whole wizarding world, he had even a certificate as evidence. But Lucius supposed that Potter was not intelligent enough to see the benefits a friendship or at least a peace with Severus Snape would gain him.

Suddenly the boy stopped at a strange glass-house and sat down on a bench, he would never consider using even after a couple of cleaning spells. He wanted to ask why they were standing under a glass roof and how they would get to muggle London, after all, it was not close enough to walk, but that would mean to admit how little he actually knew about the muggle world and he would never admit to a weakness of any kind.

Muggle London! He, Lucius Malfoy, would go to muggle London; that thought alone was degrading and even worse, Potter would force him to try muggle clothing on and even buy them. He had seen many muggles since he had arrived at Potter’s house, more than he had seen in his entire life before and the thought of dressing like them was revolting beyond anything! All these men in their colourful, and often plaid shirts, with those ill-fitting trousers, as if they never looked in a mirror, and he would have to wear similar garments. Garment was not even the right word to describe muggle clothing; rags would be a more suitable word. His only hope was, that his natural Malfoy grace would save his dignity and that hopefully nobody besides Potter and maybe Severus would ever see him like this.

The city itself would surely be as repellent as their citizens. Muggles had no taste, not even in architecture. Their houses were either smaller than the broom shack on his Manor grounds, or gigantic, grey in ornate. Sure, in contrast to other Death Eaters, he did not share the opinion that every muggle should be eradicated, they were humans after all, regardless of how under-developed their culture was, but that was still no reason to go to muggle London and visit their pathetic shops.

But unfortunately, Potter didn't share his sentiment; in fact, he seemed quite excited about their little excursion.

Turning his back to the boy, who had not spoken to him since they left the house, he tried to distract himself by eyeing the front gardens across the street. It was not easy to distract himself this way, because in comparison to the Manor gardens, they really were more than pathetic.

Muggles generally had no real beautiful flowers; their small roses would look like weeds next to a moonlight rose or a silver-white witch, which was his favourite rose, with its delicate, white petals and silver patterns.

Furthermore, most muggles seemed to like to disgrace their gardens even further by putting strange and horribly colourful devices in their gardens. By now he had realized, that these devices seemed to be some sort of toy for their children, but still, a garden should be there to impress guests and possible new acquaintances.

A loud, roaring noise made him look up and something that looked like a huge car halted in front of them. A door opened and Potter stood up and motioned to him to step inside. He passed the corpulent man, who sat in front of the wheel, ignoring him entirely and eyed the vehicle in disgust. What had Potter called it earlier? A bus?

“Hey man, stop right there!” the man in the front shouted suddenly. He turned around with a sneer, how dare that man to talk to him in such a manner?

“Have you never taken the bus before? You have to pay!” the man barked. Glaring down at the disgrace for human he replied coldly: “Indeed, I haven't. Normally I do not
lower myself to the use of such ways of travelling.”

“It's fine, he belongs to me.” Potter had stepped in behind him and laid a small amount of muggle money on the small counter. The driver gave him two paper cards, which he pocketed together with his change, before coming up to him.

“Don't you want to sit down?”
Eyeing the filthy seats once more he wrinkled his nose: “No curse in the world could make me sit down on such a disgusting seat. Do they never clean this car?”

Potter shrugged. “I will just warn you: bus drivers drive like mad. You better sit down quickly,” the boy advised him and scooted onto a small bench.

“I surely will not...” his sentence was interrupted as the driver started the bus and he was nearly knocked from his feet. He surely would have flown across the large car, injuring himself severely in the process, if Potter had not grabbed onto his robe, yanking him forward so that he was only knocked against the small boy and the bench he was sitting on.

He must have hit the boy hard, but the child didn't even flinch. Staring in shock into those big, green eyes, he noticed absentmindedly how thin Harry Potter truly was. The baggy shirt hid it well, but he could feel the child's ribs sticking uncomfortably into his side and the leg he was more or less laying on was thin like a twig.

Unable to break his stare from those deep- green ones, he grabbed the back of the next seat and pulled himself up. Potter scooted over wordlessly and he sat down.

“So, I thought, no curse in the world could make you sit down on a seat like this?” the boy smirked after a moment.

Sneering once again, he replied coldly: “Apparently, this muggle can.”
To his disgust, Potters grin broadened: “Lucius Malfoy, Lord of the proud Malfoy family is bested by a mere muggle?”

“Be quiet, Potter, or I will make sure that you find a painful end,” he hissed, but didn't succeed in wiping the smirk from Potter’s face.



Harry turned to look out of the window, but his smirk remained the whole drive. It had been reflex to grab Lucius Malfoy, as he was threatening to fly across the bus, but he had surely not expected the aristocrat to land on top of him. It really had been a shock. To his utter dismay he had to realize that the bastard was not only tall and had a beautiful face, but he was even more muscled than he had ever imagined a Malfoy could be; after all, they never seemed to do any kind of physical exercise, but he had been proven wrong only minutes ago.

Fate really was a bitch. Besides, why should he even think about how muscled Lucius Malfoy was? The man was an enemy and even if he had been into guys, he would never consider the arrogant aristocrat as something remotely to a lover. In fact, he could not even imagine him as a parental figure or an uncle, all these thought were really gross. But still, for the barest moment the body pressed against his had felt good.

Shaking his head inwardly fiercely he watched the passing streets and houses. He had the feeling that buying clothes for Lucius in muggle London would turn out to be quite the event, but not in a good way. The Pureblood had not a single nice or even neutral look for anything muggle. From the gardens in their neighbourhood, over cars to anything else, he eyed everything with disgust and distaste and the most hateful looks he had for Harry, not even the man’s son had thrown such looks at him and they had been school rivals for about four years.

When they had finally reached their destination, he motioned for Lucius to get up. Outside in front of the parked bus, Harry needed a moment to orientate himself. He had rarely been in muggle London, only at the rare occasions when aunt Petunia had decided that she needed someone to carry her shopping back, but that had only happened a few times because mostly she had been the opinion that he was more an annoyance than of use and let him stay at home.

Maybe he would find the right store by what style of clothes they would need, so he turned to examine the aristocrat. Lucius was quite tall, with a slim waist. That already excluded many stores he knew because uncle Vernon and Dudley had always been on the corpulent side of the scale.

Maybe a store for young, fashion-conscious people would be the best chance to find something, which would actually not fall off of the man’s hips, but Lucius was not the type to wear modern young fashion. They could always go into a expensive store for tailored suits, the noble man might even like that, but Harry did not have enough money to buy a couple of pants and button-downs there and groceries for the next days or even weeks.

“Potter, what are you staring at?” the man snapped, pulling him from his musing.
“I am trying to think where to find out which store we might find something to wear for you,” Harry answered.

“And why is that such a complicated question? I thought you would be familiar with this part of London.”

“Well I am, but not that good; I was not often allowed to come here,” he explained, biting his lip immediately as he realized, what he had just admitted. Wanting to guide the conversation to a less embarrassing topic, he started to ramble, like he always did, when he got nervous:
“The bigger problem is that you are quite slim, in fact, you have the perfect figure of a model, but that is fairly rare, so it will be difficult to find the right shop.”

A second brow rose on Lucius face and Harry flushed violently: “Don't look at me like that, I only tried to describe your figure neutrally,” he tried to save himself, but it was too late.

A smug smirk tucked at the corner of Lucius Malfoy’s lips and Harry wished that the ground would open beneath him. Turning quickly he started to walk down the shopping street, deciding that he would just keep his eyes open for any fitting store.

The attention they got was even worse than in Harry’s small neighbourhood. All along the way women stopped to goggle after them, or to be more precise after Lucius, no one had noticed him yet and no one seemed to consider, that the small boy in front of the gorgeous blond actually belonged to him.

Harry became rather conscious of his old, baggy t-shirt, the faded pants, his unruly mop of hair and his knobby knees. He pulled absentmindedly at the hem of his shirt, trying to let it look less old, but to no avail. It was just his luck to have to go out with the most handsome and well-clad man there was. Huffing, he shoved his hands into his pockets and just concentrated back on his surroundings.

He was glad, when they came across a store, where aunt petunia had bought Dudley’s suit for last year’s school ball and he could leave the crowded street. Unfortunately his pitiful dressing was just more obvious in a elegant shop like this, but the shop assistant was luckily too polite to say anything, or they had just seen Lucius following behind, him and assumed, that they belonged together and they had not to fear thievery.

Hoping that they might have luck in this store, because one year ago when Dudley had bought his suit, the boy had not been so fat and they might have things besides from plus size, he looked for the section with the trousers.

When he had find the right row, he led the way to the suit-trousers and started to look at the tags.

Glancing over his shoulder, he threw another glimpse at Lucius. What was it with that man? Even for a well-build man, his physique was astonishing. The aristocrat had not only long legs and a flat stomach that was most likely perfect as well, with well trained abs, but everything else was perfection as well. His shoulders were broad, but not too much for his slim figure, his throat was slim, but strong at the same time. Maybe there really was Veela blood flowing in the Malfoys bloodline? He had heard rumours about it. Considering, that it had been Draco who had bragged about his supposed inheritance the most, he had never quite believed it, especially because the boy lacked the elegance those creatures should possess, but watching his father right now, he might start to believe these rumours after all. He sighed in irritation.

Since the man had landed on him, he caught himself far too often stealing glances. Shoving the thought to the side, he pulled out the smallest pants and held it up to find out, if this one could actually fit the man, but his eyes didn't land on the aristocrat in general, but on one of his elegant and slender hands. Damn those hands were sexy! His long fingers were quite sinful, but luckily, he reminded himself quickly, he wasn't into men and especially not into one Lucius Malfoy, because the man was a evil, cold-hearted bastard.

Growling inwardly, or maybe not so inwardly, if the irritated flicker in Lucius eyes were any indication, he shoved the trousers into the noble man's arms.

“Try these,” he snapped, angry with himself for watching a man that was not only undeserving of being watched because of his bad character, but because said man was also his enemy.

“Do not talk to me like this, you lowly Halfblood!” Lucius sneered back, his eyes suddenly colder than ice.

“I am not lowly! People like you, who get their kicks out of torturing others are lowly!” he hissed back, infuriated by the Death Eaters words.

“Of course you are lowly, maybe not in comparison with the Granger girl, but I am the successor of the most ancient and noble Pureblood bloodline and will not tolerate to be spoken to in this manner!”

Harry ground his teeth together. He really hated the bastard!
“Just try these damn trousers on and spare me your crap!”

Lucius glared at him, but finally inspected the trousers, feeling the fabric. Like expected, he wrinkled his nose: “Why would anyone buy trousers of such low quality?”

Taking a deep breath, Harry tried to calm his temper; it would not be good if he murdered Lucius Malfoy in the middle of a muggle suit-store. But oh! How he hated that man!

“Muggles don't have spells to enchant the comfort of their trousers and I don’t have the money to buy you silk ones,” he replied drily and pointed into the direction of the changing cubicles.

“I doubt that muggle silk is better than anything else they produce,” Lucius drawled and finally went to the changing rooms.

Harry decided to just wait for his return. With Ron he would have followed his friends, to check if the pants would fit well or even give his opinion, if asked, but he was sure, that Lord Malfoy would not appreciate his help, especially not after their row.

Besides, the man had probably more knowledge about fashion in his pinkie than he himself had in his whole body. He used the time to take a couple of more calming breaths, praying for patience with the prejudiced wizard. He actually succeeded to get his temper back under control, which was a small miracle given the circumstances and ten minutes later, his involuntary companion was back.

“And?” he asked, because he really could not get any clues from Lucius constant disgusted face.
“Too wide,” was the aristocrats sneering answer.

Sighing, Harry took the trousers and hung it back: “Then we have to look for another store; that was already the smallest size.”

“Are all muggles as fat as your uncle?” Lucius added, his sneer even intensifying, something, that should not be possible. Harry didn't reply and just went back out to the street.

During the thirty minutes they had been in the store, the street had become even more crowded. Harry had to stay close to Lucius to prevent losing him and it was quite uncomfortable to walk so close to the Death Eater and even be pressed into the adults side every so often by passing people. He constantly looked around, but not a single store made an impression that they should even try to go inside.

Suddenly a bright red sign caught his attention: H&M. This was a label for young people and famous for its small sizes. Hopefully they would have some casual button-downs in their assortment.

“We will go into the store over there,” he announced and pointed at the large sign, ignoring Lucius’ raised eyebrows at the sight of the red sign that the man probably thought hideous. When they were near enough for Lucius to see the store windows, he glared at Harry indignantly:
“I will not be seen wearing this kind of fashion, not even by muggles!”

“I am sure, we will find some white shirts and black trousers there as well,” Harry tried to sooth the man, not waiting for an answer before going inside.

As soon as Lucius had stepped in behind him, a young blonde girl, nearly six feet tall and with the figure of a model offered her assistance to the Death Eater, who looked so pissed off right now, that Harry wondered, where the girl had found the courage to even step close to the man, or if she was merely blind:
“Can I help you in any way, Sir?” she smiled brightly, flipping her long curls back over the shoulder.

Lucius gave her his trademark look and answered very coldly: “No. I am fine.”
Obviously disappointed, the girl looked around for something to vent her anger and her heavy coloured eyes fell on Harry. Harry winced, this girl was obviously not as polite as the assistant in the last store and would not leave him be.

“What are you doing here, brat? Trying to steal anything? You don't look as if you have any money to buy one of our shirts. I should call the police immediately!”

Harry's wincing turned into an eye-roll of his eyes. It wasn't as if H&M was especially expensive. Even he could effort trousers and shirts here. But that didn't change his current problem with the girl. She was still glaring down at him and looked as if she would believe nothing he would say to her. Harry knew this particular look. Uncle Vernon and aunt Petunia had worn it nearly constantly around him and he hated the expression even more than Lucius' glares.

To Harry's utter surprise, Lucius stepped in: “He belongs to me. The boy is my nephew.”

The girl recoiled: “Oh, I am sorry Sir, I didn't think...”
“Yes, you didn't. As a good assistant, you should not condemn a possible customer rashly. If I were your principal, I would fire you immediately. And now leave us alone.”

The girl bowed her head and quickly ran away, as soon as she was out of earshot Harry asked:
“Why did you help me?”

“No wizard should be treated like this by a muggle, even the weakest of us are more worthy than them and besides, I am not in the mood to deal with the muggle version of the aurors,” he sneered.

“The police,” Harry said, still astonished.
“What?” Lucius asked.
“The muggle equivalent to the aurors is called police,” he elaborated.
Lucius scoffed, making clear, that he didn't need that knowledge.

Wanting to change the topic, Harry looked around for the right section. Next to the escalator, he found a sign, announcing that the men's section was on the first floor.

“We have to go upstairs,” he said and without thinking, grabbed Lucius by his hand and pulled him onto the moving stairway, only to realize, that the man had never stepped onto such a device. The ever-graceful Malfoy-Lord wavered and for the briefest of moments Harry feared, that he might lose balance, but then the man grabbed onto the banister and a second later he stood as perfectly as ever, and as if he used escalators on a daily basis, glaring down at Harry. His look promising horrible pains, whilst Harry tried to make the impression, as if he didn't see the glare.

The first floor was much less crowded than the basement, with only men up here. The section with the more formal clothing was at the far back and clearly visible. Once there, Harry immediately saw that it had been a good idea to go into H&M, the only problem was that they had only black jeans and no formal trousers.

Taking once again a guess at the size, he pulled out two of the jeans and a white and a black button-down shirt.

“These feel un-wearable,” Lucius drawled, glaring at the jeans.
“They are not un-wearable. I am wearing jeans all the time, so I should know,” Harry sighed, wishing that for once, the man would just not voice his spiteful comments.

“Where are the changing rooms?” Lucius asked and Harry looked around.
“Just follow the sign with the arrow,” he said and pointed to the wall to their right and without another word Lucius disappeared.

Looking around, he thought about buying some new clothes for himself too, but he had no endless amount of money right now, so he would wait until he had the chance to go to Gringotts and change some of his Galleons into Pounds. But he could still look around a bit.

Glancing over his shoulder, he decided that Lucius Malfoy would be able to find him; the man always told him how intelligent he was after all. Leaving the section of the more formal clothing, he strode over to a row with bright and colourful t-shirts. He honestly was past the age where he would choose shirts with cartoon motifs and he would be glad to finally get rid of those. He only wore these kinds of shirts the past two years because he was so much smaller than his cousin had been; the things Dudley had worn four years ago fit him now. In fact, they were still too big, but they didn't fall from his shoulders anymore.

A green and yellow curled t-shirt caught his attention and he picked it up.
“I would not buy those, Potter, it would not suit you,” Lucius voice drawled suddenly from behind him.
Really, did the man need to voice his opinion on everything?

“Why not? I can wear bright colours, Ron and Hermione always say that,” he huffed in annoyance.
“But they would not fit who you are,” Lucius replied.

“And you can tell me that, because we have been friends for so long and you know me so well,” he countered sarcastically.
“I have seen enough of you in the past two days and even more important, I knew the Potters and believe it or not, your blood is the foundation of who you are and who you will grow into.”

“I don't believe that kind of crap. How should I be formed by something that can't even teach or raise me? I never had the chance to get to know the Potters or even the Evans and I will decide which kind of person I will become,” he sneered. How dare the prick of a man make such assumptions about him?

“There you are wrong. Magical blood, in contrast to muggle blood is powerful and even without these powers, duties and obligations of your family name would form you sooner or later. At the latest after your coming of age, when you will be forced to acknowledge those duties.”

“Yeah, you should know that, after all, the Malfoy family is like a huge slave driver,” he spat.

Lucius eyes flashed dangerously and he realized that he had gone too far. Sighing, he combed with one hand through his hair. His late family was a very sore topic for him, the fact that everyone knew more about them than he himself, apparently even Lucius Malfoy. Ron and Hermione knew that and they had silently agreed to wait until Harry was ready to talk about his early loss and not to force him to talk. On top of that came his confusion about the blond noble man in general. He had avoided staring at Lucius since the last shop, but he actually had to put effort in it, because the man seemed to have something that drew his eyes to him. But the issue with his parents had been the main reason for his outburst. It was just too painful to be reminded about his lonely childhood like this.

“I am sorry. It's just... so painful to talk about them,” he admitted; at least the part he could actually admit. His voice was barely audible and weak and he felt childish for sounding like a small and sad child in front of the stern and always composed Malfoy-Lord. When the man stayed silent, he carefully looked up, only to see a sparkle of softness flash in those silver eyes, but it was quickly gone again.

Still, these short glimpse of an emotion, he had never seen the man express before, made him believe, that Lucius Malfoy might not be as cold hearted as he always had believed. When the man still had said nothing after another moment, he asked: “Do the clothes fit?”

“The trousers fit, but I need the shirts a size larger, they are too tight around my chest.”

Harry took the shirts from Lucius and went over to get the right size. The noble man waited in front of the escalator for him and they went down and lined up in front of the counter. They had to wait over ten minutes, until it was finally their turn. The blond girl from earlier was sitting there, but as she recognized them, she hurried to scan their things. Harry paid and they went outside again. Checking his watch he noticed that it was not very late yet and proposed against all his better knowledge: “Would you like some ice cream? I will treat you.”

Harry believed that he had surprised the man, because he only sneered and turned to the next ice cream parlour without arguing or commenting on dangerous muggle food.

They sat down in the shadows under a tree and Harry fetched a second menu from the nearest table for Lucius before opening his own. The man surely had a nose for luxury; this had to be the most expensive ice cream parlour he had ever seen. Harry was sure that not even aunt Petunia would have treated her beloved Dudley to an ice-cream from this parlour.

Having decided what he would take, he laid the menu back down; Lucius was still scanning his but did the same only a minute later. When the waitress came, Harry was glad to see, that it was a nice looking old Lady, who smiled at him with a friendly smile and looked at Lucius no different than anybody else.

“What would you like my dear?” she asked, her small notebook in hand.
“I would like to order a Spaghetti ice-cream and a coke,” he smiled and gave her the menu.
“And you, Sir?” she asked, turning to Lucius.
“Bring me a cappuccino and a Amarena Cherry Cup.”

The lady promised them to be back soon and left their table once more. Only then did Harry realize that it had been a mistake to go into a cafe with Lucius Malfoy. He had no idea what he should talk about with that man; truth to be told, he wasn't even sure if he wanted to have a conversation with the aristocrat at all. As far as he knew, they were entirely different with basically different beliefs and principles and any conversation would most likely turn into an argument.

You could see the differences between them with even one look: Lucius sat across from him, looking for all means, as if he not only owned the place, but the whole shopping street. The man had leaned back in his chair and still succeeded in maintaining a straight posture, his legs crossed and one arm lazily draped on the armrest of his chair. Not in a thousand years, would Harry be able to make such an impression by only sitting in a plastic chair. Lucius had his nobility written in every feature, in every movement and even in every strand of his damn silver-blonde hair; he really hated the man's perfection, because sadly, that was what the man was. But really: That a evil bastard like Lucius Malfoy should look like this, that was truly unfair.

To his absolute horror, Lucius decided to take the matter of talking into his own hands:
“You didn't seem very sad about your family's death, Potter?”

Staring at his counterpart, he tried to decide, if the wizard was honestly curious and interested in him, or if he wanted to gather information for Lord Voldemort. Coming to the conclusion that Lucius was probably honestly interested in him, because that might bring him useful information for his master, he answered: “I only lived there for two month each year.”

“But you lived there since you had been one year old, as far as I know. That leads me to the conclusion, that they did not treat you the way a family should,” Lucius commented.
Glaring at the man he said: “Listen, I will not tell you anything. I am not so stupid, you know? You probably only want to gather information for your master and I will not help you with that.”
Lucius smirked: “Ah I see, you are after all not as stupid and suicidal as Severus seems to believe.”

Harry crossed his arms in front of his chest: “Well, Snape doesn't know much about me, even though he has been my teacher for four years already. But getting to know me would have meant to get over his prejudices, whatever they are and wherever they come from and actually talk and maybe even listen to me,” he snapped.

At that moment their orders arrived and their conversation came to a short halt. When the old lady was gone once again, Harry took a spoon full of ice cream and then said with a still full mouth:
“You all believe that you know me, only because the Daily Prophet writes nonsense without my consent, at least three times in a week, but it is total rubbish.”

“Is it?” Lucius asked nonchalantly.
“Is it what?” Harry asked irritated, he had been focused back on his ice-cream already.
“Is it rubbish, what the Daily Prophet writes?” Lucius elaborated.

Harry glared at the man once more; he felt his hardly calmed temper rise again as well. “Last year I was everything from the tragic hero to the psychotic maniac, who will become the next dark Lord or just plain insane. Do you really think that even I could be that unstable?” He snapped.

“Of cause not, Potter, I only...”
Harry cut him off sneering with sarcasm heavy in his voice: “You only thought that I am powerful enough to keep Rita Skeeter in check?”

“No, of cause not. Only a few people have the needed means to accomplish something like this and a mere child certainly does not have the power to be one of them.” Lucius sighed.

Harry eyed him wearily, it seemed, as if the aristocrat wanted to say something more, but couldn't find the right words to phrase it. The man scowled slightly, showing once more much more of his feelings, than he normally did. But with Lucius was it a bit like with Snape: Harry was able to get under the skin of both men and it was the same the other way around.

“Even if I do not like you, Potter,... but there should have been people to protect you from the press and the Ministry and many other things.”

Harry stared at Lucius in shock; did the man feel something akin to sympathy for him? Harry wanted to say that he didn't need the man's sympathy, but something in the man's eyes stopped him from doing so. Whatever Lucius motives were for his words, it wasn't sympathy.

Instead he sneered: “Yeah, because I have so many people, who could have done that.”
“You have,” Lucius said sternly. “Not your muggle relatives, of course not; and not Black, who has to hide...”
Harry's shock grew even worse: Did Lucius know that Sirius was his godfather?

The Malfoy-Lord smirked in answer: “My wife was a Black and every Pureblood family is related in some way or the other, so it is just natural, that I know about your little godfather. But my point was a different one...” the man went on, ignoring Harry's mouth, which hung open, gaping.

“...even without parents and Black, there was still Lupin, the other friend of your parents, or Dumbledore. I even heard that the Weasleys adopted you as an eighth son. They could have done something as well.”

“Yeah, but not everybody thinks that bribery is the right way to deal with problems,” Harry sneered, but it was more an exhausted sigh than anything else.

“That, is the problem with so called light wizards and witches. They are far too strict in every aspect, regardless, if it is of help to them or only provides more complications,” Lucius smirked and Harry could see that he really had no qualms with using illegal methods to get his way.

Staring into his coke, he asked himself, if Lucius couldn't be right. Would he be ready to forego some rules and laws for the wellbeing of his family and the people he loved? If he was honest with himself, he would have no real problem to do so as well.

“Maybe you are right,” he admitted softly.
“I know, I am,” Lucius drawled self-assured adding: “And therefore I will assume that I am right in regards of your relatives as well.”
Sighing, he added in a much calmer voice: “Let's just make one thing clear: You don't want me to ask you about your life and duties as a Death Eater and I don't want to be asked personal questions like this as well.”

Lucius nodded curtly and picked his cappuccino up, sipping on it.
Sighing, he took another spoon full of ice cream.

It really had been a strange idea, to go into a cafe with Lucius Malfoy. Ron surely would send him to St. Mungo's for that if he ever found out and Harry wouldn't even be able to be angry with him, because he surely must have become barmy. But strangely enough, after he had seen this glimpse of a softer feeling than disdain in the wizard's eyes and after Lucius had told him that not even he deserved some of the shit he had to go through, their silence was kind of comfortable instead of awkward. It felt as if they had come to an understanding of sorts. Lucius had seen that he was not the spoiled hero and he had even acknowledged that there were things Harry didn't want to talk about.

Looking up again, he saw, that the aristocrat had finished his ice-cream and drink already, so he hurried up, suddenly eager to get back home, where he could at least not have to sit across from him or next to him in a bus.

He waved for the waitress and paid their bill, checking his watch as he stood up.
“The bus will be there in ten minutes,” he announced, happy about the perfect timing.
He picked the shopping bags up, because Lucius would surely not take them; he strode down the crowded street. Lucius followed him at a leisurely pace, for once ignoring all the stares and hushed comments he received and not sneering at them.

They arrived at the bus stop just in time and Harry didn’t even have to say anything to get Lucius to sit down. He once again looked out of the window, watching the city and landscape flying by. When they finally reached 4 Privet Drive, the sun was setting.

Deciding that it was too late to cook, he prepared some sandwiches and carried them over into the living room, where Lucius was for once not reading, but zapping through the TV-programs, glaring at the flat-screen and obviously unsatisfied with what he found.

“Is there anything you would like to watch?” he asked, taking pity at the man. When he only received a blank expression as answer, he assumed, that Lucius didn't understand, what he meant and elaborated: “Are there any stories you like? Criminal stories, fantasy, or action?”

To his annoyance, Lucius only turned back to the TV and turned it off. Apparently, even their small understanding would not change the attitude of the aristocrat much.
“Fine,” Harry huffed. “Just stick to aunt Petunia’s novels and die of boredom.”

Placing the plate with the sandwiches on the table he decided to search for Nagini, at least, the snake had proven to be quite enjoyable company. The snake wasn't downstairs and so he went up to search there for her. Harry found her fast asleep on his side of his uncle and aunt's bed. Smiling softly, he decided to let her sleep, but that left him with the question: what should he do for the rest of the evening?

As he crossed the door to Dudley's room, a grin spread across his face. Dudley wasn't there anymore, as was his parents and they wouldn't come back to catch him doing anything he wasn't allowed to do. So why shouldn't he just go inside and play a little with Dudley's things. Stepping inside, his eyes darted between the Computer, the Nintendo on the nightstand and the PlayStation. Turning the TV on, he picked up the controller for the PlayStation and started to look through Dudley's games, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

He nearly laughed when he found many games with witches and wizards. Apparently, his relatives’ prejudices had not affected their son's choice of video games. Looking up to the DVD shelf, they probably hadn't had any problems with magical people, as long as they hadn't sat on their sofa or used their fireplace for floo rides.

Harry started a random game; he didn't know any of them anyway and was quickly engrossed in it.
The sun set around him and the room grew dark, but Harry didn't look up or stood up once. It really was a fascinating game and what was even better: No one stopped him from playing.

The door swung open and Lucius stepped inside, a scowl on his face:
“Here you are, Potter. It is late. If you insist on binding our hands for the night, I advise you to end whatever you are doing there and accompany me.”

Harry sighed, but turned the device off. Because he and Lucius had been able to exchange a couple of words without insulting or threatening each other did not mean that he would sleep unguarded next to the man. Lucius huffed in indignation, but he ignored it as he lead the way into the bedroom and started to change for the third night with Lucius Malfoy.

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The next morning found Lucius walking through the small house. Once again Potter had been plagued by nightmares, but this time he had fallen asleep after some time and felt, luckily, passably rested. Now he was studying the home of Potters’ late relatives. He was not quite sure why he was doing that. Lucius told himself that he did it because he wanted to find useful information for his master, after his failure of doing so successfully yesterday, but a twisting feeling in his gut indicated that he was not quite honest with himself.

If he had been honest, then he would have to admit, that the number of pictures on the fireplace were of no use for his master and that he could stop his task instantly. But as little as Potter had told him back in the ice cream parlour, it had been enough to tell him that the boy had been very unhappy with his late family. To be exact: The boys refusal to talk about the prick of an uncle and cousin and that horse-like woman, that called themselves Potters guardians, was the main indicator that Potter had not had a good life in this house.

Potter was once again outside with his new pet snake and enjoying the warm summer sun. Lucius did not appreciate the summer sun so much, because he always quickly got sunburn with his pale complexion. He had already noticed, that there were no pictures with Harry on the walls or, as he had already mentioned, on the fireplace, so he pulled out an old looking picture book and opened it.

The pictures of cause were not moving, that much he had noticed already during his stay in the muggle world. He saw the fat uncle of Harry’s and his ugly, horse like wife, together with their son, who had already been way too corpulent as a child. The family seemed to visit a park or something, but Potter was nowhere to be found. He turned the pages and finally found the small boy he was looking for on the last page. His fat cousin was standing in front of a compound with lions, holding a big ice-cream cone with sprinkles and whipped cream in his chubby hands, whilst a small raven haired boy was sitting on a bench at the side, holding a small water ice and looking as if Yule had come early. Lucius could not think of a reason why someone would be so happy about this small and unappetizing looking ice.

He closed the book again and opened a second one. These pictures looked, as if they were made during a summer break. Harry’s cousin looked around six years old, Lucius thought, that he should not search for Potter to guess his age, because the boy always looked so much younger than he really was. He saw the blond boy sitting in a round, colorful something with water in it and playing with small boats. After some more pictures in the same manner he came across one that showed Potter as well. As with the last time, Potter was only in the background, as if he had gotten in the picture by accident. The child seemed to do something. Squinting his eyes to see what exactly he was doing, he noticed with irritation, that the boy was plucking weeds with his small hands. A wave of rage filled him suddenly.

Had this poor excuse for humans, who now lay dead and cold, buried in the back garden, forced their own nephew to work for them? Muggles, he decided were worse than animals. But at least he had his first indicator that supported his theory. If Potter had to work like this every day he clearly had been abused.

He put the book back into its rightful space and went into the lounge; there was no sign of Potter either, so he went into the small kitchen. For Lucius, the kitchen was the strangest room in the muggle house with all its strange devices, even so, he opened the first cupboard he came across and peered inside, but he only found spices and other ingredients.

The next shelf held plates and bowls and the last one cups. Lucius saw a cup with the name Vernon on it and started to carefully rummage through the cups and found two others with the names Dudley and Petunia, but none with the name Harry on it. It started to seem as if Harry did not belong in his own family home. Lucius had always believed that muggles could treat their family so cold heartedly, but he had never thought that Dumbledore would let his favorite student live among those people for two month each year. Did the old headmaster not see the danger for the light side in treating the boy like this?

For the first time in his life Lucius wanted to shake his head, but that would be undignified of a Malfoy and he refrained from doing so. Dumbledore was a bigger fool than he had thought; it was possible he had raised the only person who could save the light side to be a weapon for the dark side. Maybe, he should think about persuading Potter to change to the Dark Lord’s side and not merely bringing him to his Lord, but to be sure that this would be a wise thing to try, he had to watch the boy a bit longer.

Leaving the kitchen, he went upstairs. Lucius knew that the bedroom where they had slept in the last two nights was the former room of Potter’s uncle and aunt, which meant that somewhere here had to be the boy’s room. He opened the first door to his right and stepped inside. The room was fairly large and he saw another of these irritating black boxes. A big bed stood in a corner and everywhere laid scattered clothes. Lucius did not think that this was Potters room, the boy was may not be as neat as he himself, but not as messy either.

However, he stepped inside and closed the door behind him and looked around. He could not find a single book, only flat boxes, with strange slogans on it. When he opened one of them, he saw a small disc. Closing it again and dropping it carelessly on the ground, he walked over to the night stand. On top of it stood a single picture of the lowly muggle family, so that meant that this was the room of Potter’s cousin, he would not find anything useful in here.

He left again and opened the second door on the right. It had many locks on it, but they were not locked right now, so he could go in without any further problems. But when Lucius looked inside, the room seemed empty and unoccupied. He wanted to close the door immediately again, when he saw a Gryffindor scarf hanging over the bed. The room had only made an empty impression on the first sight. When he went over to the scarf, he noticed, that the bed was more of a cot, than an actual bed, with old, thin and worn down sheets. No Malfoy would ever let a guest sleep in such a pure excuse of a bed, let alone a family member. He sat down and the springs creaked dissonantly. The mattress was thin, and he could feel every one of the hard metal springs digging painfully in his backside.

So, this is the boy’s room, this is how he lives when he is not in Hogwarts, Lucius thought. I should be thankful, that he does not force me to spend the nights in here. Besides the bed, the only other furniture was a small, unsteady looking cupboard and a desk, which was in the same state as the cupboard. The only personal item was the scarf on the wall.

There were no photos of his friends or late parents, no book and not even one of those black boxes. Walking over to the window, he saw iron bars in front of it. Remembering the locks on the door, he had the feeling as if he was staying in a cell, not a bedroom and an oppressive feeling overwhelmed him.

He stayed for another few minutes longer, shocked by the room in front of him, before leaving the room, instantly feeling better and making his way back downstairs.
Back in the lower hallway his eyes fell on a small cupboard under the stairs. It was quite unobtrusive, but something compelled him to open it and look inside. There was nothing special, only some boxes and a strange tool with a long, grey hose. Then his eyes fell on what lay on the ground: It was a small mattress. Frowning, he closed the door again. What was a mattress doing in a cupboard? Deciding, that it was not important right now, he closed the door again and went outside.

Potter laid on a garden lounge with his eyes closed and the large head of Nagini in his lap. He stroked the reptile lazily and looked utterly relaxed for once. Potters shirt had slid up a bit, exposing his flat stomach and giving Lucius an impression of how thin the boy really was. He had gotten an inkling of an idea back in the bus, or whatever the hellish muggle- vehicle was called, but now he could clearly see it. Potters hip bones were sticking out and his stomach was more a pit than only flat and he suddenly remembered the sharp edge of a rib bone sticking painfully into his side as he had landed on top of the boy in these blasted bus.

Still staring absentmindedly at the boy, he asked himself if Potter could have such a high metabolism or if his anorexic frame had other reasons for that. Considering the rest of his relatives’ home, he did not believe in his first theory.

It was more likely after all he had seen, that the boy had been forced to do chores, had been locked up and starved on top of that. Cold rage rose in his chest, how could anybody treat a wizard like this? How could anybody treat a child like this?

Taking a deep breath he reminded himself that Potter was Dumbledore’s concern and not his. If anything, he should be glad that Dumbledore had forced the boy to stay with his abusive relatives of his, because it heightened his chance to persuade Potter to take another path and join his Master and the dark side.

Sitting down on a second chair underneath a tree he pulled the badly written novel from his pocket, but he didn't actually read. After two whole days with the child, he had to admit that not even Potter deserved the mistreatment he had most likely endured. The boy was kind hearted, even to him, who was one of his enemies, beside some snide remarks and threats, but to be honest, Lucius didn't believe that Potter would ever make one of them true.

He opened the first button of his new, white shirt and finally started to read. The afternoon went by in surprisingly contented silence and without any argument or insults between them. They sat outside, Potter dozing, himself reading and it seemed as if their trip to London had changed something between them. As if they had come to a silent agreement of some sort. Neither of them had left the garden, with the exception of the few minutes, when Potter had gone inside and come back with a pitcher of lemonade.

At 6 PM his host had prepared dinner. Lucius had to admit, that Potter was not a bad cook, not as good as his personal house elves, but it was always edible and as long as the boy would not give him a portion of that long-lasting muggle food, he would not complain.

By now it was five hours later and they were once again in their shared bedroom. Potter stood with his back turned in his direction and he used the moment, to take another look at the boy, because taking a glance at Potters stomach was not as telling as examining his whole body. Someone should always take the whole appearance of a person into account, but what he saw only confirmed his first impression once again: Potter really was dangerously thin; it would not surprise him that his growth had already slowed down due to the absence of proper nourishment over the years.

Eyes roaming the young body, he decided that the slenderness actually fit the boy regardless of how wrong that sounded, but it underlined his boyish looks. He also noticed that puberty had indeed not reached the child yet. His muscles were still not very developed, even though he did play Quidditch most of the year and was used to physical labour. His legs were still smooth and he was sure that he would not find any pubic hair on his body. Potters skin was creamy and soft looking, all in all, the boy had an appeal to Lucius that someone so young and innocent should never have. At that moment Potter turned and he quickly drawled in his most arrogant voice: “Are you finished with changing?”

“Yeah, I am,” Potter answered and climbed into bed, reaching for the cord on his bedside table. Lucius wanted to roll his eyes, but refrained from giving in to his urges and instead stretched his right arm out wordlessly. When Potter had bound them together he climbed into bed as well and turned around like the previous nights. The lights went off and he closed his eyes. He was really tired this evening. He listened to Potters breathing, until it was deep and slow, the boy must have fallen asleep quickly for once and without nightmares.

Sighing in relief he relaxed his tense muscles and pulled the comforter over his shoulders. He had almost fallen asleep when a quiet whimper pulled him from his doziness. Obviously, neither he nor Potter would once again have the pleasure of a peaceful nights rest, but for once the annoyance he usually felt at Potters muttering and tossing didn't occur.

A second whimper reached his ears and without thinking about it, he turned around to face Potter. The boy was turning his head from one side to the other, his moans growing louder and he started to kick out with his legs, as if trying to scramble away from something, only he could see and then he spoke:
“Don't! Stop! It hurts!” Potters voice was full of pain and despair. “Not again!” the voice broke and gave way to a sob. To Lucius horror tears started to run freely down the pale cheeks, not only a single one as the last nights’, but a whole stream of them.

He watched the child arching his back and lifting an arm, as if he wanted to shield his face and with a pang of horror, a question appeared in Lucius mind: Had Potter’s relatives not only neglected and abused him by forcing him to do chores for them, but also physically?

“It hurts!” This time Potter was almost shouting and Lucius could feel the shaking of the small body even with the distance between them. How could anybody have done that to this child? Even with fifteen years of age, Harry Potter was still so innocent, not only in body, but also in mind. How twisted did someone have to be to hurt someone like Potter? The boy was so innocent and had such a pure soul, that even Lucius felt affected, in a weak and unprotected moment.

The muffled sobs tore his heart, but he was not yet ready to admit it. The fact that Harry Potter was supposed to be his enemy was still too great in his mind, even though his confidence to stay away from the tormented child grew weaker with every passing second.

Then suddenly the boy’s nightmare seemed to change:
“Please, don't kill him!”

Lucius knew what he was dreaming about now: the graveyard. To be honest, it was not very surprising that the boy had nightmares about his last encounter with the Dark Lord. He would have nightmares too if he had been in Potters place.

“Please, no! No! Please! Don't kill him! Don't kill her! Kill me instead!” Potter had started kicking wildly and Lucius lifted his hand unconsciously. Just in time he stopped himself and drew his hand back again. It was not his duty to comfort this boy. Potter was his enemy. Even more important: His Lords enemy.

But had he not always believed that no child deserved to suffer? Had he not been taught by his father that children, no matter who their parents were, deserved protection because children could not defend themselves? Maybe not all of them deserved to live in the wizarding world and learn how to use their magic, Muggleborn for example should not have these privileges, but even they deserved protection in some ways.

Furthermore: Had he not admitted to himself, only a few minutes ago, that this innocent, good- hearted boy did not deserve these nightmares, regardless of if they occurred in his dreams or in his real life? Lucius closed his eyes for a moment, listening to Harry Potter’s agonized sobs and made up his mind.



“Potter! Wake up! Potter!”
Harry was standing in the graveyard, bound to the gravestone and watched helplessly how Cedric and then his mother were killed again and again in an endless, torturing spiral, when the voice reached his ears.
“Potter! I said: Wake up!”

Someone was shaking his shoulders and he could see the figures and the horrible scene in front of him dissolving. His eyes were still closed, but he could feel the sheets beneath him now and the strong and warm hand on his shoulder. He wanted to be held by the person who had these strong hands. He would be safe in these arms, Harry was sure of it.
“Come on, Potter! Wake up!”

The person was obviously thinking that he was still asleep and so he let this eyelashes flutter open and he came face to face with Lucius Malfoy. The man’s face hovered much too close over him and he was peering directly into those silver orbs. He felt his cheeks heating up, but could not avert his eyes, they seemed to draw him in like a deep ocean and Harry was the one drowning, suddenly remembering how it had felt to have this man pressed against him, even if it had only been by accident. He had realized then, that this man had the power to protect him if he only had the will as well. A tingling spread in his stomach and his cheeks grew unbearable hot. He wanted to be held and protected by that man. Luckily Lucius leaned back again, before he could notice anything of his embarrassing thoughts and watched him from a safer distance.

“Are you awake now? What was the dream about?” Lucius asked, his voice was still stern, but not as cold as usual. As soon as Lucius had asked the question, the tingling feeling in his stomach vanished and the images of the nightmare came crashing down on him, sobering quickly and reminding himself that this man in front of him was Lucius Malfoy, one of the people who was responsible for his nightmares. How could he even wish to be held by him?

Harry felt his body starting to shake again and tears were prickling at his eyes. “I...I...” he stammered, the wish to entrust all his worries and fears into the aristocrat fighting against his better knowledge. For only once he wanted to tell an adult everything and not be burdened with it alone, but this was Lucius Malfoy, his enemy. His sobs grew heavier as his inner war distressed him further and he coiled up into a ball, pulling his legs protectively in front of his chest.
“Hush, Harry,” Lucius said softly and with a quick and strong movement the man leaned forwards and pulled Harry flush against his strong body, cradling him protectively.
Harry’s heart hammered in his chest and the tears still threatened to spill over. He felt Lucius hand combing soothingly through his hair and that was the last straw. Harry finally broke under all the pressure and ignored all the warnings his logical mind tried to give him:
“I...I...” he sobbed, tears soaking his and Lucius nightshirt.

“'s all my fault that they are dead! If my mother didn't try to protect me and if I had not talked Cedric into sharing the tournament cup, they would still be alive! Everyone around me is in so much danger: my friends, the teachers, every single student and I don't know anything that could protect them! Everyone wants me to save the world, but no one is training me! I am as helpless as they are and I don't want to fight anymore! I never wanted to fight! I am not a hero! Dumbledore is keeping secrets from me, so I do not even have a clue where to start with saving the world! I hate all this, I don't want to become a murderer, these nightmares are driving me crazy and every summer I had to come back to this family, who didn't even like me!”

His voice broke and ignoring who exactly the man holding him was, he buried his face into Lucius strong chest.

“Hush, it will be all fine, Harry. I will help you, we will find a solution,” Lucius was holding him even tighter and the older man's strong arms felt like protective shields. Harry didn't know if it was the embrace, or the fact, that Lucius had called him Harry, that comforted him more.

He jerked slightly, when he suddenly realized what the aristocrat and prominent Death Eater had just promised him. It sounded like a dream, too good to be true. Why would Lucius Malfoy of all people want to help him, when not even Dumbledore did so?
“Will you really help me?” he sniffed, not able to believe it, until Lucius would confirm his promise once more.

“I will,” Lucius answered simply and continue to stroke his hair soothingly. It was a very calming gesture, one Harry had never experienced before. Everything about Lucius was soothing and reassuring right now: The way he held him tight, the muscles he could feel under his hands, which lay against the patriarch’s chest and his musky scent. Everything felt so unreal and so much more real than everything else at the same time. It was an odd feeling, but one Harry liked.

“How will you help me?” he asked, his tears slowly drying.
“Shhh, Harry, calm down. We will talk about it tomorrow. I will stay by your side, I promise, even if I have to change sides for you,” Lucius smoothed a strand of black hair from his forehead.

“But I don't want to fight for Dumbledore anymore,” Harry mumbled, suddenly feeling very tired and exhausted.
“For whom do you want to fight? For Voldemort?” Lucius inquired.
“No...” Harry stuttered, his eyelashes drooping. “For myself... and for my friends, but not as a weapon... but in my own way.”

“Then we will find your own way,” Lucius promised and pulled the comforter a bit higher. Harry snuggled deeper under the warm material, until he was completely buried beneath it.
“Try to get some more sleep,” Lucius ordered him softly.

Harry had never thought that the blondes voice could become so soft, it sounded like velvet, which soothed his soul. Closing his eyes, he laid a cheek against the man’s muscled chest, not thinking about the next morning, or the fact that he had just told his deepest secrets to a Death Eater. His body relaxed and he drifted off to his first dreamless sleep in over a year.



Harry woke up slowly. He felt warm and comfortable. Someone was holding him protectively and he didn't want to leave this quiet peace just yet. The breathing of the person next to him was deep and slow and Harry guessed that whoever it was, was still sleeping. He laid a hand on the person's arm and noticed that it had to be a man. The skin beneath his fingers was warm and smooth, as if the person had never have had to work, but muscled at the same time.

Closing his eyes again, he tried to drift off to sleep for another few minutes, but he must have woken the man next to him with his touch and the person shifted. Harry didn't want him to get up just yet, he wanted to lay comfortably in this bed for a bit longer, relishing in the new feeling of being protected for the first time in his life, but the man sat up a bit and for a short moment, blond hair fell onto Harry’s face.

Harry froze. Blonde hair? The memory of the last days and especially the last night suddenly came crashing back down on him and he quickly sat up as well. His eyes met Lucius’ silver ones for a split second and he could see the same confusion he felt in the man’s eyes. Scooting a bit away from him he mumbled:
“Good morning, Lucius,” not knowing, if the aristocrat would remember his promises or stand by his words, if he did so.

“Good morning, Harry,” Lucius replied smoothly.
The use of his first name gave Harry hope, maybe Lucius had not forgotten everything and would really stand to his least, if he had interpreted the man’s greeting correctly. Harry hoped so.

He looked up and stared into those cold, silver eyes and a flash of doubt threatened to suddenly overwhelm his mind. He had opened up and laid out his secrets, fears and plans in front of Lucius Malfoy, Lord Voldemort’s right- hand man, shown his weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Could he really trust the man? Or would he run to his master and tell him everything he had found out about Harry Potter as soon as he had the chance? He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself, panicking never helped with anything.

Last night, Lucius had made a genuine impression on Harry and a voice inside of him told him that, yes, Lucius Malfoy was trustworthy. Harry decided to follow his instincts for the moment, it had always been the best choice in the past and after all, the feeling of being held had been so wonderful, surely no truly evil person could have held him so protectively and at the same time as tenderly as Lucius had done? But he still would be cautious.

They were still staring at each other. Neither he, nor his bed companion seemed to know how they should behave around the other after their fairly intimate night. Somewhere back in his mind he realized that he should look away, that he was not only staring at the man, but drowning in Lucius silver orbs, but Lucius seemed to drown himself and Harry’s body refused to move. For the first time, Harry noticed, that there were nearly translucent spots in the aristocrats impressive eyes, sparkling like diamonds and reflecting the light. This was surely the reason why the blonds’ stare often seemed so piercing. The silence between them stretched and grew awkward and Harry grew more aware of his staring with the second. Heat rushed to his cheeks and he finally cleared his throat, embarrassed:
“I will go downstairs and make breakfast,” he mumbled and climbed clumsily out of their shared bed, not glancing backwards as he fled the bedroom.

When he stepped into the bright hallway the morning sunlight was nearly blinding. Harry narrowed his eyes for a moment, to give them time to adjust to the brightness, but it didn't really get better and so, in the end, he ignored the uncomfortable sensation and just continued his way, thinking that he had probably just cried too much the previous night. He must have, because once out of the soothing proximity of the blonde aristocrat’s strong arms, he believed that there was no other way for Lucius Malfoy to start sympathizing with his beloved lord’s most hated enemy.

Nagini laid curled up in a spot of warm sun on the kitchen floor, but lifted her head as soon as he stepped in. She seemed to taste the air for long seconds before hissing: “Good morning. Are you feeling well? You smell strange.”
Harry blinked owlishly at her for a moment before answering: “I feel fine, my eyes are just hurting a bit.”

The snake tasted the air again and then gave him a slightly irritated look. Harry shrugged, not worrying too much about it. Snakes had a very keen nose and smelled every tiniest change in a body.

He went over to the refrigerator and fetched all the ingredients needed for pancakes; he wanted something sweet this morning. Nagini watched him mixing the ingredients. She finally made a very relaxed impression after all these days at his house, the life at Voldemort’s side must have been hard, maybe even more as his familiar than as one of his Death Eaters. As far as Harry could tell, the Death Eaters spent large amounts of time at home and only came to meet their psychotic master when the dark wizard called for them. Nagini in contrast, had had to stay all day in his manor, or wherever he lived.

“Nagini, how old are you and have you lived long with Voldemort?” Harry inquired curiously.
“I am 30 years old and have spend five years of the last war at his side and he found me again a few days ago,” the snake hissed.

“That is really old for a snake,” Harry mused and thought about the things she had just told him, happy to get his swirling thoughts away from Lucius. Voldemort must have gone after her as soon as he was back in his body. Harry could not imagine that a snake like Nagini would be easy to find, despite her size, but she carried a piece of his soul inside her, maybe that had made it easier for Voldemort.

“I am a magical creature, not a normal snake. 30 years are not very old for me and as soon as I am bonded, I will live as long as my master does,” Nagini pulled him from his thoughts.
“Does that mean, that you will die, if he does?”
“No, but if I had an nearly immortal master like the one who calls himself Voldemort, my live would be prolonged,” she explained.
“Familiars are very interesting creatures,” Harry said and shoved the finished pancakes onto a plate.

At that moment Lucius appeared on the staircase. He had his eyes narrowed like Harry earlier and made a somewhat grumpy impression, at least as far as someone could tell with such things about a Malfoy, and Harry was not very good at reading the hidden or subtle meanings behind their expressionless masks.

“I made pancakes,” Harry explained and put the plate on the small kitchen table. “I hope you at least eat something like pancakes.” He fetched maple syrup and two other plates before sitting down across from Lucius.
“It will do,” said the aristocrat stiffly and took his silverware.

Harry cut a piece from his portion and shoved it hungrily into his mouth, but then stopped and frowned. The pancake was nearly tasteless, even the syrup was. Had he forgotten the sugar? He looked over to the counter, but saw that there was less sugar in the container than before, so he had not forgotten. This morning was strange. Lucius seemed not to have noticed the unusual taste, but Harry knew that he must have; Lucius was just too perfect to not notice something like that. Ron maybe would not notice if he were really hungry, which he often was, but Lucius was definitely not Ron. It was more likely that the noble man had decided not to comment on the matter.

They ate in silence and Harry mused about the strange relationship they now had, glancing up at the aristocrat now and then. They seriously had to talk about everything, but somehow, he didn't dare to breach the topic, which was not so strange, considering who the person was he had to talk to.

Maybe everything would become clear, if he just waited until they both had time to think about everything? Maybe the aristocrat would then make the first move and start a conversation? Or maybe Lucius would realize that it would be stupid to betray his master for a scrawny boy, if Harry gave him too much time, he was after all Voldemort’s right-hand man and surely had many benefits because of his rank among the Death Eaters, regardless in which illegal way they had occurred. Harry in contrast could offer him nothing for his help.

Suddenly his counterpart stood up, leaving his dirty plate behind on the table as usual and left the kitchen. Harry blinked in surprise; he had been so deep in thought that he had not noticed how long they had already been seated at the table.

He stood up and glanced around the corner to see what his guest was doing. Lucius was sitting in his usual spot on the couch once again reading another of aunt Petunia’s ridiculous novels. He snorted. Ron would have a field day if he ever told his friend that the noble aristocrat had spent his days reading sappy love stories. Maybe Harry would really tell Ron when they met the next time, it would surely be funny.

Eyeing the Malfoy Lord, Harry could not imagine that Lucius liked them very much, but the man seemed to dislike the television even more. His face was neutral, almost bored and his eyes scanned the pages only lazily. Harry couldn't resent the man for his lack of enthusiasm, these books were really rubbish. He would probably prefer Professor Bins over them.

Going back into the kitchen, Harry washed the dishes and decided to go outside like yesterday.
“Do you want to accompany me to the garden?” he asked Nagini, who uncurled and slithered ahead.

Lucius didn't even look up as he passed him and Harry got the feeling that the noble man had fallen asleep with open eyes, but surely, no Malfoy would do something like that, it would be undignified after all.

Opening the door to the back garden, he stepped outside and immediately flinched. The sun seemed far too hot on his skin this morning; it was like thousands of needles were piercing his flesh. Harry stumbled backwards and over the threshold, landing painfully on his butt, but luckily inside. He hissed in pain and rubbed his sore arms. Angry red spots had appeared on his bare skin and the skin had started to peel.

“What is it Harry?” Lucius had finally looked up from his book, apparently not asleep after all and was eyeing him critically. Harry lifted his hands self consciously to his face, were his skin was burning as well:
“I don't know. I stepped outside and it just started to hurt...”

Lucius came over to him and kneeled down. Harry was torn between crawling away and snuggling close, but the aristocrat took his arm and eyed it critically before he could make a decision. Lucius’ hand wrapped firmly around Harry’s biceps, but his skin was soft and warm. Harry gulped and averted his eyes, trying to hide the flush that threatened to creep up his neck again. What was he doing? Flushing over Lucius Malfoy of all people?

And why? Just because the man had showed Harry that he had a caring side as well? Harry felt so pathetic at the moment, just one moment of care and he got all flustered about a man he didn't even like. Or did he? Regardless of that confusing matter and how much he believed that Lucius had been honest last night, the Malfoy-Lord was still a Death Eater.

They had not talked about last night yet and had surely not made any contract or agreed to specific agreements, so he really should stop to flush over the man.

A thump stroked over the peeling skin of his forearm, pulling Harry effectively from his daze, before the man stood up in one fluid movement. Harry watched him going to the garden door and stretching his own arm out. With a hiss he pulled his arm back inside.

“Do you know what is happening?” Harry asked when he saw a flicker of uneasiness in the aristocratic eyes, forcing himself to concentrate on the important matter right now.
“I can only guess,” Lucius said and sat back down.

Harry got up and sat in his usual place in the armchair:
“Tell me.”
“Before we went to Kings Cross, the Dark Lord cast a curse on us,” Lucius began.

“You mean on his followers? Why would he do that?” Harry frowned. What good were followers, when you didn't even trust them? He would never understand Voldemort, or his loyal sidekicks for that matter.

“So that he would know if one of us tries to betray him, he was determined to kill or at least capture you this time. The curse will activate as soon as one of us betrays him”
“But you haven't betrayed him yet, have you?” Harry inquired, his voice a bit shaky, he a bad feeling creeping up his neck and that usually meant that a huge disaster was about to come.

“I believe, that my promise to help you already counts as betrayal in his eyes,” Lucius replied neutrally.
Harry took a deep, calming intake of air; he would not start to panic...yet:
“What will the curse do and why am I suffering as well?”
“I think, due to our current binding, the curse has somehow connected to you as well.”

Harry felt his hand growing cold and sweaty. This sounded really bad, but he still refused to panic, after all, he knew some of the most powerful and intelligent wizards alive, one was currently sitting in his aunt’s neat living room with him. One of them would surely be able to help them.

“What will happen now?”
“I must admit, I do not know. The Dark Lord only explained to us that whoever betrays him, will pay dearly for it,” Lucius repeated his master’s words.
“Great, that sounds just like old snake face,” Harry grumbled. “There was no other hint?”
“Is there a dark curse that will make the victim burn in the sunlight?” Harry questioned, somehow the concept sounded odd to his ears.

“I cannot imagine that. To curse someone to burn in the sunlight means that the victim would only have to stay in the house to stay alive. A dark curse would be not so... generous.”
“I guess you are right. After all, you are the expert of the Dark Arts in this room, not me and it really does sound too nice for something Voldemort would choose,” Harry muttered.
“We should try to distract ourselves. There is nothing for us to do but hope, that Severus will return soon,” Lucius announced.

“You are right,” Harry stood up and went over to the cupboard to retrieve a chess set that was still unopened. Why his relatives had bought a chess set in the first place, Harry could not imagine. He put the game down on the table between him and Lucius and started to unpack.
Lucius gave the board a disgusted look.

“This is chess, the only difference is that you have to move the pieces with your own hands,” Harry explained dryly. Sometimes the man’s hate for everything muggle was nearly funny. Was he just so lazy that he hated the idea of moving the pieces by hand? Harry rolled his eyes in exasperation. Even with their fragile peace of last night, Lucius’ way of thinking would apparently not change.

“You said yourself that we should distract ourselves, I thought this would be the best way, but of course we could always clean the house,” Harry added with an evil smirk.
“We will play,” Lucius ordered, as if it had been his idea in the first place. Smiling, Harry gave Lucius the white pieces and set his own black ones on the board.

“I think it was a mistake to give me the white pieces, this way I will beat you even sooner,” Lucius drawled and turned the board around, so that Harry had the white side now in front of him.
He shrugged: “Just wanted to be polite. And just so you know, I usually play against Ron Weasley and he is the best player at Hogwarts.”

Lucius sneered: “I have heard about this little rumour, but I am unimpressed. Malfoys are always better in the end.”
“Sure, let's just get started.”
Harry quickly regretted his big mouth. Even with the advantage of the white pieces, Lucius had him with four moves.
“Check,” the aristocrat smirked and leaned back on the sofa, his hands folded elegantly in his lap.
“Revenge,” Harry growled and sat the pieces back in their places.

They played for nearly three hours, but Harry had not won a single game. Lucius had not exaggerated; he was really brilliant at the game, not even Ron would stand the slightest chance. Harry could admire this trait of Lucius Malfoy. Whilst his son was always just bluffing, his father could back his words up. Lucius was probably a real genius and Harry found himself wishing that he had just a bit of the man’s intelligence and natural skill in everything.

Their games came to a halt, when the fireplace suddenly sprang once again to life. This time, they didn't startle and just remained seated. A second later Severus Snape appeared in the green flames. The man lifted his trademark eyebrow, studying him, Lucius and the chess board between them with interest, when his dark eyes fell on the desk.

“Getting along?” he inquired in a drawling voice.
“Severus! Finally!” Lucius stepped over to the fireplace and Harry followed him hastily, curious about what had made the man forget his hate of the traitor so easily. Was it the fact that they might need help with the curse, or that they might be all on the same side now?
“Is something wrong?” Snape’s eyes had instantly narrowed, obviously able to read Lucius much better than Harry could.

“The Dark Lords curse has activated,” Lucius explained and Snape’s eyes widened comically.
“Do you want to tell me that you betrayed the Dark Lord for...” the dark man didn't finish his sentence, but his eyes shifted meaningfully to Harry.
Harry, feeling offended hissed: “I know, you cannot imagine that someone would ever help me, but I am not that bad.”
Snape ignored him, as per usual and turned to Lucius: “What has the curse done until now?”

“It burns our skin in the sunlight and I think our eyes are affected as well.”
Snape frowned: “That sounds strange, I think there will be more coming, but I have not much time. I connected Potter’s fireplace illegally to my own and I have still not succeeded in contacting Dumbledore inconspicuously. The Dark Lord is watching me closely, but I will visit you two tomorrow afternoon. It sounds, as if we three have much to discuss.”
Harry nodded in consent and so did the man next to him.

Snape took a deep breath and his eyes flickered shortly with a sad emotion, before speaking:
“I also have to tell you, Lucius, that the Dark Lord deems you a traitor. He has killed Narcissa and Draco.”

Harry saw Lucius’ back muscles tensing, but the man said nothing and just nodded. Frowning, Harry asked himself what kind of relationship the Malfoy-Lord had with his son and wife. It had probably been an arranged marriage, like so many marriages in Pureblood society, but that didn't mean that he would not have had any feelings for his wife and son. It was more likely that Lucius just didn't want to show any emotions in front of Harry that could be considered weak.

“Thank you for the message, Severus,” the noble man said stiffly and Snape took that as his sign to disappear again.

Not knowing what he should do, Harry watched the older man going over to the sofa and sitting down. Even with his perfect Malfoy mask he could not hide the pain in those silvery eyes, which were usually so emotionless.

The urge to sit down next to him overcame Harry and he followed his urge before sitting down cross- legged next to Lucius on the ground. He wanted to lay his head against Lucius knee, to show him his support, but didn't think that it would be appreciated, they were not that close.

“Why are you sitting on the floor?” Lucius asked him suddenly in a flat tone of voice.
Harry blinked a bit confused and noticed only then that he was sitting like a servant at his master’s feet.
“I...don't know...” he stammered, he had not noticed it himself.
“Then sit up, it is ungraceful to sit on the floor,” Lucius commanded with a drawling voice.

Harry nodded and stood up, only to look around with uncertainty. The urge to sit close to Lucius had not disappeared, it was a foreign feeling and he didn't know where it came from. Was it because of their shared night? Harry guessed so; he had never slept in another’s arms; neither with a relative, nor with a friend and certainly never with a girlfriend. So it probably was normal to feel confused and that he wished for a bit more of the comforting closeness.

Lucius padded the free space next to him and Harry hastily took the chance and accepted the offer. He left more space between their bodies than he currently wished for, but he had the slight feeling that he would overstep his boundaries if he sat too close to the man. From the corner of his eyes he studied Lucius, hopefully inconspicuously enough. The aristocrat stared with a blank expression at the opposite wall as if not seeing it, and Harry asked himself if it had been a conscious decision to offer him the seat next to him or not. His eyes were full of an unguarded pain and it hurt Harry to see the proud man so desperate.

Harry wanted to say something to comfort the man, but he knew that no words could lessen the pain of a lost family. Furthermore, he was not even sure if his words would be appreciated, they were not really friends, they were... Harry didn't know what either. It was so frustrating and irritating. He decided to collect all his Gryffindor bravery and say something, but at that moment, Lucius spoke:
“He has gone too far. Even if I had betrayed him, the Blacks have always been loyal followers of his cause; he should not have killed my wife and son. They should not be held responsible for my doings.” His eyes were blazing with rage and Harry saw that his elegant hands had balled into fists.

“You are right, but they don't care, all of them. It just doesn't matter as long as we fight for their cause. There is no real difference between the light side and the dark side concerning this matter.”
Lucius head snapped around and he looked Harry directly in the eyes. Harry gulped, Lucius gaze was so intense.

“You said you want to be on your own side.”
Harry nodded. What was the man getting at?
“Will you stay true to your words if someone would be willing to help you?” Lucius asked, his eyes piercing Harry’s very soul.

This was the point, where he had to decide if he was really ready to stand up for himself and maybe even betray his friends and family in some way. Harry didn't believe that what he was planning could be considered betrayal, but other people might think differently. So, would it be worth it? The press might start to bad-mouth him again and his fellow students might start to fear him once more, like they had done in his second year when everybody had believed that he was the heir of Slytherin. Closing his eyes, he made up his mind:
“If I get help, then I will end this war no matter what, and I will stop the senseless slaughtering of the Dark Lord and Albus Dumbledore. I don't believe that one side is in the right and the other in the wrong. The solution should be a compromise and not a war.... but...but I am not yet strong enough to do all that on my own,” Harry affirmed, answering Lucius fierce stare with an equally fiery one of his own.

“Then I will keep my word as well and support you. If there will ever be a leader that I trust again, it will be you,” Lucius said sternly, honesty vibrating in his velvet voice.
Harry felt his cheeks heat and his heart racing: “But I am still a child.”
“Indeed,” Lucius said and lifted his right hand to lay it on Harry’s cheek. “But you are wiser than all the others.”
Harry shivered under the caressing touch of Lucius’ thumb.

“I will never let someone needlessly die again,” the man whispered and Harry leaned into the warm hand for a moment. It felt so good. He closed his eyes, but Lucius pulled his hand away and Harry’s eyes fluttered back open.
Harry watched him standing up and pacing in the living room.

“We have to talk to Severus tomorrow and discuss our...your plans. You will need him. He is the best potions brewer and experienced in many other areas and that is without considering his general intelligence. I still cannot believe that he deceived me and our lord for so many years,” Lucius muttered, his eyebrows furrowed together in a very un-Malfoyish manner. “He really is even more intelligent than I have given him credit for.”

“Okay,” Harry said, feeling slightly overwhelmed. Had Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape and he just become allies? Or would the potions master not want to help him in the end? After all, they had never liked each other particularly.

He went back over to the sofa and a sudden delighted rush filled him, when Lucius sat down next to him. His body twitched, as if he wanted to scoot closer but he quickly stopped himself. What was wrong with him this morning? He glanced upwards from the corner of his eyes and stared at the strong chest for a moment, which was steadily rising and falling. Lucius’ button-down fitted all too well and was outlining every muscle perfectly when he sat. Harry’s heart started to hammer.

Suddenly their closeness seemed all too close and he felt heat creeping up his neck. Jumping up he stammered: “I...will go and clean a bit.”

He felt Lucius’ gaze on him the entire time until he had reached the staircase and was able to disappear around the corner. His departure really had been anything but subtle. Up in their shared bedroom, he picked up the man’s dirty Death Eater robe. Maybe he should not wash them, but burn them instead, they really were filthy and they didn't fit the man at all.

These robes were far to plain for a Malfoy; the man needed something more elegant and stylish, with silver clasps and buttons and maybe even some expensive embroidery. Thinking about this, their discussion from two days before about his style and his family inheritance came back to his mind. Back then, he had believed that Lucius just wanted to taunt him, knowing that there was no way that Harry knew much about his late family.

But maybe he had been wrong. The aristocrat was after all right about one point: He would inherit all the wealth, duties and obligations; that would mean he had to take care in some way or the other. Even Sirius had to deal with his family's investments and houses, as unwilling as he was and in the case of his godfather it had mostly meant that he had stopped most of the former investments and started new ones, because he refused to support dark wizards and unorthodox potions brewers.

But would that influence him in some way? Harry really couldn't believe that. Maybe a bit, but not much. And the theories that his blood had some kind of strange power still sounded like a Pureblood fairytale to his ears.

Bending down, he collected one of Lucius’ new jeans and the black button down; his guest was wearing the other things. He had nearly choked when he had first seen the aristocrat coming down in the black muggle jeans. True, they don't exactly fit his character, but they had clung to the right places, making the man’s legs seem endless and emphasizing his arse perfectly. He had blushed and turned away, embarrassed about his reaction, after all this was an older man. This last part, he should remember more often: Lucius Malfoy was not only a man, but about twenty years older than him.

For some strange reason Lucius Malfoy evoked these reactions and feelings in him he should not have and which he didn't dare to name or even try to think more closely about them. To his predicament they occurred more often daily and it was getting worrisome because he still liked the man; not very much, more than before their forced holiday together, but still by far too little to develop any kinds of feelings towards the man. Not even attraction. How could he have gone from being interested in nobody to flushing at the thought of the Malfoy patriarch? The most irritating thing was that he wasn't really interested, as far as he could tell his body just seem to do strange things without his consent.

Grabbing the laundry, he made his way back down again. The washer was down in the basement and as soon as he crossed the hallway on the ground floor, he felt silver eyes settling on him once again. Harry made the mistake of looking up and froze immediately. Those silver pools pierced his own green ones, and a strange gleam was deeply hidden inside them. What was it? It almost looked like...hunger?

But that couldn't be. He wasn't very experienced in relationship matters, but he knew that a noble man like Lucius would never be interested in him, not even if he had actually been old enough to be considered by a man in his mid-thirties. So what was it then?

They both acted so strange this morning. Was it because of Voldemort’s curse? That could mean a whole lot of problems, especially if Snape wouldn't show up until tomorrow as promised.

He quickly turned to the basement door and fled downstairs. Luckily Lucius didn't follow him and he went to the last room on the left side where the washer was located. Somehow the thought that the man might be interested in him, even though it was only because of the curse, frightened him. Only because he had developed a strange attraction to the aristocrat, that still didn't mean that he wished or felt ready to explore it further. He was only fifteen and absolutely inexperienced, he had not even received his first kiss yet.

But if he was right and the curse affected Lucius somehow, would the man advance on him? He would not stand a chance if Lucius tried anything. Taking a calming intake of breath, he reminded himself that he was getting ridiculous. Lucius would never do something like that. Not to him, a Halfblood and scrawny boy with no appeal at all. And he would not worry about the curse either.

What type of curse would cause someone to burn in the sunlight and forced one of them to develop inappropriate feelings and fantasies? He had never heard about a curse like that and Harry was sure that it wasn't even possible, that such a strange curse could exist.
Opening the lid of the washer, he threw everything inside and started the loud device, before going back up into the living room again.

This time, Lucius did not watch him as soon as he came in sight. In fact, the man was looking outside with a somewhat far-away-expression and an aura of melancholy surrounded him.

The news of his family's death must have really shocked him. Who wouldn't have been shocked by such a message? But there were families, like the Weasley’s, who fought for generations against Voldemort and his followers and who always had to expect that one of their relatives would not come home one day. With Lucius Malfoy it was probably something else. As Voldemort’s right-hand man and with a born Black as wife, he had never expected to lose them, he had told Harry as much. Why a whole family had to die only because Voldemort thought that one of his followers had betrayed him was unexplainable to Harry.

“ you want do something?” Harry asked quietly, thinking that the wizard might appreciate some distraction, but he only said: “No,” without turning towards him.
Harry watched Lucius for a long moment. The man looked as if he needed some time alone.

“Call me, if you need something or just want some company. I will go upstairs,” he said softly and went up into Dudley’s room.

Lucius didn't call for him and in the end, Harry spend the afternoon playing with the Play Station again. The game was still very interesting and so he didn't notice how the hours flew by. Once or twice he had thought about checking on the aristocrat, but Lucius Malfoy was a very guarded man and would not appreciate being watched in his grief, and so Harry just stayed where he was.

When it was already half past one, he turned the console off and went into the bedroom. Lucius was still downstairs; he had hoped that he might find the man already asleep, but no such luck. His eyes fell on the cord on the nightstand. Should he call for Lucius, so that he could bind their wrist together once again? But Lucius and he were allies now and Voldemort had just murdered his wife and son, so what reason would the aristocrat have to kill him in his sleep? Sighing, he decided to let the man be, at least for the night, and started to change into his nightshirt.



Lucius still sat in the living room, staring off out the window. He blinked and noticed for the first time that it was already dark outside. A look at the clock told him, that it was already fairly late, he should go upstairs so that Harry could get some sleep, even when he would not find any rest this night; his thoughts were far too much in tumult. His whole world had shattered today and many of his beliefs with it. Sure, he still was a pureblood and believed in the superiority of his kind, but he could not believe that the Dark Lord was the right man to follow anymore.

Before the news of his family’s death, he was ready to betray his master for the sake of Harry. The innocent boy had touched his soul and his agony the night before had nearly ripped his heart apart, but he still had believed in Voldemort and his goals. He had only come to the realization that Harry was more important to him than the dark Lord, regardless of his trust in the man. But he could not believe in him anymore or even respect him.

Narcissa had been a Black daughter and he was sure that she would not have betrayed their master, even if she had found out about his betrayal and Draco had still been a child, too young to grasp all aspects of the war in their world, so there really had been no use in killing them.

When had the Dark Lord gone insane and why had he not realized it earlier? Looking back on the last weeks since his resurrection, Lucius clearly saw, that he and his family, as
well as every other Death Eater had been in great danger since the graveyard. Fifteen years ago, Voldemort had already used the Cruciatus curse to punish his followers, but not as often and extensively.

But his realization had come far too late. Sure, he could give Harry the blame for himself changing his mind and betraying his master, but the decision to grasp onto Harry at Kings Cross had been his and Voldemort could not know without a doubt that he had betrayed him yet. He had just made assumptions and killed Draco and Narcissa in spite of it.
Harry had been right all along, he could clearly see it now: None of the great leaders in this war were concerned about their followers.

Sighing, he stood up and made his way up the stairs. Harry would surely want to bind their wrist together and he could not even blame the boy for not trusting him very much.
Harry Potter was another issue on his mind. In the last couple of days, he had slowly started to think differently about the boy, but the turning point had been their conversation at the ice parlour and then again last night. But he had not only started to understand and sympathize with the boy, he had also started to watch him closely, as if his eyes were drawn to the petite body. With shock he had noticed several very appealing things about the child: like his bright, green eyes, his cute and very innocent smile, his arousing flushes, the long legs he possessed in spite of his general very short height and much, much more.

Lucius stepped into the bedroom then and his mind blanked before he could finish his train of thoughts. Harry was changing for the night and currently stood only in his tight, black boxers, which hugged his small round buttocks perfectly.

Suddenly an animalistic urge overwhelmed him, far stronger than anything he had felt during the day. With two long strides he was behind the small child and shoved him roughly onto the bed, pinning him flat against the mattress with one hand in the small of his back. His cock throbbed hot and painfully in his restricting trousers and he growled in overwhelming need. He had to take the boy. Harry was his. His to dominate and to take pleasure from. With a rough yank he ripped the boxers from the youth’s quivering body. The boy started to squirm beneath him, but a low growl let him fall limp and submissively against the sheets.

Gripping the child's arse cheeks, he dug his nails into the soft and creamy skin, bruising it. He kneeled down behind the child and filled his nostrils with the alluring scent of Harry Potter. The boy tasted like honey and sun and something that was uniquely Harry. Lucius rejoiced in the closeness to his mate, he could smell and taste the boy's virginity from this close.

Harry was still shaking, but Lucius ignored it for the moment, the child was his submissive and a submissive had to be taken with force, at least, the first time. He stretched the arse cheeks apart and licked his lips, before burying his nose in the crevice and inhaling once more. Then he stretched his tongue out and started to lick the puckered opening.

The boy beneath him started to pant and a satisfied smirk stretched across his face, whilst he licked the inner walls of the quivering child, it would not do for his mate to receive no pleasure at all. His submissive tasted so good and he could feel his heat and tightness around his wet muscle, he wanted to bury himself into him, but it was not yet time. One hand sneaked around the small body and beneath it, searching for his mates cock. When he had found the appendage, he grabbed it tightly and started to stroke it with slow and firm movements.

The boy’s penis was only half erect and he could cover it completely with his hand. It felt smooth and was not yet as developed as an adult’s member would be, but it did not matter much to Lucius that his mates cock was still rather small, the boy was after all his submissive and would never penetrate him, neither he nor the child would ever want that, it was not in their nature. When the boy’s virgin member was fully erect, he withdrew his tongue from his quivering and clenching hole and stood up. His mate lay perfectly still, knowing, that he should not move right now. Without averting his eyes from his body, Lucius unzipped his trousers and pulled them down, before stepping out of them and pulling his button-down over his head. He let it fall unceremoniously to the ground and looked down at himself.

His cock stood tall and proud with smooth skin. His own body was hairless as his mate's , due to a Veela who had married into his family, back in the middle ages, and some traits still remained, including the hairless gene, the nearly white hair and his unique eye colour. Lucius knew that his sex was huge, many former lovers had shied away from it in the beginning of their affairs, but in the end, it had always given them pleasure.

His eyes fixed on his mate again and he stepped once again behind him, before gripping the slender hips and thrusting inside, without further warning or preparation.



Harry heard Lucius coming into the bedroom, when he was just stepping out of his trousers. Wanting to cover his upper body quickly, he didn't turn around. He had not forgotten the hungry glances Lucius had given him earlier or the strange tenseness between him and the aristocrat.

He was glad for every minute he could delay the point where he had to turn around, afraid of what he would see in those silver orbs. He had not planned on Lucius coming up when he was in the midst of changing, or he would have gone into the bathroom, just to be safe; even so, he still didn't believe that Lucius would do anything to him. But alone with the man, well past midnight and nearly naked, he started to doubt his reasoning. If there was really a curse working inside of Lucius, anything could happen and it surely would not be anything good.

Suddenly he was roughly shoved onto the bed. Harry yelped, and tried to quickly scramble back to his feet, but a strong hand descended on his back and held him down. At the next moment his boxers was ripped from his body and panic began to cloud his mind. Harry started to squirm harder; he had to get free, before Lucius could hurt him. What did the man have planned?

A low growl reached his ears and his body fell limp. A sudden, new awareness had entered his mind, like an instinct and all the glances and looks he had received from the man; even his need to be close to him, suddenly made sense. Lucius Malfoy was his mate and they had just been stuck in the phase where their instincts realized the fact, and they slowly and carefully checked the waters, so to speak. But now they both had realized it and he had to lie still, because Lucius was his dominant and about to mate with him, to seal their destined bond forever. It was the man’s right and duty to claim him and it had to be forcefully the first time, because a dominant must have the strength at least to overpower his submissive by their first mating.

So Harry relaxed all his muscles, as if he was nothing more than a lifeless puppet. His dominant seemed to be pleased with his submission because Lucius strong hold on his back lessened a bit, just a bit, but enough for Harry to understand the message. He heard rustling and a deep intake of breath. Lucius had crouched down behind him and his nose was nuzzling his arse cheeks. Harry was still shaking all over, he knew, that this was his mate, his dominant, and even though he would be rough, he would never harm him, but that didn’t mean that part of his young, inexperienced mind did not fear the upcoming encounter.

The fact, that his dominant was so much taller and stronger than him and that this strong man would soon take his body, overwhelmed his mind shortly, but then all this thoughts were quickly driven away by his instincts, telling him that everything would be fine and that it would feel good.

Lucius nosedived into his crevice and he could feel a warm breath of air, when his mate inhaled for a second time. And then suddenly there was a warm wetness at his entrance, licking and sucking it and now he was trembling for a whole different reason. This felt so good; he had never felt anything like it. Harry wanted to get nearer to his dominant's tongue, he wanted to feel the hot muscle inside of him, tasting him, but this was their first mating, an ancient ritual and he had no place in actively taking part in it right now. There would be other times for that, at least, if his dominant would allow him.

As if his mate had read his thoughts, the hot muscle slid inside him and a moan tore from Harry’s throat. His mate was licking and massaging the inside of him and it felt as if someone had given him an aphrodisiac. In his ignorant, virgin mind, Harry thought that this was the best of pleasure and then his mate's strong hand gripped his penis and his vision erupted with white stars. The tingling sensation that had started when his mate had begun to lick his hole grew stronger and he could feel his member becoming harder with every stroke his dominant made.

He moaned in displeasure when his mate released his cock and retreated, but before he could voice his disappointment again, his mate's hands returned to his hips and his thick shaft entered him in one powerful thrust. Harry cried out in pain and pleasure at the same time. He could feel his skin ripping from his mate's thickness and brutal force, but at the same time an overwhelming feeling of belonging filled him. Harry felt, as if he had missed a piece of his soul, without even knowing it, and had found it after many years.

And then his mate began to move inside him. His body was rocked back and forth by the quick and powerful thrust. He felt his dominant shift a little and Lucius hit something deep inside him. Harry’s back arched, as if it wanted to break in two and he hissed in pleasure. His mate must have noticed his sound of pleasure, or his tightening around his cock, because he drove his thick shaft with every inward thrust against the same bundle of nerves, hitting it hard. The tingling feeling in Harry’s stomach grew even stronger and his own small cock was pulsing hotly in his dominants hand, whilst his heart was racing madly in his chest. Harry’s young, virgin body felt, like it wanted to go mad under the onslaught of sensations.

Lucius’ free hand slid from his hip to under his chest and pinched a nipple hard, before pulling Harry's body up and flush against his own. The changed angle drew his mate’s throbbing member further into his tight body, the pounding against his sensitive prostate became almost painfully, but it was a pleasurable pain and his eyes crossed. Lucius pinched his nipple again and Harry could feel his hole was clenching around his mates thick shaft and the heat was rising in his lower abdomen to nearly unbearable degrees.

His mate was close as well; his cock was pulsating inside him, sending shivers through his entire body. Lucius yanked his right hand roughly backwards, licking the back of it once, before laying his own right hand in front of him. Harry knew instinctively what he had to do. Long fangs grew from his gums and at the moment where he felt his mate climaxing inside of him and his own release was torn from his body, he grabbed his dominant’s hand and sunk his fangs into it, until he tasted blood.

His mate’s blood tasted like the richest and sweetest wine, or at least, like what he would imagine wine to taste. There were no words to describe the taste of his mate’s life energy and magical power in the red liquid; it was, like tasting heaven.

Harry drank, until his and his mate’s climax had ended, before pulling his fangs out and licking once over the bleeding wounds. Black lines were appearing on the back of his mate’s hand, but he didn't pay it much attention when his mate pulled out of him and fell exhausted onto the mattress. Harry was pulled against his dominant's strong body and he snuggled against the strong chest, before falling asleep instantly.

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Severus Snape apparated into an alley near 4 Privet Drive. He was early, but he knew that he would not disturb Potter or Lucius from anything. It had been a surprising and even shocking sight to find the two enemies playing chess when he checked on them yesterday. But even more of a shock had been the news that Lucius had, for some reason he still could not figure out, sided with Potter, thus triggering Voldemort's curse.

The curse itself made even less sense than Lucius changing sides; it did not seem to be a powerful and vicious enough curse to be chosen by the Dark Lord to punish traitors. Severus suspected that there was more to the matter and that was why he had come earlier. If the curse turned out to be potentially life threatening, he wanted to try and save the two men, or more exactly: the man and the boy, because Potter was by no means a man. In some way, he was glad that Lucius had apparently changed sides, even if it was for Potter because the man was, after Lily, his oldest and only friend. And even though he was not a sentimental fool, he didn't appreciate the thought of constant loneliness, if Lucius would die as well.

He turned around a corner and crossed a small street, before reaching 4 Privet Drive. Number 4 was on the other end of the street, so he still had to go some way and quickened his pace. An unsettling feeling had settled inside his stomach and it usually meant that something bad had happened or was about to happen. When he reached the house, he listened for any suspicious sounds coming from the inside; he did not want to run into his death eater colleagues, when he supposedly had no clue about the whereabouts of Potter and Lucius. Everything was silent, too silent.

He pushed against the door and found it open luckily. Stepping silently inside, he crept down the hallway and glanced into the kitchen, but the room was empty. Slowly, he walked into the living room, but this room as well, was deserted. The feeling in his stomach grew worse and he reminded himself that there had been no new Dark Mark over the small house; the old one had disappeared after a few hours, like was usual for this spell. That still didn't mean that nothing could have happened to the house inhabitants. Voldemort's curse could be a slow working one.

He crept down the stairs and quickly went over to the only door that stood ajar on this floor. Stepping cautiously inside, he froze. There on the double bed lay Lucius Malfoy, naked. Severus hands started to shake, when his eyes caught up on more details. His old friend lay on his side, with his back facing the door’s direction, his skin was even paler than usual and it seemed as if he was not breathing anymore. That could not be. He could not be too late already. Lucius Malfoy was an intelligent and powerful wizard; he would not let himself be killed by a mere curse.

Closing his eyes, a voice inside Severus head reminded him that this was no mere curse and that Lucius had not even his wand currently, so he very well could be dead. His inner voice really was a bitch. What would he do, without his best friend? What if he had just really lost everything? How would he go on?

But only standing in the doorway would not give him a clear answer about Lucius’ state and he was not ready to declare the aristocrat dead already, from this distance no less.

Furthermore, he, Severus Snape was not that young man anymore who panicked at the sight of death, so he finally forced his body to move, taking a few steps towards the bed, until he could get a better view. A wave of nausea overwhelmed him. In the arms of his naked friend laid an equally naked Harry Potter. Dried blood covered the small child's rear end, which looked sickeningly bruised and violated and the boy seemed as lifeless as his bed companion. Severus had to avert his eyes and take a steadying breath. He could not look, but he had to. So he took another breath and settled his eyes on the child's upper body and face instead of his violated backside.

What had happened here? Had the curse forced Lucius to rape the boy and then killed them both? But as he studied the boy’s face, he noticed that it was not contorted in pain and anguish, so what had happened in this room? Severus reminded himself that he had still not checked if the two were actually dead, but if Lucius had really violated the child, it may be better for Potter if he was not alive anymore.

Severus lifted a trembling hand and rolled first Lucius and then Potter on their backs. The boy's head was still resting on one of Lucius' arms, but for Severus, this picture was better than the previous one; at least this way, he could tell himself that Lucius and Potter had only somehow gotten into bed naked together. He looked down at Potter and noticed for the first time how much of a child the Gryffindor really was. His face contorted into a mask of repulsion and he quickly averted his eyes and focused back on Lucius. Bending over the aristocrat, he touched his throat to search for a pulse, but found nothing. Still refusing to believe that his last friend was dead, he cast a spell, but the result was clear.

There was no life inside Lucius Malfoy's body. He closed his eyes to hold the gathering tears back for a few more seconds and repeated the spell on Potter. The same result. He staggered backwards until his back collided with the opposite wall and slid down.

His thoughts were numb and his whole body felt paralyzed. He had lost his only friend and they all had lost the boy-who-lived, their only chance of a life and a world without Voldemort.

Burying his face into his hands, he allowed his tears to fall freely. Strangely, the death of this small child shocked him more on a personal level, than he would have imagined. He had hated that boy; oh how much he had hated him, but for one reason alone: Potter had not been his. Once, there had been a time where he had dreamed about a future with Lily, where he had imagined a family with her, becoming the father to her children, but in the end it had been Potter she had chosen and their son, Harry, was not only not his son, like it should have been, but he was also the very copy of James Potter, the man who had stolen Lily away from him.

Pushing these painful memories to the side, his mind wandered to another important matter:
How should he explained what happened to Dumbledore? Or Voldemort? What should he do now? His first thought was to finally just run away and hide, like he had wanted to all those years ago, when Lily had died, but he had chosen a different path. He would continue to fight for the peace in the wizarding world, he would not just stop only because all hope was now gone.

He lifted his head again and looked at the dead bodies. Neither Lucius nor Potter had deserved this fate. True, Lucius Malfoy had been a cruel man most of his life, but he had seen his errors in the end and Potter, even though Severus still thought of him as an arrogant brat (just like his father) had been a mere child. Hour after hour he sat there, staring at the bodies.

He had lost all track of time and wasn't even aware that it was getting dark outside. The sky shimmered in the most beautiful colours when the sun sank, but he didn't even noticed the spectacle. Severus rubbed his sore eyes for a moment, he had to get moving and tell Dumbledore about their hero’s death, as well as the Dark Lord.

When he looked up again he saw, that Lucius and Potter had sat up, eyes still closed. But that could not be possible. The two were dead, his confused and pained mind must be playing tricks on him. And then their eyes opened simultaneously and Severus froze in shock and fear. Potters green orbs and Lucius silver ones had a bright red ring around them and as they opened their mouths to yawn, sets of long, razor sharp fangs reflected the last rays of sunlight, before the room sank into darkness.



Harry awoke without warning. One moment it had been as if he was dead, so deep was his sleep, and in the next moment he jolted up. The first thing he noticed was a distressed looking Potion Master slumped down on the opposite wall of his bedroom. Snape looked tired and as if he had gone through hell since he had seen him in the fire yesterday; there were even dried streams of tears on his haggard cheeks and his eyes were filled with pain and sorrow. Snape’s eyes widened as if he had just yet realized that Harry was there and fear struck his features.

