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No Matter What We Stand Together

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Chapter 10

“You could have left a message Dean.” Anakin muttered, staring out at the lake and Dean moved to lean on the rail beside him. Dean looked him over and shook his head, it was his wedding night and he was out here, confronting him before he could leave instead of sleeping with his beautiful wife.

“There wasn’t time Ani.”

“You had to look after Sam.” He stated and Dean sighed.

“I had to look after both of you. If you knew nothing then there would be no reason to question you. Even Master Yoda doesn’t know where I am and he was my Master.”

“When are you coming back?” Anakin turned his head to look at the closest person to a brother he had.

“I….I don’t know. I can’t leave him and the Council……..” He couldn’t say it and Anakin nodded, they all knew what would happen from the histories. “How long are you here for?”

“Another two days, then I have to head back.”

“Then spend this time getting to know your bride Ani.” Dean smiled at him and slapped his back lightly. “She’s a wonderful woman and I know you two will be happy together.”

“Thanks Dean.” Anakin smiled softly.

“I hate doing this but… need to be careful, not just hiding you marriage but…..Sam said the Sith Lord is after you. Has been for years. Seems like it might be someone you know, at least vaguely. Stick close to Obi-Wan, okay?”

Anakin paled slightly at the warning but nodded. “I will.” Dean smiled and reached up to ruffle his hair like he had when Anakin was a kid, making him duck away.

“Now get back to your wife. I’ll see you before you leave.” And with that Dean vaulted the rail and vanished into the night. Anakin stared after him before heading inside.

Dean slipped back into their own villa, not wanting to wake Sam, only to find him sitting on the couch. As soon as he spotted Dean some of the tension left Sam’s body and Dean smiled, moving to sit beside him. “Hey, what are you doing up so late?”

“What happened?” Sam asked and Dean shifted so that their arms touched, feeling the tenseness in Sam’s body.

“I attended a wedding.” Dean smiled softly. “I think Anakin and Padme will make a good couple.”

Sam frowned. “Isn’t marriage against the Jedi code?”

“Yeah but why should I care? After all if Mom and Dad hadn’t married we wouldn’t exist. I think that bit of the Code is out dated and just plain stupid. Love is a good thing, not something to try and stamp out.” Dean responded and Sam stared at him in surprise. “What? I know you don’t remember Mom Sammy but….I remember her and Dad being so happy together. Loving someone like that is so special and rare, it’s to be cherished.”

Sam shifted and slowly covered Dean’s hand with his own. “Did…did she love us?”

“More than anything Sam. She gave her life to protect you Sammy, not out of duty but love.” Dean assured him, tugging him into a one armed hug and Sam gradually leant into his side, laying his head against Dean’s shoulder. Dean smiled and just held him there, able to feel Sam’s confusion and grief. “Come on kiddo, time for bed.” He whispered and Sam blinked sleepily.

“You haven’t called me that since I was six.” He mumbled and Dean chuckled.

“Well you do look like a cute little kid right now.” He teased as he gently tugged Sam upright. They stumbled into Sam’s room and Dean lowered his half asleep little brother onto the bed. “Sleep Sammy.” He gently ran his fingers through Sam’s hair.

“Stay.” Sam called sleepily and Dean paused before smiling and removing his boots. He lay down beside Sam and Sam curled into him, falling asleep. Dean lay there for a while, staring at the ceiling. This was the most relaxed he’d seen Sam and the first time Sam had actually asked him to stay with him. It felt good.

Sam watched from the shadows as the tall young man hugged a small slender woman to him, kissing her tenderly before letting her go and turning to Dean who yanked him into a hug. Even while shielding himself he could feel the younger man’s strength in the Force. No wonder Sidious wanted him so badly. Dean’s laughter drifted over on the wind and Sam found himself smiling slightly at the sound. Soon though the young Jedi left them, heading on board the waiting ship. Dean stood by the young woman until the ship left and then she left, heading towards a waiting speeder. Dean watched her go and then turned before hesitating, looking around. Sam winced, obviously Dean had sensed him. He moved out of the shadows and Dean relaxed, smiling at him even as he headed towards him. “So that was him?” Sam asked once Dean was in front of him and Dean nodded.

“Yeah, that was Ani.” He was just amazed Sam had left the villa alone and unarmed.

“He’s…….not what I imagined.” Sam admitted.


“He is far less volatile than Sidious led me to believe. Your training?”

Dean nodded. “Yeah, I figured what we did with you would help him get better control. He had it pretty rough the first few years at the Temple.” They stared walking back towards the villa.

“What is it like?”

“The Temple? It’s peaceful, too peaceful for my tastes sometimes. I got lost so many times for the first couple of months. But the gardens…..they’re like nothing else, you’d love them Sammy. Great for meditating in.”

“Do you miss it?” He asked softly and Dean grabbed his arm gently, making Sam turn to look at him.

“A little, but I have missed you so much more. I’d rather be here with you than there.” Dean told him firmly and Sam stared at him, testing his emotions, before nodded slightly. They walked the rest of the way in silence and went their separate ways once back. An hour later Sam joined him in meditation, making Dean smile.

“Did you see the Senator home safely Padawan?”

“Yes Master, she is safely back in the capital. The trip was uneventful, except….” Should he say something? Obi-Wan cared for Dean too after all.

“Except what Anakin?”

“I received a message from Dean.” He admitted and Obi-Wan froze.

“He’s alive.” He whispered in relief.

“Yes Master. Alive and well. But…I am not sure if…when he will return.” He admitted and Obi-Wan sighed but nodded.

“I will inform Master Yoda. You should unpack and get some rest.”

“Thank you Master.” Anakin bowed slightly and headed for their quarters. He was rather relieved not to be the one telling Yoda, if anyone was going to pick up on the fact he wasn’t telling the whole truth it would be Dean’s Master.

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