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Hockey and Half-Bloods

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Cam officially hated his job.

The brunette often thought this to himself as he worked in the pathetic little cell phone kiosk in a mall on a less-than-friendly-seeming side of Toronto on weekends, and Thursday and Friday nights. Besides that, he had so many reasons to quit: the cranky old ladies that couldn't probably run a toaster, the awful uniform consisting of khakis and an itchy polo featuring the logo of some obscure cell company, him only communicating with his boss via phone since getting the job, the drug dealers in the mall... to make a long story short, if it weren't for the fact he needed the money, he'd have gone long ago.

However, quitting was not an option at the moment; Cam lamented this fact as he stared at his phone which said that his shift would be over in 10 minutes. His family had moved, to his great joy, to Toronto from Kapuskasing. Doing so, however, had put a great strain on the financial capabilities of the Saunders family. His mother worked 2 jobs and his father worked a job that had equal to that of his mom's jobs. Cam decided to get a job to help them out; after all, they had moved down to Toronto so that he wouldn't be homesick (it wasn't the only reason, but Cam liked to think it was). Running his fingers through his brown hair, he started to re-arrange some boxes at his feet so he'd have more room in the tiny enclosure. He leaned up against the counter area, thinking how he would waste his time for 10 more minutes, then leave and get paid for standing there. However, Cam's relaxation was cut short by a voice getting his attention.

"Hello, could I get a fellytone?"

This voice surprised Cam because it sounded like a guy of his age. He turned around it and saw that it was. It was a boy who was a couple of inches taller than Cam. He had a slightly angular face, with shortish red hair and lighter blue eyes that drew Cam in. He seemed to be lanky from what Cam could tell through his black hoodie that showed a bit of the flannel shirt he wore underneath and darker jeans. Although he looked like he could have been living in Toronto all his life, the other male wore an expression that seemed to say he had absolutely no idea what he was doing.

Cam apparently stared way too long because the other boy started to say, "Hey mate, do I need to call someone or..?"

"No, no," said Cam, blushing slightly trying to cover up his blunder, "What can I do for you?"

"I need to buy a fellytone," stated the red-haired male in front of him. If the boy hadn't been wearing a face that looked like he was expecting to be beaten, Cam probably would've chuckled at that.

"What kind of telephone were you searching for?" asked Cam politely. The red hair furrowed his brow and bit his lip, as if trying to recall something. When it seemed that he couldn't remember what he was going to say, he dug in his pocket and pulled out a bit of paper that seemed to be made of a thicker material than usual lined notebook paper; it was almost like parchment.

"An iPhone 5," read the male uncertainly. Cam looked down at the boxes that were near his feet. He dug for a second and found a box with the requested phone. He put the box on the counter and stared back at the boy.

"Do you have a preference for color?" inquired Cam.

"Dunno," murmured the other, "I'm getting this for a friend and she didn't say anything about them being different colors." It was there that Cam noticed the other boy had an accent that he was trying to cover up. It seemed to be an English accent of some sort, but Cam would have no knowledge placing the place of origin.

"Well, she can buy a cover if it's a huge importance," said Cam, shrugging, "Does she currently have a phone?"

"Yeah, but it broke."

"A phone number?"

"I think so."

"What provider does she have?" The other male looked at him in a look of confusion.

"What company makes her phone functional?" explained Cam. The boy looked down for a second, his ears becoming increasingly red, which Cam found absolutely adorable. Then he looked up at Cam and stared him right in the eyes.

"I'mma be honest with you, mate," said the red-haired male across the counter, slightly stressed, "I have no idea what in the bollocks you're talking with. I don't know why my friend didn't do this. She's a lot better with mug-, well, she's a lot better at this sorta stuff."

"Don't sweat it," laughed Cam, pushing the iPhone in its box towards him, "It's fine. You can just pay for the phone and give it your friend. She can get it all worked out with the company; she sounds like she can handle it."

"Thank Merlin," breathed the other in relief, "How much'll that be?"

"That'll be," said Cam, scanning the item and looking at the price on the screen, "250 dollars, even." Ron seemed to flinch at the price, but still he dug into his wallet and placed a wall of bills onto the counter. Cam put the iPhone box into the bag and handed it over to him.

"Thanks, mate," thanked the other, smiling genuinely and looking straight into Cam's eyes, causing butterflies to flutter incessantly, "I'd be totally lost."

"I-it's no problem, really," said Cam, feeling his throat close as he felt nervous.

"Have a good one!" the red-haired male cheerfully said, and then he walked away. Cam breathed, trying to get rid of the nervous jitters that he was feeling from talking to the very attractive male that he'd just been talking with. This caused him to think about when he realized he was gay.

Yes, Cam was gay. He'd come to this conclusion when he was in his former relationship with Maya. He really thought that he he thought she was attractive, but it in reality he just appreciated her beauty without being attracted to her. It really come to his attention when it was after their second date and they decided to share their first kiss. Cam felt absolutely nothing; the kiss was like kissing his blonde sister that he'd just taken on a date. After that, he constantly doubted his feelings toward the blonde. When he finally became aware that he was more interested at looking at his teammates in the shower after practice, he realized that he had no feelings toward her beyond that of a best friend. He told her shortly after it came to him. She was a bit mad at first, but soon she became one of the two people who knew his secret.

The other one happened to be Dallas. He noticed Cam... observing the other teammates in a slightly more than friendly way... in the showers and Cam's resulting 'excitement' thereafter. Dallas confronted Cam about it after that practice. Cam was worried that he'd be a little less than excepting based on his reaction towards Owen's younger brother Tristan, but Dallas was cool with it, explaining that he didn't hate the fact that Tristan was gay; he hated the fact that Tristan could be a bit of a (in Dallas' words) prick. In fact, Dallas often teased Cam after practice when he'd view Cam eyeing the other males on the team.

Cam shook his head as his phone sounded an alarm he set went off. Cam silenced it and went to putting the red-haired male's money into the register. As he put them in, he started counting out the money. He counted extra money, so counted again, and thrice more. Every time he counted, though, he counted $100 more than should have been there. Cam didn't blame him; he seemed really nervous doing this. He thought that he should probably turn in the money to the police or something so the red-haired guy could find it when he realized his mistake. However, Cam found the prospect of finding the red-haired male himself to a) stare at him again and b) give him back his money so somebody didn't falsely claim it to be theirs. Cam quickly closed up the kiosk and ran out the front door of the mall.

