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No Matter What We Stand Together

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Chapter 19


Sam quickly returned to Dean’s room within the Temple, packing the little he had brought from the ship before showering and grabbing some food. He then headed for the Impala, surprised to find a group of clones waiting who saluted as soon as they saw him.


“Knight Winchester?” The leader asked and he nodded. “We have been assigned as your back up Sir. CT-65/91-6210 in command.”


“What is your name?” Sam asked and the clone seemed to relax a little at that.


“Deviss, Sir.”


“Sam. Knight Winchester is confusing since my brother has the same title. DO you know the mission?” He asked as he led them aboard and went to begin pre-flight checks.


“Rescue Sir. General’s Kenobi and Skywalker.” He took the co-pilots seat to help his new General. Soon the ship was lifting off and heading for space.



Sidious smirked as he felt his one-time Apprentice’s presence vanish, the trap was set and the Jedi had responded as he had foreseen. The boy had been clever in remaining hidden but coming to Coruscant had been a mistake. He would see the boy dead for his betrayal. Dooku and Ventress were enough to see his plans through until he claimed Skywalker. Winchester was a liability, one he would enjoy destroying. At least the boy had never learnt his identity and so could not pass that on to the Jedi. He would see both Winchesters dead for their interference and then soon after the rest of the Jedi would be destroyed.



Obi-Wan woke slowly and realised immediately he was in serious trouble. He was bound, his body in considerable pain…and he couldn’t feel the Force. He swallowed and felt the coolness around his throat, wonderful, until he got the collar off, he wouldn’t be using the Force. He managed to wriggle against the wall until he was sitting upright and looked around the cell he was in, frowning in concern as he saw Cody in the cell across from him, lying limp. Further looking revealed Anakin a few cells down as well as Rex and several other of their men. this was definitely not good.



Dean walked slowly across the room, not touching the hand bars and Bant smiled. He grinned back and looked down at his metallic leg. Anakin had done a good job with it.


“Soon you’ll be back to your normal trouble.”


“Trouble? Me?” he acted innocent and she laughed.


“Yes you.” She tossed him a towel and he wiped the sweat away. “How are you doing with Sam gone?”


“Worried. Someone or something took out Anakin, Obi-Wan and their men and the Council sent my brother and eight troopers after them.”


“Well if Sam’s luck is anything like yours he’ll get them out.”


“Yeah.” He sat down and did some light stretches. “How long till I can get back to training?”


“Depends on how quickly you finish adjusting to the new leg.”


“So, let’s get back to work.” He stood up again and went back to the obstacle course. Walking forwards was pretty easy, sideways or backwards took a lot more thought.



Sam brought them out of hyperspace in the last system Kenobi and Skywalker had been recorded at only to throw them into defensive manoeuvres, not to avoid a firefight but debris.


Deviss powered up all sensors, hoping this wasn’t the Resolute and his brothers. “Reading debris from at least one Trade Federation droid control ship…small amounts coming back as from the Resolute, not enough for the ship to be destroyed.” He reported and then they saw the rest of the ship, floating too close for comfort to the atmosphere of Lah'mu. “Hailing…no response.”


“Life support?” Sam asked as he flew closer, stretching out with the Force, searching for Obi-Wan and Anakin but their distinct Presences were missing.


“Low but operational. Scanners show living beings aboard.” Deviss glanced at his new General. He knew nothing about the Knight except his name and that there was another Knight Winchester within the Order. Why had neither been deployed before?


“Alright, I’m taking us in to dock. Make sure your helmets are sealed, just in case.” Sam ordered as he headed for the partially open doors on the top of the ship that lead to the main starship bays in the forward section of the ship, hoping the internal shields were up.


“What about you Sir?”


“I’ve got pilots gear, it’ll get me past the docking bay if the shields aren’t operational.”