Harry frowned, but something else demanded his attention right now. Now that he was fully awake, he noticed a sticky and crusty feeling at his backside and his stomach and his arse was throbbing as well. Looking down at himself, he noticed that he wore neither nightshirt, nor boxers and, that he didn't need his glasses to notice that anymore. What the hell had happened? Why was he naked?

A slight shifting next to him alerted him to another presence in the bed; it had to be Lucius. He frowned, trying to remember the last night, but all was muddled together with the weirdest dream he ever had. In his dream, Lucius had pushed him on their bed and … Harry could not even think the words. Hopefully he had made no sounds whilst dreaming; otherwise it would be very mortifying. But some dream like that had been bound to occur sooner or later, after his strange and new found and certainly misplaced attraction towards the aristocrat.

Turning his head, Harry's eyes connected with Lucius' silver ones. The irises had a bright glowing red ring around them and gave him an unearthly appearance; like a wild animal in the dead of night. His pale skin was even paler, nearly translucent and his hair was even a tad whiter than last night. Harry's eyes wandered lower, and to his rising horror, the man was as naked and dishevelled as he was. Realization dawned on Harry.

“This wasn't a dream?” he croaked out.
The aristocrat looked horrified back at him: “What have I done?”
Harry’s eyes fell on two razor sharp fangs; which reflected in the faint moonlight that came through the window. Before he could scoot away, or react in any other way, someone cleared his throat and Harry remembered that Snape was in the room as well.

“I might finally have an inkling as to what happened here,” Snape made a vague gesture with his hands, cleared his throat again and added: “Get decent and meet me downstairs,” before standing up and hastily vacating the room.

Harry shifted uncomfortably, he was all too aware of what they had done last night, or more accurately: what Lucius had done to him. He also remembered how he had felt during their rough intercourse and wondered why he didn't feel afraid or angry with the man. The word mating sprang to his thoughts. Had they mated? But why?

“Harry...I...” Lucius voice pulled him from his addled thoughts.
He looked up and when he met those silver eyes again, he realized that they really had mated and that he could never be angry with Lucius, his mate; even though he was highly confused right now and knew that he needed time to get used to the situation. He was only fifteen after all and the thought of having an intimate relationship, especially sex, had never entered his mind before and he didn't believe that it would have without...this. The mating had been an instinctive act and right now he was not sure if he would repeat the encounter very soon, but he accepted Lucius and what he now was to him.

Still looking into those silver pools, another realization hit him and suddenly, the panic was there:
Lucius was not only his mate, he was the dominant in their newly formed relationship; that meant that he had to oblige if Lucius wanted sex, regardless if he felt ready or not. Harry felt like hyperventilating, but his body didn't react like his mind told him. Instead, he started to shake all over. Even though he was not as clever as Hermione, he knew enough about mates, that it generally meant that the partner would never have sex with anybody else outside their mating-bond. There was no way that Lucius would wait until he finally felt ready to take the step again. He would have to obey his dominant whenever Lucius physical desires grew too strong.

Harry shifted slightly until he was kneeling on the bed, ready to bolt and run away, when suddenly Lucius’ stern, but warm voice pulled him from his panic:
“Harry, whatever frightens you right now, know that I will never harm you, or do anything, that would hurt you.”

A warm hand cupped his cheek and Harry felt the tension leave his body immediately, his instincts were back, telling him that although Lucius could demand to use his body for pleasure any time, he would not do it, because a dominant was there to protect his weaker, submissive mate.

Still, the thought of suddenly having a mate and a relationship was overwhelming and he threw himself into Lucius arms. These strong arms wrapped around him protectively and Lucius started to pat his back soothingly:
“Shh, Harry. I know it is much to take in and it has to be frightening for you.”

Harry sniffled slightly, pressing his cheek against Lucius warm chest. The touch was so soothing and it felt as if everything would be fine, as long as he could be this near to his mate. It was a strange, but nice feeling and soon his sniffles died down.

When he was finally completely calm again, he looked up into the aristocrats’ face. Lucius watched him with a tender look, but there was also something else carefully hidden in his eyes, it looked like pain. But why? Harry opened his mouth to ask, but Lucius interrupted him:
“We can talk about everything later, right now we have to go downstairs. The knowledge, that we are mates does not explain very much, but hopefully Severus will have some more answers.”

Nodding, Harry reluctantly freed himself from Lucius’ embrace and climbed out of bed. As soon as he was a few steps away from the aristocrat, he felt the strong urge to decrease the distance again. Shaking his head, he pushed the unsettling feeling from his mind and picked his boxers up from the floor, where Lucius had discarded them last night, but when he wanted to put them on he noticed that the garment was torn. Sighing, he pulled another pair from a basket with clean clothes. His shirt and shorts were luckily still intact. When he finally turned around, Lucius was already dressed, clad in his new jeans and black shirt.

“Are you ready?” Lucius asked and rose with an elegant and fluid motion from the bed. Even more elegant and fluid than the day before.
“I am, ready,” Harry replied, opening the bedroom door and holding it open for his mate.
“Then let us not keep Severus waiting. We have much to discuss; this will be a long night,” Lucius commanded and went ahead.

The knowledge, that Lucius was indeed his mate, was still strange, but grew stronger and became more present in his mind with every passing minute. Harry took the chance and watched the strong back in front of him: The cloak he had pulled over his new muggle attire hid most of it, but Harry could still make out the broadness of his shoulders and the self assurance in his movements. He wanted to catch up to Lucius and maybe even pull one of his strong arms around his shoulders. Harry felt so confused this evening with everything that had changed and everything that was new. It was as if he had suddenly two minds, who had yet to come to an agreement:
On the one side he knew that Lucius was his mate and he believed the man when he told him that he would not want to hurt Harry.

On the other side there was a far more rational part of him, which wanted him to be cautious and which reminded him that this kind of relationship he now had with the man was too much for him and that he had no guarantee that Lucius would keep his promises. Truth to be told: Lucius had calmed this side down very thoroughly and it was only a silent whispering in the back of his head, whilst the other grew stronger with every second.

When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he had sort of sorted his mind out:
That Lucius was his mate was clear to him and that he was not ready for a very intimate relationship also, but he could not believe that Lucius would take advantage of him, especially after the aristocrat had promised him not to harm him.

When they entered the living room, Snape was already in one of the armchairs, a scowl deeply embedded on his forehead. Lucius strode over to his usual seat and Harry, like yesterday, was once again unsure as to where to sit down. He had felt the need to keep in contact with Lucius the day before already and up in their bedroom, but the feeling had increased again. The thought of being away from Lucius; be it only by inches, was nearly unbearable. He needed the man to be safe and comfortable and even though he knew that Snape was no thread to him, the mere presence of a third person freaked him out right now.

But Lucius had not offered him to sit in his lap and he was still too uncertain in his new relationship to just do so and he didn't want to seem pathetic by asking. To his surprise it was actually said potions master who saved him from his predicament:
“Let the boy sit on your lap, he needs it now,” Snape commanded in a voice that brooked no argument. Lucius raised an eyebrow at his friend, but winked Harry over, who obliged in relief. He stepped next to the aristocrat and stopped there, uncertain of how to proceed. Should he just climb into the man's lap? Before he could decide, he felt a strong and warm hand turning him around and in the next moment, he was lifted up and sat down on his mate's lap.

He gasped in surprise as a sweet and alluring scent filled his nostrils. His heart began to pound heavily as he took another breath and the scent of Lucius filled his lungs. He smelled like his blood had tasted yesterday: like a rich and sweet wine, but musky at the same time. Something stirred in Harry’s lower abdomen and he could feel that Lucius’ heart was racing as well. The man gave a groan of his own and the strong hands tightened painfully on Harry's slender hips, but he realized that he loved this pain; that he relished in it.

“Please Merlin, help me!” Snape's voice sounded tortured and it immediately snapped Harry back to the present.

“Are you two able to concentrate for a while and keep your hands off of each other?” Snape asked and Harry could feel Lucius nodding behind him, whilst he tried to fight a blush that threatened to creep up his neck at the thought of what had just transpired between them.
“Very well. As I said, I have an idea of what happened to both of you. I think I know which curse the Dark Lord has used on us. Has either of you ever heard about the Incubus Curse?**

The silence behind him told Harry that Lucius had never heard about this curse before either.
“What effects does this specific curse have?” Lucius asked in a smooth voice and Harry wondered how he managed it, his voice would have shaken.
“It is a very rarely used curse, because it's effects are not deadly and not even torturous in the common sense, so it is no wonder that you have never heard about it before. The curse transforms the person it is cast on into the creature he or she feels the most revulsion for,” Snape explained calmly.

Lucius stiffened, but Snape either didn't notice his friend’s reaction, or simply ignored it. Harry, feeling the wish to soothe the man, laid his hand on the larger one and Lucius relaxed slightly.

“You once told me which creature you hate the most, Lucius,” Snape said, his face showed no expression at all.
“Vampires,” Lucius hissed, nearly inaudible.

Harry felt a cold shudder running down his neck. If he had understood his teacher right, then Lucius and he had transformed into vampires. The world began to swirl for a moment and Lucius had to steady his back, otherwise he would have probably fallen from the man's lap. He had become a monster. The one thing he had never wanted to become: a human killing monster.

“But I believe this is not the only thing that happened. Tell me Lucius, why do you hate vampires so much and maybe I can ease some of your and your mate’s worries,” Snape requested and Harry forced himself to calm down and concentrate on the Professor. Maybe, it was not all that bad; Snape didn’t seem to think so at least.

A warm hand lay down on his neck and started to stroke it softly and Harry found the comforting touch of his mate relaxing him, but Lucius voice was still tense when he finally spoke:
“Vampires are filthy creatures. They have to drink blood in order to live regardless of the status of the blood. Alone the thought of drinking the blood of a Mudblood; or even worse, a muggle, is revolting and a disgrace to every Pureblood! They cannot even continue their family lines, because they are dead; and they are not even humans anymore, they are creatures!”

Harry flinched at Lucius words, he had already known that Lucius’ beliefs had not changed even though his loyalties had shifted, but now he was mated to the man and it hurt to know that his mate would never accept one of his best friends. But Harry would worry about it later, now he needed to listen to Snape:
“I think I can alleviate some of your fears,” Snape said and his voice became just the slightest bit softer.

“Why do you know so much about vampires? I always thought that they are very secretive, and as far as I have come across vampire literature, there is not much known about them.” Lucius inquired, and Harry could hear at his voice that the man had once again lifted his favourite eyebrow.

“There was once a vampire in the Snape family, since then it is tradition to learn as much as there is known about them. Unfortunately, it is not very much, because, as you said, they are very secretive creatures, but I still know more about them than most other wizards,” Snape explained.

“Ron always says that there has to be a vampire in your family with your gloomy look!”: Harry exclaimed and slapped his hands over his mouth in shock, when he realized what he just said.

Snape sneered at him: “My appearance has nothing to do with a vampire who has been dead for some time; count yourself lucky, because if you were right, you would look like me right now.”

Harry scratched his head in embarrassment and was relieved, when the potions master continued with his explanations:
“First of all, vampires have no un-pure blood, in fact, the vampire gene forces all non-magical blood from a person's body. Because a vampire's body needs purely magical blood to be able to contain his enhanced powers; that means, that Harry is now as Pureblooded as you are Lucius.”

Harry blinked in surprise, he had yet to study vampires in Hogwarts, so he knew next to nothing about the creature he had become overnight. Normally vampires were a topic in his fourth year, but the imposter Moody had disregarded some subjects, instead teaching them about the unforgivable curses.

“Your DADA lessons have been scandalously...lacking,” Snape drawled, as if he had read his thoughts, before turning to Lucius once again.
“And you have even more luck, Lucius.” Snape made a dramatic pause, before elaborating:
“It seems, that you and Potter are not only mates, but blood mates, due to your prior binding.”
“Please explain further,” Lucius sounded thoughtful.

“There are two types of vampire mates. The first type are just called mates: They come into being when a wizard is transformed into a vampire; it sometimes happens, that he finds his soulmate due to his keen senses and proceeds to turn that person as well.

The other types of mates are called blood mates. It happens if two soul mates are transformed at exactly the same time, which apparently happened in your case due to your the previous binding, which started the transformation process for Potter as well. As you can imagine, blood mates are very rare and highly reputable among others of your kind.
Of course there is also the case of two wizards who are not soul mates are transform at the same time, they are called blood companions.”

Harry felt as if his thoughts had frozen. He and Lucius, soulmates? That couldn't be, could it? But the quiet voice in his head told him otherwise. Harry had guessed by now that the voice was his instinct and it probably knew these kinds of things better than he did, but still…

“How do you know, that Harry and I are blood mates and not blood companions?” Lucius asked neutrally.
Snape smirked evilly: “Because, if you two were just blood companions, you would have not... mated with the boy.” Snape gave Harry a slightly disgusted look, but Harry could not feel offended right now, he was much too shocked by the realization that Lucius and he were actually soulmates.

Besides, you both have mating marks,” Snape pointed with one spidery finger at the back of his right hand.

Harry lifted his hand and saw from the corner of his eyes Lucius doing the same. There was indeed a mark on the back of his hand, it looked like a tattoo. A big, elegantly moulded black M was surrounded by a beautiful background. Underneath the letter was written ‘Sanctimonia Vincet Semper’ in silver. Harry frowned in confusion. The symbol was beautiful, but he didn't recognise it.

“The Malfoy family crest. The words beneath the letter M mean: Purity always wins,” Lucius explained and held his own hand in front of Harry. Harry touched the mark on his mates hand carefully and a gasp escaped Lucius’ mouth. He quickly pulled his hand away; he didn't want to hurt his mate.

Snape chuckled: “Maybe you should not do that unless you are in private. Mating marks are highly sensitive.”
Harry would have flushed if he still had been able to, but luckily he wasn't.
Lucius cleared his throat to change the topic to something less intimate:
“You mentioned that blood mates are something special,”

“Indeed they are,” Snape affirmed. “Blood mates drink only from each other for the rest of their immortal life, whilst mates and blood companions can drink from each other, but still need fresh blood from a human.”
“How is that possible?” Harry wanted to know. “I always thought that a vampire's body needs the blood to keep their organs going and used it in this process.”

“It seems as if you do read once in awhile after all Potter,” Severus smirked. “The body of a blood mate does not use the blood it gets to fuel its organs, but the magic and life energy in the blood of its’ mate. These energies also renew the energies its’ mate has taken and with that, we come to another important point.”

“That would be?” Lucius questioned.
“Blood mates are under no restrictions of the ministry, as long as they don't commit a crime, they are viewed as wizards and that makes them both respected in the Wizarding and Vampire Society.”

“Because they do not kill humans to live?” Lucius asked in a tone that made it clear that he already knew the right answer.
“Yes,” Snape affirmed. “There are more important things about this situation however.”

“Which would be?”
“I guess that you are the dominant partner?” Snape sneered at Harry, even though his question was addressed at Lucius. Harry just glared back.
“I am,” Lucius made clear.
“You will need about three times more blood than your submissive mate.”
Harry had the impression that Snape relished in the fact that he would have to take it regularly up the duff in the future and gave him and a hateful glare.

“Potters’ reactions to you, drinking his blood, will most likely be...of an extreme nature. The dominant vampire mates are often known as brutal or even violent, it protects the submissive mind. I myself believe that it is much simpler: Vampires just have another view on pain, they experience it differently.” Snape lifted a questioning eyebrow at Harry.

Harry blushed, which was probably now only barely noticeable as a vampire, when he thought about it and squirmed uncomfortably, but it was clear that Snape wanted to have an explanation, and the fact that Lucius didn't help him out of this embarrassing situation told him that his mate was interested in the answer as well.

Thinking about how he had felt when Lucius had entered him brutally last night and what he had felt at the aching pain in his lower backside this morning, he mumbled at last, shame dripping from his voice:
“It means, that my mate is strong and will be able to protect me. So it feels...kind of good...very good...” His last two words were nearly inaudible, but both men had caught them, because Lucius heartbeat had quickened and Snape's second eyebrow rose as well.

“So, you don't require a healing or pain potion, Potter?”
“No!” Harry startled as he heard the offended tone in his voice.
Snape cleared his throat and said: “Well then... I think you will find everything else out on your own. I have told you all I know. But it can take a while until all your vampire powers have kicked in.”

“Then we shall move on to another important topic,” Lucius announced smoothly.
Snape inclined his head: “Then tell me Lucius, what made you change sides? I would have guessed the murder of your family, but you changed your alliances before I brought you the news.”

Lucius pinched Harry slightly in the ribs, obviously to tell him silently that this was his story to tell. He turned his head at and angle he would never have done as a human and gave Lucius a doubtful look, not really fond of the thought to expose his feelings to his hated potions professor, but his mate only nodded once and he sighed in defeat:
“I think, it is not right how Dumbledore is fighting this war,” he mumbled softly.

Snape only stared at him and so he decided to elaborate further: “Dumbledore wants me to kill Voldemort, at least I think that is what he wants, but I know nothing. I nearly died at the graveyard. He wants me to be the wizarding world's hero, but he doesn't train me at all and he is keeping secrets from me, I just know it!”

“A very accurate observation, Potter,” Snape said in an honest voice, without any trace of mockery.
“Every day people are dying for one cause or the other and I don't think that it will bring anyone anywhere, regardless which side they are on,” Harry's voice had gotten stronger after Snape's unspoken approval and he had a stern expression on his face. His mate had not interrupted him yet, so everything that he had said so far was reasonable, but he hesitated before he added quietly:
“And I don't want to become a murderer....” Harry bit on his bottom lip in nervousness; hopefully, Snape wouldn't think of him as a coward after his confession. To his surprise the potions master nodded, with an expression on his face as if he could relate to Harry's wish all too well.

“Why do you think that Dumbledore keeps secrets from you?” Snape inquired.
“Nagini told me that she often suffers pains whenever Voldemort is in a particular bad or good mood, like I do. She also told me that the reason for her suffering is a piece of Voldemort's soul she has inside her body...” Harry broke his explanation off and called with a hiss for the huge reptile.

The snake came slithered in from the garden: “What is it?”
“I need to show Lucius and Snape your scar,” Harry explained.
Nagini nodded her heavy head and Harry pointed on her back: “Nagini has a similar scar to mine, so I believe that I have a piece of his soul inside my body as well, and I cannot believe that Dumbledore knows nothing about it. I mean, he is Dumbledore...”
Harry felt Snape and Lucius exchange a look and then Snape asked:
“If we tell you everything we know about Voldemort, Dumbledore and yourself, what exactly will you do then?”

Harry bit his bottom lip and thought for a moment. He could not really answer the question yet, but one thing he could say: “I will find a way to end this war without any more violence and I will try to find people who will help me. I think, I will most likely ask my friends, they have always stood by my side.”

“You will need more friends than Weasley and Granger,” Lucius said calmly. “Are you willing to form your own side and maybe even take Dumbledore's sceptre away from him?”

Harry hesitated for only a second, before answering: “I already told you twice that I am willing to do all this and even more. I won't be a puppet any longer.”

Lucius chuckled: “I am aware of it, but Severus was not present at our conversations and he has a right to hear it as well

“Fine, then we will tell you all we know. Unfortunately, it will not be all you need for reaching your goals,” Snape said.
“But it will be more than I know now,” Harry replied.
“Do you already know about the Order?” Severus asked him and Harry nodded. He had been there last year, before his fourth year of Hogwarts. Sirius had just moved in there, but it had been a great week, regardless of that gloomy and dirty house.

“Good, then we at least do not have to tell you about the Order of the Phoenix,” Severus muttered.
Lucius started to caress Harry's neck again: “These pieces of souls are called Horcruxes. I do not know how many the Dark Lord made, but I believe that Dumbledore will be able to tell you more about it.”
“Horcruxes? Are they dark magic?” Harry questioned.

Lucius chuckled joylessly: “They are considered the darkest magic that exists. You make a Horcrux by killing someone. The pain that your pure soul suffers by taking a life is so great that it rips your soul apart, and with a spell you can encase this piece in an object or even another living being. In exchange, you become nearly immortal; as long as there is another piece of your soul on this earth, you can come back from the dead.”

“Can you destroy them and make someone mortal again?” Harry asked, trying to sound more confident with himself, than he actually felt.
“You can,” Snape said and Lucius added with a smirk: “You actually have destroyed one Horcrux already.”
Harry blinked owlishly: “When?”

“Do you remember the diary I dropped into Ginevra’s cauldron back in your second year?” Lucius asked.
Harry snorted: “How could I ever forget that?”
“True,” Snape drawled.

“I did not know it then, or I would not have given it away so carelessly. Not back then at least,” Lucius explained.
“So by destroying the memory-Tom, I destroyed a piece of his soul?” Harry asked.
“You did. I think that was even the reason why Lucius was so keen to bring you personally back to his former master,” Snape mused, smirking.

“The Dark Lord is your former master as well,” Lucius drawled.
“Yes, but that was a long time ago,” Snape replied dryly.
“When did you change sides and become a spy?” Lucius suddenly inquired. His voice sounded bored, but Harry knew that he was anything but.
“When I found out that he would go after Lily because of that damn prophecy.”

“Prophecy? What prophecy?” Harry had the feeling, that this would be another of those very important pieces of information Dumbledore had never told him.
“There was a prophecy made about the one who could defeat the Dark Lord,” Snape explained, his face growing pained. “It was actually me who overheard it and told everything to the Dark Lord, maybe it would be more accurate to say, that I listened in to the first part of it, only years later I learned about its full content.”

“The things with prophecies are that they mostly only become true, because the people believe them and make them true. They always have a true part and always one, that is influenced by the people’s decisions and it is often impossible to say which part is which,” Lucius explained further.
“So...what did the prophecy say?” Harry inquired.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies...." Severus recited.

Harry had started to tremble at the foreboding words. These sounded too close to certain death for his liking and he really didn't want to die, not after he had just found his soulmate. Not when he had finally started to believe that he could be very happy one day.

Lucius’ hand settled down on Harry's head and began to comb through his thick locks:
“Hush, Harry. Do not forget that not everything the prophecy says is true.” The man pressed a soft kiss to his head and Harry relaxed slightly. His dominant was by his side, everything would be fine.

He closed his eyes for a minute and when he had calmed down enough to trust his voice to sound steady again, he asked:
“What do you two think about the prophecy?”

“I believe, that it might be true, that you are the only one, who can end this war,” Lucius mused slowly and Harry nodded, because he had always known that, so it wasn't new, big and shocking news.

Snape gave a nod in consent: “I also think, that you could have a power, the Dark Lord knows not....”
“...but everything else is probably just nonsense,” Lucius ended the sentence.
“And the part about vanquishing and dying at the hand of the other?” Harry asked nervously.

Lucius snorted; something that sounded so unusual to Harry’s ears, that he turned around to look at his mate.
“How will you die as a vampire? Even the killing curse cannot harm you anymore. I think even the Dark Lord will have his problems now, even more than before,” Lucius chuckled.

“Find your own way, Potter, you do not have to vanquish him, if you find another solution,” Snape reassured him.
Harry smiled softly, oddly touched by the fact that his most disliked professor, who disliked him just as much, tried to comfort him.

“I hope you will be right,” Harry fidgeted nervously, he had another question, but he didn't know if it would be appreciated. Suddenly, two strong arms grabbed him tightly and anchored him in place.

“Cease that moving!” Lucius commanded harshly. Harry stopped instantly and noticed in embarrassment, that something hard was poking into his lower back.
He quickly mumbled a sorry and Lucius sighed:”Just ask the question.”

“But it is a question for Snape,” Harry mumbled still uncertain. Snape had never reacted well to his questions and this one would surely not be the exception.
“Professor Snape,” Snape corrected him and added: “And that will be fifty points from Gryffindor for disrespectful behaviour.”

Harry glared at the dark man and wanted to protest, when Lucius interrupted him:
“I am sure that Snape will happily answer whatever is on your mind, as long as you do not fidget in my lap any longer. Am I right Severus?” Lucius voice had adopted a tone that dared the man to refuse.

“Definitely Lucius,” Snape said with a nauseous look on his face.
Harry glared one more time for good measure and then finally asked: “What has my mother to do with the prophecy and your betrayal of Voldemort?”

Harry saw a tremble going through the dark man. Snape closed his eyes for a moment, before opening them again and speaking in a flat voice: “I knew that this would have to come out someday, but I always wished it would not happen so soon.”
“Did you know my mother?” Harry prodded further, he had the feeling that there was a whole lot more to the story, than he had originally imagined.

“Yes, I knew Lily,” Snape started finally. “We grew up in the same neighbourhood and became friends very early, long before our letters to Hogwarts arrived.”
Harry's’ eyes widened in disbelief. Snape and his mother had been friends? It was hard to believe that, but the one trait Harry appreciated about the Potions Master had always been his absolute honesty. Snape had not even once lied to him. His truths were sometimes harsh, but he never lied.

“Even after we went to Hogwarts and she got sorted into Gryffindor and I became a Slytherin, we stayed friends. Your father did not appreciate our friendship and it grew even worse after he had fallen for her...” Snape broke off for a moment, as if he had to prepare for what he was about to say. Harry sat still in Lucius’ lap, the man's strong body beneath him a calming presence.

“And then I became entangled with the Death Eaters,” Snape glared shortly at Lucius, but Harry could not see his reaction from his position, it was likely that he had his perfect Malfoy-mask in place anyway and there would be nothing to see for Harry.
“One day in our final year at school, after you father harassed me particular harshly, I called your mother Mudblood and our friendship shattered.”
Harry started to shake at the deep anguish in Snape's beetle black eyes and he snuggled closer to Lucius.

“I joined the Dark Lord, even though I knew that it was wrong and that I would end all chances to repair my friendship with your mother. A few years later I overheard the first part of prophecy, but at the time, I did not know that it would seal her fate,” Snape's voice had started to shake. It was barely noticeable, but was enough to tell Harry how much the man regretted his actions and a feeling of pity for the lonely man arose in his chest.

“I went to Dumbledore, begged him for his help and told him everything. He promised me to save you and your parents in exchange for my services as spy. I accepted without hesitation, because I would have done everything to save my dearest friend. Unfortunately, Dumbledore's plan failed.

Black made Peter the secret-keeper and Voldemort murdered your parents. When I heard about the attack, I went to Godric’s Hollow in hope to still save her, but it was too late. But I made a promise that day: To always protect you.”

Harry gulped; he didn't know what he should say. Snape’s eyes were piercing and there were no words to lessen the pain of a great loss. He knew he should be angry with Snape; it would be the natural thing to do, because in a way, it was his fault that he had to grow up without a mother and a father. But he couldn't be angry with the man, not after seeing the pain in his eyes, which was still fresh after fifteen years and furthermore: Snape had been used like Harry himself. First it had been Voldemort and later Dumbledore; maybe he had an even worse fate than Harry had.

Harry lowered his eyes and looked absentmindedly at his mating mark, the beautiful Malfoy crest. All the people in this room had been used one way or the other and all had suffered great losses; they were not that different and they would probably not find anyone else who could understand their pain as good as the others.
Surprising himself, he suddenly mumbled: “I...forgive you.”
Snape stared at him with an open mouth; disbelief written all over his face.

Taking in a deep whiff of Lucius’ calming scent, he tried to explain his reasons to his Professor and even more importantly, to himself:
“You were always a right git to me in class, but you also were always honest with me and you have done more than enough to redeem your mistakes,” Harry explained with a small voice. He jumped a little, when Lucius placed a kiss on his neck.

Snape said nothing and only gave a stiff nod, but that was enough for Harry. He would never hear a Thank You from him.
“It is settled then?” Lucius asked after a moment of silence. “We will work together?”
“We will,” agreed Snape and Harry nodded in affirmation.

“What do you want to do next Harry; it is after all your plan?” Lucius asked.
“What I want to do next?” Harry asked irritated.
“Of course, you are the one who has to bring peace in the end, thus you should be the one who decides what we shall do,” Lucius explained patiently.
“Do you think I can do that? You two know so much more than me...” he asked unsurely.

“Lucius is right, you are the most important person in this war, no one else should decide about your fate,” Snape agreed.

Harry went still for a moment and thought about what needed to be done. They had to find and destroy the Horcruxes. He still didn't want to kill Voldemort, but maybe he could use the soul- pieces to bribe the man. But to accomplish that, he needed people who followed him willingly, like his friends, but also people with more experience than he and Ron and Hermione had, like the people from the Order and he also needed Snape, to continue his work as a spy. Finally he said:
“We will search for the Horcruxes, but we cannot do that alone. I will go to Dumbledore and demand the leadership of the Order and I will also have to go back to school to find new allies I can trust.”

“Dumbledore will not hand you the Order,” Snape said patiently.
“He will if he wants a hero, otherwise I will do nothing in this war,” Harry said.
“Very Slytherin,” Lucius hummed.
Harry chuckled: “The sorting hat wanted me in Slytherin, but I refused.”
“What?!” Snape sounded incredulous.
“Why would you not want to be a Slytherin? We are cunning and intelligent,” Lucius demanded to know.
“Because of your son. I met him in Diagon Alley and a second time on my way to Hogwarts and it was not a pleasant experience.”
Lucius huffed quietly, but luckily said nothing more about the matter.

“A Potter in Slytherin...” Snape muttered under his breath.
“Well... it didn't happen,” Harry smiled.
“If you want to return to school, I have to find a cure for your sunlight problem,” Snape mused.
“I think that is a good idea. We should keep our relationship a secret for the time being,” Lucius added.

Harry chewed on his bottom lip. Why would his mate suddenly want to keep their relationship a secret? Was it, because he was so young or was Lucius ashamed of him? Because of his looks, or because he was not a Slytherin? A deep pain slowly filled Harry's chest and he felt his body growing cold.

Snape cleared his throat: “Lucius, I think you have to elaborate further, your mate is getting distressed.”
Harry felt his face being turned by a long finger, but didn't dare to look his mate in the eyes. Lucius didn't want him.

The feeling of Lucius warm lips on his pulled him from his desperation. His mate kissed him softly for a moment, before explaining:
“The people have to trust you and they will not do that so easily when they find out that you are mated to a former Death Eater and this way, I can return to Voldemort as a second spy as soon as Severus has found a solution to the sunlight issue.”
“So, you don't want to keep it a secret because you think that I am ugly?” Harry hiccupped.

His mate’s face softened a little: “No Harry, you are my mate and important to me, I could never think of you as ugly.” He gave Harry another soft kiss, this time on his cheek.
“Okay... but do you really want to return to Voldemort... I mean, he has killed your wife and son,” Harry asked.

“If I can convince him that you held me captive, then I would still be his right-hand man and could be of great use,” Lucius explained.
“You two are lucky, that you are blood mates. Normally, vampires cannot glamour their appearances, but blood mates are an exception. They can hide their true nature in order to protect their mate,” Snape mused.

“That means that if we can go outside again and you are under glamour, Voldemort will think that you didn't betray him?” Harry asked.
“Yes, the curse was meant to change the traitors appearance, so that Voldemort could see it at first sight,” Lucius affirmed.

“I will floo over to Spinner's End and collect some potion ingredients. We have to find a cure for your sunlight-problem and we can do nothing as long as you two cannot leave this house during the day,” Snape announced and rose from his seat. He went over to Harry's fireplace and lit it with a flick of his wand. Turning, he pulled something from his pocket and threw it over to Lucius, who caught it easily.

“I believe I can trust you with your wand again,” Snape drawled and threw a hand of floo powder from his robe pocket in the heath.
“Of course,” Lucius replied.

“And Lucius,” Snape said, before he disappeared into the fireplace. “The child is your submissive. I hope you understand what this means. We will talk later.”

Harry stared after Snape. Was the man worried about him? It had certainly sounded like he was. He blinked owlishly and suddenly grew aware of the fact that he sat in Lucius’ lap. It was so strange: On one hand, he felt safe and comfortable like this, but his still very human thinking mind grew nervous once more and he began to fidget again. As soon as he realized what he was doing, Harry stopped and slid instead from his lap. Hopefully his two minds would come to an understanding soon. Watching his hands with interest, he asked:
“Would you like to accompany me? I wanted to take Nagini on a walk, she has to eat properly.”

Lucius gave a curt nod and Harry smiled at him before going to pull his shoes on.
“I will buy you some new shoes and a new wardrobe as soon as I can leave” Lucius had stepped behind him and eyed Harry’s shoes and shirt with distaste. “You are now mated to a Malfoy; you need to look like it.”
“But no one knows that I am mated to you,” Harry argued.

“But they will some day and then your ...choice of clothing will fall on me and I have to answer my associates why I have not provided you with proper clothing like a good mate should do.”
“Then I will go and buy a new wardrobe. You don't need to buy me things, I am not poor,” Harry said and stood up, he still had his pride, even as a submissive.

“That will not be necessary. It is not proper to let my submissive mate pay for himself. You would not demand of your wife to pay for her clothes either.”
Harry sighed in exasperation. There was no use to argue with Lucius about such things. Hopefully, the aristocrat would never spout his beliefs in front of Hermione, or there would be hell to pay.

“Okay, if you insist.”
“I do,” his mate drawled and pulled his own boots on.

“Nagini! We will go hunting!” Harry called. Lucius eyed him with an unreadable expression.
“What is it?” Harry asked.
“Your parseltongue sounds very different in comparison to the Dark Lords’.” he said neutrally.

Harry couldn't quite grasp what Lucius wanted to tell him with his statement. He knew that many people feared parselmouth, because it was considered a dark skill. In his second year his fellow students all thought that he would become a dark wizard when they found out. Even the other Gryffindors had been suspicious.

“Does it bother you to hear me speaking in parseltongue?”
“No. Why should it? It is a gift you possess and a reason to be proud,” Lucius answered.
“Oh...okay. I just thought... everyone else was always afraid because of it.” Harry stammered. No one had ever told him to be proud about his second language.

“Uneducated fools,” Lucius scoffed.
Nagini came slithered around the corner and asked. “Where do we go hunting?” she hissed.
“There is a meadow nearby, we will go there and hopefully find some sheep,” Harry explained.
“How many can I eat? I am quite starved.”
Harry blinked at her: “As much as you like, I guess.”
“What does she say?” Lucius inquired.

Opening the front door, Harry answered: “She wanted to know where we will go and how much she is allowed to eat. I told her she can eat as much as she likes.”
“And where will we go?” Lucius asked lifting his trademark eyebrow.
Harry smiled at him; his mates expressions became more familiar with every hour.
“Well?” prompted Lucius when he didn't answer, but only stared dazedly.

Harry flushed, at least it felt like it; he was still not sure if he could still flush, he would have to ask Lucius on some point. “There is a meadow down the street. The farmer has sheep; I hope they will be outside tonight.”

It was already very late and no houses in the neighbourhood were still illuminated. It would have quickly become problematic otherwise, with Nagini following close behind. Slithering along the pavement, the female reptile looked even longer than before. They went side by side, both deep in their own thoughts; Harry coming back to his own very conflicted feelings:

They really had a complicated relationship, Harry thought. Neither knew how to act around the other just yet. Sure, the knowledge that they were mates was there, but that didn't put them in a lovey-dovey state where nothing else but each other mattered. Harry knew that even if he had realized that Lucius was his soulmate under normal circumstances, he would not have consummated the bond so soon. To be honest, he was still quite young and inexperienced. Could he even satisfy Lucius? He knew nothing about how to pleasure a body, not even his own, and he had not even kissed yet. Lucius in contrast, had been married for years and maybe even had his share of well educated and experienced lovers on the side.

And that brought him to the matter of Narcissa and Draco. They had been killed only yesterday, or maybe the day before that, but Lucius had only found out yesterday. He surely wanted to mourn his late wife and son a bit longer and a new mate would just be in the way of that. How could he start a relationship with Harry when he had just lost his beloved wife? Harry bit his bottom lip nervously. He wanted to ask his mate about his wife, but wasn't quite brave enough.

“You may ask me anything that is on your mind. I promised you, that we could talk about everything that has happened,” floated Lucius’ soft voice over to him.

“Do you... still love Narcissa?” Harry stammered quietly. “I mean, I can understand if you want to pause our relationship for some time... whatever kind of relationship we have... that is...” he felt like flushing, Lucius must think him really inadequate. He peered down at his shoes, but when no answer came, Harry looked up again. Lucius seemed to have waited for his attention because he eyed him intently:
“Harry, what kind of relationship do you want to have?”

Harry shrugged: “How can I answer that, if I don't even know how you feel over your loss?” He tried to sound confident and not like the submissive he now was, but it was difficult. His mate had his piercing gaze still fixed on him, and his nervousness increased with every second.

“I have never loved Narcissa. At least, not in the way, a lover would have,” Lucius finally answered.
Harry blinked questioningly up at him: “But you two were married and when I saw you together at the World Cup, you seemed fond of each other.”

“Narcissa and I grew up together and I always loved her like a sister. I never could find something appealing about the female body, but I had to marry and sire an heir regardless of my personal predicament. She knew all of this and married me in spite of it and provided me with a loving home, an heir and more freedom than I could ever have wished for, but we never became lovers. And now tell me, what kind of relationship would you wish for? Or am I wrong when I assume that it was the physical aspect of our newly formed bond was the source of your distress earlier?”

They had reached the meadow and Harry came to a halt. In the distance, he could see white spots shimmering in the bright moonlight and Nagini quickly slithered away. He leaned against the fence and fixed his eyes on a spot on Lucius’ robes.

“I can feel that you are my mate, but I... I have never even kissed before. We didn't kiss yesterday either... and I was never in any kind of relationship before... and to be honest, our encounter is a bit blurry, so I don't feel like I really had sex for the first time, it feels like something else...even though it wasn't a bad experience,” Harry was relieved when Lucius saved him from further embarrassment by saying:
“I understand. You are quite young and if I had been in my right mind, I would never have done that to you. Maybe in a few years, but not now. If you wish, we can establish our relationship slowly. And you are right: Our encounter, did feel more like a ritual, than anything else.”

“Would that be ok for you? I mean, you are older and probably used to... you know...having regular sex?”
Amusement shone in Lucius eyes: “I can assure you: I am quite adept at suppressing certain emotions.”

“You are not only adept at suppressing certain emotion but all of them,” Harry huffed. Panicked sounds came from the meadow and Harry assumed that Nagini had captured one of the sheep.

“Lucius?” he asked after a while where they both had stared into the darkness, trying to see what Nagini was doing, but their senses were not fully awake yet. His thoughts started to wander as he looked into the distance, thinking about all the changes he had gone through. Beside now having a mate and being nearly immortal, what did it mean to be a vampire?

He had never heard of a vampire that had been at least twenty when he or she was turned, there must be reasons for that. If his body had stopped growing and developing with his change, his life could get complicated, because he never would look even closely like an adult, even when his identification card would say something different in two years

“What is on your mind, Harry?” Lucius’ voice was soft and smooth like velvet.
“Does my body stay like this?” he inquired. Deep inside, he knew the answer, but he had to ask anyway. He was just still so small and young looking.

“Your body will always be one of a fifteen year old boy, regardless of how many centuries will pass,” his mate answered nonchalantly.
Pushing all his previous thoughts about the matter aside, he asked shyly: “Doesn't it bother you?”
Somehow, he felt sorry for this gorgeous man, who could have any man as his lover and was now stuck with a child for the rest of eternity.

“It should, but it does not. Maybe it is the fact that we are soul mates, but I find your young body rather endearing,” Lucius mused and added: “No need to be embarrassed and certainly no reason to flush. It is common knowledge that mates find each other appealing on a sexual level.”

Harry's cheeks heated even more: “So I can still blush?”
“Not quite, there is only a faint pink tint on your cheeks, barely noticeable, but I can smell your embarrassment,” the aristocrat explained.
“Oh,” Harry replied intelligently.

“We have to teach you more intelligent words,” his mate said and stroked his neck with the nail of his thumb. Lucius’ nails had become rather sharp, like the claws of a wild animal, even sharper and longer than his own had become and the touch sent shivers down Harry's spine. A small whimper left his throat and his mate chuckled quietly and a bit evilly: “You like that, do you not? Who would have guessed that the Gryffindor hero would like pain?” The claw scratched the length of Harry's neck and disappeared then, but not before invoking another moan from Harry.

Flustered, he turned back around to the meadow, his cock was stirring in his trousers and if the satisfied look on Lucius face was any indication, he could smell his arousal as well as his embarrassment a few minutes ago.

Nagini came back, with three visible bumps in her body.
“Are you sated?” Harry hissed, grateful for the interruption.
She nodded and they went back to the Dursleys house in contented silence.

The night went by similar to the previous with Lucius reading, but Harry did not really know what he should do. Due to the late hour, there wasn’t anything interesting to watch on TV. He nearly fell from his armchair when he turned the device on and was greeted by two men fucking a curvy blond woman in a garden house.

Lucius commented the incident with the words: “This is below my dignity,” and Harry had quickly turned off the telly. Unfortunately, sunbathing was not an option either and so in the end, he persuaded Lucius to teach him chess properly. The man had declined at first, but after he had commented that he would never be able to win against Ron otherwise and that he should be able to do at least that as a Malfoy mate, the aristocrat had budged.

Snape had not appeared for the rest of the night, but Harry assumed that he would arrive the next day; after all, the dark man was still human and was probably tired. It had sounded as if his greasy Potions Master planned to move in with them, so Harry would have to set up a room for him, or a room in the cellar depending on what Snape would prefer.
When a pink tint appeared on the horizon, Harry could feel a deadly tiredness slowly clouding his mind.
“I suggest we better go upstairs,” Lucius announced.

Up in their bedroom, Harry let the roller shutters down, just to be safe. They were now full vampires after all and it would not be good to get caught by the sunlight in their sleep. Then he stripped down to his boxers and pulled his nightshirt over his head. He gave the cord on his nightstand a quick glance, but didn't pick it up; he would not need it anymore.

Crawling into the bed, Harry lay down on his back and closed his eyes. He would like to cuddle up to Lucius, but wasn't sure if his mate would appreciate it. Lucius Malfoy had never made a very affectionate impression and their bond was still fresh.

He felt the bed dip and a shifting when his mate climbed in next to him. The feeling of someone watching him crawled up Harry's spine and when he opened his eyes again, he saw Lucius elegant face hovering only a few inches above his own. Before he could ask if something was wrong, Lucius’ soft lips sealed over his own, massaging them gently and sweetly, evoking a quiet sigh from Harry. The kiss was tender, making Harry feel loved and cared for. Only when Lucius parted, did he notice that he had closed his eyes and sunken into the wonderful sensation. He blinked up at his mate and saw the hungry expression was back in the grey eyes, only well restrained this time.

Harry smiled up at his mate and Lucius took it as an invitation. The aristocrat descended once more, pressing his firm body against Harry’s smaller one. Harry gasped when Lucius' tongue slid into his mouth. He could feel his mind getting fuzzy as the man started to assault his mouth possessively. His mate's tongue teased his own, slid over his teeth and stroked the roof of his mouth.

The man tasted so good: sweet and rich and luxurious. He groaned into his dominants mouth and submitted completely to him, letting Lucius talented tongue roam his cavern freely. This kiss felt so different, but it was as good as their first one, showing Harry, that he finally belonged to someone. When Lucius drew back after a long moment, but still all too soon, Harry was in a daze; silly smile plastered across his face.

The aristocrat chuckled softly and drew him closer to his warm body.
“I will teach you everything you need to know slowly. I will form you into the perfect mate for me,” Lucius whispered into his ears.

Harry knew he probably should be offended at the suggestion that he needed to be formed, but strangely enough, he wasn't. He wanted to be the perfect mate for Lucius and he knew somehow that the man would never force him to do anything he didn't like. In contrast: Harry had the feeling that Lucius and he would like the same things in their intimate relationship; they were soul mates after all.

He snuggled closer to Lucius, until he was curled up in the curve between his chin and strong legs. The man had disregarded his robes and shirt and wore only a pair of boxers so that Harry could feel the heat radiating from him. A strong arm embraced him protectively and at the moment the sun raised over 4 Privet Drive their eyes fell closed and they once again drifted into their deep, inhuman slumber.

AN: ** Incubus (lat.)= Nightmare

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Harry awoke the next evening still curled up in Lucius' arms. The first thing he noticed was that his vampire instincts must have kicked in. Lucius' unique and alluring scent was much stronger than last night when he had sat with his mate and Snape in the living room and he was sure that he would be able to detect the scent even from a fairly long distance. He had also stopped breathing entirely and even laying in the darkness, completely covered under a heavy blanket, he could make out every detail of Lucius’ muscular chest. The sound of dripping water reached his ears from the bathroom and he grimaced. It would take him some time to get used to some of his new abilities.
Harry turned his head upwards, trying to see if his mate was awake already, but with Lucius laying still like a statue and not breathing either, it was hard to tell. Suddenly a finger stroked over his sensitive neck and he shivered.
"Good morning Lucius," he smiled happily.
"Good evening would be more appropriate," Lucius retorted softly.
"Whatever," Harry muttered and lifted the cover from his body. "Have you slept well?"
"I think until Severus reverses our sunlight allergy, we will sleep well every day," Lucius replied, and stroked once more over Harry's neck, who gasped involuntarily. His neck was especially sensitive. Absentmindedly he wondered if he would have more of these sensitive spots on his body and into the touch a bit more.
"I like those little sounds you make, they sound so...innocent," his devious mate mused.
Harry felt a flush creeping up his neck, even though it was nearly invisible now. He stretched and sat up further, before climbing out of bed. Neither he, nor Lucius turned on the lights; they did not need them anymore.
Putting on a fresh shirt, he asked: "Do you think that Snape is back already?"
"We will see," was his mate’s vague reply.
"Just confess, that you don't know either," Harry scoffed and turned around in search for a fresh pair of underpants. Sometimes his arrogant mate was almost funny with his antics. "Shit, I have to wash. They are all dirty and I only put your stuff into the washer yesterday." He cursed. Without his trunk, he owned just far too few garments. Looking up with a scowl, he noticed a strange gleam in Lucius eyes.
"What is it?" he asked irritated, not understanding what could have his mate so excited about his forgetfulness.
Lucius sounded kind of...hungry when he answered:"Just pull on your trousers,"
Harry blinked in confusion. Did Lucius just suggest, what Harry thought he suggested? Did he want him to go without any underpants at all? And more importantly, would Harry do that for him? Gulping Harry inquired: "Do you mean, I should wear them without boxers beneath?" He flushed at his own question, feeling like a complete stupid and inexperienced virgin.
Lucius only gave him a smirk as answer.
Hesitating a moment, Harry grabbed his trousers and pulled them on. The gleam in the aristocrat’s eyes intensified for a moment, before disappearing behind the perfect Malfoy mask. Smiling with uncertainty, Harry turned and walked out of their bedroom and down into the kitchen. Like every other ‘morning’, for lack of a better word, he started to make breakfast, without really realizing it. Lucius had come down a few minutes after him and was now sitting in the living room; Harry could hear the rustling turning of pages, indicating, that the man was reading once more. Harry really could not understand how his mate could read Petunia's sappy romance novels every day.
He was piling the bacon and eggs in two bowls, when he heard footsteps approaching the house and a moment later the front door opened. The strong smell of potion fumes immediately told Harry who had just arrived.
"Perfect timing, Snape, I have just cooked breakfast. You can have a bite; I have made enough for three!" He shouted above the sounds of the range hood.
"Breakfast?" Came the incredulous question and than a muttered: "I will join you two, merely because I am quite starving."
Blushing, Harry realized that dinner might have been more appreciated, but his inner clock felt highly confused currently.
His mate’s deep baritone floated from the hallway asking: "Severus, why degrade yourself by wearing a muggle suit?" Blinking in surprise, Harry turned to the kitchen door to see Lucius entering the kitchen only a moment later, followed by Snape who indeed wore a black suit, like Harry's uncle had always worn to work. Harry goggled disbelievingly at him. Snape looked ‘strange’. The tight fitting garment pronounced the Potions Master's long and slim figure, but as usual, there was no other colour on the man than black, even his button-down shirt was black. But what was even more surprising was that Snape actually knew how to dress like a muggle.
As if he had sensed his thoughts, the man sneered at him: "Cease that staring. In contrast to common belief, I am merely a half blood and know very well how to dress inconspicuously in the muggle world. My father was a muggle, Tobias Snape. Only my mother was a Pureblood witch. She was a Prince," Severus explained carefully neutral.
Harry was surprised; he had always thought that the head of Slytherin house had to be a Pureblood, with all the Pureblood children who hated Muggleborns sorted into that house.
But that still didn't answer the main question. "But why have you dressed like a muggle in the first place?" Harry asked, putting plates, forks and knifes down on the small kitchen table.
"I have declared you relatives dead the day after you arrived here, just in case the neighbours grow suspicious. Sadly, they died in a car accident," Snape explained.
Thinking about the lie his relatives had always told him about his parent’s death, Harry snorted. At Lucius' and Snape's questioning look Harry elaborated: "They always told me that my parents died in a car accident; funny that they seemingly died in this manner." Somehow, this little story had already made his day.
Snape smirked in amusement: "I didn't know they told you that, but your family certainly deserved an ungraceful death. I knew Petunia as a child, she was always unbearable."
"Severus, please continue your story," Lucius requested and sat down at the kitchen table.
Snape joined him and continued: "Of course, Lucius. This morning, a letter from the solicitor arrived. Apparently the other entitled heir, a woman named Marge Dursley, died a few months ago due to a stroke."
Harry huffed, somehow the news didn't really surprise him, and so he commented dryly: "No wonder, she drank Brandy like normal people water,"
His professor lifted a curious eyebrow before telling him: "However, this means, that you are the next and only other rightful heir to this house and your late relative's assets."
Harry gaped and a wide grin spread across his face. This was all too good to be true. The Dursley’s would have burned all their money just so that Harry could not inherit it if they had known that they would die.
"Then they were useful after all," Lucius smirked, his long fangs flashing.
"I took the liberty and went to the solicitor for you," Snape went on. "You cannot go outside during the day right now, and I doubt that the man would have made an appointment with you at three in the morning. Furthermore, you are still underage in the muggle world and thus, cannot sign the papers to accept your inheritance. I ‘convinced’ the solicitor," at this point Snape cleared his throat and Harry knew that he had convinced the man with the help of magic, "that I am your legal guardian and signed in your place. The money will be transferred into this account tomorrow," he gave Harry a small muggle credit card.
"And this is you new bank-book, your relatives were quite wealthy for middle-class muggles," he added and pulled a small notebook from another pocket.
Opening it curiously, Harry gasped. “£ 250 000 Pounds?" He asked in disbelief.
"Yes, as I said, they were quite wealthy," Snape sneered, but Lucius only snorted, probably amused by the small sum.
Harry blinked owlishly at the man before saying: "Thank you, Professor Snape."
Snape just sneered: "No need to start calling me ‘Professor’ now. After all, we are allies now. You may as well call me Snape without any title."
Harry only stared harder, before realizing what the man had offered: "Is this a peace offering?"
He tried to keep the broad smile from showing on his face, but failed miserably. Snape muttered something under his breath.
"Then you can call me Harry," Harry insisted.
"I think I will stick to Potter, brat, but consider it a peace offering nonetheless; a peace offer, not one for friendship, don't misunderstand me."
"Yeah, I won't. Wouldn't think of a friendship with you," he retorted before musing:
"But Snape, you said, I am not an adult in the muggle world, but I am not an adult in the wizarding world either."
"That is incorrect. A mated creature or half wizard is regarded as an adult in the wizarding world. You are officially of age since last night. I went to the ministry and checked to make sure," Snape turned to Lucius: "You are recorded as mated as well, but I made sure that no one could find out to whom you are mated."
Lucius nodded: "Thank you. It saves us a lot of trouble."
Harry was still too baffled to say anything. He was an adult now, when only fifteen years of age, he was legally of age! That was kind of amazing; Ron and his other friends in Gryffindor would be so jealous. His face fell a bit when he realized that he would not be able to tell them anything.
"But, Potter..." Harry snapped back to the present at Snape's threatening tone of voice " cannot act on your independence, or you and Lucius will quickly be found out and in big danger."
"I understand," Harry promised. He had already realized that and he would not want to endanger his mate. Without realizing it, his hand had snuck under the table over to Lucius, who grasped it in his own hand and squeezed it reassuringly.
Snape eyed his meal now and Harry as well as Lucius turned their attention to his plate. Eying the scrambled eggs and bacon, he realized that it didn't appeal to him at all. He was not hungry in the least; least of all for eggs and bacon. Peering over at Lucius, he saw the same predicament in his silver- red eyes. He had become better at reading Lucius’ emotions and he was happy and proud about that fact.
Pushing his plate towards Snape, Harry announced: "You can eat mine as well."
"I was already wondering why you cooked at all," Snape rolled his eyes.
"Old habits die hard," Harry explained dryly. "Well then...I think I will go and take a shower."
He stood up and left the small kitchen, needing something to do besides sitting around.
Up in the bathroom, his eyes fell on his reflection in the mirror for the first time since his transformation into a vampire. To his great relief he still had a reflexion. Luckily the muggle rumour wasn't true; or it was just another one of those things that separated average vampires from vampires with blood mates.
He striped completely, before stepping once again in front of the mirror and taking in his new appearance. He really looked different: not very much, but everyone who saw him regularly would notice the changes.
He had not grown, but luckily not shrunken either. His former dark brown hair was now a pitch black, even darker than Snape's, giving his already pale skin an inhuman glow. His jade green eyes with the red glowing ring were brighter and much larger than before, probably a physical trait he possessed as a submissive, because Lucius eyes had not grown. It kind of made him look cute. Harry wrinkled his nose. Why couldn't he for once look sexy and gorgeous instead of cute? Sighing he eyed himself further. His lips were also very red on his face and beneath his eyes and on his cheeks were a slight shadows; as if he hadn't slept in days, but it just added to his new, inhuman beauty.
His fangs were really long and pointy, but hidden as long as he left his mouth closed. Turning his head, he noticed, that his ears had become pointy as well. His nails had elongated into claws, but he saw that his really were not as long as Lucius', but Lucius was the dominant after all.
Aside from his paler skin, the rest of his body hadn't changed much; it was still the body of a child, not even the one of a proper teenager. Why couldn't he have matured a bit?
All in all he didn't look all too bad; he would even go so far as to say that he was attractive in a twisted ‘naughty child’ kind of way. This thought should really make him sick, but strangely it didn't. Instead, he felt pride rise in his chest, because he realized that for a vampire he was more than beautiful.
Lifting his eyes from the mirror, he stepped under the shower and turned the hot water on, in hopes of warming his cold skin; which had started to cool down as soon as he had left Lucius’ proximity this ‘evening’...not morning - he had to get use to the change in day and night rhythm. To his dismay, even the hot water didn’t feel as warm as it use to feel on his skin and wasn't able to warm him. He had feared that this would happen, because when he was cooking this ‘evening’, he had noticed, that the pan didn't feel hot at all. It seemed as if only Lucius would be able to warm his dead body and vice versa, so in the end he only washed himself quickly and stepped back out of the shower.
Nagini had slithered in whilst he had been in the cubicle and was now laying curled up under the washbasin.
"Congratulations on your mating, has it gone well?" she hissed as a greeting.
Harry flushed. Had she heard him and Lucius? "How do you know?" he asked.
"The mating mark on your hand," she answered, sounding amused.
"Oh," Harry retorted intelligently.
"So, has it gone well?" the female reptile repeated.
"Yes, it has," Harry smiled, suddenly feeling giddy.
"Is he strong?" Nagini inquired curiously, obviously very interested in the answer as a female.
Harry's only answer was to blush, but Nagini seemed to have picked up on it. "A strong mate is important, it would not do for a submissive to protect its dominant," she hissed.
Harry snickered, the thought alone of Lucius Malfoy needing protection, least of all from him, was ridiculous.
Pulling on a fresh pair of shorts, he asked: "Do you want to stay in the bathroom for a bit longer? It is still moist in here."
"I would like that," Nagini admitted and laid her head lazily down on her curled up body.
"Ok, I will leave the door open then," he said and left the room, eager to get back to Lucius.



Lucius could see that Severus was only waiting to hear the bathroom door closing before starting his talk about Harry that he had mentioned the previous night. He was not concerned in the slightest; in contrast, he was pleased that his friend was concerned about his mate, because that meant that there was a second pair of eyes which would keep the boy safe.
"Tell me, Lucius, how do you feel about the mating? And be honest, you know I can see when you are lying," Severus started.
Lucius sighed: "It was quite the shock when I woke up yesterday."
"I can only imagine. I was shocked as well. To be honest, my first thought was..."
Lucius interrupted his friend: "That I raped the boy?"
"That the curse had made you rape the boy," Severus corrected him.
"The same result either way," Lucius sneered and then added: "But at the first moment, I thought the same."
"So?" Severus asked.
Lucius raised his eyebrow in hope of somehow avoiding giving a direct answer himself.
"Was it rape?" Severus specified, taking away all chances of avoiding the question.
"I do not think so. It was rough, but Harry told me that he has recognized and accepted me as his dominant."
"How can you stand a child as a mate?" Severus looked more than just a bit perturbed.
"He is my mate," Lucius gave in way of answer.
"I know that," Severus snapped irritated. "But even you cannot deny that he is quite young and looks even younger."
"Do you want to know, what appeals to me about the boy?" Lucius asked dryly, he knew that Severus hated these kinds of talks, but saw it probably as his duty as one of Harry's teachers to make sure that he could be as safe as possible under these circumstances.
"I will surely regret this, but yes, I want to know what attracts you to Harry," Severus grumbled.
"Harry is quite beautiful in his own way, with his big green eyes and his petite frame. Surely it’s a childish kind of beauty, but a beauty nonetheless. To possess this innocent body, to make it mine...he is still so pure and untainted... If you could have my keen senses, you would smell what I mean." It did not feel strange to confess all this; he had always been open and at ease with his sexuality, even after he had first noticed that he could not find anything appealing about the female physique at the age of only 12.
"Explain," Severus requested; his face carefully neutral.
Lucius thought about how to explain what he meant for a moment, before stating:"His scent has not changed; he has still the scent of a virgin boy."
"How so?" Severus asked.
"My instincts tell me it is because I took him as a virgin. He would not have kept his pure scent, if I were not his blood mate; but I am and his scent in combination with his mating mark is a warning for other dominant males who may want to approach him in the future. I believe that his transformation was much earlier than mine; when I mated with him and at some point during the transformation the body stops to age and change, maybe it has something to do with his scent as well."
Severus eyed him intensely, like only his friend was able to, and then said: "You are still keeping something from me."
Lucius sighed. Why did his friend have to be so observant? He really did not want to explain all his animal like desires he felt towards a boy, who should not yet be subjected to such lust; but realizing that his friend would not leave the matter, he said: "There is more to his attraction. For me, he has so much sex appeal. To be honest, every time my eyes fall on his cute backside, or his green eyes or he makes one of these little noises, I want to press him against the next wall, or bend him over the nearest chair and fuck him senseless. I have never experienced something like this, he is like a drug, but one I can withstand, because even stronger than the wish to claim his body once more, is the wish to keep him safe until he is ready and I know he is not ready yet."
"But you two had already sex," his friend stated, a bit green around his nose.
Lucius shook his head: "It felt different to us both, like a ritual and not sex, so it does not quite count."
They were silent for a moment, before Lucius found himself speaking again: "I really think it has something to do with Harry's physical changes. He has changed a lot, if you look properly."
He could see the contemplation on Severus face, before the man nodded: "He has. I do not know how to put it into words, but with those enlarged eyes and as thin as he is, he looks very different, but I do not comprehend what this means for you."
"His whole body screams: Protect me! I am your submissive and helpless! ... Something tells me, that his body will still change a bit," Lucius mused.
Severus frowned. "How do you know?" The man asked.
"I think my instincts are telling me. They also tell me, that he will turn into the most beautiful submissive there has ever been and that I have to keep a close eye on him. And I can see that he is already sex on two legs."
His friend sighed: "Despite all that and his immortality and his legal adulthood, you should not forget that he has still just lived fifteen years yet. He does not look like a child and the dream of every paedophile because of his change, but because he had been changed at a very young age. Harry is still a child, not only in body, but also in mind. I know that vampires are very sexual creatures, but please be careful with him, regardless of what your instincts might tell you."
"As I told you, my first and strongest instinct is to keep him happy," Lucius repeated himself, getting slightly annoyed about the fact that someone feared he could harm his mate, but instead of ripping his friend’s head off like his instincts demanded right now, he settled on asking:
"Why are you so concerned about the boy? I had always thought that you disliked him."
"We made a peace just a few minutes ago, and even without it, I am still his Professor, regardless of his poor potions skills. Besides, if you are honest with yourself, no boy at his age should participate in a sexual relationship with a man who is so much older, so I will at least keep a watchful eye on him."
Lucius huffed.
"No," Severus sneered " does not matter that you look younger than you are. You could still be his father."
"Be assured that I would never harm my mate. Even without my instincts, I would not do such a thing. Do not forget, that I am a Malfoy and we Malfoy’s never abuse the people giving into our care, especially not if they are weaker."
"But please remember, that it is not enough to just be careful with him during intercourse," Severus glared at him.
"What do you mean?"
"Harry is now emotionally dependent on you. As his dominant, you are his most important person. He will do much for you, even lie and take on huge pains in order to make you happy, so be careful what you say and what you demand," Severus explained cautiously.
"I will keep it in mind," Lucius promised.
After another short pause Severus asked: "Are you in love with him?"
Lucius did not need to think long about this question. Only a few days ago he would told his friend that he had no experience with real romantic love, but the facts had changed: "I know that the feeling growing in my chest is love. We would not be blood mates if fate had not implanted the love for each other into our hearts. But I also know that Harry has no experience with love and that it would overwhelm him if I told him right now."
Severus nodded and then inquired: "What will you do, when Harry has to go back to Hogwarts?"
Lucius smirked aloof: "Assuming that I will not burn to ashes in the sun by that point, I already have a plan."
Snape lifted a single eyebrow.
"I will not tell you, it shall be a surprise for you and my mate."



When Harry came back downstairs, he found Lucius and Snape sitting in the living room, sorting through large stacks of books, which stood on every free surface and even the floor.
"What are you two doing?" he inquired curiously.
"Research," was Snape's useful reply.
Harry huffed; sometimes the man was as impolite as he always accused Harry to be. "Lucius?" he asked.
His mate turned his face so that he was looking at him, before explaining: "We are researching a way to make you and me resistant to the sunlight and a way to free you and Nagini from Voldemort's Horcruxes."
"Oh...okay." He turned to the Potions Master: "Have you already picked a room? You can have mine, it is mostly empty, but the bed is very uncomfortable, you probably should transform it into something better, or you can have Dudley’s. It has a very comfy bed, but is quite messy."
"I will take your old bedroom, thank you, and would you mind if I create a lab in your cellar?" Snape asked.
"No, of course not. You are welcome to it," Harry permitted. "Can I help you somehow?" he added, glancing at the piles of books, not really thrilled at the thought of spending his holidays with researching, but knowing that it was important. Furthermore; his mate would do the same and this way, he could at least spend some time with him.
"Just pick one up and start reading, both problems we have to solve are very obscure topics, so we cannot tell you what to look for either," Lucius admitted.
Nodding, Harry picked up the book lying directly in front of him. It was a heavy volume, old and dusty. With the book in hand, he went over to the sofa, where Lucius sat. The man slid over to the side, automatically making space for him.
The next few days they fell into an easy routine. Harry would make breakfast for Snape, who had adapted his daily routine to the two vampires. After they had sat awhile in the kitchen, they went over to the living room, researching. After three days of reading through ancient books, Snape seemed to have an idea of what a potion had to do to make them resistant to sunlight. The man had collected blood samples from Harry and Lucius and had locked himself up in his new lab, only coming out for meals.
Meanwhile, Harry and Lucius had continued to research the Horcrux issue. Harry had only found one single obscure sentence that might give them a hint in an ancient alchemistic potions book. It has said: ‘To extract the impure, one must use the purest of all kind.’
Neither he, nor Severus or even Lucius could really say what the author meant and so they were still none the wiser.
Their relationship had not changed much in the last couple of days. They kissed sometimes, very shortly and carefully when Lucius initiated something, because Harry himself still felt much too shy. Harry had the feeling that his mate wanted to give him time, and he was thankful for that. They often sat close together and Harry cuddled up close to the aristocrat every night, his warmth comforting his dead and cool skin. When they exchanged their innocent kisses, Harry could feel that his mate was restraining himself just barely. Sometimes he saw a hungry gleam in Lucius eyes, ravishing his butt with his eyes and when he sat in his mate's lap, he could often feel how hungry his mate really was for his body.
Harry still didn't wear any underpants and he knew that it drove Lucius nearly insane. The noble man had taken a special liking to his small backside, but it didn't really bother Harry; in fact it even flattered him. Even knowing that he was not yet ready to have sex with his mate once again, he needed the knowledge that his dominant would want it very much; it calmed his submissive vampire side down.
Sometimes he himself felt a stirring in his lower abdomen, or even arousal, but he ignored it and so did Lucius with the exception of some looks that were even more heated than usually. That Lucius restrained himself so well soothed Harry immensely and drove even the slightest doubt concerning his mate from his mind. But Snape seemingly found Lucius’ devouring looks inappropriate enough and Harry could not blame him for his opinion; he would react the same way if he had to see his friend Ron snogging Remus Lupin or someone else who was so much older than his best friend.
Harry had taken a liking to nuzzling Lucius’ neck. His dominants' delicious and alluring scent was especially strong there and it often coaxed a quiet moan from Lucius' mouth, which he liked to hear very much. They had also found out that their mating marks were even more sensitive than they had already assumed when Harry had massaged his mark absentmindedly whilst thinking about his mate. Said mate had come stomping into the living room some minutes later; cheeks tinted a very deep red for a vampire and a visible lump in his tight fitting trousers. Lucius had forbidden him from touch his mating mark again, until he was ready to take care of the consequences. Harry didn't need to ask what consequences he meant, it had been clear enough.
Right now he was sitting next to Lucius on the sofa, Snape was like usual these days, down in his new potions lab, when his mate dropped the book he had been reading with an annoyed huff to the floor and started to stretch out on the couch.
"Hey, leave me some space," Harry glared at him, without really meaning it.
"If there is no space on the sofa to lie down, I could always offer for you to lie down on my body," his mate smirked.
Harry raised both his eyebrows before thinking that he was quite fond of the idea and crawled between Lucius long legs. He made himself comfortable on his dominants chest, his chin propped up on his folded arms, Lucius’ steady heartbeat a calming sound beneath him and he closed his eyes with a contented sigh.
His mate started to comb through his hair and he started purring at the gesture.
"Tell me a bit about you," Lucius suddenly requested.
Harry opened his eyes again and blinked up at him in surprise, they were mated for some days now and he had become more at ease in the older wizards company, but until now Lucius had not asked any personal question and Harry hadn't either. Somehow, it had felt too early.
"What do you want to know?" he asked insecurely and started to chew on his bottom lip; one of his nervous habits, like rambling or messing his hair, he imagined Lucius asking all kinds of personal questions about his family life, or his encounters with his dominants former master and he was not sure if he was ready to have that conversation yet.
"You do not have to tell me your deepest secrets right away, but I think it is time that we start to get to know each other a bit better," Lucius deep, velvet voice soothed him.
Feeling more at ease, he asked carefully: "Oh..okay...can we take turns with asking questions?" To be honest, he would like to know a bit more about his mate as well.
"We can do that;" Lucius agreed.
"So, what would you like to know?" Harry asked, laying his head down on the aristocrat’s chest, so that he could listen to Lucius’ heart beat better, he loved that sound. Every evening he had fallen asleep to this soothing rhythm for the last couple of days until it felt like coming home.
"What is your favourite colour?" Lucius asked.
Harry chuckled in relief: "Somehow, I have expected a more intrusive question."
"I still have to buy you a new wardrobe and it would be helpful to know which colours you like in order to avoid picking the wrong things," Lucius drawled.
"I doubt that you could ever pick an ugly outfit," Harry commented, but then answered: "My favourite colours are red and green... now it's my turn." He thought for a moment and then asked: "Have you learned any profession, or do you just live from your family's money? ...I mean I know that you work for the ministry sometimes, but have you studied for a higher education?"
Harry had always wondered about this point, because everybody knew that a Malfoy didn't need to work for their living, but somehow Lucius never had seemed like a man who would just sit at home and do nothing.
Lucius chuckled. It was a deep sound that echoed in the man's broad chest: "Of course I have studied for a higher education. In fact, I have learned a couple of professions. It is even common knowledge."
Now Harry felt stupid for asking. But he pressed on: "And what did you study?"
"I am a qualified healer and mind healer, I am also a registered lawyer and a potions master, not as talented as Severus, but good enough. And sometimes I work for the Unspeakables, but there is no actual education for that line of work, they contact you if they are interested in your skills. "
"Wow, you really are intelligent," Harry mused, suddenly feeling very unqualified to be Lucius’ mate. He could probably try all he wanted and never reach such a high level.
Lucius, who had become good in reading his mind in the last days pressed a soft kiss to his locks and said: "Do not worry, Harry. I am sure you will accomplish remarkable things as well and even if you do not, you are still my mate and it will not change anything between us." And then he asked:
"What would you like to do after graduation?"
"Uhm..." Harry said intelligently. He knew what everybody expected him to become after Hogwarts, but that honestly wasn't what he wanted. "Everybody expects me to become an Auror, but I really don't want to do that... I don't know if I want to learn something specific at all. If given the choice, I would like to work on different projects; there is much that needs to be changed in our society and now as a vampire I have all the time in the world. I can still learn something in a hundred years."
"You certainly deserve to do what you would want to do," Lucius admitted.
"Maybe it is my submissive side, but I would be content to stay mostly at home," Harry admitted.
"It probably is due to my dominant side, that I like the sound of your wish, but I would never hold you back if you wish to apply for an actual job one day," Lucius said.
Harry smiled and nuzzled his mate's neck."I know."
"What is your favourite food?" he inquired, when he was finished with nuzzling Lucius’ neck and had pressed a small kiss to it.
"As a Malfoy, I should answer oysters and caviar, and I like these dishes, but what I enjoy the most is a well cooked roast," Lucius admitted with a soft chuckle.
Grinning up at him, Harry said:"That is my favourite as well. Molly Weasley makes the best roast."
Lucius wrinkled his nose at the mention of the Weasley matron.
Huffing at his mate’s expression, Harry declared: "As soon as you are part of the Order, I will ask her to make a roast, and then you can see for yourself."
"You forget that food general is not very appealing to us anymore" Lucius said and Harry's face fell, he had forgotten that. Before could think about it further, Lucius asked:
"Is your favourite class DADA like everybody says, or is that just another one of those rumours?"
Harry chuckled: "It is, at least, since my last flying lesson at the end of first year. But unfortunately, we always had incompetent or dangerous teachers, with the exception of Remus."
"How should a good DADA lesson be?" Lucius inquired.
"Lots of practice, I think. You don't get any better at duelling if you only read the books," he mused, before asking another question:
"What does Malfoy Manor look like?" He asked after a moment.
"It probably looks nothing like you would imagine it," Lucius smirked. "The Manor has a huge entrance hall, with several chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. It is build from the most expensive white marble and the walls and staircases are mostly white and you find plenty of golden ornaments everywhere. I have many family portraits, but I have banned them to a rarely occupied section of the Manor, because Malfoy’s are quite insisting, even after they have been dead for many decades and it gave me quite a few headaches to listen to all their proposals concerning one matter or another, especially when they contradict each other."
Harry chuckled: "I always knew that your family is full of arrogant bastards like yourself."
Lucius smirked: "I think it is a family trait."
Harry curled his arms around his mate's neck, happy that he could talk to the mostly cold aristocrat so easily.
"Is there as much dark wood, silver and greens as I imagine?" he asked.
Lucius chuckled again: "Most rooms are not decorated that way; most rooms are decorated in creams, gold and silver and with light wooden furniture. The Veela who married into the Malfoy family in the early Middle Ages was not very fond of the dark Manor she was expected to live in and used her charm to convince her fiancé to build a new home for them. Knowing the Manors of my late in-laws, I can understand why she found the old Malfoy Manor too depressing."
"So the Malfoy’s really have Veela genes?" Harry asked astonished.
"We have. Why do you sound so surprised. I think it is obvious with our looks," Lucius inquired with a lifted eyebrow.
"Well...uh..." he stammered and started to fidget. He really didn't want to say something rude, but it would be hard if he wanted to be honest and lying to his dominant was not an option. Looking up at Lucius, he saw that his mate was still waiting patiently.
"You certainly look like it. I mean, you are so attractive and graceful, but I only knew Draco and he always made the impression that he had to work for his demeanour..." he stopped then, realizing that they had never mentioned Lucius’ late son before and became even more nervous. A cold feeling gripped his heart and Harry could not say where it suddenly had come from. Shaking his head, he started to chew on his bottom lip even more violently, his dead heart pounding in his chest.
"Hush, Harry," Lucius commanded sternly and he looked up into his mates silver eyes, which luckily had not frozen over again.
"Draco didn't deserve to die so young and neither had Narcissa, but you can still mention them," He took Harry's right hand and pressed a kiss on his mating mark, sending little shivers down Harry's body. The gesture soothed him slightly, but the cold feeling had not left entirely. It really made no sense, why should he feel distressed at the thought of Lucius’ dead son, who had been his nemesis? Maybe he felt distressed for his mate? Surely the man must still be in pain and maybe he could somehow feel it subconsciously due to their soul bond?
Lucius pulled him from his confusing musing then: "To answer your question: The Veela genes only develop fully at someone’s seventeenth birthday and need about a month to gain full effect after that. He only turned seventeen quite a few days before his death, that is why he never seemed as elegant as I."
Harry blinked at the statement. "Why did he already turn seventeen? Shouldn't he only be fifteen?" He wondered.
"He should, but you have to be eleven until a specific date to get invited to Hogwarts and he was still a few weeks too young," Lucius explained.
"But then he should be sixteen?" Harry furrowed his brows in contemplation. His mate chuckled at his look and explained further: "When he was finally old enough to get his Hogwarts letter, he got sick with the Wizarding Dragon Flu. The Dragon Flu is a quite violent version of the Wizarding Flu and 2/3 of the children who get infected with it die within days. Those who survive need months to get healthy again."
"So he couldn't go again and was already thirteen when he finally got to school?"
"Exactly. Draco hid his true age, because he saw it as a sign of his weak body and was embarrassed, only his closest friends knew about his illness," his mate mused thoughtfully.
"I didn't know that," Harry admitted, still feeling a bit embarrassed for bringing up the topic and frowned at the thought of Draco having close friends. He always had the feeling that the blonde boy had minions and acquaintances, but no real friends.
"Well, you have never been friends with my son," Lucius explained.
Wanting to change the topic, Harry suddenly said: "It's your turn. Ask another question."
"Of course you majesty," Lucius smirked "What do you see in your two best friends?"
Harry curiously looked at him and his mate sighed: "I will not forbid you contact with your friends, as inadequate as I find them. Maybe, if you can explain me what you see in them, I can see it as well and accept them easier."
A wide smile spread across Harry's face: "You want to get to know my friends?"
"I would not quite put it like that, but I would like to be able to stand their mere presence," Lucius scoffed.
Harry's grin didn't falter. He leaned forwards and pressed a kiss to Lucius cheek, still not brave enough to just kiss his mate's lips, flushing instantly at the innocent gesture. After listening to his mate’s comments on muggle born and blood traitors, he had feared that he would have to choose between the two parties at one point, but he should have known that Lucius’ promise to do nothing that would hurt him would not only extend to their sexual life.
"Thank you, that means so much to me!" He exclaimed, pressing a second kiss to the surprised aristocrat’s cheek.
"I know," Lucius hummed; seemingly quite content with the attention he was given and waited for his explanation.
"Ron and Hermione are the best people I know," at the once again raised eyebrow of his mate, Harry quickly added: "With the exception of you of course, but you are my mate and that doesn't count, because you are perfect." He flushed even more at the confession, but went on: "Sure, Ron can be quite thick headed sometimes and Hermione really is a know-it-all, but they have always helped me; Ron even told his brothers Fred and George to get me from the Dursley’s after our first year."
"I hope you are right and they will continue to stay by your side," Lucius said.
"I am sure of it. Sure, Ron will flip if he ever finds out about us, but so will everybody else. Sirius will probably try to castrate you."
"I have no doubt about that. He was always like that: rash and prone to violence."
"Were you in the same year as Sirius?" Harry asked. His godfather had only mentioned Snape, but Lucius was around the same age, so it would be logical that they knew each other.
"I am two years older than your godfather, the wolf and your late parents, so I didn't see them very often, but I did know them a bit."
"You are older than Sirius and my parents?" Harry asked astonished.
Lucius smirked: "I am. Are you shocked now?"
Harry chewed on his bottom lip; somehow he had always imagined that his parents, Snape, his godfather, Remus and Lucius had all been in the same year. Never had he thought that Lucius would be older than them, but did it make a difference? Wasn't the only thing that counted the fact that they were soul mates?
"I don't know. I mean... I think that it really doesn't matter, because everybody will consider you far too old for me with or without these two years and we have stopped aging a few days ago, so I will not have to nurse an old man when I am still in the prime of my life ..." he laughed nervously and received a lopsided smirk from his mate.
"A Malfoy never needs to be nursed, regardless their age, it would be undignified.
Harry rolled his eyes: "That is your excuse for everything, but it would not have stopped your body from getting weak and shaky."
"Of course it would have," Lucius huffed arrogantly, sending shivers down Harry's spine.
Turning his head, he noticed with a heavy heart that the first pink stripes had appeared on the horizon. Lucius, who had followed his gaze, sat up straighter a bit more and said: "We should go upstairs and go to bed."
Harry only locked his arms around the man's waist and shook his head, pouting. He was far too comfortable right now and he wanted to find out more about the wonderful man he would spend the rest of his eternal life with: "Don't want to; it's so nice to lay here and talk."
His mate chuckled: "We have to, Harry. It would be unwise to stay here and burn to ashes in our sleep."
Harry huffed: "I will come with you if you carry me upstairs."
"You want me to carry you upstairs? A Malfoy never does physical labour, how often do I have to repeat myself?" Lucius sounded amused and Harry grinned up at him, trying to make his eyes look even bigger as he pleaded: "Please, Lucius. Besides, I am so light, that I can't be considered ‘physical labour’. And you are my dominant after all, or do you want to tell me that you are too weak to carry me?"
Lucius growled and Harry found himself suddenly scooped up into the arms of one Lucius Malfoy. His slight tease had worked better than he had expected.
"I will not let you believe that you are bonded to a weak dominant," the man growled and started his way out of the living room and up the stairs. "You are a tease," he added, only succeeding in making Harry snicker. His dominant's arrogance was far too funny sometimes, especially when he was teasing his mate. It was odd, how Harry had started to like the one character trait of Lucius that had annoyed him so much before.
"I know that you aren't weak. I am sure that you are the strongest dominant of all vampires."
"Of course I am. You have a Malfoy as mate and we are always the best," Lucius huffed, sounding not in the least sarcastic or self-ironic.
Something stirred in Harry’s lower region at his dominants self assurance and he asked, smiling: "I love your arrogance, do you know that?"
"Really?" now Lucius sounded honestly curious and Harry immediately blushed as he realized that he would have to explain further:
"Yeah, it's sexy."
"How so?" Lucius asked, laying him down on their bed.
"Because it makes you seem confident," Harry explained, his arms falling lazily to the side.
His mate smirked his most arrogant smirk and drawled: "I already know that, but it is nice to hear it from you."
"Arrogant prick," Harry muttered with no real malice in his voice, whilst his eyes roamed the body of his gorgeous dominant mate. Sometimes, he wanted to touch those well defined abs, but he reckoned that it would be unfair to touch and caress Lucius’ skin when it would surely arouse the man and he was not yet ready to relieve the man of his sexual tension and physical desires.
"Like what you see?" Lucius asked, his voice dropping to a seductive purr.
"Yes," Harry breathed, not able to lie to the god of a man, his own body reacting to the sight in front of him.
Lucius bend down again, licking the shell of his ear and whispered: "You have no idea what you do to me when you watch me so hungrily, with those huge, innocent eyes, letting me know that you desire me as much as I desire you, even if you are not ready for me to take things further yet."
Harry's heart missed a beat and his pants tightened further when Lucius straightened again, brushing over his young body with his fingertips as he did so. Quickly he went into a heated daze when Lucius ghosted over one of his nipples, so fast to only hint at how arousing it could get. It felt so good to have those strong hands treat him so tenderly and he sighed in utter bliss, closing his eyes to concentrate on the feeling of Lucius’ fingers wandering lower, caressing every slight curve they could find on their way downwards.
His mate’s fingers stopped on his waistband, starting to loosen the button there.
His mind cleared instantly and gulping, he asked with a shaky voice: "What are you doing, Lucius?"
Was his mate unsatisfied with their very innocent paced relationship than he had thought? Did he want more and hoped that he could seduce Harry into intercourse without forcing him? Nervousness rose inside of him and he tried to scoot away, but Lucius placed his other hand on Harry's stomach to hold him in place, stroking his skin there softly.
"Shh, Harry, I already promised you I will not do anything you do not want me to do," the aristocrat soothed him. Harry nodded, reminding himself that this was his mate and that he would never harm him and relaxed once more. Why did he still have trust issues as soon as Lucius did something unexpected? Sometimes, he believed that even though he was so young he still should want more as Lucius’ submissive and the fact that he didn't, troubled him quite a bit.
Lucius traced the line just above his waistband distracting him quite thoroughly from his gloomy thoughts, before pushing his trousers down, exposing his half-hard member.
"So beautiful," his mate purred, bending down and pressing a soft kiss to his right thigh, before stroking his sides chastely and tracing his nose over his heated skin.
Harry's penis was fully erect now, showing a readiness his mind did not feel, but Lucius held his promise and did not come any closer to his private parts. How his mate knew what he was ready for and what not, Harry didn't know; but it really didn't matter, as long as Lucius knew these things. Harry watched Lucius through half lidded eyes as he pulled his pants completely off, before the man laid them neatly to the side and came back to Harry. He then proceeded to give his stomach another chaste kiss, nibbling at the sensitive skin there and eliciting quite gasps from Harry's mouth. Lucius was worshiping his body, covering it with a thousand little kisses, licks and strokes. Harry relaxed into the caressing touch, enjoying the attention he received. No one had ever made him feel so good and cared for. He wanted to think ‘loved’, but that thought still scared him a bit, it would sound so ‘huge’. All too soon the mouth retreated and Harry gave a protesting noise.
"I know Harry, but the sun is rising and we still have to get into bed," Lucius whispered.
Sighing, Harry sat up, pulling his shirt over his head and grabbing his nightshirt, whilst watching his mate undress. How had he captured this man? It was a mystery to him. Sure, fate had much to do with it, but why did fate think ‘him’ of all people worthy to be the mate of Lucius Malfoy, the persona of perfection?
He scooted over and made space for the aristocrat, who pulled him against his body as soon as he had lain down. Harry turned on his side so that he was facing his mate, and as it had become his habit, curled up under the blanket in the space between his mates chin and knees.
"Sleep well," Lucius whispered and pressed a kiss to his thick locks.
"You too Lucius," he answered and pressed his own lips against the chest in front of him.
When the sun finally rose, Harry's eyes closed, welcoming the deep vampire sleep, only that this time, his sleep was not as deep and dreamless as the nights before:
It was, as if someone had dropped him right in the middle of a horror movie:
"Where are they?" Voldemort hissed angrily, his voice shaking with barely restrained emotions. In front of the cruel man already laid a pile of dead bodies, tortured until their hearts had given in. The scent of blood and fear in the room was sickening; Harry could not even appreciate it as a vampire. The snake man's fury echoed through his own body, making his muscles ache and his scar throb painfully. He had so desperately hoped that these dreams had gone after his mating; after all, he had had some peaceful nights in a row, something that hadn't occurred for over a year.
A man with the mask and the robes of a Death Eater crawled forward, his head and back bowed, his voice as shaky as the rest of him: "There is still no sign of Lucius or the Potter boy."
Voldemort’s fury rose even further, making Harry gasp.
"I will kill that traitor! How dare he! Crucio!" shouted Voldemort, pointing his bone-like wand at the man who had spoken.
The man fell to the ground, twitching and writhing in agony, his mouth opened in a scream. But Harry could not say if any sound came from the man's mouth, because by now he was screaming alongside with him, feeling every ounce of pain the curse inflicted on Voldemort's victim.
When Voldemort lifted his wand and broke the curse, Harry didn't know how he had remained standing, the knowledge that this was only a nightmare disappearing in his pain addled mind.
"McNair," Voldemort turned to another black figure to Harry's right. "Could some of you useless scum find out something from Dumbledore?"
"No, my Lord. The old fool doesn't know the whereabouts of Potter either. He is searching frantically, but to no avail, that is at least what Severus had told me this morning," McNair answered, his voice void of all emotions.
"You useless idiots! It cannot be so difficult to find a boy, a traitor and a snake!" Voldemort shouted and in that moment Harry knew that the man had snapped. He didn't even need the sour smell in the air to realize it, as he watched in horror as the dark wizard waved his wand in a circular motion above his head before shouting ‘Crucio!’ once more and the last thing he knew before his vision darkened and his body was consumed by an all consuming pain, was that it was a thousand times worse than anything he had felt before, even at the graveyard, as every Death Eater collapsed under the onslaught of the torturing curse.
Harry didn't know if he was lying or standing anymore, he could not even remember his own name. Every cell, every nerve-ending was burned by the multiplied pain of experiencing the anguish of a whole room of tortured wizards.
He could feel his sanity slipping away from him and just as he was sure that he would lose his mind from the agony a second awareness entered him; strong, protective and soothing. The awareness only brushed his consciousness quickly, before starting to erect powerful shields inside Harry's mind. They shimmered in a dull silver colour, but Harry instantly knew and felt that they were bright on the outside, reflecting the magic that was hurting him, protecting him with a fierce power he had never felt before. The pain subsided to a dull throbbing and now his body was mostly throbbing with the feeling of being protected by this fierce spirit; cold and sharp like a blade made from ice, but only towards Voldemort’s onslaught.
Finally the presence focused on him.
"Harry, are you alright?"
Harry knew that voice, it was familiar and calming, but he could not put a name to it, everything still hurt too much for him to be able to concentrate.
"I...think so," he croaked out.
"Good," relief and another, ‘warm’ feeling, like the rays of the early spring sun flooded his mind and he could feel the care of the second awareness with every fibre of his being.
"Then try to wake up, we have to heal you," the voice said.
Harry hesitated; he really wanted to go back, but he felt so weak and as if he was caged in his own mind: "I can't. Everything hurts." He felt a single tear rolling down his cheek, even though he still couldn't really connect to his body, it was more of a feeling than a real sensation.
"You can, Harry. And I will heal your pains," the voice replied.
The voice didn't understand him. He wanted to leave, but he was locked-in.
"No, I literally can't. It feels as if I am locked inside my mind," Harry sniffed, getting desperate.
A rush of panic washed over him, but it was quickly gone; replaced by a fierce determination, as fierce as the wish to protect him before and when the voice spoke next, it sounded commanding and demanded instant obedience:
"You can Harry and you will. Wake up!"
Harry blinked, only to realize that he couldn't blink because someone was forcing his eyes open. His vision blurred even more for a moment, before finally focusing.
Lucius was bent over him, his face twisted in worry, and it was him who held his eyes open. He forced his eyes to meet the silver ones of his mate, even though his head and eyes hurt and they didn't want to concentrate on anything. As soon as their eyes locked, relief washed over Lucius’ beautiful features and his mate sat back, letting go of Harry's eyelids and finally giving him back the ability to blink, which he did a few times, because his eyes felt very dry and raw.
"Harry," Lucius breathed. "How are you feeling?"
Harry shifted and immediately all his muscles protested. "Like shit," he said truthfully. He closed his eyes again, hoping that the pain in his head would lessen a bit, but it made no difference and so he opened them again.
A movement to the side drew his attention to another figure who was standing there, but his eyes had not recovered yet and he could not identify who it was.
"Severus, give me the pain potions," Lucius ordered and the black figure moved closer.
‘So it is Snape’, Harry thought.
His mate scooted closer and held a vial to his lips. For the first time in his life, he drank a potion without any complaining, even downing a second bottle.
His mind started to cloud over a bit, but the pain subsided rapidly and his vision nearly went back to normal. Looking around to orient himself, he saw that light was shining through the gap between the door and the floor; it was daytime, he should have been asleep.
"What happened?" he asked feeling irritated, stretching an arm out for Lucius, who immediately pulled him into his lap, cradling him and stroking the back of his neck.
"You had a vision," Snape answered, and Lucius added:
"I had to enter your mind with the help of Legilimency and build up Occlumency Shields to save your mind."
Harry blinked in confusion, he had never heard these words before, were they spells?
"Occlumency and Legilimency are mind magic’s, they are very complicated and only a few wizards are able to perform these arts," Snape elaborated.
"So you really were in my mind? That was not a dream?" Harry asked baffled, not sure how he should feel about the intrusion, even when it had only been his mate.
"I was, otherwise, we would have had to take you to St. Mungo's right now. Normally I would never invade your mind in that manner, but it was necessary," his mate affirmed, his voice sounding strained.
The memory of what he had seen returned to his mind and he nodded, before asking another question:
"What is a vision?"
"A vision is something you see in a trance or a dream, but it is actually happening or it will in the future, not mere memories," Snape explained.
"Did it feel real?" Lucius asked and after a moment of contemplation, Harry nodded again, his dream had really made the impression that he was witnessing something that was currently happening miles and miles away from him. His muscles, which were still very sore, even though the potion had taken away a huge portion of the pain, where indicator enough that he had in fact witnessed Voldemort torturing his followers through a vision.
"Is it normal to feel so much pain during a vision?"
His mate and potions master exchanged a look, before Lucius inquired: "What happened during your vision?"
Harry didn't want to remember it so clearly and thinking was quite trying right now; the potions had turned his brain into a pile of mush, but he tried his best to remember every detail:
"Voldemort had called his followers as he wanted to know if they had found us yet. He was quite mad as they told him that no one had a clue, where you, I and Nagini are..." he broke off for a moment, laying his head against Lucius’ chest.
"What happened then?" Lucius prodded softly.
"Voldemort did a strange circular movement with his wand and when he spoke the Cruciatus Curse every Death Eater in the room was affected."
"Did you feel the pain of the curse?" Snape asked, frowning.
"I think I felt the pain of every one of them, because a few minutes earlier he had already cast the curse once and it didn't feel as bad then."
Snape paled and Harry could feel Lucius stiffen.
"What is wrong?" Harry asked, getting even more nervous.
"Even during a vision, you should not feel their pain," Snape explained.
"It is likely due to your connection to Voldemort," Lucius added. "I could feel it, when I was in your mind. Voldemort's magic was flooding into you. Was this the first time you experienced something like this?
Shaking his head, Harry thought about his dream just before his fourth school year, when he had dreamed about the muggle who had been killed by Voldemort.
"We will have to teach you Occlumency. It could become quite dangerous for you, if you continue to experience Voldemort's magic like this. He could even send you false memories to lure you out," Snape announced and leaned against the next wall.
Harry paled as a suffocating feeling spread inside his chest: "Does that mean that something like this could occur again at any time?"
"No, right now I am still blocking your mind, but it would be better for you to learn mind magic, in case something happened to me," Lucius explained.
"What could happen to you? You are a vampire and you are a dominant," Harry asked; the stress of the vision finally catching up with him and his body started to shake.
"Shh, Harry. Everything will be fine," Lucius pressed a kiss on his neck, before saying: "It is just a safety measure."
"Ok..." Harry stammered, trying to believe his mate, but the fear that had gripped his heart at the mention of Lucius getting harmed in some way did not leave him completely and the cold feeling around his heart, which he had felt earlier when Draco had been mentioned, returned full force. Unfortunately, he knew all too well what the dark wizard was able to do.
"We will talk about it tomorrow, I will leave you alone for now," Snape announced suddenly and left the room.
Turning on his side, Harry snuggled closer to Lucius; he felt so weak right now and his dominant’s presence was comforting. Thinking about the vision, he realized that Lucius had saved his sanity. His mind had been about to slip away as Lucius had forced his way in and built up the shields. His body started to shake and tears ran down his cheek.
"Thank you, Lucius," he sniffed, his voice croaked.
"Hush, Harry, I did nothing any other dominant would not do for his submissive as well. In fact, it was quite selfish of me to save you, because, what would I do without my little submissive?"
Harry chuckled, the sound interrupted by more sobs.
"I...I didn't even recognize you at first...when you entered my mind, I mean," he mumbled shyly.
"That is fine. Your mind was under quite the onslaught. I only caught glimpses of your pain, but it was enough to gain you my respect. Any lesser wizard would have gone insane within minutes. You were strong and brave."
"I was not, without you, I would have gone insane," Harry sniffed.
"Yes, but any other wizard would have long before you, they would not have survived until I was there, no one can bear such pains over an extended period of time," Lucius tightened his arm around his still trembling body.
Harry nodded, feeling very exhausted, but wide awake at the same time, adrenalin alone keeping him awake.
"Do you think you can go back to sleep?" the aristocrat asked.
"I don't know," Harry said honestly. The things he had seen and felt were still fresh in his mind and he was afraid to close his eyes again.
"Try to get back to sleep; your body needs the rest. I will stay awake and watch over you," Lucius whispered and drew their shared blanket over their body.
"You will stay awake for me?" Harry asked, thinking that his mate was even greater, than he had already known.
"Of course I will, if it makes you feel safer?"
Harry nodded and closed his eyes. Lucius shifted and pulled his small body on top of his own. Harry placed his ear over his mate's heart, his body relaxed at the soothing sound and without even noticing it; he fell into an exhausted slumber.



