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Sting Like a Bee

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Beenix Wright was his name now in days. He wondered what the others would think of him - if they could see him as he is now. There are some days he’s disgusted with himself.

There’s still one reason that keeps him going. The locket he keeps ever close to him, the one that holds a picture of his daugther, Trucy Fey. Not that he would have known her name by then.

It had been over ten years since he’d seen her. She and Pearl Fey have gotten married after Beenix had to take a leave of absence - but he wasn’t there to walk them down the aisle.

His job wasn’t that well paying, but there weren’t many jobs for foreign attorneys in Kurain. Nobody cares where you’re from if you’re a lowlife stripper.

Every day he wakes up, already in his bee costume, and walks down to the local club and strips for people of all races and genders.

But today, today was different. Today was his last day at the club. One more payday and he’d be able to return home. He stripped as hard as he could and managed to please all the people in the club.

As Beenix, no, Phoenix, shed his bee costume for the final time, he couldn’t help but smile. He was finally free.

He thought everything would be back to normal once he got a plane ticket back to California. He’d go back to the agency, he could reunite with Trucy and the rest, they’d all celebrate his return, and he could put his past behind him.

Phoenix got back to the agency, opened the door with the key he kept in his locket. It was not the Wright Anything Agency he found, but the Justice, Cykes, and Co Law Offices.