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Leave You

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Ianto Jones sighed as he gazed at the scenery outside his window as it flashed past. It was a clear day, making it easy for him to take in every little detail of the Welsh landscape. It was actually rather relaxing to watch, allowing his mind to drift and the tension of a couple of hours ago to drain away from him. The tension of the reason he had boarded the train in the first place.

He clenched his fists, resting his head back and closing his eyes. He let out a long breath, trying to forget that explosive fight back at the Hub that had ended with him punching Jack so hard the other man had ended up face first in the water. Ianto hadn't stayed long enough to see if he got up before he stormed out, ignoring Owen and Tosh's pleas for him to stop and Gwen's tirade as she ran to fish out Jack.

Now he was here, sitting on a train going to wherever it took him. He really didn't care, so long as it was as far away from Cardiff as it could get. He tried not to think of the death masks of the people they hadn't been able to save, the people Jack had effectively sacrificed in order to defeat the latest alien threat. Two of those people had been Ianto's childhood friends who hadn't run quite fast enough before Jack had activated the weapon and they'd been caught in the blast.

He'd forgiven Jack for Lisa. He knew now that she had been a threat and there had been no choice in the matter, although he still believed that setting Myfanwy on her had been barbaric. But what had happened to Paul and Nathan... Ianto had yelled at Jack to stop, but his voice had been drowned out by the noise. It should never have happened. Innocents weren't supposed to be hurt by Torchwood, let alone killed.

He ran a hand over his eyes, remembering the looks of pure terror forever imprinted on the faces of his friends. Owen had simply stared at him for a long while before turning and abusing Jack. Ianto himself had been in shock for a long time, Tosh trying to comfort him while Gwen sided with Jack. It was almost a role reversal of the team, and hadn't it been so complicated and messed up, it might have been amusing.

It had all come to head back at the Hub, Ianto finally breaking out of his shock long enough to join Owen in the argument with Jack. Eventually Owen had backed away with wide eyes as the fight between Jack and Ianto became heated, even Gwen taking a step back as the other three watched in stunned silence. It had come to blows, Ianto sneaking in his right hook that left Jack reeling before he had stormed out with no intention of going back.

He scowled as his phone rang, Ianto tugging it from his pocket and glaring down at the name on the screen. 'Jack'. He hit disconnect, sliding the phone away. He'd attached a handy piece of alien tech to the device that blocked any attempts to track him using the phones signal, but he left the phone on in case Tosh or Owen rang. So far only Jack had tried several times.

Ianto had gone home after the fight and packed his things, jumping on the first train out of Cardiff. It had been coming for a while, the fight between himself and Jack, only Ianto had never thought his friends would get killed in the process. He and Jack had been at odds for a while now in regards to their relationship. Hell, could you even call it that?

Jack had taken him on one date. One date. Then things had pretty much gone back to the way things were before Jack had left. Innovative sex in random places at random times, with the flirtatious behaviour becoming more open in front of the others. But it still hadn't felt like a relationship. More like fuck buddies. And the main reason for that was Jack's insistent need to keep flirting with Gwen. Hell, Jack took Gwen out to dinner more than Ianto.

Tosh sided with Ianto entirely, and eventually even Owen had made the occasional offhand comment that told Ianto that Tosh had explained things to him and that Owen supported Ianto. Gwen often questioned his relationship with Jack, saying it would destroy him if he wasn't careful. She was right. Nothing with Jack ever turned out well.

He rolled his eyes as his phone rang again, Ianto ignoring the raised brows of the strangers around him as he glanced at the caller id and hit disconnect again. He'd just slipped the phone back into his pocket when the train jolted, causing him to grab the armrest. He glanced out the window, trying to see what had caused it when the sky suddenly went dark and the train jolted again.

He swore as the carriage tipped, suspending itself in the air on only its left side wheels before it continued to tip, rolling onto its side and skidding along the ground. There were screams around him, Ianto finding himself lost in the noise and fear before pain hit him hard, plunging him further into darkness.