He peered across the parking lot, which was nearly empty as per usual, and saw the red flaming hair of the boy walking towards a crosswalk.

"Hey!" Cam bellowed, trying to get the male's attention. He didn't give a response that would show he heard Cam, so Cam started to run after him and yelled at him again. The male stopped as Cam sprinted toward him, probably looking slightly stupid.

"Hey," said Cam, slightly out of breath when he reached him, "You paid a little too much!"

"How much?" asked the red-haired male in wonder.

"Nothing much," said Cam, "Just.. about $100." The red-haired's eyes lit up in surprise as Cam pulled out the various bills that made the additional $100. The other male took from Cam's hand and pocketed it.

"Thanks," he said, sighing in relief, "That'd have been bad if I lost that. My friend would lose it!" Cam laughed and so did the other male.

"Well," said the other male after a moment of brief silence, "I need to get you going, but thanks. It's nice to know some people have some courtesy."

"No problem," said Cam, forcing the words out of himself.

"Not so fast, Ronald Weasley," drawled a voice in front of them. Cam and the red-haired's head shot forward to see the speaker. The red-head (that Cam now knew as Ronald) seemed to become as white as a sheet as the speaker stood on the other side of the short street that was branched with the crosswalk.

The speaker was a tall, white blond male. His steel gray eyes and highly edged face that was drawn into a satisfied smirk made the speaker seem like he was very pleased to have run into Ronald but not for a completely innocent reason. The man was not directly next to Cam but Cam could tell he was taller than both himself and Ronald. The black robes he wore, despite it being April, made him seem even more tall and intimidating. Cam swore that he blinked and a group of men appeared behind the man. They were dressed similar black robes and were of similar height, but instead they wore silver masks that were carved into grotesque and odd faces.

"What do you want, Lucius?" shouted Ronald, trying to sound confidently but his voice trembling a bit. Lucius chuckled, and the said chuckle could be heard even over the distant sounds of traffic.

"What do I want?" asked Lucius pseudo-innocently, "Nothing excessive... just that you are locked up like the filth you are. Look, even now you associate with muggles... the most disgusting pond scum to walk the same earth as me." Cam didn't know what he meant by Muggles, or if that even was a real world, but it didn't sound like he was being complimented. This was definitely confirmed by Ronald becoming angry.

"Leave him out of it," snapped Ronald Weasley, "He was trying to do something kind, unlike you slimy prejudiced bastard!" Lucius did his best to keep his face neutral, but fury flashed in the gray orbs. He dug in his robes and pulled out a cane. It was a long black one, seemingly just polished, with a silver snake's head with emerald eyes. He pulled on the snake's head. The snake's head was revealed to be on a shaft of wood that used the whole of the cane to sheathe it. Cam didn't know why, but the approximately 8 inches of wood seemed to make Ronald uneasy, who had his hand in his pocket like he was going to reach for a weapon. However, Cam laughed, which caused Ronald to look at him like he wanted Cam to shut up.

"What are you laughing at, filth?" asked Lucius in disgust. Cam usually wasn't brave in the slightest, but he found the situation extremely comical.

"I'm sorry," said Cam, trying to keep his voice even from the laughter, "But you're threatening him with a fancy stick." Lucius' face lost its disgusts and was replaced by a smile that held a bit of dark amusement.

"You know what, my friends?" Lucius asked to the group behind him, his voice dripping with controlled anger and amusement, "Let's show this muggle the power of this... ah, how did he put it?...fancy stick." Lucius swung the stick over his head and pointed it at Cam. Cam was so stunned by a green fire coming out the wand that he almost was hit by it. In fact, he would've been hit if he were not tackled by Ronald. The angle he looked back at Lucius hold the stick in his hand bemusedly.

That was definitely more than just a fancy stick.

Lucius began to walk to cross the street, but at the current moment the light at the crosswalk was red. Annoyed, Lucius raise the stick in his hand and made motion like he was trying to remove a fly from the end of it. Without warning, all the cars that happened to be at the crosswalk shot up in the air and towards Ronald and Cam. Cam had enough sense to move without the help of the red-haired male. Luckily, the owners of the cars jumped before they were thrown. However, the cars crashed into the parking lots with violent explosions, craters forming where they impacted the asphalt. Lucius smiled and quickly crossed the street, sending a blast of red light from the end of the stick he held. Cam dodged it and looked at Ronald. He had his own stick in his hand, ready to go. Lucius sneered at him and sent the green fire again. Ronald countered with a yellow one of his own. The two hit each other and mid-air, and Cam could feel the energy as the collision of the two resulting in an explosion.

"Run," screamed Ronald, shooting another ball of light at Lucius. Lucius merely flicked the rod in his hand and the ball of light ricocheted into the window of another building nearby, breaking the glass. Cam ran to the other side of the parking lot, where he hid behind a steaming piece of one of the cars. Luckily for him, Lucius seemed not to notice, instead going for Ronald. Ronald tried to slow Lucius' advance, but Lucius kept deflecting them aside as if they were flies. Lucius shot the green fire at Ronald again, barely missing Ronald by a quarter of an inch. By the look of fear on Ronald's face, that green fire would be disastrous if it hit him. Cam, thinking fast, saw that somehow the rear-view mirror of one the cars had managed to survive unscathed.

"Hey prejudiced bastard!" shouted Cam at Lucius. Lucius looked over at Cam. As he did, Cam threw the mirror as hard as he could. Apparently, Lucius seemed to not have suspected that because he stood there in apparent shock as the mirror hit and shattered against his face. Lucius howled in pain, covering his face. When his hands went away from his face, Cam saw that blood was pouring from a few scratches, including one near his eye that seemed to be bleeding into it. Whether that impaired his eyesight or not, Lucius roared in anger and turned his head to the road beyond the parking lot. Only a couple cars and a 18 wheeler were on the road, as this was not the most used part of Toronto. Lucius pointed his stick at the 18 wheeler. The 18 wheeler shot up into the air, the driver falling out of the vehicle onto the road below. Lucius flicked his wand at Cam. Soon, the shadow of the 18 wheeler about 70 feet above loomed over Cam. Cam was sure this would be the end of the line for him, that in a second or two he'd be flattened by over a ton of metal. He looked over at Ronald, who'd he thought would be standing there in horror, transfixed by the way Cam would perish.

