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Comfort in the Unexpected

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"Wow, Korra, that was amazing!" Somehow, Bolin was already back to his normal bubbly self. It was as if the last couple of days of tension and arguing had never occurred. It looked like he and Mako had managed to patch things up.

"Yeah, I didn't think you had it in you. I gotta say, that was pretty good." Pretty good. That was probably the biggest compliment she had ever earned from Mako. But Korra ignored him, brushing past the brothers to rip off her gear and stuff it into the lockers.

"Hey, everything okay? You've been acting kinda weird lately," Bolin said.

"Oh really, you noticed? Wow, I'm shocked," Korra snapped, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "You've been so locked up in all your girl drama that I'm surprised you even remembered my existence."

The brothers exchanged shocked glances. They had assumed that all of the Asami drama was cleared up when they made up during the match. The idea that Korra might be upset by the whole thing never even crossed their minds.

"Look, if you're upset that we've been fighting-" Mako started, but Korra interrupted him.

"You just don't get it, do you?" she shouted, shrugging away from the hand that Bolin had tried to put on her shoulder. "Did it ever even occur to you that Asami's not the only girl in the whole world? Or that maybe, just maybe, I could've used your help during all this Amon stuff? I jumped to help the moment Bolin disappeared, but you never even considered that I might need the same help when I was facing Amon myself. I had to do it all alone, while you fought over some prissy rich girl who can't even bend! I thought we were friends, but all you care about is pro-bending and yourselves!"

Korra stood there for a moment, her chest heaving. She seemed to be waiting for something- maybe for explanations or apologies, though she received none. The brothers seemed to be stunned speechless from her little outburst.

Part of her wanted to stay there to work things out, but she could feel tears pricking at her eyes, and she knew that she could not let them see her cry. She turned on her heel and stormed out.

Korra flew out of the Arena and out onto the harbor. It was late at night by then, and the bay was still. The lights of Republic City shone behind her, while Airbender Island was dark in the distance. Probending fans continued to pour out of the arena, but the noise seemed muted from where Korra stood on the other side of the grand building.

It seemed almost eerily calm and quiet here, and she couldn't help but feel a profound loneliness. She wasn't any stranger to being lonely; after all, she had grown up in the White Lotus compound, her only real companion being Naga, her polar bear dog. But somehow, this was worse. She felt betrayed, in a way. Naive as it might have been, she had honestly thought that in the brothers she had found friendship. She knew now that she had been wrong. The boys cared nothing for her. Their only interest was in Asami, that pretty rich girl that Mako had been dating. There Korra had been, fighting Amon, so scared and needing them so much, and they had ignored her in favor of a pretty face. The only way Mako had communicated with her at all was to yell at her for not focusing. He had never thought to ask why she couldn't focus. It had never crossed his mind that she might be freaking out over Amon. It was as if the idea that she even had feelings was beyond him.