When Harry awoke two hours after sunset, he felt sore all over. The pain potions had worn off and his muscles were screaming in pain, even though it was not as bad as directly after his visions, thanks to his enhanced healing abilities.
He groaned and lifted his head, his eyes searching for the silver ones of his mate, who smiled softly at him as soon as their eyes connected.
"You really stayed awake," Harry commented, awe in his voice.
"Of course I did. I had promised you after all and a Malfoy never breaks their promise or did you doubt me?"
Harry shook his head quickly, cursing a moment later when pain shot up his neck and into his skull.
Lucius face darkened: "Does it still hurt that much?"
Harry nodded. "It is a bit better, but still far from good," he admitted quietly.
"I will ask Severus for another potion, you cannot get liver damage after all, so it should not be a problem."
Harry whimpered when the man tried to stand up and clutched his arms tighter around his body. His submissive side had suddenly awoken and the thought of being left alone, even for only a single minute was distressing for some reason.
"Harry, I will be right back," Lucius promised and smoothed over his hair.
"Don't go, I don't need another potion. Just...don't go," he whined.
"Harry, I will not see you in this much pain if I can easily do something about it," Lucius said sternly and unclenched his fingers, before standing up.
"I will hurry," he said with a last touch to his hair, before disappearing.
As soon as Lucius was away, Harry felt panic rise inside him. What if something happened right now? He was weak and would not be able to defend himself; he needed his mate to protect him.
His keen ears tried to pick up any sounds, but it was quiet outside. Still, Voldemort and his followers were searching for him and he was in no state to do anything if they would arrive now and in his fear filled mind, he forgot that they could not find his house now or ever.
Standing up on shaking legs, he looked around in the dark room, trying to push his panic away so that he would be able to concentrate. He needed a hiding place. His eyes fell on the large cupboard next to the door and he stumbled over, opening one door and crawling inside, before closing it again.
He sat there in the small space, between towels and sheets, trying not to make any noise. He needed to survive until Lucius was back.
The position he was sitting in strained his sore muscles even further and they started to throb under the exertion, but he didn't move. Lucius would be back soon and then everything would be fine again. His dominant would take him into his arms and hold him safe and hopefully stroke his neck with his long claws.
Harry couldn't say how long he had been sitting like that, when footsteps sounded, followed by his mate's panicked voice:
Pushing against the door, he rolled out of the small space, blinking up at his mate, relief and joy flooding his mind for a second.
"Lucius, you’re back," he breathed, his lips trembling.
His mate's eyes were wide as they stared back at him. Harry tried to get up, but his muscles refused and so he just lifted his arms in a silent request. Lucius understood immediately and picked him up, still looking a mixture of confused and panicked.
"Why did you hide in the cupboard?" he asked as he laid Harry back onto the bed and sat down next to him.
"Anybody could have found me as long as I was lying unprotected on the bed and I can't defend myself right now," Harry explained in a small voice, burying his face into Lucius lap.
"Why didn't you tell me that you fear was so great?" Lucius demanded to know, his voice sounded stern and he glared down on Harry, who whimpered in distress. Had he done something wrong by hiding?
"I tried," he mumbled, his voice faint.
Lucius sighed and combed his fingers through his long silver-blond hair, a gesture he never did and which told Harry how much he had scared his mate with his behaviour.
"I...I am sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," he apologized in a small voice and he had to put all his willpower into it to keep it from breaking completely; the last thing he wanted was to worry Lucius even more.
His mates head snapped up and his silver- red eyes pierced his very soul: "You do not need to apologize, Harry." He sighed and started to caress Harry's neck. "I should have known that leaving you so soon after your vision would not be a good idea. It is my fault not yours."
Harry shook his head in disagreement, now after Lucius’ return he could see how ridiculous his fears had been. His house was protected by strong blood wards, Voldemort couldn't find him here and the muggles sleeping soundly in their beds were surely no threat either.
"It wasn't your fault, you just wanted to help me and get me a potion. I overreacted," he said, turning on his side to give his mate better access to his neck.
"No, Harry. I should have known better, you tried to tell me, but I disregarded your feelings. No dominant should act that way. By believing to know better than you yourself what would be best for you, I scared you. I was too arrogant."
Harry's jaw dropped open. Had Lucius Malfoy just confessed that he had been too arrogant? The world was surely coming to an end.
His mate scowled down at him: "Even I can admit when I have gone too far. Now sit up and take another potion."
Nodding, he tried to obey his mates order, but found himself too weak after his stupid excursion into the closet.
"Let me help you," Lucius mumbled and moved one of his hands to the small of Harry's back, pushing him carefully up, before giving him the potion vial.
Harry uncorked it and gave it a cautious sniff. "Does it taste as nasty as it smells?"
"You drank two of them last night. Shouldn't you be able to tell yourself?" Lucius asked, one eyebrow raised.
"I don't remember," Harry admitted and started to fumble with his blanket. "It's only that the pain was so horrible..."
"It is fine Harry, do not worry; nobody will hold it against you that you cannot remember many other things besides the pain. And yes, it tastes as bad as it smells, but the potion is the best cure against the damage of a Cruciatus. It is not only a pain reliever, but a healing draught as well. Severus created it himself," Lucius explained softly.
Harry wrinkled his nose, but said: "Then it has to be a good potion. I don't particular like the man, but he is a genius." He cringed as he downed the thick liquid and shuddered, but the pain instantly subsided again.
"So, what do you want to do today?" he asked, looking up at Lucius.
"’You’ will do nothing but rest and ‘I’ will keep ‘you’ company," Lucius said sternly.
Harry wanted to protest, but one look at Lucius’ face made him stop even before he had opened his mouth and truth to be told, he quite liked the idea of being taken care of by his mate. So instead of protesting he asked: "Can we go downstairs and watch a movie?"
"You mean one of those ridiculous things you watch on that black box?" Lucius sounded anything but thrilled.
"Yes," he confirmed and glanced upwards with his best puppy-eyes-look. He saw the moment when Lucius gave in. His eyes softened even further and he gave a short nod: "But only if you let me carry you downstairs."
"Thanks, you are the best," Harry smiled, wrapping his arms around his mate's neck eagerly.
Lucius only scoffed: "I know."
Harry was then picked up and he enjoyed seeing his mate’s strength in action. Every time Lucius lifted him up or carried him, it seemed as if he weighed nothing, but he knew that was only the case because Lucius was so extraordinarily strong. His vampire instincts were really primal in that matter; nothing aroused him as much as the knowledge of Lucius’ strength. Not right now of course, but normally.
They passed the kitchen where Snape sat with a mug of coffee and the Daily Prophet, so engrossed in the paper that he didn't even notice them. The living room was dark, but Lucius didn't turn the lights on because they really didn't need them anymore. Harry was then lowered onto the couch and Lucius asked: "Shall I fetch one of those small discs or just turn on this horrid device?"
Harry thought about it for a moment. Dudley had many movies he had always wanted to watch and at that hour he would only stumble across another Porno on the regular TV-program. So a DVD it would be, but which one? Picturing his cousins DVD-shelf in front of his inner eye he smiled:
"Can you fetch Sherlock: Season 1?"
"Sherlock?" Lucius repeated dryly, his voice telling Harry all he thought about the strange name.
"Yes, Sherlock. He is a detective and I am sure you will like him. He is an arrogant bastard, just like you," he smirked, earning a glare for his snide comment.



Lucius stepped into the bedroom of Harry's late cousin, eyeing the mess that surrounded him with distaste. What was the name of the movie he should find again? Peacock or something ridiculously similar...
Shoving some dirty shirts with the tips of his boots to the side, he read the titles on the boxes, but was sure that the one he had to get was not among them, however its name was. Turning to the shelf unit, he searched for the rest of the movie boxes, sighing when he realized just ‘how’ much the fat blob of a cousin had possessed. No wonder that the boy had been so overweight, when he had never done anything else than sitting on the sofa, watching movies and eating probably. Lucius would even go so far and guess that the muggle had even skipped school from time to time in favour for his films; he surely had looked stupid enough to do something like that.
How Harry could have turned out so well with that upbringing was more than a small miracle, maybe his parent’s genes were not as bad as he had assumed. Well, his father had been a respected Pureblood after all; even so he had never understood the man's Gryffindor sentimentalities.
His eyes focused back to the task at hand and he quickly scanned the row of boxes, until he finally found the right one. Sherlock it had been.
He took it and left the room without another backward glance, glad that his mate was not as messy as his cousin had been.
When he came back into the living room, his little mate had made himself comfortable on the couch, with a blanket over his legs and his head propped up onto a pillow.
Harry still looked sickly pale and the endearing shadows beneath his eyes and on his cheeks were much too dark, making his worry rise once more. It had been fortunate that Harry had gone through the vision as a vampire, because the boy surely would not have survived it otherwise. The cell and nerve damage of a single Cruciatus Curse was bad, but he had experienced the pain of at least ten added curses, and that only was the case if the Inner Circle had been present yesterday.
Going over to the black device, he asked: "What do I have to do to start your movie?"
Harry leaned forwards and grabbed something that was called a ‘remote’ and pressed a button. A small drawer opened on a second device, that stood next to the black box and his mate explained: "Just put the DVD in."
He did as told and the drawer closed again.
"Will you sit with me?" Harry asked, one arm outstretched, his lips pouting slightly.
His little mate was so cute and not even aware of it, but for once the endearing expression didn't make him want to press Harry up against the next surface and rip the clothing from his body. No, right now he only wanted to make sure that Harry got as much rest as he needed.
Harry propped himself up as he reached the sofa, only to lay his head in his lap as Lucius sat down.
The movie started, but his mind was still occupied with the horror of the previous day and his worry of Harry.
Lucius had never thought it possible that anything could wake him from his unnatural deep vampire sleep, but as soon as the first scream was ripped from Harry’s throat, he had been wide awake. His first thought had been that the Dark Lord had found them after all and was torturing his mate, but one glance at his side had been enough to realize that this was not the case and that Harry was plagued by nightmares once more. It had been the first nightmare since their turning; he had even started to hope that those dreams which tortured his little mate, had disappeared with his humanity, but no such luck.
He had pulled his mate onto his lap and tried to soothe him by stroking his hair, but when the second, even more pain filled scream, erupted he had known that this wasn't a normal nightmare and that Harry was in great danger.
Trying to wake Harry up had quickly turned out to be hopeless, his mate had been too far gone, so he had needed another approach: Legilimency. It had not been easy to force his way into his sleeping mates mind, because the boy had been thrashing wildly and he needed eye contact for the mind magic.
Once inside Harry's mind, Lucius had to react quickly. He did not know if the Dark Lord was conscious of his mental link to Harry, and thus he could not say if he felt the boy’s presence and would therefore feel his present in Harry's mind, but he could not take the chance. If the Dark Lord found out that he had protected Harry's mind, he did not even need to try to return to the wizard’s side as a spy in the future. So he had hurried. Only later did he realize that it had been important to not take his time for another reason as well: Harry would not have been able to fight the onslaught of pain any longer and keep his mind sane.
It had been quite the shock to realize that the Dark Lord’s emotions and magic could flow so easily into his mate's mind and body.
Another shock had been, as Harry told him, that he was not able to wake up. For a short moment he had panicked, but then his vampire instinct had taken over and the dominant inside him had just ordered his mate to wake up, which Harry had done, to his utter surprise and relief. That the order of a dominant could have so much power over his submissive, he would never have guessed.
The third shock had come that morning when he returned from Severus with another pain potion for Harry and his little mate had been gone. He felt still guilty at the thought of not having recognized how afraid Harry really had been at the thought of being left alone. He should have foreseen his submissive’s reaction; it was logical after what the boy had gone through last night, even he would have been distressed and he was not even a submissive who needed much more comfort than a dominant.
Rubbing his eyes, he pushed the topic to the side; it would not help anybody if he drowned in guilt now.
Severus and himself would teach Harry Occlumency; they had already discussed it, but first Harry needed to regain his strength and they still needed to deal with the old coot and his order, so it would probably have to wait until the new school year had begun, but they would find a way. Harry's mental link to the Dark Lord was too much of a danger and a weakness to be left open. Sure, he could continue to protect Harry's mind, but someone only needed to knock him out with a strong curse and Harry's would be unprotected once more.
Harry shifted and gave a protesting sound and as he looked down he became aware, that he had stopped to caress his mate's neck. Chuckling, he resumed his task. His little mate really liked being caressed, he always reminded him of a kitten, the way he relaxed and sometimes even started to purr. He liked to caress Harry as well. Harry's skin was so unbelievably soft and warm, and if it had been possible, his hands would never leave his mate’s skin.
He finally focused on the movie and tried to relax as well, he was still far too tense.
After half an hour of watching the movie, Lucius had to admit that he felt something like respect for the muggle in the film. The man was intelligent and held himself like a true Pureblood would. Maybe a wizard had actually invented the character? That seemed to be the most logical explanation.
Looking down at his mate, he noticed that Harry had drifted off and he doubted that Harry would wake before they would have to go to bed again. As a dominant, he could smell the exhaustion radiating from his little submissive; like he could smell many other things going on inside Harry as well, but normally it was embarrassment, shyness, or even arousal he picked up on this way and not his body desperately working to heal all the inflicted damage.
Lucius keen nose was honestly a blessing. It helped him to treat is vulnerable mate correctly; otherwise, he would have no idea when he went too far with the exploration of the ravens body, or when his kisses became too fierce. Maybe, if Harry had been older already, there would not be such a need to be careful, but despite their slowly growing relationship, he would never trade Harry for someone else, regardless of how experienced the other person would be. Harry was his destined mate and he loved the boy more than anything else.
His hand, or more precisely his claws, were still caressing Harry's neck, just carefully this time. Normally, he liked to put a bit more force behind his gesture when he did this, he knew that Harry loved it when his claws pierced his skin, but the boy was in enough pain, regardless of how much he relished in it normally. There was probably a difference between him inflicting the pain or someone else. Only with Lucius would it have a sexual connotation.
He would like to explore this aspect of their relationship further; he had always enjoyed inflicting a little pain on his lovers, especially when they liked it as much as he did. Sadly, he always had to hold himself back in the past, but with a vampire mate, he hoped that he could one day finally pound as hard as he wished into a body and mark it freely with his teeth and nails to his heart's content.
Lucius had never admitted it to anybody, not even to himself, how much he liked these kind of games; as a Malfoy he had been brought up with a strict set of rules and one of those rules was to never harm a lover seriously, but with Harry and their changed bodies and likings, he would probably not need to consider it often anymore.
Another matter he had never admitted before was his liking for young flesh. He had always liked his lovers younger than himself, but not once had he considered someone as young as Harry. It would not have been appropriate anyway. Maybe his change and the fact that Harry was his blood mate had enhanced this ‘weakness’ of his.
Sure, he could have well built and muscled lovers around every corner, but nothing would ever arouse him as much as Harry's smooth body, his small pink nipples and his still undeveloped cock.
But it was not only the boy's body that drove him crazy:
Harry's big green eyes, his cute little tongue, that always darted out to moisten his lips when he was nervous had him throbbing on a regular basis.
Even more so did Harry's clear innocence, he portrayed with every look he gave Lucius and with every movement he made. The fact that his mate would always contain this innocence, regardless of how much experience he would get over the years, turned him on even more. That was the peculiar thing about being a vampire: Due to their dead condition, many developments have been stopped and they would never start again. That didn't mean that Harry would forget all their future sexual encounters, only that he would never become a devious lover, his mind would always stay in this innocent state in some way.
Only thinking about all these things had made him rock hard again. Sighing, he tried to calm himself.
Steps alerted him about Severus’ approach and as he looked up he saw his friend coming in.
"Is he asleep?" the man asked.
"Yes, he was only awake for about half an hour. His body is working on its healing, I can smell it," he answered.
Severus nodded: "The boy has had more luck than he realized."
"I know and it worries me that the Dark Lord has so much power over him," Lucius sighed.
"You know, that I am better Occlumency and therefore a better teacher?" Severus asked; addressing a topic they both knew would be a sore point between them.
Lucius growled lowly. He knew that his friend was right: Severus had always excelled at Occlumency, whilst he had been better at Legilimency, but the thought of allowing someone else entrance to his submissive’s minds and his secrets, was... ‘infuriating’ to say the least.
"I do not know if my dominant side will allow you teach him," he said after a while.
"I assumed as much and have therefore come up with an alternative plan that will hopefully soothe your dominant side," Severus sneered.
Lucius was unimpressed; he knew the moods of the Potions Master after so many years and had already known that it would not be easy for the man to watch him lusting after and caring for Harry Potter.
"I have found a spell that will establish a temporary link between you and Potter, without you using Legilimency; it would only irritate and overwhelm the boy if both of us forced our way into his mind. You will be able to see everything that I see and to supervise what I am doing."
Lucius pondered the idea for a moment; it sounded good and would hopefully be enough to soothe his protectiveness.
"We can try it," he agreed after a moment.
"Good," Severus said smoothly.
Lucius shifted so that he sat with his legs outstretched on the sofa, before pulling Harry onto his body.
"It is quite disturbing to see you like this," Severus drawled.
"I can imagine as much," Lucius chuckled amusedly, Severus had always been kind of a prude.
"How is your relationship going?"
"Good," he answered, knowing that it wasn't the answer Severus was waiting for.
The Potions Master sighed: "You know what I mean. But you want me to say it out loud, don't you?"
Lucius only smirked.
"You are a sadist," Severus grumbled but then asked: "How far have you two gone already?"
"Why are you torturing yourself by asking, Severus?" he asked with a lifted eyebrow.
"I already told you, I feel at least some obligations towards the boy. I am still one of his professors and as such it is my duty to watch over his wellbeing, as disgusted as I am with the idea."
Lucius sighed, why could his friend not admit his true reasons for his interest in his submissive? Maybe it was time to force Severus to be honest or at least to try to do so; the man could be even more stubborn than himself and that was saying a lot. Especially a lot of trouble in most cases.
"Admit it," he said. "You’re starting to see how similar Harry is to your late friend. Thanks to you, I knew Lily more than I would have liked at the time and far better than James Potter, and so I can tell how prominent she is in my mates character. Aside from his looks, he doesn’t have much in common with his father." Severus glared threateningly at him, but he went on: "And now you are asking yourself, if you have treated him too harshly all those years and if you could have become a father figure to him, even though you never got Lily in the end and had not the fortune to be her sons sire."
Severus jumped up and Lucius knew that he had overstepped his boundaries:
"You know nothing Lucius, so don't talk like you do, or you will experience how a Halfblood has succeeded in becoming the Dark Lords left-hand man!" The man turned on the spot and left in a rush of billowing black robes.
Sighing, Lucius turned back to the movie; he had obviously made a huge mistake, hopefully Severus would have calmed down by tomorrow.
He watched the whole first season of Sherlock and as predicted, Harry didn't wake up for the rest of the night, but he was happy with just sitting there, his submissive on his chest and tracing patterns over his back and neck.
When the sun started to rise, he picked up his submissive and carried him to their bedroom. Laying the small boy down, he quickly stripped to his underpants before climbing into bed next to Harry.
When he had drawn Harry to his body, he nuzzled his mate’s skin and sniffed carefully, to see how much he had healed by now. What he smelled calmed him instantly. Harry smelled much more healed in comparison to earlier and by tomorrow, he would hopefully be nearly completely healed.

Chapter Text


Harry had opened his eyes and blinked in irritation. The last thing he could remember was lying next to Lucius on the sofa watching Sherlock. So how had he gotten into bed?
"Good morning, Harry. How are you feeling?"
He turned around and found Lucius lying next to him, his eyes still closed. Stretching carefully, he noticed that the ache in his muscles had been reduced to a feeling that was similar to his soreness after a particular hard Quidditch training session.
Smiling, he answered: "I feel much better, but how did I get upstairs?"
Lucius huffed: "I carried you, of course."
Harry blinked in confusion: "How long was I asleep?"
"Nearly 24 hours, you fell asleep after half an hour of watching the movie," Lucius answered softly.
"I slept that long? Why didn't you wake me?" Harry asked in shock.
"Because," his dominant drawled lazily "You needed the rest to heal and I find watching you sleep rather calming and enjoyable."
"Wasn't it boring to sit on the sofa the whole time?" Harry asked sceptically, he really didn't like the thought of boring his mate.
"You never could bore me," Lucius replied softly and turned around to give him a soft kiss. Harry mewled appreciatively and wrapped his arms around his mate's neck, trying to deepen the kiss, but Lucius would not let him. A bit irritated, he drew away to look the aristocrat in the eyes, who just chuckled:
"Harry, you are still not fully healed and I will not partake in any action that could affect your recovery."
Pouting, Harry made his best puppy-eyes look that had always worked until now; he really wanted to kiss a bit more, it always made him feel good, but this time Lucius merely shook his head.
"No," his mate said sternly, forbidding any further argument with that one word.
Feeling a bit offended, he sat up and asked: "Are there any plans for today?"
"Yes, there are," Lucius smirked, obviously recognizing his annoyance but not acknowledging it.
"And what will we do?" he asked, hoping that maybe they could go outside for a walk with Nagini.
"The same as yesterday," Lucius chuckled.
Harry huffed. He really didn't think it necessary. He felt far better than the night before and the sound of spending another night on the sofa sounded boring.
"Do we have to? It sounds boring," he complained, knowing that he sounded like a small, whiny child but not caring at the moment.
"Yes, we will lie on the sofa, watch some more movies and if you behave well, we might play a game of chess or two," Lucius commanded and stood up to pull his trousers and shirt on.
"Can't we at least go for a walk? Nagini has to eat," he tried, knowing that it wouldn't be successful.
"Nagini ate three sheep only a couple of days ago, she will be fine for at least another week," Lucius retorted.
Glaring, Harry stood up as well, picking up his pants.
"Do not bother, you will lie down anyway," his mate commanded and Harry dropped his pants in annoyance, snapping: "But I will not be carried downstairs again!" He didn't wait for an answer and stomped down the stairs in his long sleeping shirt.
Light floated out of the kitchen and into the hallway as he came down. Snape sat behind the Daily Prophet, expression gloomier than ever.
"Has something happened?" he asked as he made his way to the refrigerator, maybe he could at least make some breakfast for the man...if he was lucky.
"I told him some uncomfortable truths last night," Lucius drawled as he sat down at the small kitchen table adding: "What are you doing, Harry?"
Ignoring his dominant's question for now, he went over to the stove and asked: "What kind of truths?"
"That I will not tell you, it is not my story," Lucius explained and then repeated his earlier question, but Harry's stubborn streak had sprung to life and he ignored him once more, pulling a bowl from the shelf to prepare pancakes.
"Harry, what are you doing? Didn't I tell you that you would rest today?" Lucius' voice had gained a growling undertone, but it had little effect on Harry; in comparison to other submissives, vampire submissives were not very obedient when they truly didn't want to be, so he only turned and glared at Lucius. Harry knew instinctively that Lucius could use ‘compulsion’ on him, to literally force him to oblige, but he also knew that Lucius' instincts would warn him not to do so, because compulsion would make him into a mindless puppet for a short moment, but not stop the huge argument and the breach of trust that would most likely cause. The dominant's compulsion was only meant to save the submissive from an otherwise dangerous situation and thus Lucius would not dare to use it on him.
The loud growl that vibrated through the small room told Harry that he been right with his assumptions. He gave another smirk and turned back around.
"If you at least let me do this, I will lie down afterwards like the good little submissive I am," he promised sweetly.
Snape made a choking sound then that sounded like suppressed laughter, and Harry was proud of himself; he had stood his ground against his overprotective dominant and made his stiff Potions Master laugh.
He started to pour flour into the bowl and added three eggs and milk. Snape, who must have caught on what he was doing after putting his paper to the side asked:
"Is that for me?"
"Yes," Harry just answered and started to mix the ingredients.
"There is no need to go to such extents for me," the Potions Master's voice sounded behind him, a bit strained.
"It is no problem," Harry answered smoothly."
"Severus wants to tell you in his polite manner, that he is not hungry," Lucius elaborated.
"Yeah," Harry just said, he had gathered as much, but he would not stop cooking after his mate had finally given up.
"Well?" Severus asked in a drawling voice.
"I don't care, I want to cook and Snape is the only person present who still needs to eat actual food, so I will cook for him."
Severus groaned, but Harry paid it no mind. He had always loved cooking, even for the Dursley’s. They had left him alone in the kitchen and it had always relaxed him and even more importantly: It was the only thing besides lazing about he would be allowed to do today, so Snape would just have to eat. The man could use the added calories anyway, there really was no reason to be so thin unless someone was starving him as Harry had been starved in the past, but he really didn't believe that someone could do that to the grouchy, but powerful wizard. It was more likely, that the man just forgot to eat on a regular basis, when he was once again engrossed in a potion.
Pouring the dough into a heated pan, he quickly baked a whole pile of pancakes. After he had piled them on a big plate and added syrup, he put the plate in front of his professor, smiling happily down on him.
Severus only glared at his meal, but to Harry's joy, started eating without any more complains.
"Well, I will go into the living room then," he announced and wandered off, leaving two stunned wizards behind.
Sitting down comfortably, he spread the thin sofa-blanket over his legs. It really made no difference for his body temperature, but it was still comforting to snuggle into the soft material. He started the TV and the DVD-player with the remote and started the first episode once more; he had fallen asleep in the midst of it after all.
Skipping forwards, he searched for the last scene he could remember.
"You want to watch them again?"
Harry startled, he had been so distracted, that he had not heard his mate approaching.
"Yeah, I did not get to watch much yesterday, but the beginning had been really good. Do you want to join me?"
"Later, I have watched the entire season. I will just ask Severus to join me in a game of chess for now," Lucius answered.
Harry blinked in surprise; he would never have thought that Lucius could have the patience to watch an entire season of a muggle series. "Really? Did you like it?"
"It was not as boring as I imagined, neither was it as bad."
Harry grinned broadly and angled his neck so that he could look into his mate's face.
"You liked it," he teased.
"I did not say that," Lucius huffed.
"Yeah, but it was as good as an admission," Harry smirked.
Scowling down on him, Lucius sneered: "Surely not. I could never like a muggle movie," and then turned and left Harry to his own devices.
Snickering, Harry turned back to the TV. His mate came back only ten minutes later, a grumpy potions master in toe.
"I really have no time for chess, I still need to find a cure for your sunlight problem," Snape complained.
"You should spend at least an hour with something else other than potions," Lucius retorted and Harry could hear him setting up the chess board.
"And why, pray tell, should I do something else?"
"Because," Lucius drawled "I have seen the movie Harry is watching already and I cannot stand another of those stupid novels; and for the last few days I only played against Harry and I need a real challenge for a change."
"Hey! I heard that!" Harry shouted indignantly. "I am getting better, you said it yourself!"
"I did and it is true, but you still have much to learn until you will be a serious match for me," Lucius replied and Harry could hear the smirk in his mate's voice.
Harry assumed that Lucius and Snape had started their game, because the two men fell silent. He ended the first episode and started the second one, but the game still seemed to be in full play, because no one had called ‘check’ yet. As he had finished the third episode, he finally got curious and made his way over to the two adults, who were frowning equally fiercely, obviously deep in thought.
Eying the board, he tried to decipher, which man was winning, but the pieces were so mixed that he could not even say who was playing white and who was playing black.
"Are you black or white?" he asked Lucius curiously, but his mate only silenced him with a muttered: "Hush, Harry, I need to concentrate."
That at least sounded as if his mate was losing. Hoping that Lucius would not turn out to be a sore loser, he decided to take the chance and sneak into Dudley's room to play some Playstation.
Silently, he climbed up the stairs, only to jump in surprise as he nearly tripped over Nagini.
"Hello little Master. Do you feel better?" his familiar asked.
"Yes, thank you. How did you know that I was ill?" he asked, opening the door to his late cousin's room and letting Nagini in first.
"I could smell it. You smelled like my old master’s followers after he punished them."
"Well, I kind of was hit by the same curse," Harry scratched the back of his neck and sat down on the soft bed.
Nagini seemed to frown; at least as much as a snake could. "I did not notice any attack and I surely would have, if anyone had intruded on your home," she hissed, sounding as if she was annoyed with herself.
"There was no intruder, I had a vision about Voldemort and because of our mental link, I felt every curse he inflicted on his followers," he explained quickly, he didn't want Nagini to start believing that she was a bad familiar.
"Did your mate help you?" she asked.
"He did thankfully, or I would have lost my mind," he said silently.
Nagini eyed him intensely and then nodded: "Your mate really is strong."
"He is," Harry agreed and started the console. "Do you want stay with me for a bit?" he asked and smiled happily when Nagini curled around his body, before laying her heavy head into his lap.
He was just about to meet his final opponent, when the door flew open and Lucius stomped inside, an unhappy scowl on his face.
"Did you lose?" He asked, stopping the game.
"No, it was a tie," Lucius said, looking as if the outcome was just as bad as an actual loss.
"So, why are you so gloomy then?"
"Because, I told you to rest, but instead of listening, you have wandered off," Lucius growled.
"I am resting, the only difference is, that I am resting in another room," Harry then stood up to cuddle his grumpy dominant, who sighed at the contact.
"I am only worried about you," Lucius admitted softly.
A pang of guilt pierced Harry's heart and he nuzzled Lucius’ chest.
"I am sorry, I was a lousy submissive today and that after you have taken care of me a whole day and night without even sleeping," he apologized softly.
"You were, but I forgive you, my stubborn little submissive. I think I should have expected that your famous stubbornness would show up at some point," Lucius chuckled and kissed his head.
Harry chewed on his bottom lip; it didn't feel right that Lucius would forgive him so easily, he wanted to do something for his mate, so he asked: "Is there something I can do to make it up to you?"
"Let me carry you downstairs, wrap you in a blanket and place you on my lap," Lucius answered and smiled softly, one hand coming up to stroke over his neck with a sharp claw. Harry shivered in pleasure as he felt his skin being sliced open and a single droplet of blood making its way down his sensitive skin. Lucius scooped the precious liquid up and licked it from his finger, a low groan leaving his throat. Harry wrapped his arm around his mate and waited until Lucius had gained control over his senses again. He was picked up easily, but instead of being carried directly downstairs, Lucius went over to the shelf and retrieved the second season of Sherlock.



The next day was the twelfth day since their arrival at 4 Privet Drive. Lucius had finally declared Harry fully healed and now he currently sat curled up in Lucius' lap, reading yet another ancient book to try and find a solution to their problem of the Horcruxes.
Snape was down in his lab, and he was glad to have some time alone with Lucius, even when they just sat together on the couch. Lucius was once again stroking Harry's neck. The skin there already looked very abused. It always sent little tingles down his spine, right to his lower abdomen and cock whenever Lucius pierced his skin there, marking him. Of course it hurt him when his mate drew blood and marked his white skin with another lilac bruise, but as long as his mate inflicted this sensual pain, it felt good. If someone were to ask him, he would probably answer that it hurt just the right amount to make his body tingle and feeling alive, but truth to be told, Harry didn't know if Lucius could hurt him too much; as far as he could tell, the pleasure only grew with the amount of pain inflicted. He could never explain his feelings to any of his friends, because they would be shocked and would never be able to understand; and truth to be told, before his transformation he would not have been able to understand it either.
The fact that only Lucius was able to leave permanent marks on his body anymore, just as he was the only one able to heal his skin, made the marks that much more precious to him and they never left permanent scars anyway. Every scratch simply disappeared after a couple of days.
It worked the other way around as well, but Harry, as a submissive had no wish to mark Lucius’ skin. He was content to wear the bruises and scratches that marked him as a mated submissive as clearly as his mating mark; it was something to be proud of.
Something heavy lay down in his lap and he closed his book to see what it was.
"You once said that you would keep me safe from my old master. Do you stay true to your words?" Nagini hissed, looking up at him with unblinking eyes.
Confused, Harry nodded. Of course he would help the snake, who had suffered so much already under Lord Voldemort.
At the next moment, the reptile struck. She wound her heavy body around Harry's smaller one, pulling him from Lucius’ lap and onto the floor. Harry's dead heart was pounding rapidly and sudden fear clouded his mind. He had thought that Nagini had become a friend; was she still loyal to the Dark Lord in the end?
Through blurry, tear filled eyes he saw that Lucius had sprung to his feet, his wand already in his hand, aiming at Nagini.
"Stop, Lucius!"
Harry believed it was Severus who had shouted, but from his place on the ground, he could not see him. He heard him saying: "She is binding herself to your mate, let her be!" before a searing pain erupted from just beneath his collarbones. He screamed in agony when the snake's poison entered his system. It could not harm him, but the poison of a magical snake was still very painful, even for a vampire. Nagini restricted his convulsing body; it was as if liquid fire was burning his organs. His vision went blank and his voice broke under his agonized scream.
Harry didn't know how long he had laid on the floor, writhing in agony, until the pain subsided and his vision returned. Nagini was still curled tightly around him and he would have suffocated if he had still been alive.
When the reptile noticed that he was fully conscious again, she let him go hissing: "Master."
Harry sat up, his whole body shaking and nodded once in acceptance of the service Nagini had just promised him. The snake laid her head on his lap and he finally looked up to see Severus barely restraining an aggravated Lucius.
"I am fine," he croaked out, trying to reassure his furious mate.
"She has hurt you, it doesn't matter why," Lucius growled through flashing fangs.
"Please Lucius, she has offered me her services as my familiar, don't hurt her," Harry pleaded, standing up and going over to his mate, who instantly scooped him up into his arms, taking deep breaths of Harry's scent. It really had not been the wisest move of Nagini to bind herself to him in this manner, but maybe there were bonding rituals for a magical snake as there had been for him and Lucius and therefore, he would not accuse her of wanting to hurt him, he honestly doubt that it had been her goal. It was more likely that the pain of Nagini's venom had been an unavoidable side effect.
Lucius looked as if he was not sure if he should agree or not, so he gave Lucius a chaste kiss on his cheek: "Please?" he put on his best puppy-eyes look, before nuzzling his dominant’s neck for good measure.
"Would it make you happy, if I restrain myself from punishing her?" Lucius hissed.
"Yes," Harry answered, nuzzling his dominant’s neck.
"Then I will do that, even though she deserves death for the pain she has caused you."
"Thank you," Harry gave the thick vein on Lucius throat a thankful lick and the man shuddered.
Lucius carried him over to the sofa and laid him down gently before pulling his shirt over his head, revealing two angry, red marks shaped like the two halves of the yin and yang symbol, lying next to each other, just beneath Harry's collar bones. Harry shivered, when his mates tongue soothed over the irritated skin. Lucius hands started to roam Harry's half naked body, searching for any other spot that might be hurt. Harry flushed, when a thumb brushed his right nipple, sending small shivers directly down into his groin and eliciting a quiet whimper from his mouth, pressing automatically into that wet muscle.
Snape cleared his throat and Harry bolted up-right, he had forgotten that the man was in the room with them. Lucius only growled under his breath and grabbed Harry, placing him in his lap and crossing his strong arms in front of his body. Sighing contently, Harry snuggled back into his mate’s strong chest. Lucius was a good and strong mate, he was glad to be his submissive.
"What do you want, Severus?" Lucius snapped, not even trying to control his emotions like it would be for a proper Malfoy.
Snape cleared his throat again, his cheeks flushed, but trying his hardest to not show his embarrassment over seeing his best friend nearly devouring his student:
"I think I have successfully brewed a potion, that will allow you and Harry to live during the day again," the man announced.
"Really? So quickly?" Harry beamed, happy that he would be able to enjoy the sun again soon.
"Of course, you forget that I am the best Potions Master in Britain," Snape huffed.
"Not only in Britain," Lucius drawled, but Harry ignored his comment in favour of another question:
"Can we drink it now?" Harry asked eagerly.
"You should take it before you go to sleep so that your bodies can rest while the potion takes effect. I will give it to you before sunrise and try to wake you two up around noon," Snape announced.
"Thank you, Severus. It means a lot to us," Lucius inclined his head politely.
"It is important to us all that you can resume your old lives," Snape retorted, scoffing.
"Then we can take a break from all the boring research for the rest of the night!" Harry exclaimed, happily bouncing on Lucius’ lap.
"It is not boring, it is necessary," Snape glared at him, but Lucius just asked: "And what do you propose we could do?"
Harry jumped from his lap and ran up to his late cousin's bedroom, searching for a moment; he came back with a slim box in his hands.
"Interview with a vampire?" Lucius asked, one elegant eyebrow raised.
Harry grinned broadly: "Yes, it's good!"
"Have we not watched enough nonsense on the black box in the last two days?" Lucius scoffed.
"It is called a television, or telly, or just TV and don't try to tell me that you have not liked Sherlock," Harry retorted and started the DVD player.
"But a vampire movie?" Lucius sounded pained.
Harry only rolled his eyes.
Snape tried to turn around without drawing suspicion, but Lucius growled: "You will not leave me alone with the silly fairy tales muggles make up about vampires! Sit down and watch; after all, you at least know exactly what a telly is!"
Glaring at his friend, Snape sat down in one of the armchairs.
He decided not to comment and started the movie and then climbed back into Lucius’ lap, where he snuggled comfortably into his mate’s warm body.
It didn't take Lucius long to start making snide remarks: "Stupid vampire, why is he giving a muggle an interview?"
"It is the reason for telling his story," Harry explained.
"He should tell his story to a friend, it would be much safer for him, muggles are incalculable," Lucius replied dryly.
"It is just a movie," Harry rolled his eyes.
"I certainly hope so, otherwise the wizarding community could be in great danger."
"Stop spoiling the movie and just relax for once," Harry huffed.
"There is nothing to spoil," Lucius muttered.
"Of course there is, ‘Interview with a vampire’ is a great movie, with great actors!"
"They are not as good looking or as intelligent as I am," Lucius glared at the TV, where Louis just awoke after his transformation.
"Mh...I don't know, he sure is hot as well," Harry teased, but quickly noticed that he had gone too far. Lucius slid a hand under his shirt driving his sharp claws down Harry's back, from his neck down to his tailbone. A shiver shook his body and he arched into the touch. Biting his bottom lip, he desperately tried to stifle a groan, but he lost the battle when Lucius’ index finger slid fluidly into his trousers scratching teasingly at the beginning of Harry's crevice, but not going any closer to his now quivering hole. It was telling about the trust he had developed for his mate that he didn't panic anymore at Lucius’ touch.
"Do never forget who your mate is," Lucius whispered into his ear.
"I...I will never forget ...who my mate is," Harry gasped.
"Good," Lucius said pulling his hand from Harry’s pants.
When Harry had calmed down a bit he threw a quick glance over at Snape. Luckily, his Professor had not witnessed any of his and Lucius’ exchange. Harry tried to concentrate back on the movie, but didn't really succeed. His skin was still tingling from the spot where Lucius had touched him, especially his crack felt highly sensitive right now. He wanted to fidget, to hopefully get rid of the feeling, but he had learned his lesson about fidgeting. The caressing touches on his neck weren't helping either. Harry became hyper aware of his whole body and that was not a good experience when one of your professors sat only a few feet away from you.
He couldn't say if Lucius was aware of his predicament or not, but he had the suspicion that the aristocrat was all too aware of what he was doing to his mate. The man was just too intelligent to not notice. The only good thing was that Lucius had stopped to comment on the film. In the end, the movie was nearly over, when Harry succeeded to concentrate again.
"Well, that was interesting," said Snape in a voice that suggested that he had not liked the movie in the least, when the credits started.
"It sure was an experience," Lucius agreed falsely and with a wicked smile. Harry just knew that he didn't mean the movie at all.
"I liked the film," Harry huffed and glared at the two men.
"We will not forbid you to like such... ‘undemanding’ free time activities," Snape drawled.
"At least I do other things than just brewing potions until I reek like a bloody apothecary," Harry retorted dryly.
Snape didn't even grace his retort with an answer.
"We will retire now," Lucius announced and lifted Harry from his lap, who thought that it probably would be the best for when they would be woken by Snape after only the half of their usual sleeping time.
Don't forget your potion," Snape stopped them and pulled two small glass vials with an oily black potion from his robe pocket.
"Thank you," Lucius said and took the offered bottles. Laying a hand on the small of Harry's back, he firmly but gently guided him upstairs. In their room, Harry started to undress. He exchanged his shirt for an older one, one he would not dare to wear to school anymore and then stepped out of his trousers, leaving his lower half naked when he climbed under the covers. He had no problem to sleep like this, knowing that Lucius liked him exposed and he had slept like this since the day Lucius had asked him to not wear boxers beneath his trousers. He knew his mate would like to have him completely naked at night, but he still needed one layer of clothing as a barrier.
Harry could feel the silver-red eyes lingering on his thighs and butt when he crawled over onto his side of the bed. It showed him how trustworthy his dominant was that he had not overstepped Harry's boundaries, even so the aristocrat clearly wanted more than to watch him.
"I want to discuss something with you before we take the potion and go to bed," Lucius announced, still sitting on the bed frame. Harry, who had already laid down the blanket pulled up until it reached his nose sat up again, curious as to what his mate had to say. He could see in Lucius’ eyes that it was something very important and he wanted to make an impression of being attentive.
"I would like to explain to you what it means to be mated on a legal level. Am I right to assume that you have do not have much knowledge about wizarding rights?" Lucius asked in a business like voice. Harry shook his head; the only thing he had picked up (of course from one of Hermione's lectures) was that wizarding rights were even more complicated than the muggle ones.
"Mates, no matter their species, are considered a unit, even more thoroughly bound to each other than a married couple," Lucius explained.
Harry nodded again, as a sign that he was listening and understanding so far.
"By now all our possessions, be it vaults or estates will be fused together."
Harry’s eyes widened in fear. That meant that someone knew, that he and Lucius were mated, but no one should know. It was important for their safety and for their plans to end the war quickly. What would happen if Dumbledore found out or even worse: the Ministry?
Lucius seemed to have noticed Harry's distress because he stroke gently over his mating mark, pulling Harry from his horrifying thoughts. "You do not need to worry. Severus has dealt with the Ministry archives and the only other creatures who will know about our mating are the goblins, but they are very secretive and will never give the Ministry information about their customers, especially if they are creatures like themselves."
"Are you sure?" Harry questioned. He never had to deal with goblins before, so did not have much knowledge about the little creatures. He only knew that they loved gold and jewels.
"I am sure," Lucius reassured him and motioned for Harry to stretch out one hand. Harry obliged immediately and Lucius dropped a small golden key into his hand. He blinked confusedly at the object and asked: "What is the key for?"
"This," Lucius drawled "is the key to the Malfoy family vault. Your money would have probably transferred there already due to the fact that you are the submissive and thus have, in legal terms, married into my family. If I had been your submissive, it would be the other way around."
Harry gulped, that was a lot to take in: "Does that mean that my name is now Malfoy?"
"Not unless we get married in the traditional wizarding way. For creatures who can recognize mates by their scents, it is not important to have the same name. So they often keep their last names," Lucius elaborated.
"That's a relief," Harry sighed, for a moment he had feared that his father's family had died out because of his mating.
"Why is it a relief? Do you not like to be mated to me?" Lucius voice was harsh and Harry could hear hurt hidden in it. So he hurried to explain:
"No, it's just that would have meant that the Potters had died out and I always wanted to continue my father's line, even if it is through immortality and not through children and heirs."
His mate’s features softened. If there was something a Malfoy could understand, then it was the love of a family name and the wish to continue the line: "If this is important to you and we wish to marry at some point in the future, I would offer you to hyphenate our names, so that neither family line has to end."
Harry flushed, he had never thought about things like getting married before, but for Lucius who came from an ancient Pureblood family and had already been married once, it seemed to be natural to talk about those things.
"I will keep it in mind," Harry mumbled, non-committedly. He stared at the small golden key, wondering to himself if it had been Narcissa's or even Draco's once, but he didn't ask. Instead he questioned: "Does that mean that I am allowed to take whatever I want from your vault whenever I want?"
"It is not only my vault, but ours and yes, you are allowed to take as much money as you need. Even without your own money I would possess more than you could ever spend. But I warn you: There are many artefacts in the Malfoy family vault and many of them should not be touched carelessly, they are of a dark nature," Lucius said sternly.
"Don't worry; I am not so stupid as to randomly touch magical objects, especially if they are from a Malfoy vault. The only objects I would try to touch even less are those from the Black vault," Harry smirked. It was a well known fact that both families, the Malfoy’s and the Black’s were tightly connected with the Dark Arts, but until now, the Ministry had never found any evidence; surely because of their many allies in the Ministry who always warned them in time, before the ministry officials and Aurors came for a raid.
"It is also possible, that you develop a certain talent for the Dark Arts, because every Malfoy is born with it and as the mate to the main heir the Manor’s magic will provide you with new powers, so that you can adapt easier to your new family. The provision can come in the form of new spells and theoretical knowledge you did not possess before," Lucius continued his explanation.
"A Manor can do something like that?" Harry asked wondering. The whole business to being mated to a Malfoy seemed to have much more consequences than he had anticipated, but it was kind of exciting. He only hoped that he would be able to live up to the proud family name.
"Of course it can. It is a magical building, nearly as old as Hogwarts. There is no comparison to a muggle family home."
"Yeah, I know that," Harry muttered, feeling stupid that he knew so little about the wizarding world, even after four years living in the magical community.
"Thank you for explaining everything to me," Harry crawled over and gave his mate a soft kiss on his cheek. So close he noticed that Lucius intoxicating scent had become even more delicious and water gathered in his mouth, but he didn't want to think about what that meant this evening. The day had been eventful enough.
Lucius slid under the covers next to him, as always only wearing his tight black boxers. Harry always tried not to look down, because then he could see how huge the man really was. During their first mating Harry's mind had been too clouded to notice it, but he was sure he would clearly notice it next time.
Lucius gave him one of the vials and Harry uncorked it, eyeing the shimmering liquid with suspicion, but when he sniffed at it, thankfully he could not smell anything. Collecting all his courage, he downed the potion with one large gulp; he really hated potions. Blinking in surprise he commented: "It tasted like water,"
"Thank Merlin," Lucius muttered before drowning his own.
They lay down, but the sun was not yet rising and thus the numbing tiredness had not started to cloud over Harry's mind yet.
"Do you not want to come closer?" Lucius asked neutrally, but Harry could see his raised eyebrow in the dark. Chuckling, he skidded over, nuzzling his mate’s smooth chest. He felt a bit giddy and tilted his head upwards, looking at the underside of Lucius chin. Suddenly feeling brave and needy for more closeness to his mate, he pressed his body against his mate’s taller one and started to carefully nibble along his jawline.
Lucius’ skin tasted almost as good as he smelled; rich and clean, because they both didn't perspire anymore. His mate hummed in appreciation and started stroking lazily up and down Harry's back. Giving a purring sound of his own, Harry concentrated harder on his task at hand, which was making his dominant feel good. Licking a trail downwards over his vein, Harry felt a tingling sensation rising in his stomach, followed by happiness. He was so glad that Lucius let him explore his body; even though he probably was very clumsy and did just a fraction of thing his mates wished for.
Leaving his mate's throat, Harry propped himself up on his forearms and looked down at Lucius. The blonde aristocrat met his gaze with his own contented one. Even in private his face was very guarded, only a bit more open than in public, but it was enough for Harry; it showed him that Lucius trusted him. Hopefully in time it would become even more open for him.
Leaning forwards, he carefully touched Lucius’ smooth cheek with his small hand. The situation was something very intimate, even without much touching and kissing, but Lucius’ patience with him meant the world to Harry.
He traced Lucius' lips and cheekbone with his eyes, letting them wander upwards to his elegant eyebrows, which were so expressive when you knew the subtle differences in their movements. His mate was so beautiful, like a marble statue, and like a statue he would continue to be this beautiful, for all eternity and by his side. Sometimes, Harry could still not quite believe it, that he had ended up with the most gorgeous and richest pureblood in the wizarding world. Surely, his money didn't matter to Harry, but his attractive physique was a huge plus.
"Tell me, what is on your mind?" Lucius demanded to know quietly.
"That I am happy," Harry answered truthfully, chewing nervously on his bottom lip. He wanted to kiss Lucius, but he was not sure how to go about it or even if he was allowed as a submissive to kiss his mate so bluntly on his lips; it was after all something different than giving the man a quick peck on his cheek.
"Harry, you can do whatever you like. You are my mate and as such, I am fond of your touches," Lucius lifted his own hand and cupped his cheek gently. Shifting one last time, Harry bent down and pressed his lips against Lucius’, only to notice that he still had no idea what he had to do next, until now, his mate had always taken the lead. Lucius opened his mouth and Harry's tongue slipped inside. The arousing taste of him quickly made Harry forget all his previous nervousness and he pressed down on his dominant’s chest, starting to explore his mouth. Clumsily, he caressed his mate’s long fangs and stroked the roof of his mouth with his tongue. Lucius groaned beneath him and Harry closed his eyes, fully drowning in the kiss. He could feel his mate’s blood sluggishly pulsing through his lips where they touched.
With another groan Harry was suddenly roughly pushed from Lucius’ chest, only to find his mate seconds later pressing his heavy body down on him. He gasped when he felt Lucius’ throbbing hardness on his thigh, but before he had realised it fully, his mate attacked his mouth hungrily.
"Harry, you are such a temptation," Lucius groaned into his mouth and bit harshly down on his lower lip. Harry moaned in painful pleasure, the combination never failed to let his skin tingle all over.
Lucius claimed his mouth again, and Harry could do nothing more than to submit to the fierce kiss. It felt so good to be covered by his dominant's larger body, the fact that he could barely move any more made the experience that much more exciting. A strong hand grabbed his thick hair and pulled painfully on his locks, tilting his head until Lucius’ tongue could slide down his throat all the way. Harry's throat convulsed with the unknown sensation of having something thrust down in it. He would have gagged, if Lucius hadn't held him firmly in place, not allowing him to move an inch whilst he claimed Harry's mouth. It was good that neither of them needed air, because otherwise they would have been forced to end the kiss much sooner. As it was, there was no need to part their lips and intertwined tongues. A hand stroked the side of Harry's throat and as suddenly as Lucius had started to ravish him, he was gone again.
Blinking in confusion, Harry sat up. "Have I done something wrong?" he asked carefully.
"No, Harry, but I would have done something wrong soon if I had not stopped. I promised you to not pressure you into more than you are willing to give and I will keep my promise," Lucius answered, combing reassuringly through Harry's hair. The man lay down and pulled Harry to his chest.
"I can feel the sun rising," Lucius said and kissed the top of his head softly.
"Sleep well," Harry mumbled and nuzzled his chest, before drifting off.



"I really had hoped to find you two more decent; after all, I have warned you that I would try to wake you up!"
Harry opened his eyes, blinking a few times to focus his vision. Next to him lay Lucius, glaring up at the speaker."But at least it looks promising; I doubt that I would have been able to wake you up, if the potion had not worked. Get dressed and come down, but carefully. I would not want you two to burn to ashes, in case I am wrong after all."
Harry recognized the voice as Snape’s. The sound of fading footsteps told him that the man was gone and he slowly sat up. It was still dark in their room, due to the roller blind in front of the window. He still felt as if he had awoken from death, but that was probably a side effect of being a vampire and most likely came very close to reality. Lucius sat up next to him; he looked gloomy and grouchy, an expression he would normally never show so openly, he had not even shown his dismay so clearly two days ago when Harry still had been ill and escaped from the living room, but being awoken from an unnatural vampire sleep achieved it, even for a Malfoy.
Without wishing Harry a good morning, he stood up and went over to the chair, on which he had hung his two trousers and shirts.
Harry watched his mate glaring down his legs, as if the garment had offended him personally, but he was currently very happy with just watching his mate, despite his bad mood, Lucius was after all still a breathtaking sight. His eyes roamed the well defined body, his pale and smooth skin, which covered every strong muscle so perfectly. He could never decide whether he liked to eye his mate's chest more than his long, slender but strong legs or his back, with all the muscles that stretched and tightened with every movement and those wonderful, sharp shoulder blades. Even his dominant’s throat was attractive, it was as strong as the rest of him and Lucius’ alluring scent was especially strong there.
Harry remembered the kiss they had shared yesterday, the kiss he had initiated and blushed, the odd tingling sensation came back to his throat.
Lucius must have smelled his thought, or more probably his reaction to his thoughts, because he turned around and his gloomy expression changed into a hungry one.
"Seeing something you like? Or remembering something you like?" he all but purred, before stalking like a tiger towards Harry.
Harry gulped and opened his mouth, but no sound came out. Lucius’ intoxicating scent filled his nostrils and water gathered in his mouth, whilst heat rushed to his lower region.
"Answer me Harry. I am your dominant and I demand that you tell me your thoughts," Lucius growled.
"I...I... was looking at you and then I remembered our kiss," Harry stuttered, feeling utterly mortified.
"And?" Lucius prompted.
"I liked the kiss," Harry said and licked his lips, his eyes fixed on his dominants throat, directly at the spot where his carotid artery lay beneath and his heart began to race in hungry anticipation.
Lucius’ eyes flashed and his nostrils flared: "You smell so delicious this morning. I would like nothing more than to devour you right now, but I believe that our first shared ‘meal’ should be consummated with more time to spare and without Severus waiting for us downstairs. I would not wish for any interruption. But tonight..." Lucius didn't finish his sentence but let it hang in the air.
Harry could do nothing more than to nod in a daze. Lucius’ eyes and voice had something of a hypnotic effect right now and his whole body felt like a big pile of pudding. It didn't help when Lucius bent down and licked a long trail over where his own carotid lay. He shuddered and gasped, but before the sensation in his lower body could grow even stronger, Lucius pulled back and stepped away from him.
"Get dressed, Severus is already waiting and probably fantasising about what we are doing to need as much time as we are taking to come down to him."
Harry hastily obliged and was ready only two minutes later. The vampire genes had provided him with more speed and even a bit more grace. Of course, his grace would never be able to rival Lucius’ and he was still clumsy most of the time, but he was at least stumbling now with more elegance when he did than before.
"Well are you finished?" Lucius asked, sounding slightly bored. "I certainly will buy you new clothes as soon as I am able to," he added with a calculating glance over at Harry.
Harry didn't respond, he had heard that sentence enough times in the last couple of days; instead, he went to open their bedroom door and step out of the dark room, but the strong hands of his mate held him back: "Wait here, I will go first, it is the duty of the dominant to protect his submissive and not to send him out like an unworthy lab rat."
Harry wanted to protest and tell him that he had no problem with going out first. He was indeed the submissive, but that didn't meant that he was weak, in fact, as a vampire he was likely even stronger than Ron now, but Lucius was gone already. He peered into the hallway and saw that the aristocrat had gone until he reached a point where light fell through the open bathroom door. Carefully, the man stretched his hand out and held it into the sunlight for a moment. When nothing happened, he turned back to Harry and gave a curt nod.
Feeling relieved, Harry quickly ran over to catch up with his mate, who was by now already at the stairs.
"Ah, finally," Snape greeted them when they entered the living room. "I almost thought the potion had not worked," the dark man added.
"So far your potion is working just fine. Do we have to drink it every day? You have not explained how exactly the elixir works," Lucius said accusingly.
Snape scuffed, but pretended as if he had not heard Lucius’ reprimand: "No, one portion is enough. The potion alters your vampire genes. Simply put it works like this: A vampire and everything in his body is dead, that means even his genes, but there is one gene what can be considered alive and this is the gene which makes you vulnerable to sunlight. It is very logical, if you think about it, if this gene would not be a living one, than your bodies could not die in the sunlight. To be able to die, there has to be something living. My potion merely kills this gene as well, making you two even more dead than your fellow vampires."
Harry blinked irritated, he was as usual, not able to understand a word of the Potions Master's explanations when it came to his area of expertise, but of course his mate only hummed:
"That sounds very logical," giving him the feeling that he was the only stupid person currently present in the house.
"But I think, we should go on a walk and test the strength of the potion, before we resume our normal lives once again," Snape mused loudly.
"That's a good idea; I have to buy groceries anyway, we can all walk together," Harry suggested, but only earned himself a glare from Lucius.
"I will not go into this muggle store again." the man refused sternly.
"Please Lucius, we have to go outside anyway and it is so boring to go alone and this time, Severus will accompany us as well," Harry begged, widening his already large eyes to go for an even more effective puppy eyes look.
"I am appalled to admit this, but Potter’s suggestion is not bad, we have to go outside anyway," Snape admitted.
"Well then we shall go. The sooner we go, the sooner we are back," Lucius commanded idly.
Harry retrieved the money from the safe and they all stepped outside. It was hot, but the sun was not burning his and Lucius’ skin; even so, he had the feeling that he would get sunburn much faster than in the past. He had been tanned once, but that time was over since his transformation.
Snape blinked into the sunlight, as if he was the vampire and not Harry or Lucius, before pulling something from his pocket and handing it over to them.
"Sunglasses?" Harry asked irritated.
"Yes," Snape drawled.
"But why?...Oh!" Harry grinned sheepishly as he remembered the red ring that now adorned his green irises.
They took the same way as last time, but they got even more attention. Harry thought it was because of Lucius, but this time he got as many glances as his mate. The vampire genes had made his features more elegant and that in combination with his huge green eyes was breathtaking. But Harry didn't realize that. Instead, he glared at the passing people, grumbling under his breath:
"Why do they have to stare at me like this? I know that I am not the adequate companion, let alone mate for a Malfoy, but there is no need for all that starring!"
Lucius chuckled quietly: "I believe this time they are staring at you, because of your cuteness."
"I am not cute!" Harry snapped back. He knew, that he would never be as attractive and in the same way as Lucius, who with his tall lean build, long legs, muscled stomach and chest and broad shoulders the wet dream of every witch and wizard’s who preferred guys, but he sure as hell would not be called cute instead. He would accept ‘ordinary’, but not cute.
"They are glaring, because I destroy the perfect picture you two make, Potter. It is a fact, that all vampires are very attractive, because they are highly sexual creatures. Some wizards and witches even believe that they need sex to live as much as they need blood," Snape mused.
Harry huffed. Sure, his looks had improved after his transformation, but he was still far away from being as attractive as Lucius. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, Harry had never liked that much attention. Unconsciously, he took a step closer to Lucius, who automatically placed one hand at the small of Harry's back. Sighing contently, Harry relaxed and was finally able to enjoy the walk. He had missed the sun; even though she could not warm his skin anymore. He could still tell if it was warm or cold, but it didn't affect him anymore, only Lucius’ touch did.
He watched the birds and the children in their parent’s gardens, whilst they slowly strode down the street. When they reached the store, Lucius slid his hand from Harry's back and they stepped inside.
"Just pick anything you like," Harry invited Snape and beamed up at the man, who just raised an eyebrow, his face stern as ever.
"I will not require much, after all, this will be our last day together," the man answered.
"What? Why?" Harry felt as if something heavy had dropped into his stomach. He had known that he and Lucius would have to split up, at least for some time, because he needed to go to 12 Grimmauld Place to confront Dumbledore and his mate needed to get back into his old Lord's graces, but he had not expected that it would be this soon. He tried not to show his sadness; he had just found Lucius, they were not even bonded for an entire week and they would have to part already, but of course Lucius, as well as Snape saw through his mask.
"Harry, would you like me to join you at the headquarters? You could announce me as a new member after you have become the head of the order, maybe a spy like Severus," Lucius asked gently and a hand settled on Harry's neck. Harry shivered, quickly distracted by the touch, but then he realized, what his mate had just offered:
"But what if the others say that one spy is enough?" Harry asked, chewing on his bottom lip, he really wanted to invite Lucius to 12 Grimmauld Place, but it would not be easy with the history the man had.
"Then tell them, that I do not only spy on Voldemort, but the ministry as well," Lucius suggested.
"But we have members there as well."
His mate snorted: "You have famous Aurors and such. But I know other people within the ministry, people who are too intelligent to open their mouths in front of Moody or Arthur Weasley."
"You would really do that for me? I mean, there are many people you don't will surely not be the best place for you to live..." Harry asked, when he could not think of another reason for Lucius to stay away.
"Potter, I have known Lucius for a long time now and he has always kept his promises, so if he suggests that he will do this for you, then he will, it is part of his Malfoy pride," Snape added unusually gently.
"I know that... and I believe you...thanks" a small smile crept onto Harry's face. It would be hard until his mate joined him, but at least he would see him again before he had to go back to Hogwarts. He turned abruptly around then, not wanting to have a breakdown in a muggle grocery store: "Let's pick up something to eat for Snape."
The two men, who luckily understood Harry's need for distraction nodded and followed him quietly.
Snape picked a tuna salad from the refrigerator and a cup of vanilla pudding. He also fetched a bottle of red wine, holding it up with a questioning raised eyebrow to Lucius. Lucius nodded and they went to the cash point.
To Harry's annoyance he saw the same girl sitting there as the last time. She started to smile and beam up at Lucius as soon as she saw the blonde aristocrat. Snape dumped the groceries in front of her, leaving Harry enough time to watch the girl batting her lashes seductively at his mate. Anger rose inside his small chest, even as a submissive, Harry would not just stand by and watch as someone else flirted with his mate. Lucius was his and it was outrageous that someone else tried to steal the aristocrat from him. With his vision getting red, he stepped next to his mate, grabbing his arm tightly, when it was not enough to interrupt the girls attempts on Lucius, he started to growl threateningly. Lucius turned to him with his usual calm Malfoy mask and lifted his right eyebrow: "Do not tell me that you are jealous," he whispered, so quietly, that only Harry was able to hear it with his enhanced senses. Harry was not calmed down at the least by his mate’s aloof comment and increased his growling, only noticing that his mate was bending down to him, when a nose nuzzled his neck and Lucius whispered: "There is no need to be jealous. She is not as beautiful as you are."
Harry's growl immediately stopped and a luckily invisible flush crept up his neck.
"I love it when you blush, it makes me want to ravish you right here on the counter," Lucius purred seductively, before righting himself in. Harry's breath would have hitched, if he still was breathing. He collected himself and glared a bit more at the teller, who stared at Harry in shock, flushing crimson.
Feeling smug, Harry grinned evilly at her, turning his head slightly in the direction of his mate and licked his lips meaningfully. The poor girl nearly choked on her own saliva and hastily scanned the three items.
"You two are unbelievable!" Snape snapped as soon as they had left the store. "Lucius, she could send the police after you for an inappropriate relationship with an underage child!"
"She could, but then I would deal with them; I do still remember that I am a wizard, even though I am not alive anymore," he drawled.
"She had no right to flirt with someone who is mated!" Harry huffed. He still felt very protective about his relationship and his strong vampire instincts had yet to subside.
Snape sighed exasperatedly: "Potter, she is a muggle; she has no idea that you two are mated. She probably would get a stroke, if she found out that something like mates and vampires actually exists."
Harry frowned, a part of him knew that the professor was right, but the knowledge could not connect to the rest of his body, so he just clutched Lucius’ arm tighter.
They went back and settled once again in Harry's living room to read, Harry next to Lucius. Nagini came from the garden and slithered into Harry's lap, who started to pat her gently, whilst reading yet another dark arts book. Even now they still did not know how to get rid of his and his familiars Horcrux.
"You smell upset, little Master," Nagini hissed, her tongue flickering and tasting the air.
"I am, but it is getting better now," Harry admitted quietly, anger still evident in his voice.
"What happened?" Nagini asked, her heavy head lying soothingly on his thigh.
"A girl flirted with Lucius!" Harry hissed sharply.
"Another female flirted with your mate?" Nagini’s voice sounded suddenly upset as well.
"Why did she do that? Couldn't she smell that you are mated?" she asked irritated.
"No, she was a muggle," Harry explained.
"Stupid muggles, they have even less senses than a common wizard," the female snake huffed.
Harry knew that he probably should tell Nagini that muggles were no lesser people than wizards and witches, but at this moment he couldn't. His blood still started to boil when he thought about that stupid girl. He would never take Lucius to shop there again, just to be safe. Harry didn't believe that his mate would actually respond to the assistant’s attempts, but who knew with what ideas the girl could come up with? Maybe she would one day just kiss him, the thought was unbearable. Huffing to himself, he picked up a random book.
"Why do you read all this books?" Nagini changed the topic.
"We are searching for a way to free you and me from Voldemort's piece of soul," Harry explained.
Nagini lifted her head curiously: "Have you found anything yet?"
"Not really, only a passage saying that someone needs the purest element to capture something impure, at least I believe that the author meant an element, because it was written in a book about alchemy and alchemy is all about elements," Harry sighed.
"What is an element?" Nagini inquired.
"Fire, water, earth and air are considered elements, but I believe that some metals are elements as well," Harry tried to explain.
"A pure metal?" Nagini mused.
Harry nodded.
Without another word the snake rose and slithered from Harry's lap. Harry tried to call her back, but she only continued on her way.
"Is something wrong?" Lucius asked, eyeing Harry over the rim of his book.
"No, I just told Nagini what we are looking for and in the next moment she slithered away," Harry explained.
"Peculiar," Lucius mused but turned back to his book.
"It is a snake, what do you expect?" Snape sneered.
"She is not only a snake, she is a magical creature and thus far more intelligent than a normal snake," Harry defended his familiar.
"Harry is right," Lucius mused, his face already behind his book again.
"But that doesn't mean that she understands magical theory," Snape muttered.
At that moment Nagini came back in. Harry turned his head in an angle he could only manage since he was a vampire. From the corner of his eyes he noticed Lucius studying his stretched neck in this position. The hunger had crept back into his eyes, they probably had to drink soon, Harry mused, before concentrating on his familiar. She had something sparkling in her mouth and Harry recognised it as Dudley's gold necklace.
"This is a sort of metal, isn't it? It smells very pure," Nagini hissed.
Harry took the necklace and held it up: "A necklace?" he asked out loud and Snape looked over to him. The professor's eyes widened comically; Harry had a hard time to hide his amusement at that expression, because it surely would not be appreciated.
"How could we be so blind Lucius?" Snape snapped irritated. Lucius looked up again and his eyes, too, widened in realization.
Harry had yet to catch up with the two men: "What do you mean?"
"Gold is the purest element in the alchemy," Lucius explained calmly.
"Not like this necklace of course, it is mixed with some other metal to make it stronger. What we need is pure gold," Snape added.
"And then?" Harry asked, still not understanding.
"I think what Severus means is that with a spell or a potion as connector, the gold will be able to pull the piece of soul from your bodies," Lucius had put down his book and was now frowning in concentration.
"I think it will be a potion we need, but I do not know which one yet," Snape hummed. "At least we have a concrete idea now," he added.
Harry bent down and patted Nagini’s large head: "Thank you girl, you helped us a lot!"
"Thank you Master," the reptile hissed.
"I think we can take a break at this point," Snape announced and stood up to go into the kitchen. He came back a minute later, his tuna salad and a fork in his hands.
"I think you two should retire for the night and ‘drink’, before you have to separate tomorrow," the man cleared his throat; a red tint was creeping up his neck. Harry furrowed his brows at the Potion Master; why would the man blush about Lucius and his new eating habit? Had he forgotten something that Snape had told him about the drinking?
"We shall retire then," Lucius agreed evenly and stood up.
Harry followed swiftly and together they walked upstairs. Harry was quite nervous, somehow the concept of exchanging blood seemed fairly intimate to him. Feeling unsure, he started to change, as if it were any other night where they would just lay down and sleep. He pulled a fresh shirt from a basket and stepped out of his pants, trying not to think about what they would do. He was torn in two quite frankly. Harry could quite clearly remember the luxurious taste of Lucius, but back then he had not really been aware of what he was doing. Now he knew that he had to bite his mate and drink his blood. Would it be as easy as it sound?
Two warm hands lay down on his shoulders and Lucius stepped close behind him, so that their bodies were touching. He could feel that the aristocrat was naked with the exception of his boxers.
"Are you nervous?" he asked quietly.
"A bit," Harry confessed.
"There is no need, your instincts will help you, and I too." Lucius whispered and pulled his shirt off his body. "I want to have good access to your throat," he explained, seduction heavy in his voice.
Harry gulped and nodded, he would not deny his dominant his body. He trusted Lucius to not force him to participate in anything he wasn't ready for.
The hands guided him backwards until they reached the bed. Harry took a deep breath and his lungs filled with the alluring scent of his mate. His body began to tremble in a mixture of anticipation and fear. Lucius pulled him into his lap and stroked the side of his throat gently, teasingly scraping over the hidden vein. Harry gave a quiet whimper, his body was heating up and the familiar tingling sensation gathered in his lower abdomen. Lucius tongue glided over his throat, his free hand came down to stroke Harry's sensitive neck.
He gasped: "Lucius!"
Lucius hummed low in his throat. Harry didn't know what he wanted, his whole body was tingling by now and all his blood seemed to gather in his lower region, he could feel that he was getting aroused rapidly.
"Hush Harry," Lucius whispered and laid him down on the mattress, his long fangs nipped his neck seductively. Harry gave another whimper, the heat in his body was already getting too much and Lucius’ bare skin seemed to burn his own.
"Please," Harry mewled; sounding pathetic in his own ears and Lucius sank his fangs into his throat.
The pain was so unbearable and so beautiful at the same time. Harry knew that he would never be able to live without the sensation. He screamed in pleasure, his mind clouded with lust. Lucius’ fangs in his throat were cold, the perfect opposite to his burning skin. He arched into the touch to push his mate’s fangs even deeper into his body and his now, painfully throbbing cock brushed against the thin material of Lucius' boxers. He moaned loudly; the material felt so rough against his heated flesh. One of Lucius’ hands was stroking down his back and Harry could feel his blood rushing from his body, heightening the pleasure with every second. He bucked his hips, searching for something, he didn't know what. And then his mate’s strong fingers wrapped around his aching cock, squeezing it gently.
Harry moaned, he wanted to push into Lucius’ touch and fangs simultaneously, but that was impossible. Luckily, Lucius started to stroke up and down his length, teasing his slit by every downwards motion.
"So good," Harry hissed. "Please Lucius, more!"
Lucius obliged and his fingers moved quicker over Harry's throbbing member, adding a bit more pressure, which drew another moan from Harry's mouth. He could feel the tingling sensation tightening in his stomach. It took only another stroke and Lucius sharp claws scratching harshly over Harry's slit to push him over the edge. He cried out, bucking uncontrolled and spurting his hot semen over his mate's hand and his lower abdomen.
Lucius pulled his fangs from Harry's flesh, but before the haze in his mind could clear was he was guided to his mate's throat. Harry's gums were itching and without further thinking he opened his mouth and sank his fangs deep into the carotid. The taste of Lucius' blood exploded in his mouth. It tasted like sweet wine; at least, Harry imagined that wine would taste like this. He moaned and closed his eyes; his cock was already stirring again. Growling eagerly, he pulled himself higher on Lucius' body, until he lay completely on his mate's chest. Absentmindedly, he noticed that Lucius was painfully hard as well, but he was too overwhelmed and to inexperienced to offer any relief at this point, it didn't even register very clearly in his mind.
He sucked again deeply and started to rub his once again hot member against Lucius' abdomen. The aristocrat flipped him over so that he lay on his back, his arms tightly clutching around his mate's neck. Lucius' fingers returned to his aching prick. This time the man used his claws and ran them up and down Harry's small length. He groaned and pressed into the claws, mewling in pleasure when they pierced his sensitive skin. Never had he imagined that pain could feel this good. He took another gulp and the tip of one of Lucius' claws pressed into his slit, just a bit, but it was enough to evoke another moan from Harry. He humped against the tip of this claw, the friction at the head of his cock nearly driving him insane. Speeding his hips up he took one last gulp, the claw slid into the inside of Harry's slit, just a fraction of a millimetre, brushing the inside, but it was enough. With a muffled shout Harry came the second time that evening. Lucius stroked him all the way through his orgasm until he was fully spent.
The haze in Harry's mind and the heady feeling in his body subsided and a feeling of utter satisfaction filled his body. His fangs were still buried deeply in his mate's neck and he needed a moment to realize it. Carefully, he retracted his fangs and licked the puncture wounds once to stop the bleeding.
He blinked up at Lucius, feeling as if he was just awakening from a wonderful dream.
Lucius chuckled quietly and bent down to give him a deep kiss. Harry accepted happily and opened his mouth to give his mate’s tongue entrance. He could still taste his own blood in Lucius’ and hummed in appreciation. When Lucius had pulled away, he sat up and smiled sheepishly, only now realizing how many embarrassing noises he had made and how needy he had humped his dominants hands. Fidgeting awkwardly, he lowered his eyes, only to notice the state of his lower body. His abdomen was drenched in cold cum and his penis was covered with dried blood.
Lucius conjured a wet cloth and gave it to Harry. "I could smell your blush even downstairs in the kitchen," the aristocrat chuckled and pressed a kiss to Harry's cheek.
Harry took the cloth and started to clean his belly before proceeding with his limp member. He hissed, when the small towel came in contact with it and a twinge went through his cock. It gave an involuntarily but very excited twitch and Harry blushed even harder, he wished the ground would open to swallow him completely, he was so mortified. Refusing to look up and meet Lucius’ gaze, which he could feel prickling in his neck, he cleaned himself thoroughly and eyed his abused member. A couple of long claw marks marked his soft flesh and an even deeper one adorned his slit. It still hurt, but as always nowadays Harry liked the feeling.
Finally, he had no reason to stare at his lap any longer and looked up. Lucius was watching him intently. With a flick of the aristocrat’s wand the wet cloth was vanished and he drew Harry into his arms.
"You make beautiful noises," Lucius hummed and combed through Harry's thick hair.
"I...I..." Harry didn't know what he should say and started to fidget again. His thigh brushed against something hard and he looked questioningly downwards, only to see that Lucius was still very much aroused. Biting his lower lip, he asked: "Do you want...shall I...?
"Do you feel ready to give a handjob?" Lucius inquired and added. "Be honest."
Harry chewed his lip a second longer before shaking his head, he really didn't feel ready to do such a thing yet; he was still overwhelmed by his own first handjob he received.
"Then you do not need to do it. It will go down soon enough on its own."
Harry flushed and gave the large bulge a last look before leaning back against his mate's arm and snuggled against his strong chest. He felt sated and relaxed like he had never felt before.
Lucius’ blood hummed through his veins and he could feel that his vampire powers and instincts grew even stronger. He could also feel that his vampire side felt even closer to his mate now, thinking more of Lucius as his dominant now than before. It was probably because they had only just exchanged blood for the first time now really; whilst mating it had only been a small sip they had taken from each other. Now, with his mate’s blood pulsing through his veins, he knew why mates were nearly considered one person, you could not get closer to another being. This closeness could not be achieved even through sex. Harry was curious about how much he would change again after this first consummation of blood.
"Are you afraid of tomorrow?" Lucius asked after a long moment of content silence.
Harry started to trace small patterns on the nobleman's smooth skin and noticed it felt dry under his fingertips; neither of them perspired anymore.
"A little. It is more like a drowning sadness, the thought of leaving you so shortly after our mating," Harry mumbled.
"I promise you I will find a way for us to meet regularly," Lucius promised softly.
"But please don't do something that could endanger you," Harry requested.
"I promise. Anything that would put me in danger, would endanger you as well now that we are mated," Lucius said.
"Good," Harry retorted and laid his head down on Lucius’ shoulder.
They talked quietly for a while longer, relishing being in each other’s company. It was already dark outside and they would have to go to sleep soon, but neither of them wanted to waste the last hours of each other’s company with sleeping.
But in the end, Harry fell asleep in Lucius’ strong arms. Smiling softly, the older vampire extinguished the light and pulled the covers over their intertwined bodies, without waking Harry, who stayed unaware of everything.

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When Harry came downstairs the next morning, closely followed by Lucius, he immediately noticed that Snape looked grumpier than the last couple of days. He almost looked as bad tempered as he was in Harry's potions lessons. Glancing suspiciously over at his mate, Harry saw that Lucius had noticed it as well. With a raised eyebrow the Malfoy patriarch strode into the kitchen asking: "Have you botched up a potion?"
Harry was glad that he still stood in the shadows of the doorway when Severus glanced up from a small notebook and glared fiercely at Lucius. Naturally, the vampire was not very impressed.
"I never botch up a potion, but I spend over an hour yesterday involuntarily listening to you and Potter! Use some silencing spells next time!" Snape snapped.
Harry flinched, he knew that Lucius had been quiet last night during their first exchange of blood but he had been very vocal. That was so embarrassing! His professor had practically witnessed him receiving a handjob!
Lucius meanwhile seemed unruffled by his friends scolding or the fact that the man had heard his young mate getting off on drinking blood.
"Do not hide in the shadows like a criminal," Lucius commanded him with an elegant wink. "Severus is only jealous, because he does not such a beautiful young mate as I have."
Snape snorted: "Young indeed. A child would be more accurate."
"But a very beautiful and eager one," Lucius smirked and turned to glare commandingly at Harry, who finally stepped into the kitchen at his mates disapproving glare, giving an apologetic mewl. Harry flushed in irritation, he had never made such a submissive noise and he never had the urge to apologize in this way to his dominant for not directly following his orders either. He sat down between the two men and Severus pushed a small leather bag at him and Lucius each.
Harry sniffed curiously at the bag and could smell the scent of blood, but it was certainly not Lucius'.
"What is this?" Lucius asked curiously.
"These are Blood Drops. Not the cheap one for wizards you get in Honeydukes, but the original one. I made them after a recipe from a notebook my late vampire relative wrote. They won't taste as good as your own blood, but better than any food," Snape explained.
"Thank you, why did you make them?" Harry asked.
"You will be separated for at least a few days, maybe even a week and I hope that they will help you two to keep calm. Blood Drops are Vampire Candy. There are different flavours; my relative wrote down that vampires can taste the difference between the different blood types used, so I made a selection. You can tell me which one you liked most, when you have tried them all."
"What kind of blood did you use?" Lucius had narrowing his eyes suspiciously.
"Do not look at me like that Lucius! You should know that I would never give you something made from rat blood or some other lowly and dirty creatures. But thinking about it, if I ever have the joy of killing that disgrace of a wizard named Peter Pettigrew, you two might get some Rat Drops after all," the Potions Master smirked evilly and Harry had the peculiar feeling that he would not kill the Death Eater before opening some wounds to gather his blood.
Lucius had wrinkled his nose, a disgusted look on his face: "I will never eat something that is made with his blood."
Harry snickered and took a small candy from the bag. They really did taste quite good, not as good as Lucius’ blood; Severus had predicted that already, but better than anything else he had tried to eat since his transformation. Rolling the bonbon around in his mouth for a moment, he decided that it tasted like some kind of bird; which one he could not say, but he was sure that the knowledge would come given some time. Maybe after drinking some of Lucius’ blood; he had felt that he had gotten stronger this morning.
"So, what animals did you use?" Lucius asked again.
Snape sighed: "Cats, a dog, some duck and even a kneezel. Nothing disgusting or even special, it was my first try to brew Vampire Candy after all."
"You brewed it?" Harry wondered.
"Yes, you need to melt the sugar and to mix the blood with the other ingredients."
"They really are good. It tastes like real blood, only a bit sweeter," Harry grinned, happily sucking on his bonbon.
"Good. Have you already packed?" Snape enquired.
"We have," Lucius said, eyeing Harry's lips, which were currently even redder than usual due to the Blood Drops. Harry of course, didn't notice anything and just frowned at the mention of packing.
"I would suggest, that you perform your glamours now, so that I can see if they work properly," Snape suggested.
Harry eyed Lucius intently, he really hoped that not too much of his vampire characteristics would disappear. Lucius looked back at him with equal sullenness, before concentrating. Harry watched in sad awe, as his mate’s beautiful fangs and claws disappeared and the red ring around his silver irises. Otherwise, luckily, he looked the same. He was still paler than before, his hair had grown about two hands during his change and his enhanced elegance still remained as well.
"Can't you make it that the glamour only works for people who don't know about us yet? He asked hopefully. Hermione had once told him that powerful wizards could do such things.
Lucius' face hardened as he concentrated once more and Harry watched him eagerly. He nearly thought that nothing would happen after a minute of watching, but then Lucius’ fangs and the red ring around his eyes appeared again.
"Did it work?" Lucius asked and Harry and Snape nodded in unison.
Now Harry concentrated, but in contrast to Lucius, he closed his eyes. Feeling inside his magic, he tried to remember what his bushy haired friend had once told him about glamours. Besides the spell, one had to imagine the result he wished. He mused that he would not need any spell, because the glamour was a natural power of a blood mate and just concentrated on his image without fangs, claws and red encircled eyes; making sure to keep his wish in mind that Lucius would still be able to see his true form. His magic flowed over his body and he opened his eyes again.
Snape studied him with a frown: "It will be enough, even though it is still clear that you have changed anyone who sees you regularly will notice the differences. It is even more obvious with you than with Lucius."
"What do you mean it is even more obvious with me?" Harry asked a bit annoyed that his glamour apparently was not as good as his mates.
"You were very toned before and being a submissive, your eyes have grown to an unnatural size for a human," Lucius explained calmly, staring into Harry's green orbs. Harry flushed and lowered his gaze quickly before Severus could notice something, the man had witnessed enough already as it was.
"The only problem is that you two are obviously unable to glamour your mating marks," Severus said. Harry looked down on his right hand and then at Lucius’ and saw that the Potions Master was right, their marks were still very visible.
"We should have guessed as much," Lucius mused idly.
"Well, any suggestion on how to erase the problem?" the Potions Master sneered, obviously getting impatient.
"We have to cover them, obviously," Lucius stated the obvious.
Harry rummaged his mind for a solution. Suddenly, he had an idea. "Wait here!" he exclaimed and ran up to the bathroom, quickly coming back with two rolls of bandages.
"We will use these until we find something better," Harry announced, holding the items up.
"I will not be seen with bandages around my hand, let alone muggle bandages," Lucius scoffed.
Harry rolled his eyes at his stubborn mate: "No one will notice that they are muggle."
"Lucius, your house is under supervision. I know that you would prefer your gloves, but you will have to go to the Dark Lord first thing, or the death eaters will try to kill you and find out that you have betrayed their master and this would endanger your mate," Snape said calmly.
Glaring at Snape, Lucius snatched the bandage from Harry and spelled them to wrap around his right hand, before ensuring its hold with a sticking spell, then he did the same for Harry. Harry gasped when his mate’s magic washed over him and send little tingles through his whole system. Lucius raised a questioning eyebrow at him, but Harry refused to elaborate in Severus’ presence. An understanding and very smug smirk spread over his dominant's face. Unfortunately, this time Snape had noticed something and eyed Harry with open disgust: "Potter, there are some things I really didn't want to know about, including all your kinks."
Harry spluttered at the word kinks, but had to admit that Severus’ description was right; at least if he interpreted the very interested stirring in his lower region the right way. The Potions Master cleared his throat and said: "I will leave you two alone for a moment, so that you can say goodbye in private." The man walked out and closed the kitchen door behind him.
Harry stood awkwardly in the middle of the room, he wanted to run to Lucius and hug him, but the man was always so correct about what was adequate and what was not, that he didn't know if he would be allowed to do that.
"Harry, you do not have to hold back when we are in private," Lucius said and opened his arms in an invitation.
Harry ran over and clutched the taller man around his midsection: "I don't want to leave you!" The time they would have to spend apart already felt too long and it hadn't even started.
"I do not wish to leave you either, but we have to separate, at least for a short while," Lucius whispered and bent down to give him a tender kiss on his head.
"Do you promise me that it will be only for a short while?" Harry hiccupped, trying not to cry.
"I promise, it will never be more than some days; neither this holiday, nor after you have gone back to Hogwarts. We will still find time to see each other, I already have a plan," Lucius said and lifted Harry's face gently to stroke over his cheek softly with his thumb.
Harry flung his arms around his mate's neck and pulled himself up, to press his lips to Lucius'. Lucius hummed in appreciation and let him dominate the kiss for a moment, before taking the lead and deepening the, so far, innocent kiss. Harry enjoyed the strong hands roaming his body and the sharp claws scratching over his sensitive neck one last time, leaving yet another mark there. All too soon Lucius pulled back and stepped a small step away from him.
"Do we really need to go now?" Harry asked silently.
Lucius only nodded.
Sighing, Harry grabbed his small leather bag and tied it to one of his belt loops, before giving Lucius one last peck on his cheek and opening the door again. Snape waited for them in the living room; he had apparently used the time to accio their trunks from their shared bedroom.
Something nudged his leg: "Are we going somewhere?"
Harry looked down and saw Nagini eyeing him curiously.
"Yes, we will go to Grimmauld Place," Harry explained sadly.
"Why are you so sad? Is your mate not coming with us?" the intelligent snake asked.
"No, he has to go to his old Master so that he can work as a spy for me," Harry explained.
"I will comfort you when you feel lonely little Master," Nagini promised and slithered up Harry's body to wind herself around Harry's slim frame a few times. Luckily, he was now stronger; otherwise he would have fallen under the weight of his familiar.
"Thank you, Nagini," Harry smiled softly at her and patted her head thankfully.
"Are you ready Harry? You will go first, after that Lucius and I will apparate to the Dark Lord's hideout," Snape said.
Harry nodded and grabbed a hand of floo powder from a small bag that the man offered him. He wanted to step closer to the fireplace when Lucius grasped his shoulder and pulled him back. Harry could feel his heart speeding up when his mate leaned over his shoulder whispering: "I will miss you, Harry."
Harry wanted to say that he would miss him as well, but his mouth was dry and his throat seemed to be closed off; before he could regain his ability to speak, Lucius had already let go of him and pushed him gently but firmly to the fireplace.
"I will visit the headquarters as soon as I can," the Potions Master promised, but Harry barely heard him. He was concentrating too much on not turning around and clutching onto his mate, refusing to leave him, despite all promises, they didn't help the rising desperation in his chest and heart.
Closing his eyes, he threw the powder into the hearth and said: "Grimmauld Place Number 12!"



