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Raven kept one eye on the side of the road looking for the turn-off. She'd only been out to the Green cabin only one other time and that was in full daylight but she remembered that the country road was somewhat hidden and GPS wasn't much of a help out here. This time of year meant that it was starting to get dark even though it was only 6:15. She'd tried to call the guys to tell them that she was running late but couldn't get a signal.

Her lips turned up at the corners as she spotted a woman standing by a Lexus. The woman wore a truly hideous peach colored formal gown and stood by her car alternately kicking the tire and holding phone up as if trying to get a signal. The gown might be hideous, but Raven took a few seconds to appreciate the tight calves extending below the hemline and the even tighter looking ass that the dress couldn't possibly make look bad. The student pulled over just past the Lexus and checked over her shoulder to make sure a car wasn't coming before opening her door. As she walked toward the car she noted the woman had lowered her phone and was looking her over. Raven smiled a little knowing that in spite of her limp she looked good in these jeans and the tight white t-shirt.

"You're going to be late for prom, you know?"

The woman lowered her phone and smiled. "I know. It's going to be such a special night too. My date got me a corsage and his dad got a hotel room for the after party." She laughed as she spoke. "Do kids still do that?"

Raven laughed as well as she came to a stop and shrugged her shoulders. "I guess. I skipped the dance and went down to the lake with some friends." She nodded toward the car. "So your mom lent you the Lexus to pick up your lucky date and it broke down?"

"It's just a flat and I certainly know how to change a flat but not in this monstrosity..." she motioned to her dress, "And I'm supposed to be at my best friend's wedding - not a prom - where I'm supposed to be the Maid of Honor and by the way I have the rings in my purse." She huffed out exasperatedly. "And I thought I'd just get an Uber to take me out there and deal with this later but I have no reception at all out here." She waved her phone again and held it up as if she might suddenly get reception.

"What time is the wedding?"

"7:00." The woman ran her hand over her face. "So in... 38 minutes." She turned and kicked the tire again and Raven couldn't help it. She laughed. "You're laughing at my impending doom? Callie can be scary and if I ruin her wedding..."

"Well, we wouldn't want that. I mean who knows what this Callie might do? I can see the headlines now, 'Bride bludgeons erstwhile Maid of Honor to death with lily centerpiece. Coroners say the corpse was disfigured but smelled lovely.'"

"Well there's that."

Raven jerked her thumb over her shoulder toward her truck. "Why don't you grab your purse with the rings and I can run you up to the wedding. It's at the Abbot Mansion right?" It wasn't that hard to guess. That was really the only fancy venue in the area. When the other woman nodded Raven continued, "You can deal with your car when you're free from the threat of Callie and her lilies."

"Really? I mean... I couldn't ... I mean can I pay you for your time...," She trailed off as she reached into her car for her purse. Raven couldn't help but check her out as she bent over and then blushed as the woman looked back and clearly caught her checking her out. But damn she did have a nice ass.

"I'm Raven, by the way." She opened her passenger door letting the hot woman in and closed the door afterwards to settle into the driver's seat.

"Abby." Raven smiled and started her car as Abby made conversation. "So why are you out here, Raven? Looking for stranded women in formals to offer your chivalry?"

Raven laughed. "My friends are having a party nearby. One of their parents have a cabin hidden out here and I was sort of slowly blundering along trying to find the turn-off."

"I'm pretty sure slowly blunder is an oxymoron." Raven laughed.

"Fair enough," Raven agreed. "So... where's your date? Isn't it sort of required to have a date for a wedding or people try to set you up with their cousins and unemployed neighbors and UPS delivery people and such?"

Abby nodded. "You have no idea." She breathed deeply. "I was going to bring someone just so people wouldn't bother me but then that person has to get grilled on where we met and how long we've been dating and whether we hear wedding bells and all that nonsense. I'd rather just blow off the cousins and unemployed neighbors than put anyone I even vaguely like through the third-degree."

Raven shrugged. "On the other hand your date would get a good meal and a few drinks out of the deal so there's that." She smiled over at the older woman. "Plus they'd get to see you in that gown and dance with you so I think it might be worth it."

Abby smiled. "That's sweet of you to say, Raven. I guess a short answer is that I'm not seeing anyone right now."

The younger woman parked her car and pointed as she did so. "I'm guessing that's Callie." She pointed across the lot at where a bride stood looking furious.

"Shit." Abby reached into her purse. "Can I ... Christ! You've saved my life Raven..."

"Reyes. Raven Reyes." Raven looked again at Abby with a smile.

"I.... " Abby was clearly lost for words in this situation.

"Go enjoy your wedding, Abby." The older woman looked lost like she knew she should be doing something more. After a few seconds she leaned over, kissed Raven on the cheek and got out of the car. Raven watched as the older woman shouted to Callie and jogged across the lot or jogged as well as she could in a peach bridesmaid dress and 2 inch pumps. When she reached the bride, both women turned and waved and Raven pulled out of the lot.


Abby stopped at the bar for another drink on her way back from the restroom. Jesus. Callie and Marcus went all out on this event. There were probably 200 people enjoying their dinners, drinking heavily, and beginning to dance. Once Abby arrived the ceremony had gone on without a hitch and Abby had so far enjoyed the conversation with various friends. For a few minutes she sat at the bar watching her friends dancing. "Excuse me, are you Abby?"

She looked up to see a manager standing next to her holding a folded piece of paper. "Yes I am ... Mark?" She read his name off his name tag.

"A young woman asked me to give you this note. She described you quite well." He smiled as he handed her the note and walked off as she said thank you.

Abby unfolded the note with a smile.


I felt bad that your pumpkin sprouted a flat on the way to the ball so I stopped on the way to my party and changed the flat for you. My friend followed me back and I brought your car up here. So assuming you're sober enough to drive, it's sort of right out the main door and 4 rows back.


PS - My friend works at a car shop so getting a key to drive the car up here wasn't hard. I hope that's not creepy.

PPS - I know you called your dress a monstrosity but believe me when I say you pulled it off. You looked amazing.