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Secret Desires

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“Todomatsu, we don’t have to go through with it if you don’t want to.”

Todomatsu swallows, before looking up at Karamatsu’s concerned eyes. He musters up a smile, running a hand down the side of Karamatsu’s face.

“No, I’m ready. I want this. With you.”

A shaky nod. “Totty, at any point, no matter what, if you feel like—“

“Karamatsu,” Todomatsu sighs, shaking his head. “You’re wonderful, fantastic, brilliant, and I need you. I’ve needed you. I’ve been hard for hours. Emotionally hard for days, even.” He says breathlessly, tugging at Karamatsu’s shirt.

Karamatsu chuckles lightly, his baritone voice driving Todomatsu wild, and Todomatsu unsuccessfully continues pawing at Karamatsu before his older brother gently takes his hands, kissing them. He scoots back a bit to properly take off his shirt, and exposes his chest. It’s too much to take all at once, and Todomatsu sniffs loudly, quickly wiping away the tears. With trembling hands, he reaches forward to touch one of Karamatsu’s nip-naps, tugging on it slightly. Karamatsu moans, his various, extremely gigantic muscles rippling as he does.

His stomach loaves are also a sight to behold, all eight of them supple and tender, as if baked to perfection. They undulate passionately, vibrating, throbbing, and it’s almost too much for Todomatsu to take as he surges forward to take a bite, swerving down to also pay attention to Karamatsu’s slagaloon.

“T-todomatsu, I can’t…anymore…” Karamatsu pants, and with one hand, he manages to rip off his jeans, the denim tearing easily, and Todomatsu moans lustily, now face to face with his blood-filled meat tube.

“I need this in my body immediately,” he whispers with a shout, leaning forward with his odorcoro sticking out, preparing to spitazzu Karamatsu’s brains out right then and there.

“Karamatsu, prepare yourself, because I’m about to spitazzu your brains out.”

Karamatsu resists the urge to splicsplack right there and then, watching as the blush on Todomatsu’s face fester like some sexy, life-threatening rash from his cheeks and down to his neck. He heroically pulls himself back from the brink of blissful oblivion, manolibres instead roaming over Todomatsu’s luscious, shimmering, breathtaking, heart-stopping, crispy, crunchy, crackly bod rod, enjoying wave after wave of pleasurable pleasure.

“To--totty, I’m gonna--”

At the warning, Todomatsu pulls off, eyes nearly crossed. “No, I need your muscular dinagalo in me first, I’ll die without it!”

Karamatsu takes a deep breath, reeling Todomatsu in. “Are you sure? We just now started our romantic coupling, are you sure you’re ready….” He leans close, breathlessly whispering into Todomatsu’s ear, “...for my dinagalo?”

“Yes!” Todomatsu cries, his body shivering as it magically wets the inside of Todomatsu’s entire anus, because he willed it so. “Come into my love abyss! I need you,nii-san!”

Karamatsu nods, before selflessly using all 640 of his beautiful and tragically stunning muscles to deliver his robust slim-jim into Todomatsu, taking two full minutes before the whole thing was crammed into him.

Todomatsu hooks his legs around Karamatsu’s hips, moaning as Karamatsu slides his Goatwalker in and out for the next ten hours due to his superior stamina, letting Todomatsu spill his cream roughly twenty gatrillion times.

“How was that?” He asks, as Karamatsu finally comes, taking another five hours because his balls were so big.

Todomatsu smiles, laying a hand on Karamatsu’s chest. “Remember that night where we both contemplated our mortality in the dark, unable to sleep, unable to feel, gripped in fear of the unknown? Even better than that.”

Karamatsu smiles back, pulling the covers over them as they settled in for the afternoon. “I feel the same.”