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[Picspam] Presenting: The Backstreet Girls

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Nicolette "Nikki" Gina Carter
Portrayed by Ashley Roberts

Ashley has been my girl!Nick forever, the fact that her eyes are brown and his are blue aside. She just has that look that I could see Nick having if he were female, and it's been stuck in my head.

And since we're talking singers: Ashley's "Yesterday" vs. Nick's "Scream"

Alexandra Jane "AJ/Lexi" McLean
Portrayed by Amy Winehouse

I fought with this one for ages, and this is the one that held this picspam back for so long. Amy is the quintessential girl!AJ for me, and no matter how much I tried to use other people, I kept coming back to her. She has a similar look (the tattoos, the crazy hair, they even have similar facial structures), and she even has a similar voice, and that's what sealed the deal for me. And then she passed, and I was waffling on still using her face for this, so I tried to find someone else (suggestions included Kat Von D, Christina Perri, and Bif Naked), but ultimately I stuck with my gut feeling. Amy is just too perfect.

Vocal comparison: Amy's "You Know I'm No Good" vs. AJ's "London"

Brianne Tamara Littrell
Portrayed by Nichole Nordeman

I know what you're thinking. Who is Nichole Nordeman? Well, to be honest, I didn't know who she was either until I started this. I knew for girl!Brian I wanted a contemporary Christian singer, and my first choice was Amy Grant, but I didn't realize how much older she was, and then her pictures didn't match up with my vision of girl!Brian. So I Googled "female Christian singers," and Nichole's name popped up. I did a image search on her, that second image popped up, and the bells went off in my head. I had my girl!Brian. (I also think Nichole really looks like Brian's wife, Leighanne, in that second image. And as a random idea, a friend had told me "You know, I could totally see Leighanne as girl!Brian.")

Vocal comparison: Nichole's "I Am" vs. Brian's "Gone Without Goodbye"

Hollie Diane Dorough
Portrayed by Jennifer Lopez

Like how I wanted a Christian singer for girl!Brian, I wanted a Latina singer for girl!Howie. JLo was an early passing thought, but the more I thought about her, the more I liked her. (And no one else was really doing it for me.) Plus, not only is she Latina, she's Puerto Rican like Howie, which is even more perfect.

Vocal comparison: Jennifer's "On The Floor" vs. Howie's "100"

Karen Skye Richardson
Portrayed by KT Tunstall

girl!Kevin was, honestly, a last minute addition. That's how long I've been wanting to do this picspam: Kevin hadn't rejoined the group when I first came up with the idea. For girl!Kevin, I came up with KT for her voice not as much as her look which I know isn't quite the right way to do it.

Vocal comparison (which, by the way, was hard because Kevin never did a solo album): KT's "Suddenly I See" vs. Kevin's "There Goes My Baby"