He was swirled around and his landing was even more ungraceful than usual, due to the huge reptile wrapped around his body. He landed with a loud thud and face down on the old rug in front of the fireplace. For a second silence filled the room and then chaos erupted.
"Harry!" shrieked a voice and he was sure that he would be crushed by Hermione in a moment, but the attack never came, instead a second shriek and then:
"Sirius! Remus! Harry is back but he needs help, hurry!"
Harry barely had time to scramble to his feet when his two guardians appeared in the doorway to the dingy living room, wands outstretched and pointed at his new familiar.
Nagini, who obviously thought that the threat was meant for Harry rose high above their heads, hissing and spitting acidic venom threateningly.
"Stop, everyone!" Harry shouted and repeated the command in parseltongue for Nagini’s benefit. His voice must have sounded demanding enough because Sirius, Remus, Ron and Hermione lowered their wands and Nagini relaxed immediately, curling once around his waist and laying her heavy head on his shoulders.
"Harry what happened?" Hermione asked.
"I would explain everything if you would all just give me the chance and not attack me at first sight," Harry snapped irritably; the rough landing after floo’ing and the far too early separation from his mate making him short-tempered.
"We didn't attack you, just that evil snake," Sirius protested, crossing his arms in front of his chest.
"That is stupid and unnecessary as well, Nagini has bonded herself to me as a familiar," Harry explained with a sigh, he really wished that they could just sit down and talk in peace for a moment; they would not accomplish anything like this, standing in an dirty living room, wands down but still at the ready.
"What?" Ron asked incredulously.
"Well, it's a long story," Harry muttered and scratched his head.
"Are you sure that you can trust her?" Hermione asked carefully from her place by the couch.
"Yeah, I am. She listens to my orders, she did that even before she bonded to me as her master and behaves more like a human friend, than a reptile," Harry mused, not sure how he should explain his trust in the snake.
"Well, she was Voldemort's snake; you should be careful, she is poisonous after all," Hermione reminded him unnecessarily.
"Mione, I lived with her alone at Privet Drive for two weeks, don't you think that she would have already killed me or brought me to Voldemort if that was her plan?"
"But how do you know that she really bound herself to you? Maybe she has just told you a lie," Hermione prodded.
Harry rolled his eyes, sometimes Hermione really should give him more credit: "She marked me," he answered and pointed at the spot beneath his collar bone where the mark laid hidden beneath his t-shirt.
His brainy friend gasped and took a step in his direction, as if she wanted to pull his shirt down and examine it thoroughly, but Harry quickly backed a step further away from her. He could not let Hermione touch him, or she would notice his low body temperature and think that something was wrong with him, which wouldn't be too far from the truth.
At her irritated and worried look he muttered: "It's still very sensitive."
She nodded after a moment of hesitation and Harry covered the mark once more.
"Okay Harry, let's go downstairs and sit down and talk," Remus proposed suddenly, luckily noticing that this useless argument could go on for hours if nobody interrupted Hermione.
"Finally!" Harry sighed and the little group went into the kitchen. Harry took his usual spot and not the one at the head of the table, which he would claim soon enough. He grabbed an empty mug from the middle of the table and poured himself some hot chocolate, not intending to drink it, but to keep up appearance; he had always loved hot chocolate and it would be odd to ignore the pitcher. When he was seated as comfortable as he would get without Lucius next to him, he turned to Remus.
"So Harry, could you tell us what happened?" Remus asked, pouring himself and the others a mug as well.
Harry thought for a moment, he could not tell them everything yet, or more accurate, he could not tell them much at all, so what should he tell them? Maybe he should find out what they already knew first:
"Yeah sure, but what happened after I left?" Harry asked non-committedly.
"We are not sure about all the facts ourselves yet," Remus mused, his brows furrowed.
Well, Harry thought, how could they be if they only knew a fraction of what had happened?
"Dumbledore told us that he believed that Snape took you somewhere safe, but because he had never given the man direct orders, he wasn't really sure where he might have taken you to and he couldn't contact the greasy git either," Sirius huffed.
"And we found out that the Malfoy’s have been killed, at least Draco and his mother, but no one has seen Lucius Malfoy since. Father thinks that he is somewhere in one of his family's Manors, hiding until everything has cooled down. He believes that the arrogant bastard is too clever to let himself be killed by Voldemort and of course, far too loyal, " Ron scoffed, wrinkling his nose with no ounce of sympathy in his voice.
Harry wanted to snap at his best friend for being so cruel and insulting towards his mate, but he hastily bit his tongue to hold himself back and instead asked: "But you don't know what has happened with Lord high and mighty?" He could not start to defend Lucius Malfoy passionately, at least not until he could give them an good explanation and he could not do that, until he had the order under control and even after that, he had to be careful in order to keep their relationship a secret. It was all really annoying.
"No, there has been no word, not even Snape could give us any information," Remus answered, confirming what Ron had said earlier.
Harry sighed in relief, that would make everything easier for him, he could just tell them he didn't know anything either and introduce Lucius as a spy later. Hopefully not too much later; already his body felt cold as death itself, even colder than when he was not touching the aristocrat, but only in close proximity. Sadly he had to ignore the uncomfortable feeling for now.
"Well, I don't know anything about that arrogant bastard either," he began; it hurt to call his mate such names. Every time he insulted the man, a piercing pain shot through his dead heart, like a punishment.
"But Dumbledore was right; Snape took me away to the Dursley’s house to be precise. The problem was that the Death Eaters had been there and they had killed my relatives. And Nagini had somehow grabbed onto me before Snape apparated me away, so we had to secure the blood wards and deal with her; there was no safe possibility to come back earlier."
"So, you lived with that overgrown bat for nearly two weeks?" Sirius eyes nearly fell out of his sockets and Hermione made a sympathetic face.
"Mate, I really feel with you; that must have been the two worst weeks of your life!" Ron exclaimed.
Harry's head spun around at the word mate and he glared fiercely at Ron, no one other than Lucius had the right to call him that.
Ron backed away at Harry's look and lifted his hands in a calming gesture: "Wow, calm down, just say if you don't want me to call you my best mate anymore." Ron's gaze was more calculating than Harry had ever seen and he had the unsettling feeling that his best friend had just caught up on something. A short glance over at Hermione told him that she was still none the wiser; that was strange, because she always caught up to everything before he and Ron did.
Turning back to Ron, he mumbled apologetically: "Yeah, that would be nice, Snape mocked me nearly two weeks with that title; I can't hear the word mate anymore. Sorry."
Ron obviously didn't buy his explanation but nodded anyway and a wave of love towards his friend flooded over Harry. Ron was the best friend he could wish for; no one else accepted his obvious lies as easily for what they were: The unspoken confession that he couldn't or didn't want to talk about the matter right now. Ron knew that Harry would come to him as soon as he was ready and tell him everything; that trust was the basis of their friendship.
"Harry, you just said that you ensured the blood wards, how?" Remus interrupted his train of thoughts.
"I did a strange ritual, using my blood on the Dursley’s grounds. It was a ritual in parseltongue;" Harry explained.
Sirius eyes darkened: "That sounds like dark magic... I will kill the git! Teaching you those kinds of spells, he should be thrown out of the Order!"
"Would it have been better if Voldemort could have just apparated into my bedroom?" Harry asked irritably, sometimes his godfather was too narrow minded. His hate of everything considered dark, made him a good wizard, but not the most helpful Order Member. Sometimes, it would be more helpful if he knew just as much about that stuff as Snape and Lucius did.
"No, of course not!" Sirius exclaimed. "I am only worried, Harry. Dark Magic can be tempting like a drug if you are not careful. Believe me; I have seen the effect on my brother Regulus. He had always been slightly drawn to dark magic, no real wonder as a Black son, but after he joined the Death Eaters and started to use it regularly, he changed and not in a good way."
Harry's face softened. Sirius had never told him about his late brother before, but by the tone in his voice he could hear that he had loved his brother like a brother should.
"It's okay Harry, you can't just know all of this yet, that is why we are all here to help you," Sirius smiled at him.
"Harry?" Harry turned his face to Hermione, who chewed thoughtfully on her bottom lip. "How exactly did you end up with Nagini as your familiar?" she asked him.
Harry had to think carefully about the answer he would give her, but after a moment of contemplation noticed that it really wasn't so difficult. He would just tell her the truth and leave the part with their matching scars out:
"Well, we could not let her go and therefore spent some time together. I think she just started to trust me when I treated her nicely and some days ago, she told me that she had never bound herself to Voldemort. He apparently captured her and forced her to stay with him. I told her that I would protect her, if she wanted my help and she just...bit me."
Hermione gasped. Harry winced, maybe he should have put his explanation into nicer words, but since his change he had lost the feeling for what others would consider shocking and brutal. Sure, the marking had hurt, but he had not died; of course not. But considering his friend, it had probably been the right, but not the best way to describe the binding ritual to her, but luckily, Remus laid a calming hand on her shoulder:
"Don't worry too much Hermione; it is quite normal for a familiar to mark its master."
"I know, but Nagini is poisonous, I just feared that it could have harmed Harry in the beginning."
Harry wanted to snort; if they all just knew that he had been long dead by his marking... but they didn't and it was better this way.
"Pup, would you show us where she has marked you?" Sirius asked and Harry nodded after a moment of hesitation, pulling the collar of his t-shirt down; it wasn't as if they could see his bond to Lucius in this one and with the table between them, no one would be able to touch him so easily. The ying-yang shaped mark appeared and everybody leaned forwards to get a better look.
"Very impressive; it looks like a strong binding, otherwise you would only have two small scars," Remus mused. When Harry frowned he explained: "The more powerful a bond is the more detailed the mark is."
Harry had to think of his beautiful and detailed mating mark and flushed; luckily they could not smell his flush in the way Lucius always did and noticed nothing. So, did that mean that he and his mate shared a very strong bond? Harry hoped so, he had not yet thought about what exactly he felt for the aristocrat, thinking that Lucius would give him some time to sort his feelings out, after all, he was very inexperienced with relationships and their past had not been a good one, but he definitively liked the sound of a strong bond.
"Harry, what happened to your right hand?" asked Hermione worriedly at that moment.
‘Speaking of the devil,’ Harry thought, inwardly sighing. Nagini nudged his hand and he began absentmindedly patting her; earning a few curious looks from everybody, using the time everybody was distracted to think up a lie.
"Voldemort hit me with a nasty curse. I ducked, but it still caught my hand. Snape already examined and healed it, but it has left a gruesome scar..." Harry explained in way of an answer.
"But Harry, there is no need to be embarrassed of a scar, it doesn't makes you uglier or anything," Hermione advised him.
"I know, but I already have a bloody scar and I don't want to be famous for a second one," Harry apologized to himself. Her face softened in understanding and she squeezed his shoulder softly; Harry barely noticed her touch, his body needed more force to feel these days, but it was nice to know that his friends cared for him so much nonetheless.
Remus cleared his throat and pulled Harry from his thoughts: "There is something else, we need to tell you."
A lump dropped into his stomach, Harry knew this particular tone of voice; it never meant anything good.
"What is it Remus?" he asked, forcing his voice not to shake; he had to appear strong if he wanted their support after he had taken over the order.
"It’s Hedwig," Sirius said quietly.
"Has something happened to her?" Harry's hands started to tremble, he didn't know how he would react if his owl had been killed. She had been his first present and a friend, even before he had gotten to know Ron.
"She was injured by the attack of Kings Cross...she is alive, but she won't be able to fly long distances anymore," Sirius told him.
His already dead and cold body seemed to freeze. How could someone have attacked an innocent owl? He wanted to find the culprit and rip his throat apart. Red-hot anger boiled in his veins and his vision went red for a moment, but he suppressed his rage quickly, before his glamours would not be strong enough to hide his changed body anymore.
"Where is she?" he asked, his voice cold like ice. The others gave him a worried look, but he ignored them.
"In our room," Ron answered and stood up.



Harry followed him and they went, with Hermione at their heels, up to their shared bedroom. When Harry opened the door, he saw his snowy owl sitting on a perch on the windowsill. She hooted happily as soon as she saw him, but Harry's heart clenched painfully. Hedwig looked battered. Her beautiful feathers were dishevelled, there were bare spots on her wings and a scar ran from her left eye to her beak. He ran over to her and she hopped onto his outstretched arm, hooting welcomingly. Patting her back, he turned to his two friends: "I can't understand why someone would attack an innocent owl."
"I think, it was just the fact that she belonged to ...someone of the light side," Hermione whispered, sadness in her voice. Harry knew that she had wanted to say: ‘That she belonged to you’, but didn't comment on it, he was past the point where he drowned in sadness whenever someone was hurt because of him. Sure, he still felt sorrow and anger, but he had decided to take matters in his own hands instead of wallowing in sadness and despair.
"Is she your other familiar?" Nagini hissed, she had glided off his body and was now curled up on his bed, Harry mused that she had smelled that it was his.
"Her name is Hedwig, she is my oldest friend, but she got injured by your old master," Harry answered her.
"You will revenge her one day," Nagini hissed matter of factly, coaxing a smile from Harry.
"It is really scary to hear you talk with Voldemort's snake so casually," Ron muttered from his seat on his own bed.
"Her name is Nagini and she was never Voldemort's snake," Harry explained sternly, he wouldn't let his new familiar be harassed only because of a past connection to Voldemort she had never wished for. That would similar to someone saying he was a Death Eater only because of his cured scar.
"I think she will be a great help," Hermione said. "I mean, Voldemort would have never captured a weak familiar and she must have a lot of inside information on him and his servants, even though she was not there out of her own free will."
"No, he wouldn't," Harry agreed, wondering slightly about her sudden mood change in regards to his new pet.
Looking around Ron and his shared room, he noticed for the first time that there was a third bed. "Why is there another bed?" he asked.
"I am sleeping here as well. Ginny and Molly, Arthur, Fred, George and even Charley will arrive later today and it will be very crowded here," Hermione explained.
"Yeah, even the greasy git has requested a room to sleep in. I really can't imagine why... Snape never wanted to stay here," Ron muttered darkly.
Harry could think of a reason, but he would not share his assumption with his friends, so he just asked: "How do you know that?"
"He sent an owl this morning, telling us that he would arrive tomorrow and needed a room and basically commanded Sirius to give him entrance to the old Potions Lab in the cellar," Ron elaborated.
"This sounds like him, even Private Drive now has a Potions Lab," Harry grimaced for good measure, even though he just wanted to laugh, he had learned to appreciate the man's intelligent and sharp humour in the last weeks. Snape really was not a very pleasant person and they would never be considered friends, but after their peace-agreement, Harry had realized that he was a good and loyal ally; after all, you didn't have to like your ally’s, but Ron would never understand his new point of view.
"Really?" Hermione asked curiously. "But you can’t just change a room in a house which doesn't belong to you," she advised him. Somehow, Harry mused inwardly, he should have expected that she would pick up on this one point of the whole story. Other people might have asked him why he had given his hated professor a room in the first place, but not Hermione.
"Good then that I am my late family's only heir," Harry grinned back.
"What?" Ron asked. "But wasn't there that scary aunt of yours that you blew up before our third year?
Harry snickered, remembering the incident with aunt Marge. Now that he knew that he would not be expelled because of his independent acting magic, he could laugh about it.
"She died because of a stroke and now everything is mine, the house, their money and even their car." His eyes widened in realization: "I have a car! And a good one at that!"
"Yes, and you are still not allowed to drive it," Hermione said sternly.
Harry ignored the fact that he would in reality never be old enough to drive a car and grinned back at Ron, who looked all too happy in an evil kind of way.
"Harry, that is brilliant, they would be so mad if they knew!" the redhead laughed.
"They would," Harry agreed.
"Maybe my dad can teach the car to fly? Or at least enlarge the space, so that we don’t have to borrow one from the Ministry every time we need one?"
"Sure, we can fetch it one of these days, I have the key with me, it is on the key ring of my uncle," Harry mused.
"But you won't fetch it yourself?" Hermione asked in a voice that told him the expected answer.
"No, of course not. I don't need any more problems with the Ministry because the muggle police caught me. Maybe I can ask the greasy git; after all, he is a Half-blood and grew up in the same town as my mother did; they were even childhood friends," Harry smirked, thinking about forcing Severus to drive his uncle’s Mercedes.
Ron's eyes nearly fell out of his sockets: "What? Your mother and that over large bat? That makes him nearly your uncle!"
Harry made a face, sure he had come to an understanding with his professor, he even trusted him in some way, but that still sounded too close to a personal relationship for him to be comfortable with. He could never imagine the man anything else other than his teacher and ally against Voldemort
"No, I don't think so, they had a fall out in his seventh year," he explained.
"Harry, you have come to know him quite well," Hermione commented.
"Not really, but we could not insult each other day after day; it would have become tiresome at some point."
"I really don't know what I would say if I found out that you were friends with him now, it would be nearly as bad as befriending a Malfoy," Ron commented lightly, but Harry winced. If Ron would not like him being friends with a Malfoy, what would he say if he found out that he was mated to the older one? They both had considered Lucius even worse than his son, because in contrast to Draco, the man was really intelligent, powerful and cunning. Deciding that he would think about how to break the news to his best friends when he really needed to, he dropped the thoughts.
"Harry, would you like to lay down for a bit?" Hermione asked suddenly and he looked at her questioningly: "Why?"
"You look awfully pale and exhausted; I have never seen you like this. It must have been some rough days..." she broke off.
"Yeah, sure..." Harry said, he was not tired in the slightest and laying down would not help his pale complexion either. "But I am honestly not tired at all."
Ron eyed him again as if he knew something he shouldn't, but said nothing.
"Well, if you are sure. Ah! I just remembered, your Hogwarts letter arrived a few days ago," the girl said and walked over to a very small desk, pulling open the top drawer. She handed him the letter and he opened it quickly. It stated nothing new in particular; the term would start as always on the first of September, eleven days from now and it contained the book list for next year. He noticed that there was no book for DADA and furrowed his brow:
"Do we have no DADA at all next year?" he asked.
"I don't think so," Hermione answered. "I believe that Dumbledore hasn’t found a competent teacher yet and therefore doesn't know which book we will need. The list is probably charmed to update on its own."
"Well, I hope he doesn't give the job to a second Lockhart," Ron muttered.
"I hope there will be no second Moody," Harry added darkly.
Silence fell over the room; it was uncomfortable, everyone was thinking about the horrible end of their last year and Harry's depressed state of mind afterwards. That had luckily changed since his mating and his time with Lucius and Snape. The men had helped him to see things in a different light and to not only blame himself for what had happened.
Hermione cleared her throat and said: "We will go to Diagon Alley sometime this week. Ginny will be so happy to see you again."
Harry winced, he knew that Ron's little sister had a huge crush on him and hoped that she had not become any bolder this summer; he didn't know how he would react to an open attempt to flirt with him, the thought alone made his skin crawl. Something must have shown in his face, because Ron said: "I will help you with her if she goes too far."
"Thanks, Ron, that would be a big help," Harry sighed in relief.
"But why?" Hermione asked. "She is a nice girl and maybe a relationship would cheer you up."
"She is like a sister to me Mione, I could never date her," he half lied.
Hermione frowned: "I would have thought that you would wish for Harry to date your sister, after all, he might become a real relative to you someday then, Ron," Hermione mused.
"But you can't force him to fall in love with her," Ron said wisely.
Hermione blinked in surprised at him: "You are right, but I had hoped for a second girl in our clique." She sighed, but dropped the topic.
"Hey Harry, what would you think of a match of Quidditch once my brothers arrived?" Ron changed the topic.
"I would like that," Harry grinned widely. "I will unpack then so we can start after lunch."
He lifted his trunk onto his bed and opened it only to stare at the upper garment. It was a crisp white button down, one they had bought for Lucius in London. He picked it up and absentmindedly lifted it to his nose, inhaling the scent of his mate. He instantly relaxed a bit more, imagining that Lucius was holding him in his strong arms, but Hermione pulled him out from his blissful state:
"Harry, that is not one of your shirts," she stated matter of factly.
Looking through the room for any idea as to explain how a much too large shirt ended up in his trunk, he hastily said: "I did not have a lot of clothes at Privet Drive without my trunk, so I borrowed that one from Dudley as a night shirt, he doesn't need it anymore anyway."
Ron made a disgusted face: "You are wearing the shirt of a dead person? Harry, that is gross!"
Harry would have to admit that it would have been if it really was Dudley's shirt, but it wasn't and he therefore only shrugged. Besides, he was dead as well, just not the decaying type of dead.
"Ron, I don't think that he pulled the shirt from his dead body, it was most probably a clean one from his wardrobe," Hermione chided him.
"Yeah...well, but still," Ron shivered.
Meanwhile, Harry had hidden the shirt under his covers and started to dump socks into a small drawer. Their cupboard was magically enlarged so that the clothes of all three of them would fit in the small piece of furniture. He was soon finished, after all he didn't own much, but maybe he could buy some new clothes when they were at Diagon Alley. After all, the Dursley’s could not steal his money anymore and it would be nice to have some fitting clothes for a change, and maybe even some that Lucius would appreciate. He blushed at that thought, thinking about what his mate would like. Harry honestly had no idea. Sure, he knew how the man dressed himself and even how his son had dressed, but that didn't mean that he found these things alluring or even arousing.
He blushed even more. Did he want to be arousing for his mate? He thought about it for a moment and came to the conclusion, that yes, he wanted that. But wouldn't that be a bit unfair? After all, he was not yet ready to take their physical relationship too far, no further than last night anyway. Would Lucius appreciate it despite that fact? His mate had mentioned that he would buy Harry some new clothes as well, so he could wait until then and see what kind of clothing his mate would choose for him; if he really would buy him new things.
Lucius probably would, but he was at Grimmauld Place now and there was no way that the man would stroll in here and give him a huge package and Harry didn't know when he would see his mate again. Hopefully at least for a few days before next term, that was if he succeeded in taking over the Order and introducing the aristocrat as new spy; but after school had started, he would be lucky to see him now and then in Snape's office or at Headquarters.
He felt himself getting agitated at the thought of the next few months and quickly took a bonbon from his small leather bag on his belt, remembering Snape's words that they might calm him down and they did, at least a bit. The taste of blood was so good and soothing after the tasteless hot chocolate.
A knock sounded at the door and Ginny stepped inside, her eyes instantly landing on him.
"Are you here already?" Ron asked curiously.
His sister just nodded and then said: "Mum sent me; lunch will be ready in fifteen minutes."
Harry watched her going over to her brother’s bed and flopping down. He felt slightly annoyed; she was still eyeing him with those big brown orbs that were far to soft for his liking. He wanted to look into eyes of silver that were cold like fire made from ice and sharp like a double edged knife, promising him forbidden pleasures and a fierce protector.
Harry was horrified to notice that he had been staring back into her eyes, when the girl suddenly blushed and the strong smell of shy embarrassment reached his nose. He forced himself to not wrinkle the offended appendage and quickly smiled before turning back to his empty trunk, closing it and shoving it under his bed so that it would not stand in his way. Then he sat down and pulled Nagini into his lap.
"She smells wrong, she has her eyes set on you," the large reptile hissed.
"I know, but she is my best friend’s sister and I have to keep my mate a secret for no, or he will be in danger, so I have to cope with her," Harry explained.
Ginny's eyes landed on his familiar and widened, but someone had obviously warned her, because she said nothing about her, instead she mumbled:
"You look good, Harry. Have you grown or something?"
Harry wanted to snort; so much had changed with his body, everybody could probably see that, even with his glamour, but he had certainly not grown. "No, I haven't," he simply said and then turned the conversation away from himself: "How has your summer been?"
She smiled brightly at him and Harry hoped that she would not misinterpret his interest. Sure, he liked her; she was nice and his best friend’s sister, so it was just natural to ask those type questions, wasn't it? But her happy face was all too bright:
"It was great! I spend a lot of time with my friends and I even got my own pygmy puff. Her name is Stella and she is currently in my room taking a nap, but if you want, you can come over later and I can introduce you to her, she is really nice and cuddly. You will like her!" She told him at an inhuman pace and Harry had some trouble processing all her words. Finally it caught up to him that she had practically invited him into her room and he shuddered inwardly, thinking that her motives were anything but innocent and even if she really just wanted to show him her new pet, he guessed that he didn't find pygmy puffs as interesting as she did. The animals were quite useless and stupid, nothing in comparison to Nagini or even Hedwig. Seeing, that she waited for an answer he said non-committedly: "I will see if I find the time later."
Ron who had caught his helpless look quickly helped him out: "We plan on playing a game of Quidditch, so I don't think that he will have time today."
Ginny pouted, but then her face brightened again: "I will join you guys, after all, there needs to be at least one girl."
"Yeah, sure," Ron said, looking apologetically over at Harry, who shrugged, not knowing how to politely get rid of her either.
"I think we should go down now," Hermione interrupted their conversation with a glance at her watch. "fifteen minutes are nearly over."



They left the room and went downstairs. When they entered the kitchen, Arthur, Fred, George and Charley were already around the table, waving when they saw Harry entering.
"Hey Harry, we heard you had to live with our favourite Potions Teacher for the last two weeks?" Fred grinned.
Harry made the same face he had made when Ron had asked him about his last weeks:
"Let's just say, you can learn to live with anyone," that was at least not a lie.
"Sure, as long as it is not a Malfoy," Charlie chuckled.
"You are speaking wise words," George laughed.
What problem did they all have with the Malfoy’s? He would even agree to that statement for Draco and probably Narcissa, but Lucius was really different than the other two. His mate was very caring and protective, a true family person if you gave him the chance. Sighing inwardly, he realized that some day in the future his mating would turn out to be a scandal.
Molly had turned around to put a large pan on the table and hurried over when she saw Harry and pulled him into a hug, pan still in one hand: "Harry my dear, how have you been? We were all so worried, when we could not find you or Severus. I feared the worst!"
Harry hugged her back: "Snape kept me safe; there was no way that Voldemort could have gotten to me. Dumbledore distracted him long enough luckily."
"Arthur said the same, but still..." she drew in a shaky breath and Harry realized for the first time that Molly really had adopted him into her family. He hugged her even tighter, until she squeaked in surprise: "Not so tight! Harry, have you gotten stronger?"
Harry blinked in confusion, before quickly letting her go and sitting back down. In comparison to his dominant he was so weak that he had not realized how strong he had gotten until now.
"I am sorry Molly, I just was so happy to see you again."
Molly's eyes softened. She patted his cheek before returning to the stove. Harry swirled his bonbon around in his mouth and turned to the pan, eyeing the tomato sauce with vegetables. He really was not hungry, even less when he looked at the food and the smell started to make him slightly queasy. How could he eat something like this when the memory of Lucius’ delicious blood was still so fresh in his mind and he could still almost taste him on his tongue? The chocolate had been bad enough for one day.
"It smells delicious, doesn't it?"
Harry turned his head only to see that Ginny had sat down next to him. Mentally sighing, he said: "It does, your mum is a better cook than I am," he said.
"You can cook?" Ginny asked with interest, a sweet smile on her lips.
"I can. My aunt taught me," he described the situation at the Dursley’s place carefully. "I had to cook the last two weeks, or Snape would have probably starved down in the new Potions Lab he had set in my relative’s cellar."
Ginny wrinkled her nose: "It would have been no great loss."
A wooden spoon landed painfully on her head and she turned to glare at her mother, who only glared back: "Ginevra Weasley! I will not hear such foul words from your mouth again, is that understood? I know the man from my own school days, he was a bit younger than your father and I and he was never a bad person! Moody, yes, especially after...that doesn't matter, but he is a great man and the Order would not save half as many people without him!"
"But mum!" Ginny whined. Harry was pleased that at least one other person did not hate the Potions Master; the man really deserved some more appreciation.
Sirius, Remus and Arthur came down as well and Molly placed a large bowl with rice next to the pan, before they all started to fill their plates.
"So, who wants to play Quidditch after lunch?"Ron asked loud enough for everyone to hear. Sirius grinned widely and said: "I am on a team with Harry and Remi!"
"What?" Remus asked incredulously.
"Don't try to argue, you are a decent player, you will join us," Sirius commanded.
"We will join you, too," Fred and George smiled, shortly followed by Charley and even Arthur, which made Molly raise a concerned eyebrow. In the end, it was only Molly and Hermione who didn't want to play and they were persuaded quickly by the others.



So after lunch they all went outside and they split into two teams and it was decided, that Harry, Sirius, Remus, Ron and Hermione would have one player less than the other team, because Harry's talent apparently counted for two; at least, that was what Fred declared loudly and the game started.
Harry had never seen Remus, Sirius, Molly or Arthur on a broom before and their skills were quite different. Remus was a steady flyer, not as good as Sirius or even Fred and George, but a far cry from bad. In contrast to that, Harry could not watch Arthur on a broom, he always feared that the man would drop from his flying vehicle, so unsteady was his flying. Molly had been a beater herself she told the others, who gaped at her. She was very good and had a hard punch and Harry wished he could add the fierce women to his Gryffindor team so that they would wipe the floor with the Slytherins next year. Sirius was quick and agile and the best chaser he had ever seen. Once he had the quaffle, he never let the red ball go.
Ginny had changed her jeans to a more fitting pair of sports trousers, the only problem Harry had with that was that the shorts were really short, especially considering that she was sitting on a broom. He had a feeling that she had chosen the pants with a purpose. Harry noticed that Sirius and Remus turned always away in disgust, only to search for the others eyes, making Harry wonder if it was because of Ginny or because of her being a girl.
He as well turned always away from the sight of her. If he wanted to see smooth skin, he would just go to Lucius, he had smooth skin as well and his legs were even muscled and strong, hard and unyielding like the rest of his mate’s perfect body.
In the end, both teams were equally strong and it was only Harry's outstanding talent as a seeker which granted his team victory.
"Well done mate!" Fred flung an arm around his shoulders and patted him.
"Very formidable!" George added, but Harry was growling again. He knew he should not react so violently whenever someone called him their ‘mate’, but it was like a primary instinct.
"You shouldn't call him that," Ron appeared suddenly next to him.
"...not?" the twins asked curiously.
"He doesn't like it. Apparently Snape taunted him with that title the whole of the last two weeks."
Harry was glad that, whatever suspicion his best friend had about his extreme reaction, he didn't voice it out loud. The twins winced in sympathy and nodded their consent.
"Just call him man or something like that, I try to get used to it as well," Ron suggested.
"Harry, you should know that we don't mean it as an insult. Don't let Snape get to you like this," Hermione said, climbing from her broom.
"I know," Harry sighed. "But I can't control myself. It is stupid, I shouldn't react like this, but at the moment I just do..."
His bushy haired friend frowned, but said nothing more and they went back to the town house in comfortable silence. Molly passed them hurriedly, announcing that she would prepare some sandwiches and that they all should come downstairs in half an hour.
"Hey Harry, wanna see my pygmy puff now?" Ginny chimed and Fred and George, who saw his tortured expression and always looked for an opportunity to tease their little sister grinned wickedly:
"Wanna see my pygmy puff?" George echoed.
"That just sounds so wrong, dear little sister..." Fred cringed and George ended for good measure:
"Like a code for: Shall I show you my tits?"
Ginny grew beet red and she glared angrily at her older brothers: "That was not what I meant! You know that dad bought me a new pygmy puff!"
"Yeah, yeah," the twins snickered.
Harry, who really didn't want to visit the girl all alone in her room and thought that the twins were probably right with their assumption, quickly said: "Sorry Gin, but I really have to take a shower. I am smelling."
"But maybe afterwards?" She asked and Harry quickly nodded before hurrying of. He could agree to a maybe.
Up in their shared room he collected his toiletries, just as his friends stepped inside.
"I still think you two would make a cute couple. But when you can't see her as a girlfriend, there is nothing we can do, not even Ginny herself, she should realize that," Hermione sighed.
"She should realize it soon," Ron muttered, obviously annoyed with his little sister.
"Well, I will go get a shower, see you later," Harry said and left the two to their own devices, going upstairs to another landing for the main bathroom.
Luckily, it was still empty and so he quickly locked the door behind him, just to make sure that nobody could follow him. He really didn't need to take showers anymore. Being dead, meant not only that he was always cold unless he was in the arms of his mate and that he could not differ between temperatures very well anymore, but also that he did not sweat or perspire in any way. The only time he really needed a shower after an activity was after a sexual encounter with Lucius. He was not sure if he could only smell the scent of sex so strongly because of his new powers, or if others could as well and he would not take the chance of them finding out anything anytime soon. Furthermore, Remus also had a keen nose due to his werewolf Moony.
Ten minutes later he was cleaned and dried and back in his clothes.
He met Nagini in the hallway in front of his room; the reptile was just rising to open the door when she noticed him coming:
"I had to hunt some garden gnomes for lunch. They taste awful, but at least, you don't have to worry about feeding me," she announced.
"Thank you, Nagini. How many are some?" he asked, eyeing the huge snake.
"Maybe fifteen...they are so small. Not much flesh," Nagini mused.
"Well, no one will miss them, least of all Mrs Weasley. Maybe we should take you to her garden some day, the gnomes there really are a plague."
The reptile pushed open the door and slithered inside, Harry following her quickly before the door could close again.
"I still have to get used to her. She is a frightening sight," Ron said, but eyed the snake without any hate or fear.
"She really is nice. It's just sad that you can't talk to her, or you could prove it yourself," Harry said and dropped his wet towel over a chair.
"It would really be interesting to talk to a snake. I would have so many questions," Hermione sighed dreamily.
Harry rolled his eyes inwardly, sometimes it seemed as if there was nothing more important to Hermione than to gain more knowledge.
"Harry," Ron called him and he turned around to face the redhead.
"I think you should really go and visit my sister," he said, smiling.
Harry sighed exasperatedly, he had thought that Ron was on his side, but apparently he was wrong.
"Why?" he asked dryly.
"Because she asked you so nicely and for the second time already and because I still have some clothes of hers in my trunk that would not fit in her own and I need to take them to her."
A wide grin spread over his face and he nodded eagerly. This way, Ginny could not say that he had not visited her and he would not be alone with the freckled girl.
"That is actually a good solution," Hermione praised him.
"I know, that's why I suggested it," Ron smirked and opened the door. Ginny's room was just at the end of the dark hallway.
"Where are you going?" Nagini called after Harry.
"To Ginny," he answered and when his familiar only frowned he elaborated: "The girl who wants to mate with me."
It seemed he had chosen the right words, because the snake nodded in understanding and followed him: "I will come with you. There will be no threat to the mate of my master."
"Okay," Harry agreed and after a curious look from Ron they went over to the other room. Hermione caught up to them just as Harry was about to knock, explaining: "Even if I think that a relationship would do you some good, you are my best friend and I will help you no matter what."
Harry smiled thankfully at her and finally knocked.
Ginny opened with a bright smile, which disappeared quickly, when she saw not only Harry, but the entire small group in front of her room. She glared over Harry's shoulder at Ron, who wasn't impressed in the least, but then said: "Come in, I almost thought you couldn't make it after all."
"I was faster than I thought I would be," Harry smiled and flopped down on the bed. Ginny made a step in his direction, but before she could sit down next to him, Hermione shoved her to the side:
"Make some room for me, please. I am so tired after the match." To underline her words, she let herself fall backwards, spreading her arm across the mattress and sighing heavily.
Ginny's look darkened and she turned to his brother to snap: "So, why did you all come?"
"I still had some of your stuff," Ron pushed a pile of shirts in her arms. "Really, I don't understand why you need so much clothing for only two weeks. You have to go over to the Burrow to pack your school trunk anyway; there was really no need to pack all these things."
"Of course you don't understand, you are a boy after all," Ginny hissed.
"Actually, I do not understand it either," Hermione shrugged.
"Well, you are... a different kind of girl than I am," Ginny said nonchalantly before asking: "And you Hermione?"
"We are friends, why should I not visit you as well?" Hermione mused; she really could pull off this stupid act if she wanted. Of course, Harry mused, one would only believe it if the topic had something to do with feelings and interpersonal relationship and not with stuff you could learn from a book, but that was not required right now.
"So, you wanted to show me your new pet?" Harry asked, drawing Ginny's attention back to him.
"Yes," she turned searchingly and finally went over to a pile of shirts that lay on the ground to pick up something very pink and fluffy.
"This is Stella, isn't she cute?" she asked, holding the pink thing, that clashed horribly with her hair, out to Harry; he didn't need to be a Malfoy to notice that she should have picked one in another colour instead of this bright neon pink. He pet the small creature, who eyed him through half lidded eyes. It really was a boring animal. The pygmy puff barely moved, contend to sit still and be petted and it made no sound either.
"It looks more like a snack than an adequate familiar," Nagini hissed from the ground, making Ginny screech as she had not yet noticed the large reptile.
"I really can't understand how you could choose such an ugly familiar. A snake is not cuddly, or cute and everybody is scared of her. Even if she had not been Voldemort's pet before, she would not suit you. You are a Gryffindor and should not be accompanied by the symbol of the Slytherins," she huffed.
Harry’s eyes flashed angrily: "Nagini is intelligent and friendly and yes, she is dangerous and everybody is scared of her, but that makes her the ideal familiar for me, after all, I am still hunted by a mad man."
He was really angry with her. Sure, she was Ron's sister, but she had gone too far and even if she had been his girlfriend, she would not have the right to question his choice of pet like this. He was still his own person and not an accessory for a girl to show off. Lucius would never try to change him like this.
"But you can't be sure that she would protect you against her old master," Ginny argued.
"Voldemort was never her master, only her captor and I can be sure of her loyalty, because she has been tortured by him as much as myself, maybe even more," Harry said harshly.
Ginny recoiled and took a deep breath, clearly noticing that she was making her crush seriously mad at her. Smiling sweetly she said: "I am sorry, Harry. I should not have doubted you; after all, you always did the right thing until now. You are brave and intelligent and always had the right intuition when it came to people's loyalties and true intention. Why should you be wrong with a snake? Do you accept my apology?"
Harry knew it was only sweet talk and it made him nauseous; he smiled back, he had to live with her in close proximity for the next couple of days, after that he could keep out of her way, Hogwarts was big enough for that.
"I accept your apology," he confirmed and at the next moment she was hugging him.
"Thank you Harry," after she had righted herself she suggested all too innocently: "I have packed the things away, so you can go back to your room Ron, and relax a bit until dinner and I think mum would appreciate your help with the dinner, Hermione."
Harry watched Hermione's chest rise and fall, a sign that she was trying to suppress a heavy and probably annoyed sigh.
"I am really tired right now, but Harry, you mentioned that you know how to cook. Could you go downstairs this time?" the brainy witch asked and Harry knew that Ginny was really badly annoying her with her refusal to take the hint that he was not interested in her.
"Sure Mione," he agreed and stood, picking Nagini up and wrapping her around his body, before leaving his friends behind who would surely annoy Ginny for a little while longer.



The dinner turned out to be a loud and happy affair, with everybody still excited about their earlier match. Only Ginny was grumpy, but no one took much notice. It was already late when they were finally finished with eating and Ron and Hermione went to their room, but Harry was not yet tired. As a vampire he didn't need as much sleep as a human, especially since the sun didn't force him into unconsciousness any longer. When he had been at Privet Drive at the Dursley’s, he had loved to cuddle up to Lucius and let his mate’s body warm his and fall asleep in the safety of the man's strong arms. Without all that, sleep seemed only unnecessary and unappealing as well.
So he walked into the dusty lounge, where he found Sirius and Remus, and sat down in an old armchair.
"Hey kiddo, tell us a bit more about your joyful week with Snivellus," Sirius greeted him with a wide grin.
Harry wished he could tell the man that the two last weeks, or at least the last one had been one of the best he ever had, maybe even the best of all of them, even with Snape being there, but that was once again not an option. Instead he said for the third time that day:
"Privet Drive is now in possession of a Potions Lab. I believe it is one even I cannot enter."
Sirius made a face and Remus chuckled. The werewolf had always been more accepting of Snape, even though he didn't like him much either, but Remus was able to see Snape's talents and his value for the Order.
"It was not that bad, really. At least in the end we came to some sort of understanding," he finally said, because he really wished to defend the man who had helped him so much in the last days at least; a bit and honestly: Snape deserved it, at least, the man had always been honest with him.
"Really?" Remus asked curiously and Sirius growled.
"He will still pay for insulting you so often, even if it was not his duty to save you and stay with you, you still gave him a bed and cooked for him and were probably even polite," his godfather snapped.
"It really was not as bad," Harry tried to calm Sirius down, but without much success, instead Remus agreed with him:
"Harry, Sirius is right, it must have been bad if you still cannot stand to be called someone's best mate."
The familiar growl was rising in his chest once again, but he quickly stopped it; this would be the worst moment ever to growl over the title. If he gave into his instincts now, he could just stop to defend his Professor.
"But we really came to a understanding in the end," Harry argued once more.
"Has he at least checked your hand thoroughly? I can't imagine that there is nothing he can do about the scar. As much as I hate him and as much as I hate to admit it, he is the best at potions," Sirius grumbled.
"He has," Harry lied smoothly. "He searched for days and I had to try all kinds of healing potions and salves, but nothing helped," He shrugged nonchalantly, sticking to the story he had told earlier: "But it was a curse of Voldemort’s, I really didn't expect that he could do something about it."
"It probably was a very dark curse," Remus mused darkly.
"Yeah," Harry agreed.
"Let me see it cub, it can't be so bad and I am your godfather after all," Sirius reached for his hand, but Harry hastily cradled it against his chest.
"No, it is really nasty," he refused and scooted into one corner of his armchair.
Sirius sighed heavily: "You can trust me Harry."
"I know, but if I show it to you, I have to see it myself and I don't want to see it," he protested vehemently.
Remus opened his mouth to help his friend, but at that moment the fireplace lit up with green flames and Severus Snape stepped out like a large shadow into the room, a small trunk in one hand. Harry watched him smoothing out his robes; the man had not yet seen him or Sirius and Remus for that matter.
"I thought you wouldn't arrive until tomorrow," he said in a way of greeting. His professor turned around, a carefully neutral expression on his face, but no sign of his usual sneer, he had given Harry all the previous years.
"Hello Harry," he greeted smoothly and Harry knew at that particular moment that the stress wasn't over yet. He glared at the Potions Master, who had until now not taken his offer to call him by his first name and he could clearly see that the man had just done it to get a rise out of Sirius, and he was succeeding:
"Harry? Since when does the git call you by your first name?" Sirius bellowed.
"Since I offered him to forego my title and he accepted," Snape said patiently, a small smirk on his lips.
"What?" Sirius roared and Remus had to grab him by his arm quickly to prevent the man from harming the other.
"Sirius please, I told you that we came to some sort of an agreement," Harry pleaded exasperatedly, but his godfather didn't listen:
"You have no right to call him Harry. You could not help him with his scar and you taunted him so much, that he cannot stand it anymore when his best friend calls him mate!"
Harry hoped that the man would pick up on his lies and support him with his excuse for not wanting to be called mate by anyone. He had some luck, at least partially. Obviously ignoring the comment about his taunting Harry he asked:
"Which scar?"
"The scar on his right hand!" Sirius exclaimed.
"Padfoot, please calm down! Harry told you, that he tried everything to heal it, but it is a dark curse. Not even Snape can make a scar disappear inflicted by the darkest wizard alive, or he would have done something for Harry's lightning bolt scar long ago!" Remus growled and pulled his friend a bit further away from the Potions Master.
Harry saw understanding flashing in those black eyes and Snape sneered at Sirius: "What else do you expect of me? As a member of the Black family, you should know that there are some curses which cause permanent damage. But you always cared about ignoring your upbringing, wanting only to be a perfect Gryffindor and thus making yourself useless for the Order."
Harry winced. Need the man go so far to back up his story?
"Take that back you slimy bastard!" Sirius was growling by now.
"Can't stand the truth, mutt?" Severus sneered, clearly determined to drive the knife in further:
"If you had listened to your parents sometimes, you could be of much more use, but as it is, you are not even able to recognize the most common dark curses. Why Dumbledore even allows you to work for the Order is a mystery to me, even Arthur has more knowledge. But at least you provide us with a headquarters and as for insulting Harry: If the boy is so fragile that he cannot stand some taunting, how do you expect him to survive the war? Or do you not expect him to at all?" Without a glance backwards he picked up his trunk once again and disappeared upstairs.
Harry sighed heavily, he had wanted to ask Snape how things had gone with Voldemort, but after the little row with Sirius, there was no need to go upstairs now, Snape would currently not even answer him probably. Hopefully, Snape's quick disappearance meant that everything had gone according to plan, he surely would have told him otherwise. Wouldn't he?
Looking up again, Harry could see that Sirius was seething. His godfather’s fists were clenching and unclenching and his chest was rising and falling rapidly. The strong scent of rage filled the room and Harry wanted to go upstairs or visit a nice smelling flower garden. Luckily he could not smell every emotion, only those which were very strong, but sadly that often meant that he smelled the bad ones, they tended to be more abundant than the really strong good ones.
"One day I will kill him!" Sirius growled.
"Enough!" Remus snapped, who had apparently reached the end of his patience: "Harry has told you often enough that he has finally come to a understanding with his professor and you are on a strong path to destroy that understanding once again! Do you want to make your godson's life even more complicated than it already is?"
To Harry's surprise Sirius seemed to deflate at the words. The animagus hung his head and dropped back down onto his seat: "No, of course not Moony, but everything he says..."
"I know. I don't like him either, but Harry has to see him every week in class and it would be much easier for him if Snape doesn't insults him all the time or at least not as harshly as before," Remus said.
"I don't think that their understanding will make a lot of difference. Harry still is a Gryffindor and Snivellus has to favour his Slytherins after all," Sirius scoffed and Harry actually had to agree with that. Silently of course; he would not destroy all the work Remus had done of calming the dog- animagus down.
"Harry will never find that out if you jump the man at every opportunity. Just stick to your usual insults, but don't blow up like this. He could think that Harry has complained about him, even though he tried to help him and we cannot forget that he did save Harry at King's Cross," Remus had let go of Sirius’ arm and was now patting the abused appendage, where a bright blue and purple bruise was forming. Remus really was strong, Harry thought absentmindedly.
"But I won't be polite to him!" Sirius huffed, sounding like a pouting child.
"No one expects that," Remus reassured him.
"No one would think you capable of being polite to him," Harry grinned and stood up. "I think I will head off for bed now. It has been a long day."
"Good night, Harry," Remus said, and Sirius winked at him.
Ron and Hermione were already fast asleep and Harry noticed for the first time how loud breathing could be. Hopefully he would get his own room at Hogwarts, because if he had to live with Neville and Seamus’ snoring for an entire year he would go mad with his keen vampire hearing. Going silently over to the bed, he undressed and wanted to climb under the blanked naked, when luckily he remembered that his friends would certainly notice it the next morning and quickly pulled Lucius’ shirt from under the pillow. He cast a preserving spell on it, so that Lucius' scent would not fade or be overpowered by his own and slipped it over his head. It nearly reached his knees and covered all his assets, so he didn't need to search for a pair of underpants. To be honest, he wasn't sure if he possessed any at this point. He had thrown many away at Hogwarts, thinking that he could get new hand-me-downs from his cousins or even buy some new at Diagon Alley, but he had not done that in the end and he thought that he might have seen Lucius going to the trash can with a suspicious pile of white clothing.
Laying down in the darkness, Harry found himself still not very tired and on top of that now, without any distractions he realized just how much he missed Lucius. His skin was so cold without the warming touch of his mate and the comforter didn't help any. He missed his smooth, velvet like voice and the strong arms that would pull him against an even stronger body.
Harry also missed the quiet company, the fact that he could always go to the aristocrat and snuggle into his lap or just talk to him or persuade him to play a game of chess he would surely lose, and those sharp nails stroking his neck.
He wanted to know what Lucius was doing right now and if he missed him as much as he missed the older man. Surely he would, they were mates after all, or at least, he hoped that he would miss him. Harry knew that they still didn't know too much about each other and that he was still a bit shy and didn't do as much physical explorations as Lucius might wish, but at the same time, he was sure that it didn't bother his dominant. At the beginning, he had asked himself if he would be able to satisfy the older man who had so much more experience, but after their first exchange of blood, his instincts had become much stronger and they reassured him of his relationship. He was as important to Lucius as the man was to him. Maybe, it was not quite love yet, but that would come and there was no way that their relationship would break up.
A heavy weight settled on his bed and slithered over his small body. Harry pulled Nagini to his chest; who sensed his loneliness and curled protectively around him, hissing soothing noises, like a mother would do or a very good friend. Burrowing his nose in his mate’s button-down, he closed his eyes and imagined that it wasn't Nagini’s long body wrapped around him, but Lucius', and finally drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Text


When Harry awoke the next morning he sat up, still half asleep and turned with his closed eyes to kiss his mate awake; only to realize that Lucius was not next to him but Nagini instead and that he was at Grimmauld Place with Ron and Hermione sleeping in the same room. His mood dropped immediately, but at least it explained why he felt so cold all over.
"Have you slept well, little Master?" Nagini hissed, her head still lying lazily on the mattress.
"Yes, thanks to you. I don't think that I would have fallen asleep so easily without you being there. I didn't feel as lonely as I felt before you came to cuddle." Harry thanked her.
"I did not come to cuddle. Snakes don't cuddle, I came to accompany you. You were sad and lonely, I could smell it and I promised to help you as long as your mate is not yet here." She huffed.
"Then thank you for accompanying me." Harry corrected himself with a small smile. Nagini could be a proud snake apparently and it definitely had been cuddling, even if she would not admit it.
"Of course." The reptile hissed back.
"Harry, are you awake already?"
Turning, he saw a very dishevelled Hermione sitting up and rubbing her eyes.
"Just woke up." He answered.
"I didn't hear you come in last night." She told him and stood up, gathering her clothes and toiletries.
"I tried to be quiet." Harry answered as he climbed out of bed himself.
"Why did you wear the shirt?"
"I didn't want to search for my PJ's in the dark, it would have only woken you and Ron up and I slept in these kinds of shirts for two weeks, one more day won't matter." He explained.
Hermione nodded in understanding. "I'm going to the bathroom to get changed. Could you try and wake Ron?"
"I'll try my best, but I can't promise anything." He grinned. They both knew how deep a sleeper Ron could be.
Hermione disappeared and Harry decided to get dressed first, so that Ron wouldn't notice his half naked state. Going over to the cupboard he pulled out a pair of fresh shorts and a t-shirt, quickly slipping into the garments before going over to his snoring friend.
"Ron, wake up!" He said with a slightly raised voice, but didn't get any reaction. Sighing he grabbed his friend's shoulder and started to shake him, but that didn't seem to help either.
"Ron! It's time for breakfast!" He tried again, his voice even louder. It was really annoying trying to wake his best friend up. He slept nearly as deep as a vampire did, no doubt that was probably the reason why Hermione had asked him to wake up the red head.
"What are you trying to do?" Nagini slithered over to him, eying him curiously.
"I'm trying to wake Ron up." Harry sighed. "But he sleeps like the dead."
"Shall I help you?" Nagini offered, her voice neutral. Too neutral in Harry's opinion. But he really had no patience this morning. He was still in a bad mood after waking up without Lucius next to him and Ron didn't help matters right now.
"You won't harm him?" He asked to make sure. He didn't believe that Nagini would harm any of his friends, but better be safe than sorry.
"I will not harm him." She answered in response and rose up to her full height, until she was staring directly into the sleeping face of one Ronald Weasley. Lifting up her heavy tail she brought it down hard on the boy's stomach. A loud slapping sound echoed through the room and Ron bolted up, cursing, only to freeze when he opened his eyes and came face to face with Harry's familiar.
Harry couldn't prevent himself from laughing as he watched his friend move away from the large reptile, pale as a ghost.
"What the bloody… By Merlin's stinking socks!" Ron spluttered, glaring over at Harry.
Nagini only gave a snickering sound in response as she hissed, "That was for snoring the whole night."
Harry laughed even harder.
"What did she say? Did she threaten me?" Ron asked, slightly panicked.
"No." Harry snickered. "She said that this was her revenge on you for snoring the whole night. I think you kept her awake."
"It's not my fault that I snore; all Weasley's do that, even Ginny." Ron huffed in defence.
Yet another reason to stick with Lucius, Harry thought to himself.
"Too much information!" Harry exclaimed and this time it was Ron's turn to snicker.
Hermione came back a few minutes later and they all headed to breakfast together. Harry was the last to enter the kitchen and his eyes immediately fell on his godfather and one bad tempered Potions Master, both of whom were currently engaged in their private glaring match. He sighed and flopped down next to Sirius, shoving the man as he did so; which thanks to his new found strength succeeded in breaking the eye contact of the two childhood enemies.
"Oi, Harry! Why did you do that? Now Snivellus believes that he won!" Sirius complained.
Snape indeed had a victorious grin on his face and Harry rolled his eyes at the men. Really, as soon as Snape and Sirius were in close proximity, they transformed into little children.
"Have you slept well?" Sirius asked whilst he pulled a bowl full of scrambled eggs closer, heaving a huge amount on a plate before putting it in front of Harry.
Harry had really hoped that he might have a chance to skip breakfast this morning; eating had become quite a hassle for him. Not only did it taste like nothing to him, but he could also feel that his body didn't like to digest the eaten food. It always lay like dead weight in his stomach and made him tired afterwards. On top of that, he believed that he would need to drink Lucius’ blood sooner as a result, since he had to use up so much energy for the whole process.
Sighing in defeat he took a fork full of eggs and started eating, maybe Sirius would be satisfied after he ate half of the portion on his plate.
"I slept well, Nagini cuddled with me." Harry answered after he had swallowed.
His godfather raised a questioning eyebrow as Remus asked, "Doesn't it feel kind of strange to cuddle with a snake?"
"Actually no. Her scales feel like warm water and I rather like the feeling." Harry explained.
"I would prefer a cute puppy." Sirius shivered before adding, "Want me to buy you a cute little puppy when we go to Diagon Alley?"
"Padfoot, Harry has no time for a dog as long as he is in school. Nagini at least, can go for a walk on her own." Remus scolded him.
"And I think no dog could ever be as good a guard dog as Nagini is." Harry grinned. He honestly believed that even the Slytherins would be wary of attacking him, as long as she was with him. He watched as Sirius eyed the huge reptile that had come slithering into the gloomy room before admitting, "You could be right, I certainly wouldn't want to prank you."
"You see." Harry pat his hand and took another bite of his breakfast, wishing all the while that he could get rid of it somehow. Maybe a dog wouldn't be a bad pet after all.
"So, is there anything planned for today?" He inquired, looking around curiously.
"Well, we still have to buy all of your school supplies, but the books for DADA have to be added first." Arthur mused, pouring himself a large cup of coffee.
"You, Ron and Hermione can help clean some of the guest rooms, so that we can actually use them some day. I'll check them out first and tell you which ones you should clean. I believe there is at least one that we should let Snape handle. The dark magic leaking through the door is quite strong and worrisome." Molly instructed.
"I'll take a look after breakfast Molly." Snape agreed.
"Thank you, it would be such a great help. Maybe you should take someone else with you, just to be safe. Sirius' mother did a fine job of cursing and trapping nearly everything in this house." Molly suggested, seeming irritated at the fact.
Harry snickered: "I never would have thought that your marauder streak came from your mother."
That comment earned him a fierce glare from his godfather, who looked anything but happy at the thought that his talents for pranks could be inherited from his mother.
"I have nothing in common with her or the rest of my crazy family." He huffed.
"You sure look like a typical Black, mutt." Snape sneered. "But you're right, you lack the magical talent everyone else in your family possessed, misused as it was."
Sirius started to growl at the snide remark and Harry wanted nothing more than to go over to them both and whack them on their heads. Hard. As soon as he had a say in things within the order he would try to force the two to at the very least be polite to each other. They were both intelligent and capable wizards who could be far more helpful if they could at least work together on occasion.
"Severus, Sirius! No fighting at the table!" Molly threw them both a stern look, one that could rival Snape's own in its vehemence. Thankfully, to Harry's relief and ongoing sanity they turned back to their meals after giving each other one final glare.
Harry pushed his own plate away from himself; he could not eat another bite. His stomach was already making protesting noises and churning quite heavily, he really wasn't sure if he was still able to eat normal food.
Molly had caught his action and frowned unhappily at the still very full plate. "Harry, you should try and eat a little more dear, you look even more thinner and paler than usual after your stay at Privet Drive." Harry could hear the concern in her voice and had he not been feeling as though he would retch all over the place should he attempt to eat even one more bite, then he would have continued his meal for her sake. Instead he shook his head, still feeling a bit queasy. "I feel really full Mrs. Weasley."
"Has someone checked you over? You're looking rather ill..." She trailed off, motherly concern shining in her eyes.
He threw Snape a pleading look, making said Potion's Master look back at him in annoyance. "I already checked him over. The boy is fine." Snape said in response, waving off her concern.
"But isn't he a bit thin?" Ron's mother asked, still not sounding all that convinced.
"He is, but not so thin that you need to worry. In fact, I myself am thinner in comparison, so you can leave him alone."
"You are much too thin as well." Molly commented, frowning in response but thankfully dropping the topic for now.
"Hey Sirius, Remus..." Fred called out.
"...would you tell us about some of your pranks?" George asked.
"Sure we can, but only if Harry joins you two, he still has to step into his father's footsteps." Sirius grinned and bent over to ruffle Harry's wild hair.
"We do not need another bully at Hogwarts and I will make sure to make his life a living hell should you teach him your infernal pranks. The brat already is enough like his father." Snape sneered and gave Harry a look that clearly advised him to decline the offer.
Harry looked from one demanding adult to the other. Sirius face clearly told him how happy and proud he would be if he decided to become a prankster as well. But he remembered the cold expression on Snape's face when he had mentioned his father a few days ago. Something felt wrong. So he neither agreed, nor declined, but instead asked, "What kind of pranks did you do?"
Fred and George scooted closer, as did Ron, but Hermione frowned, mirroring Harry's feelings.
"We did all kinds of pranks. One year at Christmas, we charmed all the mistletoe so that everyone who was kissed beneath one would be stuck to the lips of the other person for three hours. The mistletoe had already been charmed by Dumbledore that year. We had to kiss the one passing the leaves with us, or we would not be able to go on, so there were some really hilarious couples glued together."
Harry grinned; he would have liked to see that. "So, who was the most hilarious couple?" He asked curiously.
"I'm not sure. Maybe Dumbledore and the one ministry official that came to visit the school... Oh wait! The most hilarious was your father and Lucius Malfoy! I'm sure that your father would have been more observant, but he had overslept that day and was late to class."
Harry nearly choked on his spit. His father and his mate had kissed once? For three hours? He tried to decipher how he felt about that piece of information, but couldn't really decide. Normally he would be jealous about everyone who had kissed his mate in the past, but James had been his father and with him dead it made his feeling on the issue unclear.
"Urgh! How can anyone stand to kiss Lucius Malfoy! He's even worse than his son!" Ron exclaimed horrified, making Harry wince. Lucius' and his mating would not go down well, whether his friends found out or he told them.
"Wonder of wonders, how astonishing that even some of your jokes were harmless, or could be considered funny." Snape hissed angrily from the other end of the table.
"What does he mean by that?" Harry asked, sobering up again. He knew that Snape was a proud man, one who could deal with almost any obstacle thrown his way, seeing the man this irritated made him wonder if whatever his father, Sirius and Remus did to him could have been considered far from humorous.
But Sirius dismissively waved off his concerns with his hand. "We reserved the best pranks for him. There was this one spell, I can teach it to you, that lets the victim dangle upside-down in mid air and the person can't do anything to free himself. We succeeded in attaching the spell to some doorways and it only triggered when the git went through one of them. We also combined the spell with a funny little charm, one that made his robes and every other garment with the exception of his underpants disappear. I would have never imagined that the famous dungeon bat wore white boxers. But on the other hand; white fits an all time virgin."
Harry felt sick. His dad and guardians had done something like that? No wonder Snape had hated the sight of him so much. And Sirius still found their actions funny, even though they had only been cruel and degrading. Neither he nor Draco had ever tormented the other like that. That was not just bullying anymore, that was far worse.
Across from him, Snape was silently seething and Harry could not help but wonder about his reaction. He would be angry as well if someone dragged his humiliating past out for everyone to hear. In fact, Harry believed that he would have long since blown up, but Severus had always been rather composed.
Everyone else wore similar expressions to his own, even the Weasley twins, who considered themselves the heirs to the marauders looked very green. Sure, they were pranksters as well, but their pranks never humiliated or harmed anyone seriously. The worst they had done in way of humiliation had been last year, when they had exchanged all of the shampoo’s in Slytherin for their prank dye, succeeding in colouring everyone's hair red and gold for an entire week.
Sadly, Sirius didn't notice his disgust and started another story. "Once, I tricked him into going to the shrieking shack on full moon, but unfortunately your father got to him first..."
"Sirius, that's enough. You know that you had gone too far with that one and James regretted it for years, until he had found a way to pay his debt back to Snape for not stopping you earlier." Remus cut in, looking haggard.
"Potter never did anything to pay his debt back; he was far too arrogant to see his mistakes." Snape hissed venomously.
Harry felt his neck prickle when Remus turned with serious eyes to the Potions Master. "He did. James never told me what he did for you, but I clearly remember how happy he was to finally be able to pay you off. He told me that he honestly hoped that you would be able to forgive him one day and that you would find happiness with the gifts life has granted you."
"As far as I know, life has granted me nothing." Severus rose and stalked out of the kitchen, leaving Harry to stare after him. He just knew that Remus' story contained a big and important secret. The only problem was that he could not even begin to guess what kind of secret it could be. But he swore to find out, somehow.
Feeling shocked, shaky and disgusted with the things he had just learned about his three biggest idols, he stood up. "I think I'll go upstairs, I have no interest in learning about your pranks."
Sirius face fell, just now catching up on the current mood, the man looked pained and worried; but Harry was not in the mood to comfort him. Turning quickly he left the room, his two best friends and Nagini close behind.
Up in his room he pulled Lucius' shirt from underneath his pillow, hugging it to his chest and burying his nose into the fine material. He missed his mate so much right now. Lucius would comfort him, hold him and stroke his neck; if only he were at Grimmauld Place. Harry felt so disappointed and lonely, he had never heard more than the kind hearted stories everyone around him told about his parents so he could get to know them. He had always been proud of his courageous father with his Weasley-like tendencies, but his picture of James Potter had been shattered. It had always been difficult for him to imagine the man at all, as it wasn't easy trying to develop feelings for his dead father, but pride had always been there. Now, he couldn't be proud anymore, in fact he felt as if he had to be as embarrassed about his father in the same way he was about the Dursley’s.
Were there only bullies in his family? Maybe his mother was the only exception? It was bad enough to not have a father, but to not even be able to be proud of him and his godfather; the only person he considered a living relative anymore, was even worse. He felt lost, as if he didn't belong to anyone or as if someone had cut the connection he had once held to his late father. He knew next to nothing about his mother; her likes and dislikes, who she had been as a person. Nothing.
So who was he? And why couldn't Lucius be with him right now? A sob threatened to escape his mouth, but he quickly bit his lips. He wanted to go to his dominant and curl up in his lap, waiting until his mate has made everything right again. It was so hard being without him. In the past he had never allowed himself the luxury of comfort, but since he had become Lucius' submissive, the part of him which yearned for the soothing and reassuring touch of someone had gotten stronger and it hurt physically to not be able to seek out his mate at that moment.
"Harry." A soft voice sounded from behind him, pulling him from his thoughts. "At least he tried to make up for his mistake." Hermione stepped up from behind him and laid a comforting hand on his shoulder. He turned around and buried his face in her shoulder, Lucius shirt between him and his friend's body so that at least his mate's calming scent could fill him.
"Oh Harry!" Hermione wrapped her arms around him and started to comb through his hair. "My family is so horrible! All of them were so cruel with the exception of my mother and I don't even know anything about her! The Dursley’s and my father were the same!" cried Harry.
"Hush, Harry. You father might have been a idiot as a teenager, but Remus told you that he tried to pay back his debt and I'm sure that whatever he did, it will turn out to be enough that he can be forgiven for his past mistakes."
Harry hiccupped; he had tried for a snort, but he wasn't even able to make that sound anymore. "Sure, like Snape will forgive my father after about an eternity of hate."
"Harry, I'm sure..."
"No Mione." Harry interrupted her; there was no way that everything would sort itself so easily. "He'll start to hate me again and we had just come to a truce last week. I even started to appreciate his snide ways… at least a bit and now..." He didn't finish his sentence.
"Try to talk to him later, when you've calmed down. He must have realized that you are not James, or he never would have agreed to a truce with you in the first place." Hermione tried to reassure him, but he only started to sob harder. The shirt beneath him was getting drenched, but he didn't care.
"Harry..." Ron started hesitantly. "As much as I don't like the slimy git and it's really painful for me to say this, but Mione is right; he won't hold this against you. Don't worry too much, he'll come around."
"I have to talk to him." He suddenly said and wiped his tears away.
"I think you should wait a bit longer, give him time to calm down." Hermione advised.
"No, I have to try..." Harry didn't quite understand why he wanted to talk to his Potions Professor so badly. It shouldn't matter to him if their relationship changed again. After all it had only evolved a little during their forced stay together. The man still refused to call him Harry, with the exception of when Sirius was nearby and could hear it. But he really had started to appreciate the man, or at least his work and he surely hadn't deserved to be treated so cruelly in the past. Nor had he deserved having Sirius drag these horrible stories back out in the open.
Furthermore, Severus was Lucius' best friend and he didn't want his mate to be disappointed in him just because he had not tried to help him. After all, Snape had helped him a lot and truth to be told; he honestly felt sick at the thought that Sirius had never apologized, so he would do it instead.
"Do you know where his room is?" He asked.
Ron shrugged but Hermione sighed in response. "I believe it's on the second floor, second door to the right."
He nodded and left the room, climbing up the creaking stairs until he stood in front of said door.
Stopping, he tried to listen for a moment, maybe he would hear something that could give him a hint about the man's current mood, but honestly he could easily imagine what Snape's mood must be right now. In any case, no sound reached his sensitive ears. Taking a deep breath that he didn't need, he knocked quietly, as if afraid that the man might actually hear him.
The door was wrenched open and he came face to face with a snarling Potions Master.
"Potter!" Snape spat, the name sounding like the insult it was meant to be.
"Snape..." The professor sneered again and Harry quickly corrected himself. "Sir..."
Before he could say anymore, the man snapped at him. "Feel better after you have come to know how your precious father harassed me?"
"No Sir-" Harry stuttered, but was interrupted once more.
"Do you still wonder why I always hated you so much? He tortured me in school, the one place that should have been my asylum. His mutt of a friend nearly had me killed and in the end he even...he even..."
"Stole your best friend?" Harry asked silently, thinking about the story of Snape and his mother.
"Yes!" Snape hissed and Harry had to retreat a step in order to avoid the flying spittle.
"Sir, I just wanted to say how wrong it was what they did to you and I really wish that I could have another family right now." He said quickly and to his astonishment, Snape deflated a bit.
"Potter… Your parents were not terrible people, not even James, loathe as I am to admit it. They loved you and Lily especially was a wonderful woman. Courageous, graceful, intelligent and talented. You should be proud of her, of their sacrifice."
"But you are also powerful, talented and intelligent." Harry countered.
"That I am and I'm also the greasy git of the dungeons, the overgrown bat as they like to call me." Snape sighed and rubbed his eyes. "Listen Potter, I want to be left alone right now. You told me what you wanted me to hear and I acknowledged it, I know that you do not wish to become like your father. But I can't look you in the face right now. Give me some time, so that the little understanding we have gained about each other does not shatter."
Harry nodded, unable to deny the man his request and next the moment found himself standing in front of a closed door again.
Turning, he thought that hopefully their fragile… whatever their relationship was, would survive this involuntary excursion into the past and went back downstairs.
"What did he say?" Hermione asked as soon as he was back in their shared bedroom.
"Did he open the door at all?" Ron questioned.
"I told him what I thought about the pranks my father's did with the Marauders while in school and I think he accepted it. But he said that he couldn't look me in the face right now and that I should leave him alone and give him some time to think things through."
"What a git!" Ron huffed, but Hermione nodded in understanding.
"Why are you being so sympathetic? He could have been nicer to Harry. I mean, he went all the way upstairs to talk to that slimy..."
"Ron!" Hermione snapped. The red head shut up and she sighed in exasperation. "Just imagine that you had been humiliated like Professors Snape was and then, years later, when you finally believed that phase of your life to be over; someone would come along and tell a whole room of people what they have done to you. On top of that, in said room is a boy sitting there who reminds you strongly of one of these men that made your life a living hell for years." She reasoned.
"That would be horrible!" Ron exclaimed.
"See." Hermione replied, glad her point had sunk in.
"I honestly think the fact that Professor Snape and your mother had been friends make the whole situation even more complicated. I have the feeling this is the true reason for Snape's hate towards your dead father and the two remaining Marauders." The bushy haired girl mused.
"That could be possible. Whenever he mentioned my mum, he starts to hesitate, as if he wants to say something else or something more, but he never does." Harry mused. It had not occurred to him until now, but after Hermione mentioned the topic, it suddenly was kind of obvious.
"Hopefully I will find out everything one day." He mused.
"I'm sure of it; there is no secret that could be kept a secret forever." Hermione stated wisely.
"Should we go downstairs to the library and play a game of chess? I think we could all do with a distraction." Ron proposed.
A warm feeling filled Harry's chest and he smiled. His friends always knew how to reassure him or knew what he needed.
"Sure. Just wait a moment." He agreed and went over to his nightstand to tie his bag of blood treats back to his trousers, before putting one into his mouth, sighing in contentment, when the sweet and metallic taste soothed his ruffled nerves.
His friends looked curiously at the small bag, but he pretended not to notice and didn't offer them any. They would not appreciate the taste in any case, or might even start to wonder why Harry now had an addiction to blood candy. Those were questions he would rather avoid.
"Let's go then." He said and opened the door. The house was strangely silent. Normally you could always hear Fred and George joking, or Molly yelling for someone, but the incident in the kitchen had lowered everyone's mood.



When Harry entered the living room he saw that Sirius was sitting on the sofa, but rose as soon as he saw him. His expression was pained and desperate, with guilt written all over his face. Remus was not in sight. The animagus made a motion, as if he wanted to grasp hold of Harry's arm, but with a quick step to the side he avoided his godfather. He had no intention on talking to him right now. Maybe when his mood wasn't as bad anymore and he could be sure that Snape would still want to talk to him, but not any earlier. Right now he just wanted to get his mind off of things.
"Not yet Sirius." He shook his head and strode over to the library door at the end of the room. Sirius slumped back down, a lost look in his eyes.
"Give him some time, it was a shock for him to hear all of those stories you know..." Hermione said in way of explanation.
They closed the door behind them and went to the far corner, where a huge chess board made of white and black marble was placed on a small elegantly designed table. Harry sat down in an old armchair in front of the white pieces as usual with Ron across from him while Hermione just sat crossed legged on the ground, ready to watch their game.
Without any more words spoken between the three, Harry started his first move. It had been a good idea to play a game, not to mention he was curious to see if his few chess lessons with Lucius might be able to help him win in a game against Ron. After only ten minutes it became obvious that he really had gotten better. Never before had he lost so few game pieces at this point in their match and Ron was starting to frown in concentration.
A warm, fuzzy feeling filled Harry's chest and he hummed happily. Lucius would surely be proud of him. Maybe he could send him a message later? Or would it be too dangerous? Did Voldemort watch the owls that arrived at the homes of his servant's? Would he even recognize a strange owl? He probably shouldn't take the risk, but he could still tell him personally at some other time.
"Did someone teach you how to play chess?" Ron asked curiously after a couple more minutes.
Harry just hummed happily.
"Who?" Ron asked, clearly not happy that there might be an even better player than himself.
Hermione rolled her eyes. "Honestly Ron, there was only one other person with Harry for the past two weeks."
"The git?" Ron asked, sounding unhappy at the thought.
"Yep." Harry said, remembering the one game he had witnessed between Snape and his mate, knowing that Severus was a formidable chess player in his own right. He'd probably played against Lucius since their schooldays and he'd already accepted being Harry's excuse for everything that was related to Lucius.
"You really have gotten better." Ron admitted grouchily.
"Maybe you should ask Professor Snape for a game?" Hermione suggested, but Harry and Ron only eyed her incredulously.
"Mione, just because Harry has caught some kind of strange flu and is now all goody-goody with the greasy git, doesn't mean that he won't hex me within an inch of my life with such a suggestion." Ron wrinkled his nose.
"I am not all goody-goody with him, though I still think that you really shouldn't ask him." Harry snorted.
"But we all should work on inter-house relationships and where better to start than with the head of Slytherin?" She argued.
"Hermione, you really believe in miracles, don't you?" Ron sighed in exasperation.
"No, but I do believe that peace between the houses are possible." Hermione stated back with a small but stubborn frown.
"Harry, please help me to bring her back to reality." Ron pleaded.
Harry pondered the question. Did he believe in peace between the houses? Peace between Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw was possible, it almost existed, kind of. But he really couldn't see Gryffindor and Slytherin becoming friends any time soon. True, he and his mate had no major problems with each other, despite being a former Slytherin and a Gryffindor respectively, but he believed that their bond helped with that aspect immensely. All former doubts and prejudices had been swept away by their bond and instincts.
With him and Snape it was clearly much more complicated. Even after their talk, their ‘relationship’ was still very fragile, he'd just witnessed it an hour ago and realized that they would never be able to have a real friendship with each other. The most he could hope for was the compromise they now shared to be able to help them work together. So, what would it take to join the two houses together?
"Maybe if someone who is trusted by all Gryffindors befriends someone who is trusted by all Slytherins and were able to set aside all their former prejudices, then they would be able to set an example for the rest of their house." Harry mused carefully and then blinked in realization. He had just described Lucius and himself. Lucius was highly respected among the members of his former house. The Malfoy’s were the purest of all Purebloods and surely the wealthiest on top of that. Furthermore, his mate was a school governor while he himself was the Gryffindor's golden boy, the boy-who-lived and symbol of the light side. But they wouldn't be able to unite the houses because no one could know about their intimate relationship and surely they would never be seen together at Hogwarts. Lucius could not just leave his Manor for a quick tryst in a broom closet or something equally ridiculous. It was far too risky and Snape would surely kill them both if he ever found out that they had done something like that.
He concentrated on his friends once more. Hermione was smiling up at him while Ron waited impatiently for his next move. A comfortable silence settled around them all; the game going on for much longer than they had all expected. In the end Harry still lost, but not as badly as before his chess lessons. Ron was honestly impressed with his new found skills and he had to promise his friend that they would play a game soon again.
By then it was already lunchtime and they all went down to the kitchens for a very strained meal. Severus sat grumpily in the furthest and darkest corner while Remus gave Sirius an annoyed look every few minutes. Sirius seemed intent on ignoring said looks, while not daring to meet Harry's eyes. Molly tried to push for a light hearted conversation, but sadly failed. Ginny tried flirting once more with Harry but failed as well and even the twins were subdued.
No one said anything when Harry barely touched his food and then, together with his friends, soon escaped back to their rooms.



