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Always You

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She watches him in the woods. He’s turned sideways, his left hand large on the bark of a giant tree, his right hand in constant movement somewhere else. She was shocked when she first walked onto the scene. He was so preoccupied with his activity that his previous expertise of sound-hearing and danger-awareness disappeared in this obviously private moment. She stood frozen at first, then, hid behind another giant tree. This planet was full of them, the giants being surrounded by lush forests, lagoons, and a broken DHD. It had been three months on this world, living together in the abandoned farm house, just the two of them, waiting to be rescued, surviving on the fruit from the farm gardens and the small animals they were able to catch in the forests and lagoons. She watches him now, hidden behind the tree… mesmerized by his movements, his sounds, his grunts. She cannot stop watching his face, the way the hard planes of his cheekbones contract, the way his eyes are shut, the way his hand moves on the parts of him she can’t stop staring at. She turns back and hides completely behind the tree, hearing as he finishes. She swallows and quietly escapes her hiding place, making her way towards their house, her legs soaked from the effects of watching him, her heart beating fast in her chest.