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more than enough

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“So?” Becky looks up at Sasha, panting, her cheeks flushed pink. “Good enough for you, Boss?”

Sasha can’t even help the smirk.

“You know it was.” She lets a hand reach into Becky’s hair, watching her closely. Becky’s eyes are a little glassy, but there’s still light dancing there – of course she knows. “Can’t try that hard at something without knowing you’re good, huh?”

Becky smiles up at her, leaning in to the touch. She’s so willing, so pliable like this. Putty in Sasha’s hands. She could ask for almost anything, and Becky would do it, she’s sure. She could turn Becky into whatever she wants, whatever she needs.

But Sasha isn’t going to ask for anything else, not now. Just knowing that she’s got this – got someone on her side again, got Becky on her side – is satisfying enough.