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No Matter What We Stand Together

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John jerked awake, senses screaming, he scooped his lightsaber up and rushed towards the nursery, able to feel his wife's agony and fear. He burst in and coughed as smoke filled his lungs, Sammy crying loudly.

"Dad!" He turned to see his eldest son in the doorway, green eyes wide with horror. He scooped the crying infant up and pressed him into the four year olds arms.

"Get him out Dean!" John yelled and Dean blinked but then nodded and ran, John gave a shaky smile as he felt his sons awkward effort to use the Force to help and the Force responding to his sons efforts. "Mary!" He called for his wife, Mary wasn't a jedi though she did have some Force sensitivity, and therefore she would succumb faster to the smoke and fire than he would. He glanced up and froze in shock, jedi calm deserting him as he reached out to his wife. Scared green eyes stared back at him and then he felt her reaching out with her limit abilities, trying to tell him something so John reached back and shuddered at the image he received of a sinister figure…with Sith yellow eyes. The flames exploded and he was forced back even as he felt his wife's presence fade into the Force. John froze and then forced himself to move, rushing outside to scoop Dean up, moving them all further back from the burning building. He could hear the emergence response vehicles approaching but they were too late, Mary was gone.

"Daddy?" Dean asked and John looked down at him. "Mommy's….."

He kissed the top of his son's head, hugging him and little Sammy close. "She's gone Dean; she's one with the Force now." He whispered and wide green eyes filled with tears that didn't fall. John looked over as he felt a familiar presence, recognising Nejaa Halcyon.

"John?" His friend asked and John swallowed.

"Mary is gone but she managed to send me an image of who did this. He had yellow eyes." John murmured, not wanting his children to be alarmed. Neeja's eyes widened.

"You believe a Sith? They are extinct."

"Are they really?" John sighed and shifted Sam as the baby continued to cry and fuss. "He was in the nursery. I have to get my children to safety."

"I will send word to the Temple, you should take them. Not even a Sith would dare attack there." Neeja answered and John nodded, despite having no intention to go to Coruscant, it was too obvious and they could be attacked on the way.

"Goodbye my friend." John said before vanishing with his children.



"Dad? Something's wrong with Sammy, he won't stop crying." Dean told him, leaning into the cockpit of the ship. John nodded and got up, following Dean back to the small bedroom where Sam was. The baby was on his back on a bunk, face squished up as he hiccupped and cried softly, face red.

"Hey Sammy, what's wrong?" John picked his youngest up, settling him against his shoulder as one little hand clutched his ash covered tunic. "Shh…'s alright." He soothed, reaching out with the Force to make sure he was alright. Sam screamed in response, tiny body thrashing in pain and John jerked back in shock, throwing his shields up.

"Dad?" Dean stared in alarm at his brother and father.

"I don't know Dean." John answered, gently rubbing Sam's back to try and comfort him, relieved when the screams stopped. "Have you been using the Force around him?" Dean shook his head. John gently set Sam down on the bunk and waved Dean closer. "Just try and levitate a toy for him." Dean nodded and John smiled slightly as his son closed his eyes, nose scrunching up as he concentrated. A small toy began to move and Sammy began to cry.

"Dad?" Dean asked, eyes snapping open.

"Could be some sort of shock from the attack." John offered though he wasn't sure. He would love to take Sam to the temple Healers but he couldn't risk it, they were on their own.



Dean sat on the ramp with Sam in his arms, watching the bustle of the spaceport as they waited for their Dad to come back. The one year old sat quietly in his arms, wide hazel eyes taking in everything at once. Dean smiled and bounced the baby, making him laugh. Dean gently nudged his little brother with the Force and hazel eyes widened and then Sammy was clapping. Dean grinned and hugged him and then looked over as he felt their Dad approaching, hood up. John nodded and Dean got up, helping Sam back into the Impala. Dean put Sam in his seat and then helped put the supplies away. "I used the Force with Sam Dad." That got John's attention.

"It didn't cause him pain?"

"No. But it was just the Force, neutral." Dean tried to explain and John frowned. So had it simply been the light side that had caused Sam pain?

"Okay get this put away and I'll go see." John told him and Dean nodded. John walked into the main room and Sam smiled, reaching for him. John smiled and picked him up, settling him on his hip. "Hey Sammy, you hungry? Let's get you fed." John got out some baby food and heated it up while very carefully lowering his shields and trying what Dean had. Sure enough Sam had no problem, until he used the light side and then he cried out in pain. Whatever that Sith had done, it had affected Sam's ability to use the Force and that was not good. But how could he train Sam as a Jedi, teach him to protect himself, if Sam couldn't use the light side?