Ronald, instead of doing that, pointed his stick at the 18 wheeler and roared, "Bombarda maxima!"

The resulting explosion made the cars crashing into the parking lot look like a firecracker. The 18 wheeler was engulfed in a fiery flame and it split into thousands of pieces, scattering everywhere, breaking windows of cars and buildings, and embedding themselves into their own personal holes in the concrete. For Cam, the force of blast caused him to fly backwards about 20 feet and land on his back, knocking the wind out of him. He wasn't allowed much time to regain said breath because he felt Ronald help to his feet and start dragging him away from the scene of the explosion.

Cam's vision didn't adjust until Ronald had dragged him about 2 city blocks away. Ronald was pulling his arm, leading him down a complete allies that he wouldn't have gone down if he were in his right mind. But obviously since he'd just seen two sticks of wood cause more damage than 200 sticks of dynamite to a shady mall, he definitely was not in his right mind.

"Where are you taking me?" Cam as Ronald pulled him further and further away from the explosion site.

"Away from there," said Ronald shortly, seemingly focused on getting as far away as possible from the mall.

"Care to be a bit more specific, Ronald?" Cam quipped. Cam could hear the smile in his voice as he dragged Cam along.

"Nope," Ronald said, "and it's Ron; nobody calls me Ronald but my mum." It was Cam's turn to smile then. They walk further and further away from the explosion sight, walking about 15 minutes before Ron seemed to reach his destination. They seemed to be on the edge of suburb just outside Toronto. Ron started to walk towards a white house that looked like any plain, drab, average, and cookie-cutter white house one would find in the suburbs. Ron dug in his pocket for a key. When he didn't produce it, he swore, pointed the stick he had just finished using to blow up an 18 wheeler at the lock, and muttered something under his breath. The door click and swung open. Ron walked inside and Cam followed.

Cam should have been taken back by the gorgeousness of the living room he had just gone into. There were white soft sofas that had metal arms to support them. There was a coffee table in the middle of the room that had a remote to the TV hanging just above the brick-laden fireplace that was currently unlit and many copies of a newspaper called The Daily Prophet, with one headline stating MALFOY SIGNS IN NEW LAW: NO WANDS FOR MUGGLE-BORNS (Cam swore he saw the picture of the man who attack Ron and him smiling on the cover move out of the corner of his eye). He saw the kitchen had granite counter tops, one with a large bird cage, and modern chrome appliances. The dining room was merely just an extension of the living room with a simple black wood table and chairs. On the wall behind the table was a poster with many men and woman lined up, wearing what seemed to be maroon and green rugby robes combined with what seemed to be rugby uniforms, each of them hold broomsticks. Yes, all this of this should've caught Cam's attention. But he was a little shaken over the fact that he'd escaped being squished like a spider by having the 18 wheeler that would've squished him explode using a stick. Ron offered him a seat next to him on the couch. Cam did so and stared down at the newspaper again. The picture was definitely moving, Lucius Malfoy's face looking up at Cam, the black and white picture apparently very happy with himself.

"That picture is moving," stated Cam with worry in his voice, 'I've definitely had a concussion." Ron bit his lip and scooted a little closer to Cam, his arm resting on Cam's shoulder, which he would've highly enjoyed if it weren't for the fact he felt like the room was spinning.

"No," said Ron carefully, "The picture is moving and it's supposed to be." Cam looked at him like he'd lost his mind. Ron seemed to gather his thoughts in his mind and sigh.

"So..." Ron said, drawing out the word, "How about that lorry exploding, eh?" Cam looked at him in disbelief.

"Yeah," said Cam, his voice becoming a little tensed, "How did you go about doing that, huh? You know... using only a little wooden stick? And why did you make it explode in the first place?" Ron withdrew the stick from his pocket and let Cam have a closer look at it. It just seemed to be a polished dark brown piece of wood, with a lighter end that seemed to function as some sort of handle. Cam looked up Ron in confusion. The male sighed again and looked him in the eye.

"It's a wand," Ron stated, "and Lucius could've done worse if I hadn't used it." Cam let that sink for a moment. It definitely did not look the usual star-on-end-of stick wand that'd he'd seen used on TV.

"Wait," said Cam, looking Ron dead in the eyes, "Do mean like a wand like the magic Wizard/Witch/Mage/Warlock/Fairy kind of wand? Like one would use to make spells or whatever?" Ron tried to be serious but still managed to give a little snort.

"Fairies aren't allowed wands," Ron said, "And I'm not quite sure a mage is a thing, but yeah, the Wizard/Witch/Warlock wands that make spells and stuff." Cam bent down and picked up the newspaper with Lucius Malfoy with his self-absorbed smile on the front. Cam would have found it funny that Lucius Malfoy's face turned to disgusts as Cam held the newspaper in his hand.

"And that stuff in the parking lot," said Cam, "Was magic? And this newspaper?" Ron nodded and put his wand on the table. Cam made sure to not to touch as he set the newspaper back down, for he wasn't sure if he touched the wand the wrong way, it could do the worst possible bodily harm. Ron seemed to read that thought because he slid his hand down Cam's back, trying to comfort the slightly shorter brunette.

"It'll only do something if somebody magic touches it," said Ron, looking at him. Cam looked Ron, his mind bursting with questions as he looked into Ron's blue eyes which seemed to be clouded somewhat, as if he were recalling a memory. Finally, Cam settled on a question that was his most burning.

"Why are you here in Canada?" asked Cam slowly, "I thought most of that stuff was in Europe."

"That's where it all started," said Ron, "So yeah, mostly. However, things back in Europe aren't exactly the most hospitable for the majority of wizard-kind."

"What do you mean?" asked Cam. Ron's face darkened and he got a look of disgusts, like he had just eaten something extremely sour. He got up, picked up his wand, pocketed it, and started to pace a little. After a couple minutes of silent pacing, Ron stopped dead and turned to face the brunette, his face grave and more serious than Cam had seen him.

