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No Matter What We Stand Together

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Chapter 20


Sam brought the Impala out of hyperspace at the edge of the system while Switch worked the scanners. They had picked up a few more men from the Resolute but they were still likely to be outnumbered. Sam had his shields fully up and reinforced, even against the bond with Dean, this smelt like a trap and he didn’t want his brother distracted from his therapy.


“Sir, I’m picking up a signal, fifth planet out,” Switch offered, and Sam changed course.


“Any ships?”


“Nothing the scanners can pick up.”


“I hate to say it Sir…” Deviss spoke up and Sam sighed.


“It’s a trap, question is for us or anyone coming to the system?” Sam finished for him as he used the Impala’s stealth systems and the nearby moon to help cover their approach. He set them down a good distance from the signal. Sam shifted uneasily, resettling the altered shoulder and chest armour he’d been given on the Resolute, he didn’t like wearing it but under the circumstances he would probably need it, he’d give it back to Anakin once they were all safely away from here. He had a blaster strapped on as well as his lightsaber plus his belt pouches were stuffed with extra ammo, a small med pack and other miscellaneous, possibly useful odds and ends. “In and out, no heroics. We’re here for the General’s and their men,” Sam ordered, getting nods from their men as they checked their weapons before he lowered the ramp and they took off at an easy jog, spreading out a bit as they moved. When they made it to the compound without running into a single droid Sam had a worse sinking feeling, it was definitely a trap.



Anakin pressed up against the bars as he picked up the faint sound of blaster fire nearby, his movement had the others moving too. “Rescue?”


“It would appear so,” Obi-Wan agreed even as the doors blew open and a group of clones rushed into the corridor, quickly splitting up to work on the doors or provide cover fire. Then Sam was there, lightsabre a yellow blur as he blocked a red sabre. As the door opened Obi-Wan staggered out of his cell, a trooper quickly slipping under his shoulder and he saw Sam and Ventress locked in combat. He wanted to help but with the collar on and his own lightsaber missing there was nothing he could do. Rex and Cody quickly moved to their Generals and then watched the fight with wide eyes.


Anakin felt utterly helpless as he watched the fight, Rex supporting him. Sam was holding his own for now, but where was Dooku…Anakin swallowed as a red blade appeared, far too close to his throat for comfort.


“Throw down your weapon or Skywalker dies,” Dooku called and Sam flipped away from Ventress who did not follow. Hazel eyes went to Anakin and Dooku and then to a smirking Ventress. His men shifted in the hallway, to cover her and Dooku but they couldn’t fire without risking killing Anakin.


Anakin pushed Rex away from him, not wanting his Captain to be at risk. Without access to the Force he was a sitting duck, and everyone knew it. He could try to move away but Dooku would sense the intent.


“Let him go,” Sam ordered, not dropping his weapon as he took everything in, trying to find a way out when faced with two Sith and a lot of potential hostages.


“That is not how this works boy,” Dooku snarled, he would enjoy killing young Winchester after how the brothers had maimed him.


Sam swallowed and took a few deep, cleansing breaths even as a crazy, Dean worthy, plan formed. He disengaged his lightsaber and let it go, unsurprised when Ventress called it to her.


“Sam, no,” Anakin called, too late. He couldn’t let Sam trade his life just to save his own. The men had blasters aimed at the two Sith but wouldn’t dare to fire with the position Anakin was in.


Sam began sinking into the Force, opening the bond with Dean, feeling his brother’s instant reaction despite the distance, Dean’ strength buoying him. Behind Dooku a bar began to move from the cell door as Sam focused on it. Only Obi-Wan and Cody were at the right angle to see it thankfully. It came free and levitated behind the Count’s head.


Dooku frowned as he noticed the Force swirling around the younger man, he was up to something. “Ventress,” he ordered, and she moved towards Sam, lightsaber ready as she smirked.


Sam sighed, time was up. He wrapped the Force around the bar and Anakin as his hand dropped to his blaster and he drew, too fast for the eye to follow. He fired on Ventress, forcing her to block even as the bar accelerated and slammed into Dooku’s head even as Anakin was yanked back away from him.


Anakin went with the movement, falling back to the floor even as he kicked Dooku’s knee as hard as he could in fall.