On entering Harry noticed a huge and majestic Falcon sitting in front of their window.
"Who's bird is that?" Ron asked, following Harry's gaze. "He looks as if he belongs to some stuck up, Pureblood prick." The red head huffed.
"I don't know." Mione mused, but Harry's eyes widened in comprehension. He hurried over to the window and let in the bird, who screeched at Ron and Hermione, before settling down on Harry's outstretched arm. He pet the ruffled Falcon who gave him a look as if to say he was above such mundane levels of comfort before holding out his leg with another screech.
Harry winced; the bird was far too close to his sensitive ears, causing him to wince in pain each time it squawked at him.
"Shall I eat the impertinent creature?" Nagini asked from her spot on his bed.
"No, I believe he's from Lucius." He answered quickly, seeing that she was already moving to do just that.
She looked disappointed, but Harry was positive that he would be in big trouble if he allowed her to eat the bird. The animal was probably one of the best breeds and worth its own weight in gold and galleons.
Looking down, he saw a small package attached to the Falcon’s leg with a beautiful silver ribbon. He untied it and as soon as the bird was free again, the arrogant creature flew out his window, sparing Harry no further glance. Somehow, it reminded Harry of its owner and he couldn't help but smile at the thought.
"What is it Harry?" Ron asked curiously.
Shrugging, he pulled at the ribbon, which still held the little package closed, his eyes widening as the small box enlarged and multiplied. Blinking in confusion, he looked down at the numerous boxes in many different sizes and colours.
"Open them." Ron pressed, but Harry was still too baffled to move.
"Whatever these boxes contain, they look expensive." Hermione said, touching a box carefully.
She was right. Lucius had obviously held true to his word and bought Harry what had to be a whole new wardrobe. He had known that his rich mate would stand by his word but he had not expected his mate to go to Diagon Alley the very first day he was free again. But at least that meant that everything must have gone according to plan with Voldemort.
Bending down, he went to pick up one of the boxes, but Hermione held him back. "Harry, these packages came without a note, you should cast revealing spells on them, in case they're cursed. They can be dangerous unless you know who sent them to you."
"I think I know the person." He answered, being purposefully vague. He still pulled out his wand for his friend's peace of mind and started to cast a few revealing spells that checked for curses, only realizing afterwards that not only had he never done those particular spells before, but he'd also never even heard of them. He wondered if these were some of the spells he'd inherited through the magic of Malfoy Manor. It had to be the case, as he was certain that he had never even heard the incantations before.
"Harry, what kind of spell did you just do?" Hermione asked, frowning even harder. He had to be more careful or she would pick up on his secrets. Sometimes, his brainy friend was too intelligent for her own good.
"Snape taught me." He said in way of response.
"But it wasn't a dark spell, was it?" She inquired.
Harry wasn't the least bit sure but said as convincingly as he could, "Of course not. He is a teacher at Hogwarts and would never teach me dangerous spells."
Hermione flushed in embarrassment; you could only get her flustered by implying that she was doubting or suspecting a teacher. In her eyes, teachers were all knowing and without fault.
Bending down again, he finally opened the lid of the nearest box, seeing that it contained some high quality jackets, reminding him of those that muggle men wore for special occasion. Their colours were deep and dark red, blue, green and black. He picked up one jacket and eyed the silver buttons, which looked as if they were made from pure silver and he mused to himself that they probably were. Other jackets had gold buttons or clasps or even had cufflinks made from rubies, emeralds and sapphires. The material was soft to the touch and certainly better than anything he had worn before.
Laying the jackets back down, he opened the next box, which contained jackets in a similar colour scheme. The only difference was that they were longer, which made them look more like a coat.
Turning around, he saw the stunned looks on his two best friend's faces. Ron was standing there with an open mouth, while Hermione's eyes seemed ready to pop out of their sockets at any moment. They didn't look as if they were able to comment on anything just yet and so he continued to open another box. This one contained pairs of shoes in black and brown. They all possessed small heels, like men wore several centuries ago. He picked one up and noticed that they were made from dragon hide and were as soft and expensive looking as the jackets were.
Ron who had come back to his senses opened up one box near him, holding up a pair of black boots with silver laces, a heel placed at the bottom of these as well. Stepping next to Ron he saw that there were also brown boots in the box, along with several pairs that held silver and gold clasps with golden or silver laces to match them respectively.
"I think they all belong to different outfits, which can be varied either by the length of the jackets, or by wearing boots instead of shoes." Hermione concluded after she looked into every open box, before opening another one.
"Jackets again, but I think these will only reach your ribcage." She explained, pulling one out to show him.
The next package Ron opened contained fairly casual looking black and white button down shirts with long or short sleeves, but their fabric naturally, was anything but normal, being made by magical means instead of muggle.
Opening yet another box, Harry gasped in shock. He had pulled out something that looked at first sight like a waistcoat, but then he had noticed the laces crisscrossing against the delicate fabric. In the place where buttons would usually be, were small metal hoops to attach the shimmering lace to. Though he noticed there were a few actual waistcoats in the box with the same type of lovely lace added to them.
Hermione, who had turned around to look gasped as well when she saw the contents of the box. "Are these waistcoats and corsets?" She asked, looking scandalized.
"I don't know." Harry said in horror, carefully feeling the unyielding metal bars.
"Who would send you this kind of clothing?" Hermione asked, looking highly confused.
To Harry's surprise, it was Ron who gave her an answer, though without really answering it.
"Harry, you know that I'm a Pureblooded wizard, right?"
He nodded slowly, not yet understanding what his friend was trying to say.
"Look, I've noticed that you've changed a bit in the past two weeks and maybe because as a Pureblood I've noticed it more than Hermione. We're taught to notice some things that Muggleborns would never come into contact with."
Harry had a bad feeling about Ron's speech and he prayed to whichever god may be listening, that his friend didn't know about Lucius.
"So I'll ask you; have you come into your inheritance and have someone courting you now? Is it your future mate? Because there is no way that anyone we know would buy you these kinds of things."
Harry didn't know if he should be shocked that Ron was so close to the truth, or happy that he thankfully didn't know everything yet. But the fact remained that there was no use in lying. He would not tell his friend about Lucius, but instead would just go along with Ron's assumptions.
"You're right." He said, his voice only slightly shaking.
"She must be a Pureblood witch, and a very wealthy one at that, to be able send you all this expensive stuff. I think one of these jackets might be more expensive than the whole Burrow." Ron muttered with a wide grin.
Harry just shrugged, he would let Ron keep his false assumptions; it would make life much easier.
"Inheritance?" Hermione shrieked. "Why haven't you told us anything?" Both her arms were at her hips as she glared at him accusingly.
Shrugging, he lied once more, averting his eyes from the two. "It's still just so… new."
His friend's eyes softened as she pulled him into a hug. "Congratulations. So is that the reason why you can't imagine being in a relationship with Ginny?"
He nodded against her shoulder and she sighed in exasperation. "Boys! Why haven't you told us earlier? I would have helped you out even more. So what kind of inheritance is it?"
Harry bit his bottom lip; he really didn't want to tell the truth. Hopefully, his friends would understand. "I don't want to tell anyone just yet, I still haven't gotten used to it."
"Take your time." Ron said before Hermione could protest. Clearly, his parents must have taught him quite a bit about inheritances and mates; either that or his brother's engagement to Fleur had made him more understanding on the subject.
"Thanks guys. You both are the best friends anyone could wish for." He smiled softly at them, making any protest Hermione may have had die quickly as she instead just sent a small smile back his way.
"But no wonder she sent you new clothes. Your tastes in fashion along with those hand-me-downs you wear are even worse than anything I possess; and if she's a Pureblood then she won't stand for that one bit!" Ron laughed, making him snort as the tension eased from the room.
They started to open boxes again and Harry was shocked once more at some of their new discoveries. The pants Hermione showed him were short. Very short. Just- covering- your- arse kind of short. His horror only grew when Ron found many pairs of stockings that reached just up to his thighs. He grew beet red and nearly choked on the blood drop in his mouth. Hermione had to slap him on the back to stop his coughing. It was rather telling that even his friends could see his blush right now; after all, he was not normally able to really blush anymore.
Luckily they also found some trousers, which thankfully went down to his knees along with shorter stockings. Lucius had also sent him some very nice black cloaks that he could wear instead of a jacket and a winter cloak made of silver fur. There were also ties which looked similar to the ones Lucius wore. He'd noticed them just because he had seen the laces wrapped around his mate’s elegant neck before; otherwise he would just have guessed that they were some sort of silk ribbons.
They all dropped down on Harry's bed, eying the many boxes that seemed to clutter the already too crowded room.
"Where should I put all this stuff?" He asked after a moment of silence.
"We'll have to ask an adult for a better expansion charm for our closet." Hermione sighed.
Taking in all the different clothes he'd been given he noticed that Lucius had not sent him any undergarments. His mate really liked him naked underneath his trousers; it almost seemed like a kink.
"You should try on one of the outfits." Hermione suddenly suggested.
"Oh no Hermione. These things look bloody uncomfortable; I will not wear them as long as I don't have to!" He protested.
"But you should get used to them now rather than later. Not to mention it would be impolite to deny your future mate and I'm sure that they will look beautiful on you." Seeing he still wasn't sold on the idea she added, "You'll also need as much practice as you can get in order to put all these clothes on the right way without help."
Sighing, Harry gave up. He had wanted to know what Lucius would like on him and now he had to deal with the consequences; not to mention Mione was right, he would not deny his dominant.
"Which outfit should I try?" He asked, looking warily at all the new clothes.
Hermione stood up and he watched her pick out the outfit he would wear. When she handed him the garments, he eyed them warily. She had brought him a dark auburn waistcoat with golden laces at the front and a white button-down with long sleeves. She also handed him one of those coat-like jackets along with fitting stockings, a pair of very small black shorts and ended the outfit with a pair of black boots that had silver clasps and a thin silk band to tie them with.
"What are these clothes anyway?" He asked, thinking to himself that they did not look like typical wizarding robes.
"Hmm..." Hermione mused taking another look at the garments. "I once read about certain types of robes that were only allowed to be worn by the highest of aristocrats. Those of the most ancient and noblest lines."
Ron's eyes widened. "You're right Hermione. Mum showed me pictures once. Bloody hell Harry, your girl must be either filthy rich and important or you must be and she knows that you need this type of clothes."
"You mean that this is a type of ancient uniform for wizarding aristocrats?" Harry asked astonished, making Ron nod in agreement.
"The wizarding world was never ruled by a king." Hermione started explaining. "Instead they had a council that only included the wealthiest of nobles from the purest and most powerful wizarding families. Only the ruling Lord of the family and his wife were allowed to participate. These families made up around three percent of all wizards in the realm. Unfortunately what I don't know is which families formed the council. It went out of use about two hundred years ago, but the families are rumoured to still be highly influential even to this day."
"That's right. But not only was wizarding Britain ruled that way but many wizarding countries had this kind of council and they all wore special clothes to be recognized at first sight. The rules were really complicated as well. Dad told me that if a British witch married an Indian wizard who belonged to the council, that she would often wear the traditional council robes of her own country and not the ones of her husband, this was to show that the marriage had given the two nations a new political link."
Harry gaped. This couldn't be true. What had he gotten himself into by mating to one Lucius Malfoy?
"But there was something else about those clothes… I just can't put my finger on it..." Ron muttered and glared at the offending boxes.
"We'll figure it out, I'll do some research. The Black family library will surely have some books on the matter." Hermione said before motioning to Harry to start changing into his new clothes. He looked down at them and sighed heavily. How long would he need every morning to get dressed?
When Hermione saw his overwhelmed expression she added helpfully, "There are charms which will put your clothes right on your body without needing to change into them. Should I search for one later?"
"That would be great." He thanked her before pulling his t-shirt over his head, taking the white button down and turning his back to his feminine friend, slightly embarrassed of his child-like figure.
That was a mistake. She gasped and Ron drew in a sharp breath.
"Harry, what happened to your neck?" Ron asked his voice sounding appalled.
Touching his sensitive neck, he could still feel the scratches that Lucius had left behind. They still stung reassuringly at the slightest touch and at some movements, making him smile happily.
Hermione stepped forward, brushing the hair on his neck to the side, inspecting the scratches carefully. "Harry, do you have a female mate, or are you the submissive?" She finally asked, her voice soft and reassuring.
"Of course Harry's the dominant, Hermione! What do you think? That Harry Potter, the golden boy would take it up the arse for another male?" The redhead laughed, but Harry swayed a bit, feeling lightheaded. Ron would be disgusted with him, if he ever found out. Maybe he should make sure that his friend never would.
"Harry, tell her that she's barmy." Ron pressed.
"He's right, Hermione, I'm not a submissive. When Snape apparated with me to Privet Drive we had a very rough landing and Nagini dropped down on top of me, it must have happened then." He mumbled, not quite lying, but not telling the truth either. Looking up and meeting the girls brown eyes he saw that she didn't believe him one bit, but she nodded anyway. Telling Harry silently, that she understood; knowing without him saying anything how he didn't want to argue with Ron right now. Harry was certain that she would search him out for a serious talk later. She probably believed that his future dominant mate was abusing him based on the marks left behind on his neck.
He quickly pulled on the button-down shirt, now with his front to his friends, feeling far too conscious over his marked neck. Next he took the waistcoat and pulled it on while Hermione took the ends of the golden laces and started to fasten it for him.
"Tell me, if it becomes too tight. This is a variation of a corset, so it has to be tight, but you still need to be able to breathe."
Of course, Harry didn't actually need to breath anymore, so Hermione was able fasten the waistcoat very tight in the end, giving him a very impressive and unusual figure for a boy. It didn't give him a feminine waist, thankfully, but it definitely defined his frame very nicely.
"Harry, you have to eat more, look how thin you are! This can't be healthy for you. Are you certain that Snape examined you properly?" She asked in concern, chewing on her upper lip.
"He's checked me over thoroughly. I just have a slim build." Harry tried to soothe her but failed miserably.
"Merlin, Mione is right, it looks as if I could hold your whole waist with just my hands and you can see all your ribs, along with every single bone in your spine." Ron supported her, looking at him with worry.
"You both know that my relatives never fed me properly since I was a child, so what did you expect?" He huffed, getting annoyed.
"Yeah, we knew; but we never noticed it was this bad with those baggy shirts you always wore, at least, I didn't." Ron sounded pained and the worry in his eyes was nearly overwhelming. Harry tried to reassure him. "It was that bad, and even if I could have bought better fitting clothes, I probably wouldn't have. I didn't want to worry everyone. But Snape checked my health and provided me with enough vitamin potions to last me a lifetime. I'm perfectly fine again, thanks to him."
Ron was stunned into silence and Hermione shocked as well, simply said, "If you say so." Before handing him the pair of shorts.
Harry was still too busy thinking about how he could stop his friends from getting too suspicious, so didn't spare a thought on his state of dress beneath his trousers when he pulled the garment down. He only noticed something was wrong when Hermione shrieked and turned abruptly away from him.
"Harry why...?"
"Why what?" He asked confused.
"Why are you naked underneath your pants." Ron clarified; a strangled sound in his voice.
Looking down at his own body he finally noticed his mistake and instantly wished that the ground would open up beneath him. "Sorry Hermione." He mumbled quietly, feeling mortified.
"Why are you naked?" Ron repeated.
"I threw away my old underwear at Hogwarts. They were all old and filled with holes… not to mention Dudley wore them all before me..."
Ron grew very green and Hermione made a choked noise.
"I wanted to buy new ones this summer, but then the attack happened and I landed at Privet Drive without my trunk, but with Snape instead; who was still a right git back then… and I ended up never having the time to buy them in the end." He stated, still feeling slightly embarrassed and mortified. It was only half a lie, because he really had worn Dudley's old underpants and thrown most of them away at Hogwarts; so had Lucius back at Privet Drive as well, but he had a whole different reason for not buying new ones.
"Snape is still a right git." Ron muttered absentmindedly.
Suddenly Hermione spun around and ignoring the nakedness of his lower half pulled him into a fierce hug. "Oh Harry, why have you never told us that it was so bad!" She sobbed.
"Because you couldn't help me, I had to go back to them no matter what and you would just have ended up worrying the whole summer had I told you." He explained calmly, patting her back in comfort. He had known that his friends would eventually ask him about it at some point. Though that didn't mean he wanted to go into detail about his time with the Dursley’s.
"But we could have helped you!" She exclaimed. "We could have bought you underwear and sent it to you!" She was shaking him now. Harry let it happened, she couldn't harm him in any case and she seemed to need a way to let go of her anger over the situation.
"You could have done that… but they would have..." He broke off quickly, his eyes widening in realization at what he almost revealed.
"What would they have done to you?" This time it was Ron who spoke. "Did they hit you?" The redhead asked, seeming angry on his behalf.
Harry averted his eyes. This was something he hadn't wanted to tell them.
"Harry, tell us!" Ron's voice had gained a commanding tone and Harry talked, before he could think it through. "Just sometimes and only with their hands, it really wasn't so bad." And it hadn't been that bad, Harry knew that they could have used a belt instead of their hands and they had never done that. But thanks to how thin and weak he always was in the summer due to the forced starvation they put him through, every hit had hurt much more and had left an even bigger bruise then it would have if he had been healthy. But his friends didn't need to know that.
"Have they ever broken something?" Hermione asked, her voice small.
Harry shook his head and then ended the discussion sternly. "They are dead now and I never have to see them again. So let's move on." He pulled the shorts on and then asked, "What's next?"
"The stockings." Hermione handed the garments to him, smiling weakly.
Harry saw her and Ron exchange a look, but thankfully they didn't ask anymore question.
"Thanks." He said before sitting down. The stockings were even softer than anything else he'd put on and were the perfect size for him. They went right up to his thigh and ended a few inches under the hem of his short trousers, showing off just the right amount of bare skin to be seductive, but not slutty. Taking the boots, which ended just below his knees, he fastened them and then pulled the coat over, before standing up again.
"Well?" He asked nervously. "How do I look?"
Ron eyed him sceptically. "You don't look very masculine, intimidating or even dominating for that matter."
Hermione grinned broadly. "It fits you and your personality very well. Whoever sent you the clothes will love you in them."
Harry flushed and caught his bushy haired friend's wink in his direction.
"Don't get me wrong, it looks nice and all, but I really don't understand girls. Why would she want to dress you up like this?" Ron asked.
Harry chuckled and Hermione just rolled her eyes, but neither of them said anything.
"Do we have a mirror? I'd really like to see myself. And how should I explain my new fashion sense to Sirius and Remus?" Harry asked, looking around.
"Just go over to our closet. There's a large mirror on the inside of the left door." Hermione told him.
"Really? I never noticed." Ron commented and smiled sheepishly at Hermione's incredulous expression.
"I didn't either." Harry said and opened the door only to stare in shock at his appearance. The auburn of the fabric made his inhumanly big green eyes shine even more and brought out the paleness of his white skin. The garments hugged and caressed his body perfectly while the waistcoat outlined his slim and petite figure. His legs looked a bit longer in the heeled boots with the high stockings and Harry just knew that the free patch of bare skin, just below his arse, would drive his mate crazy. The outfit had a forbidden aspect to it. It made him look young and boyish, yet very alluring at the same time; almost like a forbidden fruit, or a petite doll. He looked nothing like himself anymore, but the thought that Lucius would appreciate him like this was more than enough to satisfy him.
Smiling happily, he asked, "Hermione would you give me one of those other jackets and a cloak?"
"Of course." She answered before handing over the garments.
He gave her the coat and exchanged it with the shorter jacket. This way, the outfit still looked very elegant, but not as much as it did before. The new jacket ended at his rib cage and helped defined his corset manipulated waist, giving him a slightly naughty look.
Ron, who had stepped up from behind him inspected his figure with a critical eye before asking, "Harry, just answer me one question about your inheritance. Are you still human?"
Figuring that it wouldn't make things more complicated if he told his friend the truth, he shook his head.
Ron sighed in relief at his response. "That's good, otherwise I couldn't imagine how you could still be alive with that figure of yours."
Taking another look at his reflection, he pondered the question on if he had lost weight since his transformation. He was sure that he looked even thinner than before, not to mention that he'd always been rather slim.
Not able to come to an answer on his own, he asked Hermione her opinion.
The girl thought for a moment, before carefully explaining, "Magical creatures have always held the weirdest ideals for what they find beautiful. For example; the thinner and more fragile looking a submissive fairy is in appearance, the more beautiful he or she is considered by a dominant. It increases the instinct of the dominant to protect their submissive mate. The same is true with their relatives, the Elves."
Harry gave her a thankful smile in understanding, so that meant he really had lost even more weight. Vampires were crazy, but being a vampire himself, he clearly saw the beauty in his appearance.
But the question still remained: What to tell his guardians?
"Sirius and Remus will drop dead if they suddenly see me like this." Harry sighed, bringing the conversation back to the main topic, whilst changing into the elegant black wizarding cloak.
"You could always tell them the same thing you told us; that you've come into your inheritance and your future mate has given you these items." Hermione suggested, always one for sticking to the truth as much as possible.
"Yeah, but he said he didn't want to tell them about his mate." Ron reminded her.
"What if I just tell them that this is some sort of uniform for the creature I inherited?" Harry asked thinking about possible solutions.
"That will work on your guardians, but not with my parents." Ron said.
Harry sighed. "I could always change back into my old rags every time I see them…"
"No, what if they come by for a surprise visit? And your mate will be insulted as well." Hermione cut him off.
"Then I'll tell them the same thing I told you and hope they don't recognize the significance of the clothes. Maybe they'll believe that my mate just has a weird fashion sense and I'll ask your parents not to tell them either." He decided.
"You should talk with my brothers then, since they'll recognize these types of clothes as well. With Ginny you don't have to worry, that sort of stuff with the clothes is mostly taught only to the sons, I don't really know why." Ron added.
"It's because," Hermione started explaining, "woman in Pureblood society still hold little influence and power compared to their male counterparts. They can only reach such a high rank through their husbands. With submissive males it's a bit different. Mostly since when they are taught about these things, it's still far too early to tell if a son will be a submissive or not."
"This sounds really complicated." Harry muttered, dreading all the stuff that he would have to learn as Lucius' mate.
"Let's clean up a bit and then I'll fetch the Weasley's for you before we go researching." Hermione offered as they went to work. Harry would ask Arthur or Molly for a better expansion charm on their wardrobe, but until then they just had to pile all the cardboard boxes into one corner.
"So, when do you plan on talking to your guardians? Or are you not mad at Sirius anymore?" Ron asked.
"I still am, but they're my family. I'm disappointed in Sirius, but I don't want to fight with him about things that are in the past. If he can accept me like this, then I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he has matured since his school years or at the very least; that Remus has beaten some sense into his thick skull since this morning."
"I think you have a good chance with believing in Remus'… persuading methods." Ron snickered.
"You're probably right." Harry muttered.
"And?" Hermione asked again.
"And what?" He asked.
"When will you tell them?"
He thought about it quickly. "Tomorrow at breakfast. And I'll warn Sirius later… that I have to tell him something, I mean..."
"Okay." Hermione agreed as she lifted the last box from the ground.

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Hermione had just gone down to fetch Molly, Arthur, Fred and George. He stood in front of the small window, stroking Hedwig absentmindedly and looking into the garden. Ron sat silently on his own cot, leaving him space to think.
Harry wished that Lucius could be here for this. He really didn't want to tell everybody about his supposed inheritance, even though he would not tell them everything. The truth would be that he had been turned, due to Lucius’ betrayal of Voldemort and the fact that he had been bound to the man back then and that they were soul mates. That was not a story he would tell Sirius soon, if ever. The animagus would flip if he was told that his underage nephew was mated to a 32 year old man, who happened to be the former Death Eater, Lucius Malfoy.
The knock on the door made him turn around and a moment later Molly, Arthur, Fred and George stepped in. Harry could see surprise and recognition on the older Weasley’s faces, the twins needed a moment longer to take in Harry’s new appearance and what it meant and then they too, were gaping. Arthur closed the door quickly, before whispering, as if afraid of being overheard: "Harry, what is the meaning of this?"
He fidgeted nervously. If he had a choice, he wouldn't tell anybody anything; this whole inheritance and mated to one of most influential men in the wizarding world thing made him uncomfortable. Did the minister even possess as much power as his mate did? Harry supposed that only Dumbledore could rival him in that aspect, that really was a disturbing thought. How was it possible that he, who hated fame and attention, was not only the boy-who-lived but also mated to someone who stood even more in the spotlight than himself?
"I have come into my inheritance recently," Harry started a bit hesitant. "My... future mate has sent me these clothes and that is the reason why I want to talk to you."
Molly and Arthur nodded in understanding and Harry went on:
"From Ron I have heard that you all know what the clothes imply, but I am sure that neither Remus nor Sirius are aware of it. Remus parents were both Muggle-born and Sirius never paid attention to those kinds of things, and I want it to stay that way."
"Why my dear?" Molly asked softly, her face not showing whether she approved of his wish or not.
Harry sighed: "I would not usually wear these clothes if it would not offend my mate by doing so. But I found my mate just recently and it is still fresh and I am still young. Remus as a werewolf and Sirius, because he just is like that, would want to know everything about my mate and I, especially if they found out how important my mate is. They would want to protect me from the extra burden and maybe even be afraid that I could be used. It will be complicated enough to tell them about all this, but it would be too much to tell them the rest as well."
Molly and Arthur’s eyes softened: "We can understand that."
"Us too," the twins agreed in unison.
"But what will you tell them?" George asked curiously.
"I will just tell them that I have found my mate and that the person has a special sense of fashion;" Harry grinned, scratching the back of his neck. He brushed one of the scratches on his neck accidentally and a shiver ran down his spine. Blushing, he concentrated back on the Weasley’s, glad that his blushes were invisible now: "I will tell everybody tomorrow at breakfast."
Molly sighed: "Normally I do not support lying, but in this instance I can understand your concern. I hope my daughter will get the hint."
Harry winced. He really hoped that as well, but he did not believe that it would actually happen.
" I will try to not be harsh with her if she doesn't. Sooner or later she will give up on me," Harry said.
"She can be very..." Fred began.
"... thick headed," George ended.
"I still don't understand why it so important that Sirius and Remus do not find out the meaning of the clothes," Arthur frowned.
"There are only a few people around the world who are allowed to wear these kinds of clothes and they would be able to figure out who my mate is that way. But I am really not ready to take my relationship out in the open. I am only fifteen, that means that we will at least court for another two years, until I am off age," Harry explained.
"This really is a huge burden," Arthur mused.
"Oh man, you really are a magnet for the extraordinary, aren't you?" Fred laughed.
"I guess," Harry shrugged.
"So," George whispered and he and his twin brother stepped closer to Harry, laying their arms around his shoulders so that Ron would not hear them.
"Who is your sugar daddy?" Fred asked.
Harry spluttered, but the twins only grinned knowingly: "Admit it; that is the main reason why you don't want..." George said.
" tell Sirius and Remus, or Ron for that matter, who he really is." Fred smirked.
"How do you know?" Harry wanted to know.
"Ron must not have paid attention very well to mum and dad, but your clothes are a special type, only worn by submissive males. If you were the dominant, or if your mate were a woman, you would wear long pants and not these very seductive short ones," they explained.
Harry tried not to look too embarrassed, but failed.
"And we have listened to your exact words; you never said that you both were still too young for mating." Fred laughed.
"Well, I sure can understand why you don't want to tell them; your godfather can be very protective and a werewolf is always very worried about their pups," George grinned.
Sighing Harry admitted: "You are right about everything, but I still won't tell you his name."
The twins pouted, but let go of him.
"We will help you then my dear," Molly promised and went over to the door, only to be held back by her husband: "Which inheritance did you receive?"
"I really don't want to tell you... not until I have come to terms with everything as well," Harry said, an apologetic look on his face. To his relief Arthur nodded and Molly added:
"But tell us some day, ok? You sure are no Veela, but that still leaves a lot of possibilities."
Harry nodded, only now realizing that he had unconsciously made a very wise decision by telling everybody that he had received an inheritance. Even if someone would search for a possible creature, like Hermione would most likely do, they wouldn't find anything; the vampire gene was considered an illness, like the werewolf gene, you could not inherit it, you could only get infected with it.
Molly motioned to Fred and George and the Weasley’s left. Harry went down into the library to look for Hermione. Ron had fallen asleep on his cot and knowing that his brainy friend would want a word with him in privacy, he quietly left with only Nagini at his heels.
His friend looked up when he stepped into the dusty room. She sat in one of the armchairs by the chess board and he settled down across of her, waiting for her to decide what to say or ask first.
"You are the submissive, aren't you?" she finally asked.
Harry nodded.
"The books say that your uniform is the one worn by a submissive," Hermione elaborated.
"I know, Fred and George told me," he answered.
Her eyes widened and guessing what her question would be he quickly answered: "Ron still doesn't know, his brothers pulled me into a corner to tell me and I believe he had already fallen asleep at that point."
"I am normally not one for lying, but it might be easier to not tell him about you being the submissive. His reaction earlier was..."
"Not good." Harry finished.
"I will prepare him slowly. You will not mate for the next two years, until then he will be fine with that belief," she sighed before her face became stern: "Did your mate injure you?"
"No," he answered simply and in his eyes it was not even a lie. He would not consider the scratches and bruises on his neck injuries; they were markings, given to him by his dominant in an intimate moment of passion or care.
Hermione eyed him wearily, as if she didn't know if she should believe him or not. In the end she said: "But you will tell me if he ever harms you?"
"He would never," Harry replied calmly.
"But you would tell me?" she pressed.
Sighing he nodded: "If he ever harms me, I will tell you."
"Good," she smiled, before opening the book she had been reading earlier: "I found something about the council families of Britain. They were really secretive, so it isn’t much, but it is interesting."
"Tell me," Harry prompted, he suspected that he should learn as much about the council thing as he could find.
"There had been three families at the beginning, each one making up one of the three percent of the most noble, richest and powerful Pureblood families: The Dumbledore’s, the Peverell’s and the Malfoy’s."
Harry nodded to show that he understood; he had already guessed that he would hear his mate’s name and even to hear his headmaster’s family name was no real surprise either, there had always been rumours that Albus was just one more very talented member of an old family.
"The Peverell’s died out in the late Middle Ages and around 150 years ago the Dumbledore’s lost their status in the council, due to bad marriages and money loss. Today there is only the Malfoy family left who can still be considered a part of the council that make the whole three percent, even though there is now only Lucius Malfoy left; but every other family is just not Pureblooded enough or rich enough and you need both."
"At least we know that Harry’s girlfriend is from another country," Ron suddenly appeared next to them; he had obviously awoken and come down to catch the last sentence. "I bet she is an exotic beauty," the red head grinned.
"My mate is very attractive," Harry agreed, winking at Hermione.
"I really want to know which kind of creature you are," he mused.
"I won't tell you," Harry grinned and stood up to change into his old t-shirt and shorts before Sirius or Remus could find him.



That evening, when Sirius entered the bedroom he shared with his best friend and secret long-term crush Remus, he found a folded letter on his pillow. He had just picked it up, when his friend entered asking: "What have you got there?"
"I don't know, it's a letter," he answered.
Remus came over and sat down across from him on his own bed, commanding: "Open it, I bet it is from Harry."
It was indeed a letter from Harry. His godson’s scratchy signature was written at the bottom of the parchment. He read the short note and frowned in confusion.
"What did he write?" Remus asked and sat down next to him.
"Not much. He said that he has to tell me something at breakfast tomorrow and it will depend on my reaction whether he forgives me for earlier or not."
"I believe he wants to make sure that you can react like an adult. You should not have forgotten that his cousin bullied him," Remus patted his arm reassuringly.
Sirius sighed, worry heavy in his voice; he had not wanted what had happened at their breakfast to escalate like this, he had only meant to tell a funny little story. "So what shall I do?"
"Just remember that whatever he tells you tomorrow, that he is still Harry; your godson and James’ son, before you react in any way," Remus advised him.
"I will try, but I can't help my temper sometimes. It was already bad back at school, but it has gotten worse since Azkaban," he sighed, hating himself for not considering Harry’s feelings this morning.
"I know Padfoot. I know."
"Do you think that Harry’s home life might have been worse than we thought?" He asked after a minute of silence, looking up to meet his old friend’s eyes. Moony only shrugged:
"I don't know and I doubt that Harry will ever tell us."
Nodding, Sirius rolled the parchment up and placed it on his night stand, before letting himself fall onto the bed. "I only hope he will forgive me," he mused.
"He will, I am sure. Harry is kind-hearted and forgiving and he loves you like no one else," his friend tried to soothe him, but somehow without succeeding. Closing his eyes, he thought about what Harry might want to tell him. Was it big, shocking news; like Harry finding out that he was gay? Sirius snorted inwardly, Harry didn't seem like the type to turn out gay, not with all the hero issues; and even if it was something like that, he would not be shocked. He was in love with a man as well after all and Harry had sounded too serious for it to be something simple like that.
So what was it then? Did he have a horrible vision about Voldemort? About some huge, horrible plan to murder them all? He honestly hoped that it wouldn't be something like that, but it sadly sounded more likely than his first thought.
Sighing for the hundredth time, he realized that he just had to wait until the next morning and be patient.



The next morning Harry dressed in the same auburn outfit he had tried out the day before. He had even fastened the waistcoat himself, after getting a detailed explanation from Hermione. He was careful not to tie it much tighter than Hermione had done, but he had more power than her and it was difficult. Once his friends had reassured him that he looked good, he quickly ate one of his blood drops to calm his nerves and they went downstairs.
On his way to the kitchen, he thought about the last night. He had lain awake far longer than the night before. The feeling of loneliness increased with every day and even Nagini’s soothing presence had not helped much. On top of that, as soon as he had fallen asleep; the last night with his mate, where they had shared blood and Lucius had played his body like an instrument had started to repeat itself in his dream. He had woken up with a hard- on, but to his relief, he must have been silent enough during his dream, otherwise his friends would not be able to look him in his eyes right now.
Sighing, he tried to push his thoughts of Lucius out of his mind, but every time he closed his eyes for a moment, he could see his mate’s long legs or strong chest, his piercing silver-red eyes or those beautiful fangs of his. He saw him lifting an eyebrow or smirking at him and imagined his sharp claws gliding over his neck. He shuddered and quickly fought against the tingling feeling in his lower abdomen; Remus would surely be able to smell an erection and he wanted to avoid this embarrassing situation and the even more embarrassing talk that was bound to follow.
Another matter on his mind was his grouchy Potions Professor, whom he had not seen since the day before. Snape had told him, that he needed some time, but how long was some time?
His musing was interrupted, when they reached the door to the kitchen. They had come down late, so that everybody would be there already.
"Are you ready?" Hermione whispered and he nodded without conviction.
"We are behind you, man," Ron slapped him on his shoulder and he pushed the door open. Immediately all eyes were drawn to him. His eyes searched for Sirius, who was gaping and Snape, who had raised an eyebrow, before slowly striding over to his usual seat, but didn't sit down.
Clearing his throat awkwardly he said: "I really don't know how I should break this news to all of you... " he started unsurely. Maybe he should have written down a speech before hand?
"I have come into my inheritance and due to a fortunate incident I have also found my future mate already."
Silence rag through the room and so he felt the need to elaborate: "I really didn't want to tell you all so soon, because everything is still so new, but my mate has sent me these clothes and I can’t just refuse to wear them only to avoid having to tell you all so early."
Sirius mouth opened and closed like a fish, unable to form coherent words, so it was Remus who asked the first question.
"When did it happen?"
Harry had really not thought about the answer and he was suddenly far too nervous to make up a good story; luckily, Snape must have noticed his predicament: "He came into his inheritance a few days after I brought him to his relative’s house and it was in muggle London where he met his mate."
"And why didn't you tell us Sni...Snape?" Sirius asked, correcting himself quickly, but succeeded to put so much venom in Snape’s name that it sounded like an insult nonetheless.
"Because, it was not my news to tell. Mating is a private matter, as you should know Black," Snape bit out.
Sirius glared at his old rival one last time and then turned back to Harry: "These clothes are... different."
Harry grinned at him; Sirius’ reaction had been so typical for the animagus: "I know, but they suit me, don't they?" He had quickly noticed that they really were not as uncomfortable as they looked. The fabric was unbelievably soft and as a being that didn't need to breathe, even the tight waistcoats weren’t a problem. Besides, Hermione had been right: The garments suited his character and he liked the dollish look they gave him.
"They do," Remus agreed, smiling softly.
Sirius cleared his throat and then asked carefully: "Would you tell me a bit more about your inheritance and your mate?" It was clear to Harry that the man did his best to behave like a good godfather and restrain his wild temper and he appreciated the effort.
"There is really not much I can tell you... it is still so new and I haven't figured out everything myself. But I can tell you that I am no longer human and that my mate is filthy rich," he snickered.
"I can see that," Sirius laughed and his eyes went up and down Harry’s body, making him blush uncomfortably, but Remus only sniffed the air and then frowned:
"You don’t smell different in any way. Do you wear glamours?"
Harry averted his eyes and he could feel the accusing glares of his two best friends on his neck. He could understand them in some way, but showing them how he looked without a glamour, would have given too much away and he really didn't want his friends to panic because he had turned into a monster - which he hadn't, thanks to Lucius, but he would not be able to tell them that part and thus it was better to deal with their anger.
"Well, yeah, I don't want everybody to know what I am, at least not yet and it would be very obvious without the glamours," he mumbled.
"Do you really have to hide yourself at Grimmauld Place? I mean, no strange people can enter here," Sirius asked.
"But I don't trust everyone either..." at the hurt looks on his friends and families faces he quickly said: "What if Mundungus shows up?"
Sirius sighed; Harry knew, that his godfather could not argue with his answer.
"Are you happy with your mate?" Remus changed the topic to something safer.
"I am," Harry smiled broadly. "My mate is gorgeous and beautiful and intelligent and powerful and talented and nice and caring and understanding and..."
"Yeah, we got the gist of it, your mate is perfect," the twins laughed. The others joined in with the exception of Ginny, who was frowning and Harry was sure that this meant nothing good, but he had already suspected that she would not give up so easily.
"Enough talking, sit down and eat," Molly said suddenly and ended the conversation. Harry sat down thankfully and filled his plate with as little food as he could and started eating. For a moment they all ate in silence but then Ron's groan interrupted them all.
"What is it?" Harry asked, looking over at his friend who was glaring at the Daily Prophet.
"I really had hoped that the arrogant prick would be dead as well," Ron muttered and shoved the newspaper over at him. A huge picture of his mate just exiting Gringotts covered the front page. He looked intimidating and attractive as ever, even more so now where he wore his fitting and very elegant clothes and not the spare shirts and trousers they had bought in muggle London. Harry’s eyes fixed on his endless legs, which were hugged by a tight, black pants and his broad chest, which was covered by a crisp white button down with silver buttons. Lucius also had his famous snake cane in one hand and there was nothing in his demeanour that indicated that anything had changed in his life. But Harry knew better. Pulling the paper closer he quickly scanned the short article:

Lord Malfoy still alive!
After the murder of his son and wife, many people had come to believe that the most famous Pureblood, Lucius Malfoy, was dead as well. But this journalist can now tell you all that the noble man is not only alive, but after the loss of his wife once again available!
Lucius Malfoy, current head of the wealthy Malfoy family is not only the richest wizard alive, but was also nominated countless times for most attractive bachelor in his youth and most attractive wizard since his marriage. He is member of the Wizengamot, on the Board of Governors of Hogwarts and it is rumoured, that he is even a member of the Unspeakables and he has achieved four completed educations as: Healer, Mental Healer, Lawyer and Potions Master.
So Ladies! Don't waste any time and try to catch this famous bachelor!
Rita Skeeta.

"Why does she think that he wishes to marry? I mean, he has just lost his wife." Harry asked, miffed about the fact that Skeeter was practically advertising his mate. He wanted to fly straight into her office and rip her throat out.
"Of course he will," Ron huffed. "I mean, he is a Pureblood and he has not only lost his wife, but also his heir to his precious family name."
"Your right Ron, but Harry is as well; I mean, it is early to think about him marrying again," Hermione interjected.
"Hermione, don't forget that not only do men grow old, but their rockets as well," Sirius smirked, but winced, when Remus hit him on the head.
"Ouch!" he complained.
Harry meanwhile was grabbing the edge of the table tightly. After Skeeter’s blunt article, his godfather’s comment was nearly enough to send him into a rage. He wanted to jump up and rip Sirius’ head off for insulting his mate in such a degrading manner. His mate was not yet old and he even looked years younger than he actually was, and all that didn't matter because they were both already dead. Fumbling for his little leather bag, he pulled out a bon-bon and quickly popped it into his mouth. Snape had captured his eyes and was shaking his head slightly in warning: It would not do for Harry to lose it.
"You realize Sirius that Lucius is only two years older than you?" Remus asked, rolling his eyes.
"Yeah, but I am sure that he is already impotent," Sirius snickered.
Next to Harry, Hermione gasped in outrage at the breakfast topic.
"Enough Sirius! There are children in the kitchen!" Molly finally snapped and the animagus grinned sheepishly over at Harry, who had luckily calmed down enough to not look murderous anymore; or at least to look like it on the outside, the thought of needing to keep Lucius’ and his relationship a secret to protect his mate made it possible.
Ginny obviously decided that she had heard enough about Lucius Malfoy as well and spoke up for the first time: "Mum, can we go to Diagon Alley today? Our book list is finally complete."
"That must mean that Dumbledore has found a new DADA teacher," Hermione chimed happily.
"Don't be so happy just yet, we rarely have luck with the DADA teachers," Ron muttered.
"I heard that the ministry has recommended someone," Arthur mused out loud.
Harry groaned, that did not sound good at all, he could not imagine Fudge sending someone competent to Hogwarts. It would most likely be a spy for the Minister.
"Maybe it will not be that bad," Hermione suggested carefully.
"I bet it will," Harry muttered.
"At least, that would give us the chance to test our newest pranks," Fred grinned.
"Fred, George," Molly said threateningly. "Regardless of how incompetent the new teacher might be, you will do no such thing!"
"...mum," they said, but the mischievous gleam in their eyes said differently.
"If he or she is as bad as the imposter Moody or Lockhart, I will help you," Harry muttered, determined to not be tortured by a bad DADA teacher this year.
"Really?" Fred asked.
"Really," he promised.
"Stop talking so much and hurry up, or it will be too late to go to Diagon Alley today," Molly commanded and they all went back to their food.
Harry decided to change back into his old clothes; it would be enough that he was going to cause an uproar at Kings Cross and he didn't want Lucius to get his first glimpse of Harry in his new clothes through the paper.
He pocketed his new Gringotts-key and went down to meet the others. They had planned to floo into the Leaky Cauldron and start their shopping trip from there.
The first thing he saw when he reached the bottom of the stairs was Ginny smiling up at him and waving. She had clearly decided on another approach with him; at least, Harry thought dryly, she doesn't look like a slut anymore. Instead, she wore a light blue summer dress that reached her knees and her lips were covered with pink lip gloss. Harry mused that she wanted to look sweet, cute and maybe even innocent, but that made her no more appealing to him. He wasn't the type who preferred an innocent lover; Lucius was anything but, and he liked it very much, even though he himself was still shy most of the time. Besides, he could pull off the innocent- look much better than her.
"Hey Harry," she breathed, but he ignored her at that moment.
"I have everything I need, but we have to stop at Gringotts first," he announced, stepping to the fireplace and grabbing a hand full of floo powder.
"We will go there first," Molly promised and Sirius, in his dog form barked happily. Nagini suddenly slithered up behind him and started to crawl up his body.
"Hey girl, do you want to go with us?" he asked and his familiar nodded.
"Harry, you cannot bring her along, everybody will recognize her. Do you want to send Diagon Alley into a state of panic?" Remus asked.
Smiling sheepishly he admitted: "Maybe it will be better if the students at Hogwarts get used to her first and once everybody has realized that she doesn't eat anyone they will not be as shocked to see me with her."
"You will take her to Hogwarts?" Ginny asked, sounding very unhappy.
"Of course he will. Nagini is his bonded familiar and a powerful protector; besides, the school has always been an experimental laboratory for all kind of people and things," Snape huffed from his corner in the shadows. Molly had insisted that he should come along to provide more safety for the group. Harry could see that the man was not happy about the upcoming afternoon at all.
"And now we should leave or otherwise it really will be too late to go anywhere," the Potions Master snapped.
Tossing the powder into the flames, Harry shouted his destination and stepped into the heath.



The ride through the floo network was rocky as ever and he ungracefully stumbled out at the other end. Sirius in his dog-form arrived only seconds later, colliding with him and sending them sprawled to the floor.
"Padfoot!" he exclaimed, trying to shove the large animagus off. When he was finally back on his feet, the others were gathered around him, amused looks on their faces.
"Very graceful indeed," Snape smirked, his eyes telling Harry: ‘Your mate would be so proud with you.’ Harry frowned at their strange stalemate. Had Snape calmed down again? At least the man was talking to him again, so were they alright? They had not talked about their conversation the day before, so Harry still felt slightly uncomfortable in his presence; after all, the last thing he had heard from his professor had been: ‘I cannot look you in the face right now.’
That had really hurt, even though he would not consider Snape a friend; maybe acquaintances, but nothing more. The dark man lifted an eyebrow and sneered; Harry noticed that he had been staring. Feeling very uncomfortable, he mumbled an apology and turned to start leading the small group out of the small pub, ignoring Ron's sister who had attached herself to his left arm; he really had no patience to deal with her right now, maybe ignoring her would bring his point across. Sighing, he wished that Lucius could be there as well, he would rip her from his arms and probably to shreds...well, maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all.
Ron and Hermione caught up with him, eyeing Ginny at his arm cautiously. When he only shrugged, clearly annoyed, Hermione started a conversation: "The book we have to buy for DADA is really strange."
"Why? Is it another monster book?" He asked, shuddering. He would not live down another class with a violent school book.
"No, it is an office journal," she said, as if that would explain anything.
"What is an office journal?" Ron asked, preventing Harry from asking himself.
"You have one person who is the administrator, every other journal is linked to this book and whatever that person writes down or copies into their own, appears in every other book. It is usually used in hospitals so that the healers who work in the evening can be notified about what happened during the day. New medicine plans for patients and such things..."
"That sounds really complicated," Ron commented, but Harry shook his head:
"I think, that our new teacher doesn't believe that the usual books are advanced enough, or they are under strict orders of the ministry to teach us nothing at all."
"So that means, we will either get a genius as teacher or a brainless idiot?" Ron asked.
"Exactly," Hermione affirmed.
"Great," Ron huffed.
Harry assumed that it would be the latter; so did his friends, if their expressions were any indication, but he only sighed and said: "We just have to wait and see."
"Professor, do you know something about our new DADA teacher?" Hermione asked over her shoulder.
Snape stepped in line with them and furrowed his brows: "No. Dumbledore was not pleased with the person the Ministry has sent us and he refused to say anything more. I believe you could be right Harry, and whoever it is, is just a puppet for Fudge."
"So he or she really will be a brainless idiot," he grumbled.
"And Dumbledore didn't even mention the gender?" Hermione asked.
"Why yes, Miss Granger," Snape said sounding irritated.
"Why couldn't he give the position to Remus once more?" Harry wanted to know.
"Because the parents are still sceptical of me," Remus said.
"But you are not dangerous," Harry huffed. Why could nobody see that Remus would never harm a student?
"I am a werewolf and I nearly attacked you," Remus said softly.
"Yeah, but that was not..." he broke off quickly, he had wanted to say: that was not your fault, but that would mean that he would then be accusing Snape of endangering them at the end of their third year and by now he understood that the professor had only tried to help Ron, Hermione and him and that really wouldn't be a wise thing to say with the man striding just behind him.
Snape glared at him and he ducked his head mumbling: "I said nothing."
Harry tried to hold the piercing black eyes, but averted them after just a moment, the sudden urge to call for Lucius and hide behind him overwhelmed him and he chewed nervously on his bottom lip. This thing with being a submissive was really ridiculous sometimes, especially when he transformed into a frightened school-girl.
They went around a corner and stepped onto the large stairs in front of Gringotts. Many eyes turned to Harry and he suddenly realized that Ginny was still clinging to his arm. There would be hell to pay if a reporter shot a photo of him and Ron's sister and spread the news that he was involved with the youngest Weasley, and he really didn't want his mate to make false assumptions, or be hurt by his careless acting in the public. Sometimes, he really was as stupid as Snape always accused him of being.
Luckily Hermione was a clever and quick-thinking witch and grabbed his other arm, whilst tugging Ron along and within seconds they just looked like a group of friends.
He gave the girl a thankful smile and together they stepped into the wizarding bank, heading to a free counter. Harry took the last place in the line, hoping that he would be able to visit Lucius’ vault alone this way, and for once he was lucky. When he stepped in front of the goblin, everybody else had already disappeared.
"Ah, Mr Potter," the goblin greeted him.
"Hello Mr...?"
"Griphtug," the goblin introduced himself.
Harry blinked, the name sounded familiar: "Are you related to Griphook?"
"I am, Mr Potter. How can I help you?" the small creature asked.
"I want to take some money from my vault," crossing his fingers, he gave Griphtug the golden key, praying that everything would go well and that he would not be denied access to the Malfoy vault.
The goblin frowned and pulled two large books from under the counter, opening the first at P and the second at M. After a while of silence in which the goblin was reading with an expressionless face and Harry was getting more nervous with every passing second, Griphtug looked up again: "Congratulations Mr. Potter for uniting your two families, may wealth fall upon you."
Harry blinked in confusion; was that the way of goblins congratulating someone on their mating? Seeing that Griphtug was waiting for something he quickly said: "Thank you, Mr Griphtug," and the creature nodded in satisfaction.
"Pleas sign here," the goblin placed a parchment in front of Harry and pointed at a thin line. He quickly scanned the document. It only stated that he had access to all Malfoy vaults and that he was fine with his vault fusing with the one of his dominant mate. He signed the parchment as neatly as he could, which didn't say much, and handed it back.
"I am the personal administrator of Lord Malfoy, so if you need help with anything, you may send me an owl. I will also send you a list with all inheritances of the Potter family."
"But I already have access to my parents vault," Harry frowned.
"That is correct, but after your coming of age, you also have access to any other properties of your family," Griphtug explained patiently. When Harry nodded, he announced: "I will bring you to the vault now. Please follow me."
Harry followed Griphtug to the door that leads underground, but to his surprise, the goblin stroked his fingers over another door, a silver one, he had never noticed before. The door was directly next to the one where his friends had gone through and he wondered how he had never seen this one before. Maybe there was some kind of privacy or secrecy spell on it.
Griphtug held the door open and Harry stepped into the corridor behind it. The corridor was long and lined by many other silver doors to the left and right. Seeing no name plague, he turned around: "Which one is the vault?"
Griphtug looked at him as if he couldn't believe how stupid a wizard could be and answered smoothly: "All of them."
Harry gaped: "But that must be at least..."
"57 vault chambers," the goblin informed him. Harry had to steady himself with one hand on the wall so as not to collapse from shock.
"You may just close the door behind you when you are finished, it will lock itself," Griphtug said and with a nod disappeared and left Harry alone to his own devices.
"Why haven't you warned me you bloody prick?...arrogant show-off!" Harry muttered and turned to the first door.
There was an elegant M engraved into the doorknob and it swung open silently and without any effort. Harry gasped when he saw the huge chamber filled to the brim with galleons. Closing the door again, he opened the next one, deciding that he wanted to at least have a look into the first ten chambers.
The second was filled with gold bars. Harry didn't need long to see a pattern in the vaults. The vault with Galleons was followed by the one filled with gold bars and the one with Sickles was followed by one filled with silver bars. He also found vaults that were dedicated to different kinds of jewellery or gems. He never could have imagined that one could have an entire vault filled with rubies or pearls. One chamber only contained light magical artefacts whilst the next storage chamber contained dark artefacts. He would need to come back alone at a later date and examine these vaults more thoroughly, but for now he had to go back, before anyone got suspicious about his long absence.
After fifteen minutes of looking around, he went back to the first vault and took a not-so- small red velvet back filled with Galleons, before heading back out again.
Still in a daze, he joined the others, who were already waiting for him and he had been right, they were wondering:
"What took you so long?" Ron asked curiously.
"I had to sign some papers," Harry explained.
"Oh well..." Hermione said. "Do you have everything?"
He nodded and Ginny once again grabbed his arm, followed by his two best friends. Harry would swear that he heard an amused snort at that moment that suspiciously sounded like his Potions Master.
Their first stop was at Flourish and Blotts where they bought their school books. Hermione asked the owner if he knew who ordered all the office journals, but the man told her that the order had come per owl and only with the Hogwarts seal and the Ministry seal beneath it.
Harry eyed the notebook and thought that the teacher at least had taste. It was bound in black leather and as soon as he had paid for it, his name and his school year appeared in golden letters on the front cover. Ron had complained that the book had been expensive and that he would rather buy a normal book, but everybody else was excited.
After Flourish and Blotts they visited Honeydukes where he bought nothing at all for the first time. That made Sirius instantly worry that he could be developing an abdominal influenza, but Severus quickly cut his worried rant off by telling him that nothing could stop an illness, but he would be able to cure the boy-wonder if he really got sick.
"Harry, do you need new school robes?" Hermione asked when they left the candy store.
Harry shook his head: "No, I have not grown in the last year, it is really frustrating."
"But what would we do..." George chimed from behind him.
"If our cute and little brother was suddenly taller than us?" Fred ended.
"I would need to grow a lot to outgrow you two," Harry muttered, but with humour in his voice. True, his small build had annoyed him in the past, but since his change he had started to like it. His small frame turned his dominant on quite a bit, Harry was sure of that, even though Lucius had never voiced it out loud. One day, he would ask his mate about it.
Madam Malkin's was very crowded and they had to wait almost an hour until the witch had time to measure the new robes for Ron, Hermione, Fred, George and Ginny.
They had all sat down in a secluded waiting area, with the exception of Harry, who had been dragged along by Ginny, who was determined to find a robe that Harry would like to see her in. The only problem was that he really had no sense of fashion and of course; that and he did not wish to see her in a robe someone would wear out on a date. No one had saved him this time and so he had watched her pulling one robe out after the other and made mostly unhelpful comments that left Ginny annoyed in the end.



When they were back at Grimmauld Place, it was already late. Ron and Hermione had been ordered by Molly to help her to prepare the evening meal and so he went upstairs alone, glad that he was finally free of Ron's little sister.
Nagini looked up when he came in and made some space for him on his bed so that he could flop down. Turning on his side, he pulled his legs up on the bed and started to pet his familiar. Nagini slithered closer to him and he wrapped his arms around his friend, laying his head on her strong body.
"How was shopping?" she asked after a while of contented silence.
"It was good. I went to Lucius’ vaults, he is really bloody rich," he snorted.
"Is that not good? I thought that it is important for humans to be rich, so that they can get food and clothes. Wouldn't it be good to have a mate who can provide everything for you?" Nagini asked, irritated by his tone of voice.
"It is, but he has more money than we could ever spent. It just kind of shocked me." he agreed.
"You just realized that your dominant is far more powerful than you expected?" the reptile inquired.
Harry nodded.
"Then he will sire strong offspring for you," Nagini sounded proud, but Harry only choked:
"We are vampires, we cannot sire any offspring."
"That’s a shame," Nagini pouted, sounding like a mother who had just been told that her granddaughter would not give her grandchildren.
"I would be far too young in any case," Harry told her and continued his stroking. Her scales still felt amazing, even after he had become a vampire.
"You are not young anymore, you are mated and thus an adult," Nagini lectured him.
Snakes were really strange. Not even two weeks ago, she had lectured him that he was still a hatchling, and now he was apparently old enough to bear children in her eyes, only because he had mated in the meantime. But he had not become older or more mature since then. Shaking his head, he turned to his nightstand and opened the top drawer where he had hidden Lucius’ picture from the Daily Prophet. After breakfast he had succeeded in taking the paper with him and cut the picture out; this way, he could at least see his mate.
"You miss him." Nagini stated.
"Mh," Harry agreed wordlessly and stroked over the picture with one finger. The miniature Lucius smiled softly at him and waved, before resuming his way.
"A submissive should not be without his dominant for so long, especially when the mating is still so new," his female familiar huffed.
"I miss his touch so much and his presence; it feels like a part of myself is missing," he whispered sadly.
"Mates are considered one entity," Nagini hissed softly.
"I know," sighing, he put the picture away with one last glance and a kiss.
Just in time, because in the next instant, Fred and George came in:
"Dinner is ready, Harry," they announced.
Nodding, he stood up and followed them into the kitchen. Hermione was sitting bent over their new DADA journal; as if she was hoping that their teacher would write his name into his own book so that it would appear in front of her.
Ron already looked slightly annoyed, which meant that Hermione had probably talked about the book and their future teacher the whole time whilst Harry had been upstairs. Maybe she had even chewed his ear off about school in general, or the OWL’s they would write at the end of their upcoming year.
Molly placed a huge casserole in front of them and started to fill their plates then.
"Harry my dear, how much would you like?"
Harry, still busy with thoughts of his mate, absentmindedly answered: "Nothing."
"But you have to eat something, you are far too skinny," Ron’s mother reprimanded him and gave him a plate with so much food on it, he was sure he would not be able to eat even half of it. Groaning, Harry took his fork and started to eat. Luckily Ron was especially hungry this evening and Harry successfully exchanged their plates only ten minutes later without having eaten much and leaned back in his chair.
Harry zoned out of the conversation then and instead thought about another matter he still had to deal with; at least if he honestly wanted to take over the order soon, which he did: How could he end the war without an actual war?
Thinking back to the evening at Privet Drive, Harry still found the thought that bribing Voldemort into a peace contract was the best solution, but how exactly?
The first step obviously, would be to find all the Horcruxes. Should he keep them all or just one in the end? It probably would be safer to destroy all of them with the exception of one, which he could keep on his body at all times and thus keep an eye on it. His plan would be ruined if the dark wizard got even one back, and he would not take the risk.
Assuming that he would succeed in finding the three Horcruxes which were left after the destruction of the one residing inside Nagini, the diary and himself; that still left the question of how, or in which way to bribe the man. Should he just go to Riddle Manor and knock on his door? Would Voldemort even be there? The wizard most likely had many hideouts.
Sighing, Harry decided that he would talk to Ron and Hermione about this problem when the time had come; for now, he was content with his plan.
After dinner he, together with his guardians and two best friends went outside to the garden and played a few games of exploding snap, until it was too dark to see properly. Normally, he was fairly good at the game, but not this evening. The separation from Lucius started to affect him stronger with every passing minute. His limit had clearly been reached already and Harry felt as if he was going insane with the feeling of loneliness.
His body was so unbelievable cold by now and he shivered in the warm summer breeze. Luckily neither his friends, nor the two marauders noticed anything.
When he finally fell down into his bed later that evening, Harry felt utterly exhausted. Luckily he didn't know that the strain on his body and mind would only get stronger from now on, or he would have run off during the night. Instead, he rolled onto his side and cuddled once more with his faithful familiar, who wrapped her long body protectively around him, once again cooing soothing words until he had fallen asleep.

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Harry pushed back against the wet muscle that was teasingly licking his quivering hole. His body was trembling all over with anticipation and his cock was hanging painfully beneath him, swollen and throbbing, as he kneeled on all fours on his bed.
"Please!" He begged, his voice somewhere between a whine and a mewl.
"Please what, Harry?" Lucius purred; his hot breath ghosting over Harry's sensitive pucker, which the man had been abusing with his wonderful tongue for the last half an hour.
"I feel you...inside of me, please!" he gasped desperately.
"Then I shall grant you your wish," his mate's husky voice nearly drove him over the edge on its own, but it was not quite enough.
At the next moment he cried out when Lucius’ hot tongue finally entered him, stroking his passage from the inside. He wanted to try and press more firmly onto the muscle, fucking himself on it, but his dominant held him in place.
"Harry?" a voice suddenly asked behind him, but his mind was too clouded to spare it any thought.
A sharp nail brushed the throbbing vein on the underside of his penis and as he hung his head he could see blood dripping from his pleasantly tingling member.
Someone shook his shoulder and his eyes flew open. Above him the concerned face of his best friend, Ronald Weasley, hovered.
"Everything alright, man? You had a nightmare. It must have been really horrible, you've been moaning and screaming for the last twenty or thirty minutes and you wouldn't wake up."
Flushing heavily, and thanking Merlin or whoever was listening for his invisible vampire flush, he sat up and looked around. It was still dark outside and the clock next to his bed showed that it was only three in the morning. Hermione was awake as well, but in contrast to Ron she had caught on to the nature of his dream and was flushing quite violently, giving off a strong scent of embarrassment and... arousal?
...well, he mused, he probably would have gotten aroused as well if he had been the one listening to that kind of dream. Especially if he had been as vocal as Ron had said.
"Man, are you alright?" Ron asked, pulling him from his shocking revelation.
"Yeah, I am. Sorry for waking you," he mumbled and shifted. Only then, when his blanket brushed against his nether regions, did he notice that he was still painfully hard. He gasped and Ron's face darkened even further.
"Your scar?" he asked in concern and Harry quickly nodded, thankful for the excuse. The smell of embarrassment from Hermione grew stronger, and he wished that he would just drop dead right there and then.
"Yes, but it’s getting better already," he hissed in suppressed pleasure.
"Shall I get someone? Mum or one of your guardians?"
"No!" he exclaimed, only realizing that his reaction was a bit too violent, when Ron looked even more worried. Clearing his throat he mumbled, "I mean... I will be fine. I wasn't even able to see anything in my dream, just feelings; you know how it is sometimes."
He lay back down carefully, so as not to brush his cock against his blanket once more.
"Okay... if you say so," with one last look Ron went back to his bed, and was once again asleep minutes later. Hermione had lain back down as well, but her breathing told Harry that she was still awake, but to his relief she was too embarrassed to say anything.
Folding his arms under his head he tried to calm himself down, but it was impossible. His cock was still throbbing and begging for attention, but he could not give in to his desperate desire right now.
The last three days following his trip to Diagon Alley had been horrible. After his second night at Grimmauld Place, when he had dreamed about him and Lucius exchanging blood and Lucius' talented fingers stroking him to completion, he had dreamed about his mate every night. The dreams had mostly been of the naughty variety, but this one had by far been the worst, or best, depending on how someone would view an arousing dream about his lover tongue-fucking him whilst sharing a room with his two best friends.
It had started with missing Lucius' companionship and simple touches, but it had rapidly evolved from there, and soon he had found himself aroused on numerous occasions, or more precisely, whenever he thought about his mate… and he thought about Lucius a lot. That had been bad enough, but since yesterday it had gotten worse. He had been standing in the kitchen and Molly had asked him if he wanted anything specific for dinner, when he almost shouted that his dominant had to decide what they would eat.
After that incident, he had found himself yearning for Lucius' commanding voice, giving him orders and making decisions for him, which his vampire side considered the duty of a dominant and not of a submissive. Only then had he realized how many small orders Lucius had been giving him, taking up the duties of a dominant instinctively.
It didn't have to be big orders, small ones like: "Get dressed, and then meet me downstairs," had been enough to stabilize his submissive side. Without them he felt increasingly overburdened by smallest decisions. Now it was clear that he would never be able to lead the Order without Lucius balancing the extra burdens he would have to carry. He needed to go to Dumbledore soon, and if this day turned out as torturous as the previous one, he would go this evening.
Closing his eyes, a picture of Lucius pressing him into the nearest wall, growling dominantly and gripping his pink member sprung to the forefront of his mind, and he quickly opened his eyes again. Fantasies like this would not help him get rid of his problem.
The next five hours he lay in the darkness trying not to think about Lucius so that his erection would go down, but of course it didn't. Hermione had fallen back to sleep an hour after Ron, while he had tried to lay as still as possible, because every time something brushed against his cock it would get harder and more painful.
Normally he liked this kind of pain, but not if Lucius was not there to give him relief. He wished that he could take care of it himself, but with his friends just across the room, that wasn't an option.
Finally, Ron and Hermione woke up. He didn't move, and they decided to let him sleep some more; Ron because he was sure that Harry had a hard time getting back to sleep, and Hermione because she wanted to avoid him right now.
As soon as his friends were gone, he sighed in relief and kicked the blanket off of his body. Hesitating just a second, he carefully brushed his right hand over the bulge beneath Lucius' button-down, which he still wore as a night shirt.
Gasping, he closed his eyes, not sure how to proceed. Until now he had never touched himself. Before Lucius he had not even had the urge to do so, and after his mating he had no need to touch himself, and to be honest, he didn't want to. It was his dominant's right to give him pleasure and to relish in his writhing body, but at this point he was sure that his arousal would not go down until he had handled it himself.
Biting his bottom lip, he pulled his shirt up to reveal his throbbing flesh. His cock really looked painfully aroused. Sure, he was still small due to his physical high, but Harry had never seen his prick as large as it was right now. It nearly stood straight from his body and had gained a very dark red, nearly lilac tint. Maybe he should have gone to the bathroom to take care of himself earlier.
But now it was too late. Closing his eyes again, he wrapped his fingers around his penis and drew in a sharp breath at the first contact. Trying to remember how Lucius had stroked him and imagining it was his mate's fingers on him, he began to slowly stroke up and down his length. His free hand wandered downwards to tease his hole with one of his sharp nails, the dream of Lucius tongue-fucking him had left him needy in two places.
He quickened his pace around his cock and his pucker was clenching down on his finger. It only took a couple of strokes and a brush to his tip to send him over the edge. White light blinded him momentarily and his hot semen erupted from his prick, coating his hand, lower stomach, and even his chin.
Sighing in relief, he lay still for a moment, before propping himself up and searching for an old shirt to clean himself with. When he was clean enough, he gathered his toiletries and went into the bathroom to shower. Everyone else was already in the kitchen, so he would have some time to collect himself under the hot water, which, sadly, would not warm his cold body, but would at least wash away the scent of his semen.
He was surprised when he found Nagini curled up under the washbasin. His snake lifted her head when she heard him closing the door:
"Do you feel better little Master?" she hissed, and Harry froze in mid-step.
"Yeah, I guess," he said, feeling mortified. How much had she witnessed? Had she left before he had taken care of himself?
"No need to be ashamed, it was bound to happen. Every submissive needs the touch of his mate to balance his body and to be reassured," she said, but that didn't make Harry feel any better. He was still more human than snake after all, and humans didn't live in big nests where everybody watched everyone fucking as they wish.
"Well..." he said, not knowing what to reply and stepped under the spray.
He nearly started to cry when the warm water droplets sent shivers and tingles down his body. His cock sprang to life once more, and the unbearable need to be dominated was back full force. Whimpering pitifully, he looked down at himself, not knowing what he should do.
Nagini must have smelled something, because she had risen from her spot and was now eyeing his erect member.
"You need to go to your mate, or this will not end," she hissed, and Harry believed her. Thinking quickly, he forewent the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist, dashing back to his room with vampire speed and opening his new, extended wardrobe.
Hastily he pulled out a white button-down, the black waistcoat with the silver laces in the front, fitting black boots, black shorts, a pair of dark green stockings, and the short green jacket before quickly pulling everything on. When he was finished, he looked himself up and down in the mirror, deciding that Lucius would like him in his green ensemble and tightly strapped waist, and left the room.
He was careful not to make any noise as he crept down the staircase and tiptoed into the living room. What he least needed right now, was for Sirius or someone else to catch him in his attempt to sneak away. Once he had closed the door behind him he ran over to the fireplace, grabbed some Floo Powder, and called out, "Malfoy Manor!" Only after he had stepped into the flames did he consider the possibility that Lucius' fireplace would be heavily warded. Well, he just had to hope that the wards would recognize him as their Lord's mate.



Lucius sat in his private office, chewing distractedly on a blood drop and trying to concentrate on his work as a ministry official. He had to get this paperwork done soon. It had lain on his desk for much too long, and he was not known as someone who slacked off.
However, concentrating had recently become very difficult. His thoughts wandered back to his little mate every so often and he found himself unable to concentrate.
How was Harry dealing with their separation? It was not easy for him, but he was older, had always had a huge amount of self-control, and more importantly, he was not the submissive. Even though both mates were dependent upon each other, this was even truer for the submissive. Although, he had not found any books on vampires, aside from the standard ones - the creatures were highly secretive after all - he had researched many different kinds of submissives in the last couple of days, and they all had one thing in common: They all needed their dominants to stabilize their emotions. Some would get frightened, others overstrained, and then there were those whose bodies needed their dominant's touch to be reassured of their relationship and their mate's power, authority, and expertise.
Their need for their dominant was probably connected to their weaker bodies. Even a submissive magical creature was more powerful than most wizards and witches, but within their own kind it was something else and their instincts couldn't differentiate between these two. Furthermore, it was often a part of their character that they liked to be protected and hated to use violence themselves. Lucius knew at least that the last part was true for Harry.
And truth to be told, while he did not necessarily need his mate right now, this did not mean that he did not miss Harry. He had not only gotten used to the fierce Gryffindor, but had also grown very fond of him. Lucius knew that Harry was still slightly unsure about their relationship due to his inexperience, but after sixteen years of marriage and many, many lovers he knew that what he felt for the boy was far more than companionship. So it wasn't too difficult to wait for his little submissive to be ready to take their relationship to the next level. He knew that there was no way Harry would not realize that there was love between them, because the possibility of love and being perfect for each other was the foundation of being soulmates.
Thinking back over the last days, he must admit that they had not been bad entirely. They had even been rather successful. After his departure from Privet Drive, he and Severus had gone directly to the Dark Lord, who was at first more than slightly unhappy with his visit. However, with his old friend’s help they had convinced their former master that Harry had kept Lucius captive within the blood wards of his family's home, which were far stronger than they had ever imagined.
It worked in their favour that the Dark Lord could not verify their story, because the man himself could not even find the house. Dumbledore had done good work with the wards on Privet Drive, even so, he still believed that Harry had paid too high of a price for his protection.
Their master had believed them when told that Severus had only just succeeded in freeing him, but Harry Potter had been able to flee.
Still, as punishment, he had to endure the Cruciatus Curse for quite some time, and the Dark Lord had searched his mind and body for any lies. But the glamours had held and kept his change a secret, and he was too good of an Occlumens to let anything of the last two weeks show in his mind. After all, Severus had taught him the art of mind magic, and as a vampire the curse had not been as painful. That Harry had been hurt so much during his vision had probably been because of his mental connection to the wizard, the amount of curses he had had to endure at the same time, and maybe even his status as a submissive. But Lucius was a dominant, and had gained a higher pain tolerance.
After he had left Riddle Manor he had gone back to his own home to dress himself once again in proper clothing, and then gone swiftly to the Ministry, where he had collected his pile of paperwork, and had set another plan of his into action. After all, he didn't want to be separated from his beautiful mate for too long. The rest of the day had been spent by doing paperwork, but the next day he had gone to Diagon Alley and bought Harry his new sets of clothes. Chuckling silently, he wondered if the boy had found out the significance of the style of the garments, and if so, what his reaction had been. Would he even wear them? After all, the clothes were quite eye-catching, and the boy probably had to explain a lot of things because of them. He would understand if Harry did not wear them, but his dominant side would be slightly... unhappy to say the least. After all, it was his first present to his mate, and the petite child would surely look beautiful in them.
His mate's beauty sent his wandering thoughts down a different track. As a Pureblood, he had been taught that the establishment of a relationship had to follow a strict order:
First of all, he had to gain his love interest's attention though a formal courtship, to which Harry's guardians must agree. After that, a time of giving presents and taking Harry out on dates should have followed, then he should have asked for the boys hand in marriage, again with the approval of his guardians, and only after they had gotten married should he have consummated their bond.
Their sudden and unpredictable change had thrown all of those courting steps right out of the window; but he still wanted to court his mate, as Harry more than deserved to be properly courted.
At the very least, some more presents were in order, as they still had to be secretive.
Speaking of secretive, he had not yet heard anything more of Harry's plans, but he hoped that his mate would challenge the old fool of a headmaster soon, because then he would at least be able to see his mate on a regular basis at the headquarters.
But at least he had gotten a note that Harry had visited their vault. His inexperienced mate had nearly fainted, if one was to believe Griphtug, which he did. The goblin had worked for the Malfoy family for decades and was quite trustworthy. He would have liked to see the expression on his little mate’s face when he realized how rich he had become. Lucius still had to check how much Harry had brought into the marriage. Sure, he didn't need the extra money, but as Lord Malfoy he had to be informed.
Swirling his glass of Firewhiskey, he swallowed the last gulp. Like everything else, with the exception of Harry's blood, it had lost its taste and allure, but alcohol still had the power to relax him, if he drank three times as much as he had needed in the past. He was not sad about the tastelessness of food or drink; in Harry's blood he had gained such a fine taste and evoked more in him in exchange than even the most expensive meal at the finest restaurant.
He was just about to pour himself another glass, when he felt a tingling sensation in his mind. Frowning, he put the glass down and concentrated on the wards which had alerted him to a guest at Malfoy Manor. Normally, the wards instantly told him who the newcomer was; they had recognized his late son and wife, and alarmed him when an intruder tried to breach them, but right now they felt strange. Concentrating even more, he could feel that whoever it was, was not an intruder, but in turn was not familiar to the wards. This should have been impossible. Sighing, he took his snake cane with his wand, and made his way downstairs to the large pageantry fireplace, where all visitors were received. His steps were silent and predatory as he glided down the grand marble staircase, but he stopped mid-step when he recognized the small figure that was brushing soot off of his clothes.
Never before had he seen anything that could be compared to Harry in this moment. His beautiful mate wore the green outfit he had sent him a few days ago. The dark green colour made his breathtaking eyes shine preternaturally. His eyes roaming the small body from a distance, they landed on the bare patch of skin between the high stockings and the very short trousers. When the boy turned to the side, looking around curiously, before he bent down once more to wipe off his boots, the shorts rose even further and gave him an enticing view of Harry's perfect, round buttocks. His eyes were glued there for a moment, taking in the pale and soft flesh, before wandering up again. Harry had turned once more and now stood facing him, and for the first time Lucius could see how truly gorgeous his submissive looked in this short waist coat. Licking his lips, his body started to show his interest in his intoxicating mate. Harry looked so beautiful, so innocent, so very fragile, and so young. A forbidden youth. All of his vampiric senses were singing with pleasure. It had been far too long since he had seen Harry, and his body was yearning to touch his mate, to hold him, to caress him, and to hear his voice.
Why had Harry come by so suddenly? Would it not be safer to give Severus a message as to when he was expected at the headquarters? Eyeing the child once more, for the first time he noticed his heavy flush. Of course, to a human it was still barely noticeable, but to a vampire it was extraordinary. Taking a deep lungful of air, he instantly understood why Harry was so flushed. The scent of arousal was heavy in the air and as he looked down, he could see the protruding bulge in his mate's pants. How had he missed that?
Taking a step forwards, he called: "Harry? What are you..." he would never finish his sentence, as in the next moment Harry had flung himself into Lucius' arms, whimpering and mewing in distress and blatant submission. The days of their separation had clearly taken a toll on his submissive mate.
He lifted Harry up, who instantly started to lick along his carotid, sending waves of pleasure directly to his cock. Groaning, he tried to concentrate. He had promised himself that he would only take Harry when the boy was ready and that Harry would get a proper first time. He would not shove him against the next wall, even though his little mate's mind was too clouded to realize it right now. As nice as it was to have Harry rub himself against his body, he needed to find out what Harry needed right now to get his mind back.
"Harry, stop!" He commanded with an authoritative voice, and the boy in his arms stilled instantly.
"Harry, what do you need?" he asked in the same voice, hoping for an answer.
"I need you my dominant!" Harry gasped, and the way he said the word dominant gave him enough of an indication as to what had happened to his little submissive. He pushed Harry’s head gently but firmly down against his shoulder and commanded: "Hold on tight, and stay still" before turning and striding back up the broad staircase, setting a quick pace. He knew the long corridors and sinuous hallways of his home by heart and didn't even need to concentrate on where he was heading. Arriving in front of a huge, double door, he pressed it open with one elbow, and then used his feet to open it further. His bedroom was dark, but his sharp eyes could make out the huge four-poster bed with silver hangings and the green sheets easily.
Harry was still motionless in his arms, frozen by the command he had given his little submissive, only his rapidly beating heart was an indication that he was still alive. He sat the small raven down and thought over what command he could give his little submissive to stabilize him again. Smirking wickedly, he sat down on his bed and commanded: "Strip for me, but do it slowly and neatly."
Harry blinked dazedly up at him, his huge green and red ringed eyes sparkling like emeralds, making his cock harden even further. His mate was so beautiful. The boy clearly needed a moment to process the order, but then started slowly. Harry took off his short jacked before his small hands wandered to the laces of his waistcoat, whilst he gave him one of those incredibly arousing, innocent looks from under his bangs. It was amazing how much sex appeal the vampire genes had gifted Harry, Lucius thought. The waistcoat fell to the ground, and Harry proceeded to open his crisp white button down shirt. His eyes immediately fixed themselves on the patch of revealed skin beneath his mate's collarbone.
"Take of your glamour," he commanded and he gasped when Harry's skin became even paler, gaining a translucent glow whilst faint blue lines appeared on his body, where the boy's arteries and veins lay deliciously hidden beneath his skin.
His cock twitched in his trousers and his fangs itched with the wish to sink into one of the bluish arteries.
When they had separated, Harry's change had not been this advanced; his mate’s veins had certainly not been visible back then. Lucius licked his lips unconsciously. Oh how beautiful his little submissive had become; even more beautiful!
But that wasn't the only changes he noticed on the Gryffindor. His instincts had been right: Harry had not been through with his transformation, but now he was.
Harry had become even thinner, and his already small shoulders seemed to have narrowed even further, as had his rib cage, giving him a clearly inhuman look. But it didn't bother him; on the contrary, his dominant side was purring and humming in appreciation.
His little mate would not appreciate the fact, but Lucius knew that Harry's beauty alone would gain him access to the highest vampire circles and admission among their kind. In the vampire world, a beautiful submissive was more valuable to a dominant than any diamond could ever be.
Another button was opened and Lucius took his time to let his eyes roam the petite body.
His eyes settled back on Harry’s face. Harry was chewing on his bottom lip in agitation, making it swollen and redden. His eyes were dilated in barely restrained lust and Lucius noticed that they had become larger once again.
Finally his little mate pushed his button down shirt from his slim shoulders and it accompanied the green jacket on the floor.
Harry bent down and unlaced his boots, before carefully stepping out of them. When the Gryffindor opened the button on his shorts next, Lucius nearly groaned in torturous pleasure as he saw that there still was no second layer of fabric between the trousers and Harry's flesh.
Why had he commanded Harry to strip? Why would he torture himself like this? Having so much time to soak in the sight of every inch of his submissive's body nearly drove him insane with lust. He wanted to push his pulsing cock into Harry, stretching him, bruising him, ripping him apart; the thought was nearly overpowering him. Lucius barely remembered the feeling of Harry surrounding him. The night of their mating was a wonderful blur of sensations; too muddled to remember specific details, but he still knew very well how tight the boy had been, how hard he had squeezed his cock and he wanted to feel it again - no, he needed to feel it again!
It cost him all of his Malfoy restraint to not go over to Harry then and just take him, instead he just watched when the shorts fell as well, and his mates cock was finally revealed. Harry's flesh was swollen and a dark red, nearly lilac with need. Lucius could see the vein on the underside of the small shaft pulsating with every throb of the appendage.
Biting on his tongue to reinforce his self-restraint once more, he took in Harry's whole figure. The only garments he now wore were the green stockings which went up to his thighs and what looked like suspenders. He motioned Harry to come over and the boy obliged dutifully. When Harry stood between his legs, he laid his hands down softly on his mate's buttocks, caressing them for a moment, before his fingers went beneath the stockings. Harry mewled at his touch, unable to be more coherent at the moment with all of these new sensations.
Lucius pushed the stockings down slowly, until Harry could easily step out of them, before lifting the boy up and laying him down on the bed. He couldn't just stand there and watch his mate any longer, he needed to touch the boy and give his heated body all of the pleasure it craved and deserved.
Standing up, Lucius kneeled down on the floor between Harry’s spread legs, which were dangling over the edge. He took a deep breath, and his lungs filled with the alluring scent of Harry's heavy arousal. Quickly deciding that what he wanted to do was to take the worst of the tension from Harry, he lifted a hand. He would not do anything they had not yet done as long as his mate was not coherent enough to fully enjoy and remember it afterwards, as Harry clearly wasn't right now.
As his fingers closed around the hot cock of his submissive, Harry whimpered in agonized pleasure, his flesh highly sensitive from his extreme erection, but he did not move an inch.
Remembering how passive vampire submissives were without permission to take part in their physical encounters, Lucius purred to his mate, "You may move as much as you would like to Harry,"
Harry responded by gasping and arching into his hand.
Smirking delightedly, Lucius started to stroke at a not too slow pace, scraping a claw above the head of Harry’s prick at every downwards motion, just as the child liked it. Harry started to thrust into his hand, moaning and whimpering loudly and needed only three more strokes to come. His submissive's hot semen exploded from his cock and covered Lucius' hand. Purring, he lifted his hand to his mouth and licked the release off, fixing his eyes on Harry's as he did so.
A smirk spread on his face when his inexperienced mate blushed heavily, his mind had clearly come back.



Harry lay still in the aftermath, staring into Lucius' silver-red eyes and slowly coming back to himself. His thoughts had been so clouded with lust and the need for his mate's touch, that he had not even realized where his dominant had brought him. But now he noticed that he was lying on a bed that was as soft as a cloud. He turned his gaze away from the gorgeous aristocrat who was smirking very smugly at him, and took in his surroundings.
The room was furnished with dark, wooden furniture and the main colour was silver with green patterns. A huge mirror hung on the wall next to the right side of the bed, and heavy velvet curtains blocked out the sunlight. Taking a deep breath, Lucius' scent filled his nostrils; this had to be his private bedroom. Harry flushed darkly; he was in his mate's bedroom, somehow it felt like he was doing something forbidden, lying spread and exposed in the room of the much older aristocrat.
"Are you feeling better?" Lucius’ deep voice pulled him from his thoughts; and as he looked back at his mate and his roaming eyes, he knew that their time together was not over yet. He gulped in nervousness and excitement and nodded.
"Good," Lucius all but purred and rose to his feet, only to climb, catlike. onto the mattress. Harry scooted backwards, giving the man more space on the bed, as he watched his mate approach like a dangerous predator, his heart hammering in his chest.
"Are you fleeing from me?" Lucius asked; one eyebrow lifted.
"No... Of course not... I just...wanted to give you some more space," Harry stammered.
"How nice of you," Lucius smirked before diving down and claiming his mouth in a fierce kiss. His mate's tongue pushed in forcefully and Harry gave a mewling sound at his dominant's possessiveness, his cock stirring again.
Lucius explored his mouth for a minute longer, stroking every inch of it thoroughly and leaving the aristocrat’s unique taste behind as he broke their kiss, only to trace soft kisses and harsh nips down Harry's throat, his hands roaming the fragile body. Harry gasped; Lucius had never done that to him before. Until now, they had only kissed, and sure, Lucius had already stroked him to completion three times, but this felt different; intimate on a whole new level. It felt as if Lucius was worshipping his body.
Another gasp tore from his throat at a particularly harsh nip, and he pressed the whole length of his small body against Lucius, only to cry out in pleasure as his mate’s sharp claws brushed over his nipples. The small buds hardened immediately, and sent shivers of pleasure right down to his penis, which started throbbing again. Harry had never known that his nipples could be this sensitive.
"You like this?" Lucius asked; his breath ghosting over Harry's neck.
Harry wanted to give an answer but he was not able to, too caught up in the multiple sensations.
"Tell me Harry, do you like it?" Lucius demanded and Harry forced himself to actually speak:
"I...yes..." He could feel Lucius smiling against his neck before the man trailed a path of kisses downwards, directly to his right nipple. Harry started to squirm as his mate kissed the tiny bud, licking it, and sucking it into his mouth. The sensation was so strange, so new, but so good. He gasped, pleading: "More, Lucius!"
His cock was throbbing painfully again.
His dominant obliged without any more questions, taking his nipple between his teeth, before biting down harshly. With a loud cry he came for the second time in ten minutes, his vision momentarily blanking, as his orgasm was ripped from his body without warning. As his vision focused again, he could see his own surprise mirrored in Lucius' face, but the arrogant aristocrat also looked very satisfied.
"So needy today?" The noble man purred.
Harry blushed, but nodded. How embarrassing; to come from his mate just biting down on his nipple. Lucius had not even touched his cock this time around; he really was acting like a virgin.
"Then be happy, that I am not done with you yet," Lucius drawled seductively, and scooted lower.
"What do you...Ah!" Harry gasped as Lucius hot tongue suddenly licked a hot path down his loins, making his cock rise again.
"I could pleasure you the whole day and night, just to hear your little noises," Lucius breathed, cooling the wet trail and sending shivers across Harry’s sensitive body.
"Yes," Harry agreed nonsensically, all he could think about was how good Lucius was making him feel.
"You are so incredibly beautiful, Harry. Your body..." Lucius whispered and kissed a spot right next to Harry’s cock, making him moan in denied satisfaction.
"...and your fiery Gryffindor spirit."
Lucius mouth went on again, following a trail he could not see on his skin.
"You have changed again, have you noticed?"
No, Harry hadn't. He had not taken off his glamours since his arrival at Grimmauld Place. He gasped in shock when he looked down at himself, seeing all of the pale blue lines on his flesh. He was just asking himself whether he still was beautiful or not, distracted for the moment by Lucius’ tongue pressing down on one of the visible veins, sending sparks of pleasure through his entire body.
"Ah!" He gasped, instinctively pressing himself into his mate's wet muscle.
"Hm..." Lucius purred. "And I thought that it was only so that I could find places to drink from you more easily," his mate chuckled and started to nip carefully with his sharp fangs over the vein.
Gliding one of his own hands over another artery, Harry could feel the thin organ, as if his skin was no more than a thin piece of paper, it felt strange, but oh so good.
"The possibilities..." Lucius hummed, giving the vein one last nip, before sliding downwards again.
And then Harry was enveloped in heat when Lucius took his length all of the way in. He moaned loudly, buckling into that wet cavern, but Lucius grabbed onto his hips and forced him back down, only to swallow him again as far as Harry had just driven his penis into his delicious mouth. He felt the head of his member hitting the back of Lucius’ throat and he mewled at the friction. His voice broke when his dominant's tongue flicked around the pulsing flesh. Cold precum leaked from his slit, but Lucius gathered it on his tongue with the next upwards motion, and then he started to glide up and down Harry's length in a rhythmic pace.
"So good!" Harry moaned; his eyes tightly shut.
"So...ah!" One of Lucius’ fangs had scraped over his heated member, making it jolt in the blonde’s mouth.
Lucius shifted a bit, and at the next moment the sensation of his dominant's fangs along with the swirling of the talented tongue was nearly driving Harry insane. The tingling in his lower stomach grew stronger, but after two orgasms, he was not able to come again so quickly, making him able to enjoy his mate's treatment much longer this time.
Harry forced his eyes open and propped himself up a bit, needing to see his mate taking care of him. Lucius always knew what he needed; be it in their daily life or closed off in their bedroom. He could never wish for a better mate, and the rush of a warm, unknown feeling shortly overwhelmed him, before his eyes landed on the aristocrat, spread out between his legs, his blonde hair like a halo, and his head bobbing up and down on Harry's length. The sight of this strong, powerful man taking care of his needs, going down on his knees for him, taking his penis into his mouth to give him pleasure, was overwhelming.
The muscles in his lower stomach tightened and he entwined his fingers in Lucius’ hair. It was the first time that he dared to touch the long, silver-blond strands, and he moaned in surprise at the softness. Lucius' teeth gave the head of his prick a demanding nip and Harry arched his hips in answer.
"Hmm..." his mate purred, sending small shivers down his length, increasing the tingling feeling in his lower stomach. One of Lucius' elegant, long-fingered hands came down and gently stroked the inner sides of his thighs. Harry's legs started to tremble at the caring touch, but it was the tentative single finger that slowly stroked down his balls that pushed him over the edge. Harry threw his head back, groaning deeply in his throat as his third orgasm was ripped from his body. Lucius swallowed every drop of him, sucking him all the way through his climax, extending his release until his balls felt utterly empty and relaxed.
He fell back onto the mattress, confident that he would have blacked out if he had still been human. Lucius gave his spent penis one last kiss before he came back up and lay down next to him. With a silly smile and a very satisfied expression, Harry shuffled closer until he could rest his head onto the aristocrat's chest.
Looking downwards and placing his hand on Lucius’ flat stomach, he wished he could trace his skin and feel it under his fingers, but the older man was still fully dressed. He chewed his bottom lip nervously, thinking about asking him if he would take his shirt off. Lucius always said he could and should ask anything that was on his mind, but maybe this question was too bold? Would he have already undressed if he wanted to, or had it just not crossed his mind? Then again, his mate had slept nearly naked next to him when they had stayed together at Privet Drive. Deciding that he would just ask, he cleared his throat, "Uhm...Lucius?"
"Yes, Harry?" his mate answered back calmly.
"Would you...would you take off your shirt? I mean, if it's okay for you...I just...I want to feel your skin."
Lucius sat up and started to unbutton his shirt: "You do not have to justify your requests Harry. If you wish to feel my skin, then I will take it off. I will even do it gladly, because there is nothing in the world that makes me happier than to hear that you want to touch me and be closer to me."
Harry flushed, but he didn't take his eyes away from the growing patch of exposed skin.
"If you continue to flush so...endearingly, I may have to ravish you again," Lucius purred, and Harry’s flush instantly spread over his whole body. The aristocrat chuckled deeply and then asked,
"Just my shirt? Or my trousers as well?"
Harry's eyes trailed down to Lucius' long and sinful legs, it would be nice to see them without the covering of the black fabric, and it would mean that he could snuggle against even more warm skin, "Leave your boxers on?"
Lucius smiled gently and stood up, unzipping his trousers and pushing them down over his hips, exposing the large bulge that had been hidden within.
Harry's eyes widened comically and he stuttered: "Shall I...? Do you want me to...?" He felt as if he was neglecting his mate, even though Lucius had made it clear that Harry didn't have to do anything he didn't want to, but that erection looked painful.
Lucius brows furrowed together into a frown, "What have I told you concerning this particular topic?"
Harry fidgeted nervously, "That I should not do anything that I am not ready for," he said, repeating his previous thoughts.
"And if you ask me to leave my boxers on for cuddling, does that mean that you are ready to touch me there?"
Harry shook his head: "No...but...", still thinking that his mate must feel desperate for release.
"No buts," Lucius interrupted him firmly.
" looks painful," Harry continued, telling Lucius what he thought, and ignoring his mate's command.
Lucius frown deepened: "I said no buts, and whether it is painful or not is none of your concern. You are still very young and the fact that we are having this type of relationship alone is worrisome. I will not risk your mental health by exposing you to something you do not yet feel ready for."
Harry lowered his lashes, feeling silly for having asked. A warm hand settled on his head and ruffled his hair: "Do not feel ashamed about this. I appreciate your offer, but I am your dominant, and my first priority is to protect you, not to use you for my physical pleasure."
Harry felt the pleasantly warm feeling rising in his chest again. He had felt it a few times already, but still could not say what it meant.
Lucius stepped out of his trousers and then and laid back down, pulling Harry onto his chest before starting to trace patterns on his back.
"Do you think you have changed as well?" Harry asked suddenly.
"Shall I take my glamours off?" Lucius asked, tracing a line down his spine.
Harry nodded and sat back up. His mate's glamours flickered around the edges before disappearing completely. Lucius' skin had become more translucent as well, but not as much as his own. The aristocrat's veins were only barely visible; even he, as a vampire, had problems seeing them. They looked more like blue shadows. Lowering his head and taking a sniff, Harry happily realized that he could smell exactly where every vein lay.
Sighing in contentment, Harry lay back down on the man's chest and closed his eyes for a moment, just enjoying the closeness with Lucius. They had been separated for far too long, and he had missed this feeling of being protected and cared for. The aristocrat's scent was already so familiar and it lulled him into a calm state where he was barely awake. The body beneath him felt strong and hard with all of his muscles, but softer than even Lucius' mattress at the same time. This was impossible, but then again, his mate was Lucius Malfoy, and Malfoy’s excelled at everything.
He had nearly fallen asleep when Lucius’ deep voice drew him back to consciousness,
"Tell me Harry, how have your last few days been?"
Harry wrinkled his nose, his last few days had not been bad, he had seen Ron and Hermione again, but that was the only good that had happened. Remembering Sirius and Snape's constant bickering, Ginny and everything else, he sighed heavily.
"Well?" Lucius pressed.
Harry sighed: "Hedwig was badly injured during the King's Cross attack."
Lucius winced, but didn't say anything.
"She is still alive, but she cannot work as a post owl any longer. You know, she was one of my very first friends and the first present I ever received. Hagrid gave her to me before my first year. It really makes me angry, and kind of depressed to see her like that. On top of that, I need a new post owl, but I don't want to replace her so soon." Harry dwelled on the matter for a moment, "Maybe I should get another bird? I mean, you have a falcon, and maybe Hedwig wouldn't feel as bad if I don't get another owl?"
"I think that is a good idea," Lucius pressed a kiss on top of Harry's messy locks, and added, "You have a great heart."
Harry smiled softly; that was a compliment he really liked. He appreciated compliments about his body as well, but this one seemed even more personal.
"Thank you," he mumbled sheepishly.
"Have I missed more?" Lucius inquired and Harry went on with his story,
"Sirius and Snape's bickering has been really bad these last few days, and four days ago, Sirius told everyone in the kitchen what Sirius, Remus and my father had done to Severus during their school days."
Lucius winced, "I can imagine the outcome of that particular breakfast."
Harry nodded in affirmation, "Snape was really angry. He even refused to talk to me for a whole day."
"One of his biggest fears is that you will turn out like your father, making his life a living hell once again. I think, the thought that you might get an idea from your godfather's story frightened him more than he will ever admit," Lucius explained, while combing through his mate's hair.
Nodding, Harry thought that his mate's explanation sounded logical. He would probably have reacted in a similar manner if he had been in Snape's place.
Sadly, that was still not everything he had to tell Lucius, and the last point was the hardest. Snuggling even closer to Lucius, he prepared himself inwardly.
"And..." Harry started, but broke off because he was a bit unsure if he really should tell the man. The aristocrat would surely be upset, maybe even furious if he told him, but the man was his mate; he had the right to know and Harry really didn't want to keep any secrets from him.
"Harry?" Lucius asked when he had chewed on his bottom lip for too long without saying anything. Harry nuzzled his head into Lucius chest, before mumbling:
"Ginny has a huge crush on me and she has been flirting with me the entire time."
Lucius started to growl and the claws of the hand that had laid calmly on his back suddenly pressed possessively into his flesh, and his eyes glazed over with rage. Harry gave an irritated mewl, before propping himself up and pressing a soft kiss against Lucius' lips, and added a second mewl; this one with a soothing undertone, his instincts taking over.
He had expected Lucius to not react very calmly, and his mate held himself well, but a bit of reassurance could never hurt. The kiss and the small sound did their job, and Lucius' eyes focused once more, "Does she know that you have a mate?"
"Yes, I told everybody. Not who my mate is, and not that we are already mated - they all think that I have found either the boy or girl, depending on whom you ask, I will mate with when 17- but they know."
Lucius' growl intensified again.
"I didn't respond to her attempts," He whispered, giving Lucius' neck a small nip.
"Good," Lucius growled. "I wish I could put a collar around your neck with my name on it so that even every stupid human could see that you are already claimed."
Harry purred, the sound of a collar with his mate's name on it sounded more intriguing than it probably should have. He immediately blushed at his thoughts, hoping that Lucius had not caught on to his thoughts, but it was, of course, too late.
His ever observant dominant had propped himself up on one elbow, a very hungry expression on his face, "Would you allow me to put a collar on you, or at least a substitute in a place where nobody would see it easily?"
"What... do you mean by a substitute in a place, where nobody would see it so easily?" he asked unsurely. He honestly didn't mind, but with Sirius, Remus, his friend and everybody else, it would be a bad idea to wear a collar with the Malfoy Lord's name on it.
"Just tell me if you would let me," Lucius purred, his face close to Harry's, licking a short trail behind his ears.
Harry shuddered, he had liked that idea from the beginning, and Lucius' seduction method really didn't help him deny his mate anything.
"Yes," he gasped, his cheeks heating.
"Thank you," Lucius whispered, and Harry watched quietly as his mate took his wand from the bedside table, looking around in the dark room. He then pointed it at a neatly folded tie that lay on a chair, and summoned the garment, before muttering a spell, transfiguring it.
Harry looked down at Lucius' outstretched hand, where now a green silk band with a small, silver bell lay. He picked it up curiously and eyed it more closely. There were small versions of the Malfoy family crest stitched on the ends, and the fabric was incredibly soft. Lifting it, he shook the bell, its sound clear and so quiet that only vampire ears would be able to catch it. Harry even doubted that Remus would be able to hear the faint sound.
"Where shall I put it? Around my wrist?" he asked.
"I said where no one would be able to see it easily, that contradicts a place as obvious as your wrists," Lucius smirked, and Harry only noticed that his mate's free hand had sneaked south when long fingers wrapped around his flaccid cock, gently stroking it in a caressing gesture.
"Why are you...?" Harry gasped in surprise, but Lucius interrupted his question.
"Shh, Harry. You will see."
Harry watched the elegant fingers working his prick to a half-erected state, still wondering what his possessive mate had planned, but unable and unwilling to stop him. When his cock had hardened significantly, Lucius let go of it and wrapped the green silk band around the base of his cock twice so that the silver bell was hanging on the underside of it, before fastening it in a bow.
Harry stared at his decorated cock; not comprehending what the kinky aristocrat had done, until it finally sank in, and his whole body heated with a whole-body flush. It really looked very kinky; the green of the silk-band, which was the exact colour of his eyes, stood out against his creamy-white skin. Lucius had tied the band with the perfect tightness around his shaft; it was noticeable, but not suffocating or uncomfortable, and it looked kind of beautiful on him, but what aroused him even more was the fact that Lucius had placed his personal crest on such an intimate part of his body.
The aristocrat chuckled, and tapped against the small bell with one finger, which jingled silently.
"I do not think that you would ever betray me, but if the Weaselette ever sneaks in whilst you shower, she will see that you are taken, and if she has any brains at all, she will recognize from whom she is trying to steal a mate, and hopefully never dare to approach you again," he said darkly.
Harry turned in Lucius' lap feeling immensely touched by the small gesture and pressed his lips to his mate's once more, "Thank you. I love it."
Lucius kissed him back, gently but deeply. Their tongues danced with each other for a long moment before Lucius broke the kiss, provoking a protesting sound from Harry, and asking:
"What did you mean when you said that they think that you have found either the boy or the girl that you will mate?"
Harry snickered: "Molly, Arthur, Fred and George recognized the clothes you gave me and know that I am a submissive. Hermione didn't know the clothing or their meaning, but picked up on it anyway - she is clever after all. But Ron thinks that I found my girl and only laughed when Hermione asked me about being the submissive. I told her that Ron was right, because he would have had a heart attack otherwise, but I could see that she knew that I was lying."
"And the mutt and the wolf?" Lucius inquired.
Harry scowled. "Sirius and Remus, or Black and Lupin," he corrected his mate, who only huffed without agreeing to his corrections.
"They didn't even recognize the significance of my new wardrobe, and I think they assume the same as Ron. By the way," he added, "Thank you for the clothes, they are beautiful."
"No need to thank me, I am your dominant after all and I will provide for you. Besides, you look very alluring in your new attire," Lucius drawled.
Harry smiled happily, he had assumed that Lucius would like him in the garments; the man had bought them for Harry after all, but to hear it was still nice.
"But you should have warned me that you are so important!" Harry accused with a scowl that he really didn’t mean.
"I did," Lucius replied smoothly.
"No, you didn't" Harry frowned.
"Of course I did," Lucius repeated.
"When?" Harry asked, irritated and trying to remember anything that could have indicated Lucius' extraordinary social position.
"I told you a few times that I am the most rich and noble Pureblood," Lucius huffed.
"And that should have meant something to me? You know that I was raised by muggles; besides, it sounded as if you were just being your usual, arrogant self," Harry muttered.
"I was," Lucius agreed. "Maybe I just wanted to surprise you."
Harry scoffed: "And you didn't warn me about Gringotts either."
"That, I really did not do. I wanted it to be a surprise," Lucius smirked and kissed his neck tenderly.
"Well, it was," Harry answered, closing his eyes at the soft sensation.
"So, when will you go to Dumbledore?" his mate asked after he had separated from his neck again.
Harry needed a second to process the question, but then answered, "This evening. I won't live without you any longer than necessary. Even if we cannot display our relationship openly, it will be better than not seeing you at all."
"Good," Lucius purred. "I really didn't appreciate the last few days either."
"How time is it?" Harry asked, wondering how long he had been gone from Grimmauld Place.
"It is 2:00 PM. What did you tell the others about where you were going?"
Harry started to squirm uncomfortably. He had left in a rush and knew that it hadn't been a wise thing to do, but why did his mate have to remind him of it? As far as he knew, Lucius would send him back soon to avoid a confrontation with the order.
"Well?" Lucius prompted.
"I might have forgotten to tell anybody?" Harry mumbled, his answer coming out more like a question.
"You just left?" Lucius asked, his voice getting stern.
"Yeah, kind of..." Harry admitted; shrinking under his mate's disapproving look.
"Harry, I know you do not like it very much, but you are Harry Potter; many people place their hopes in you, especially the order, and they will be very worried when they notice that you have just disappeared, and so will your friends and guardians," Lucius rebuked him.
"I know, but I couldn't bear the separation any longer. I felt lonely, my body was yearning for you, and I even woke Ron and Hermione with..." he quickly slapped his hands over his mouth; he had not wanted to tell this little tale.
"How did you wake your friends?" Lucius voice had dropped to a very seductive growl, his eyes shining hungrily.
"Nothing...I didn't wake them...nothing happened...really," Harry lied pathetically. If he could at least have stopped his stutter, then maybe his denial could have been more believable, but Lucius’ voice made him all flustered.
"Has my little innocent submissive experienced his first wet dream?" Lucius whispered into his ears, hot breath ghosting over the appendage.
Harry flushed, he was so mortified. How could he tell his mate that he had nearly cum in his pants because of a dream? Lucius would surely laugh. Harry would even bet that Lucius had never had a wet dream; the man seemed far too controlled for such undignified teenage behaviour.
Sliding from his mate's chest, he mumbled, "I...need to go, before everybody gets worried," but a strong hand held him back.
"Not so hasty. I am very interested in whatever you are trying to hide from me," Lucius smirked evilly and pulled Harry back against his strong body, trapping him with his arms.
"But it's so embarrassing!" he whined, squirming in his mates unyielding grip.
"Oh, I do not believe that. I think it will be a very arousing story." Lucius nipped at his ear, sending tingles down his body.
"Tell me Harry," he commanded, and that was the breaking point for Harry's inner submissive, which had yearned for his dominant's commands the last couple of days.
"I...dreamed about you..." he gasped.
Lucius stopped his nibbling and loosened his grip. Turning around, he buried his face into his mate's chest, too ashamed to look Lucius in the eyes whilst retelling his dream.
"And what was I doing? Or should I ask, what were we doing?" Lucius purred.
"First, you were just licking me..."
"Where?" Lucius interrupted him.
Harry's cheeks caught fire, and he squeaked out, "You were licking my... my... hole and started to fuck me with..." Harry could not say it, he was too mortified.
"With my tongue?" Lucius asked.
"Yes," Harry admitted, searching blindly for the pillow and pulling it over his head to hide himself, but he could still hear Lucius as he spoke again:
"I would have liked to be there and witness you dreaming. I can imagine all your cute little noises, so arousing... and I could have woken you up to make your dream a reality."
Harry mewled in exasperation, his mate’s words sounded far too good, but after his three orgasms, he was too exhausted for his body to get aroused again; but that didn't mean that his mind wasn't able.
Chuckling, Lucius pulled the pillow from his head, "Do not be so embarrassed, there is no need to be. It is a compliment to hear that you are dreaming about me. That only means that I am not the only one who is fantasizing over my mate."
Harry blinked, his face was still buried in Lucius’ chest, but at his mate's words, he lifted his head, "You dreamed about me as well?"
"Of course I have. In fact, I dream about you every night," Lucius chuckled.
"Why? I mean, you are already so old..." Harry bit his lips as he realized how that must have sounded. It really had not been what he wanted to say.
Lucius lifted his trademark eyebrow, "That does not mean that I do not dream about you. It is true that mostly young wizards experience such dreams, but when the desire is strong enough they can even occur at an older age. I am not as vocal during my dreams as you are anymore, but I have had my fair share of them since our mating."
"I never noticed," Harry wondered.
"I hid it well, after all, I did not want to scare my innocent submissive away," Lucius smirked.
"I am sorry that I am so inexperienced," Harry mumbled, feeling that this was the right time to apologize for his clumsiness.
"Do not be sorry, it is quite endearing. Besides, your inexperience only means that no one besides me has ever touched you and that is the dream of every dominant mate, especially me," Lucius winked.
"Really?" Harry asked curiously.
"You should already know how possessive I am," Lucius drawled.
His mate sighed then, and Harry knew what he would say next.
"You should leave now, they will be worried already."
"I know, but I have missed you for so long," Harry mumbled, sadness rising in his chest.
"I have missed you too, Harry," Lucius said softly, and cupped his cheek.
Harry stared up into his mate's silver-red eyes, which were shining and filled with warmth that no one before him had ever seen. Pulling himself up, he pressed his lips to Lucius', giving his mate a chaste kiss. Their lips and tongues danced for a moment in an innocent kiss, before Harry sat up with a sigh. "I really don't want to leave you," he said, but climbed out of bed anyway. His heart felt heavy, and only the thought that he would see his mate again soon, made him pick up his clothes and start to get dressed.
Lucius watched him intently as he pulled on his green stockings, then his shorts, and especially when he fastened the waistcoat.
"I presume that it is no problem to tighten the coat as a vampire?" Lucius asked.
Harry shrugged: "No, not really. I only have to be careful that I don't tie them too tight or my guardians and friends will freak out, but really, my ribs adapt perfectly to the waistcoat."
Lucius nodded in understanding, and then stood up and moved closer.
"You really look delicious in the new clothing," he whispered, gripping his mate's slim waist. Harry squeaked in surprise when he was pulled flush against Lucius' body. Recovering quickly, he laid his cheek against his mate's muscled chest, sighing in contentment.
"I hope we will be able to find time to ourselves when you are at Grimmauld Place," Harry mumbled. This was a topic that really concerned him. With his ever protective guardians and Ginny, it would not be easy to meet secretly.
"But if there is no other way, we can still meet in Snape's lab. No one ever goes in there," Harry added as an afterthought.
Lucius smirked: "I think that my dearest friend would not appreciate us snogging on his couch."
Harry mused that Lucius was definitely right. Lucius took a step back, his eyes looking as unhappy as his own.
"You can use the fireplace in here," his mate said, and took his wand to light the hearth.
Harry nodded and stopped in front of the mirror quickly to check if his glamours were back in place. This thing with the glamours was difficult. Apparently, Lucius did not see through the glamours completely, but instead he was only able to see through the parts Harry consciously showed him... which explained why the arteries had been hidden until now; Harry had not been aware of them. So this time he made sure that his dominant would still be able to see his veins as well, but for everybody else they would be invisible, even for Snape. He did not like the man enough to let him see how much of a creature he had become.
Checking the mirror a second time, he happily noticed that at least his face was not littered with the blue lines. They didn't bother him, but it would look strange.
"Do you have some Floo Powder?" Harry asked, and followed his mate to the huge fireplace. He saw the famous snake cane leaning next to it and smiled; somehow it had been strange to see his mate without it all of those days. You just don't imagine Lucius Malfoy without his cane. Hopefully, the aristocrat would bring the item to Grimmauld Place.
"In the silver box," Lucius answered and pointed to a small box that was decorated with emeralds.
Harry still didn't want to go, but he took a hand-full knowing that there was no way he could delay his departure any longer.
"One last kiss?" he asked, very obviously reluctant to depart. The aristocrat chuckled, but stepped closer to him. Harry got to his toes to reach his mate better, even though it did not make much of a difference. Their lips met again, and Harry lost himself in Lucius' warm embrace. They kissed for a long moment, but finally there really was no delaying the unavoidable any longer.
Taking the powder, he tossed it into the flames and shouted, "Number 12 Grimmauld Place!" before stepping into the flames with one last backwards glance. The last thing he saw before the flames took him away was Lucius softly smiling at him; lovingly, he thought. That thought shocked him for a fraction of a second. Could Lucius Malfoy already be in love with him? But then again, it was only logical that they would reach that point in their relationship, they were blood mates after all.