"Wizards and non-wizards used to be extremely separate," began Ron, his voice even, "Many muggles (he explained these were non-magic folk after Cam made a confused face) used to fear wizards. They used to burn them at the stake, burn them, occasionally worse..." Ron trailed off here for a brief moment before he continued.

"Wizards and muggles stayed apart because was just safer. However, some wizards did end up marrying muggles, creating half-wizard children that were capable of magic. After a while, it was definitely possible to have a child that could do magic when their parents couldn't. It shouldn't be a problem; both wizards with all wizards blood and those with muggle blood can do magic. My friend Hermione's muggle-born and she was the best in school. However, for some wizards, it's completely wrong for muggle-borns to learn magic." Ron tilted his head toward Lucius' smug face on the newspaper.

"Are you muggle born?" asked Cam. Ron shook his head.

"No, I actually have all wizard blood," said Ron, making it sound just like a statement, not something he was proud or ashamed of, "But I don't care if a wizard is full wizard, muggle born, whatever... That's just as bad to them as being muggle-born." Ron looked pulled his wand out of his pocket, and stared at it while he started talking again.

"16 years ago, an evil guy named Lord V-v..." Ron gulped, "...Voldemort... made a group called the Death Eaters. They loathe anything to do with muggles. Lord Voldemort even tried to kill my friend Harry when he was a baby. Recently, though, they seemed to have taken on a different approach. Lucius Malfoy about 6 months ago became the Minister of Magic... I think it's like your prezzy-dent or something... Anyway, he started a big hunt on muggles and 'muggle lovers' with the government, so we had to leave England. We're lucky he didn't get a chance to use his wand on the muggles back at the mall. Since we know magic, me and my friends got lucky. We were able to battle our way out of England so we wouldn't be put in Azkaban, the worst wizard prison in the entirety of ever." Ron turned the wand in his hand. "If we had stayed there, they'd have put us in there and snapped our wands." Cam walked up the red-headed male and it was his turn to put his hand on the other's shoulder.

"At least you're here 'stead of there," said Cam, trying to lighten the mood, "Although with the drug dealers, it's not probably the safest place to be." Ron looked down at him with a grateful smile on his face.

"Yeah," said Ron, "I guess here's not so bad." Cam felt his face blush as Ron stared him straight in the eyes when he said that. They stayed in an awkward position with their faces way nearer than needed for about 30 seconds before Ron pulled his face back with a blush. He pocketed his wand and sat down on the couch once more. Cam did so to. They sat in a semi-awkward silence before Ron broke the silence.

"So while you're here," Ron said, "Would you like a drink?"

"Um... sure," said Cam, "What d'you have?"

"How about a butterbeer?" suggested Ron.

"No thanks," said Cam, "I don't drink alcohol." He had tried a beer at Dallas' insisting during one of his infamous house parties. It tasted like old feet feet with backwash and Cam was certain that no one would drink it if they were in their right mind.

"Oh, right," said Ron with realization in his voice, "It's actually not alcoholic... at the very least I could have it at school. It's actually really sweet." Cam shrugged; he didn't want to be rude. Ron was about to get up before he looked at Cam.

"Another perk of magic," Ron smiled, taking his wand out of his pocket. "Accio Butterbeer." Cam heard the fridge fly open and two glass bottles fly over to them. Ron caught them with one hand. Cam looked at him in shock.

"Pretty cool, right?" asked Ron, popping off the lid and taking a swig of the amber liquid. Cam took it off and took a sip, expecting the usual taste of smelly gym socks and saliva, but he was pleasantly surprised. The liquid, despite actually being cold, had a warming effect that Cam supposed could be magic, and it had a sweet taste like butterscotch and cream, so sweet that he expected to get a cavity the moment the liquid passed his front teeth.

"Yeah," said Cam, taking another drink of Butterbeer and setting down on the coffee table, "So, I heard you mention school. Do wizards like leave school as young as you?"

"No," said Ron, "We stop going to school after 17 or 18, after seven years at. I'm 17 (Cam noticed this way the same age as himself), but I left during the sixth one 'cuz Lucius woulda taken me out of school and straight to Azkaban. That would have happened to Harry and Hermione, my friends, but we decided to leave England."

"I thought I heard you mention them," said Cam, "Where are they now?"

"Hermione has a job," stated Ron, "She's muggle-born, so she knows a lot more about this place. My brothers have a joke shop and they started a branch in Toronto, so I fill orders from home. Harry doesn't live with us. He's with Toronto's Quidditch team, the Toronto Tornadoes."

"Qui-ditch?" asked Cam in confusion.

"A sport in the wizarding world," explained Ron, "It's played on broomsticks. My mate's Harry's really good at it, so he changed his appearance 'cuz he's kinda a famous bloke and tried out for the team. He said that he could give me free tickets to any one of the matches that'd I want."

"Broomsticks," Cam said in awe, "That sounds awesome!"

"It is," said Ron, smiling, "Maybe you'd like to go to a game some time with me?"

"Yeah, sure," said Cam, trying not smile too wide because Ron didn't just ask him on a date. Ron smiled back and nodded, draining the rest of his glass of butterbeer and setting it down again. The two sat in a more comfortable silence for about a minute before Cam's eyes landed on a something under the coffee table. He pulled it out and saw it was a chess board.

"You play chess?" asked Ron.

"Yeah," said Cam, remembering back when he was younger, he'd play chess with his mom a lot, who was the chess champion of Kapuskasing's local tournament that they had. He beat her a couple tables, he remembered with a fond smile, so he was fairly confident in his abilities.

"Wanna play few games?" asked Ron, who seemed more excited than Cam did to play it. Cam shrugged.


Cam knew after about an hour that Ron was some sort of chess hustler.

Ron at the beginning claimed he wasn't that good at chess. But after 13 games, in one game beating Cam in a grand total of 10 moves, it was apparent "not that good" was not the way to describe Ron's chess abilities. Ron had a very attractive thinking face as he thought of the best way for his pieces to pummel Cam's (Cam found out in wizard chess, the pieces really quite pummeled each other). Cam's mother had nothing on Ron, period.