Dooku sensed the danger at the last second and began to dodge but it was too late, and the bar slammed through his skull, killing him instantly. The ted blade vanished as his hand went slack around the hilt before it hit the ground seconds before his body did.


Ventress blocked his shots but then the soldiers joined in and Sam held his hand out, summoning his lightsabre back before moving to engage her again. Seeing her Master dead and outnumbered she turned and fled.


Sam staggered as he released the link with Dean, suddenly exhausted and was quickly supported by one of his men…he really needed to get all of their names.


“Are you injured Sir?” Kix asked as he checked over the others who had been caught.


“Just did too much,” Sam muttered, exhausted.


“I suggest we leave while we can,” Obi-Wan offered and Sam forced himself to straighten up and move to his friends, looking at the collars.


“Better get those off first,” Sam rebutted, his lightsaber humming to life. Obi-Wan tilted his head back, trusting Sam, even as Cody tensed. Hearing that this man had been with the Sith, he didn’t want him anywhere near his General with a lightsaber, but General Kenobi trusted him, so he stayed still, watching as the yellow blade gently kissed the collar, burning through until it fell off. Cody supported Obi-Wan as they man shuddered, eyes closing as his connection to the Force was re-established. Anakin went next and once they were steady they headed out, the Jedi in the middle of the pack since they were all either exhausted or adjusting to having the Force back. Two of the men were also weighed down by Dooku’s corpse. Thankfully the base was in chaos which meant they didn’t run into many droids as they ran for it.


They got aboard the Impala and Sam went for the cockpit, Anakin on his heels. “Strap in!” Sam called as he brought the ship put of standby and took off as soon as the engines were warm enough. While he got them off the planet, Anakin was getting the hyperspace course from the navicomp.


“Coordinates set,” Anakin announced as they pulled away from the gravity well. Sam pulled back the levers and the stars elongated as they jumped to lightspeed. Sam slumped in his seat, relieved. “You okay?”


“I’m not the one who’s been stuck in a cell,” Sam pointed out before getting up and heading back, Anakin following him.


“The Resolute?” Obi-Wan asked as he allowed the two medics to check him over since the men had all stared him into going first.


“Awaiting retrieval when we left her, there was a lot of damage. Admiral Yularen sends his regards,” Sam answered as he dropped into a seat.


Kix glanced at the young man who had saved them, an ex-Sith…he thought that wasn’t possible, but the Generals seemed to trust him and know him well. So, he moved to his side and the man blinked tiredly at him before sighing and nodding. Kix knelt and went to work checking him over, thankful the ship was well stocked with medical supplies. “You need sleep and fluids, Sir,” Kix set up an IV to rehydrate him.


“It’s Sam, not sir. Not part of the Army,” Sam answered quietly, leaning his head back.


“Where are we heading?” Obi-Wan asked.


“Coruscant,” Anakin answered. “Come on, where’s your room?” Anakin helped Sam up, minding the IV. Sam pointed it out and was soon sitting on the edge of his bunk while Anakin helped him out of the armour.


“Admiral Yularen told me to wear it,” Sam muttered and Anakin grinned.


“Good, you two are crazy not wearing any,” he removed Sam’s belt and pushed him down. “Get some sleep.”


Sam curled up on his bunk and was quickly asleep. Anakin left him to it and went to find somewhere to rest as well.



Yoda walked into the Winchester’s quarters and found Dean slumped on the floor, covered in sweat and panting. “Well you are?”


Dean started, looking up to see his Master. “Sam was in trouble, needed the boost.”


“Hmm. Received communication the Council has, completed the mission your brother has.”


Dean nodded and pushed up to his feet. “Please excuse me Master but I think I need a shower.”


“Agree I do,” Yoda turned to leave, and Dean choked back a laugh but went to clean up.



Sidious managed to keep his smile in place as the delegates left his office but then he snarled in rage. Dooku was dead. How was that possible? The boy wasn’t a match for him and Ventress so how could Dooku be dead? His plan to have Winchester killed had failed, costing him his most reliable pawn. Many of his plans were now in jeopardy and would need serious rethinking. Especially his plan on tipping young Anakin closer to the Dark Side by having him kill Dooku. He should have killed the boy instead of training him.