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No Matter What We Stand Together

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Chapter 13

Sam watched over his brother as the Knight slept. The healing trance during the journey had done its job and now that they were safely on Naboo all Dean needed was rest and good food to finish healing. But his injury had shaken Sam, neither of them was a trained Healer and travelling the way they did meant they didn’t have access to medical aide quickly. What would have happened if the wound had only been an inch or so deeper? Dean shifted, rolling to face him even as he opened his eyes. “Hey, stop worrying. I’m fine.” He soothed, taking his younger brothers hand.

“Just an inch deeper…..”

“But it wasn’t Sam, you can’t dwell on what ifs. We both know the risks in battle.” Dean pushed and Sam nodded. “Now get some sleep, you’re worn out.” He ordered and Sam sighed but crawled in next to him, making sure he was on Dean’s good side, he didn’t want to hit the wound after all.

Dean sat on the grass, legs crossed beneath him, eyes closed and breathing deep as he meditated, opening himself to the Light side of the Force. Sam was trying his hand at fishing in the lake, far enough away that Dean’s actions wouldn’t cause him pain. It felt good to just bask in the Light but even here on peaceful Naboo he could feel the taint the war was leaving. The Dark Side was continuing to grow and it was sickening. But then he smiled slightly as he felt a familiar powerful presence and he reached out to it.

In his meditation room Master Yoda relaxed as his last Padawan reached back to him, his presence just as Light as it had always been. He could sense he was healing from a wound and was tired from the war but was otherwise well. It was good to see for himself that the brother’s presence had not darkened the elder. If he had a favourite Padawan it was Dean, who had suffered much but had kept going no matter what and always fought for what he believed in.

The children huddled together in the cold, trying to stay brave but they were cold, hungry and scared. They weren’t Padawans’ with training to withstand capture, they were just Initiates, some as young as six. They had seen their careers killed right in front of them before they had been roughly forced onto the ship and into the hold. The older children did their best to comfort the younger and appear like Jedi to them but they were scared too. There were terrified screams when the ship lurched and then the engines fell silent. The sat in the dark, not knowing what was going on until a familiar sound brought hope. They all stared at the wall as the familiar sound of a lightsaber came through it and then the wall began to glow as the blade began cutting through. The section was caught with the Force before it could land and moved away from them and then a very tall person stepped through, hazel eyes scanning them. The younger children cowered back, not recognising him but the older watched him, knowing they didn’t know all the Knights. “Is anyone hurt?”

“No sir.” A young boy of about eleven answered.

“Quickly then, we need to get off the ship.” He ordered and he children scrambled up. He ushered them into the hall and towards the docking bay, lightsaber in hand but turned off for now. They froze at the sound of blaster fire but it was answered by the welcoming sound of another lightsaber. It went quiet again and then another man stepped into the corridor.

“Knight Winchester!” The same boy called happily and green eyes went to him, expression softening into a smile.

“Alright there Adam?”

“Yes sir.” The others relaxed more once he had recognised the Knight.

“Good boy. Come on kids, time to go home.” That got some tired cheers and the two soon had the children settled aboard the Impala. Dean stayed with them while Sam went to the cockpit, taking off and jumping to hyperspace as soon as possible.

“Knight Winchester?” Adam whispered so as not to wake the others.

“Shouldn’t you be asleep?” Dean sighed and stretched on the floor before patting the spot beside him and Adam scrambled over. “What is it?”

“Why haven’t you been at the Temple? You haven’t come to see us in forever and no one would tell me why.”

Dean winced at that, well at least he hadn’t been labelled Rogue or worse. Thank you Master Yoda. He glanced over as Sam slipped into the room. “See him?”

“Uh huh.”

“That’s my little brother Sam. He was kidnapped before I came to the Temple. I found him on Geonosis during the battle there. I couldn’t bring him back so I stayed with him.”

“Why not?” Adam was confused, wasn’t Sam a Jedi too?

“Because the person that kidnapped him was a Sith.” Dean admitted and felt Adam stiffen beside him. “Sam isn’t a Sith Adam, he would never hurt you or the other kids here. But he has been through a lot and the Council is very wary of anyone who is different because of the war.” Dean explained and Sam walked towards them, feeling the alarm from the boy.

“Dean, is everything alright?”

“Yeah Sammy. This is Adam. Adam this is my little brother Sam.”

“Nice to meet you Adam.” Sam smiled at the boy and Adam stared at him with wide green eyes, several shades lighter than Dean’s.

“Hi. Did……did the Sith hurt you?”

Sam swallowed but then nodded. He slowly raised his sleeve to show some old scars and Adam reached out to touch them. “They don’t hurt and now I’m back with Dean he can’t hurt me anymore.” Sam assured the child. He blinked in shock as the boy hugged him.

“I’m glad Dean found you, he need you.” Adam whispered before going back to his spot with the others.

“You’re close to him.” Sam whispered.

“If I took a Padawan it would be him.” His brother admitted and Sam felt a flash of guilt for keeping them apart. “Don’t Sam. He’s only eleven, he has two more years to be Chosen and he won’t have any trouble finding a Master. He’s a good kid, scarily smart and good with a ‘saber.” Dean nudged Sam’s shoulder with his own and the younger male nodded, accepting what he said.

Anakin got up and went to look at the new message that had come through.

Found something the Temple lost. Bring Healers, no major injuries. DW.

There were coordinates at the bottom of the message and Anakin frowned. What had the Temple….his eyes went wide and then he ran from the room to find a Master.

“Skywalker?” A voice called and he turned to see Mace Windu.

“Master Windu, the initiates, they’ve been found.” He rushed out and Mace’s eyes went wide.

“How?” he demanded and Anakin hesitated before handing over the message. “DW…Winchester?”

Anakin nodded. “It’s not the first message he’s sent, Master Yoda and Obi-Wan know about it.”

Mace did not like that but he pocketed the message and turned to leave, no matter his personal feelings on the matter the kidnapped Initiates were what was important.

Yoda watched as the children were led from the transport and met by the Creche Masters. It was good to have the younglings back amongst them. One of the youngsters spotted him and approached. “Need something you do young one?” He asked gently, knowing the children would be fragile after their ordeal.

“Knight Winchester said he can’t come back because the Council wouldn’t accept his brother Master Yoda. Why? Sam is really nice, he got us out of the hold and he even let me fly the Impala for a bit.” Adam answered and Yoda chuckled.

“Enjoyed that you did.”

“Yes Master.”

“Dangerous times these are, very careful we must be. Dangerous young Samuel is considered. After the war change things may.”

“Yes Master.” He slumped some.

“Go now you should.” He wished it could be differently for the child, he knew Dean had been watching him as a future Padawan but now that did not seem likely to happen.