After about 2 hours of the violent-esque chess, Ron and Cam both yawned and decided to call a break.

"'Not that good'?" asked Cam in disbelief as Ron picked up the chess pieces, put them on the board, and shoved them under the table. Ron grinned sheepishly as he lay back on the couch, with Cam following. They sat there for about a minute before Ron took a look the clock.

"Bloody hell," he said, "It's nearly 11:00."

"Crap," said Cam, "I should be going." Ron frowned and looked at him.

"Maybe you can stay over?" asked Ron, a slight tone of begging detectable in his voice. Cam smiled and took his phone out of his pocket, feeling weird to be using his phone after all the magic related events that'd gone on in the past hour. He texted his mom "i'm staying the night a friends house". A couple seconds later, his mother texted back "ok have fun". Ron looked at his phone, interested at him texting.

"Man, I wish we had something like that," said Ron jealously, "The closest things are owls to carry letters, and lemme tell you this: they are not reliable in the least!" Cam laughed at the thought of seeing one of the predatory birds flying along, seeing a mouse, and abandoning the letter in a heartbeat. Ron looked at the clock again and pulled a face.

"Hm," he said, "Hermione said that she'd get home at 10:30. She must've had to work late again." Ron got up and stretched his gangly limbs and cracked his neck which made a loud pop. He stood there for a moment before he spoke again.

"Well," said Ron, "I'm gonna take a shower, then I'm gonna hit the hay. You could probably use the guest bedroom, if you want."

"Thanks," said Cam gratefully, "This couch is... very soft, but it's not exactly good for sitting for a long period of time." Ron chuckled.

"Yeah," he agreed smiling, "Truth be told, Hermione designed this room. I really don't understand 'fashion' according to her... but if that uncomfortable piece of dragon dung couch is her idea of fashion, I want no part of it." Cam snorted at this interesting description of a furniture as Ron walked away to take his shower, which left Cam alone in the living room. He sat there for a minute or two before he decided to explore a little beyond the living room he and Ron had been occupying for the past few hours. He walked into the dining room and looked around. He saw that there was a little table that he hadn't noticed before. On the table sat two little photos. Cam bent closer to observe them.

One of them was a of a group of red-headed people that seemed to be Ron's family. It was a moving photo, like the one in The Daily Prophet; the family was laughing hard at something, probably something behind the photographer. A short woman next to a taller man with Ron's gangly physique and blue eyes, probably Ron's parents. Cam looked around for Ron and he think he found him. This seemed to an old picture because Ron seemed to be about 5 years old, but it was definitely him. With a snort, Cam realized that Ron was the source of the laughter. Ron was starring, utterly abhorred at what seemed to a teddy bear that seemed to be in the process of turning into a spider. Two slightly older looking that looked identical, both looking over at Ron in the photo and snickering good-naturedly. When he realized one of the boys had a wand in their hand, he thought back to what Ron had said about his brothers owning a joke shop; these were probably the same brothers.

Chuckling at the horrified look on Ron's face, he picked up the second one, which seemed to be more recent and seemed to be a regular photo because Cam didn't see it move. It was of three teenagers wearing dark robes with maroon and yellow scarves, smiling and standing shoulder to soldier. Ron was the one he knew for sure. He was the tallest and standing in the middle, his red hair a little longer than it was now. To his right, a black haired boy with green eyes stood that Cam assumed to be Harry. But what caught Cam's attention was the girl to Ron's right in the photo. It was a bushy, brown-haired girl that Cam figured was Hermione. She had her head slowly turned to her left. Her smiling face was still visible to the camera but all her focus seemed to be on the red-haired male next to her. With a feeling like his stomach dropped to his feet as he recognized the look in her brown eyes, her fingers running through her hair, Ron's hand he now saw on her shoulders... even with the still photo, he could see the togetherness between Hermione and Ron. Ron frowned and put the picture of the two down and re-sat on the couch.

How could you have been so stupid? Cam asked himself, holding his head in his hands. It should've been glaringly obvious; Hermione lived with him for God's sake! Cam was probably misreading Ron's kindness for the red-haired boy being attracted to him or liking more than a friend. Cam felt that he couldn't have been stupider in any situation. Sighing, Cam looked up at the clock and saw that 20 minutes had passed since Ron had gone to the shower. Cam shrugged. Ron probably liked long showers. Suddenly, and out of nowhere, Cam heard a sound like something fell to the floor in another room. Cam assumed that it probably wasn't a big deal because Ron didn't run to see what was wrong, but Cam decided to do that. He got up off the slightly uncomfortable couch and walked past the dining room into a hallway. The hall was a simple one, with a couple doors that probably led to the laundry room or the basement and a flight of wooden stairs that probably led to Ron and Hermione's bedrooms... Or bedroom Cam's mind supplied with a shudder. The sound he'd been following happened again and Cam heard what sounded like little footsteps run around on the floor upstairs. A couple seconds later, a cat appeared at the top of the stairs. It was a pretty big cat, a bandy legged, ginger one that resembled a small tiger. Its face looked like it had ran into a few walls too many, and it appeared to have blush on (Cam figured the cat had knocked over a container of it upstairs). It took one look at Cam, hissed, and walked away, reminding why Cam wasn't that fond of cats.

Cam was about to go upstairs and clean up whatever the cat had spilled to save Ron some trouble when suddenly he heard Ron's voice. He didn't make out what had said, or if Ron had said anything, but it seemed to be coming from a slightly ajar door at the end of the hall. Cam walked down the hall to the door without thinking. When he was right in front of the door, he definitely Ron's voice, although he still couldn't make out in any words. He opened the door but quickly shut it and blushed heavily.

Ron was in the shower, doing something very interesting.

Trying to fight back his raging curiosity, Cam cracked the door again to peer inside. He was greeted by a decently large bathroom, with a sink, a toilet that seemed to be brand new, a couple of rugs that probably were to keep off the floors that probably were cleaned recently... oh, and Ron in the shower masturbating.