Harry was spat out by the fireplace in the living room of Grimmauld Place, and noticed instantly that his second arrival was even more chaotic than his first.
Sirius was talking franticly to Remus, shaking his werewolf friend by the shoulders. Arthur sat in a corner beside a small and shaky table, hastily writing a note. Through the door he could see Molly sitting in front of the fireplace in the library, whilst Charlie was just pulling on his cloak, as if he was about to leave, a worried look in his brown eyes. Snape was there as well with a facial expression that told everyone how useless he thought whatever he was supposed to do was.
Only Ron and Hermione, along with Nagini next to them, sat calmly and quietly chatting on the sofa, looking slightly annoyed.
Hermione looked up when he was just getting to his feet after his rough landing, and a smile stretched across her face.
"I told you that he was probably only visiting his mate and would be back soon," She said loudly and the chaos in the room instantly came to a halt.
Ron gave him a lopsided grin, as if congratulating Harry on his snogging session, but everybody else didn't respond as generously.
Harry backed a step away as Sirius' worried face transformed into a mask of anger. Maybe he should have told somebody after all before he left.
"Harry! Where have you been?" the man bellowed and Harry flinched at the loud sound. He had never liked shouting people, but being a submissive now it was nearly impossible to suppress the urge to just turn around and run away or hide.
Snape, who must have seen his reaction, drew attention away from him:
"Don't blame your godson, stupid mutt! Miss Granger, Mr. Weasley as well as I told you where Potter had probably disappeared to. It was your decision to make a fuss."
"We couldn't have been sure. And some Death Eater could have caught him on his way there!" Sirius protested, now glaring daggers at Snape.
"What did you expect Black? Mates have to see each other regularly, even before their mating, and Potter has not seen his for nearly a week. It was only to be expected that he would break soon and run off."
"Still," Sirius snapped, turning back to Harry. "You should have at least told us where you were going. We were worried."
Harry felt a pang of guilt, but stood his ground and glared back despite all of his instincts telling him to get the hell out of the situation and back to his dominant: "Would you have let me leave?"
His godfather opened his mouth in affirmation, but Remus placed a hand on his shoulder and cut him off. "You wouldn't have Padfoot, be honest."
Sirius now glared at his best friend.
"As a werewolf, I can understand the need to be close to one's mate, even if you are not yet mated."
Harry looked from Remus to Sirius and back to Remus and suddenly it hit him. Sirius was Remus' mate, he was sure of it, but the man was obviously not brave enough to do anything about the issue. Closing his eyes and taking a sniff in Remus’ direction, he had hoped that his instincts would tell him something, and they did.
Harry didn't know how he was able to determine things like this, but it was clear to him that Remus was the submissive. Being a submissive himself, he knew how impossible it would have been for Remus to make the first move. A submissive must be courted, or whatever the werewolf rituals were, but they were never able to take the first step.
Sirius seemed to have caught on to something as well, but to Harry's utter horror he said:
"Why haven't you told me? You should have introduced your mate to me! We are best friends!" Harry could see the hurt and pain in both of his guardians' eyes. They were both obviously in love with each other, but now Remus thought that Sirius wasn't interested in him and Sirius thought that Remus had someone else; leaving him without a chance.
"Merlin's ruffled beard! You are so stupid, Sirius!" Harry exploded, and took the moment of surprise to get out of the living room and stamp up the stairs; Ron, Hermione and Nagini hot on his heels.
"Wait, Harry! We are not finished yet!" Sirius shouted behind him, but he ignored his thick-headed godfather.
Up in his room he flung himself onto his bed, silently seething. Why did a perfect day have to be ruined like this? Sure, it was mostly his fault, but still...
The door opened and his friends came in.
"Oh Harry," Hermione sighed. "They really are thick headed."
"Yeah, they are," Harry grumbled; his face buried in his pillow.
"I don't get it. What just happened downstairs?" Ron asked, sounding irritated. The silence that followed told Harry that Hermione was currently giving Ron her ‘are you really so stupid’ look.
Sitting up again, he explained: "Sirius is Remus' mate."
"What?" Ron sounded incredulous. "But why aren't they a couple then?"
Hermione chewed on her upper lip, obviously having an idea, but not being sure if she was right. Creatures and their mates were not her area of expertise.
"Remus is the submissive and as a...creature myself," Harry cleared his throat, he had nearly said: as a submissive. "...I know that it is impossible for him to make the first move."
Ron frowned; the concept was clearly far from logical to him. How his friend could know so much about creatures on the one topic, and so little on the others, was a mystery to Harry.
"Why?" Ron asked finally.
"I think..." Hermione started hesitantly, giving Harry a look that asked him to interrupt her if she was wrong. "...that submissives need to be courted, as well as protected, even though they are often very strong themselves, at least in comparison to wizards. Their instincts demand it and it probably is a personality trait as well."
"But girls sometimes take the first step as well," Ron argued.
"You forget that magical creatures have very strong instincts. Am I right?" Hermione asked Harry.
"Yeah," Harry said uncomfortably. Some of his instincts were almost animalistic.
"Besides, girls like to be asked out on a date as well. We do ask ourselves if we have to, but we don't like it," Hermione added, huffing.
This seemed to be the day of unsuccessful hints. Harry sighed and let himself fall back onto the mattress.
"That really sounds stupid," Ron huffed.
"Well, we can only hope that Sirius will realize it soon," Hermione shrugged.
Harry decided then that he would help the werewolf if his godfather did not do something soon. It must be torture for Remus to not be recognized by his dominant mate for so long. How long had Remus known already? Harry shuddered at the thought of standing year after year by Lucius' side without being touched once, without being seen as Lucius' mate. It was horrifying to ponder.
Suddenly, their bedroom door burst open, and said godfather rushed in. He still looked furious, and Harry's eyes darted over to Nagini who lay in front of Ron's bed. He wanted his mate, he needed his protective presence. Shoving his fingers under his blanket, Harry tried to hide their shaking. Nagini slithered up to him and hissed threateningly, and even Hermione came over, sitting down next to him, calming him just a bit.
"I said, we are not finished yet," Sirius repeated his words from earlier, but sighed then and rubbed his eyes.
"Harry, I really was worried sick about you," Sirius said in a much calmer voice.
"I know," Harry mumbled; the guilt was still there, but he also knew that he had needed Lucius, and so he would not apologize.
"At least tell me who your mate is so that I know where you are the next time," Sirius asked and sat down on Hermione's bed.
"No," Harry replied softly, knowing that his answer was the wrong one for Sirius.
Sirius frowned, but he did not blow up again.
"Harry, if there wasn't a mad man after you, I would leave you alone, but sadly you are in constant danger. I know I come off as laid-back, but even I am not that careless."
Harry wished that he could tell Sirius, but the argument that would occur if he told Sirius about Lucius would be even worse than this one.
Sirius sighed when he realized that he would not get an answer.
"Fine. Then at least tell us next time," Sirius gave in and stood up again.
"I will," Harry promised, thinking that he would not need to go and visit his mate after this evening anymore.
Nodding, his godfather got up and left the room.
Hermione looked as if she wanted to say more about the matter, or probably about Harry's mysterious mate, but shut her mouth with a glance at Ron.
"What a mess," Ron sighed, lying down on his bed as well. The redhead picked up the Quidditch magazine that was next to his bed and started reading.
Harry was thankful for the silence right now. His arrival had been a nightmare and he still had to think about what he would say to Dumbledore later, and how he would reach Dumbledore. The last point was probably easiest; Grimmauld Place was connected to the Floo Network of Hogwarts, but that left him with the issue of how to formulate his demands. Should he do it like the Gryffindor he was as usual? Blunt and straight-forward? Or should he try a more polite approach; after all, he would be dealing with Dumbledore, not only a powerful wizard, but also one that he had considered akin to a grandfather for many years.
Sighing, he realized that no one would buy into his subtle attempt and that he would most likely not be able to pull it off anyway. So the direct approach it would be.
Was there anything else besides the leadership that he should demand? Thinking about it, he realized that it would be wise to demand his own room as well. Even if Lucius wasn't able to visit him at Hogwarts, he still had other things his roommates in Gryffindor Tower didn't need to know. Like the fact that he did not breathe anymore, and maybe he would want to take his glamours off at least every once in a while.
He would also use the opportunity and tell the headmaster what he thought about his actions. Maybe that was childish, but he needed to get it off of his chest. Realizing that the man he had trusted so deeply had kept so many secrets from him had hurt, and it left him pained and irritated, because he still loved the man in some way. Still, he would not back off. He had promised Lucius, Snape, and himself, that he would end the war, and especially end the useless slaughtering. Besides, he really had no intention of killing anybody, or of being sent into a battlefield practically unprepared, and he had to do something if he wanted to avoid that future.
Going over to the pile of Quidditch magazines, he took the top one and settled down to read as well; he needed something to distract himself with until it was evening and his friends were asleep.

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Harry lay quietly in the darkness of his shared room; only the darkness was not the least bit dark to him. He could still see every piece of furniture and even details such as the titles on some books which were lined on a small shelf above Ron's cot. He listened and waited, until the breathing of his two best friends were steady, then he climbed silently out of his own bed and as quickly and silently as only a vampire was able to, he changed back into his green clothes. Striding over to the door, he pushed it open and slipped out of the room like a shadow, making his way down to the fireplace in the living room.
The whole house was quiet by now, everyone except for him, was already fast asleep, or, as in Snape's case, still on a mission for Dumbledore or something, the man had left after dinner. Taking the old pot from the fireplace, he was just about to floo away, when a voice stopped him.
"Harry, where are you going?"
Turning around, he saw his two best friends standing there in their night clothing, a determined look on their faces that he knew all too well. They always wore this expression whenever he tried to go on an adventure alone, and Harry knew that he would not be able leave without them, unless he stunned them into unconsciousness.
Sighing, he tried anyway, "I have to do something," he explained quite lamely.
Ron raised both of his eyebrows, a gesture he only rarely used and only when he found an action of Harry's particularly stupid, which Harry had come to realize in their years of friendship.
"And you really believe that we would let you go all by yourself? Even I noticed that you have something planned, so just spit it," the redhead ordered.
Had he really been so obvious?
"Harry, you can tell us anything, you know that, don't you?" Hermione asked, worry in her voice and added, "Is it your scar? Did you have a vision after all?"
Harry flushed, as he remembered his vivid dream of Lucius from the previous night. For a moment he considered telling her that she had guessed right, but then shook his head. He could not lie so blatantly to them.
Something nudged his leg and a second later, Nagini wound herself around his body. She had obviously noticed as well, that he had planned to leave.
"I have nothing dangerous planned," he finally said.
"Then it won't be a problem if we accompany you," Ron stated.
"You would not appreciate what I am planning on doing," Harry replied.
"You cannot know that until you have told us what you want to do," Hermione stated, placing her hands on her hips and glaring at him, she was clearly hurt by his words.
Harry chewed on his bottom lip as he contemplated; he really didn't want to tell them just yet, not knowing if he could go through with his plan if he found out that they wouldn't want to be his friends afterwards, but he wanted to knock them out even less. And surely what he wanted even less was seeing the hurt in his friend’s eyes.
Hermione stepped forwards a few steps, laying a hand on his shoulders with a sigh and her eyes softened again. "I know something happened during your time at Privet Drive, something more than finding your mate; it has changed you, and regardless of knowing your secret or not, we are still your friends no matter what, and we still want to help you."
Harry didn't know if Hermione had chosen those words on purpose, but they did the trick; sighing, he slumped a bit in defeat. They were right, Ron and Hermione had always helped him, no matter what had happened to him and he at least owed them an explanation. "I am on my way to Dumbledore," he said.
His friends frowned; they had clearly expected something else, probably a hunt for Voldemort or something along those lines.
"What do you want from Dumbledore?" Hermione asked after a moment.
This was it. Now he would find out how strong their friendship really was. Glancing over to Ron and praying that they would not immediately take him to St Mungo's, he explained, "I plan to take over the Order."
"You want to do what?" Ron sputtered.
"I want to take over the Order," Harry repeated himself.
Frowning, his brainy friend inquired: "Why?"
Not able to stop himself, he smiled softly, he should have known that his friends would not turn on him instantly, "Because, I don't want to be a stupid puppet any longer. At the graveyard I realized that I have no chance against a Death Eater or Voldemort. I get the same education as you two, but everyone expects me to fight dark wizards. Would you feel ready for it?"
His friends shook their heads no, so he continued, "But there are more things. I found out that Dumbledore has been hiding many important facts from me, things I should have known, but which he had never told me. Did you know that there is a prophecy about me and Voldemort, and that I have all of these visions because of a piece of soul he has hidden inside my body?" His friends were shocked into silence, so he continued, "Besides, this war has been going on for far too long, and his methods aren't working. Maybe he will win and there will be peace until the old Pureblood families have gained enough power once again; but to repress one part of the wizarding population will always lead to a war. Both sides use people for their benefit, both with no real results or concern for their followers' well-being or lives. I think that there has been enough death already, I want to find a way to end the conflict permanently without actively fighting."
"Oh Harry..." Hermione sighed, pulling him into a hug he would have once considered bone crushing, but not anymore. Ron only eyed him thoughtfully.
"But are these all of your reasons?" Hermione asked, after she had let him go again.
Harry shook his head, smiling: "Well... mostly. It's just...The thought of becoming a murderer..." Harry could feel his anger at Dumbledore and his secrets rise once again. He clenched his fists. He tried to suppress the growl that was rising in his throat, but as he spoke again his voice came out strained and more like the growl of a wild beast. "All of this only because of some stupid prophecy!" His nails dug into his flesh as he clenched his fists even harder.
Ron and Hermione gasped, "A prophecy? You meant that literally?" Ron exclaimed suddenly.
"Yeah, and he believes in it far more than would be wise," Harry muttered darkly.
"Pieces of his soul? But that has to be very dangerous and dark magic! Who told you that?" Hermione asked, obviously shocked and only now taking in all information.
"Nagini told me that she hurts when in his presence, especially if he is experiencing intense emotions, because she has a piece of his soul inside of her. Her pains... they are similar to mine." Harry didn't need to say more, he saw the widening and realization in his friends' eyes.
"And there is no way that Dumbledore wouldn't have know this already," Ron said fiercely.
"Exactly," Harry agreed, relieved that they didn't ask who had told him about the prophecy.
"But he should know that a prophecy is never completely correct," Hermione frowned. She had always had problems imagining that teachers were not all knowing, and with Dumbledore it would be especially hard for her to believe.
"I think he has just fought Voldemort for so many years that he has grown paranoid," Harry thought out loud.
Ron coughed something that suspiciously sounded like Mad Eye under his breath before promising, "We will help you, but Harry, how do you plan on persuading him?"
A smirk stretched across Harry's face that would have shown off his long fangs in an impressive way if he hadn't been wearing glamours, "I will just tell him that he won't have a hero otherwise."
Ron cleared his throat: "That all sounds good, but man, you said you would want to find another way to defeat You-Know-Who... but how?"
Harry thought about it for a moment. He had been pondering now for quite some time over that answer. In fact, the solution to his problem had sprung to his mind the day after his transformation, but it needed some more fine-tuning. At his friends' expectant glances he said,
"I have an idea, but it needs some more planning. I plan on bribing Voldemort with his Horcruxes."
His friends flinched as always at the dark wizard's name, but after a shaky breath Hermione asked, "How?"
Smirking and feeling very much like a Slytherin, Harry explained, "With the piece inside his body, Tom has six Horcruxes left, which means that he will be mortal again after I have destroyed five of them."
Hermione's eyes widened in understanding, "So you plan on finding all six of them, but will only destroy five to use the last one to..."
"Blackmail him into a binding peace contract. Because he surely won't want to die after all of the effort he has gone through to become immortal, I believe it is his biggest fear."
"Well, that should do it," Hermione mused, and a broad and very sinister grin suddenly spread over her face. "That is brilliant, Harry," she added, and Ron nodded in agreement.
"That definitely sounds better than fighting the bastard personally in the end," the redhead scoffed.
"It does, and it leaves my own soul in one piece," Harry affirmed, glad that his friends didn't find his plan crazy and doomed to failure.
Smiling, Hermione laid a hand on his shoulder and promised, "Ron and I will help you to figure out the exact plan in the end, but first we have to go to Dumbledore, and then find those damned things."
Laughing, Harry hugged his bushy-haired friend; he was so happy that they were standing by his side. Ron grumbled shortly under his breath, but then joined in on their hug, patting him on his back in a manly manner of course.
After they had separated again, Hermione said, "Let us change into something more appropriate than our PJs, then we can all go together."
Nodding, Harry watched his friends going upstairs, a wide smile still on his lips.
They all knew how important Harry was as a symbol to the wizarding population to endure the war and defend themselves against the Dark Lord. It felt as if he was waiting for a small eternity, but the truth was that he had simply become used to Lucius and his own faster speed; so he leaned against the wall, stroking Nagini soothingly.
"Where are we going?" she hissed.
"Ron, Hermione, and I will be going to Hogwarts and visiting Dumbledore, but you had better stay here," Harry replied, not really explaining anything.
Nagini looked annoyed, but asked, "Isn't that the old fool of a headmaster?"
"Yes, he is," Harry chuckled.
"My old master always ranted about him, even more so than about you sometimes. I think it was because the old man has already annoyed him for many decades," Nagini hissed in amusement.
Harry remembered that Dumbledore had known Voldemort since the Dark Lord's school days, and that he had probably fought him from the very beginning.
Footsteps sounded, and Ron and Hermione appeared again, dressed and ready to leave.
"I will go first and check, if the floo is open to Hogwarts," Harry said and grabbed a handful of Floo powder before the others could protest. He knew that it could be a very harsh ride if the connection was closed and that he would be forced back to his starting point, but at least he as a vampire, would come out undamaged in that case. Throwing the powder he called out, "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."



He was tossed around like always, and then spat out on a cold, hard, and wooden floor. The room was dark, but he could make out many book shelves, a leather couch, and stone walls.
Behind him the fireplace flared again and Ron, quickly followed by Hermione, stepped out.
Ron cursed, probably not able to see anything.
"Harry, are you there?" Hermione asked quietly, just in case they had landed in a dangerous place.
"I am here, and I think we landed in Snape's office," Harry answered.
"Snape's office? Why do you say that?" Ron asked, sounding slightly afraid.
"Lumos," Hermione muttered, and his friends were able to at least see a bit of the place they had landed in.
"Mione! We are not allowed to do magic..." Ron started, but was cut short by the bushy haired girl:
"Outside of school grounds, but if Harry is right, we are currently at Hogwarts."
Ron scoffed but said nothing more, deciding to eye the room instead.
"Well, I think you were right Harry, but how were you able to see in the darkness?" he asked.
Harry cleared his throat, "My inheritance..."
Ron laughed, embarrassed.
"We should probably leave, I can't imagine that Snape's private quarters are unwarded," Hermione whispered and Harry quickly looked around for the door.
"The door is to our right," he said, grabbing his friends by their arms and tugging them along behind him.
Fortunately the door was not locked from the inside and they soon stood in the dark Hogwarts dungeons. They made their way silently, not speaking the whole way, upstairs to Dumbledore's office. The portraits eyed them curiously, some even asking them questions, but they ignored them. Harry found himself happy that he had allowed Ron and Hermione to accompany him, he always felt stronger and braver with back-up and support.
They finally stopped in front of the gargoyle, giving each other questioning looks, and just as they were about to start guessing candy passwords, the statue jumped to the side allowing them entrance.
"I have always had the feeling that Dumbledore has a way of knowing who is standing in front of his office," Harry muttered, but stepped onto the spiral staircase. His facial expression hardened as he knocked on the office door.
"Come in," Dumbledore sounded cheerful as ever, but the old wizard's face fell slightly as soon as he saw Harry's expression. Harry, Ron, and Hermione stepped inside, and Harry noticed Snape standing in front of Dumbledore's desk. The spy turned around, but he gave no sign of knowing why Harry had come by.
Dumbledore waved his wand, and three chairs appeared.
"I always expected that this day would come, but I never imagined that it would be this soon. Well I imagine that Voldemort's resurrection has sped things up," Dumbledore said by way of greeting, and for once his eyes didn't sparkle, and he didn't offer them lemon drops.
"Then you already know why I am here Dumbledore," Harry said, his voice emotionless, as they sat down.
"I do not know, but I might have some ideas, please enlighten me to avoid any misunderstandings," the headmaster said politely.
Harry gulped, looking into the old, kind wizard's blue eyes, a lump forming in his throat, making it hard to say what he wanted to, but he gathered his resolve and declared, "I want you to hand over the leadership of the Order, or you will find yourself without a hero. I am not willing to fight as a silly controlled puppet anymore."
Dumbledore's eyes had widened for a fraction of a second, he had clearly not expected that; maybe a ranting teenager, but not a determined Boy-Who-Lived with a plan.
"Please Harry, explain to me why you want to replace me as the head of the Order of the Phoenix," Dumbledore asked calmly.
Harry exchanged a look with his friends; they all knew the importance of the conversation.
"You never prepared me, you have kept so many things from me, and enough people have died already. Your way is not working and I am no longer willing to continue pretending it is. I know about the prophecy and the Horcruxes. Did you hope that I would win with just luck in the end?"
Dumbledore closed his eyes, pain visible on his old features for a moment. Harry's hands began to shake. He had thought that the old wizard would instantly deny everything, but this deep sorrow was not something you could feel without caring about his students and colleagues.
When Harry looked into his old face, that seemed so much older than he had ever seen before, he was reminded of all of the little things the man had done for him, the reasons he had grown to love him like a grandfather. The Invisibility Cloak, which had belonged to his father and which Dumbledore had given him for his first Christmas at Hogwarts, the little hints Dumbledore had dropped now and then to help and to guide him, his reassurance, and the fact that Harry had always been allowed to visit him, regardless of the time or the inconvenience. Still, his confusion, rage, sadness and disappointment battled inside of him, and he was not ready to give his fight up, so he decided to push in the knife just a little deeper. "My relatives are dead, killed on the same day as Kings Cross was attacked. I never liked them; in fact, I hate you for sending me to them after my parents died. They starved me, they locked me up, first in a cupboard and later in a small room, and sometimes I even got beaten. Tell me Dumbledore, where have you been, when they starved and beat me? Or when they threw me into that cupboard under the stairs for days? Have you ever tried to help me at any point?"
Harry felt tears gathering in his eyes; he didn't want it to end like this, he had loved the man, thinking of him as family, and despite everything he still did.
"Please, tell me that you helped me, so that I can forgive you someday! Please tell me that I didn't love a man for whom I am just a sacrificial pawn," his voice broke, and so did Dumbledore's calm, a single tear falling from the wizened man's eyes, as he drew in a shaky breath.
"I did help you, but I do not know if what I did will help me to earn your forgiveness. I will tell you, because you are right about everything. In wishing to protect you, I chose the wrong path, and endangered you even more in the end. If it is your wish to become the Order's head after I have told my story, I will grant it to you."
Harry nodded, and Ron and Hermione exchanged a telling look. Dumbledore really must have known that he had made a lot of mistakes regarding Harry, considering his willingness to speak. Maybe Harry was even doing him a favour by forcing him to finally speak. Snape had stepped behind Harry, a calming and reassuring presence, regardless of how odd it sounded to think about the man this way.
"After your parents had been killed and Hagrid saved you from the destroyed house, I brought you to your relatives, the Dursley’s, but there was not a single day when I did not secretly check in on you. As a baby, they treated you bad enough, without love and with just the necessary amount of care to keep you alive, but as soon as you were old enough, it grew worse and they started to force you to work like a house elf for them. You were only three years old when it started."
Harry drew in a shaky breath, startled to hear how much Dumbledore had known all of this time. It was like a knife being stabbed into his heart over and over again, but he forced himself to listen.
"Every day when your cousin went to the Kindergarten, you had to stay at home and work for your food, even though it was neither enough nor worth working for," Dumbledore's fingers shook, and he intertwined them tightly to hide it, but it did not escape Harry's notice.
"But back then, they were at least not violent; cruel and loveless, but not violent. That only started when you turned six. From then on, it grew worse with every year, until I could not stand the sight any longer... "
Harry's head snapped up, his green eyes meeting dull and lifeless blue ones, but a flicker of hope had returned to Harry's eyes. Dumbledore's last words had sounded as if he had tried to help him after all.
", in the week before you turned eight, I decided to perform a ritual; it was the only time that I ever used Dark Magic."
Hermione gasped and even Snape hissed in surprise.
"What did the ritual do, headmaster?" Harry asked, his voice shaky, his hope had been joined by a bad feeling, neither of the two getting the upper hand in his confused heart. He was afraid that his whole life would change once again in a few moments, and until now, this feeling had never been wrong.
"You see, I wanted to save you from their abuse, but with the Dursley’s having your custodianship, I was not able to do much."
"Couldn't you just alter their memory? Obliviate them, or something like that?" Ron asked, speaking up for the first time.
"Of course I could have, but the Ministry had an eye on Harry as well, not as close as I, but close enough to notice such obvious interference," Dumbledore answered. "Instead, I searched for another way, and finally found a ritual that would help Harry. It was extremely dark, complicated, and powerful magic and I was ill for five days afterwards, drained of magic to the point of near death."
"I remember that time, you told me you had had an encounter with a group of Death Eaters," Snape interrupted Dumbledore.
Dumbledore nodded, "It is not surprising that you remember it, after all, you had to patch me up again afterwards," Dumbledore smiled softly.
"So, what did the ritual do?" Harry asked, growing impatient.
"It altered the memory of every wizard who had just so much as heard about you. That was the main reason why it drained my magic so thoroughly, you were already quite famous back then. After the ritual, every wizard and witch, and even your relatives, believed that you were already nearly eleven years old, making it possible for me to invite you to Hogwarts three years earlier and shortening the time period for the abuse you had to suffer."
Harry's head spun, he tried to grasp what Dumbledore wanted to tell him, but he couldn't think right now. It was once again all too much. Dumbledore had used Dark Magic to help him, even going so far as to risk his life. For him.
In the end, it was Hermione who pointed out the one thing that he had overlooked. "But that would mean that Harry just turned twelve!" she exclaimed.
Harry’s eyes widened in horror. Twelve? He was just barely twelve? He had been turned into a vampire at the age of twelve? If this was true, then it was no wonder that he was still so small and that his body had never developed the first signs of puberty, or that he sometimes felt overwhelmed in some classes.
Another thought hit him, what would Lucius say if he found out that he was mated to a child? That he had fucked a child? The only thing he could consider lucky was that he had at least not been turned two weeks earlier, whilst he was still eleven. But that was not much of a comfort.
Next to him Snape staggered, the man looking even paler than usual. Ron stared at him in utter shock, his eyes roaming Harry's body, as if he wanted to find out if Dumbledore had really told the truth or not.
"You are right Miss Granger," Dumbledore said, confirming her assumption.
"Oh Merlin!" Harry gasped.
Dumbledore nodded sadly: "It was not an easy decision, and I hesitated for many weeks, but in the end, I could not find any other solution, and I definitely could not let you stay at your relatives' house much longer."
"But… why did you send me back every summer, even though you broke many laws and risked your own life to get me out of there in the first place?" Harry asked, trying to decide if Dumbledore's actions made any sense at all, his story just sounded so...crazy.
" boy, you still needed the protection of the blood wards. You already know that Voldemort cannot touch you because of the immense love you carry inside, but this love is not only your own; it is a fusion of the love you are able to feel and to give and the love of your mother. Without the renewal of the wards every year, the power from your mother might have weakened, leaving you without an important protection."
"My mother's love could have weakened? But why? Do ghosts and souls forget their loved ones over time?" Harry asked, trying not to start crying again. The thought of his mother's protective love had always been important to him, especially when he had to return to the Dursley’s where no one loved or even cared for him.
Dumbledore sighed, but smiled gently. "No Harry, they do not forget. We wizards know that there is in fact a life after death, but the dead cannot interfere in this world, you can see it every day when you take the time and watch Hogwarts' ghosts. The blood wards didn't only ward your relative's house against Voldemort; that could have been done at Hogwarts or Grimmauld Place as well, but they are also a connection to the other side, allowing your mother to channel her powers into you, even though she has long since passed on and you remain here."
Harry gulped; he had never imagined that he could have an actual connection to his late mother. Tears welled in the corner of his eyes, but he wiped them away, determined to not cry about such a beautiful thing.
"There is another secret I have kept," Dumbledore mumbled suddenly, successfully distracting Harry for the moment.
"It was never mine to tell and it does not only concern you Harry, which is the reason I never told you, but after tonight there will be no more secrets between us. Because, regardless of the impression I have left in the last few weeks or months, I consider you more like a grandchild than a student, and I hope by telling you everything, you will give me a second chance."
"I...You have always been important to me as well," Harry mumbled, touched by the headmaster's confession but not wanting to promise anything just yet. He would need to think about his relationship with Dumbledore at a later date when he had heard everything and calmed down a little. After all, the man had heavily interfered in his life, even though his intentions had been good.
"Severus, please sit down as well, the story I am about to tell concerns you as much as Harry," Dumbledore instructed softly, and something in the old wizards gaze and voice made the Potions Master sit down next to Harry, on a quickly conjured chair.
Harry frowned, but said nothing. What kind of secret was connected to him and his greasy Potions Master? Surely it couldn't be the fact that the professor and his mother had been friends, because Snape knew that already, obviously, and Dumbledore had said that the man didn't know the secret either. Besides, it was more connected to his mother and Snape than to him and the man.
"Severus, do you remember the night in your seventh year shortly before your friendship with Lily ended and she started her relationship with James?" Dumbledore asked pointedly.
Harry frowned even more; what did this story have to do with anything? Back then, he hadn't even been born. He was about to ask, when Severus snapped next to him, "That is not your story to tell Albus, and I forbid you from telling the boy anything!"
Shocked by the anger in the man's voice, Harry's head spun around, there was rage blazing in the black orbs, but also hidden pain. Only a week ago, Harry would not have noticed the sorrow in those eyes, but as a vampire his senses had sharpened and he had become more observant. Also, having come to know the man might be helping him.
"I will not tell the story, but I believe that you will tell Harry everything after I am finished with what I have to say," Dumbledore said, and then continued calmly, giving the man no chance to protest again. "Some weeks after your fall out with Lily, she noticed something, and that was the reason why she started to date James Potter."
Severus by now looked as confused as Harry felt and was frowning even more deeply.
"She married him quickly after graduation, and you, Harry, were born shortly after," Dumbledore told them.
"Headmaster, we already knew that, what is the point of this?" Snape snapped.
"It will all make sense to you in a moment," Dumbledore smiled sadly. "The Potter family had hidden a secret for over two hundred years. They were, in fact, not entirely Pureblooded, or more accurately the main branch is, but there is also a muggle side branch, sired from a squib Potter daughter that married a muggle. His name was Peter Evans."
"What are you implying...?" Harry broke off and his eyes widened in shocked realization. He desperately hoped that Dumbledore would not confirm his suspicion.
"Does this mean that my parents were related?" he asked; his voice and hands shaking once more.
Dumbledore gave him a long stare, but didn't react in any way that would clear up Harry's question, instead he neutrally replied, "They were cousins and they married to protect two people who were very important to Lily."
Harry felt bile rising in his stomach, but he forced himself to listen when the headmaster spoke again. "Severus, did you know that there is a magical ritual which will ensure that a baby will only develop the features of one of their parents?"
Harry nearly flinched in surprise when Snape jumped to his feet. The man stared at him horror struck, his eyes wide, his face a worrisome gray, and his breath ragged.
"No!" Snape exclaimed, staggering.
"I don't understand?" Harry looked from his Potions Professor to Dumbledore and then to Hermione. Snape was obviously in too much shock to explain anything to him, and Dumbledore had already promised that he would not tell Snape's story, which Harry apparently needed to hear to understand what Dumbledore was trying to reveal, and Hermione for once looked just as confused as he felt.
He had the feeling that he was missing something very important, and in a sudden rush of panic he gripped his teacher by one of his wrists, "What does he mean?"
Harry felt the man shiver and take a deep breath, before he pulled his chair around so that it was facing Harry's, and sat down. Snape was watching him intently, as if searching for something in his face, an unreadable expression on his own face. Harry wanted to evade his piercing eyes, but somehow he knew that he had to hold this gaze, that it was important to the man across from him.
When Snape finally started to speak, his voice was hoarse and echoed with a thousand emotions Harry could not even start to name, "I already told you, that your mum and I had been best friends since our childhood, and that James and his friends always harassed me in school, but also that it never disturbed our friendship. So... during our seventh year, it developed into something more."
Harry's dead heart started to race painfully in his chest, he had no idea what Snape wanted to tell him but he knew that it would be an even greater shock than finding out that he had been turned into a blood loving vampire.
"Towards the end of our final year, we spent a passionate night together; only one single night because the day after our friendship, or whatever it had become at that point, broke."
Snape had lowered his gaze, eyeing his shaking fingers. Harry was glad about that, because he didn't know if he could look the man in the eyes at this point.
"James's prank had gone too far that day, but Lily didn't defend me in the way I had hoped for, especially after our night together. She scolded James, but nothing more, and that lead to me calling her a Mudblood and joining the Dark Lord in an outburst of silly and foolish rage, and when she started dating James only six weeks later, I considered my hasty decision affirmed..."
The dark wizard broke off again, and lifted his head so that Harry was once again starring into Snape's black eyes, which were normally so cold and emotionless and now swirled with confusion and unspoken emotions. He gulped, when he saw his professor moistening his lips with his tongue, before opening them to speak again.
"I never realized that you were born nine month after our night together, and I never realized that you could not be fifteen, as Lily gave birth to you when eighteen and I am, as she would be, thirty years old and not thirty-three."
Harry's head started to spin and his vision blurred for a second. He grabbed for something to keep himself from falling off of his chair, and a firm hand steadied him. In his mind swirled the information he had just received, coming together to form a picture that was just too absurd to be true. It was too horrible to be true, because if it was, it meant that half of his life had been a lie, and even worse, half of his identity was as well.
The room was deadly silent, and Harry had long forgotten that his two best friends were still there. He realized that the hand steadying him was Snape's, and he quickly pulled away, too confused to be able to stand the touch.
"Are you trying to tell me, you were in a relationship with my mother, and that I am in fact your son and not James Potter's, Professor?" Harry asked, his voice barely audible, adding the man's title to put some distance between them, like a protective shield.
"You don't want to tell me that my mother married her cousin, what? Protect me? And that they performed an ancient ritual so that I would only inherit physical characteristics from her side, making me resemble James Potter?"
To his horror Snape nodded.
"Why?" Harry asked; desperation clearly in his voice. Everything he had been told was a lie. He was not James Potter's son, his appearance was the result of a magical ritual, and his real father could only stand to use his first name if it helped to anger his school nemesis.
That brought another shock to him, how would Sirius react when he found out? Would he still want to be his godfather? Sirius had always been so proud of him being his godson because he was his late best friend's son, but had always hated his real father.
Could he even imagine Snape as a father? As his father?
"Why?" he repeated, and this time it was Dumbledore who answered.
"Lily had always believed that Severus was not an evil man and that his decision to join the Death Eaters had been a decision made in anger. She was sure that he would regret it soon, but she also knew that there was no backing out after you had become one of Voldemort's men. So when she found out about her pregnancy, she searched for a way to protect her unborn child and the man she still loved, deciding to do a ritual which would make sure that you Harry, would not be identifiable as Severus’ son. That way, Voldemort would not be able to connect his new follower to her, a Mudblood and a dear student of mine, the figurehead of the Light Side." Dumbledore paused before continuing.
"I myself found out about this whole plan only because she performed the ritual here at Hogwarts, and the magic gathering in the Room of Requirement was so strong that I noticed it and searched out both her and James. James had wanted to protect his favourite cousin and her son, and had even given a drop of his own blood to make the resemblance to him even greater, and offered to marry Lily so that her tale would be authentic and to prevent her from losing her reputation by becoming an unmarried mother.
Only James's parents were informed of their plan, because they were the heads of the family, and they agreed to keep the identity of your real father a secret," Dumbledore said, once again looking at Harry.
Harry laughed uncertainly. This really couldn't be true, could it? This story was just too farfetched, even for him.
"No one outside of the family knew about Lily and James' relationship, and no one wondered about their marriage; it is after all common to marry fairly young in the wizarding world. I myself wrote and registered the documents in the Ministry, and collected this..." Dumbledore opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a document, laying it in front of Harry and Snape.
Harry bent forwards to read it, carefully keeping a safe distance from Snape, who did the same.
Harry read,
Child: Harry Severus James Potter,

Mother: Lily Potter,
Father: Severus Tobias Snape.
It was a birth certificate. Suddenly the whole story, which had sounded like a huge bad joke just a second ago, sounded very plausible. As if in slow motion, Harry turned his big green eyes on the man next to him, who stood there on shaking legs.
"I...I..." Snape stuttered, dragging a hand through his inky black hair, before he turned to Ron and Hermione: "Miss Granger, Mr. Weasley, please return Harry back to Grimmauld Place." Harry almost thought that the man would just leave him confused and shaking, but he promised, "I will be there in an hour at the latest...I just need some time to think..."
Harry watched him turn on the spot and leave with billowing robes trailing behind him, not knowing if he should feel disappointed because his supposed father had just disappeared. Somehow, whenever he had dreamed about meeting one of his parents, it had always gone differently, and Snape had never been involved.
Besides, should he really believe this crazy tale based only on a weird birth certificate? Sighing, he admitted to himself that he should give up on that particular train of thought. Dumbledore would gain nothing from making him believe that Snape was his father, if the man wasn't.
"Harry?" Dumbledore's voice was soft and concerned, but pulled him from his addled thoughts like not even a shout could have managed.
"Yes?" He asked, still staring at the closed office door.
"To bring this revealing meeting to a close, tell me, is there anything else you wanted to discuss?"
"Yeah," Harry mumbled, as he turned his head back to the conversation, and forced himself to concentrate for at least another minute. This meeting was important. He had come here to achieve things, and not to think about Snape, which he could do as soon as he was back at Grimmauld Place. For now, Dumbledore was more important, and he would not be able to find the Potions Master at the moment anyway.
"If I want something else?" he repeated, frowning for a moment. It should be easier to concentrate and forget the news that his greasy Professor was actually his father.
A warm hand settled on his, and squeezed it gently as he turned his head. Hermione was smiling softly at him. She was pale like a ghost, and nearly trembling as badly as he himself. Laying his free hand on top of hers, he wished for the thousandth time that Lucius could be here. His mate would be able to comfort him better with his strong presence, and his touch would warm his dead flesh.
Blinking, he remembered the other thing he still had to demand from Dumbledore:
"I want my own room at Hogwarts," he blurted out.
"Why?" Ron asked from his left, but Dumbledore only nodded. Harry wasn't sure why the headmaster did not ask any further question about his motives; maybe he just wanted to make it up to him, but the old wizard only said, "Then I shall tell you the third secret."
A choked noise came from Ron's direction, and Hermione's hand clenched his own once, but Harry felt too numb and overwhelmed to react in any drastic way.
"It is again, a long story," Dumbledore began, his voice starting to sound like the voice of doom to Harry's ears. Every secret until now had been life changing, and there was no reason to imagine that it would be different the third time around.
"First you should know, when a squib marries a muggle their descendants are usually muggle as well. But sometimes it occurs that a magical child is born. This only happens when the dormant magical genes of the squib are so powerful that they resurface; making the child of a side branch legally an heir to the main branch and Pureblooded, because these genes drive out all non-magical inheritances, making the child genetically the child or direct descendant of the Pureblooded wizard and witch who sired the squib. It is a very rare phenomenon, and the only reason that some more liberal Pureblood families keep their muggle relatives on their family trees; they are hoping for a miracle," Dumbledore started.
"Is that what happened with my mother?" Harry asked in confusion, feeling as if he could not process much more complicated news or facts. He had still not gotten over the shock of suddenly having a father, and especially not over the identity of his father.
"Exactly my boy. I hope that you will forgive me for hiding this bit of information, but it is connected to Severus' family as well as your mother's and it will bring you a lot of responsibilities, something I wanted to protect you from as long as possible. You already have enough duties on your shoulder..."
Harry's eyes softened as he saw the honest worry in those sapphire eyes. Dumbledore had not been the man who had dragged him into this mess, but the one who had tried to protect him. He didn't know why he was able to forgive so easily, but the attempts to just keep him safe, and give him a normal childhood moved his heart.
"I already told you, that I would give you a second chance, and nothing could be more shocking than the first two secrets, especially the first," he said honestly.
The old wizard nodded with a sad smile, and then continued. "I think it would be better to let you verity this information on your own, so you will believe it more easily." The man stood up and went over to an old cupboard Harry had never noticed before, because it was so plain in comparison to all of the other shiny, glittery, colourful and very magical furniture and clutter in the office, but upon closer inspection, he saw that it was highly warded.
Dumbledore tapped on the cupboard in a complicated pattern, and took two roles of parchment from the inside after the doors had sprung open. He then went back to the desk, and laid them in front of Harry. When Dumbledore had told him that he should look and figure it out himself, he had expected a memory in a pensive, not two rolls of parchment. Wrinkling his temple in concentration, he eyed the seals that were holding the parchment together. The seal on the left scroll was red with a golden lion and the other was silver with a green snake.
Dumbledore tipped the closed rolls with his wand to open them and tipped them once again. A third roll appeared in Harry’s hands and Dumbledore laid the two others to the side, explaining: "This is your family tree, it shows your ancestors of both side of your family, so that you do not have to switch between the two family trees, it will be easier to recognize the significance of your own blood this way."
Nodding uncertainly, he unrolled his personal genealogy. It was a very long parchment and Dumbledore had to hold the other end up so that Harry could see everything. Next to him Hermione made a motion as if she wanted to look as well, but Ron held her back, shaking his head, "This is about his family, he should tell us when he is ready and not when we want to know it. Inheritance is very personal and important in the wizarding world, leave him alone for now."
Harry was thankful for his interference. Lucius had warned him that he would inherit some Malfoy traits, and he suddenly was able to comprehend the importance of his bloodline for the first time in his life, and how important it was to be careful to not give his family secrets away. But still, he knew he would tell his friends whatever he found in a few moments, they had always been loyal and supportive, he just wanted to know first.
Looking down, he saw his own full name on the bottom of the parchment, and was suddenly glad that neither Dumbledore nor his friend had taken a look, because connected to his name was another: Lucius Capricornius Malfoy, and above the line was the small golden symbols of two rings, indicating their mated status.
He glanced to the upper end of the scroll, and could see that the first name on it was Godric Gryffindor, who had a daughter Ida Gryffindor, who was married to Hendrik Potter. Harry had heard the rumours of his family being descendants of Gryffindor, but to see it with his own eyes was something else entirely. He had never really believed that rumour, but now he had proof that it was true. Looking back at the bottom of the scroll, he studied the names above his own: Lily Potter and Severus Tobias Snape.
His mother's name was connected to a couple of gray coloured names, and he asked himself why they were not written in black like the others.
"The gray names are the muggle relatives of your mother, but as I told you, genetically she was considered the daughter of the parents of the founder of the muggle branch," Dumbledore explained as if he had sensed Harry's question.
Skipping the gray names, he looked at the last black names, and drew in a breath, there it was printed: Charles Antonius Potter and Natalia Maria Hufflepuff. His mother was a direct descendant of the Potters, who were direct descendants of both Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.
A horrifying feeling crawled up his back and he had the foreboding thought that he knew what Dumbledore wanted to show him.
Turning his eyes to his father's family tree, he looked once again at the top and found the name Salazar Slytherin. The line continued with the Slytherin name for a couple generations, until a daughter, Alicia Elisabeth Slytherin, married another Pureblood, Septimus Claudius Prince, the Slytherin line becoming the Prince line. And then he found the names which affirmed Harry's suspicion, Severus's great grandfather was Nathanael Augustus Prince and his great grandmother was named Sophia Athene Ravenclaw, and their granddaughter finally married Snape's father, Tobias Snape.
His dead heart skipped a beat, and he slumped back in his chair: "I...I..." he stuttered, not able to comprehend this third shocking piece knowledge. Dumbledore nodded in affirmation, and another scary thought occurred to him: If he really was the heir to all four founders of Hogwarts, did that mean that he was the castle's owner? And if he was, how was it going to affect his life? Were there duties connected to this inheritance? Did he have to be present at every start of term feast, even after graduation? Or did he have to deal with the Board of Governors and the Ministry instead of Dumbledore?
He turned wide questioning eyes to Dumbledore, who gave him a soft, sad and proud smile. "It is all yours. You are the last heir," the old wizard said.
"But that can't be possible, there have to be other families," he tried to argue, but knew already that it would be in vain.
"There are, I myself am a descendant of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. The Malfoy’s have Slytherin blood, the Lovegoods are related to Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, and the Longbottom’s and the Weasley’s to Gryffindor, but you are the only one..."
"...who is directly related to all four of the founders," Harry finished the sentence, as if in a trance.
The sound of someone choking on their own spit came from the direction of his friends, but he paid it no attention, instead he forced himself to clear his mind and asked his most pressing question. "What does this mean?"
"Ah, a very wise question, so unspecific and specific at the same time," Dumbledore said, and went back to the wooden cabinet. Harry watched in wonder as the headmaster laid several items in front of him: a ring, a badge, the sorting hat and something that looked like a very old knobbly wand.
"These are the insignia of Hogwarts, and as soon as you are of age, they will belong to you," Dumbledore said. To Harry's absolute horror the Sorting Hat opened his eyes and mouth, and chipped in with a sing-song voice:

"Many things there are that can bring a wizard of age,

And one of these many things has happened to the heir."

Dumbledore's eyes widened and his friends jumped to their feet, gasping. Harry wanted to flee from the office, but knew that it would not save his secrets.
Clearing his throat he said, "The hat is right, but I will not tell you exactly what has happened."
Ron and Hermione took the hint luckily, and sat back down.
"That is fine my boy, you are allowed to have your secrets, and I am the last person who has a right to demand the truth," Dumbledore said, and then inquired, "Shall I continue my explanation?"
"Yes please, sir."
"The school and its entire insignia rightfully belong to you, and you should take them with you. The ring has the Hogwarts crest on it, and functions as a key to every room in the castle. The badge will allow you to change the room behind whichever door you put it on into the Founders Quarters. It is rumoured that in these quarters is a door that can be spelled to open to every other room directly."
So that was the reason why Dumbledore told him all of this. He had demanded his own room, and now he could choose one freely. The man really seemed to want to make up for his past mistakes. Picking up the insignia ring, he examined it closely. It was made of gold and had the Hogwarts crest, but there was something more. Without his enhanced eyes, he would never have been able to recognize it, but there was a little falcon engraved upon the ring that carried the crest in its claws. Frowning, he wondered if the bird had a special meaning, he had never seen it in Hogwarts before. Thinking that he might find some information in the Hogwarts library as soon as the next term had begun, he concentrated back on the old headmaster:
"You already know the Sorting Hat. He was made by the Founders, as everything else on this desk with the exception of the Elder Wand. It is one of the Deathly Hallows, and according to the legend, was made by Death himself. It is also said that you can never lose in a battle with this wand. Its first owner was Antioch Peverell who was related to Slytherin, and even though the wand has been through many hands in history, it has found its way back to Hogwarts where it rightfully belongs."
Harry gulped and stared at the wand, which almost looked like a very long finger bone in his opinion. He picked it up carefully, and felt a rush of power and a voice seemed to whisper finally.
The others must have heard the voice as well, because they all looked at him with wide eyes and white faces, even Dumbledore.
The uncomfortable silence stretched on, and Harry decided to break it, clearing his throat,
"So, I am the owner of Hogwarts, but what does that mean for the next term? I mean, I am only twelve years old and haven't completed my education. Even though I am of age, I cannot take over the position of headmaster, and I'm not sure I would want it either."
Dumbledore smiled again, an honest and happy smile, "I am glad to see that you are still grounded, even with all of the knowledge and power that you now possess. You are right; you cannot take over my position. The owner of the school and the Headmaster could be the same person, but does not have to be. You can allow me to continue as your deputy or employee, or even select someone else for the position, but, as long as you are still attending school, you are not allowed to be headmaster yourself, and you will have to listen to the teachers, as you have done in the past. All of the rules will still apply to you."
Harry was relieved to hear this; he didn't want to have even more privileges than those that already came with the Founders' Insignia.
Dropping his head into his hands, he tried to relax for a moment into the soothing darkness. He really felt overwhelmed and tired right now, and he wanted nothing more than to get back to Grimmauld Place, and hopefully find Snape there to talk to him. They had much to discuss.
"I think we will take Harry back home now," Hermione said carefully and waited for Harry's reaction.
He nodded in agreement and stood up on shaky legs.
"Do you want me to keep the sorting hat in my office, or will you take it with you and bring it back to the school the day before the term starts?" Dumbledore asked.
Harry locked eyes with the man and answered, "It can stay here, and I want you to continue your job as headmaster. You have always done a great job, even with me most of the time. You are understanding and kind hearted, and I still think you are a great headmaster." Hopefully, Dumbledore would understand his answer as the peace offering it was meant to be. In the end, he could not stay angry with the man; he had done too much for him, even though some decisions were questionable.
"Thank you Harry. When shall I arrive at Grimmauld Place to announce you are the new leader?"
Harry thought about it for a moment. They should do the ceremony soon, but every member of the order needed to have time to arrive. In the end he decided, "Tomorrow at 5 p.m., and please send a note to all of the members; I still don't know everyone yet."
"I will do that and bring you a list of all of the members," Dumbledore promised, before going over to his fireplace. "I will open the Floo for you, so that you do not have to trespass through Severus' quarters again."
Harry smiled sheepishly and carefully placed all of Hogwarts' Insignia into his pocket before taking a handful of Floo powder.
"And Harry?" he turned back to Dumbledore, whose eyes were finally twinkling again, "Please call me Albus, after all, you are my boss now."

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Severus fled from the Headmaster's Office, not able to believe what he had just found out. Harry Potter, the boy he had hated for years because he so resembled the man who had stolen his greatest love from him, was his son. He had hated and harassed his own son, his flesh and blood for years. He had always hated the boy, because in his eyes, Harry should have been his and not James'.
Lily had always wished for a big family, and he had often dreamed about a black haired and green eyed child with her, and when she had gotten that child, but with another man, he had been hurt and furious. Never had he imagined that the child was in fact his like he had always wished; the product of their undying love.
As he ran down the stairs into his dungeons he pondered the situation and realized that he should have suspected something. Their love had grown steadily over the years, and Lily had never been the type to just switch to another relationship after the previous had ended, but he had been so hurt that he had not thought about it. How could he not have suspected something? Harry had been born too early to possibly be James' son. Had his anger and pain blinded him that much?
Sighing he admitted to himself that it obviously had, and realized that even though he had betrayed her, left her pregnant, albeit unknowingly, she had not aborted their child but instead had gone to great lengths to ensure their unborn child's safety. Harry's safety, he reminded himself. Harry was his son. To see not only his name on the boy's birth certificate, but also that Harry's full name was Harry Severus James Potter had been a great shock. Until then, he had still believed that Dumbledore had gone barmy somewhere along the line, but the documents were magical and formed automatically after a baby was born, factually stating the name of the baby's parents.
The thought of being Harry Potter's father still felt very foreign to him, but he would try and make up for the lost years and the hurtful words. As unbelievable as it sounded, Harry was what he had always wished for: his own family. With his newly gained knowledge he could finally admit what a great child the small raven really was.
A pang of guilt struck his heart at that thought. He had not been there for his child. Harry had gone through hell for the last twelve years, and he had not been there for him even though he could have given Harry a good home. Maybe not a stereotypical home like the Weasley's, but a home filled with love and care, not starvation and abuse.
He had reached his quarters, and hissed the password to the snake portrait, rushing inside and leaning, panting, against it in the darkness of his living room.
His wards had been triggered, Harry and his friends must have arrived here from Grimmauld Place, but that was unimportant right now. The important thing to do was to decide what he should do right now, or more precisely, what he should do with Harry. He had to talk to the boy soon; Harry was surely in as much distress as himself right now, only Harry was a child and did not have as much experience with coping with stress as himself. He chuckled darkly as the thought crossed his mind, yes; he was obviously coping so well.
Sobering again, a question sprung to his mind: Would Harry want him as a father? For him, there was no doubt that he wanted to take on this role, after all he had already started to like the brave Gryffindor, who was so much like Lily in character. Lucius had been right that day at Privet Drive, and that had been what had enraged him so much. How could he have started to feel fond of his school rival's child? But that reason had been blown out of the window by Dumbledore a few minutes ago.
He still could not believe the lengths Lily had gone to keep Harry and him safe, and that James had apparently helped her with everything.
Lupin's words came back to his mind. So, Potter really had done something to pay his debt back.
Closing his eyes, he conjured the picture of Harry in front of his inner eye, the child he had created with his first and only love. Lily had been the only woman that he had loved or even had sex with to date.
But that didn't mean that Harry would welcome him with open arms. Did he even have the slightest chance after tormenting his son for so many years?
He needed to talk with somebody, preferably someone who had experience with children. He stumbled over to his fireplace in the dark, lit it with his wand, grabbed a handful of Floo powder, and tossed it into the flames, shouting, "Malfoy Manor, Lucius' private office!"
Only when he was swirling through the Floo System did he realize that Lucius was mated to his barely twelve year old son, who had literally fucked his twelve year old son.
He had to tell his friend how young his mate actually was. He had to resist ripping the Malfoy patriarch's head from his shoulders for fucking his son, the son who should still be innocently playing with toy brooms, or whatever else children played with.
Reminding himself that Lucius was indeed his best friend, and that no one could stop the bond of two magical creatures, he stepped out of Lucius' pompous fireplace.
"Severus," Lucius greeted from his place in his favourite wingback chair, a glass of red wine in one hand and a book in his lap. Still focused on his book, he continued, "Sit down and take a glass. I honestly am not able to appreciate the taste of wine anymore, regardless of its flawless quality, but it would be a waste to pour it down the drain."
Ignoring the offer, Severus sat down in the armchair across from Lucius and told him without preamble, "I have a son."
That finally caused Lucius to look up from his book, surprise flashing quickly through his silver-red eyes.
"How far along is she? Can you persuade her to...take care of the problem, or is it already too late for that? I had honestly believed that you had not touched a witch since Lily, but it is good that you have moved on. Still... you should have been more careful, my friend," the aristocrat drawled.
Severus was still too confused to be offended, even though he knew that he probably should be, and simply replied, "It is Harry. He was never James' son."
Hearing this, Lucius nearly dropped his glass of wine, gaping at Severus.
"I was in Dumbledore's office when Harry and his two friends arrived to demand the leadership of the Order. Typical of a true Gryffindor, he told the headmaster that he might give him a second chance if the man stopped lying to him, and told him everything he needed to know..." Severus elaborated.
Lucius needed a moment to find his voice again, and then asked, "And Dumbledore told you that Harry Potter is your son? Surely you do not believe this nonsense, the boy looks nearly identical to James."
"Have you ever heard of the Heritage Ritual?" Severus asked dryly.
"But if Lily had used the ritual to keep you and Harry safe from the Dark Lord, the boy would look more like her and not like a Potter," Lucius explained calmly.
"Apparently, the Evans' are a side branch of the Potter family. They were founded by a squib that married a muggle. Besides, I saw the birth certificate and it clearly states that Harry Severus James Potter is my son," Severus explained patiently.
Lucius’ eyes widened in surprise, "Harry Severus...? So he really is..."
" son," the Potions Master finished.
His friend poured him a glass of wine, obviously needing the time to sort his own thoughts. As he gave Severus the glass, he asked, "What do you plan to do now?"
"I... want to try and be a father for the boy, but I do not know if he will accept me. I have never been very good with children..." Severus broke off.
"You will have to talk with him," Lucius mused, and then added, "Be honest and try to be understanding; he will surely give you a chance. There is only one way to be a good father."
"And that would be?" Severus asked frowning.
"Love him unconditionally, show him that and always be patient," Lucius smiled softly.
"I am not sure if he will even give me a chance," Severus grumbled.
"Harry even gave me a second chance," Lucius reminded him, which brought the other surprise to the forefront of Severus's mind. He still had to tell the Malfoy patriarch the other revelation.



"There is something else we found out this evening," Severus said, and Lucius blinked. Had that not been enough shocking news for one night? What else had the old coot of a headmaster kept secret?
He looked at his friend, who hesitated, which was quite unusual for the Potions Master.
"What is it?" Lucius asked. "It cannot be that bad."
"Lily and I became a couple in our final year at Hogwarts, and Harry is now fifteen," Severus gave him a look, as if his words should explain everything. Thinking about it for a moment, he realized what his friend meant, and a cold feeling started to creep up his back. Trying to calm himself he said, "But that cannot be correct. It would mean..."
"...that Harry is only twelve years old, yes," his friend finished, and Lucius' breath would have hitched, if he still had to breathe, his grip loosening on his superfluous wineglass. Instead, he forced himself to consider the matter logically, because otherwise, his mostly silent conscience would have a field day.
"That cannot be possible. Harry is in the same year as my Draco was; he cannot be that much younger. The Ministry would never allow an eight year old to go to Hogwarts and thus, you cannot be the father," Lucius said, hoping that his friend would see that something about this story had to be wrong.
"Apparently, the abuse Harry had to suffer under his relatives had been more severe than we thought. Dumbledore told us that they beat and starved him so badly, that he decided to perform a Dark Ritual to alter the minds of every witch and wizard, making them believe that he was already eleven, and not only eight, in order to save him."
This time, he did drop his glass.
"That cannot be true..." he gasped.”Harry cannot mate cannot be...I would have never..." his voice left him, as he realized what Severus story meant: He was mated to a twelve year old child. It had been hard enough coming to terms with practically forcing a fifteen year old boy to have sex with him, even though their mate status had made sure that Harry had wanted the sex as well.
He had needed a few days, but in the end he had squashed his guilty conscience by repeatedly reminding himself that a sixteen year old wizard was considered fully responsible for their sexual life, and that under special circumstances the legal age could be lowered to fifteen, making it legal to participate in a sexual encounter with a boy or a girl at that age. But twelve was way below that, twelve was considered a child, and children had to be protected from sexual experiences in any shape or form to ensure their mental health. It was not even allowed to buy a pornographic magazine for a child that young and Lucius had always supported that law.
A wave of nausea swept over him, as he thought about their first encounter, and the way he had dominated the small child, how he had fucked the boy into his mattress.
Lucius had already accepted that he loved Harry's young body, but the thought that he was very attracted to a twelve year old boy made him sick. It didn't really make a difference that he had not known his mate's real age.
Oh Merlin! Harry was a child! A second year student! He still remembered his own son at that age, his pure innocence and childishness.
Now, after Dumbledore's ritual was lifted from him, he could clearly see the similarity between Draco back then and Harry: the bright, big eyes that still sparkled in wonder at everything new, the ability to enjoy the smallest things, and the adorable way of moving, a mixture of clumsiness and elegance, still in the process of learning how to carry himself.
He had wondered at Harry's immense need for closeness and comfort; it was high, even for a submissive, but now it made sense, the natural need of a child for physical contact mixed with the need to be close to his dominant.
A child, he thought again. A little boy, still years away from puberty, and he, Lucius Malfoy, had mated with him.
What distressed him even more was the fact that he could and would not stop their relationship. For one, the physical relationship was very important to mates; Harry would only start to feel insecure and doubt that he really loved him if he withdrew. For another, Harry needed to be dominated as a submissive; they had found that out today, and lastly: Harry was a vampire and regardless of how long he would wait until he took the boy again, he would stay a child for eternity. That was the peculiar thing about vampire genes, they stopped nearly every development. The transformation into a vampire had ensured that Harry would stay a child in body and mind. Of course, that did not mean that Harry would not become wiser with years, but it would only make him a highly skilled child, and not an adult in a child's body.
Should he feel like a paedophile? Like a rapist? He probably would, if not for their mating bond; still, the guilt weighing down on his conscious remained.
"Lucius?" Severus pulled him from his thoughts. The man was wearing a worried expression. His friend was normally not a man to give his feelings away, but it made it all the more clear how worried Severus was about his son.
He cleared his throat and focused his gaze back on his friend: "Yes?"
"What will you do?"
"There is not much I can do. Harry and I are still mated, and even in a hundred years he will still be twelve, only with the knowledge of a hundred more years," he answered with a sigh and rubbed the bridge of his nose.
Severus nodded in understanding, "I hope then, that you will consider his youth even more extensively now."
"I will, but it will not change our physical relationship," Lucius replied.
"I know, but be warned, I will protect him even from you," Severus sneered and leaned warningly forwards in his chair, his teeth bared.
"And I would not have it any other way," Lucius mused, not shocked in the least by his friend's protectiveness towards the young Gryffindor.
"I will have to go now. I promised Harry to be back at Grimmauld Place within an hour, and my first action as a parent will not be to break a promise," Severus sighed and stood up, knocking back the rest of his glass of exquisite wine, as if it were the dregs of a warm beer, and striding back to the fireplace.
"Has Harry already told you when he will introduce me to the order?" Lucius asked, stopping the Potions Master who had just taken a handful of Floo powder from an emerald green velvet box.
"He has probably already discussed it with Dumbledore, but I was gone by then."
Lucius scowled, for Harry's sake he would have hoped that his friend had stayed longer and not run off, but he could also understand that Severus was confused. He would be as well, or more precisely, he was as well, but for other reasons.
"Send me a message as soon as you know more. Harry's owl has been injured during the attack at King's Cross and she would be too conspicuous anyway. Doesn't he own a snowy owl?"
Severus gave a short nod, before finally tossing the powder in the Floo and stepping into the flames.
Sighing, Lucius watched his friend go. Normally, he never did anything as plebeian as sighing, but he was alone in his manor, and after all of the disturbing news, he needed an outlet. Life with Harry Potter surely never got boring, but at least he would see his mate soon.



Harry stumbled out of the hearth of Grimmauld Place. Luckily, it was much later than when he had left by now, and no one awaited him in the dark living room. He just stood there, his mind numb with all of the new information, so shocked he could not even decide whether or not he should sit down.
The fireplace flared up behind him, and Ron swiftly followed by Hermione, stepped out with much less stumbling than he had done. Luckily, Hermione shooed him gently over to the old and worn down sofa, taking the decision about what to do next from him.
"Harry, how are you feeling?" she asked softly after a moment.
Ron flopped down across from him and snorted, "Very peachy probably."
Hermione glared at the redhead, but his comment had broken Harry's dazed trance.
His body started to shake violently:
"I...don't know what should shake me the most. Snape, my father? ...he hates me!"
His friends just stared at him silently; there really wasn't much they could say that would comfort him.
"And then this crazy thing with my age... I...I am a child! How do I explain this to Sirius and Remus? Or your family Ron?"
"They will still love you," Hermione said carefully.
"How can they? I am a bloody magical experiment!" Harry exclaimed, tears gathering in his eyes.
"Harry, I once read about the ritual Dumbledore has mentioned, it might have altered the genes concerning your appearance, but nothing more, it has not changed you into another person, even without it you would still be you," she tried to sooth him.
"Yeah, only with Snape's nose," Ron snorted drily.
"NO! I don't want to look like him! I don't want to have his nose! It is huge and... and..." Harry’s voice broke.
Hermione sat down next to him and took him into her arms: "Shh...Everything will turn out right, you will see. You always told us that Professor Snape...I mean Severus... what do we call him now?" she asked, sounding confused and a bit desperate.
"I think Snape will do. We still don't know if he even wants me as a son," Harry replied dryly, putting his head into his hands.
"...what I wanted to say was, that you told us that he is a responsible person, surely he would not let you down," Hermione finished her sentence gently.
"Would you even want him as a father? I’s Snape..." Ron asked carefully.
Harry sighed, maybe that was the truly important question, and not if Snape would accept him as a son. And what was his answer? He truly couldn't say. He had always dreamed that one of his parents would miraculously be alive, but then again, he had imagined it would be Lily or James and not the grumpy Potions Master. He had honestly not yet thought about it. After Dumbledore had told them about Snape, he had been too shocked by how much of his life was a lie, to even ask himself if he would want his Professor as a father.
"I honestly don't know... I mean, you are right...he has tormented me for the last four years because of a childish grudge against a man that isn't even alive anymore," He mumbled and stood up to pace in front of the sofa.
"That's true, but think about it: How hurt must he have been?" Hermione argued, without sounding truly convinced herself. Her forehead furrowed as she contemplated the problem.
"Yeah...and how much has he hurt me? I was...I am the child in this, he should have behaved differently," he replied.
"But imagine your mate suddenly died after you had a huge fight..." she tried again, making a vague gesture with her hand.
Harry threw her a glare. "I would still not take it out on a child."
They fell silent for a moment, neither knowing what to say. It was Ron that surprised him when he suddenly suggested, "Maybe, you should wait and see what he has to say. Look... I know he isn't the one you imagined, I know, but he could become a father. Wouldn't it be better than what you have now?"
"Even if he wants to become my father, how could I ever trust him after the past four years?" He asked exasperatedly.
Ron smirked evilly, "Just tell him that he has to prove it to you."
Hermione agreed, to Harry's surprise, "That might be a good start. You need some basis for trusting him."
Sighing again, Harry thought that his friends were probably right, but even the thought of giving Snape a chance felt like a heavy rock in his stomach. He felt as if he would be tossing away the memory of James Potter and his sacrifice by doing so, but then again, hadn't Remus told him that James had wished for Snape to one day be happy with the thing life had granted him? Wasn't he, Harry, the thing James Potter had meant? So, wouldn't it be honouring the man's memory and not throwing it away?
"You two are right. I will just wait and see what comes from the discussion, if he even shows up. All the if’s are driving me crazy," he muttered, feeling tiredness creeping up on him for the first time since he had drunken the sun potion.
"He will show up. Haven't you always said that he is a right git, but he never lies and never breaks promises?" Hermione said.
"But this is something else," He replied.
"Man, I really hate the thought of him being your father," Ron grumbled, crossing his arm and pouting like a small child.
"Ron, didn't you just argue for him?" Hermione asked, incredulous.
"I did, for Harry's sake, but that doesn't mean that I like the man," the redhead snorted.
"Well, I don't particularly like him either," the bushy haired girl confessed.
Harry scowled down at the dirty table in front of him, "I hate this whole situation. Couldn't my mum have had a secret relationship with Sirius? Why him?"
"That would have been too easy, after all, we are talking about your life, man," Ron snickered, only to get hit upside the head by Hermione.
"Let's forget Snape for a moment. I mean, not everything we heard this evening was bad," she smiled suddenly.
"It wasn't?" Harry and Ron asked simultaneously.
"That you are the owner of Hogwarts and a descendant of all of the Founders is amazing and certainly something good."
"But it also sounded like a lot of work," Ron argued.
Hermione shook her head no, "Not necessarily; remember what Dumbledore said? Harry can leave the direction of the school to someone else," she countered.
"I really didn't want another reason to be special. The whole thing with Voldemort is more than enough already," Harry grumbled, not really seeing the advantage of being the owner of the castle right now.
"But you have really famous ancestors, no wonder you are so powerful and intelligent!" Hermione beamed.
Harry only frowned at her words; his marks were definitively not good enough to call him especially intelligent. "I am neither especially powerful, nor especially intelligent."
Ron apparently thought the same, "He is right, Mione, Harry is not bad at school, but he sure as hell isn't as clever as you."
"Harry, you and Ron forgetting that you started your educations at eight, and you just passed the fourth year with one O in Defense and E's in every other class, excluding potions where you only earned an A. I couldn't have done so well at his age," she said.
"You have a point there," Ron mused.
"But shouldn't I be better at potions then?" he asked.
Suddenly a voice behind them joined the conversation, "No, you shouldn't. In fact, there is no way to do better in my class at your age than you are doing,"
They all flinched, and then turned around to see Snape stepping out of the flames.
"Why not Professor?" Hermione asked curiously, covering the awkward silence which would surely have arisen otherwise.
"Because," Snape drawled "potions draw on the magical field that surrounds every wizard and witch. This field is not very stable or strong at a young age, regardless of the power and stability of his or her magical core; therefore, there are only a few potions which can be brewed by a child. Luckily, the magical field is the one thing that keeps maturing, regardless of the nature of the student," he explained pointedly.
Ron and Hermione eyed their teacher in confusion, but Harry had understood the message, he would not be stuck only able to brew first year potions for eternity.
An awkward silence arose then. Harry, who had looked up at Snape, averted his eyes, feeling nervous and uncomfortable. He didn't want to look at the man and think about what they had to discuss.
A sudden revelation had hit him, even though he did not know if he could ever accept the man as a father, he would not be able to cope with a rejection either. What if Snape told him that he hated him, regardless of their kinship? That would be much worse than a supposed father who had been killed whilst protecting him and his mother.
His hands started to tremble, and Hermione hastily grabbed them, stroking soothing circles over his skin.
Snape cleared his throat, and then asked, "Do you wish for Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley to remain here whilst we speak?"
Harry nodded, and Snape sat down on the smaller couch across from him. Ron stood up and changed seats so that Harry was now sitting between his two best friends. He felt much better with Ron and Hermione at his side, even though they would not be much help with the upcoming conversation.
"Harry," Snape started, and then asked, "Can I call you Harry? It would be inappropriate to continue addressing each other by our last names."
Harry didn't reply and just stared at the pale and carefully guarded face of his father. He really didn't know if he wanted so much familiarity with the man just yet, but to say no might end every chance of a reasonable conversation with him.
Snape seemed to take his silence as agreement, and continued, "I am aware, that our relationship has not been very positive in the past few years..."
Ron snorted loudly, interrupting the professor, who for once just ignored the disrespectful behaviour, "...but please believe me when I say, that I want to make up for my past mistakes."
"Why?" Harry asked suddenly, needing to understand the dark man, who had changed from hating him to wanting to be his father so suddenly. It was just so illogical.
Snape ran a hand through his greasy hair before nodding in understanding, "Lily was everything to me. My family was nearly as horrible as yours. My father was abusive, and he hated my mother for being a witch."
"But then why did he marry her?" Harry confusedly asked.
"She kept it a secret until after their marriage, I myself do not know why, and I never could figure it out, but she did, and that is the important thing..." he paused for a moment. Everything was silent in the room; not even breathing could be heard, as if Harry's friends held their breath in anticipation, until Snape continued his story, "I met Lily one afternoon when I was nine years old on the playground in our neighbourhood and we became friends. We met up nearly every day, I told her about magic, because back then she knew nothing about it, and in return, she gave me a distraction from my horrible family life."
Harry gulped, he hadn't known that Snape had gone through nearly the same things he had, and involuntarily, he felt a bit closer to the man.
"I fell in love with her almost immediately. She had a heart as big and full of love and warmth as you yourself possess," Snape's voice had dropped to a whisper, and a softness had entered his eyes that Harry had never seen before.
"We went to Hogwarts together, sat together on the train, and as I already told you, even our separation into two different and rivalling houses did not destroy our friendship. I think that your mother didn't realize that I was in love with her until the end of our six year, even though we often talked about the future and our dreams for the future."
Harry's whole body was shaking by now, he had never heard so much about his mother. Sirius and Remus always talked about James, who had been their best friend, Lily's name had only ever been mentioned in connection with James', and he had sometimes believed that they didn't know her very well. At least now he knew. His guardians had probably not known her until her sudden engagement to James. He concentrated back on Snape, who had started talking again.
"She always told me that she wanted to have a little baby boy, with dark hair and bright green eyes, because she loved her eyes, which she had inherited from her own mother, grandmother and even her great-grandmother, at least, that was what her mother always told her..."
Harry could not watch his professor any longer, he felt a single tear swell up in the corner of his left eye, and he hastily looked down on his intertwined fingers, before it rolled down his cheek.
"...and I wanted to have that child with her," Snape continued almost inaudibly. "Back then I thought that James was jealous of my good relationship with her, but after what I learned this evening, I believe that he had just been protective of her."
Harry nodded, that sounded more likely.
"You already know the rest of the story. After our one night together, we got into an argument and I betrayed her."
It was silent for a moment, Harry's mind was racing, he had learned so much about the man in front of him over the course of fifteen minutes that it was overwhelming, but he still didn't know if he could forgive the man who had previously just been his loathed Potions Professor.
Finally he said, "That is all good and well, but I still see no reason why I should trust you. You have always protected me in some ways. I think, for my mother, and maybe for Dumbledore as well, but only grudgingly. Let's face it; you have never done something just for me."
Snape flinched away from the comment, closing his eyes and turning momentarily away from the pain his son's brutal honesty had caused, and Harry felt a wave of pity for the man, but he squashed it immediately. It was his turn to demand something for a change, because even though Severus Snape had often accused him of being a demanding spoiled brat, he had never been. He had endured everything life had given him without complaining once. Now was his time to be childish and he felt justified; after all, he was only twelve years old.
"What do you want from me Harry?" Snape asked; dark eyes boring into his own.
Harry didn't need to think, the words left his mouth automatically: "Show me that you want to be my father. Prove it to me by doing something only a father would do for his child. I can't accept a man as my parent who is unable to act like one, because that would only mean that he would never be able to love me as a son. At least that would make me consider accepting you as a parent."
He stood up and turned his side to the Potions Master, about to leave for his room, when Snape's voice stopped him, "When will the Order be meeting?"
Harry blinked once in confusion, but then thought that he probably wanted to inform Lucius.
"Tomorrow at 5 p.m., but half an hour later is early enough. Could you tell him too?" he asked, hoping that Snape knew whom he meant by him. Snape gave a curt nod in understanding, but his expression gave nothing away about his thoughts.
Harry had decided that it would be best to introduce the new spy after he had been announced the new leader so that Dumbledore would not be able to back out of their agreement; even though he didn't believe that the old man would do that at this point. But still, he would not take any chances.
"We will be there on time," Snape said, and Harry heard him rise as well, but he only turned around when he heard the fireplace flare up again. Snape had gone, probably to Lucius. He was not sad about the man's disappearance.
Without having to discuss it, Ron, Hermione and he went upstairs into their bedroom. Going over to his bed, he let himself flop onto the mattress, exhausted beyond belief.
"You did well, Harry," Hermione said from her bed.
"Yeah man, I think I would have just punched the git if I had been in your place," Ron agreed.
"I kind of can understand why he behaved like he did, but that doesn't make it any better," Hermione mused.
"I can as well, but that is not enough to accept him," Harry explained, his eyes already closed.
"You were right to demand something that would prove he means his words," the bushy haired girl said.
"It's just...I would rather continue living without a father, than with one who takes the job out of a false sense of duty," Harry had sat up and picked up Nagini as well, who had been laying at the foot of his bed, only to press her fiercely against his chest, like a frightened child would a teddy bear. The snake hissed in surprise, but didn't struggle to slither away.
When he pulled his comforter over his body Ron asked, "Don't you want to change first? Those clothes don't look very comfy to sleep in."
Looking down, he decided it would be better to change. After all, his friends didn't know that it didn't matter if he could breathe well in his waistcoat or not, or that the garments would not get dirty on his body. So he let go of Nagini, and pulled the white button down from under his pillow before starting to strip.
Hermione had politely turned away from him, but Ron eyed him sceptically and asked, "You still sleep in that old thing? Doesn't it need to be washed?"
Grinning, Harry lied, "I ordered Kreacher to clean it, so it is clean again." He pulled the shirt over his head, inhaling the scent of his mate, before stepping out of his trousers. Then he proceeded to pack the garments into the cupboard neatly. Normally, he just threw his clothes over a chair, but he thought that the clothes Lucius had given him were much too expensive to be treated so carelessly.
When he was finished, he lay down once more, and Nagini curled protectively around him. She had not asked him about his evening, but he knew that she could smell how upset he was.
He heard the bedroom door open and close when Hermione left to get ready for the night as well, but he was so tired, that he didn't hear her return.
Mumbling a quiet, "Goodnight," to Ron, Harry closed his eyes and quickly drifted off into a deep and dreamless sleep.



