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No Matter What We Stand Together

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Chapter 15

Padme watched as Sam tenderly cared for his injured brother and couldn’t help smiling at the sight. Anakin had told her all he knew of the younger Winchester and everything she had seen just reinforced the fact that he was not a Sith, not really. She had seen his reaction when Dean went down and she had also seen him control it to keep fighting. It appeared the Jedi were wrong, it was possible to denounce the Dark Side, or at least control it. She knew how paranoid the Council was of Dark Jedi since the beginning of the war, no wonder Dean was keeping his brother far away and yet for her they were risking Sam’s very life. Well if they wanted him killed or incarcerated they would have to deal with her publicly denouncing their actions. Ever since the Naboo crisis she had been one of the major voices speaking well of the Order but in this she couldn’t. She would stand beside her husband and those he claimed as family.

The closer they got to Coruscant the jumpier Sam got. Not that anyone could blame him. Sam had told Dean he had lived on the planet ever since they had been separated which meant the Sith Lord spent a lot of time there, if he didn’t live on the planet. Which meant that any time they spent there was very dangerous, Sidious had to want Sam captured if not dead. Add in the danger of the Jedi Council and Sam was really on edge.

Dean finally cornered his brother in the galley and pinned him to his seat. “Sammy you need to relax. I am not going to let anything happen to you. We won’t even land, just hover and lower the ramp for her to get off. Not like they have anything there that can match the Impala for speed.”

“You can’t promise that Dean, Sidious….”

“Would be an idiot to try anything right now against you. You just saved a very popular public figure. By the time the thankfulness fades we’ll be long gone.”

“And it would be rather remiss of me to allow one of my rescuers to be captured or killed.” Padme stepped into the room. The brothers looked at her in surprise and she smiled. “Sometimes old laws can be very useful, if I could send a message?”

“Of course Senator.”

“Knight Winchester you are Anakin’s family which makes you mine, my name is Padme.” She left the room to contact Naboo. They had saved her and it was time to return the favour.

Dean expertly slipped the Impala through the never ending air traffic surrounding the capital, it felt strange being back and seeing the Temple in the distance. Would he ever go back there again? He spotted the landing platform they had been given and felt a flash of nerves as he spotted the robed figures standing alongside several politicians. “Ready for this? You’ve got a nice welcoming committee.” He managed to comment to Padme who sighed but began straightening her clothes and hair. Her own clothes had been torn and filthy so she was actually wearing some of Dean’s, the sleeves and pants rolled up many times and a belt tight around her waist. She looked a bit ridiculous but it was better than wearing rags. Dean looked at Sam in the co-pilot seat and saw the tension there. “Hey, you don’t have to leave the ship. I’ll drop Padme off and then we’re gone.” He assured him and Sam nodded but kept his eyes on the instruments.

Dean easily set the ship down and got up, giving full control to Sam before unstrapping from his seat. Padme got up and they headed for the ramp. Dean lowered it and allowed her to go first, he had no plans to go further than the bottom of the ramp. Padme strode confidently down the ramp and onto the platform and was instantly swarmed. Dean swallowed as he watched a short figure approach, he had hoped he wouldn’t be here.

“Missed you I have. Good to see you it is Padawan.” The ancient Master commented and Dean knelt, ignoring the other Jedi.

“It’s good to see you too Master.” He smiled slightly and simply let Yoda inspect him.

Yoda studied his youngest apprentice, taking in the wariness and battle fatigue as well as the new scars. His Force Presence was as strong and bright as ever though, if a little battered from the atrocities of war. He could sense the second presence aboard the ship and the strong bond between them, it was amazing their bond was so strong after having being broken for so long. “Shy he is?”

“We know the Council’s stance Master. Sam is my brother, the only way to harm him is over my dead body.” That got a chuckle from his Master much to his surprise.

“Harmed he will not be. Naboo a message sent, protected he is. See him I will.” Yoda stated firmly and Dean hesitated but reached out to Sam, communicating silently with him.

Yoda waited patiently and then saw movement at the top of the ramp. He took in the tall form that hesitantly moved towards him. Neither of the brothers looked like a Jedi or a Sith, they looked more like smugglers with how they were dressed, except that each brother had a lightsaber attached to their belt. Both wore mostly black although there were traces of dark green as well. “To meet you good it is Samuel.” Yoda greeted the wary young man. Darkness still lingered in his Presence but not an overwhelming amount, for the most part he felt like a still lake. He was surprised but impressed when the young man slowly joined his brother in kneeling before him.

Sam knelt before the Master who had finished his brothers training, fighting the urge to flee. He had heard him say he was safe but it was so hard to believe they would just let him be. He saw some of the other Jedi shift, hands moving closer to their sabres’ but then they stilled when he bowed his head. An age weathered hand touched the top of his head briefly and Sam fought back a wince as he felt the blindingly bright and massive presence of the Master. He was more powerful than Sidious but the body that contained that power was very old and it was doubtful he could physically match the Sith Lord.

Mace studied the young man who knelt before Yoda. He had met John Winchester once and it was obvious his youngest son took after him for colouring if not height and build. He didn’t know what to think of the boy or the Knight who had abandoned the Order to protect him. Part of him just wanted to kill the young man and end it but all that would do was make an enemy of the elder brother. Dean was too close to the Chosen Once to do that without a really good reason and Samuel seemed to be under control, at least for now. Besides, Dean made a good sparring partner and he didn’t want to lose that either. “Queen Neeyutnee made it very clear to the Council that you are protected by Naboo and the two of you have even been granted citizenship of the planet.” He stated and was amused by the looks of shock on their faces. Despite taking after different parents for their looks their expressions were very similar. Mace moved closer slowly, not wanting to startle the skittish young man and cause things to escalate. He watched as the Senator moved away from the other politicians to approach the brothers.

“An account has been opened in your names and a reward deposited for my rescue.” She held out a datapad and Dean took it, glancing through the documents stored there to find not only bake details but their full citizenship details. They were both now considered citizens of Corellia and Naboo. Obviously their home planet had been contacted and told Sam wasn’t actually dead.

“We didn’t do it for money P.Senater.”

“I know but take it anyway, you need to keep your ship and yourselves going after all.” She teased and Dean nodded. The brothers stood and backed away towards the Impala. Dean bowed slightly and then they dashed up the ramp and the ship took off.

“We aren’t going to detain them Masters?” One of the Knights asked.

“No. Message to the field send you will, interfere in their actions the Jedi will not.” Yoda ordered even as he watched the ship rise out of the atmosphere. He felt both their presences fade as the ship jumped to hyperspace a few minutes later.