It was 10 times better than seeing the guys in the showers after practice. Ron has his head, moaning eyes closed in pleasure from the service he was giving to his member with his right hand. Cam's eyes traveled down the red-hair's body. Ron wasn't as lanky as he thought he was, not having huge bulging muscles but not exactly a stick either. To Cam's surprise, Ron was also harrier than he expected, with a fair patch of lighter red hair going down, starting at the top of his chest, near his nipples, across his faint abs, and in a thicker treasure trial that lead down to his groin.

Oh boy, Ron's groin.

At the base of his cock that was currently in use, Ron sported a thicker patch of the ginger hair that he had on his chest that continued to his low hanging balls. Cam shifted his focus from this to the organ that Ron held in his right hand, and he was not disappointed. Ron's penis kind of matched the owner, seemingly around 7 and 1/2 inches in length but only about 1 around. As Ron's hand descended and Cam could see the head which was slowly turning a darker red, Cam realized that Ron was circumcised (he'd only seen one other one like that, and that was Luke Baker's, who was born in the States). Out of the darkening head, he could see that Ron's fantasy was very nice because a small amount of precum was starting come out of his slit. This is when Cam realized that he himself was hard, his own member straining against his khakis.

Cam had an internal argument with himself on whether he should be doing some fun of his own with this glorious sight ahead of him or being repulsed by masturbating to an attractive guy he just met today. In the end, though, his own erection burning a hole in his pants won. Cam unbuttoned his khakis and put in his hand in his boxers to rub at his own erection.

Cam found himself in a substrate of heaven. Though he was feeling some guilt on intruding upon Ron's private moment, he would have felt worse if this weren't the single hottest thing he'd ever witnessed. Cam felt himself stroke himself in time with Ron's. Cam watched as Ron took his free left hand, which had been hanging limply at his side, and used it at first to pinch his left nipple, then his right, then down to cup his balls. Cam tried to keep his groans as a minimal as he worked his own member, playing with his foreskin as he pumped. Cam thought the this situation couldn't have gotten any hotter.

He was wrong.

Ron stopped rubbing his erection, and Cam was worried that he'd come out and see him. However, Ron took a finger from his right hand into his mouth and sucked on it. He widened his stance, placed the finger at his entrance, and slowly pushed it inside, gaining a look of pleasure as he began to finger himself in time with the newfound rubbing of his left hand. Cam tried to keep quiet while he jerked off to this sight he'd definitely be remembering for later, but when Ron decided to add another finger, Cam's newly sweaty hand rubbed over his glans, causing Cam to moan much louder than attended. Ron stopped his alone time. Cam swore at himself and quickly took his hands out of his pants just as Ron stepped out of the room in a black bathrobe.

"Cam," asked Ron in bewilderment, "Why are you standing outside of the-" Ron, being taller than Cam, could see Cam's entire body... including the erection Cam was pathetically trying to hide in his khakis. Ron's eyes flashed in realization, and his face turned to a smile.

"I'm sorry Ron," said Cam quickly, his face turning a dark red, "I-I didn't mean-"

"It's fine," said Ron nonchalantly, "In fact.. would you like some help with that?" Cam adopted a puzzled look.

"But aren't you dating Hermione?" asked Cam. Ron didn't know what Cam was talking about for a moment, then he laughed and shook his head.

"I used to," admitted Ron, "But then I found something out that something wasn't right with me dating her."

"What?" said Cam, although he realized what Ron was talking about, which made his heart beat faster.

"She's isn't a guy," stated Ron, "I've been wondering all day if you're the same because I would really like if that was true... but I guess I don't need you need to confirm it." Both Ron and Cam gave a little laugh at that. Now the males stood facing each other, one looking the other in the eye, their faces a mere 6 inches apart. They both just stood there for about a minute before they decided to close the gap. Slowly but surely, their lips met. The kiss lasted all of thirty seconds before they pulled away.

"Is that a yes, Cam?" asked Ron. Cam smirked and rolled his eyes again but nodded in the end. Ron gave Cam a similar expression of happiness and amusement, his eyes now a little clouded over by a third emotion.

"Well, I know where we can continue this and be a little better off," said Ron, his voice a little raspy. Ron started to walk down the hallway, and Cam followed at a close distance. They climbed the stairs into the upstairs hallway, which was almost an identical hallway to the one below. There were two doors opened, one that Cam assumed the cat he encountered earlier had been in (there were cat-shaped paw-prints in blush leading out of the doorway), and one Cam assumed to be Ron's room because Ron entered it. Cam wasn't even able to catch a glimpse of the interior before Ron pressed his lips up against Cam's. The last kiss was more innocent than this one; this one seemed to just a lust-laden one. Ron slowly added his tongue to the kiss, and Cam did as well, fighting for dominance. When oxygen was needed, they broke the kiss but only for a second. Ron sat on the bed, which had a simple white sheet on it, and Cam kissed the ginger, dominating the lip-lock. Ron had the appearance of being surprised as Cam crawled on top of him, practically shoving his tongue in Ron's mouth and grinding their erections together.

"Damn Cam," laughed Ron, between gasps of air after the kiss had broken.

"Sorry," said Cam, but Ron just chuckled.

"Don't be," he said and they kissed again. During the kiss, Ron slid his hands underneath the hem of Cam's polo and began to pull it off the other male. The scratchy fabric rubbed against Cam's rock hard nipples as his chest was brought into view. Cam had a very nice body from long and arduous hockey practices, with very defined pectorals and decent abs. He wasn't as hairy as Ron, but still had light brown hair scattered across his chest and around his nipples, and a treasure trail that disappeared into khakis he still wore from his work. Cam wondered if after the 18 wheeler exploding if he had a job to go back to. Ron broke him from his internal monologue in pinching one of his nipples while the brunette was in the middle of kissing him. Cam moaned into the kiss, his hips sliding forward to again rub their cocks together, causing Ron to groan in the back of his throat. This is when Cam realized that Ron still donned the black bathrobe he'd been wearing, so he took to untie it, and Ron took it off. Cam thought the ginger would be naked once more in front of him, but apparently Ron had time to put on a pair of green boxers that did almost nothing to hide Ron's clearly oultlined member. Ron realized that Cam still had on his khakis, so he unbuttoned them as Cam had done earlier, letting them fall to Cam's feet, who took them off to reveal his own cerulean boxers that also had a large tent in the front.