When Harry came down into the kitchen the next morning, he noticed that Snape had not yet returned. He had decided to not call him his father, even in his mind, as long as the man had not proven his desire to take hold of the title and position.
Sitting down between his two friends, he watched as his two guardians entered behind them, sitting down as well. They both looked very tired. Sirius had never been a morning person, although Remus was, but Harry supposed after their fight yesterday it was no wonder that both men had slept badly. Deciding to talk to Sirius after breakfast, he took a blood drop from the little bag he always wore on his belt and popped it into his mouth.
"Harry, this is not an acceptable alternative to a healthy breakfast," Hermione scolded him, but Ron interrupted the lecture that had been about to come.
"Let him be. He has enough on his mind this morning."
"Did something happen? Did you have a vision?" Sirius asked, instantly concerned, but luckily Molly saved him from giving an answer, as she came in announcing, "I got an owl from Dumbledore just now. He will come for an urgent meeting at 5 p.m., and the whole Order will be here."
"What? All of the Order members? That has never happened before," Remus asked with a frown on his face.
"This cannot be good," Arthur agreed, putting down the heavy pan with scrambled eggs for his wife.
"Maybe Voldemort has done something really horrible?" Ginny asked.
"Then I will hear about it at work and send you an owl," Arthur answered, but he addressed the adults and not his daughter.
"Let's hope that it isn't the case," Remus commented, reaching for the pan.
Harry and his friends had stayed silent the entire time, and so had Fred and George. The twins eyed Harry with a mischievous gleam in their eyes. Did they have an idea of what Harry had planned, or did they just have a sense for the upcoming chaos? He assumed that it was the latter, or better: he hoped so.
Suddenly fluttering could be heard from the kitchen door and, before he had time to look up, a grey owl swooped down in front of him and landed on his empty plate. Curiously, Harry detached the scroll of parchment from her leg, and eyed the strange bird. It hooted once, before flying away again.
"Is it another package from your...?" Ron didn't end his sentence, but Harry shook his head anyway.
"No, my mate would never use such a plain owl."
Hermione wrinkled her nose in disapproval, but he ignored her and unrolled the parchment. The Gringotts seal greeted him and he explained, "It's from Gringotts."
"Really?" Ginny asked in interest, and tried to peer over his shoulder.
"Ginerva Weasley, don't try and look at someone else's mail!" Molly corrected sharply.
"But mum, Harry doesn't mind," she argued.
Rolling his eyes, Harry started to read the letter. He quickly noticed that Griphtug had sent him a list with not only all of the Potter inheritance, but also included all of the Malfoy properties. His eyes widened gradually, as he read over the list of manors, villas, cottages, and houses which were scattered all over Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, France, and even Germany.
The next page listed only the amount of money he now possessed. The sum had so many zeros, that he did not even know how to pronounce it anymore. Naturally, the share of money which had been brought into the marriage by Lucius was much, much higher than his own. Scanning the report about the last decades, he quickly noticed that the Potters apparently had not been very good businessmen. They had not invested very much and therefore their wealth had decreased. Well, it was still enough for him, especially considering that he now had the Malfoy money as well. Thinking about it, he had to admit, that he probably was not a very good businessman either.
The third page contained a short letter:

"Dear Lord Potter,
Professor Dumbledore informed me this morning, that you are the heir to the Hogwarts founders. As it was specified that only the heir of all four of these great witches and wizards has claim to their fortune, we are happy to tell you, that you are the sole heir to their wealth and properties.
I also have to inform you, that this part of your inheritance is not allowed to become a part of the fortune of your mate, or be shared with any other parties."

The note was signed by Griphtug, and had a third list attached.
Harry gasped, as he turned the page and came face to face with more listed properties. It seemed that every founder had had their own manor, but they also had shared a villa that was called Holiday Manor. Of course, there was also more money, which would make him nearly as rich as Lucius himself, if he added it to the Potter money.
Folding the parchment, he pocketed it safely and finally looked up again. The whole table was staring curiously at him.
"I got a report about my finances," he said, clearing his throat.
"Hey cub, I know that the Potters were not very good with money, so if you ever need a financial boost, just tell me, ok?" Sirius said, causing Harry to nearly choke on his candy. If his godfather only knew..., he thought, but nodded and gave him a thankful smile.
"Don't worry Harry," Ginny said suddenly. "It doesn't bother me, that you are not as rich as I thought."
Harry gave her an irritated look, but Molly was quicker than him, and pointed out: "Of course not, after all, he will marry his mate; you have no business with his money, Ginny."
"This breakfast has turned out to be a real hassle," Ron muttered, eying his plate in annoyance.
Agreeing with Ron, Harry stood up and turned to his godfather:
"Sirius, can I talk to you for a moment?"
"Of course Harry. Do you want to go into the library?"
Nodding, he went ahead, Sirius following him quickly.
They went to the back corner in the library, where the chess board was. Harry sat down, and as his godfather saw his serious face, he wrinkled his forehead in confusion.
"I didn't do anything stupid again, did I?" The Animagus asked worriedly.
Harry had to smile at his godfather. Sirius really was like an uncle, not quite a father, because he was too much of a big child for that, but he was one of the most important people in Harry's life nonetheless.
"You have, but I think it is really not your fault this time," he started softly.
Sirius blinked at him, "What do you mean?"
"Do you remember our argument yesterday?" Harry asked carefully.
Sirius's face fell even more, but his godfather nodded without further comment.
Sighing Harry said, "I don't want to talk about our fight, so don't look at me like that. In fact, I think what I will tell you will make you very happy," before you get very angry when you see me introducing Lucius this afternoon, he added mentally.
"Really?" Sirius beamed at him.
"Yeah," Harry laughed. "I told you that I have come into my inheritance," he continued and Sirius nodded, looking, as if he did not understand what Harry was getting at. "Since then I am able to notice certain things. I can smell them, like Remus can." Sirius' eyes widened in surprise at that tidbit of information. "That is how I found out who his mate is," Harry continued.
"Who is it? You have to tell me, Harry!" Sirius had jumped to his feet a mixture of hurt and anger in his eyes, probably because he still thought that he had lost the man he loved.
"It is you," he said with a smile.
"Me? That can't be, you must be wrong," Sirius glared at him and sat down again.
"No, I am not," he crossed his arms in front of his chest and glared back at his godfather, without really meaning it.
"But why didn’t he ever tell me that I am his mate?" Sirius asked in confusion.
"Because he is the submissive of the two of you," Harry explained, but realized that he would have to elaborate, when Sirius only continued to stare at him.
"Look, I am a magical creature as well, and so I know that it is impossible for a submissive to make the first step, they will suffer in silence forever if their dominant doesn't notice them."
"Why?" Sirius asked.
"I don't know what the correct procedures for werewolves are, but as far as I know, there are some submissive creatures who must be courted, others want to be overpowered, and still others must be taken by force the first time."
Sirius made a disgusted face: "You mean rape?"
Harry winced, but he knew that Lucius had been shocked after their mating as well, as he had probably feared the same. Thinking about his answer, he said carefully, "I don't know if Remus needs something like that, I doubt it, but if he does it would not be rape for him."
"How do you know so much about this topic?" Sirius asked astonished.
"Instincts," he answered truthfully and simply.
Sirius smiled sheepishly at him, and then sobered once more: "How will I find out what he wants from me?"
This really was not an easy question. With him and Lucius, their instincts had taken over, Lucius' even before his own, but they were both magical creatures, so would it work the same way with a wizard and a werewolf? Most likely not, but he could not tell his godfather to just go for it and push Remus onto a bed... he honestly doubted that werewolves had the same rituals as vampires. To be honest, Harry even thought that their extreme mating was only possible due to the fact that they were dead and thus experienced pain on a whole different level.
"I think you should just invite him on a date and see what happens. Just treat him as you would treat any other wizard," he advised finally.
"You really must think me stupid," Sirius grinned, and Harry grinned back replying, "Not stupid, only very blind, and I certainly would have thought that you would have more courage. How long have you been secretly in love with Moony?"
Sirius blushed nearly as darkly as Ron always did, "Since our last year at Hogwarts. At first, I never had the courage to tell him, and then I was imprisoned. When I was free again twelve years had passed, and I was afraid about what might have changed between us."
"Nothing has changed. The love of a mate is undying. It might not always be love at first sight, but after it has developed, it will never die or go away again," Harry said, his thoughts wandering to his own mate. He was still not sure how he felt about Lucius, or maybe, deep down he already knew, but he was still too scared to admit his feelings for the arrogant aristocrat.
"Thank you Harry for telling me, and I think Remus will thank you sooner or later as well," Sirius said and stood up, eagerness shining in his eyes.
Harry felt happy for the Animagus and the werewolf, who had suffered so much in their lives.
"Can you tell Ron and Hermione that I am in the library, and ask them if they want to join me for a game of chess?" He asked his godfather, before he could rush back to his mate.
"I will tell them," Sirius promised and hurried off.
Chuckling, Harry closed his eyes for a moment. He hoped that the two wizards would work things out; they deserved a bit of happiness.
He wanted to day dream a bit about his own mate, but instead his thoughts wandered to Snape. The man had not returned yet, but surely he would be there for the meeting, well at least Harry hoped so.
He would like to know if Snape was even trying to find a way to prove to him that he wanted to be his father, but somehow, he could not imagine it. When had the Potions Master ever done something for another person? Most likely when his mother had still been alive, or maybe even for Dumbledore once or twice, but surely not often.
Growling silently, Harry asked himself why he was even thinking about this. Was he so desperate for a father, that he was going to waste time pondering what his father might do to prove himself? Mulling over it wouldn't change whether Snape was going to do something, or speed it up, whatever it was.
There really was no reason to be so pathetic, he had Sirius and Remus, who were no parents, but as close to relatives as he had ever known (he did not count the Dursley’s) and he had the Weasley’s. So looking at the situation from that angle, he had two uncles, a mother, a father, seven brothers and a sister (who was in love with him - but he would ignore that fact, just as he ignored the Dursley’s).
So why did he still wish to have a real father? Maybe because he had always been locked up at his aunt's and uncle's house whenever an important event occurred. He had celebrated Christmas mostly alone, just as he had his birthdays, with the exception of last year, and that was not enough time to really feel a part of the Weasley family.
He heard two pairs of feet coming down the hall towards the library and a moment later his friends entered which distracted him from his gloomy thoughts.
"How did it go with Sirius?" asked Ron, as he flopped down in the seat Sirius had abandoned only minutes ago.
"Better than I had expected. I told him that he would have to take the initiative and advised him to take Moony on a date," Harry told his friends, grinning broadly.
"That sounds good," Hermione said approvingly, the unofficial expert on love matters in their trio.
Harry and Ron set up their sides of the chess board and began to play. They only took a break during lunch, at which Sirius and Remus were somehow missing, as was Snape once again, and then went back into the library.
Harry succeeded in a standoff twice, impressing both of his friends. It was nice to spend their time together like this, with Hermione reading silently and propped up against one of the old and dusty book shelves, while Ron and him played chess.
At a quarter to five, the library door opened again, and as Harry looked up, he saw Dumbledore walking around the corner.
"Ah, here you are my boy. Are you ready to replace me as the head of the Order?" the Headmaster asked, smiling gently at him, his eyes twinkling again. Harry was happy to see that; he had never wanted to hurt Dumbledore so deeply that the gleam in his eyes would go away.
"I am," he answered, grinning. The thought of being able to add Lucius to the order was enough to let him forget all of the responsibilities he would take on with the job.
"Very well," Dumbledore said, and looked down at the game of chess. "I see that you have improved."
"Snape taught me how to play properly, there wasn’t much to do at Privet Drive," Harry answered.
Dumbledore frowned at the use of the Professor's last name, "It would probably be too much to hope for the two of you to make peace within one day, but I must admit that I had hoped."
"We are working on it," Harry said, without explaining further.
"We should go downstairs," Hermione interrupted them suddenly, luckily ending the awkward conversation.
"You are right, Miss Granger. Do I assume correctly, that your friends will join you?" Dumbledore asked.
"Yes, they will. Ron, would you go and collect your brothers and Ginny?" Harry questioned his friend, who nodded and went ahead.
Harry felt nervousness rise inside his stomach, squirming like a captured animal. He had done his best to not think about the consequences his action might have, but now all his fears came to the forefront of his mind. What if Sirius and Remus hated him for taking the leadership away from Dumbledore? After all, the man was a famous idol for the Light Side, a symbol since his defeat of Grindelwald. Or would they just laugh at the boy, who wanted to take on so many responsibilities?
No, he could not believe that they would not hate him, even though they might not understand him, either.
Ron was waiting with his siblings in front of the stairs that lead to the kitchen. Fred and George were grinning widely and immediately started in on teasing Harry.
"We knew..." Fred started.
"...that you were up to something..." George continued and his brother ended,
"...when you disappeared with our dear little brother and Hermione to Hogwarts last night."
"Did you listen?" Harry asked.
"No," Fred said sadly.
"Sadly, we only arrived when you tossed the Floo powder into the fireplace," George added with a large sigh.
"Why were you downstairs anyway?" Ron asked.
"We wanted to get a snack," George grinned.
"So you have something planned?" Ginny asked curiously. Harry really disliked the excited gleam in her eyes, it made him feel like one of those muggle pop stars who had a crazy fan girl, and he certainly was no idol.
"Well, Ms. Weasley, you will find out soon, but I fear we have to go downstairs now, the meeting is about to begin," Dumbledore chimed in and led the way, effectively cutting her off.
Harry smirked at her sour look and Ron snickered, the youngest Weasley girl was obviously not happy that she didn't have a chance to talk to him in peace, let alone in private.
The small group made their way downstairs to an already full kitchen. As soon as Molly saw Harry and her children enter, she scowled at Dumbledore and protested, "Albus, I thought that we agreed that they are still too young!"
"Yes, Molly, we agreed," Dumbledore said and Harry could just imagine him making the announcement by adding: "But you have to discuss it with Harry now."
Molly deepened her frown, but apparently decided to not continue arguing just yet.
They sat down, Harry next to Dumbledore, drawing a lot of the attention to him and his friends next to him, whilst Ron's siblings searched for some free spots further down the table.
Harry watched the group of witches and wizards who had already arrived, but noticed that some were still missing, most notably the Hogwarts Professors: McGonagall, Flitwick, Hagrid, and naturally Snape.
It bothered Harry that the man had still not appeared. Had he run off because he didn't want to deal with him after all? Glaring at the empty cup in front of him, he tried to remind himself that Snape was not important right now, but the meeting he was about to participate in soon, was.
Looking up again, he tried to find out how many faces he already knew, because he clearly did not know all of them. He saw Tonks sitting next to Remus, who looked much happier than this morning. Next to him sat a disgruntled Sirius, who glared at the pink haired witch who clearly tried to flirt with the werewolf, but Remus seemed to not even to notice her attempts.
Then there was Alastor Moody, who was intently watching the room and the upper levels of Grimmauld Place with his magical eye. Next to him sat Kingsley, and then Bill and Charlie Weasley. To Harry's surprise, he also saw the Dursley’s' old neighbour, Mrs. Figg, the nurse of Hogwarts Madame Pomfrey, and to his dismay, Mundungus Fletcher.
The sound of footsteps were heard and Harry turned his head to see Professor McGonagall enter, followed by Professor Sprout the head of Hufflepuff. Five minutes later Hagrid appeared with Flitwick. He waved at Harry, a broad grin forming under his black beard, and went to stand in the corner behind Minerva, obviously not trusting the old looking chairs enough to sit down on them. Harry thought that Hagrid was probably better off standing as well, as the chairs creaked under his weight also.
"Do you think that he will come at all?" Ron whispered in his ear, and Harry knew that he meant his new father.
Dumbledore stood up to start the meeting, but Harry answered anyway:
"I don't..." he broke off, when his ears picked up the familiar sound of soft, nearly silent footsteps and the rustling sound of a billowing, black cloak. Harry tried not to become nervous, telling himself that Snape would not have had enough time to find some way to prove his honesty to him anyway, but a knot was forming in his stomach, and Harry just knew, despite all of his attempts to convince himself of the opposite, that he would be disappointed when Snape arrived without having done anything. A moment later Snape appeared in the doorway, immediately searching for his son, and as their eyes met, Harry gasped in shock.
Sure, he had told Snape, he should prove to him that he wanted to be his father, but he had not expected this. What the man had done showed that he not only wanted to be his father now, but that he wanted to stay his father for the rest of his eternal childhood.
Snape's black irises were framed by a shining red ring, his skin had paled even further and two long fangs were just visible between the thin lips, reflecting the candle light. He had dark shadows on his cheeks and under his eyes, similar to Harry's and Lucius' and when the man moved a hand; he saw long claws and a faded mark on the underside of his left wrist. His hair was also a shiny black now and no longer greasy.
"No," Harry breathed weakly and Dumbledore, Ron and Hermione eyed him worriedly.
Harry had not wanted this. He had not wanted for the man to die for him, but he had, only to be able to stay by his side for all eternity. A hesitant, but warm feeling mixed with the shock in his chest and with the nervousness in his stomach. Snape really had been serious last night.
"What...?" Hermione asked silently, as if afraid that anybody else might hear her, but Harry easily picked it up with his vampire senses.
Harry kept staring into those black eyes as he automatically answered, "You can't see it, because he's wearing glamour, but he has forced his body to go through the same inheritance I did."
Hermione gasped and clasped her hands in front of her mouth and Ron's eyes widened comically.
How had Snape become a vampire? How had he accomplished it? And then it dawned on Harry; Snape had gone to Lucius after their talk, and his mate would have been able to transform him the common way, not like he and Harry had, through a curse, but by biting him and... Harry didn't know how exactly, he was so confused that his instincts didn't provide him with the answer this time.
Snape sat down across from him, still holding his gaze and his eyes told Harry how deep his wish was to be there for him, to make up for the lost years and the hateful words.
It would not be easy to get past all that had happened, but Harry decided in that moment, that he would try and do his best as well; Snape had proven his honesty to him and so much more. He had given up his life, literally, and his humanity for him; the least he could do was try to become his son as the man so clearly wished.
Dumbledore cleared his throat and finally started the meeting, "Welcome, everyone. I hope that you all arrived safely and that it was not too much of a difficulty to come here at such short notice," He gave a short pause and smiled at everybody. Harry stared another moment at his father, before he turned to Dumbledore and concentrated on his next words, "I imagine you are all curious to hear why I have called for this gathering so suddenly, so let me calm your nerves first before I elaborate."
Harry sighed inwardly, Dumbledore sure could talk, but he was not a bad public speaker, and it was one of his many qualities that made him so popular with everyone; he would surly pale in comparison.
"Voldemort has not attacked or infiltrated the ministry, at least not in the last month. He is not the reason, why we are here."
A collective sigh came from those gathered at the table.
"But why are we here, then?" Sirius asked and everybody snickered, it was just so typical, that the man who lived at Grimmauld Place would ask that question.
"I will come to that point now. I have come to realize that I have grown too old to lead you all, and thus, I want to give the leadership of the order to somebody else."
All eyes turned to Professor McGonagall, who quickly lifted her hands in denial. Harry could see the confusion in everyone's eyes, with the exception of Snape, Ron, Hermione, and of course Fred and George, who seemed to guess what was coming next, and grinned excitedly.
"As the main figure and the most important person in this war, Harry and I agreed that he will replace me as the head of our little organization."
Gasps went through the room, and Molly, who had kept silent until now, spoke up again, "You cannot be serious, Albus! The boy is far too young for this dangerous task!"
Ron was frowning at Dumbledore's words, but Harry could accept that the old man might want to save face by telling everybody that they had come to a mutual understanding… which they had in a sense, but not before Harry had threatened him by not helping the Light Side any longer. Maybe Dumbledore even wanted to give him an easier start by telling them all in this manner; it would after all not sit well with everyone if they were told what had truly happened the evening before in the Headmaster's Office.
"You are right, Molly, Harry is young, but he has lived through more danger than even I have and it is not his duty to replace me, but his right, and he wishes to do so," Dumbledore answered calmly.
"Of course he wishes to do the job, he is young and naive," Molly argued.
"Harry is not naive, Molly," Sirius defended his godson heatedly. "He might be young and sometimes still a bit childish, but he is not naive. He has seen far too much to have any illusions about the truth of the war."
Molly glared at the Animagus, but Snape intervened before she could say anything else,
"I for once must agree with the mutt. I lived for two weeks with Harry, and he is wiser than anybody else his age, and certainly more so than many in this room." Snape sneered for good measure.
The quiet mumbling that had started with Molly and Dumbledore's argument ended abruptly, as everybody gaped at the Potions Master, who responded to the attention by scowling darkly.
After a moment of shocked silence, Arthur laid a hand on his wife's shoulder and said quietly, "I know you are all just worried, but Dumbledore is right. Harry has to fight You-Know-Who in the end and it is his right to decide how we should fight him."
Harry saw Remus nodding; the werewolf looked pale and concerned, but he still saw the truth in Arthur's words.
"I trust Harry, he is a good kid!" Hagrid bellowed from his corner, and Fred and George started clapping in agreement.
"To be a good kid is not enough!" Moody scoffed and his magical eye fixed itself on Harry. Harry determinedly held the gaze; he didn't want to seem weak in front of the old Auror. Moody was unimpressed, "We need a competent and experienced leader, not a boy. Don't be a fool, Dumbledore."
"But I always was an old fool," Dumbledore smiled joyfully.
"Is there no way to include Harry more without making him the head of the Order?" Charlie asked from his place in the corner.
"Of course there would be, but Harry and I agreed on this and I have much to pay him back for," Dumbledore explained, making the whole room frown.
" Harry. Last summer, he protected his cousin against Dementors," Mrs. Figg added hesitantly.
"You are surely talented, but to become the leader of the order is a huge responsibility," Remus interjected. "I will not say that you cannot do it, because I am sure you could, but do you really want this duty?"
"It doesn't matter how much more I have to do as long as this war ends soon," Harry responded fiercely, he would not let himself be persuaded otherwise, not after he had come so far, and even convinced Dumbledore to help him. Remus sighed, but nodded.
Professor McGonagall closed her eyes, and then said with a shaky voice, "I do not think that this is your wisest decision Albus." She turned to Harry and added with a much more steady voice. "However, I will not abandon the Order, and will support you to the best of my abilities. Albus has never been wrong to this day, and I hope that I soon will come to understand his decision to give this important position to you."
Harry nodded in acceptance, not saying that in his opinion Dumbledore had made quite a few mistakes, especially in the last few years.
"If this is settled now, we shall proceed with the ceremony. Harry will not only become the new leader of the Order of the Phoenix, but also the new Secret Keeper," Dumbledore turned to Harry, "That means, that you have to tell everybody the location of the Headquarters again, or they will not be able to find the house after they leave today."
"Ok, Professor." Harry agreed.
"Please, take out your wands; the more witnesses we have, the better," Dumbledore announced and everybody obliged.
Harry pulled out his own wand for the first time since his transformation, but scowled at the wood, as it felt somewhat strange in his hand. Trying for a few sparks, he realized that his wand didn't respond at all. Frowning he looked up to Dumbledore, who had been watching him.
"Try your new wand. Something drastic must have happened to bring you of age at twelve, most likely your old wand does not suit your magic anymore," the headmaster whispered quietly.
Pocketing his old wand, Harry pulled out the Elder Wand, which was still in his breast pocket from the day before. He instantly felt a difference. The Elder Wand seemed even more fitting than his old one ever had.
Dumbledore then turned so that he was facing Harry directly, and Harry hastily did the same. His heart started to race, even though the acceptance of his guardian had calmed him down a bit, but still, now was the moment where his life would change once more, only this time because of his own decisions.
Dumbledore motioned for him to touch his wand with his own, before he started to speak,
"I, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore hereby transfer the power of leadership over the Order of the Phoenix and the duty of Secret Keeper to Harry Severus James Potter." As Dumbledore spoke, silver letters which looked like Pensieve Memories formed a contract in the air in front of them. When the man had finished his declaration, his signature appeared at the bottom of the incorporeal document.
Harry's eyes had darted through the room at the mention of his full name, but luckily everybody else was deep in concentration, and no one had noticed the addition to his name.
"Now, you have to confirm the contract," Dumbledore explained and Harry gulped once, before loud and clearly stating, "I, Harry Severus James Potter hereby accept the leadership of the Order of the Phoenix and the duties as its Secret Keeper." His signature appeared on the contract as well, and golden light erupted from every wand, forming a net around him and the headmaster.
Harry could feel the power shifting from Dumbledore to him. Suddenly, he was subconsciously aware of the complex wards of Grimmauld Place, and the Secret of the Headquarters laid like a heavy stone in his mind.
The golden lights disappeared slowly, but he remained standing with his wand touching Dumbledore's, until everybody else lowered their wands and the old wizard took a step back, breaking the connection.
Dumbledore smiled softly at him and stretched out his hand, "I wish you all the best in your new position, Harry."
"Thank you, Albus," he smiled back, shaking the hand.
He turned back to the people and met the proud eyes of Snape, Sirius, and Ron and the concerned eyes of Hermione, Remus, and Molly.
"So Harry, do you wish to say or announce something, or shall we end the meeting for today?" Dumbledore asked.
"I would like to announce something," Harry said, just as he heard the front door opening and soft, long strides making their way down. His heart started to race in anticipation and he had to force himself to concentrate.
"I want to introduce a new member of our Order," he announced only a second before Lucius stepped into the kitchen, bringing his snake cane down on the stony floor. The sound echoed through the room and everybody turned around to see who had joined them.

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Harry took a moment to stare at his mate, he looked so gorgeous! Lucius was wearing tight fitting, black pants which made Harry want to just stare at his dominant's arse, a crisp white shirt beneath a waistcoat made of a beautiful, shimmering silvery fabric, that hugged his broad chest perfectly and enhanced every muscle without making him look bulgy, and over it all a long, black cloak with silver clasps, whilst his mating mark was hidden under a pair of expensive looking dragon hide gloves. The picture was perfectly finished off by the famous snake cane in the aristocrats hand; the man just looked incomplete without it at Privet Drive.
Sadly, his happy drooling was interrupted when the others realized who had just stepped into their kitchen:
"Malfoy!" Sirius hissed and pulled out his wand and jumped up, quickly followed by Remus and Arthur followed them with a muttered Death Eater!
Lucius merely lifted his trademark eyebrow, no expression whatsoever on his handsome face.
"How did you get in here?" Sirius snarled, his eyes flashing.
Harry watched a small smirk form on the corners of Lucius' lips, as his mate said smoothly:
"I was invited by your new leader."
"Don't make me laugh Lucius, Harry would never invite scum like you," Sirius laughed and Harry quickly squashed the rising growl in his chest. He had known that it would not be easy to convince the order of Lucius’ loyalty, but he had not expected that they would instantly jump up ready to duel the man.
"You are a filthy liar Lucius Malfoy," Molly said and glared at the man. "Your whole family has always been."
"Why do you not ask the boy before you start attacking me? Maybe I am telling the truth?" Lucius suggested, not changing his relaxed posture, straight, but slightly leaning on his cane.
"We don't have to ask him, everybody in this room knows that you are one of Voldemort's men, we were just never able to catch you!" Tonks growled.
"Ah yes, you are working as an Auror, Ms. Tonks," Lucius commented without putting any feeling behind his velvet sounding words.
A shiver went down Harry’s spine at the deep purr of his mate and he barely restrained a moan in front of everybody. After their forced separation, the few hours yesterday had obviously not been enough to satisfy his submissive instincts.
"Well, whether I was a Death Eater or not, is of no concern right now, because as you said, the Ministry was never been able to prove their accusations."
"I have had enough of your foul talk," Sirius snapped and pointed his wand at Lucius, who still hadn't pull his own wand or even stepped out of the way, before flicking it.
Harry reacted instinctively and quickly; pulling his own wand from his pocket he shouted:
"Protego!" Sirius’ red curse reflected off his shield and crashed into the ceiling, making dust and stones particles rain down on them.
"Enough!" Harry snapped. "Please sit back down and I will explain everything."
Sirius stared at him in utter shock and confusion; so did everyone else, even Dumbledore. The headmaster blinked in surprise, but to Harry’s relief a small smile started to stretch the headmasters lips and his eyes started to twinkle even more. Well, maybe he should not be surprised, Dumbledore had always been different and ready to hand out second chances.
"Man, don't tell me that the prick is telling the truth," Ron whispered into his ear, one hand in front of his mouth so as to stop his words from being heard, but Harry knew that neither Lucius, nor Snape had missed anything. He didn't answer Ron but only glared at the witches and Wizards in front of him until they had finally seated themselves and the low muttering had died down.
"When Professor Snape apparated me to Privet Drive we not only bought Nagini with us accidentally but also Lucius as he had grabbed my cloak as well," he started his story, but was immediately interrupted by Ginny:
"Lucius? You call him by his first name?" The girl asked incredulous.
"I do," Harry affirmed and waited another moment, until the second surge of whispering and muttering had calmed down.
"We immediately bound Lucius and Snape explained a ritual to me, which would not only keep the Blood Wards after the death of my relatives stable, but also bind the man temporarily to me. We obviously could not just let him go, unless we wanted a whole horde of Death Eaters at my house."
"So he is a Death Eater!" Tonks exclaimed victoriously.
"He was a Death Eater," Harry corrected. "Now he is my spy within Voldemort's ranks and the Ministry."
"Harry, are you sure he is trust worthy?" Remus asked calmly.
Harry smiled thankfully at one of the few people who asked first and shouted later.
"I am."
Ron snorted next to him and Hermione asked with a frown: "Why?"
"Because we reached an understanding. Some things can even make the most loyal follower betray his master; besides, he is still bound to me. Not as tightly as before, but he is," Harry described his mating bond to the aristocrat.
Looking around, he saw many attendants frown. They all knew that he had referred to the murder of Lucius' wife and son. It seemed, he had chosen the right words, as they started to consider.
"But is it enough to invite him directly into the Order?" McGonagall asked.
Not hesitating a moment, he turned to his Head of House: "He has proven that he is trustworthy to me, which should be enough for now. Neither of you trusted Professor Snape in the beginning and many of you still have doubts, but Albus’ words were enough; this is the same, only with two other people."
"But Dumbledore was already much older and wiser back then," Kingsley argued.
Dumbledore cleared his throat and all eyes fixed on him: "Harry is right, he is the leader now and he has my full support. If he says, that Lucius has proven his loyalty to him, I will support and trust him in his decision."
"I think you are right, Albus," Arthur said calmly. "We accepted Harry as our leader and should treat him like it. Furthermore, we have many eyes in the ministry, but Malfoy has different contacts than Tonks and Kingsley or even I have, he could be a great help."
"You are all foolish! A Death Eater never changes!" Moody grunted, glaring first at Lucius and then at Snape.
"I will not say that your concerns are without any reason. All I ask of you is to give him a chance, because as Arthur said, he can be of great use to the Order," Harry spoke up again.
"But Harry, do you really want to..." George started and his brother took over:
"...have him constantly around?"
In unison they said: "He is a Malfoy after all and Malfoy’s are all huge prats!"
Harry had to smirk; the twins had a way of insulting his dominant that could not make him seriously angry, maybe because he knew that they would give the nobleman a chance regardless of what the others would say.
"Yeah well, I survived two weeks with him and Snape locked up in one house and I even had to go shopping at a muggle grocery store with them!" He smirked.
At this comment, even Sirius had to snort.
"Ok Harry, we will accept him for now," Remus said and pulled Sirius back onto his chair; he glared at his friend but didn't argue. Harry somehow had the slight feeling that Sirius would only be the dominant in their relationship when it concerned the bedroom, but not on many other occasions.
Turning back to the group, he waited for any confirmation or disapproval.
"Well, I still think it is a stupid idea to take him in, but I promised to support you," Ron huffed and Hermione nodded: "I am sceptical as well and," she turned and glared to Lucius, who was unimpressed, "I will have an eye on you, but I agree as well."
One after the other they all slowly agreed, only Ginny would not be persuaded.
"I will not agree with you on this one," she said as if it was important to him what she thought.
"Than let’s proceed," Harry said and then remembered that he had no idea how to add a new member to the order and turned questioningly to Dumbledore, who smiled kindly:
"In the past we had no real contract for members, but since the incident with Peter you have to perform a mild binding contract. It will prevent him giving any information away."
"But how can Snape work with this kind of contract?" Harry asked, knowing that his father had to give Voldemort at least some information to continue as a double agent.
"Severus has a different contract. He can tell anything, unless you order him clearly not to talk about certain matters," Dumbledore explained.
"So, how do I perform the contract?" Harry asked again.
"Touch the chest of the new member above his heart with your wand, but there can be no robe in the way, you have to touch the bare skin."
Harry nodded and motioned to Lucius to come over, who wordlessly obliged and unbuttoned first his silver waistcoat and then the white button down, exposing his muscled chest. Harry’s eyes started to roam his mate’s torso, but he quickly caught himself and pulled his wand out, laying the tip over Lucius heart.
"Now say: I, Harry Severus James Potter confirm you, Lucius Capricornius Malfoy, as a member of the Order of the Phoenix. You will hold our secrets and dedicate your life to the fight against the rising darkness," Dumbledore explained.
Harry nodded and repeated: "I, Harry Severus James Potter confirm you, Lucius Capricornius Malfoy, as a member of the Order of the Phoenix. You will hold our secrets and dedicate your life to the fight against the rising darkness." He felt a connection form between him and Lucius, but the feeling disappeared again quickly and he took his wand away, looking up into the silver-red eyes of his mate for a moment. Lucius didn't respond in any way, he did not smirk, or nod, but his eyes shone with pride and the one feeling Harry still didn't want to name.
Lucius stepped back and went over to Snape.
"So, whoever wants to join as well can now come forwards," he announced and as he had expected, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George and Ginny instantly stood up.
"Oh no! It is agreed that no one under the age of seventeen is allowed into the order!" Molly protested.
Harry saw his father and mate raise an eyebrow; sometimes you would think that these two men were related, with their stoic masks and the raising of their brows.
"I never agreed to that and I believe that we need more members at Hogwarts," Harry explained calmly. Slowly, Molly was getting on his nerves with her constant protesting, not even Sirius was that bad.
"We already have five teachers at Hogwarts!" She argued.
"Right now we have no members within the student body, but with Hermione, Ron, Fred, George and Ginny we will cover three years."
"There is no need to cover three years!"
"There is. Many Death Eater children are attending Hogwarts; even though they are not in his ranks until they have turned seventeen, they will still pick up on many things their parents discuss or even tell them, that is why we need more ears within Hogwarts. And don't forget that we have many Muggleborns who might need to be informed when Voldemort plans a huge attack," he countered.
"We can do that as well," Molly argued.
"I know, but my decision is not only a matter of need, it is one of fairness as well. Ron, Fred, George and Ginny are in as much danger as you and Arthur are, only because they are your children, but until now they were unaware about what is going on because they were not allowed to take part in the Order meetings and that endangers them even more," Harry turned to his friends, ending the conversation; no one would take him serious if he argued for hours about every little detail.
He gave them a sign and Ron was the first in the line. The redhead pulled his shirt over his head and Harry started to repeat the contract words. It was a wonder that no one had picked up on the addition to his name still, but apparently, they were all too distracted right now.
The nomination of Ron and his brothers went by quickly and smoothly, but when Hermione stepped in front of him blushing and started to open the first button of her blouse he wanted to hand his wand over to a female member and hide somewhere in embarrassment.
To his relief Hermione only had to open her upper three buttons and Harry could lay his wand just on the patch of bare skin above her bra. He said the incantation much faster than he had done before and was relieved when the bushy haired girl stepped to the side and started to redo her blouse.
His relief was short lived as Ginny stepped in front of him, mirroring her brother and pulling her shirt over her head, all the while batting her lashes.
In the background he saw Lucius glaring and quietly baring his fangs, his dominant seemed quite possessive and Harry got the feeling that the last week at Grimmauld Place would be much more complicated than he had previously thought.
Laying his wand on Ginny’s chest, he focused his eyes on a spot on her shoulder and said:
"I, Harry Severus James Potter confirm you, Ginevra Weasley, as a member of the Order of the Phoenix. You will hold our secrets and dedicate your life to the fight against the rising darkness."
Ginny beamed up at him, and to his shock stepped forwards to hug him and whispered in his ears: "I am so happy to finally be yours."
Her breast pressed uncomfortably against his chest and he could smell her thickly sweet perfume. It felt so wrong, he just wanted to shove her off, but his body had frozen.
When his mind had recovered and she had already let go of him and sat back down in her seat her words registered. A very audible, at least to him, growl and the heavy scent of rage came from Lucius’ direction.
Harry hastily cleared his throat: "If there aren't any other questions, I will end the meeting for today." Looking around, he saw that everybody was shaking their heads. "Thank you all for coming to this meeting on such a short notice," and with that, chattering started and everybody stood up.
Harry watched as every order member slowly left the kitchen, until only Lucius, Snape, Hermione, Sirius, Remus, Dumbledore and the Weasley’s remained.
They sat around the table; no one daring to speak. Harry, who had felt very confident only minutes ago, now felt very insecure. Molly was still silently glaring at him and Sirius looked as if he wanted to say something, but didn't know what exactly or how he should phrase it. The thought of Sirius being disappointed with him, or believing him crazy let him shrink in his seat and stare at the wooden table top. He had done what he thought was right, now was the moment where he would face the consequences. He knew that Remus had practically shut his godfather up and that Sirius would not have criticized him in front of the entire order, but they were mostly gone now.
Harry's nervousness grew even further when Sirius remained silent and it was Dumbledore who finally spoke up first:
"You have done very well Harry. I myself could not have done better and I am proud of you. It is no easy task to forgive and give second chances, but you once again proved the greatness of your heart.
Harry smiled softly, the praise of the wise wizard meant a lot to him: "Thank you Albus."
The wizened man turned to the Malfoy-Lord and told him: "I am afraid, you will learn that even most wizards and witches from the Light Side are not very forgiving. It will not be an easy time for you. Severus has now been working for me going on eleven years and he still is not fully trusted."
Lucius nodded curtly: "I am sure that I will be able to handle the distrust."
Harry saw his guardians and the Weasley’s frown at the mention of eleven years, they still didn't know about his true age and were thus, still under the influence of Dumbledore’s Dark Ritual, thinking that Harry was already fifteen, which would mean that Snape has been working for Dumbledore for fourteen years already. Harry had to admit that he was impressed at how thorough the ritual was, it affected all information that was connected to his age.
"Where do I stay?" Lucius asked then and stood up in a fluid movement.
"We have no free room," Molly huffed, clearly not happy with the idea that a Malfoy would live in the same house as her children.
"Molly," Arthur reprimanded her, much nicer than Harry would have done at that moment. "Lucius is now a member of the Order, whether you like it or not, and he has a right to stay here like everybody else."
Molly threw her husband a glare as well, but gave in with a huff: "Maybe the attic, if you can convince Kreacher to clean up there."
"I will show you the way," Harry said and stood up, hoping of some private time with his gorgeous dominant; but to his dismay his over protective friends followed close.
"We will accompany you, just to be safe," Ron explained with a fierce glare at Lucius.
"I can promise you, Mr. Weasley, there is no need to worry about Mr. Potter. I did not kill him during our time at his home..." Lucius pronounced the word home with more distaste than he had ever done before "...where it would have been much easier than at the Headquarters of your little army."
"Well, we would rather be safe than sorry," Hermione replied coldly and motioned for Harry to go ahead. He rolled his eyes; it seemed he would need luck to get some alone time with Lucius.
"I will go to my room as well," Snape said, giving him a look that clearly said that it was his turn to come to him if he wished to talk.
Nodding shortly, he led the way upstairs. He could feel Lucius eyeing the dingy house, with its dirty carpets, grey walls, worn down sofas and dusty shelves.
"As I understand, Black owns a House Elf," Lucius commented, but Harry nodded anyway.
"So tell me Harry, why is this place so dirty?"
"Because Kreacher refuses to work for any of us and many rooms are still cursed. Your in-laws were a very special bunch," Harry explained dryly.
"Former in-laws," Lucius corrected him. "and I already knew the last part. The Blacks have lost their sense of grandeur a long time ago."
"Yeah and the Malfoy’s haven't," Ron snorted.
"Indeed, Mr. Weasley. You will not find any cursed room or shrunken heads at my home."
"But your minds are as rotten as theirs was," the redhead muttered.
"Ron, please. Don't make this any harder," Harry turned around and glared at his friend; he really didn't want his mate to leave the headquarters after barely an hour, only because his friend didn't know how to behave politely.
Ron huffed, but fell silent.
"Maybe I should try and set this House Elf straight?" Lucius asked nonchalantly.
Harry saw Hermione open her mouth; surely about to say something about House Elf rights (she had this thing since she had met Dobby and Kreacher) and hastily said:
"You can try it. If there is somebody he will listen to, then it's you."
Hermione threw him a scandalised look, but he ignored her.
"What was his name again?" Lucius asked.
"Kreacher!" he called and the filthy creature appeared with a loud sound in front of them.
Lucius wrinkled his nose as he eyed the dirty pillowcase which Kreacher wore and his greasy hair.
"Mudbloods and Bloodtraitors," muttered the elf, not noticing the Malfoy-Lord.
"Elf!" Lucius snapped. Kreacher went rigid, turned and stared with huge, watery eyes at the aristocrat.
"Explain to me why you have neglected the home of your honourable family so much?" Lucius demanded.
"Only worthless scum is living now here, Master Lucius Malfoy, Sir," Kreacher squirmed.
"So you took the liberty to neglect your work?"
Kreacher wanted to say something, but Lucius did not let him speak: "You are a House Elf, your duty is to follow orders and to keep the house of your master clean, regardless of your opinion of him and not to make your own decisions."
"Please forgive stupid Kreacher, Sir! Kreacher will do everything honourable Master demands to please him!" The Elf whined, clearly devastated.
Ron gave a choking noise at Kreacher's sudden humbleness and Harry wrinkled his nose in disdain, only Hermione looked as if she felt pity for the elf and glared at Lucius.
"Go and clean the attic and prepare me a bed there. When you are finished start with the rest of the house and do not stop unless you are finished," his mate ordered and Kreacher bowed deeply and popped out of the room.
"What a disgrace for a House Elf," Lucius muttered and turned back to Harry. "Shall we continue on our way?"
"Stuck up bastard," Ron muttered, too silent for human ears to hear, but Harry of course did.
"Yeah, let's go upstairs," Harry agreed, thinking it would be best to separate his friends and his mate soon. He climbed up the first flight of stairs and pointed at a door to the left when they had reached the first floor
"This is my room. I share it with Mione and Ron," he explained, so that Lucius would be able to find him and be warned that he would most likely not be alone in there.
"You share a room?" Lucius asked smoothly, but Harry could hear the disapproving undertone in his voice; was Lucius suspicious of Ron or Hermione? His dominant really was possessive.
"I do, we don’t have much space here," He answered and went on. As they reached the second floor he pointed to the second door on the left: "This is Snape's room, just in case you would like to visit him, but he mostly spends his time down in the Potions Lab."
"Nothing new then," Lucius mused and they continued up the last staircase. The temperature got colder with every step, but luckily it would not affect Lucius more than it affected him since his change. Up on the small landing he pushed the wooden door open, which swung inwards with a dissonant sound.
"Maybe you should share a room with Snape," Harry said as he eyed the attic. It was even dustier in here. Huge cobwebs hung in every corner and the windows seemed to not close correctly. Ron looked frightened and even Hermione was obviously disgusted by all the dirt.
"It will be fine as soon as Kreacher has finished cleaning," Lucius drawled, eying the small House Elf, who was already eagerly packing things into huge boxes and apparating them away, probably to the basement.
"Are you sure, Mr. Malfoy?" Hermione asked carefully.
"I appreciate your concern Miss Granger, but opposed to common belief, I can very well handle living arrangements which do not stand up to my usual standards," Lucius answered politely.
Harry could barely suppress the snort, remembering how hard a time his mate had had at his muggle home. He was sure that he never had to cope with less than the highest standard before this summer, but as the noble man had somehow survived the two weeks, he supposed that his words were not a complete lie, just a very far stretch of the truth. Then again, these were the tiny things he had started to love about his mate. The man was unbelievably intelligent and combined with his Slytherin character he had no problems to bend the truth to his advantage.
"The bathroom is on the second floor and we all have to share it, but you are an early riser, so I don’t think you will have any problems," Harry explained and watched as Lucius wrinkled his nose. "If you are hungry or thirsty, just grab something from the kitchen," Harry added for their benefit of pretence and then shuffled nervously with his feet; he didn't want to leave already.
"Harry?" Hermione asked pointedly and he sighed in defeat. He really had no reason to stay in the attic any longer, at least not as long as his friends stood in the doorway, eyeing him and his mate sceptically. Oh, how he wanted to stay for a bit longer. The need to touch his mate had only grown stronger since the man had stepped into Sirius' kitchen and would surely not just disappear. "Well...I will go back to my room then; just knock if you need anything else," he finally said.
"Very well," Lucius drawled and took a couple of shrunken trunks from his pocket, enlarging them with a flick of his wand.
"Yeah, you don't need your standards," Ron snorted and Harry had to agree, that the eight trunks were a contrast to Lucius’ earlier words.
"I can assure you Mr Weasley, that there would be no room in this house for even one of us if I had brought my whole wardrobe," Lucius sneered.
Giving his mate a final look, Harry turned and left the attic with his friends, neither of them commenting on the spoiled aristocrat. They were silent on their way down, everyone deep in their own thoughts. Much had changed this afternoon and Ron and Hermione surely needed time to process everything as well.
It was already dark outside, but Harry knew that his day at least, was not yet over. Now he would have to face his friend’s questions about Lucius and then he would go and find Snape and after that there was still Remus and Sirius, who surely had their own questions as well.
Halting with his hand on the doorknob to their room, he came to the conclusion that he could at least answer Ron, Hermione, Sirius and Remus' questions at the same time; they would likely be very similar.
So he turned and proposed: "Let's go to Padfoot and Remi. They will want some answers as well."
Hermione smiled at him: "You know us too well, Harry," she said fondly and turned around.
His guardians’ rooms were at the end of the hall on the right side. He was just about to knock when Ron stopped him:
"Man, wait! What if we disturb them?"
Harry frowned at him; he did not know what his friend wanted to say him: "What do you mean?"
"What if they are busy doing know...after you told Sirius that he is Remus’ mate," Ron whispered.
Hermione rolled his eyes: "I am sure that they are not doing stuff right now. Harry had only told Sirius today and they will likely date first. Even with magical creatures it will not be that different from the way two normal wizards would start their relationship. Besides, they are most likely waiting for Harry after his little surprise this afternoon."
Harry prayed to which ever god would listen, that she would never find out how his mating had been. He had never regretted that fate had bound him to Lucius and he had even enjoyed their first time; regardless of the shock his mate had given him in the begining when Lucius had pushed him roughly onto the mattress and had started to rip his boxers from his body, but his instincts had kicked in quickly and now it was one of his favourite memories. A blush crept up his neck as he thought about their first night and all the other encounters they had had since then.
"Harry, man? Are you still with us?" suddenly a hand waved in front of his face and he blinked a few times to get back to reality
"I really don't think that they are going at it right now," he replied drily and knocked. His friend did not look convinced and he would have told him that he could not hear any moaning from inside the room, but that would have disturbed Ron more, so he waited patiently as one of his guardians approached the door and finally opened it.
"Harry," Remus greeted him with a soft smile.
"Hey Moony, can we come in? I thought that you and Sirius might want to talk to me..." he asked quietly.
"Sure Harry, we had hoped that you would come by. Sirius is a bit unsure since you reprimanded him over his treatment of Snape, so he did not want to search for you. He will be relieved to see you."
Harry nodded and realized only then what his harsh words had done to his godfather. Sirius was a big child and he truly had wanted him to be a bit nicer to his father, but he had not wanted to alienate him.
Remus stepped aside and they entered the small bedroom. It was very cramped in here, with Remus' love of books and Sirius’ tendency to scatter his clothes everywhere; Harry had to be careful not to stumble over anything. His godfather sat with a dark expression on one of the single beds and his face only lightened up slightly when he saw Harry.
"Can we sit down somewhere?" Hermione asked, looking around with furrowed eyebrows.
"You can sit down on my bed," Remus said and pointed to the bed opposite from Sirius'.
"I really had expected that you would be a more organized person," Hermione mumbled as she sat down.
"Well, I normally am not this messy, but it is difficult to keep the order with so little space," Remus smiled.
Harry tiptoed over to the bed as well and sat down next to his bushy haired friend. Ron joined them quickly and Harry waited for Remus or Sirius to say whatever they wanted to get from their chests, or to ask the first question. When he realized that both men were waiting for him to begin, he decided to clear another matter first:
"Sirius, because I was not happy with your behaviour once, doesn't mean that you can’t be your normal self around me. I know that you are a big child and a prankster at heart and I love you for it. I only wanted you to realize that you went too far back then."
Sirius finally looked up, with relief written in his eyes: "I was afraid that you would not want me as your godfather anymore."
Harry smiled back: "Of course I want you as my godfather; you are the best godfather I could have wished for!"
A single tear left Sirius’ eyes and Harry stood up and went over to hug the animagus. Sirius pulled him tightly against his chest, hugging him back. Harry laid his head against his godfather’s shoulder and closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying the closeness and the feeling of love. The question whether he would ever reach this level of trust with Snape entered his mind, but he quickly shoved that thought to the side. Now he had to talk to his guardians and not to his father.
"You are awfully cold, pup!" Sirius commented as he finally let him go again. Before he could say anything, Sirius had dumped his thick comforter over his head and ordered: "Wrap it tightly around you and then tell me more about the two weeks with...Snape and Malfoy."
Harry did as told with a smile and then asked: "What do you want to know exactly?"
"Everything," was Sirius’ simple answer.
Harry lifted an eyebrow; he must have picked it up from one of the two Slytherin which meant that he had obviously spent too much time in their company.
"Well... The first evening and the day after it was a real hassle. I had to ensure the Blood Wards were strong with Snape's help and bound Lucius to me, because we surely had not reached our agreement at that point and Snape had to leave for a while to try and contact Dumbledore without Voldemort noticing anything."
"Snape left you alone with Malfoy?" Remus asked, not looking happy at all with that news.
"Yeah, he did, there was no other option. We had no owl and even if we had one with us, it would have been too dangerous and Voldemort has followers at the Ministry, so connecting the fireplace to the floo system was also risky," he explained and then added with a grin: "But I had an additional safety measure!"
Sirius grinned wickedly and Ron asked: "What did you do?"
"Well, Lucius already knew that he would not be able to leave the house and he would starve there if he killed me, but just in case, I bound our wrist together during the night so that I would wake up if he tried to sneak down into the kitchen and get a knife. I mean, you never can be sure with loyal Death Eaters whether they would be ready to sacrifice themselves for their Lord," he explained, his grin broadening.
"And his wand?" Hermione asked.
"Really, Hermione, you are always so clever. As if Snape would leave Harry alone with an armed Lucius Malfoy," Ron snickered.
"So, you survived the night and apparently the next few days as well," Sirius said and motioned for Harry to continue.
"Yeah, but to go shopping with Lucius Malfoy in a Muggle store was a real challenge."
Remus snickered.
"He muttered all the way about Pureblood superiority and the way muggles live, and on top of it all he was stared by nearly every woman and man we crossed on our way," Harry sighed.
"How disgusting! Who would stare at him?" Ron wrinkled his nose in disgust.
"Well, he isn’t bad on the eye if you don't know his character, which the muggles didn't" Hermione mused.
"Mione! You are going to give me nightmares!" Ron exclaimed and Sirius looked pained as well. Harry tried to see the positive sides of his mate being insulted by his friends and family: At least, they would not try to steal him.
"I made the mistake and asked him what he would like for lunch," Harry continued, the scene playing out in front of his eyes.
"What did he answer?" Remus asked curiously.
"Oysters," Harry said drily.
Ron nearly choked on his laughter.
"And did you make oysters for him?" Sirius asked innocently.
"Of course not! Back then he was still an arrogant prick and I didn't have enough money to cook such fancy food every day," Harry huffed.
"So, what did you cook in the end?" Sirius prodded.
"A chicken soup with noodles."
"And he didn't die because of common food-poisoning?" Hermione asked.
"Surprisingly he didn't," Harry chuckled. " or two days later I dragged him to muggle London."
"Why did you do that to yourself?" Sirius asked sternly.
"Because his only Death Eater robe started to smell and he could not change into any other clothes my relatives owned," Harry explained.
"Yeah, I remember your whale of an uncle from the summer before our second year..." Ron muttered.
"Dudley has gained his height and weight this summer," Harry informed him. "Believe me, it is not easy to find clothes for Lucius that fit him and were acceptable enough. The quality of the fabric was of course, always too substandard, but they had to at least resemble something a wizard would wear."
"Black trousers and white button downs?" Hermione asked, guessing correctly.
"Yeah, we found something at H&M," Harry told her.
She nodded and agreed: "They do have very small sizes."
"What is H&M?" Sirius asked curiously.
"A store for fashionable young muggles," Hermione explained.
Sirius looked interested. "Remi, we should go there, we are still young and fashionable as well," the animagus widened his eyes in a puppy-dog-eyes fashion, but Remus only said: "Let Harry finish his story."
"We had a very serious conversation in an ice cream parlour at the end of that day. He tried to ask me things about my private life and I told him off fairly harshly, but surprisingly after that we talked for real for the first time; and when we were back at Privet Drive, we had silently agreed on a truce."
"When did Snape show up again?" Hermione asked.
"On that day, before we went to London and two days later. He had connected a muggle floo illegally to my house to tell Lucius that Voldemort had killed Draco and Narcissa," Harry answered.
Sirius flinched at the mentioning of Voldemort's name but didn't complain.
"And that was the reason, why he changed to our side?" Remus asked reasonably.
Harry sighed; this part would be difficult, but he didn't want to hide more things from his friends and family than he had to, so he told them: "Not entirely. The night after our visit to London I had a nightmare. A really bad one," he mumbled.
Sirius eyed him worriedly as did Remus, but Ron only asked:
"Just so that I can follow...that was before Snape told Malfoy about his dead wife and son?"
"Yeah," Harry confirmed. "As I said, I had this really bad dream and because we the same room,..." Harry described their very intimate sleeping arrangement harmlessly, "...I woke him up. He actually woke me and calmed me down afterwards. I kind of had a breakdown then..." he mumbled shyly. "I told him everything I hate about my life and he promised that he would help me with the things I want to change."
"He did what?" Remus asked shocked and Sirius added: "Do you hate your life so much?"
Harry didn't answer for a long moment, not knowing what he could say so as not to hurt his godfather too much. Finally he spoke softly: "I never hated my entire life, but there were parts I was not happy with, but they are getting better now."
"Is that the reason why you took over the order today?" Remus asked.
Harry didn't know if the werewolf had used the words took over on purpose or just randomly, and as he searched for an answer in his face, he could not find any hint.
"Yes," he answered truthfully.
"I always warned him about hiding so much from Harry," Sirius muttered darkly.
"You did?" Harry asked in wonder.
"Of course I did. Did you think I would not notice how much you suffered under his secrecy?"
Harry blushed; he had obviously underestimated his godfather. He quickly changed the topic back to his story to avoid another argument:
"Snape was a real help from the beginning. He went to the solicitor for me and made him believe that he was my guardian so that I could get my heritage sorted out. It turned out that I was my relative’s only heir. Now I own their house, their money and their car."
Sirius grinned: "Then they were useful for something."
"Lucius said the same," Harry snickered and Sirius nearly fell off his bed in shock.
"That was mostly everything that has happened in the two weeks. We played a lot of chess and I had another nightmare but beside that, there was nothing interesting;" Harry finished his story abruptly, leaving all the really interesting events out.
"Well, that was quite a lot and you haven't even mentioned Nagini," Remus smiled.
"She really was no hassle at all, we were friends on our second day together," Harry told him.
"Yeah, that sounds about right I think, but Harry, Lucius Malfoy living here? In my house? How could you just invite him?" Sirius complained, but Harry could hear that he was not really angry, more annoyed.
"I don't think that he will stay for long, but he is working with me and Snape on solving a little problem, so it is easier this way," Harry explained truthfully.
"What little problem?" his godfather asked.
"Do you know about the Horcruxes?" He asked innocently.
Sirius and Remus’ expressions darkened: "Dumbledore indicated something about it, but back then he told us that it was still only an assumption."
"Well, it is not an assumption anymore, but we have come up with a possible solution; at least for the Horcruxes residing inside Nagini and myself."
"What? A Horcrux is residing in...?" Sirius gasped in shock and Harry got the distinct feeling that Dumbledore really hadn't told them much.
"Nagini and I," Harry affirmed again. "But we spent one week reading through books; Lucius’ library really came in handy and I found a book that gave us an indication as to what to do, but we didn't understand it until Nagini came to us with one of Dudley's golden necklaces."
Everybody looked very confused and Harry started to explain the whole story: "The book I found said something like: To pull out the impure you must use the purest of all kind and it was written in an Alchemy tomb."
"Of course," Remus said and Hermione nodded in understanding, whilst Ron and Sirius still looked confused, so Hermione explained: "Alchemy deals mostly with elements and the purest element is gold. You cannot use normal gold, naturally, because it is mixed with other metals to make it stronger, but Snape will know of a way to purify it."
"The prophecy that was made about me says, that: Either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives, but Snape says, that he will be able to draw the piece of soul out with gold and a connecting potion," Harry told them.
Sirius sighed: "That's good. Maybe I really was too harsh with Snivellus. He can be really useful."
"That was my point," Harry snorted.
"You really had two very eventful weeks," his godfather mused.
"I did," Harry agreed, with a small smile.
"I believe it is time to go down to dinner," Remus said with a look at his watch. They all stood up and left the room, but at the staircase Harry said: "You go ahead; I have to check on Nagini."
Hermione and Ron gave him a knowing look and he went to the second floor, as soon as they were out of earshot.
He strode down the dark corridor and had nearly reached Snape’s door when he heard a silent voice whispering: "Is that you, Harry?"
Harry smiled happily. "It's me," he answered, as silently as Lucius had done so that nobody but a vampire would be able to hear him. His mate’s long legs appeared at the top of the staircase and he quickly ran over. There would be less chance of anybody finding them hidden on the stairs to the attic.
"I thought it was your footsteps," Lucius greeted him with a smug smirk.
Harry’s heart was beating in anticipation by now, so he ignored the comment and wrapped his arms around Lucius, pulling him down for a deep kiss. Oh, how he had wanted to do this!
Lucius obliged happily and their lips and tongues met. Harry groaned happily into the kiss, feeling his body going limp under the talented administration. He felt his skin finally warming up again when a long fingered hand slid under the hem of his button down, gently stroking his lower back, whilst the other came up to his neck.
He shuddered, when a sharp claw glided down the sensitive skin and sliced it open on its way downwards. Drawing in a deep breath, his lungs filled with the intoxicating scent of his mate.
Lucius deepened the kiss further and Harry stood up on his tiptoes, trying to get better access to his mate. Without breaking the kiss, Lucius lifted him up into his strong arms and Harry’s legs automatically wrapping around Lucius’ strong body.
Harry broke the kiss then, bending down to nibble at his dominants neck. Lucius moaned silently, as he gave the vein on his throat a particular harsh nip.
"I am so happy that you are finally here," he mumbled, licking over the abused skin.
"Me too," Lucius whispered back, combing through his thick locks. Harry leaned into the touch and closed his eyes; he did not want to separate from his mate any time soon, but he would have to.
"Miss Granger and Mr Weasley are quite the nuisance; are you sure they are the best friends someone could ever wish for?" Lucius smirked.
Harry groaned: "They mean well."
"Well is not good enough and they were a hassle regardless of their motives," the aristocrat drawled.
"You are right," Harry admitted and gave Lucius another kiss on the corner of his lips.
"Where were you heading to?" Lucius asked, pushing his head gently but firmly down on his shoulder, so that he could rest for a moment.
"I was on my way to...what should I call him? To call him Snape feels wrong, but father or dad as well..." he asked, finally able to voice the question which was nagging at him since Snape’s appearance at the meeting.
"Call him Severus, he will understand that you cannot call him father right away," Lucius answered.
Harry nuzzled the shoulder in front of him, mumbling: "You always know the right thing to do. I wish I was as intelligent as you."
"You are as intelligent as I am; you only need more experience my little mate."
At the word little, Harry looked up: "Did Severus tell you...?"
"He did tell me about your age, but let’s talk about it another time, you should go to your father now," Lucius cut him off.
"Does it bother you?"
"I will not abandon you, Harry," Lucius said softly, pressing a kiss onto his hair.
That was neither a yes, nor a no, but Lucius had told him the important part, so it was enough for the moment.
His dominant let him down then and his face grew serious again: "Harry, do you know how the transformation into a vampire normally works?"
Harry shook his head.
"It is painful and I only did it for Severus because he wholeheartedly wants to be there for you and asked me to help him, otherwise, I would never have done it," Lucius said silently.
"How does it work?" Harry asked.
"I had to bite him and drain him within an inch of his life," Lucius explained.
Harry gasped in horror. Snape had gone through this torture for him?
"Then I had to feed him my blood. It prevented him from dying fully, but his body died slowly nonetheless, whilst his body transformed under agony. It was a long procedure, which took almost the entire night."
Harry swayed for a moment, nausea rising in his stomach. Lucius quickly picked him up again and pressed his head back down on his shoulder.
"I did not want to tell you about it at first, but you should realize what he has done for you last night," his mate murmured into his ear.
"I realize. I realized it already when he came into the kitchen this afternoon, but did not fully comprehend…," Harry sniffed, a single tear rolling down his cheek.
Lucius held him and stroked his back soothingly until he had calmed down again, then he was placed back on the ground.
"Go and visit him and if your worrisome friends let you go, come up to me tonight," Lucius said and gave him another soft kiss.
"I'll try," Harry promised, before going down again.
In front of Severus' door he hesitated only a moment, before knocking.
"Come in," came the immediate answer from inside.
He carefully pushed the door handle down and slowly opened the door, his heart racing, as if he was about to face Voldemort and not his Professor. Professor, that was a good title for Severus right now, because that would always be true. Remembering that Severus could probably smell his nervousness, he tried to calm down, but to no avail.
As he finally stepped into the room, he could not make out the man at first. The room was even darker than all the others in the gloomy house and Severus actually merged into the shadows with his black cloak.
"Please close the door," came a voice to his right and Harry noticed him at last. Closing the door behind him, he remained standing awkwardly on his spot, looking around curiously. He had never been in one of Severus’ private rooms and even though this was not his personal quarters, he imagined that the bedroom would still be more personal than his classroom or neat office at Hogwarts.
The first thing he noticed was the piles of books and the amounts of scrolls which covered every free surface, Harry suspected that it was due to the missing space and not the man’s tidiness.
The second thing he noticed was the small cauldron that simmered silently even in his sleeping quarters. Severus really lived for potions. He looked around for another minute, but could not find any more interesting things on the first sweep, so he looked over at the man, who had, until now, waited patiently for his inspection to end.
"Would you like to sit down?" Severus asked and pointed at a free chair across from him.
He nodded and strode slowly over, thinking about what he should say to the man, how he should express his feelings and shock about what Snape had done for him.
" didn't need to transform for me...something smaller would have been enough," he mumbled as he sat down.
"No, it wouldn't have. You asked me to prove to you my sincerity and I wanted to do it properly, because you were right when you said that I have much to make up for. Besides, you are my twelve year old son, who will be a child for eternity, so you should have a father who will be able to be by your side for the same amount of time."
Harry gulped, he was touched by Severus words; more than he could ever admit at the moment, but his shaky voice was probably enough of an indicator as he mumbled: "Thank you."
Severus smiled at him softly, warmth filling those black and red orbs: "You are welcome Harry."
"So, how will we go about this?" Harry asked, waving between himself and Severus.
"There are quite a few things we have to consider," Severus told him.
"Which would be?"
"Firstly I believe we should get to know each other better. So I want to invite you to join me in my room or lab whenever you would like. You might even be able to see Lucius more often that way, because I can’t imagine that he will spend his time with anybody else besides you and me within the Order."
Harry nodded: "I would like that; if it doesn't bother you."
"I would not have invited you to do so if that were the case," Severus smiled and then added: "I am sure we will be able to find topics we both enjoy after we have spend some time together, after all, the ritual Lily used only affected your appearance and not your character."
"Unbelievable that you have managed to create a proper Gryffindor son," Harry snickered and then slapped his hands over his mouth, shocked by what he had just said.
To his relief Severus only smirked: "It is, isn't it?"
"Well, the sorting hat wanted to put me in Slytherin at first," Harry mused.
Severus blinked in surprise: "Really?"
"Yeah and I can even see why, but I didn't like to act on my few Slytherin tendencies, so it is better that I ended up in Gryffindor than in Slytherin." He watched Severus thinking for a moment, before the Potions Master said: "Your way to take over the Order was quite Slytherin like, I can see that."
"What else do we have to take into account?" Harry asked.
"I assume you have not yet spoken with your guardians?"
"No. I wanted to find out where we are at first," Harry affirmed.
"Where we are at?" Severus furrowed his brows.
"What kind of a relationship we will have, or if we will even have one," Harry admitted.
"Ah, well...I think that issue is settled and you can’t live on the base of false documents forever, so I would like to make our relationship official, but only if you agree to it. It will be another major change in your life" Severus said slowly.
Harry pondered the proposition for a moment. Severus was right, he could not continue like this; that counted in favour of his relationship to Severus, as well as for Lucius, but he really could not take his relationship with the aristocrat out into the public eye just yet, but wasn't it the same with Severus?
"What about your job as spy?" he asked.
"I would suggest that we tell your close friends and family first: Your guardians and the Weasley’s. I can name you my heir without the Ministry or Voldemort noticing it, because Gringotts conducts these things."
"Then I agree," Harry said.
Severus’ smile broadened a bit. "Good. When would you like to talk to your guardians?"
Harry chewed on his bottom lip: "I don't know. I would like to spend some time with you and Lucius tomorrow...maybe after dinner, when most of the order has gone to bed?"
"I think that will be early enough," agreed Severus. "So, how did your guardians take the Order meeting?"
Harry grinned: "Much better than the fact that a Malfoy is now residing here."
"I can imagine that," Severus snickered and it was a true, warm sound and not the cold, evil one he had used around Harry for the past four years.
"I really think that everything will just get better from now on," Harry mused suddenly. "I can decide how the Order should work now, Lucius is living here, I...have you now," he said the last part a bit hesitatingly and then added "and Sirius even admitted that you are useful."
The Potions Master’s eyebrows shot up.
"Unbelievable, right? But I told him about the Horcrux inside me earlier and that you are working on a solution to get the thing out of my body," Harry explained.
"As if I haven't saved you before that," Severus huffed.
"I know. You saved me in my first year and tried to help me in my third and after last term as well and now again," Harry mused, deep in thoughts.
"I did. But it was not for you back then. Not even when I started to help with the Horcrux and the Order, was for you in the beginning; but what I did last night, that was entirely for you."
Harry smiled, he really was grateful. "Lucius told me that it was very painful?" He asked, not knowing what exactly he wanted to know by asking.
"It was, but more not more than the thought that you might never accept me. That I have a son after all and that he might never want me as a father because of my own stupidity," Snape said softly.
Harry averted his eyes: "You know it didn't hurt when I changed. It was overwhelming, but nothing more."
"I think that was due to Voldemort's curse as a trigger, or even more likely to your parallel mating," Severus told him.
"Do you feel different about our mating since you know that you are my father? I mean...before, it didn't concern you in any way, but now..." Harry broke off, unsure if Severus already had those type of feelings for him.
"Yes, I feel different about your mating now. Before it didn't really bother me. Of course I tried to look out for you a bit, because you were- you are my student, but now I see the whole matter from a different angle. I do not only know that you are my son, I can smell it now. I can also smell how young you are and that you are mated to my best and much older friend. It is quite disturbing and my instincts waver between being happy for you that you have found your true soulmate, because every parent wishes that for his child, especially a non-human one; and wanting to rip Lucius’ head from his shoulders for touching you so early. Luckily the still rational thinking part of my mind supports the first tendency, knowing that Lucius didn't know your true age when you two mated."
Harry nodded in understanding, then he remembered something what Severus had just said and asked: "If you can smell that I am your son, why can't I smell that you are my father?"
Severus chuckled: "I believe my love for potions is to blame there. The scent of ingredients and potion fumes most likely cover my natural scent. I will buy new robes and clean them with a special soap, so that you will be able to smell our familial relation as well. It has helped me more than a bit and it lies in our new natures that we want to be aware of certain relations through our sense of smell."
Severus was right, a vampire’s mind worked different to a human’s and he would miss something if he couldn't smell his bond to Lucius. It would be nice to get the knowledge about him and Severus affirmed by his nose; it would probably feel more real then.
"Would you like to accompany me to Diagon Alley tomorrow? We could go together with Lucius and prevent him from murdering a Weasley?"
Harry grinned widely, that sounded like fun. "Sure. We could go directly after breakfast and conveniently miss supper."
Severus wrinkled his nose: "That is a good idea."
Something occurred to Harry then: "How do you eat? I mean, you are not Blood-mated?" Would Severus need to go around and kill people? He did not wish for his father to need to kill on a weekly basis. To his horror Severus face grew grave and he feared the worst, but what the man said only irritated him:
"I do not know what to eat or drink yet."
Harry stared at him in confusion, when Severus bared his left arm and turned it, so that he could see the faded mark on the underside of his wrist. Examining it, Harry noticed that he recognized the two symbols there, which had melded into one.
"That is your and mum's family crest," He whispered.
"It is. Apparently we were soul mates as well and would have become blood mates if she did not die so early, but that for me means that I get no nutrition from normal human blood, like you do not get any sustenance from it either."
Harry’s eyes widened in horror. Would that mean that Severus would starve within weeks or month? Could vampires actually starve? He did not believed so, but they probably would fall into an unconscious, drained state. That couldn't happen, not after he had just accepted the man as his father, or was at least in the process of accepting him.
"What will you do?" He asked, worry thick in his voice.
"I have not counted on this and I will understand if you do not want to help me..."
Harry cut the man off quickly: "I will, just tell me what I have to do!"
Severus sighed: "I believe that you, as not only my, but also as Lily's son, will be able to sustain me. Your blood will most likely do as a substitute."
The reaction of Lucius drinking his blood sprung to his mind and he blushed.
"It will not have any of those effects on you," Severus huffed and Harry sighed in relief.
"Ok...then the problem is solved," he grinned.
"I will talk to Lucius then, because you will need more blood from him than before."
"Do you need blood now?" Harry asked carefully.
Severus shook his head: "No, currently the magic and life force in Lucius’ blood is still sustaining me, it will be enough for the next few days. I will come to you when I start to feel hungry."
Harry glanced at the clock above Severus’ door and said: "I should go now, before Ron and Hermione get worried."
Severus snorted. "They will see us tomorrow then," he said and rose to his feet.
Harry stood up as well and looked a bit awkward at the man. Should he hug him? He did not feel ready for that, so in the end he only waved at him and smiled, saying: "Good night," before leaving the room and going downstairs on his own.
"Harry, that was the third meal you have missed today!" Hermione greeted him as he closed the door behind him.
"Severus had sandwiches prepared, I think he knew that I would come and visit him," he lied smoothly. Maybe he would feel bad about all the lies concerning his meals if he really was on a crazy diet, but as it was, he drank enough.
"Oh...good. I was already getting worried," Hermione said and grabbed her nightshirt, before leaving for the bathroom.
Harry sighed: "You would think now that I actually have a father, she would stop mothering me."
"Snape doesn't make the impression of a prime example for a good parent," Ron replied dryly.
"No, he will never be a typical father, but that doesn't mean that he will be a bad one either," Harry defended the man.
"You know more about him than I or Hermione, but I really can't imagine him as your father," Ron said, starting to change as well.
Harry went over to his own bed, quickly changing at vampire speed, before Ron could turn around again and said: "I actually can...or I am starting to..."
"So, your talk went well?" Ron inquired, as the door opened and Hermione came back in again.
"Yeah, it did. We talked for quite a while and he invited me to go with him to Diagon Alley tomorrow after breakfast," Harry smiled.
"He did?" Hermione asked, crawling under her comforter.
"Yes, he said he needs new robes and asked if I wanted to accompany him," he explained.
"Maybe you can talk him into some other colours than black," Ron snickered.
Harry snickered as well, imagining Severus in an outfit of red and gold.
"I doubt he will succeed," said Hermione, frowning. "But maybe you can persuade him to at least wear a white button down under his black robe."
"I don't think so, he can be quite thick headed," Harry replied.
"At least we now know where this bad character trait of yours has come from," Ron commented.
"Sirius once told me that my mother could be rather stubborn herself," Harry laughed, thinking that there had been no way for him to not end up stubborn himself.
"It is still hard to imagine your mum with Professor Snape, isn't it?" Hermione asked.
Harry sighed: "It is hard to imagine her at all. I know so little about her. Sirius and Remus mostly tell me about James. I think they didn't know her very well themselves, after all, James married her very abruptly to help her and not because they had been dating for two years or something like that."
"You could ask Snape to tell you more about her, he seemed to know her very well," Hermione suggested.
"Maybe I will at some point, but for now I want to get to know him better," Harry answered.
"Do you think, he will treat you better in potions now?" Ron asked, sounding honestly interested in the answer.
Harry thought about it for a moment; the question had never come to mind. "I think he will treat me more fairly, but that doesn't mean that he will suddenly transform into a Gryffindor- fan and he will surely not give me better marks than I deserve."
"That sucks," Ron grumbled and turned the light off. "Sleep well, man and you too, Mione," the redhead added, already sounding half asleep.
"Good night," Harry said, lifting his blanket for a moment to let Nagini slither underneath it.
"Good night," Hermione echoed.
He laid in the darkness for about half an hour, until his friends breathing had evened out. Then slowly, he climbed out of bed. He still wanted to visit Lucius, but as soon as his feet touched the ground Hermione's tired voice asked him: "Where are you going, Harry?"
Harry froze; he really was unlucky today. His mind worked quickly to come up with a logical explanation: "I just wanted to get a pair of trunks, I feel a little cold."
Feeling quite annoyed, he walked over to his closet and pulled a pair out, before climbing back into bed again, promising himself that he would visit his mate in the morning at least.

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Harry was awoken early by a harsh knock at the window. He groaned in annoyance as the loud sound ringed in his sensitive vampire ears and turned on the side in hope of it not occurring again. When the knock came the second time, he thought that the demanding sound seemed slightly familiar.
Opening his eyes, he arched his neck in a very inhuman manner to get a look at the window. Lucius’ falcon was sitting there, glaring directly at him. The look reminded him of those he had received from his mate before their mating.
Knowing that the bird would not just fly away, he sighed and propped himself up, before going over to the window and opening it.
The evil bird flew in with a deafening screech, waking his two sleeping friends, who groaned as well.
"Is your mistress sending you more clothes?" Ron muttered, whilst Harry stretched his arm out for the bird to land on. The bird settled down, but not without a second screech, clearly displeased that he had to wait in front of the window for whole three minutes.
"I don't think so," Harry answered, as he saw the small, golden velvet pouch on the falcon’s leg.
"Is your mate sending you a letter?" Hermione asked, purposefully using a term which did not indicate a gender.
"A love letter?" Harry could hear the grin in Ron's voice.
"No, it's a small velvet pouch," Harry answered, untying the bag from the leg whilst the bird looked with interested at Harry's hand.
"Don't bite me or I will tell your owner," Harry threatened quickly and the clever bird huffed and turned its head away from him.
As soon as Harry had untied the bag, the falcon flew off again.
"Stupid bird," Ron muttered, but finally sat up, looking curiously over at him.
"Open it, Harry," Hermione said.
He opened the little pouch and put his hand inside. His hand closed around something small and egg shaped and as he had retrieved his hand and opened it, he saw that it was indeed a small, golden egg.
"It's an egg," he said dumbly and then remembered that he had told Lucius that Hedwig could not be his post owl anymore and smiled softly. His mate really remembered everything.
"Wow! That looks like a phoenix egg!" Ron exclaimed, but Hermione shook her head:
"No, it is not a real phoenix egg. Do you see the black engraving on the egg?"
Turning the egg around, Harry indeed found some engravings.
"Infans expositus Phoenicis Justitius," he read out loud. "What does that mean?"
"Foundling of the Phoenix and the last word is his name," Hermione answered.
"His? How do you know that?" Ron asked.
"Because of the way the word ends; it is the masculine ending in Latin," Harry replied, not knowing where the knowledge had come from, or more precisely, knowing that it had come from Malfoy Manor, but not that he had it.
"Are you learning Latin, Harry?" Hermione asked in wonder.
"Hm," he shrugged. "So what is a Foundling of a Phoenix?"
Hermione took a deep breath and Harry knew that a lecture was coming. Smiling gently, he sat back down on his bed; he really liked even this slightly annoying side of his brainy friend.
"Phoenixes have mates, as most other magical creatures, but they can only lay one egg in their entire life. So it sometimes happens, that they adopt other chicks that have fallen out of their own nest and would die otherwise. They envelop the foundlings in an egg and breed them for a few weeks, giving the chicks’ phoenix like powers this way. It is said that these foundlings burn to ashes and come to life like their adoptive parents and often have other remarkable powers as well. They are considered as rare as phoenixes themselves and equally valuable and like the birds, they can only hatch when they are taken in by the right wizard."
"By the right wizard?" Harry asked, not quite understanding.
"Yes, the wizard or witch’s character has to fit the character of the hatchling. For example: Your...whatever bird it will be has the name Justitius. It is the male version of Justicia, the Roman goddess of balancing justice, so he will most likely only hatch for a true Gryffindor; and who would be more fitting than you?" she smiled at him.
"Yeah, man, you pulled Godric's sword from the sorting hat," Ron added needlessly and then asked: "So your mate is not a Gryffindor?"
"No," Harry answered.
"That's not bad. Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws can be nice as well," Ron grinned.
Harry said nothing and just looked down at the egg. It was a bit smaller than a chicken's egg and much lighter. He really was curious as to what kind of bird would be in there and how Lucius had gotten this egg in the first place.
"What if it doesn't hatch for me?" Harry asked, but at that moment the egg started to move in his hand and a crack appeared in its shell.
"Look, it already is. He must really like you," said Hermione and hastily came over to his bed, followed by Ron.
"What do you think it will be?" the redhead asked. "Another one of those falcons?"
"I hope not," Harry muttered, really not wanting such a stuck up bird, even though he doubted that there were any stuck up animals that would hatch for a Gryffindor.
He looked in awe as one piece after the other fell from the shell until it revealed a tiny and very black something. The bird was still folded tightly, due to its long stay in the egg, so he could not yet see what it was, but it really didn't look very bird-like at first sight, even though he could recognize a pair of large wings. Large in comparison to the tiny creature, that was.
"Does it have fur?" Hermione asked frowning.
Harry thought so as well, but didn't dare to touch the fragile looking animal just yet. After another moment it lifted its small head with its big ears and blinked at him with huge, golden eyes.
"It's a bat!" Harry gasped, grinning widely. He had to laugh; it was so fitting, that he as a vampire would get a bat as a second familiar.
"He is so cute," Hermione giggled.
"He is,” Harry agreed, stroking the small head carefully. "Welcome Justitius," Harry greeted him. The bat, no bigger than his pinkie yet, unfolded its wings (which had a golden underside instead of the usual black).
"He really looks special," Hermione said in awe.
"He does," Harry grinned, tickling Justitius under his little chin. The bat closed its big eyes in relaxation and gave a little sigh.
"So, do you need to mark me as well?" Harry asked and the bat opened his eyes again, looking at him with intelligent eyes, before crawling closer to his left hand and biting him in his pinkie. The bite really didn't hurt, not in comparison to Nagini anyway, and he watched as an intertwined pattern formed like a ring around his smallest finger. This was his third binding mark.
"Oh, that’s beautiful," Hermione hummed, eying his new mark.
"A bit girly," Ron commented.
Harry only shrugged, he liked the mark and it fit his new style perfectly. Justitius crawled up his arm and attached himself upside down on his sleeve, folding his wings around his body and closing his eyes.
"I bet he is tired after hatching. That must have been tiring," Hermione mused.
"Probably. What is the time?" Harry asked, hoping that it was early enough that he would have time to go up to Lucius and thank him personally.
"Only 8 o'clock," Ron answered grumbling. "Your mate must be an early riser."
"Yeah," Harry agreed. "I think I will take advantage of the early hour and take a bath," he announced and went over to the enlarged wardrobe, taking out the dark blue outfit, before leaving the room.
"Where are you going?" Nagini asked curiously from her place on the bed, her big head just sticking out under his covers.
"I told my friends that I would go and take a bath, but I will go and visit Lucius," Harry explained.
"Would you fill me a bath then?" Nagini asked hopefully.
"Yeah, sure," Harry said and the reptile followed him quickly.
"You know, it is kind of strange that you always take Nagini with you and now also your bat," Ron commented.
"Nagini needs the water for her skin, or it will dry and split open," Harry explained.
"I guess, London’s not the right living area for a reptile," Hermione agreed.
"No, it isn't, but it is fine as long as she can moisten her scales once in a while," Harry answered and waved at his friends before closing the door behind him.
"Shall I just start the shower for you or do you want a real bath?" He asked Nagini as they entered the small room.
"A real bath would be nice," she hissed, slithering into the old tub.
"Okay, tell me if the temperature is right," Harry told her and started the water.
"That’s good," she said after a moment and he went over to the toilet lid, waiting for the tub to fill, which didn't take long with the giant snake already fully inside.
Turning the water off he said: "I will lock the door from the outside, so that no one notices that I am actually not in here and get you in about an hour. Is that okay?"
Nagini nodded lazily and closed her eyes in relaxation.
Opening the door carefully, Harry checked that no one was in the hallway, before coming out and whispering: "Colloportus!"
He quickly ran over to the staircase and then in the blink of the eye, stood in front of Lucius’ door. He knocked once and waited for his mate to let him in.