“Yes sir.” He got up and went to tell the men while Sam handled the landing. He put the ship on standby, not wanting to power down fully in case they had to run for it. He then went to where they kept their extra gear and slipped into the sealable jumpsuit, ensuring it was air tight and making sure he had quick access to his lightsaber. He then grabbed the helmet and went to join his men. His men…. something about the clones had been bugging him since the start of the war but whatever it was remained elusive, no matter how he meditated. He found them ready to deploy, armour sealed. He slipped the helmet on and sealed it put pushed up the heavier eye shield so he could see clearly. “Bay’s reading as partially pressurised. No one alive is in it but be prepared for possible enemy droids.”


“Yes Sir!”


he hit the ramp release and they quickly ran down and took cover, Sam triggering the ramp to seal behind them. The suit wasn’t entirely comfortable, he needed to train more in it for situations like this, or look into actual sealable armour of some sort. He couldn’t borrow from the clones’ due to height differences. The hanger was eerily silent and lifeless as they made their way cautiously to the blast doors separating them from the rest of the ship.


“Locked tight Sir.” One of the clones announced before pulling the access panel apart to work on it. Sam could have used his lightsaber to cut through but that would risk the rest of the ship should the hanger bay shields fail completely. “I’ve rigged them to open for a few seconds, we need to be through fast.”


“You heard him.” Sam answered and they bunched up, ready to dash through. The doors opened and they moved, Sam bringing up the rear to make sure they all got through, Force pushing the one who had rigged the doors through so he would make it.


“Thank you, Sir.” He quickly rigged the door on this side so no one could go through it to sneak up behind them but so that he could re-open them if they needed to retreat.


“What’s your name?” Sam asked and the clone straightened.


“CP-6824, Switch, Sir.” He answered, he wasn’t a combat clone and wearing armour was strange but he was there to ensure they could work out the ships systems. Didn’t mean he couldn’t shoot if needed.


“Good work. Anyone know where the bridge is?” Not like he’d even been aboard a Venator-class before.


Behind their helmets several clones blinked in surprise. “There are two Sir, Starboard one is the main one and the structure looked sound on our approach.” Switch answered.


“Lead the way, I’ve never been on one of these before.” He explained and they set off, moving slowly and carefully.


“Battle droids.” One called as they reached an intersection and sure enough several battle droids were scattered about, all destroyed. Sadly, the bodies of three clones lay among them.


“501st.” Deviss announced as he checked the paint on their armour, that was Skywalker’s legion.


“Keep moving.” Sam ordered, lightsaber in hand. There was nothing they could do for the dead at the moment. It was slow going but the eventually reached the main bridge and switch went to work on the doors. The clones readied themselves for anything, from an all dead bridge crew to possible hostiles. The blast doors hissed open and they found themselves at blaster point, Sam’s lightsaber hissing to life as he moved to defend them if needed.


“Hold!” A voice ordered and an older man was helped into view. “Admiral Yularen Master Jedi.” He introduced himself and Sam waved his men down.


“Knight Samuel Winchester, Admiral. What’s your situation?”


“Not good.” He answered and they moved into the room to find several dead and the rest wounded to various degrees.



Obi-Wan was relieved when Anakin finally stirred and sat up, looking disorientated but at least he was conscious. “Welcome back.”


“What happened?” Anakin looked around to find Rex, Cody and several of their men also in cells.  


“Was hoping you could tell us Sir.” Cody answered, their armour had been taken, leaving them in the black undersuit.


Anakin frowned, trying to remember. “We took out the control ship… two others came out of hyperspace right on top of us.” He said and Obi-Wan nodded.


“The boarding alert went off,” he added.


“Ventress.” Anakin hissed and was answered by a laugh as the woman walked into view.


“Very good.” She smirked and then looked over at Obi-Wan. “What lovely bait for our trap.” She purred and Obi-Wan just smiled back calmly.


“Glad to be of service. I don’t suppose you would tell us who this trap is for?”


“The traitor, Winchester.” She answered, they had already detected the Impala docking with the Resolute, it was only a matter of time now. “Lord Sidious wishes to show his displeasure personally or I would take great joy in doing so myself.”


“Why would he come?” Anakin frowned, Anakin wasn’t a Jedi, the Council wouldn’t send him, and there was no way he would leave Dean during his recovery.


“He is already docked with the Resolute and that will lead him here. Enjoy your stay gentlemen.” With that she was gone.