"Looks like you're gonna put a hole in yours," remarked Ron, taking his hand and rubbing the brunette's member through his boxers. Cam's voice got caught in his throat as Ron slowly started to his kiss member through the bluish fabric. Cam found his fingers going into Ron's ginger locks as he did so. Soon, there was a wet mark in the front of the underwear, and one couldn't be sure if it was precum or Ron's saliva. What was apparent was that both boys were on the bed with raging hard-ons. Cam looked at Ron, his eyes glazed over like Ron's were.

"I have an idea," said Ron. He got his head away from Cam's covered crotch, much to Cam's disappointment, and got off the bead. When he did, he crawled over Cam so that his head was by Cam's crotch and Cam's was by his own covered member. Cam lifted his hips in order for Ron to remove his boxers while he pulled down Ron's himself, the rod surrounded by ginger pubes bouncing back into view. Ron finally got the boxers down so where he could see Cam's rod.

"Nice, Cam," said Ron when he finally saw Cam's rod. It was shorter than his own, but only by a quarter of an inch. It reflected Cam's body type, which was more stocky than Ron's. This was reflected in the fact that Cam's cock was about 2 and 1/4 inches wide. A medium bush of brown pubes surrounded the length and continued down to Cam's balls. Ron seemed to take interest in Cam's foreskin, which Ron didn't have. He put his mouth on it, getting about 3 inches of it in there and working on it with his tongue.

"You're not bad, yourself," smiled Cam between appreciative gasps, giving a few tugs on Ron thinner cock, causing the taller boy to groan around his member. Cam returned the favor by placing his own mouth on the ginger's dick, starting by swirling his head over the tip, then bobbing his head to get as far down on the ginger's rod as possible.

It really was a hot sight. Both boys servicing each, the sound of sucking and moaning apparent in the small room. Every time that one would do something the other like, the other would pass it onto the other, learning what the other liked. Ron noticed that Cam would buck his hips and groan around Ron's member whenever Ron would use the tip of his tongue to play in between the foreskin and Cam's sensitive head. Cam noticed that by Ron's breath going ragged that Ron liked it when he could reach to cup Ron's balls and use his fingertips to rub at the equally hairy skin between his balls and entrance. It became obvious to Cam and Ron that soon they would both cum at this rate. Both removed their mouths and opted to kiss again.

Cam was in control of the kiss again, and he decided to use this advantage. He was laying on top of the ginger, their crotches grinding together. He broke this lip-lock, and started kissing Ron's neck. Ron felt Cam's warm face nuzzling his head neck, occasionally placing a kiss on the long plain of flesh. Without warning, one of Cam's kisses turned into the shorter boy lightly sinking his teeth into his neck. By the look on Ron face, Cam feared that he'd crossed a line. But Ron's rolled back in his head, and said, "Fuck, Cam. Do that again." Cam obliged, leaving little hickies down Ron's neck until Ron's neck looked practically abused.

The kiss began again. This kissing and foreplay was very gratifying for both males, the want to go even further was palpable; however, since what each wanted to do hadn't been discussed, they didn't know how to bring it up with the other, so they just continued. Ron was the one to bring it up while he was sitting on the edge of the bed, Cam's mouth bobbing up and down his member and his fingers playing with his balls.

"Cam," said Ron, trying to keep his voice even, "This is great- but, d'you wanna go further?" Cam took Ron's cock out of his mouth and looked up at the ginger.

"Yeah," smiled Cam, relieved that he didn't have to ask, "Did you... did you have something in mind?" Ron sat there for a second, his ears darkened it in what Cam thought to be embarrassment. He said something, but Cam wasn't quite able to make out what the taller boy said.

"Come again?" asked Cam in a friendly manner.

"I want to bottom," murmured the taller boy, his face red, "I mean...if it's too weird, or-"

"No," said Cam, smiling, "It's fine." Then it was his turn to blush a little bit. "How do you wanna do this?"

"There's lube in my dresser," said Ron. Cam got up, his heart racing from excitement. He went to the top drawer and opened it. He saw that drawer was Ron's underwear drawer. It was filled with boxers and of all colors, from red to black to blue, pink... Cam even found a black jockstrap that he would definitely want to see Ron in. Finally, he found a little bottle of clear substance and went back to Ron, and showed the little bottle in his hand. Ron nodded and lay on his back, spreading his legs open to give Ron access to himself.

This was the first time Cam had gotten a full view of Ron's ass. In the shower, he was seeing Ron's actions from the side, and even when Ron had his crotch over his face, he had something dangling in Cam's line of sight. But now it was open for Cam's eyes. Even though Ron was fairly skinny, his butt didn't reflect that in the least. It was the epitome of a bubble butt, but that wasn't to say it wasn't firm. The hottest thing about it was, at least to Cam, was the thick ginger hair that covered it. It seemed to be lighter on the cheek and seemed to thicken as it got closer to Ron's entrance. Cam sat down near Ron, and stared at Ron's magnificent backside before doing anything with it. Ron felt Cam's breath on his hole, just breathing for a couple seconds, before Cam took an experimental lick. Ron gave a small groan. This gave confidence to really start to rim the ginger, his tongue dancing over Ron's hole.

"Shit," breathed Ron as the tip of Cam's tongue slipped inside him. Ron's hips started to buck a little bit, trying to keep Cam's tongue inside him. Cam responded to this by swirling his tongue around the sensitive area. By the way Ron was moaning, he was definitely enjoying this. Cam removed his tongue to the ginger's disappointment. Cam retrieved the bottle of lube, popped off the cap, and squirted some onto his finger. He slowly inched the finger into Ron. Ron didn't feel much discomfort, having been doing the same thing about 20 minutes ago. Cam's finger slowly stretched inside of Ron.

"Merlin's bead,"said Ron suddenly, as Cam's finger had found his prostate within him, "Do it again!" Cam smiled as he listened to Ron's resumed heavy breathing while he poked at the spot with his finger. Cam pulled out he finger, to Ron's disappointment, and added lube to two fingers. Cam slowly slid them in, watch Ron cringe a little bit. He gave Ron time to adjust, and when the taller male seemed to had adjusted, started to slowly fuck Ron with his fingers while pumping his cock in time.