"Come in," Lucius’ deep voice answered and he didn't wait a moment longer to get inside.
"Finally," his mate huffed. Lucius sat, leaning against the head board of his bed, a thick book in his lap, but he closed it and put it to the side as he saw Harry. "I already suspected that your little friends would never let you go."
"They didn't, but I am busy taking a long bath right now," Harry explained, striding over and climbing onto Lucius’ lap, leaning against his muscled chest and sighed. It felt so good to touch Lucius again. He had not noticed during the week before Grimmauld Place, how often he touched or kissed the man and it was torture to not be able to do so whenever he felt the need.
The aristocrat folded his strong arms around him, but stopped suddenly. "What have you got there?" Lucius asked, pointing to Justitius who was still hanging on his arm.
Harry smirked: "You should know the answer to that, after all, you gave him to me this morning."
Lucius’ eyes widened comically: "The egg has already hatched and it is...?" His mate didn't finish, clearly not able to recognize the small creature that hid himself away in his wings.
"He is a bat," Harry snickered.
"How fitting," Lucius snorted. "Do you like him?"
"He is great, thanks! But how did you get him?" He wanted to know.
"The egg was a present to my grandfather, even though the person who gave it to him knew that the egg would never hatch for one of our family. But a phoenix egg, or the egg of a phoenix' infans expositus is immensely valuable and as such fitting as a present for a Malfoy. It lay in a safe in my study for the last 70 years, I believe, and when you told me that you needed a new post-animal it immediately came to mind. No creature deserves to lie sleeping in an egg for eternity; besides the Foundlings of a Phoenix are highly intelligent and thus ideal for the work as a post owl," Lucius explained.
"Do you think he will ever be big and strong enough to carry a letter or a package?" Harry asked, eying the miniature bat.
"He will grow, not much I think, but he is no normal bat and will be strong enough... but I always thought that phoenixes would only take in other birds."
"Maybe a bat is close enough to a bird?" Harry asked.
"Apparently," Lucius mused, and started to comb through his black locks.
"Justitius already marked me," Harry said and lifted his left hand.
"Beautiful," Lucius said and kissed the new mark.
They sat in silence for a few minutes, just relishing in the company of each other, until Harry started to fidget. He still wanted to know how his mate felt about his true age, but didn't know if this was the right moment. On the other hand, was there ever a right moment to ask something like that?
"Harry, what did I tell you about fidgeting?" Lucius growled.
Harry stopped immediately, only then noticing the hardness he suddenly sat on. Blushing he turned a bit, so that he could lay his head on his mate’s shoulder. Harry knew that Lucius liked this position; he supposed that it gave the man the feeling of protecting Harry.
"What do you want to ask?" Lucius asked him and pressed a soft kiss on his head.
"I..." Harry stuttered and wished that he could still take a calming breath of air, but it wasn't a calming movement any longer. "You still wanted to tell me what you think know...the thing with my age. Does it change anything between us?"
Lucius was silent for a moment and Harry started to get nervous, but when he wanted to lift his head and look at Lucius, the blonde nobleman pressed him back down.
"I have to admit that it was a big shock, to say the least. If I had known before our mating, I would have restrained myself for a few years, at least until you had gotten of age. But we cannot change it anymore and we never had any chance with Voldemort's curse as the trigger. This all doesn't change that you are my mate and the most important person in my life and that I already told you that you will have to set the pace with everything concerning our...physical relationship. There is nothing more that I can do to protect you from this bond."
"So, nothing will change?" Harry prodded, needing to get an explicit answer, or he would forever fear that something might change suddenly, when he least expected it.
"No, nothing will change between us. It was, is more of a mental process for me, than something we both have to deal with," Lucius mused.
"What do you mean?" Harry asked in confusion. That sounded as if everything was not fine after all.
Lucius sighed. "It was already quite disturbing to find myself very interested and aroused by a fifteen year old boy, but at that age a wizard can be legally viewed as a sexually mature person, who can rightfully participate in sexual encounters; but at twelve the legal matter is entirely different. Wizarding children have to be protected from everything sexual, because it can still scar them at that young age. I always believed that men who take advantage of little children belong in Azkaban, only to find out that I have become one of them."
Sneaking his arms around his dominant's neck, he pressed a soft kiss to Lucius’ neck wanting to reassure him. "But I don't feel scarred and you know that we can’t compare me to a normal twelve year old boy anymore. I am not human any longer and I feel entirely different than before."
"I am aware of this Harry, that is why I have mostly made my peace with the matter," Lucius replied and a warm hand sneaked around his body and under his shirt.
"Hm, still not wearing anything beneath?" The aristocrat purred in his ear, making him blush.
A shiver ran down Harry's spine and he pressed closer to his mate’s body, licking the thick vein on his dominant’s neck. It had been much too long since he had tasted his mate’s skin, he had missed this. It had been a torture knowing that the man was so near, but not being able to go to him the whole night. Lucius groaned like always and his head came down to nibble at his neck. Gasping, Harry turned his head and met the other mans lips, opening his mouth for Lucius’ talented tongue. They kissed for a long moment, Harry making happy little purring sounds.
When they parted again, he was flushed all over and very aroused, but he didn't want a quick stroke before breakfast, so he turned back around and cuddled against his mate.
"Are you coming to Diagon Alley later?" Harry asked.
Lucius hummed in affirmation, "Yes, Severus will give me a polyjuice potion, so that I can accompany you without drawing any attention to it. He also said that if you still want to get your uncle’s car for the order, we could do it afterwards."
Curious to see his father drive a muggle car, Harry exclaimed:"That would be great!"
Lucius only wrinkled his nose: "I had hoped to not see that house of yours so soon again, but at least we will have some more time away from this even worse excuse of a home." He gestured to the attic and Harry nodded. He could actually understand his spoiled mate for once, even for a normal person, who was not used to the Malfoy standard, Grimmauld Place was hard to endure.
"So, how was your talk with Severus?" Lucius asked.
"It was good, I think. We mostly talked about important things and not too much personal stuff though," he answered.
Lucius smiled softly at him: "Have some patience; you will get to know him soon. Severus deserves to have a part of the family he had always dreamed about at least. Your father is a good and kind hearted man, even though he rarely shows it and he has lost so much in his life already. And you deserve it as well."
"Ron and Mione said nearly the same," Harry grinned.
"Really? I would not have thought them so wise and understanding."
"They can be if they really need to. But Ron especially can blow up rather quickly sometimes," Harry admitted.
Lucius chuckled and for the next few minutes they fell into a comfortable silence. Harry savoured the feeling of his mate's strong chest behind him and the soft touches. Sighing contently, he snuggled deeper into the embrace and his eyelids began to droop as warmth finally spread through his body once more. But all too soon Lucius pulled him from his drowsy state.
"You should get dressed soon, or your friends will fear that you have drowned in the tub," Lucius mused, sliding the hand that was still under his shirt down to his butt, where it rested for a moment.
"Yeah, especially when they knock on the door and no one answers," Harry grinned and begrudgingly slid out of his mate’s lap.
Walking over to the wooden chair where he had dumped his blue garments, he pulled Lucius' long button down over his head. Harry didn't need to turn around, to notice the heated gaze of his mate. Relishing in the attention and suddenly in a playful mood, he bent down provocatively to pick up one of the blue stockings, which had fallen to the floor, before taking the other as well and sitting down on the chair so that he was facing the aristocrat. He then spread his legs just enough for Lucius to get a glimpse of his cute cock, and if the man was lucky, his rosy opening, before pulling one leg up and starting to pull on the first stocking. It really was amazing how quickly he had become comfortable with exposing himself so openly in front of this mate, when he had even been too scared to change into night clothes in front of him only two weeks ago; but the time of separation had made him more bold, or maybe simply more desperate for his dominant’s touch, or maybe, it was the vampire genes changing him in this manner. Whatever it was, it didn't matter. He was comfortable enough to expose himself in front of his mate and Lucius would never misuse it.
Lucius groaned, a deep, growling sound that vibrated in his mate’s chest and the scent of arousal started to heavily fill the air. Harry smirked, an expression that looked so devilish and so innocent at the same time on his young face.
"Seeing something you like?" he asked, repeating a sentence Lucius had once teased him with.
"You are getting more open and comfortable," Lucius just replied, but his voice sounded a little husky.
"I am," Harry agreed, thinking that he really liked the attention he got from his dominant; it gave him a feeling of gratification. "And why shouldn't I? I know you would never do anything to me that I would not want."
"You are right, Harry," Lucius said, his eyes not leaving his small frame for one second.
Standing up, Harry took the white button down from the pile, not Lucius', but the one that actually fit him and pulled it on, before sitting down again and doing the same with the black shorts.
"Do you want to help me with the waistcoat?" he asked and picked the garment up. The one he had chosen this morning had beautiful silver clasps at the front and had to be tied at his back, making it more difficult to fasten it himself.
One corner of Lucius’ mouth rose in a seductive smirk: "It is a pleasure to help my mate," he all but purred and came over with the stride of a wild animal, ready to pounce on its prey. Harry's eyes were fixed on the silently fluid, but strong motions of his mate, and his cock twitched in his trousers.
Lucius grin broadened and one of his fangs flashed in the morning sun, as he came closer. As he reached him, Harry was pulled to his feet and turned around, before Lucius guided his arms through the sleeveless openings of the waistcoat.
Harry jerked in arousal and a shiver went down his spine as Lucius bent forwards and whispered into his right ear: "Close the clasps," whilst one hand landed on his small backside, gliding over one trouser leg and then under the fabric; one single claw started to tease his crack.
"Lucius..." Harry moaned, pressing into the touch.
"Don't forget to dress yourself," the claw was scratching over his puckered opening now, making it twitch in need.
"How can this?" Harry gasped.
"Still so innocent. So deliciously innocent. It makes me want to do all kinds of things to you and deteriorate your mind. But you will always stay this innocent...and that knowledge arouses me even more," Lucius claw glided over his opening one last time before it left again and the aristocrat stepped in front of him, closing his waistcoat. Harry currently could not have done that himself, not in his state. His legs felt like jelly, his mind was clouded with lust and he had to lean against his mate to stay upright.
"Such strong reactions. I would hate to have missed out on them, if you were any more experienced."
"What does my inexperience have to do with my reactions?" Harry asked, gasping when his cock gave a violent twitch at another touch of Lucius' claws.
"The body gets used to this kind of pleasure and the reactions grow weaker with time, but due to your age at your transformation you will always react so sweetly," Lucius purred.
Harry wasn't really sure whether he liked the sound of that. That only meant that he would always be reduced to a shivering pile of arousal whenever his mate touched him.
"I think I have gone just a bit too far, or not far enough," Lucius mused, looking down at him with a raised eyebrow.
Harry blushed, but didn't answer. His dominant was right. He was painfully aroused. It would have been better if Lucius had only laid his hand on his backside, without teasing him or if he...
His mind blanked, as the aristocrat suddenly kneeled down in front of him, opening his zipper with one quick motion.
"What are you...?" He didn't finish his sentence, because Lucius had already pulled out his cock and leaned forwards. The little bell around his penis jingled silently and Harry blushed at the sound. He groaned as he was suddenly surrounded by wet heat and Lucius began to suck. Heat gathered in his lower stomach and his hips gave an uncontrollable jerk as his dominant’s tongue licked the pulsing vein on the underside of his shaft. His legs started to shiver more violently and two strong hands took hold of his arse to steady him.
He brought his hands up and intertwined his fingers with Lucius’ soft, silver-blonde hair, whilst trying desperately not to jerk again, when Lucius teased his sensitive slit in an upwards motion.
"You do not need to restrain yourself. You can fuck my mouth if you want," Lucius purred around his pulsing flesh, sending shivers up the sensitive length and making Harry gasp again.
Hesitatingly he moved his hips forwards, changing the angle a bit, so that his penis was rubbing over Lucius tongue more firmly. But he was only hesitant for a moment. To be able to move himself drove his inexperienced mind and body into a frenzy. His hips quickly picked up the pace, desperate to find more friction, whilst the green silk band around the base of his length provided a wonderful pressure. The rhythmical ringing of the silver bell mixed with the silent thrusting noises as he pounded Lucius’ mouth harder and faster. The tingle in his belly intensified and he stumbled a bit, changing the angle of his cock inside Lucius’ mouth again, making it brush against one of his mate’s long fangs.
Harry groaned loudly, that was what he needed. His thrust grew harsher and quicker, driving his cock against the sharp fang with every motion and fucking Lucius’ mouth with uncontrolled and erratic thrusts.
He felt the familiar sensation of pain mixed with pleasure and his balls tightened quickly. By now Lucius was only holding him up, whilst he did everything else. His hands tightened in Lucius’ hair and white stars erupted in front of his eyes as he exploded. He spilled his semen down his dominants throat, who swallowed every drop of it without even blinking once. Those silver-red orbs were holding his gaze as Harry rode out his orgasm, driving his cock against the sharp tip of Lucius fang a few more times whilst he came, then he slumped boneless against his mate, feeling utterly relaxed and satisfied.
Lucius released his flaccid cock, but Harry needed a moment to come down from his high and gather himself again. As he finally looked up after a minute or so, Lucius was still staring at him, but not with lust anymore.
Harry could see that his dominants lips were red from his blood and as he looked down at his abused member he knew where the sudden hunger in Lucius’ eyes had come from. Thinking about it, Harry realized that Lucius’ last meal was quite a while ago for a dominant, the aristocrat needed more blood than he himself after all.
His cock stirred again at the opportunity of a possible second high and without hesitation, he grasped the back of Lucius’ head and pressed the face of his mate against his left leg, where his leg artery was pulsing. He saw the moment when the aristocrat’s eyes glazed over and the man’s instincts took hold, just the split second before Lucius’ long fangs pierced his skin.
Harry groaned as Lucius sucked the first gulp of blood from his vein and his cock hardened fully, pressing to the side of Lucius’ face. One of his hands left his backside, grasped the heated flesh and started to stroke it with slow, but also bruising force.
"Yes," Harry hissed, holding onto his mate's shoulders.
Lucius sucked again and tightened his grip around his member even further. Desperate for his mate's touch, Harry pressed himself against Lucius’ fangs and hand. The hand holding him in place started to trace soft patterns on his sensitive backside, deliciously caressing his sensitive arteries on its way. Since these veins had become visible, they were so much more sensitive, it was nearly maddening. "Please Lucius, mark me!" he groaned, not able to suppress a needy whine.
An appreciative hum vibrating through his mate’s chest, before Lucius’ fingertips were replaced by his claws. Harry gasped again when little pinpricks opened his skin.
"More, please!" he begged desperately. The tingle in his lower stomach had risen to a nearly unbearable level, but it still wasn't quite enough. Lucius drew in another mouth full of his blood and increased the pressure of his claws, opening deep gashes on his smooth buttocks.
He mewled softly in pleasure and closed his eyes to concentrate fully on the many sensation assaulting his body. Harry could feel that he wasn't far from his second orgasm and it only took another suck and a teasing touch to his slit, for him to come again. With a cry of bliss he spilled himself all over Lucius’ perfect hand, whilst leaning unconsciously into his mate’s hand on his backside, embedding Lucius’ claws deep inside his skin. The aristocrat took a last mouth full of blood and then withdrew his fangs and claws, licking once over the punctured wounds to close them up, before zipping up his shorts again.
Harry watched with a goofy grin when Lucius stood back up and smoothed his robe. Only then did they notice how bloody Lucius’ fingers were:
"Turn around," Lucius commanded and Harry obliged without hesitation. His mate kneeled down again and pushed his trouser legs to the side a bit before proceeding to heal the wounds on his buttocks as well.
Harry didn't react in any other way than to entwine his arms around his Lucius’ neck when he was lifted into strong arms and carried over to the bed, he felt too relaxed to do anything right now, like always after this kind of experience.
"Wait a moment," Lucius chuckled and placed him down on the mattress, before going over to the wooden chair and picking up his long, blue coat.
"I still need to fasten your waistcoat," Lucius said and Harry hummed in agreement, but didn't move otherwise, he was just too relaxed right now; all his muscles felt like pudding and he did not have the energy to move an inch.
"You need to sit up or roll over onto your stomach, or I will not be able to help you," His mate smirked down at him.
Rolling over lazily, Harry waited patiently whilst his mate grabbed the silver ribbons and started to tie the clothing. When the aristocrat was finished, he had reconnected to reality again and sat up, a goofy smile still on his lips.
Lucius raised an eyebrow: "If me drinking your blood always has such a strong effect on you, we should only do it in the evening, when no one is likely to notice your overjoyed behaviour."
Harry giggled happily and hugged Lucius around his midsection. "I think this must be what feeling drunk must feel like."
Lucius only groaned: "If you do not restrain yourself a bit more, there will be no need for hiding our relationship any longer, because everybody will know it as soon as we step into the kitchen."
"Don't worry," Harry huffed. "I will restrain myself, but we are not in the kitchen yet, not even out of your room." He pulled his coat over and stood up, glancing over at the door. "We should probably wash ourselves; I don't know how good a werewolf’s nose is..."
"That is probably a good idea. I am not keen on finding out how a werewolf reacts when he finds out that his pup has an inappropriate relationship with a much older Ex-Death Eater," Lucius mused.
"His pup?" Harry asked in irritation.
"Of course. As Sirius’ godson you belong to his pack. My nose is as good as yours, so don’t believe that I have not noticed their bond yet," Lucius explained.
Harry sighed; there really was a lot of things he still did not know. Sure Severus had covered werewolves in his third year, when the man had taught DADA after the full moon and Remus had not been able to show up himself, but they had only discussed the danger of these creatures and not much else. Maybe he should search for a book about werewolves, and if he was lucky, it would also help him with his relationship to his guardians. But for now he had to go down, clean up and get back to his friends before they became worried.
"We will see you downstairs then," Harry said, looking around. Where had he left Justitius? As if the little bat had sensed that Harry was searching for him, he came fluttering over from a corner of the attic where apparently, he had been hanging on a curtain. The little creature landed on his shoulder, screeched softly in greeting and glared at Lucius as if the man was at fault for being dumped on a wooden chair alongside Harry’s nightshirt.
Lucius lifted an eyebrow and drawled: "I see he likes Slytherins as much as most other Gryffindors do."
"He isn’t a Gryffindor, he’s a bat," Harry replied and glared back for good measure, but without real malice.
"He is a magical creature who was only willing to hatch for a Gryffindor. I think that makes him an equal with your red and gold loving kind," Lucius huffed.
"Are you trying to insult me Lucius Capricornius Malfoy?" Harry mock-glared.
"No, of course not; I would never insult my mate," Lucius said and stepped nearer to Harry, whispering: "Beside, I have become very fond of your Gryffindor character." Harry met the lips of his dominant in a soft see-you-later kiss and then finally left the attic, even though he didn't want to; only the prospect of seeing his mate at breakfast actually made his feet move.



Using his vampire speed, he rushed unseen into the bathroom, where Nagini was waiting patiently for him, still enjoying the hot water.
As soon as he had stepped in the snake sniffed the air and asked: "Have you mated again?"
He nodded, a bit embarrassed and hastily took a washcloth from one of the cabinets.
"Why do you mate if you cannot bear hatchlings anyway? Your bond is formed and your mate takes care of you, so there is no need to mate" The reptile asked.
Harry flushed darkly, as darkly as he could anyway, but tried to explain: "Because it is nice. Humans and vampires need to mate regularly to feel close to their mates."
Nagini frowned. Harry mused that the concept of mating for closeness, pleasure and even fun was not easy to grasp for an animal which only mated to create offspring.
Turning around, he shoved his pants down to quickly clean himself.
"Is the scent gone?" he asked Nagini, who nodded her heavy had and slithered out of the tub.
He quickly clothed himself again and had just finished when someone knocked at his door:
"Harry? Is everything ok? You have already been in there for over an hour and a half," Hermione asked worriedly.
Rolling his eyes he opened the door: "I am just finished. It took me longer to get dressed, because the waistcoat has its ribbons on the back." It was good that he knew his worried friends so well, or he might have been back too late and that would not have ended spectacularly.
"Oh. Why didn't you just come to our room? I would have helped you," Hermione asked, sounding a bit hurt.
Ron, who was standing behind her rolled his eyes and muttered: "Girls," but it was too silent for Hermione to hear.
"I need to learn how to dress myself. I will have my own room at Hogwarts and you can't come to me every morning to fasten these blasted things," he explained carefully.
To his relief Hermione sighed her sigh that meant that she understood: "You are right, Harry. I forgot. It's just that I always had this need to look after you and now that I know how young you really are..."
"But Harry has a father now, Mione," Ron interrupted her and Harry knew that he had said it to stop their bushy haired friend and not because he suddenly thought that Severus would be a good father.
"I know, but I still can’t imagine Professor Snape taking care of him like a father should. I can’t imagine him as anyone’s father," she argued.
They fell silent, but luckily steps sounded before Hermione could start again. The steps were purposefully heavy, like human steps would be, but Harry knew instantly that his mate was coming down.
Ron and Hermione turned around when Harry looked up and glared at the Malfoy-Lord as soon as he was in sight. Lucius sneered back but said: "Good morning, Harry," before continuing his way.
"I hate this stuck-up prick!" Ron muttered.
"Hmm," Hermione agreed and they followed the man into the kitchen.
The kitchen was already crowded when they entered. Harry saw his mate’s eyes instantly settling on him and his hips gained a seductive swing. Their little encounter a few minutes ago had shown him how much the older vampire liked it when he did things like that. It was as if he presented his body to his mate and it felt really good.
Unfortunately, not only Lucius noticed his seductive stride, but Ginny also. The girl blushed, but he ignored her and sat down next to Sirius and opposite to his mate and Severus with an enticing crossing of his legs. At that moment, not even her stares disturbed him knowing that Lucius would never let anybody else touch him.
Severus wrinkled his nose and glared at his friend, who pretended to not notice anything. Somehow, he got the feeling that merely washing with a cloth might be enough for a werewolf's nose to not be able to smell anything anymore, but not a vampire’s. His cheeks heated at the thought of what exactly his father smelt right now and quickly looked down onto the table, noticing that the plates of all three of them were still empty, but he would not do anything about it as long as Hermione or anybody else would not start nagging him about it again.
"Hey Harry, have you slept well?" Sirius, who had only noticed him just now, asked him suddenly.
"Yes, thank you. And you?" Harry asked.
"Me too. Anything planned for today or do you want to play a game of catch the snitch with your old godfather?" The animagus asked.
Glancing over to his father he said: "I am going with Severus to Diagon Alley today..."
"So it's Severus now?" Sirius glared at Severus and Remus sighed loudly next to him.
"...but," Harry continued without acknowledging the comment "...if you can persuade everybody who is currently staying at Grimmauld Place to a second game, we can play tomorrow."
Instantly, two sets of glares landed on him, one belonging to Sirius and the other to Severus.
Ron, who had listened to their conversation, snickered. "Don't do that Harry, I bet Snape will fall of his broom like a giant bat with broken wings."
Severus’ glare intensified and turned to the redhead, who realized what he had just said: "That will be fifty points from Gryffindor even before term has started, be grateful that Harry has earned his own lost points back already, or your house would be a hundred points in the negative by now. And let me tell you Mr. Weasley, only because I do not like to chase after a little ball, or get knocked from a broom by a bludger and prefer my cauldrons, does not mean that I cannot fly. In fact, I am fairly talented myself."
Ron snorted in disbelief.
"Really you are?" Harry asked, his curiosity awoken, only to have Severus’ glare fixed on him again.
"You uneducated brat, but at least I know by now who's fault that is," Severus muttered and Harry grinned. Next to him his friends lifted their eyebrows, astonished that the man had not taken points from Harry as well. Maybe, he hoped, they would soon see that Severus had the potential to be a good father.
"You know that it's unfair to take points from them before the school year has even started? How did Harry earn his points back anyway? Did you make him scrub cauldrons?" Sirius snapped.
Severus merely shrugged: "You will come to know this evening, Black."
Harry sighed inwardly, but said nothing. His mate also wore a slightly annoyed look by now, obviously quickly coming to understand what had made him so annoyed in the last few days.
"Who is that little one on your shoulder?" Remus suddenly asked and pointed at Justitius in order to steer the conversation away from the topic of house points.
"Oh, that is Justitius he is an Infans exositus Phoenicis. My mate gave him to me, because Hedwig can't carry my post anymore," he explained happily.
Justitius opened his big, golden eyes at the mention of his name and he started to bounce excitedly on Harry’s shoulder. Harry chuckled and stroked his little head carefully.
"Hush, I am just introducing you," he said and the bat puffed out his unimpressive chest. Remus eyes had widened in awe; so had Severus'. The Potions Master quickly glanced over to Lucius and then back to the bat, whilst Hermione, Ginny and Molly started to giggle.
"Women, all the same, no matter their age," Arthur laughed loudly at the three witches and then eyed Justitius curiously as well.
"He is so cute!" Ginny cooed.
"He is," Molly agreed and smiled at the bat. Justitius clearly enjoyed the attention he was getting and spread his long wings.
"Little show off," Harry chuckled fondly.
"I really would like to get to know your mate. She must really love you if she gives you such valuable present," Sirius commented, making Harry blush heavily.
"This certainly indicates that Harry's mate is a good catch," Lucius smirked and Harry threw him a quick glare.
"Yeah, I am sure I will greet her with open arms," Sirius said, for once agreeing with the aristocrat.
Harry saw the twins exchanging a look. He could understand them.
"So Harry, are you finished with breakfast? We will have to go soon if we want to get the car after we are finished at Diagon Alley," Severus asked innocently; too innocently.
Harry saw his godfather’s temper flare again.
"You are going with...Sni...with him? I thought you were going with Ron and Hermione!"
"Sirius," Harry sighed and Sirius deflated.
"Is anyone else coming with you at least?" his godfather muttered.
"Yes, there will be someone else, no need to worry about your precious godson," Severus sneered.
Ron leaned closer to Harry’s ear and muttered: "It seemed your new found relation doesn't matter; as soon as he can, he riles Sirius up."
"Yeah and I can promise you that it will get even worse. I plan on telling Sirius and Remus everything this evening and I am sure Severus will start to rub it into their faces that I am his son," Harry muttered back.
"Really, boys," Hermione sighed exasperatedly.
Turning back to the conversation, Harry heard Remus asking: "Who will accompany you two?"
"Another teacher from Hogwarts. I still don't know who Dumbledore will send. But surely he will not send Sybill Trelawney and he cannot send me anymore, so do not worry wolf," Snape drawled.
Sirius huffed, but fell silent.
"Yeah, I am finished," Harry said and rose up. "Let me just get my money and then we can go."
Severus and Lucius rose to their feet as well.
"Is the bastard accompanying you as well? I thought only you, Snape and another teacher?" Sirius asked.
"I am floo’ing over to Malfoy Manor to get some paperwork done. I cannot concentrate in this... loud environment," Lucius drawled.
"Why don't you just stay at your precious Manor if it is so much better there?" Sirius taunted, but Lucius only turned around and left the kitchen.
"I'll see you all later then," Harry said and quickly followed his mate.
Lucius had already gone into the living room, so he just went up and got his pouch.
"Hey Justitius, do you want to go shopping?" he asked, as he fastened the red velvet bag. The little bat only blinked at him with questioning eyes.
"You will like it," Harry promised. "Severus and Lucius are coming as well.
Justitius eyed him sceptically at the mention of his father’s name and started to glare at Lucius’. Chuckling Harry slipped into a pair of high boots and went down again.
"There is no need to bring any money. I wanted to tell you earlier, but the kitchen was not the right place." Severus said and Lucius nodded.
"It's ok, I still have enough money from when I visited Gringotts the last time," Harry answered.
"You will not pay as long as you are with one of us. You can pay when you go alone to Hogsmeade with your friends on the weekends," Lucius huffed and eyed the pouch. "Besides, you didn't take very much."
Harry goggled at the heavy bag; he never had taken so much money from his vault before.
Severus pressed a small vial into Lucius’ hand and explained:
"This is a potent version of the Polyjuice Potion; it will last for three to five hours, depending on how your body reacts to it."
"Up to five hours? The one we made in our second year only lasted for one hour. It would have been much easier if we had known that such a recipe existed," Harry said.
Severus narrowed his eyes: "So it was you and your little friends who stole my ingredients back then? How sneaky of you."
Harry flushed.
"What did you brew Polyjuice Potion for?" Lucius purred and Harry’s flush darkened. How could he tell his mate that he had suspected his dead son of being the Heir of Slytherin and the attacker of all those students?
"We can ask him all our questions later when we sit down in a cafe, but let us go now," Severus interrupted them.
Lucius turned back to the vial in his hand and asked: "Whose hair did you throw in there?"
"I am not sure, I collected it when I was at Hogwarts last night, but the teachers have a meeting today, so whoever it is will not be seen in two places at the same time," Severus grinned.
"How delightful, a surprise," Lucius glared.
"Can I assume that you will be able to transform your robes in something appropriate?" Severus just asked.
"Of course. At least it is not black hair," the aristocrat said, referring to Hagrid. "But I will kill you anyway if I change into McGonagall or someone equally unbearable."
"You have my permission to try it," Severus smirked and turned to Harry, who had watched the conversation between the usually stern men with interest.
"Let's go ahead, Lucius will follow as soon as he is ready," Severus said and gave him the pot with Floo Powder.
Shoving his hand inside, Harry took a handful of the powder, before tossing it into the flame and shouting. "The Leaky Cauldron!"



The swirling in the Floo Network really was no better as a vampire than it had been as a human. He stumbled out of the Floo ungracefully, but was prevented from falling by a strong hand that grabbed his arm luckily.
"You definitively inherit your floo’ing skills from your mother," Severus huffed from behind before letting go of him.
"Really?" Harry asked interested, suddenly his tendency to stumble from the Floo didn't seem so bad anymore; at least he had something else that he had inherited from his mother other than his eyes.
"Hasn’t anyone told you before?" Severus asked, clearly astonished.
"No, I know close to nothing about her," he mumbled a bit sadly. To his surprise Severus laid a hand on his shoulder and squeezed it.
"If you wish, we can change that," the man said softly.
Harry smiled up at him gratefully, but then noticed the huge fireplace flaring up again and he turned around curiously.
"Did you really not know who the hair was from?" he asked the Potions Master.
"No," Severus replied.
Harry nearly choked on his laughter, as a thunderous looking Dumbledore in green and golden robes stepped out of the Floo with blazing eyes instead of sparkling ones.
"I will definitively kill you, Severus," Lucius said with the headmaster’s voice.
Harry saw that Severus had a difficult time suppressing his own grin, but the intelligent man quickly turned around and started to stride out of the crowded pub.
Harry quickly noticed that many confused looks followed them and especially him. He assumed that most witches and wizards did not recognize him with his new style and without his trademark glasses and were now asking themselves who was going shopping with the most famous and infamous teachers of Hogwarts. He could hear the whispered words exchange student, celebrity, relative of Dumbledore and even council member as he went by and he rolled his eyes.
"We will be the headline of tomorrow’s Daily Prophet," Lucius muttered behind him and Severus drawled: "Most likely."
"I think Dumbledore will find it funny. I even bet he will have no problems to guess who had posed as him," Harry grinned and quickened his space to catch up with Severus, who had come to a halt in front of the pub.
"So, where do you want to look for robes, you could..." Harry started to suggest but was cut of by Severus: "Do not finish that sentence. I will not change my entire style only because you have a bet going with your little friends or something similarly stupid. We will go to the store which sells the traditional robes for Potions Masters."
"So you aren't just wearing some strange..."
"Don't finish that sentence either," Severus huffed.
"But you could buy some more luxurious robes and you did receive your certificate as the best Potions Master of the Wizarding World last year. You should buy the proper uniform; it would be beneficial for Harry as well if more people knew about your achievement."
"Fine, I will take a look at them," Severus gave in.
"So, where is this store?" Harry asked, looking around.
"At the end of Diagon Alley, near the beginning of Knockturn Alley," Lucius answered as they started walking down the bustling street.
"Why am I not surprised?" Harry asked sarcastically, but followed without hesitation.
"Well, it is a very convenient place; most Potions Brewers have their fair share of experience with the black market due to ridiculous rights concerning rare or foreign ingredients," Severus explained.
Looking around, Harry saw many familiar faces, but no one seemed to recognize him. They passed him without looking, or sometimes a curious or irritated look, like the witches and wizards in the Leaky Cauldron had done.
The first familiar he had seen had been Lee Jordan; he had waved at him, only to receive a very irritated frown. The boy had obviously not recognized him, but instead thought that he was a foreigner, who wanted to flirt, after that he had refrained from waving at anybody.
"Lucius, Severus?" he asked quietly.
"Yes? Severus replied, whilst Lucius asked silently: "What is it, Harry?"
"Have I changed so much? I mean, shouldn't they notice me even in the new clothes?"
The two men glanced down at him; finally Severus answered carefully: "I think that if we look at it rationally, you have changed quite a lot: Your hair has darkened, your skin is now nearly translucent white, where it had been toned before and you must have lost at least 20 pounds, more likely 22. That added to your new wardrobe can fool even the closest of friends and they are only some fellow students."
Harry glanced over at a shop window, looking at the picture he made on the reflecting surface and had to admit that the man was right. His features were the same, but only now he noticed how different his new skin colour and frailness made him look. He also moved differently; more elegantly, which sadly didn't mean that he was less clumsy. Of course, it was nothing compared to Lucius’ elegance, but still. And his clothes...they really suited him and were breathtaking beautiful, but looked as if they came from a whole different era.
"You look beautiful, that is why everybody stares at you," Lucius said, but Harry could only see irritation in the headmasters face.
His disguised mate huffed in annoyance and they fell silent. Five minutes later they had reached a nondescript looking store with a door made of a dark red wood, which Harry had never seen before.
"Blood oak," Lucius explained from behind him and pushed the door open. He followed Severus inside and his first thought was that this store was anything but nondescript:
It was fairly dark inside; Harry started to think that every Potions Brewer loved dark and gloomy places. The shelves, tables, counter and chairs were all made from dark and very expensive looking wood. Mirrors were framed in gold and every door knob was made from the same material.
Whistling in astonishment, Harry went over to the next shelf. Justitius had left his shoulder and was exploring the shop himself, returning to him or Severus every so often, and fluttering excitedly around their heads. Harry found it fairly funny and was happy to see his little friend so excited, but the Potions Master was obviously annoyed with the hyperactive bat. Right now he was trying to shoo him away, but Justitius continued his circles around the man. Harry chuckled silently as he watched the spectacle, doing nothing to help his father.
"Do you have your certificate?" Lucius asked behind him and Severus answered:
"Of course I have, you need an actual license or certificate to buy anything here."
An elegant looking wizard, with brown hair and a similar robe to Severus’ came over to them asking: "Can I help you somehow, Sir?"
"Yes. I need new robes," Severus said and pulled his certificate from one of his pockets and gave it to the assistant. The man read the small document written on thick parchment and gasped.
"Of course Sir, please take a seat. Would you prefer red, silver or gold for the under cloak?"
"Silver," Severus said, whilst pulling Justitius from his long hair, where the bat had successfully gotten tangled. "Watch him," the dark man huffed and put the little animal down on Harry’s shoulder again, before going over to the sofas in front of the changing rooms, whilst the assistant disappeared into a back room.
Harry stroked Justitius, who had by now settled back on his shoulder and took a seat next to Severus.
"Why was the man so surprised?" he asked, when the little fellow had settled down again.
"The criteria for the title of best Potions Brewer in the World was set by no one other than Slytherin himself and to gain the title, you must be better than the last master who held this title, regardless of whether he or she is still alive or not. For the past four hundred years the title belonged to Grindelwald's great-great grandfather, but he never succeeded with the Wolfsbane Potion."
Harry’s eyes widened as he realized at last what a famous person his father really was. Severus Snape was probably far more known in his own circle and it was only due to his disinterested in anything potions related, that he never had read about him in any book before. It really vexed him that he didn't know very much about the man; but that was the case with his mate as well if he was honest. Harry knew which professions the aristocrat had learned, but nothing more. Mentally he promised himself to find out more about these two. Maybe Hermione would even help him with his research.
"So Grindelwald's great-great grandfather was better than Slytherin himself?" he asked. Severus snorted: "Of course not. There was never and most likely will never be any better brewer than Salazar, with the exception of Merlin, that is. But Slytherin never took the title, he wanted to encourage young brewers and not scare them away."
"Oh, I see, but that means that you are still very good;" Harry smiled.
"I think your father would someday be able to pass Slytherin, but he is not able to read most of his books, like everybody else aside from you and the Dark Lord," Lucius mused.
"So they are in Paseltongue? But I could translate them for you, if you have them that is," Harry offered.
"I have a few of them and we would certainly find some more in Lucius' library," Severus said.
"To be honest, I am not sure. There are too many books in my library to remember those I cannot read." Harry snorted and looked at his mate: "You have to give me a tour through your home sometime soon; it is after all the place where I will live in the future."
"I definitively will, the house elves are already becoming unsettled," Lucius promised.
Harry frowned; he didn't see the connection between his visit and his dominant mate’s house elves.
"In a traditional marriage it is the duty of the Lady to control the house elves. When two males are married it is the submissive partner who has to care for them, as it is assumed that he will take on the role as the house wife," Severus explained.
"Oh..." Harry said; he hadn't known that. "Does that mean I have the say in everything house hold related?" he asked.
"Yes," Lucius confirmed.
"Maybe we should go to a bookstore later and buy you some books about the topic," Severus suggested.
Harry nodded; he really had no idea how to manage a classical wizarding home and he would not want to disappoint his mate as soon as they started to live together. It was still four years until then and Harry was sure that he would manage to learn everything he needed to know about a wizarding marriage.
"Then I would suggest we go to a proper second hand book shop. The modern books about Pureblood marriages are not as thorough as they should be," Lucius commented.
The assistant came back then with a stack of robes in his arms. He laid them down on a second couch and gave one ensemble to Severus, who disappeared into one of the stalls before Harry had a chance to look at the new robes.
Harry huffed silently and looked over at Lucius, who eyed his own robe with distaste.
"You know, Dumbledore never makes that an expression and maybe you should try and make your eyes appear more twinkling," Harry grinned and received a filthy glare.
Luckily Severus came out of the changing cubicle and stepped in front of them.
Harry’s first thought was that this robes billowed even more and would surely impress and frighten the Hogwarts students more than the old ones:
The tight black trouser and the nearly knee long and high-necked, black jacket looked nearly identical to his old robes, only this jacket had elegant, silver buttons, but the cloak he wore over it all looked entirely different. It was made from a thin fabric and as he had already noticed, billowing even more than before, but that was not the part which separated the cloak from its precursor, but the fact that it had two layers. The lower layer was silver, whilst only the upper one was black like before. Furthermore, the silver layer was slightly longer so that it seemed as if the cloak had a silver hemline. When Severus turned around he saw that the black sleeves also had some silver embroidery at their hems.
And then the smell hit Harry. Severus had already told him that it was most likely due to his old robes having absorbed the scent of the potions he always brew, that Harry was not able to smell their relation, but now he could. He took a deep breath and his mind swirled with the new information this one action gave him. He really could smell it; he and Severus were more alike than he ever could have imagined, even after his mother's ritual, he and Severus smelled nearly exactly the same, like honey and sun, the only difference was that Severus’ scent had a more harsh edge to it, whilst he smelled a little softer and sweeter. It reminded him of a glass with golden, sweet honey and one with a brown, tart one.
Next to him, Lucius, who had by now stood up seemed shocked as well, so did Severus, apparently the fumes had influenced the man’s nose enough to not make him realize how alike they really were.
Harry swayed in shock and Severus quickly grabbed his arms to hold him steady. He grabbed the man’s arms as well, so that father and son were suddenly holding on to each other and whispered: "Dad."
Harry looked into his father’s dark eyes, who nodded in affirmation, returning his intense gaze.
"Harry," Severus breathed and a single tear rolled over the man’s cheek. Harry answered him with a shaky smile, before he flung himself into Severus’ arms, inhaling deeply for the second time. He really had a father. Not someone who was ready to accept him as his son, but a real father, someone he was related to, by blood and love. Tears started to spill as his heart could finally realize what his mind had known since the night in Dumbledore’s office, but only now he could feel the truth behind the words on his birth certificate.
Severus tightened his arms around his fragile body and rubbed his back soothingly, but the fatherly gesture, filled with so much love, only made him cry even harder as his mind and heart was overwhelmed by all the emotions: The happiness of finally having a family, not only a mate and a godfather, but a real parent; sadness, for they had lost his first twelve years; then happiness again, because now they could be there for each other for all eternity, followed by sadness again, for his mother could not witness their reunion, but the happiness was slowly overpowering any lingering sorrow as the rubbing continued. Not once had someone comforted him with such a simple, but loving gesture before. He had seen fathers console their children like this before, but he had never even dared to dream about experiencing it himself.
"Daddy!" He sobbed, sorrow and gratitude mixing in his voice.
"Hush, Harry, it is all good now. We have each other now," Severus whispered, but Harry couldn't stop. He pressed his face deeper into the folds of his father’s robes and clung to the man he had hated for so long.
They stood there for over ten minutes, until the last tear fell down his cheek and he looked up with swollen eyes and a smile on his lips taking in his father’s appearance once more.
"Dad. You look great! Really impressive!" He suddenly shouted, breaking the emotional moment. His father really was not as bad on the eye as he had always thought. The new robes underlined the muscled chest he had so far hidden under too many layers of thick, black fabric and his change into a vampire seemed to have corrected his hooked nose that had always looked as if someone had broken it twice. Now the nose was straight and fit perfectly with his piercing eyes and the high cheekbones, whilst his long, black hair added some additional shadows to his cheeks.
"Indeed," Lucius chuckled, for once sounding like the man he was supposed to be.
With Harry still in his arms, Severus turned around to the assistant: "I will take ten pairs of robes, please wrap them all up for me, my old ones can be thrown away, I will keep this pair on."
"Very well, Sir," the wizard said with a bow and hurried over to the counter.
His father once more looked down at him and Harry's heart skipped in joy as he saw the same happiness he felt mirrored there. For a moment they simply stood there, softly smiling at each other, before they followed at a more leisurely pace and only reached the counter when everything was packed and ready, Lucius following close behind.
Harry stood still next to Severus, one hand holding onto his father’s robes, very much feeling like a small child, but a very happy small child when his father paid.
"That makes the total of 648 Galleons and 3 Sickles," the assistant announced and his father pulled a heavy leather pouch from his pocket.
"650," Severus told the man and the brown haired wizard gave him his change.
"Shall I shrink your purchase or send it to your house, Sir?"
"I will take everything with me," his father answered and with a flick of the wizard’s wand the packages had shrunk.
"It was an honour to meet you Professor. Please visit us again," The man said when they turned around in order to leave.
"Wow, you really are famous," Harry commented as they were in front of the shop again.
"Indeed, not only Quidditch players are famous," his father huffed and glared mockingly down at him.
Flushing, Harry pulled his head between his shoulders, before looking for Lucius.
"There is a good book shop nearby," his mate announced and rounded the corner to Knockturn Alley.
"Do you think it is a good idea to go into Knockturn Alley as Dumbledore?" Harry asked, following his mate uncertainly.
"The owner of the book store will not ask any questions as long as we pay well and none of the lowly dark wizards and witches who visit this street mostly would ever dare to attack the man," Lucius answered.
"Okay, if you are sure," Harry mumbled and quickened his pace to catch up with his mate. Instinctively he stepped closer to his disguised mate, as he noticed the evil glares which followed them. Harry tried to avoid looking at the mostly shabby, evil and often slightly insane looking witches and wizards, but the scenery was no better to look at either. He saw all kinds of animal parts, magical and non-magical, hanging in front of apothecaries, jars filled with blood and even a basket that suspiciously looked as if it contained human eyes.
His father stepped next to him so that he was shielded from most of the gazes and he carefully slipped one hand into Severus' larger one. Severus squeezed it reassuringly and they silently went on for another five minutes until Lucius stopped in front of a black door with a silver door handle.
The store they entered was small, dark and had rows upon rows of bookshelves lining the walls; the only other item of furniture was a small desk with thin legs that functioned as a counter. Harry saw a small and very haggard man sitting behind the desk, who eyed them with narrowed eyes.
"Can we hurry a bit?" Harry whispered.
Lucius nodded and pulled his wand from his pocket. "Are there any other kinds of books you want to have besides those about classical wizarding marriages?"
"Are there books about werewolves?" Harry asked quietly.
Severus frowned down at him: "Don't tell me that you have already forgotten everything that I have taught you and your fellow students about werewolves."
"I want books about their social structure," Harry explained hastily.
His mate nodded and swung his wand with a wordless summoning charm. Books from nearly every shelf flew over to them and piled in three neat piles in front of them. They all grabbed one book and started to sort through the pile.
Harry really didn't know how he should know which one would be useful and which not. The tombs were mostly very old, bound in thick leather and without any description on their backside. In the end he just browsed through the pages and read the titles of the chapters he came across.
"I think I have found a good book about werewolves," his father mumbled and gave the tomb over to Harry. Harry took the book which was as big and heavy as an atlas and opened it to the foreword. The author apparently had been a werewolf himself and wanted to show the wizarding population that there was more to his kind than the blood thirsty monster. He pointed out, that werewolves, like normal wolves and dogs were very faithful, loving family creatures and that many of his kind tried their best to lock themselves up during the full moon in order to not harm anybody.
"I think you are right," Harry said and smiled up at his dad.
"I have found one as well. It is part of a series and deals with the rights and duties of a housewife within an traditional marriage," Lucius said.
"The second book is over here," Severus said and pulled a green book from one of the piles. After taking a look he explained: "You should take this one as well, it describes the rights and options a wife has if she does not desire to stay at home only."
"You mean what rights I have, if I wish to work after school?" Harry asked.
"Yes," his father answered.
" mate said that I am allowed to take on a job," Harry frowned, purposefully not calling Lucius by his name.
"I have, but it is always good to know what the law says about a matter," Lucius said and took the book from Severus, before going over to the counter. Harry followed him and placed the tomb about werewolves on the desk next to the others. He was a bit irritated when the man behind the counter remained silent, but Lucius didn't seem to find it odd.
"I want to buy these three books and I would appreciate it, if you forget that you have seen us in your store," His mate said.
The wizard nodded, eyed the books and then said: "350 Galleons: 100 Galleons for each book and 50 Galleons for my silence."
Lucius nodded and pulled a chequebook out. When he had paid he shrunk the books and they left the gloomy store without another word.
Harry was glad when they were finally back in Diagon Alley. Sighing in relief he asked: "Where do we go now?"
His father lifted one eyebrow and said: "I would propose that we go to Eeylops next and buy a perch for Justitius. Really Lucius, where did you get this Gryffindorish pet from?"
"The egg was a present given to my grandfather and seeing that it would never hatch for me, I gave it to Harry," Lucius explained in a drawling voice, that didn't fit Dumbledore at all. It was really irritating to see the old wizard behaving like a stuck up Malfoy.
Justitius snuggled against Harry’s cheek as if he wanted to affirm that he would never have hatched for Lucius, before turning his little head to Severus and sniffing indignantly.
"I think the creature doesn't like Slytherins at all," Severus mused and glared at the bat, who glared back.
"Hey, he has a name!" Harry defended Justitius.
Lucius only ignored him and replied: "At least he only looks at you with scepticism, whilst he is constantly glaring at me."
"Maybe he accepts me as Harry’s father, but is jealous of you?" his father suggested.
"Possessive little..."
"Hey! If you insult Justitius I won't speak to you for an entire day and I won't kiss you either!" Harry interrupted his very jealous mate. Lucius eyed him, as if daring him to go through with his threat, but didn't finish his sentence.
They had reached the owl shop and stepped inside. The owner instantly brightened at the sight of Dumbledore.
"Good morning, Professor!" He greeted Lucius warmly, who turned and tried his best to look cheerfully and all over Gryffindorish. Harry didn't think that he succeeded very well, but luckily the shopkeeper noticed nothing off, instead asking:
"How is Fawkes doing? Shouldn't his burning day come up soon?"
"Yes, it is approaching, but I never was very good at guessing the exact day that it will finally happen," Lucius answered with a tortured look in his now bright blue eyes.
"Well, that is always hard to tell and it never gets any easier. I personally think that the birds can influence it at up to a point."
"Ah, I can definitely agree with you. But we are actually here for a specific reason," Lucius cut the happily chatting man off.
"Of course, Professor, how can I help you?" he asked.
Severus gently pushed him in front of the counter and said: "I want to buy a perch for my son's pet - It shall be made with gold and the engraving: Infans Expositus Phoenicis Justitius."
The shopkeepers eyes widened he looked up at the infamous Potions Master at the word son, before his eyes started to search for a sign of Harry’s pet.
Harry pointed at Justitius, who puffed his small chest out again and looked proudly back at the round man.
"How interesting, a bat," the man said and pulled a parchment from under the counter to write the engraving down. "The perch will be ready in about an hour. Do you wish to come back and collect it or shall I send it to your home?"
"We will come back," Severus answered and gave a curt nod, whilst Lucius tried to smile like Dumbledore always did.
"Where do we go now?" Harry asked.
"I would propose to take a short break at a cafe. I do not feel like eating anything either, but we can sit down there and talk for a while. You still have a ton to tell us from your second year and I want to ask Lucius something myself," Severus said.
"I think I can deal with a cappuccino, at least a drink does not lay so heavily in my stomach like a full meal does," Lucius agreed.
"Okay, then I will drink a coke," Harry said and they went to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour.
Harry had talked the two men into going there, because he liked the ambience and Florean as well.
They ordered a coke, a cappuccino and a black coffee, before Lucius and Severus eyes expectantly fixed on Harry.
Harry fidgeted nervously: "It really is not a very interesting story."
"Oh, but I am interested in all of your stories," Lucius purred and Harry made a face.
"Fine, I will tell you, but only if you stop making such sounds with Dumbledore’s voice, it is disturbing," he quickly said.
"I agree," his father said, looking fairly green; Lucius was by now looking faintly ill himself and nodded in agreement.
"Your second year was the year where Voldemort's memory sent the Basilisk after Muggleborns," Lucius started.
"So, what made you and your friends think that you had to steal potions ingredients from my private storage and brew a Polyjuice Potion?" Severus added.
Harry flushed in embarrassment and started to fidget in his chair: "You remember the message on the wall, saying: Enemies of the Heir...beware?...well we thought that it had to be Malfoy... I mean Draco...and even if it wasn't him, that he would probably know who it was,"
Lucius nearly choked on his cappuccino and snorted: "How did you come to this conclusion? I knew that you and your friends had many stupid ideas, but...this..." he didn't finish his sentence, clearly not finding the right words.
"He did always brag about being the Prince of Slytherin," Harry huffed in defence.
"I am slowly coming to see why you and my son never got along," Lucius sighed.
"It was Hermione who stole the ingredients, whilst Ron and I saw to some trouble in your class," Harry grinned sheepishly.
His father narrowed his eyes at him: "The exploding cauldron!"
"Yeah..." Harry laughed feeling a bit intimidated for once.
"Hermione brewed the potion in Moaning Myrtles bathroom and Ron and I drank it and sneaked down as Crabbe and Goyle," Harry continued, remembering their adventure.
"Why did Miss Granger not go with you?" Lucius asked with a lifted eyebrow.
"She wanted to, but she accidently threw a cat hair in her potion," at his words his father grinned evilly:
"I believe I can remember this particular incident, what a delightful day it had been."
Harry glared at the man: "You know that you are talking about the friends of your son?"
"I do," Severus replied dryly.
"No bad feelings whatsoever?" Harry asked sarcastically.
"No, I am not talking bad about you, merely about your friends, as you already noticed correctly."
Harry huffed but went on: "In the end we only found out that the chamber had been opened once before and that they kicked out a student back then."
"I could have told you that much as well," Lucius drawled.
"Yeah, but would you have done it?" Harry snorted.
"No," his mate replied.
"You see, " Harry sighed and quickly changed the topic, turning to his father: "You said earlier that you wanted to talk about something?"
"Yes, I did," Severus said and watched Lucius for a moment, before he told his friend: "I already talked with Harry about the matter, but as it will most likely effect you as also I wanted to ask you as well."
Lucius raised an eyebrow in scepticism, but said nothing for the moment; waiting for the Potions Master to continue. Harry, who had by now guessed what his father wanted to talk about, started to chew on his bottom lip, uncertain about how his mate might react to another man drinking from him as well.
"I noticed after my turning into an vampire, that I am not able to live from the blood of other wizards and witches," Severus continued.
"What do you want to tell me? I know that you cannot really die, so that cannot be it," Lucius mused.
Harry watched as his father laid his left arm on the round table between them, exposing his faded mark: "I had a soul mate once; Lily would have become my blood mate, if she was still alive."
Harry saw the moment when realization dawned on his mate: "Be glad that you are Harry's father and we all can smell that very clearly, otherwise you would have no chance that I would agree to this, but as it is, you are no threat to me and I want to keep Harry happy and you alive."
His father nodded in understanding and Lucius sighed: "Am I right in assuming that you have asked me because Harry’s need for blood will increase?"
"You are," Severus said.
"You should know that I could never take you away from Harry, not after all those years where he had to endure everything alone," Lucius said and fixed the dark man with a stern look.
Severus inclined his head slightly and then changed the topic: "Harry, Dumbledore gave me your rather formidable family tree, would you like to visit your new vault before we collect Justitius’ perch?"
"Sure," Harry smiled, suddenly curious as to what the vault of the four Hogwarts founders would look like.
"A new vault? How can it be that I was not informed?" Lucius asked.
"Because, you will have no claim to this one," Severus smirked and Harry had the suspicion that his father was secretly enjoying telling Lucius what great heritage he had currently received. Especially because the aristocrat would never have any right to the vault.
"That cannot be possible. Harry must have received an inheritance, where it was written into the testament that a spouse or mate has no claim over it and neither the Potters, nor the Evans did anything like this."
"You cannot believe how much I am going to enjoy telling you something that you could never even begin to guess," Severus chuckled and Harry had to chuckle as well.
"So, who is it from?" Lucius asked, getting irritated and impatient.
"The Founders," his father said and Lucius blinked dumbly. Harry had never seen a expression remotely like this on the blonde’s, or just now, Dumbledore's face.
"Which Founders?" his mate asked.
"The Four Founders of Hogwarts!" Harry grinned.
Severus huffed: "I wanted to tell him that."
Lucius eyes had widened comically: "You are the heir to Hogwarts? To all four Founders?"
"Yep. Dad has Ravenclaw and Slytherin ancestors and mum Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Now I own the castle, the Sorting Hat, the Elder Wand, a Hogwarts Signet Ring and the Key to the Founders Quarters," his father was right, it was fun to surprise Lucius.
Lucius huffed: "And my family has always been proud to be descendant of Slytherin."
"Well, see it like this, a powerful submissive can be an ornament as well," Severus smiled smugly.
"You really have created a special brat, you know that, Severus?" Lucius asked.
"I know," Severus replied and smiled warmly at Harry. Blushing, Harry quickly picked up his coke and downed the rest of it.
"If you collect the Potter family ring, the goblins will be able to unite your two rings into one. It is quite a common procedure when the line of a family is continued by a man who has already accepted another family inheritance," Lucius told him.
"That is a good idea; you really should do it," Severus nodded.
"Ok, if you two say so," Harry agreed.
"Shall we go then?" Lucius asked and waved to the waitress, without waiting for an answer.
"We should collect some gold from your vault as well, I think I have the potion to free Harry and Nagini from their burden ready before Hogwarts starts again," Severus announced.
"We will do that then," Lucius agreed fluidly.



After they had left the Ice Cream Parlour, they went over to Gringotts, lining up behind the counter. The row was fairly long and they had to wait for almost fifteen minutes before they could step in front of a Goblin.
"What can I do for you, Sirs?" the little creature asked, eying them sceptically.
"Harry wants to visit his newly inherited vault," Lucius said.
"Yes, we got your letter just this morning," the Goblin said to Dumbledore and then asked: "Does he have the ring with him?"
Lucius and Severus looked at him expectantly, so he quickly said: "I have," and pulled the ring from his pocket.
"And if it is possible, he also would like to retrieve the Potter ring and unite his two heritage rings," Lucius added.
"Very well sir, it will only take a moment," The goblin said and disappeared with the ring.
"I am really curious as to what the ring will look like," Harry mused.
"Probably gold," his father said dryly.
"Gold?" Harry asked.
"The Potter family ring is gold as well," Lucius explained and chuckled.
"Hmm... I think that sounds fitting, gold is after all one of the Gryffindor colours," Harry grinned.
"It is," Lucius wrinkled his nose.
"Hey, gold is not such a bad colour," Harry huffed and elbowed his mate, who only raised an eyebrow and replied: "But red is."
"Stop teasing me because of my house or I will paint every room in your precious Manor red. I am sure as the Lady of the Manor I have all rights to do that," Harry threatened.
His father snickered: "Now he has you, Lucius."
Grinning, Harry asked: "So I really could do that?"
"Yes and without even asking," Severus smirked.
"I am starting to like this whole rights and duty thing," Harry said, just before the Goblin returned to their counter.
"This is your new ring," the creature said and placed the item in front of them.
Harry picked the ring up and eyed it attentively. It really was still gold and the Hogwarts symbol was still engraved into it, but it had been joined by the Potter crest on the ring’s band.
"Thank you, it looks great," he smiled and gave the ring back to the Goblin, who said:
"Then follow me."
They followed him to the far end of Gringotts where the door to the underground vaults and the Malfoy vault was located, but instead of leading them through either of the two doors the goblin said: "Would you give me the ring please?"
Harry handed him the jewellery and the goblin started to count eleven stones to the left of the silver Malfoy door and then pressed the ring to the stone. The stones blurred for a moment and then melted into a golden door with the Hogwarts crest on it.
"The door will lock and ward itself again when you leave," the creature explained and gave Harry the ring back, before leaving them alone.
"Then go ahead," Severus said softly and Harry pressed down the door handle, opening the door carefully. Torches lit up as soon as they stepped inside. The air was cold and smelled dusty, as if no one had been here for hundreds of years, which had been the case. Besides that little difference and the fact that every massive door was made of gold and not silver, this vault looked very similar to Lucius'.
"What do you think, how many doors are there?" Harry asked curiously.
"I have no idea, but we can take a look," Lucius answered and started to make his way down the corridor.
Harry meanwhile decided to take a look inside the first vault to his left. It was full of golden and silver coins he had never seen before.
"How should I pay with these?" he asked, turning to Severus, who followed him curiously at his words.
"I would propose to not by anything with them and rather keep them; they are most likely very old and valuable. Take some with you so that we can try to determine their age."
They went to the next vault and found a similar picture. They had to look into thirteen vaults, before they finally found the first Galleons, even though they looked still slightly thicker than the current ones. He had collected a sample of ever new coin so that Severus and Lucius could examine them later.
"49 vaults," Lucius answered, stepping up behind Harry. "What did you two find?"
As an answer Harry put his hand into his money pouch and pulled out a handful of the strange coins. Lucius blinked in surprise.
"Do you recognise any of them?" Harry asked.
His mate took a closer look and then said: "I believe this one is around four hundred years old, but I have forgotten the name of the currency. I must admit, I was never really interested in money from the past."
"Well, Harry has thirteen vaults full of those and I believe he could make a lot of money by selling only one of each," Severus snorted.
"Indeed, and it would bring him great standing within the wizarding society if he approaches a museum with his proposal," Lucius mused.
"49 Vaults? That’s really not as much as you own, but I already knew that," Harry, who didn't find the topic very interesting, commented.
"I believe that the founders were the richest wizards and witches of their time, but there has been no one to invest in their names for a long time, so it is only natural that another old Pureblood family has surpassed them," Lucius said.
"The value in your inheritance doesn't lie in the money it gives you, but the regard and power the title gives you," his father said and laid an arm around his shoulders, drawing him closer. Harry snuggled happily into his side and said:
"All that doesn't really matter to me. I never wanted fame and it doesn't make me any happier. What makes me happy is this," he gestured between Lucius, Severus and him.
"I know, Harry," Severus smiled.
"A true Gryffindor," Lucius muttered. "Harry was right. How you succeeded in making such a real Gryffindor child is and always will be a mystery to me."
"You already mentioned this. Are you getting old and forgetful my friend?" Severus raised an amused eyebrow. Lucius glared back at him.
"I think it makes things more interesting. Why would you need another boring Slytherin?" Harry teased and Severus poked him harshly in his side as punishment.
"Ouch," he complained.
"Don't get cocky," His father smirked.
They left Gringotts and went back to Eeylops to collect the perch. The shopkeeper was already waiting for them and stood expectantly behind his counter, a huge grin on his face.
"I did my very best for your son's perch," he said a bit breathlessly and went into the backroom to get the item.
Harry gasped in awe as he saw the beautiful perch. It looked like an elegant and slightly fragile tree, made purely from gold and with delicate golden leaves on the many and beautiful sculptured branches. It stood in a black basin, where the ashes would land when Justitius had his burning day and at the highest point of the trunk, just before it divided into its many branches was the engraving they had ordered in a beautiful script.
"That's beautiful," Harry whispered. "Hey, Justitius, do you like it?"
The small bat, who had fallen asleep on Harry’s shoulder after all the excitement of going out for the first time in his short life, opened his eyes and started to scuttle curiously back and forth on Harry’s shoulder.
Harry chuckled: "Do you want to fly over and take a closer look?"
Immediately the bat took off and fluttered excitedly around the perch, looking at every branch and leaf, before hanging himself on one of the smaller branches.
"I think he likes it," Harry smiled at his father.
"How much is it?" Severus asked the shopkeeper who answered:
"1035 Galleons and 1 Knut."
Severus raised his eyebrow at the strange sum: "Harry, do you have a Knut? I only have Galleons and Sickles with me and I know that I do not need to ask Lucius, he never takes anything other than Galleons or a new chequebook from Gringotts."
Harry rummaged in his red velvet pouch and took out a Knut.
"Thank you, Harry," Severus said and gave the man his money, muttering: "Now I already have to borrow money from my own son."
"That is why I always tell you to get a chequebook. You always get these strange amounts when you commission something unique or specific," Lucius lectured him.
Severus glared at him but said: "Harry, call Justitius back, or he will get lost on our way home."
"Wait a moment, I want to see if there is something specific like bat treats for him," Harry said and went deeper into the store, Justitius following him curiously.
"Is there anything that smells delicious to you?" He asked his little friend, who started to sniff rather loudly for such a little animal, before flying off.
Harry followed him quickly and found Justitius hovering in front of a small shelf with colourful boxes.
"Which one do you want?" He asked, looking expectantly at the small guy. Justitius started to flutter in front of a yellow and a red box and Harry picked both of them up. The yellow box was labelled Honey Drops and the red Candied Fruits. Justitius was obviously a sweet fellow.
"Choose one," Harry told the bat, who only turned to him with pleading puppy-eyes.
Sighing Harry took both of the boxes and carried them over to the counter. "I guess it is your birthday after all," he said. When he had pocketed everything, he caught Justitius with his seeker trained and vampire enhanced reflexes and put him down on the shoulder: "Stay there, we are leaving now."
Severus shrunk the perch and pocketed it as well, before asking: "Are you ready to leave?"
Nodding, he followed his father and mate out of the shop. They were just three houses away from the Leaky Cauldron, when Harry looked up at his disguised mate and noticed that the long white hair was shortening.
"Lucius, you are reverting back," he whispered and Severus turned worriedly to the man.
"Quick, Dumbledore has connected Privet Drive to the warded Floo System, but we need to get you into the Leaky Cauldron before you change back," Severus said and quickened his pace. They nearly ran the last few meters to the pub and made their way over to the huge fireplace as quickly as possible. Luckily the fireplace was empty right now and Severus nearly shoved Lucius into the hearth, whose beard was shortening as well, whist his eyes grew lighter and gained a faint red tint at the edges.
Lucius quickly threw a hand full of Floo Powder into the flames, which he had taken from one of his many robe pockets and hurried into the flames, shouting: "Privet Drive number four!"



Harry followed him quickly and nearly collided with his mate at the other side of the network. Luckily Lucius looked like his old self again and was just transforming the bright robes into something that suited him more when the fireplace flared up again and Severus stepped into the living room.
"4 hours and 43 min..." Severus started to say, but was interrupted by a loud shout:
Harry flinched as the familiar voice rang in his sensitive ears and he expected a hand to collide with his face, when he remembered that his uncle was dead. Looking up, he saw to his horror, three silvery figures hovering in the doorway to the living room.
"Please Merlin!" Severus sighed behind him, whilst Lucius only blinked and stared in a mixture of surprise, shock and disgust at Harry’s ghostly relatives.
"Why are they ghosts? I always thought that Muggles cannot come back," Harry asked silently.
"I do not know the answer to that particular question," his father whispered, only to be interrupted once more:
"How dare you to bring your freakish kind into our house?" Vernon bellowed.
"It seems that you are not aware of the circumstances," Lucius sneered "...but this is now your nephew’s house."
"We would never give that freak our house" Petunia shrieked.
"Petunia, what a pleasure, after all these years," Severus drawled coldly.
Harry watched with interest at how his aunt’s eyes settled on his father and widened in acknowledgment: "You are that disgusting boy!"
"You know her?" Harry asked with interest, although it seemed logical that his father would know his mother’s sister as well.
"Of course I do," both of them answered.
Petunia huffed and when her husband gave her a questioning look she sneered: "Lily had this disgusting boy as a friend. He always followed her like a love sick puppy and tried to hide in our house; I believe his father was an alcoholic. He wore nothing other than black and his hair was always greasy, really disgusting. He also infected her with his freakishness and two years or so after they met, they went to that place together."
"What does she mean with that place?" Lucius asked curiously.
"Hogwarts," Harry replied dryly.
"Don't say those kinds of words inside our house!" Vernon bellowed.
Harry smirked evilly: "What kind of words? Do you mean words like magic, wand, wizard or Quidditch?"
"Dad, Harry said magic," Dudley whined next to his fat father.
By now Lucius was looking as if he had landed in a very bad comedy series. "You should not talk down on magic muggle, or I will show you why wizards are the superior species," the vampire threatened. Harry sighed inwardly; hopefully his mate would soon notice that his family’s prejudices where just as deeply embedded in their character as his own dislike for anything non-magical.
"Enough! Get out of my house, before you lot infect my Dudley as well!" Vernon shouted.
"I never thought it possible, that you could be even more stupid than you look muggle," Lucius sneered. "Were my words not simple enough? This house does not belong to you and your ugly excuse of a wife any longer."
"Why would we give that freak our house?" Vernon mocked back.
"You did not give him your house, you died and he was the only heir left," Lucius explained in a strained voice.
"Whatever hocus pocus he did with us… we did not die! And you boy," Vernon turned his blubbery face to him again "...will take whatever spell you used off from us. Now!"
"I didn't curse you. Why should I? You were not worth a lifelong stay in Azkaban. Voldemort killed you; I had nothing to do with it!" Harry defended himself.
"Of course you did! Everything always has to do with you! Since you were dumped on our door step..."
"Oh enough!" Severus roared. "Don't blame my son for your pitiful lives!"
"Your son? No wonder he was even more freakish than we had expected! I should have known that Lily would have landed in a bed with you one day!" Petunia shrieked.
Harry could not even feel hurt anymore by his relatives spiteful words, he had listen to them long enough and Lucius and Severus were slowly teaching him that he was worthy after all and that he deserved being loved.
Lucius, who had finally enough of Harry’s stupid relatives drew his wand and shot some green and silver sparks right through the three ghosts, shocking them into silence.
"I will give you two options: First, you will cease this unbearable shouting and these unfounded accusations and I will let you live your dead lives in peace, or Severus and I will set up a ghost-circle and ban you three into the tiniest object I can find. What shall it be?" Lucius hissed.
The Dursley’s fell silent, turned and floated up the stairs.
Harry followed their retreating forms with amusement; he had always wished that someone would tell them off. "They do know that they could just float through the ceiling?" He asked, shaking his head in irritation.
"Probably not," Lucius replied and pocketed his wand again.
"Let's get your car and then leave this hellish place," Severus grumbled and held his hand out for the key.
"I will try and copy the parchment of the ritual as soon as I am called to Riddle Manor. Their appearance has to be related to it in some way," Lucius said whilst Harry gave his father the key to Vernon's Mercedes.
"I want to sit in the front and watch dad drive!" Harry announced and made his way to the front door. The Mercedes was parked in the garage and Lucius quickly opened the door before Harry could start to search for the right key on his key ring. When he opened the door on the passenger's side, Lucius flicked his wand again and the seat enlarged to fit two people. Harry quickly got into the car, whilst the two older men followed him at a more leisurely pace. When Lucius had settled down next to him, he snuggled into his mate’s embrace, who instantly started to comb through his hair and waited expectantly for Severus to get into the car as well. His father had some trouble to find a comfortable sitting position with his new, billowing and double layered robe.
The man really looked odd behind a wheel, Harry thought, as his father had finally managed to sit down. As soon as the car started a horrible country song started to play from the small radio. Shuddering, Harry quickly turned the device off and Severus maneuvered the vehicle out of the garage. With a third flick of Lucius’ wand the door was closed again and they made their way down Privet Drive.
His dad really was a good driver, as if he drove to work every morning, which was, of course, not the case, but Harry had the feeling that the Potions Master was one of those people who never forgot anything.
"How long does it take to get back to Grimmauld Place?" he asked curiously and looked out of the window.
"About an hour and a half, if we don't get stuck in a traffic jam," Severus answered.
Harry took Justitius from his shoulder and put the bat down in his lap, before he started to stroke the little boy.
"Maybe we could drive a little slower and miss dinner? Molly told me that she had planned a roast and as much as I loved her roast, I am sure my stomach can't handle it anymore," Harry mused.
"I will try my best," Severus replied.
"Do you still plan to talk to Harry’s guardians later?" Lucius asked.
Harry laid his head against his mate’s shoulder, before answering: "I guess."
"We will talk to them," Severus affirmed.
"How will you tell them?" Lucius asked, sounding uninterested, but Harry knew that he would like to be there as well.
"Is there any good way to break something like this?" he asked.
Lucius didn't answer.
"I will tell them that I have applied for Harry’s custody. Would it be possible for you, to forge the custody papers?" Severus asked.
"I can give you the custody over Harry and rank them highly sensitive. That way only the ministry official who drew up the document will have access to it and neither you, nor I could be arrested for forgery of official documents later on," Lucius suggested.
"But I thought that I am already of age," Harry huffed.
"You are," Lucius agreed. "But no one can know about it just yet, or you would draw too much attention to yourself from Voldemort and the ministry. We don't need either of these options."
"I know, but why the whole thing with the custody then?"
"Because, I want to show your godfather, Lupin and everybody else that matters to you, that I am serious about taking care of you. It will also be very beneficial. I already know that you are of age and will treat you as such and protect your freedom in front of everybody who thinks that he or she has a say in your life. Just imagine Miss Weasley or Sirius getting suspicious about your secret mate. They might try and keep you away from Lucius, but with me as your approved guardian something like that will not happen and later on, when you announce your relationship to Lucius, some people, maybe even the minister himself, might try to refuse you the right of independence due to your young age. They could argue, that you were too young when you were turned into a vampire, that you cannot yet understand what it means to be mated and thus, cannot honestly tell if it is fine for you to take part in an sexual relationship or not and that you therefore need to be protected from your bond to Lucius. Worst case scenario, the ministry could apply as your legal guardian, because with Sirius still on the run and your muggle relatives dead you are officially an orphan right now."
Harry gulped, if something like that would happen, he surely would not be allowed to see Lucius any longer. The Ministry would maybe even try to use him to gain power over his mate or separate them permanently.
"Ok...will I tell them or will you do it?" He asked after a moment of silence, turning his head to look at his father.
"I will. I should have been there to settle unpleasant things for you much earlier; we cannot change the past anymore, but I can help you to the best of my abilities from now on," Severus answered, his eyes fixed on the road in front of him.

Chapter Text

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Harry had fallen asleep in his mate's arms by the time Severus had stopped the car nearly two hours later in front of Grimmauld Place. He didn't notice when Lucius carefully leaned him against the seat and went ahead so that they would not arrive at the same time.
After another ten minutes, he was awoken by careful shaking and opened his eyes still tired and slightly confused.
"Where are we?"
"We are in your uncle's car in front of Grimmauld Place," Severus answered from his place beside him.
He awoke fully and the memory of their shopping trip and the horrible visit to Privet Drive came back. Groaning, he asked: "Where is Lucius?"
"He has gone ahead. It would be suspicious, if we all arrived at the same time," his father said and Harry nodded in understanding.
"When did he go?" he asked and looked at the small digital clock on the radio.
"Ten minutes ago, I think we can follow him now. Besides, I want to get out of this car as soon as possible, I always hated these things.
"Yeah, I was surprised when you told me you had a license. Why did you learn to drive in the first place? Had you planned on going back to the muggle world after Hogwarts?"
His father snorted: "No. To be honest, I do not really know the answer to the question myself."
"There really is a question you can't answer?" Harry mocked him and unbuckled his seatbelt.
"Cheeky brat," Severus muttered but got out of the car himself.
"Yes, but I am your cheeky brat," Harry smiled joyfully. As soon as he had closed the door on his side of the car, the front door to Grimmauld Place swung open and Ron and Hermione came out.
"Harry, you’re back!" Hermione flung herself around her neck, as if she had feared for his life.
"So you really can drive?" Ron asked Severus, who ignored the question in favour of one of his glares.
"He can," Harry affirmed.
"How was your trip? Everything went well? Ron and I started to get worried when it was already 5 PM and you weren't back yet," Hermione asked at a rapid pace and Harry had to blink a few times and sort her questions, before he was able to answer.
"Shopping was fine. Da...I mean...Severus got some really great new robes and he bought Justitius a really beautiful perch," Harry told his friends.
"I bought the perch for you, not for that annoying, hyperactive bat," his father huffed, shoving Justitius away, who was once again excitedly fluttering around and had come too close to the Potions Masters head.
"Yeah, but I am not the one who will hang on it," Harry replied, before turning his attention back to his friends: "We also visited the founders' vault and I brought some strange coins I found there and..." Hermione interrupted him excitedly:
"Oh, you have to show them to me! I bet they are know, coins they used in the past..."
"Hermione, we know what the word historical means," Ron muttered. "We are not that stupid."
"I can lend them to you. To be honest, neither I nor Severus has any clue as to which era they are from, they must be really old," Harry told his brainy friend, who beamed happily at the perspective of learning something new.
"But what I actually wanted to tell you was that the Dursley’s are back!" Harry told them.
"What?" Ron asked incensed and Hermione said: "I thought they were killed by the killing curse."
"They are not back in the sense you are thinking of right now Miss Granger," Severus drawled. "They are ghosts."
"Ghosts?" Ron echoed dumbly.
"Yeah, now I’m living in a house where a crazy portrait screams Mudbloods and Bloodtraitors and own a house where three ghosts get upset about the freaks I bring to their precious home," Harry complained.
"Then let's hope that you don't find any other evil portraits at your mate's home," Ron chuckled, but Harry paled and threw a questioning look at his father, who only shrugged. Somehow, Harry had the feeling that it was very likely that he would find some more ranting relatives at Malfoy Manor.
"We should go inside, it is not wise to stand around in front of the headquarters," Severus said and they quickly followed him inside.
"Have we missed dinner?" Harry asked innocently and Ron looked apologetic.
"You have, and there is nothing left. When Bill and Charley found out that mum was preparing a roast, they floo’ed over."
"It's okay, we ate back at Diagon Alley, so I am not hungry yet anyway," Harry replied and went down the hallway to the dingy living room, only the the room wasn't really that dingy any more.
It was still not beautiful and the carpets were perforated as before, but at least it was clean.
"Wow, Kreacher must have been really diligent today," Harry said appreciatively.
"Yes, it was really annoying, he ran through the house the whole day, cleaning like crazy and muttering 'For great Master Lucius', or 'Finally a respectable wizard back in my dear Lady's house'," Ron muttered darkly.
"I am really not happy that Malfoy has ordered him to clean the whole house alone; it was too much. Wizards really need to have more respect for their house elves," Hermione huffed."Mione, the lazy elf has done nothing for the last ten years or even longer. It was about time that someone set him straight again," Ron said. "I only wish that Sirius would have been the one, to accomplish that feat as now we have to be grateful to that prick," Ron replied dryly.
Harry really hated the fact that his friends and guardians insulted his mate so often. It hurt him physically to listen to all those foul words whilst he could not defend Lucius. The feeling of guilt was quickly growing in his stomach since the aristocrat's arrival and he was about to open his mouth and probably say something stupid and better left unsaid, when his father saved him:
"Lucius Malfoy is an intelligent, talented and most of all useful acquaintance. He is one of the best lawyers in Britain, has a lot of influence in the Ministry and holds the highest rank among the Dark Lord's followers. Harry was wise to add him to the Order, so you better be careful with your words, because he will not be as forgiving with all these insults and might leave the Order very quickly if you and the other members don't cease your disrespectful behaviour."
Harry knew that Lucius would not just leave, but his father's words had the desired effect:
Ron grumbled something like: "Would be better if he left; and as if you are so forgiving," but shut his mouth after that.
Harry gave his father a thankful smile; he only held his gaze for a moment, but didn't react in any other way. He sighed; it would probably take his father a while, before he would be as openly loving and caring as he had been in Diagon Alley at Grimmauld Place, where all the people who had always made his life difficult resided.
"Do any of you know where the mu...where Black and Lupin are right now?" Severus asked.
"I believe they went back to their room," Hermione answered quickly as ever when she was asked something by a teacher.
"I will go and ask them to come down," Severus said and disappeared back into the hallway quickly.
Harry sat down awkwardly; he really was nervous about the upcoming conversation, more so than he had been before he had introduced Lucius to the order. Back then, he would have had Dumbledore's support and it was not really a personal matter, at least not as far as the other knew, but now it was different. His father was probably the one person, who was hated by Sirius as much as Lord Voldemort himself, maybe even more. Sirius' dislike, or hatred for Severus, whatever it actually was, went back even further than the man's hatred for Voldemort. The animagus had fought with the Potions genius when he wasn't even old enough to completely realize what a frightening person the Dark Lord was.
He would not even begin to hope, that his father and godfather would someday miraculously get along, they had far too much history, but at least both men tried their best to not insult the other in front of him, which probably didn't mean that they didn't throw hateful words at each other as soon as he left the room, but still, it was at least something.
"So, you are going to tell Sirius and Remus and Professor Snape?" Hermione asked, pulling him from his thoughts.
"Please, Mione, don't make it sound as if Harry had an affair with our Professor!" Ron exclaimed, flopping down next to him. Harry snickered; at least an affair with a Professor was something he would not have to confess to his friends someday.
"Yeah. I am sick of my life based on lies. I want them to know the truth," He answered truthfully.
"I can actually understand that, it must be unnerving to live a life where all the important things were made up by others. But you really didn’t have much luck there; first the thing with Snape, your mum and the ritual and along comes Dumbledore and puts another ritual on top of that. How we could ever have believed that you are our age is a mystery to me. I mean, I even saw you under the showers after Quidditch practice, at least I should have noticed that something was seriously wrong," Ron mused.
Harry only blinked, he still had no feelings about the impression he made on other people.
"You’re right Ron," Hermione agreed. "It is obviously now when we aren't under the ritual’s influence anymore. I am really glad that you don't belong to those kinds of magical creatures who mate as soon as they have found their other half. You are still much too young for that type of thing."
"I suppose I am," Harry replied evasively; they were right after all, but that didn't change anything anymore at this point.
"So, you have accepted Professor Snape then? You wanted to call him dad in front of the house, didn't you?" his brainy friend asked suddenly, changing the topic.
Harry nodded. "I have. It is hard to describe, but when we were at the robe shop for Potions Masters and Severus came out in his new robes, which didn't reek of potions fumes, I could suddenly smell that he is my father, so it feels kind of natural to call him dad," He told them.
"And he would have let you call him dad?" Ron asked in disbelief.
"I have been all the time in Diagon Alley," he replied and smiled happily at the memory. "It was nice to call someone father."
Ron made a face and Hermione looked back at him slightly disturbed. Harry could see that his friends were still torn between being happy for him to finally have a parent and not liking their unpopular Potions Professor. Ron had honestly told him this yesterday. They tried their best to understand him, but they had not witnessed how caring the grumpy man could be and they didn't have Harry’s keen senses and instincts, which helped him to accept Severus Snape as what he was.
"Your new abilities are really impressive," Hermione finally said after a moment of awkward silence. "I really wish that you would tell us what kind of creature you have become, it must be something spectacular. I cannot even start to imagine what it must be like to be able to smell things like blood relations to somebody, it is really awesome."
Harry smiled: "It is and without this ability I would have a much harder time to come to terms with the whole having-Snape-as-a-father-thing, but my instincts took care of all lingering doubts."
"I am really happy for you...but I am also happy that it's you who found out that he is your father and not me," Ron chuckled.
"I think you are not the one who is most happy about that. I think Severus would have passed out if Dumbledore had told him that you were his son and not me," Harry snickered; the picture was far too hilarious.
"Harry, you can call him dad in front of us," Hermione said.
Ron opened his mouth to protest, but Hermione shoved her elbow into his ribs hard, making him gasp and shut up.
"Thank you, Mione," Harry smiled, it meant a lot to him that his friends were at least comfortable enough with the situation to be fine with hearing him talking about Snape as dad.
"Call him dad if you want to, but promise me that you will address him as such in one of our potions classes, when it is safe to do so of course, but I really want to see the faces of all his Slytherins realizing that the Gryffindor golden boy is the son of their beloved Head of House," Ron snickered.
"I will do that," Harry promised, liking the idea of shocking the snakes into silence for once, and seeing Hermione's expression, so did she.
They could hear footsteps coming downstairs and Hermione took Ron by his arm: "We will go up to our room and wait there for you."
Ron didn't look as if he wanted to leave Harry alone, but Hermione pulled on his sleeve once more: "Come on, Ron, Professor Snape will not appreciate us being there for this conversation. We really should not stay."
"Good luck," Ron mumbled, before he was dragged off.
His friends were just gone for a moment, when Severus entered with Harry’s two unofficial guardians in toe. Sirius looked fairly grumpy and annoyed, whilst Remus tried for a neutral expression and Severus face was a blank mask.
Harry had the feeling that his father had had a hard time to get the two remaining Marauders downstairs and his suspicion was confirmed when Sirius muttered: "Don't think that I would have come down for you, Snape. I still don't understand what kind of news Harry has to tell us, which requires you to be present as well."
"As I already told you Black, it is not only Harry who has to tell you something, but both of us," his father snapped.
Harry flinched, that didn't sound very promising.
"Please Sirius, just sit down, it really is important," he tried and gave his godfather his puppy-eyes. Sirius sighed and wanted to sit down next to him, when Severus had already fluidly taken the seat himself. Sirius looked as if he would blow up any moment, but luckily Remus pulled him by his arm to the other couch, dragging him down next to him.
"So, what is it you have to tell us? Do Remi and I need to go on a long mission for the Order with that stinking...?”
"Sirius," Remus growled and bared his fangs. Harry had never noticed that they were actually a bit longer and sharper than human ones until now. The werewolf was always so balanced and calm that he never growled at anybody. Sirius huffed and fixed his eyes on Harry, refusing to acknowledge his father.
Severus pulled out a scroll then and laid it on the table between the four of them, but Sirius still didn't look at the man.
Sighing in irritation, Severus said: "I am applying for the guardianship and custody of Harry."
That finally made Sirius snap his head around: "You what?" The animagus barked, rage blazing in his dark blue eyes. Remus suddenly looked very angry himself and Harry saw his former professor's nails digging into his godfathers arm in an attempt to stay calm.
"Why?" the werewolf asked coldly.
Sirius interjected his friend's words with a growl. "It doesn't matter why Moony, the git has no right to apply for Harry's custody, if anyone should try to get his custody, it should be you, me or even the Weasley’s but not him!"
"By Merlin's beard, for once sit down and listen first before jumping up and shouting like the stupid Gryffindor you are!" his father barked and Harry grabbed one of the man's hands to calm him down, but he quickly realized that this had been a silly gesture, when Sirius roared:
"Are you molesting my godson? I swear Snivellus; I will take you to Azkaban even if it means that they shove me back in there as well!"
Now Severus looked positively angry: "Oh shut the hell up mutt, or I will hex your unbearable trap closed!"
Remus started to growl protectively and Harry saw his father's glamours starting to flicker at the edges, as he bared his fangs and hissed. Shoving him harshly, Severus luckily realized that they had to calm down unless they wanted a real disaster to occur this evening.
"Just tell him the story," Harry urged him and at his father's incredulous look he added: "You don't need to add many details, just the important facts."
Severus nodded and then asked surprisingly politely: "Would you sit down again, so that I might be able to finally tell you the story behind the matter?"
Sirius and Remus growled, but did as asked.
"You were right, Lupin, when you said James Potter did something big for me to pay his debt back," Severus started.
Remus blinked in confusion, having not expected to hear this confession from the man and Harry sighed in relief as the shouting stopped for a moment.
"Lily and I had a much deeper and intimate relationship than you two ever knew and it was in fact me, not James who had been in a relationship with her."
Sirius snorted: "Don't make me laugh, Lily would never have chosen you over James. Why would she? James was attractive, funny, and talented at Quidditch and he was a Gryffindor, whilst you have always been grumpy and greasy and..."
"You are right mutt, James was all that, but he was also Lily's cousin," Severus cut him off. Harry watched as every expression glided over his godfather's face, leaving only a very confused look behind. Using the silence that created his father continued with his story:
"Lily and I had a single night together, before we fell out, you surely are able to remember the day I speak about; it must have been one of your more joyful memories."
Sirius and Remus nodded in affirmation. Harry wanted to growl at them, but quickly squashed the urge and continued to listen instead.
"As it was, Lily noticed that she was pregnant and went to her cousin for help. Unfortunately, I had already joined Voldemort's ranks at that time, so they apparently decided to perform a ritual that is called the heritage ritual."
Remus eyes widened in disbelief. "But that is dark magic," he said.
"You of all people should know that Gryffindors are not above using the dark arts," Severus sneered, referring to Peter Pettigrew.
Sirius gave Remus a questioning look who quickly elaborated: "The heritage ritual makes sure, that only physical traits of one parent develop. As far as I know it can be made even stronger by using a bit of blood from one of the relatives of the parent the child should resemble later."
"You mean James gave Lily his blood to make sure that Harry would look like him?" Sirius asked, his voice sounding disgusted.
"That is what he did," Severus affirmed.
Sirius eyes shifted back to Harry and Harry had the feeling that his godfather was trying to find any resemblance to Severus in his face. He tried his best to endure the scrutinizing glance from his godfather, but with his new instincts it wasn't easy and he began squirming in discomfort. Only when his father placed a soothing hand on his shoulder did Sirius seem to notice what he was doing and asked: "But why?"
"To protect Harry and myself from Voldemort's wrath," Severus explained.
"Who told you all this, Harry? Do you have any proof?" Remus asked, eyeing his father coldly.
"Albus told us, Severus didn't know until the day before the Order meeting himself and we have proof." He said and his father gave the parchment over to Remus at his words.
The werewolf unrolled the document and his godfather leaned over his shoulder to be able to look at it as well. Their eyes flew across the lines and then both men gasped in unison.
"Harry Severus..." Sirius mumbled.
"How did Dumbledore know about this? Did Lily tell him?" Remus asked; Sirius was currently too shocked to do anything else but listen. Harry saw the pain, confusion and expression of loss in his godfather’s eyes and he had to close his own eyes for a moment. He had long ago realized that he was not only important to his godfather as a person and his godson, but as a last connection to his late best friend and right now Sirius looked as if James had died all over again.
His father eyed his godfather for a moment, before explaining: "Lily and James preformed the ritual in the room of requirement and Albus noticed the gathering magic. When he went to check what was happening, he found Lily and James and they told him everything. Albus helped them to protect Harry, but they died not even two years later."
"Why didn't Dumbledore give Harry to you after their death?" Remus inquired.
"Albus had the suspicion all along that the Dark Lord would rise again and Harry and would have been in even more danger if he had found out that I am his father after his resurrection, besides, I went to him and offered to work as his spy in hope of revenge for Lily and end this war once and for all," Severus sighed.
"And only for the sake of the war Harry had to live with the Dursley’s for eleven years?" Remus growled.
"Not for eleven years, for eight," Harry mumbled absentmindedly, not realizing at first, that he had corrected Remus automatically.
"What do you mean by eight? You lived with this horrible muggles until your Hogwarts letter arrived," Remus said.
Harry fidgeted nervously, he could tell the whole story now that they were at it anyway, but it would be a lot to take in for the already overwhelmed looking man, although Remus still looked slightly better than Sirius and he was slightly nervous about the outcome.
He quickly looked over at his father, asking him with his eyes if he was against telling them, but Severus only nodded curtly.
"I...I never told you how bad the Dursley’s abuse really was," he stuttered. "They locked me in that cupboard under the stairs for days. They starved me, hit me and I had to do chores since I was very small..."
Remus growled angrily.
"Albus had watched all this until I was nearly eight and it grew even worse..." Harry's voice left him then and he snuggled into his father's side, not able to tell them about the beatings.
"It was still important to keep the protection of the blood wards for Harry, but it also became unavoidable that someone had to save Harry from the abuse he had to suffer. Albus decided to perform a second ritual on him, one that would make every human who had ever heard about him think that he was already turning eleven instead of eight. This way, he was able to send Harry his Hogwarts letter three years earlier and ensure the blood wards during the summer holidays," his father continued for him. He was thankful that the man had not mentioned the extent of his abuse either, but as someone who had lived through physical abuse as well, Severus had to know how humiliating it felt.
His guardians' eyes fixed on him once more and it was as if a veil was lifted in front of them, as the ritual lost its effect on the marauders.
"Oh no...Harry," Remus looked sad beyond belief and Harry could see the same expression in Sirius’ face for a moment, before despair and anger ripped his features apart:
Suddenly Sirius jumped back to his feet, pointing with his finger at Severus: "I can't accept this story!" Harry looked in shock at his godfather. The talk had gone so well so far, what had suddenly gone wrong?
"And even if everything is apparently true, that doesn't mean that you have the right to become his father! You thick bastard! You should have loved Harry for being Lily's son all along and not hating him for being James’! You made his life even more miserable for the last four years and now you come along and want to play happy family with him? I won't let you!" His godfather continued.
His father rose as well; his expression thunderous. Harry tried to hold him down, but as a submissive child vampire he was not strong enough to restrain his father:
"Don't think I do not regret all the hateful and hurtful words I have thrown at my own son in the last years Black! You are right, I hated him for not being mine; I knew it was wrong, but it was too painful to see a child every week, that was made by my soul mate and another man! And how should I have known with all those rituals affecting everybody around him?"
Harry grabbed the hand of his father again; it was enough that he still blamed himself, he didn't need Sirius’ accusations on top of that, but his godfather didn't see his pleading look.
"Harry was always James' son and he always will be, regardless of who his sire might have been! And I can't believe that you are accepting him, Harry! How can you betray James' memory like this?" Sirius shouted, before turning and stomping out of the living room.
For a moment Harry hoped that Remus at least would see reason, but the man only said: "I think Sirius is right; you have no right to become his father," before following his mate upstairs.
Harry sat there for a moment in frozen shock, then the realization of what had just happened and what Sirius had said hit him and his walls broke. Tears started to pour down his cheeks, first silently and then accompanied by loud sobs. As soon as the first sound left his throat his father was next to him again, lifting him into his lap and cradling him against his strong chest.
"Shh, Harry, he will come to terms with the truth. Even your little friends did, didn't they?"
Hiccuping, Harry asked: "Was it so important to him, that I was James’ son? Did he only love me because everyone thought that I was the son of his dead friend?" He could not understand why his godfather and Lupin rather wanted to see him as an orphan than with Severus Snape as father. How could they be so cruel? Hadn't they seen how happy he was with Severus? Hadn't they seen how much the dark man loved and cared for him?
"No, I am sure he loves you for yourself as well and if he doesn't know it yet, he will come to realize it soon," his father stroked with a calming gesture over his back and rocked him gently.
"Am I really throwing James' memory away by accepting you? And why was Remus so infuriated if he already knew?" he mumbled.
"No, of course not, Remus himself told us that James has acted as your father to save you, and in hope that we would be happy as a family together someday," his father reminded him.
Harry sniffed and snuggled even closer.
"He didn't know exactly what James had done for me and it wasn't what he had expected or what he would ever have wished for," Severus explained softly.
"Why do they all hate you so much?" Harry cried and buried his hands in his father's robes.
"You should know that yourself. I am a closed off and unpleasant man to those I don't like. Sure, it was them who started our animosity all those years ago, but since then I did my fair share to make it worse instead of better."
"Why does everybody insist on keeping old grudges up as long as possible?" Harry wanted to know, he could not understand why it was apparently so difficult to just forgive sometimes. He never had those problems, especially if it was with someone who was important to him.
"Not everybody has been given such a great heart as you have. But I am sure that you will be able to teach us how to be as kind-hearted as you are," his father chuckled. "I really have a son who is too good for this world. How could I of all people have done this? I was always so bitter myself," he mused.
"And now you aren't anymore?" Harry asked, his sobs stopping abruptly and he looked up with huge, questioning eyes.
"No, not anymore. Maybe a little, but you have taken nearly all the bitterness away from me," Harry felt a kiss pressed to the top of his head.
"I am glad," He sniffled. He felt a movement on his shoulder and suddenly a small, warm body pressed to his cheek, hugging his face and chirping consolingly.
Harry chuckled: "Justitius," he mumbled and lifted a finger to stroke his small friend.
"Do you think you are calm enough to go up to your friends? It is very late already and they are probably either asleep or worried sick about you."
"I think I will be fine," He sat up and smiled at his father.
"Do not worry too much, you are a far too lovable brat, they will realize it soon," Severus said and hugged him one last time, before placing him back on the ground.
"Sleep well," Harry mumbled and went up the stairs. When he was on the first floor, he could hear Sirius’ aggravated voice from the room across, but he didn't listen and opened his own door silently.
It was already dark inside and soft sleeping sounds came from the beds of his friends. He didn't feel like lying down in his own bed alone and sniffed silently. He wanted the comfort of his mate, or his father. Was it because Albus' ritual had had an effect on him as well, or because of his change into a submissive or merely the fact that he now had two people he could go to for comfort, that he did not have the energy to go through his misery alone anymore?
Feeling cold, lonely and still very hurt by Sirius and Remus’ words he silently changed into his nightshirt, sniffling all the while. When he had changed he crawled under his blanket and turned on his side, before closing his eyes.
Unfortunately an hour later found him still wide awake. Whenever he closed his eyes, he saw Sirius’ hurt expression, his look of loss and then his anger. His godfathers and Remus’