“Sir? What did she mean about a traitor?” Cody asked and Anakin looked to Obi-Wan who sighed. Neither wished to betray Sam’s secrets but they needed the men to trust Sam should he show up.


“The same year Anakin was brought to the Temple another boy was found. His name was Dean Winchester and he was assumed to be the only survivor of his family after a fight. Yoda brought Dean back for healing and since he was already a Padawan he continued his training with us. Unfortunately, Dean was not the only survivor. His younger brother Samuel, Sam for short, was aboard their ship and that is where Darth Sidious found him. When a security team found the ship, the boy was gone. I do not know what Sidious did to him over the ten years he had him but it was brutal. Dean never gave up searching and that search was rewarded during the Battle of Geonosis where they crossed blades, not recognising each other. Dean recognised Sam first and Sam refused to believe as he had been told his brother was dead, he had the remains of a bond to prove it. Thankfully Dean managed to break through and reforge the bond. This is why Dean is not a General. He stunned Sam and snuck away with him, as far as any of us knew Dean was dead or captured. Eventually Yoda admitted he was alive, had even reached out to him once for help dealing with his anger and that was what lead us to suspect he had found Sam alive.  After a while intel began filtering down through the Council that allowed us several strong victories because Dean had sent all the intelligence Sam knew.”


“Dean wouldn’t let the Council have Sam, not with how harshly they now treat Knights who slip. Dean sent me a message while I was escorting Senator Amidala home. They began working in the background, helping refugees, running supplies. It was them who rescued the kidnapped Initiates from the pirates and they also saved Senator Amidala from Count Dooku. It was Dean who took Dooku’s arm off in the fight. In return, she granted them citizenship to help keep them safe.” Anakin continued for him.


“The Council had declared Sam an ally last I knew. The brothers have been doing work for the Temple since then. It was on one of those jobs they ended up facing Grievous and Dean lost a leg in the fight. Despite the possible danger Sam contacted the Temple and brought Dean back as he needed Healing. Sam has acclimated to life at the Temple to a degree, he even spars with us and a handful of others. I do not understand why the Council would send him though or why he would agree to leave Dean while he is still healing.”


“Because it’s us.” Anakin whispered.


“Sir?” Rex looked at his General.


“Dean cares about us which makes us important to Sam, though I like to think we’re his friends now too. If he thought we were in danger he would come.” Anakin admitted and Obi-Wan was forced to agree, they had baited this trap well.



Sam went over all of the data Yularen had been able to supply, the ship was effectively crippled and drifting closer and closer to the atmosphere, the condition it was in it would burn up and crash. If they could get power back to the engines the ship could manoeuvre to safety and then wait for rescue, freeing Sam and his men to go after the others. They’d been boarded mid-fight and the Jedi, plus some of their men taken. He assumed the men were to ensure the Jedi’s cooperation but why take them both? Sidious wanted Anakin, why not kill Obi-Wan when they had the chance? Together the two had escaped many traps after all. He wanted to go after them immediately but he could not abandon these people to death, if only he had Dean’s knack for machinery. Switch was helping as much as he could too but a lot of the engineering crew was dead or too badly injured to help. They had sent a message back to the Temple and another ship was being sent to salvage the Resolute and take the survivors on board but they would take several days to arrive.


Almost two days later the engines slowly came to life and the ship moved away from the planet, ensuring their survival until help arrived…unless the Separatists returned to finish the job first.


Yularen offered his hand to Sam who shook it. “Find the Generals sir.”


“We will. Good luck Admiral.” They boarded the Impala and launched, following the direction the Resolute’s sensors had recorded.



Dean frowned and then closed his eyes, reaching for Sam. His little brother was frustrated, he could feel it even with how far apart they were. He felt Sam realise he was checking and there was a brief rush of warmth that Dean returned before he was gently pushed back, letting Sam focus on the job. He’d actually jogged today, not very far or very fast but it was a big improvement. He knew the Healers wouldn’t release him until he could use the leg like his natural one. He couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that this whole thing was a trap and his brother was facing it alone.