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Life As A Trickster

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[Sam’s POV]


Dean was in the shower, leaving Sam alone with their father, John. Although he acted more like a general than a father. He told Dean what to do and Dean somehow got Sam to do it. Sam was seventeen, he had applied at his current high school for a scholarship to Stanford. He had been so happy at the time he saw his acceptance letter, but it was quickly trampled by the memories of so many arguments with John about college. About how he was supposed to be a hunter all his life. About how he wanted to help people in a court instead of through murder of (sometimes innocent) monsters.


He had played it all very safe; he went through the same routine after school, he hid the letter and he didn’t mention it, not once. To neither his father nor brother. Whilst getting out his textbook for history, the letter fell out of his backpack. Thus the shouting started.


It started the same as it did most nights; John making a comment on school or hunting and Sam saying he didn’t want to live the life his father had planned. Only today, said father tried to get the point through.


“You are going to be a hunter. Do you hear me?” Slap . Sam staggered back, having not expected it, but held his ground. “People are dying out there, you want them to end up like your mother.” Swing. Sam tried to dodge it, but John landed a clean blow to his temple, the wedding ring he never removed cutting into his skin, making him bleed. Sam tried to fight back, but his arms were caught and he was now on the floor. Being kicked. Right, John had been drinking. “You fucking killed your mother, demon boy. I figured it out a while ago, you should be thanking me for not killing you. Not rebelling like an angsty teen.” Kick. Kick. Kick. Sam was certain at least three of his ribs were broken. Finally Dean came out of the bathroom and tackled his father. “YOU LEAVE DON’T YOU EVER COME BACK!!!”

Sam grabbed his emergency duffle and left the room as fast as he could, ignoring the ‘Sammy no.’ from Dean. He made it to the bar parking lot next to the motel before his legs collapsed. He was fine if he could just die here, his father had brought things up that he tried so hard to suppress; feeling like he killed his mom was the worst. John had also called him ‘demon boy’, which he didn’t know what it meant but couldn’t care to figure out. He was just about unconscious when a smudge of gold passed his vision and focused to honey coloured eyes staring at him. The figure- man apon closer inspection- sighed.


“Hey kiddo. Whatcha doing down there?” That question made Sam really think about what had just happened. Tears rolled down his face without his permission. “No, no, no. Look, you don’t need to give me details, I’m just going to get you to a hospital. But I’ll probably need your name.”


At this point Sam couldn’t care less if a monster ate him or this guy stabbed him, so he mumbled out a ‘Sam Winchester’ before he realized that the hospital would take him back to his dad and his dad would probably beat him more. “Don’t take me to a hospital, it will only get me in the same situation.”


“Why’s that, Samalam?” The strange man asked.


“John, my dad, is the one who broke me.”


“John Winchester?”


“Yeah. Why?”


“Thought it was just a fluke, but John Winchester is a pretty big name in the hunting community.”


Sam was instantly alert and scooting away, at least two feet before the pain in his abdomen became too much.. “What are you?”


“Relax, kid. I only go after really bad people. And Loki, at your service.” Loki tries to put two fingers to Sam’s head but the boy flinches and cries out. “I’m going to heal, like I said, I only hurt bad people.” He heals the hunter before helping him up. “So, you got nowhere to be huh? Wanna follow me around?”


“No, and why? You just met me. I’m just some puny human that you can find anywhere.”


“Because, I can make you not so human, more trickster. That and you can’t be found anywhere, you are going to be important in something I want to stop. So, seeing as your choices are to come with me or live on the street, wanna come?”


“Do I have to be a trickster and what does that entail?”


“No and just some pretty awesome powers and a sweets addiction. That and a little bit of immortality.”


“Okay, okay….. Make me a trickster.”

Their friendship starts from there.