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Carry on My Wayward Soul

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Acheron made his way into the house and towards the back, knowing where his friend would be at this time of day. Sure enough he found Shemu'el sprawled on a couch with a sketchbook open in front of him. The younger Dark Hunter looked up and smiled at him, happy to see his boss. Acheron had to admit that the Egyptian born hunter was one of his favourites; Shemu'el never gave him any of the problems the others tended to.

"Hi boss." He greeted, sitting up.

"Hi Sam." Acheron greeted, using the more modern version of his name since that was what Shemu'el usually preferred and it was a bit easier to pronounce, though compared to his own name either version was very easy. He grinned as messy dark hair fell into Sam's black eyes, making him shove it back in irritation.

"Get the feeling this isn't a social call Ash." Sam hinted and Ash nodded. Sam nodded at the opposite couch and Ash sat. "So…"

"How do you feel about moving?" Ash asked and Sam groaned.

"Serious? You know Anna will kill me right? She's just started classes." Sam complained and Ash smirked.

"She's your Squire Shemu'el."

"She's family Ash; I have issues arguing with the brat. So where do you need us?"

"New Orleans." Was the answer and Sam slammed his head into the couch.

"Why me? Hell, why there?" Sam asked, peering over at his boss and friend.

"I need someone reliable that I can trust. With Kyrian no longer a Dark Hunters someone new needs to move in and help Talon cover the city. Kyrian still helps out but you know Artemis. I'm also moving Valerius in; it'll cause problems so do what you can to keep them all apart. Artemis wanted to send Zarek."

"Yeah. Alright, how long do we have to move?" Sam asked and Ash relaxed, glad Shemu'el wasn't arguing.

"Two weeks." Ash admitted and Sam nodded.

"I'll be there." Sam promised and Ash relaxed making Sam smile and go back to his sketching, waiting for the sun to set so he could get to work. "By the way, love the colour, it suits you." Sam told him and Ash flicked a strand of his currently blue hair at Sam.

"You need to either cut yours or let it get long enough to tie back." Ash taunted as Sam once again shoved his back.

"I like it how it is, thank you very much. So I guess I have to start house hunting?" Sam asked and Ash shook his head.

"There are a few town houses you can use if you want." Ash offered and Sam smiled.

"Thanks, since I'll be moving without my Squire. I can't make her move so soon after starting class." Sam grumbled and Ash laughed at him.



Shemu'el walked silently up to where he could feel his brother-in-arms waiting for him, the Squire who'd picked him up following him, still chatting away.

"Look unalive, men, here comes our reinforcement." The tall blonde Dark Hunter commented as he saw them and Sam smiled as he joined them.


"Shemu'el." Acheron greeted him. "Any trouble?"

"Well if I was you I'd stay away from Anna for a while, she is not happy." Sam warned him and Ash nodded.

"Another Greek?" Valerius asked and Sam just stared at him.

"Hardly." Sam answered.

"Talon, Valerius, this is Shemu'el." Acheron introduced him and Sam smiled at them.

"Sam's fine, unlike some I can move with the times." Sam teased his boss who took a playful swipe at him, getting a grin from Talon.

"Any problems with your flight?"

"Other than finding Anna had fun with my bag? Nope. Nick was a very good chauffeur as well." Sam told him, looking between their little group in amusement and a little annoyance. Other than Nick he was the shortest which did kind of suck since he was fairly sure he was older than everyone but Ash. Their looks were getting them odd looks from those walking by, Nick looked like a wealthy college student, Ash like a goth refugee, Valerius like an accountant, Talon a biker and Sam himself was dressed simply in jeans and a long sleeved shirt, he actually felt a little out of place. Sam sighed as Talon and Valerius started verbaly sparring, when it threatened to become physical he grabbed Talon and pulled him back while Ash stopped the Roman.

"If you can control yourselves for five minutes, we need to divide up the city. Since I'm the only one able to take the cemeteries, I'll grab those. Valerius, I want you in the garden and business districts, Sam and Talon can take the Quarter. On Mardi Gras itself, we all need to be in the Vieux Carré no later than nine." Ash turned to Nick. "You are on standby. In the event one of us goes down, I need you to mobilize quickly."

"Just one little problem." The Squire stated.

"And that is?"

Nick indicated Valerius with his head. "If he goes down, he's on his own."

"Nick," Acheron said, his voice laced with warning, "your duty is to all of us. Valerius is a Dark-Hunter same as me, Talon, and Sam."

"I know I swore my oath, but I swore it to protect Kyrian of Thrace and hell will freeze colder than Santa's iceberg before I ever lift even an eyebrow to help the man who tortured and crucified him." Nick spat and Valerius's eyes blazed.

"That was his grandfather, not him." Acheron argued tiredly.

Nick pointed a finger at Valerius. "He was there, too, watching it happen, and he did nothing to stop it. I refuse to render aid to someone who could do that." He looked back at Ash. "You, Sam, and Talon, I'll cover, but not him."


"It's all right, Greek," Valerius interrupted. "I would rather die than have his plebeian help anyway."

"Fine then, Nick would you mind being assigned to Sam for a while? His Squire had some things to tie up before coming." Acheron asked and Nick looked at Sam before nodding.

"I still have class though."

"It's fine Nick, I don't need much." Sam assured him and Nick nodded.

"Okay then let's get to work." Acheron said and Sam hefted his bag. Ash tossed him a set of keys. "Nick knows where the house is, he'll show you."

"Thanks." Sam called as he followed Nick away from the group, relaxing as his powers slowly came back.

"So you're not Greek…." Nick asked and Sam looked at him.

"Born in Memphis…..Egypt." Sam answered and Nick studied him.

"You don't look like the pictures I've seen of Egyptians." Nick stated and Sam laughed.

"My father was a trader who settled their after marrying my mother. So no, I don't look Egyptian."

"Sorry." Nick said and Sam nudged him.

"It's fine, ask away. I'm not as touchy as a lot of the others about my past." Sam assured him.

"Are you old? Real old? You don't seem it, you seem more like, well a normal guy." Nick admitted and Sam shrugged.

"Born during what Historians today call the 18th Dynasty. So yeah, I'm old enough."

"You're older than Kyrian!" Nick stared at him in shock and Sam laughed.

"Well as I don't know Kyrian I'll take your word for it." Sam told him.

"So Ash called you Shem…..uh."

"Shemu'el, it's basically just an older version of Samuel. So a few centuries back I started using Samuel to blend in. Ash is the only one who still calls me Shemu'el."

"Okay, well here we are." Nick walked up to the front door and unlocked it for him. Sam took the offered keys and went inside; glad to see his furniture had already arrived. "So do you need anything?"

"Looks like the kitchen's stocked and the utilities are on so I'm fine, thanks."

"No problem." Nick turned to leave.

"Nick." Sam called and the Squire looked back. "Be careful out there alright? Something odd's going on." Sam warned and Nick blinked but nodded and then left.