"Cam-," said Ron, his voice hoarse, "I don't want.. early..." Cam stopped his hands. He removed his fingers. As he lubed up three fingers, Ron stopped him.

"Go ahead," said Ron, his dick rock hard and pointing up to the ceiling.

"Are you sure?" asked Cam, "Do you want me to wear a condom or-"

"We'll be fine," affirmed Ron, "Both of use more than likely don't have anything to spread." Cam nodded and grabbed the lube bottle. Cam squirted some of the clear liquid into his hand, rubbing most on his dick, and adding the excess to Ron's entrance. He grabbed Ron's hips and positioned the head of his cock at Ron's entrance.

"Are you sure?" repeated the brunette. The ginger nodded and smiled.

"I'm a big boy," assured the ginger, "I'm not gonna break that easy." Cam slowly pushed his hips forward to place the head of his cock into Ron. It slowly slid in, causing Ron to groan a bit. Cam stopped for a second, then began again to push his member inside Ron. About 3 inches of it went into before Ron showed any discomfort. Cam could feel Ron's muscles tighten and loosen on his rod. Ron's face looked like it wasn't exactly comfortable yet.

"I'm fine," said Ron, "I'm just not used to it." Cam slowly eased himself into Ron, his balls coming to rest against Ron's ass. Ron breathed as he adjusted around Cam's thick cock, his own being only semi-hard. When the sharp stinging had subsided, he looked at Cam.

"You can move," said Ron. Cam, still with hands on Ron's hips, slowly eased his cock out until the head was the only thing resting within. Then he slowly started impaling Ron again. Ron groaned this time; the sharp pains he'd been experiencing prior had faded to a dull throbbing. When Cam saw that Ron would be fine, Cam started a rhythm, fucking Ron with long strokes, slow strokes. Ron's head fell back as he now felt pleasure from Cam's penetration. He slowly started to thrust his own hips back to keep Cam inside of him. Cam's cock suddenly was thrust in at an angle that made Ron see stars.

"Fuck," moaned Ron, his eyes rolling back in his head. Cam saw this and started to thrust slightly faster, trying to aim for that spot again. Ron let him know when he found it with a long groan. Cam changed his angle for the one he was just in. Ron's moans increased in volume as Cam hit his prostate about four times in a row, making precum appear on the tip of his cock. Ron reached for his cock and pumped in time with Cam's thrusts, at least until Cam slapped away his hand and started stroking Cam himself.

Ron looked up at Cam as he thrusted into him. His sweaty face, scrunched up in concentration and pleasure, was equally parts adorable and extremely sexy. Sweat dripped down his amazing upper body, down to his cock that thrust in and out of Ron. Ron squeezed himself to give more friction to Cam's thrusting rod. Cam groaned, thrusting even harder into the taller boy, Cam's balls slapping noisily against his hairy ass.

Soon, the sounding of Cam pounding into Ron filled the room. Cam seemed to have abandoned his long measured strokes in favor of short fast ones, ramming into Ron's ass with no mercy. Ron was groaning madly as Cam's thrusts became more and more accurate, pressing harshly into his sweet spot. Cam lowered his face down to Ron's, who started to kiss the brunette. Cam let Ron dominate the furious lip-lock as his hips thrusted fiercely. Ron started to play with Cam's nipples, flicking each of the slightly hairy nubs with his thumbs. Cam bent further so Ron could do this easier. This caused the head of Ron's cock to rub against Cam's abs, the precum oozing out of it acting as lubricant.

"God, Cam!" said Ron, as Cam again hit his sweet spot, feeling like he hadn't came due to sheer willpower. Cam seemed to be in the same boat, his face red and sweaty, and his fucking becoming increasingly uneven and animalistic. Combined with his prostate being hit now more than half the time and his cock slipping up against Cam's abs, Ron was experiencing some serious near-sensory overload.

"D-dang... Ron..." Cam managed to say through his heavy breathing, "So...tight!"

Ron felt his balls slowly but surely start to draw up nearer to his body. Ron knew he wouldn't last much longer. Ron lifted his right arm, revealing the ginger bush of hair that lay beneath. Ron put his hands in Cam's brunette hair and shoved his face nearer to the indent. Cam realized what Ron wanted, so he shoved his face in the hairy pit. Ron hugged just above Cam's butt with his legs, trying to keep the brunette inside of him as his orgasm approached. He was able to delay for 10 seconds before he came. Ron practically screamed as his balls fully tightened, his clamping like a vice on Cam's cock. Ron's own cock shook, and 9 hot streams of white liquid shot out the end, coating Cam's abs in the substance. Cam, who was teetering on the end, was able to give a couple last feeble thrusts before Ron kissed him and he announced his orgasm, his seed erupting from his cock into Ron's ass. Cam collapsed on Ron, the cum on his stomach squishing between the two boys. Cam and Ron just lay there for a couple of minutes, both breathing heavily. After those couple of minutes had passed, Cam slowly removed his softening member from inside the ginger, some of his cum leaking out. Cam walked to Ron's bathroom and got some towels. He handed one to Ron, who wiped off his belly and sat up with a moan as he felt the stinging in his ass.

"Sorry," apologized Cam sheepishly. Ron chuckled.

"No need to be," stated Ron with a shrug, "That was pretty fucking hot." Cam wiped off his stomach as well, and went up to sit next to Ron.

"Did that prove it?" asked Cam.

"Prove what?"

"That I like what you like?" inquired Cam. Ron grinned and moved from sitting laying on his side facing Cam.

"Yep," Ron said, "But a simple yes would've sufficed. I'm really bloody tired now." Ron's yawn shortly afterwards illustrated this point. Cam took this as a sign to lay down next to ginger. Ron's arm went around Cam, and Cam moved into the embrace, feeling Ron's warmth. Cam's eyes slowly started to droop as he came down from his orgasm high. Cam saw through his slowly closing eyelids the lights go off (Cam figured Ron probably had used his wand on them). Cam fulled closed his eyes and snuggled up to Ron, who was snoring softly with his head resting on Cam's neck.

I have never been more thankful for an exploding truck in my life thought Cam as he fell asleep.