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You Excite Me

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Not many dared to trespass the private Sanjou Academy since their head prefect was basically the school’s left hand as well. The elite school (especially the student dorms) suffered a great deal of threats and vandalism from neighbouring schools before Tsurumaru Kuninaga enrolled in. His batch was the start of a new era.

Concrete walls as first defence, followed by barbed wires and of course, the eyes of the new appointed prefects, all his age. They not only protected the school but they raised the school’s name through various curricular activities and competitions. Basically, no one goes in or out without Tsurumaru’s knowledge.

But their school was not the only one that changed. A renowned private academy that was separated from the Sanjou Academy by a mere thick forest, quickly rose to the challenge. The 1st and 2nd position was always taken by the same contestants of the same age group from the Sanjou Academy and their equally talented neighbour. It seemed that the whole of Tsurumaru’s generation were filled with talented students.

Tsurumaru admit that the school was excellent in most fields but what he couldn’t stand was their head prefect. They had met more than once and each time, Tsurumaru always found himself irritated.

What was so intriguing about Ichigo Hitofuri? That fake smile that Ichigo used to charm everyone didn’t fool Tsurumaru for one second. And when Tsurumaru called him out for it, he saw the prefect for what he really was. The real Ichigo Hitofuri. Ichigo turned to him with a surprised and semi-offended look but then he was suddenly smirking and putting his forefinger to his lips, “Shh.”

A guy like that really got under Tsurumaru’s nerve.

So how was it that, after 3 months since that time, Tsurumaru ended up chasing an outsider to the corner of the concrete wall of the south side?  Only one idiot dared to get under Tsurumaru’s radar.

Tsurumaru jumped down the barbed wire and walked to his panting victim whom he had chased for a good half an hour, “Ho~? And I thought the stray would be someone less attractive.”

He walked up to the cornered rabbit and slammed his palm against the wall, trapping his victim “I would hate if anything were to scratch up that pretty face of yours, Hitofuri~”

A blade rested easily against Tsurumaru’s neck, not allowing him to corner Ichigo any further. Ichigo’s smirk matched his and Tsurumaru found it exhilarating.

“So? What was my little rabbit doing in my territory?”

“I don’t have to explain myself to you, Kuninaga. And I’m not your little rabbit.”

“Hmm.. Can I take a guess~?”

Tsurumaru leaned forward, letting the blade cut through his skin. He watched Ichigo’s Adam’s apple bob nervously as Tsurumaru whispered, “Did you like me chasing you? Hi-to-fu-ri?”

Ichigo’s face faltered by a fraction at the drawn out syllables of his first name but then he was sneering and leaning forward as well, “And what if I did, Ku-ni-na-ga?”

If Tsurumaru was turned on before, he was desperately hard now. Oh the things his rabbit did to him.

“Well, then I have something you’d enjoy even more~” Tsurumaru purposely brushed their lips as he spoke.

Ichigo matched the gesture by pushing his hips forward, grinding their obvious erections to make a point, “Show me.”

And then they were kissing. Ichigo’s knife was forgotten as his hands got busy clawing Tsurumaru’s back while Tsurumaru held Ichigo’s nape and right hip firmly to accentuate the his grinding hips. There was nothing tender about it but they wouldn’t have it any other way. This secret development of theirs was like the act of breathing. They naturally came together like a puzzle piece no matter how irritated they acted around each other.

Tsurumaru bit and sucked Ichigo’s bottom lip until they bruised and small whimpers escaped Ichigo’s throat.

Ichigo fought back when he broke off the kiss, saliva trailing down both their lips. Tsurumaru chuckled when his hair was roughly tugged back so that Ichigo could lick the trail of blood at his neck. Ichigo licked and sucked at the wound, tasting the bitter blood, humming softly. It was the closest form of apology Tsurumaru would get.

Tsurumaru appreciated the gesture so he rewarded his rabbit by pushing his knee in between Ichigo’s legs and rubbing mercilessly against the confined aching erection inside. That earned him a wet gasp from Ichigo.

“Cheater..” Ichigo grumbled. He hurriedly unbuttoned Tsurumaru’s clothes as retaliation.

That was the basis of their relationship. Nothing ever went down without a fight. And Tsurumaru loved every second it. Ichigo didn’t complain when Tsurumaru roughly tugged down the waistband of Ichigo’s pants. Neither did he complain when Tsurumaru brought his own cock to rub against Ichigo’s. Long, painful strokes usually made Ichigo’s legs quiver with need.

Ichigo’s expression was still defiant even when in pleasure but when Tsurumaru pushed him over that edge, even Ichigo couldn’t help but surrender. Ichigo’s face and voice at the peak of ecstasy was something Tsurumaru wished he would never forget. It was nice that only Tsurumaru got to see this side of Ichigo.

Ichigo was no different. He loved how Tsurumaru’s hair stuck to his face and neck and shoulders, eyes filled with lust and his glistening pale body was so wonderful to plant red marks on. Ichigo’s marks from his kisses and angry clawing always remained long enough for Ichigo to stare at them appreciatively.

They both loved everything about each other at these times. One word rang in unison when their bodies were at the mercy of the other, Mine.

They didn’t have a lot of time outside of class and curricular schedules so once in a while, they’d stray from their grounds to meet like this. Hard and craving for one another. And if meant having to go through a forest and they’d get to see each come undone each time, they’d have to admit that it was fucking worth it.