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baby, let's try

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“Happy late twenty-fifth birthday, loser!” Taemin announces as he bursts into the break room, plastic bag from a local department store hanging from his arm. Jongin looks up, mouth stuffed with microwaved leftovers from dinner last night and glowers.

“My birthday was a week ago, asshole,” he mumbles as he chews, making Taemin wrinkle his nose at the food in his mouth.

“I said late for a reason, okay?” Taemin takes a seat at the small circular table once Hyoyeon gathers her trash and leaves the room, off to teach another hip hop class for teenage girls. He tosses the bag onto the table, and Jongin eyes it with narrowed eyes, shoving another mouthful of food into his mouth and not moving to look in it.

“Stop eating, fat ass, and open it,” his best friend grumbles, shoving the bag towards him again.

“Fine,” he huffs, putting down his plastic fork and rusting the plastic bag. Opening it, and peering inside, Jongin is stumped as he stares down the candleinside. With a glance at Taemin’s stupid smiling face, he knows the asshole just bought him whatever he saw first. He pulls out the candle, a black one, and turns to read the label.

“What the fuck is Midnight Rendezvous supposed to smell like?” Jongin questions, popping off the lid and lifting it to his nose to smell. Well, he has to hand it to the candle company. It smells like rain and asphalt for sure. Wrinkling his nose, Jongin resists the urge to throw the damn candle at Taemin’s ugly face. “At least get me a good gift if you’re gonna be a week late.”

“Oh,” Taemin holds up a hand, black hair flopping into his face as he reaches into the pocket of his sweats, “I almost forgot. I got something for Kyungsoo too.” He grins as he hands Jongin a small card.

He flips it over and gawks. “You got him a fucking $200 gift card to a fancy restaurant, but I get a shitty candle?”

“Well, yeah, I’m not scared of you kicking my ass if I get you a terrible gift,” Taemin rolls his eyes. “Anyways, you two are married. You’re going to go together obviously, idiot.”

The younger man sits back with a pout, not having a come back to that. “It’s the thought that counts…”

He and Kyungsoo have now been married for a little under three years. Jongin is now twenty-five, halfway to fifty, and Kyungsoo now the older age of thirty. It all passed by in a flash, but their marriage is in no means boring. Jongin is still as happy as he was when he first met Kyungsoo - and the sex is always amazing, of course. But with the fact that they’re both getting older, in Jongin’s mind, he starts to wonder if maybe they should start considering going onto the next stage.

“Do you think we’re getting old?” Jongin blurts out as Taemin takes out his cold cut sandwich from the fridge. He isn’t lucky enough to have a loving spouse with cooking skills - his wife, Soojung, is as clueless in the kitchen as he is.

“Is that supposed to be an insult? I’m only turning twenty-six this year, Jongin,” Taemin replies as he takes a seat and unwraps his sandwich.

“No, I meant it more like…” Jongin hesitates, fingernails picking at the label on the candle. “I was thinking that maybe Kyungsoo and I should start trying to have a kid or something…”

“Well, does Kyungsoo want to have kids?” The other man asks as he ties his unkempt raven hair back into a tiny ponytail. “Have you guys talked about it?”

“Like once, when we were dating,” Jongin tries to think back with his shitty memory. “He might’ve said he wanted kids? I don’t remember. But I want one, at least one. Do you think now is a good time to ask him about it?”

“I don’t know, Jongin. Ask him about this,” Taemin shrugs. “If it makes you feel better, I’ve thought about asking Soojung if she wants to have a baby too. We are reaching that age, you know.”

“I’ll talk to him about it tonight, then,” he resolves, getting up to get ready for his next class to teach. Oh how he can’t wait to teach ballet to a bunch of distracted first graders.


Kyungsoo is already home when Jongin finally pulls into the driveway of their home. He started teaching one more class later than usual, meaning he comes home around seven now. But his husband is kind enough to wait on cooking dinner, so that they can eat together every night. It sounds cheesy, but it’s something Jongin looks forward to.

Though, to be honest, tonight he’s a bit nervous. He doesn’t know how he’s going to bring up the topic of starting a family. Jongin’s afraid Kyungsoo will be against the idea, and he doesn’t want him to feel bad about it - if he doesn’t want kids. Jongin doesn’t want this to put a rift in their marriage, but he knows he’ll be a bit heartbroken if Kyungsoo says no.

When he walks through the front door, he’s greeted with the beautiful melodic sound of Kyungsoo singing his ass off in the kitchen and the smell of a home-cooked meal. Apparently Kyungsoo was a choir boy his whole life but stopped when his parents sent him off to business school after high school. It doesn’t make much sense to Jongin. The man could have gone off to a great career with his voice, and it makes sense with Kyungsoo’s endless love for R&B. Jongin doesn’t like Kyungsoo’s parents anyways; they never came to their wedding, unlike Jongin’s, who were crying the entire time.

“I’m home,” Jongin says over the music, tossing his duffel bag onto the couch as he makes his way past the living room and into the kitchen. Kyungsoo lowers the volume on the bluetooth speaker sitting on the counter, raising his eyebrows at Jongin, who’s still clad in his black tights.

“I was too tired to change, okay?” Jongin sighs, wandering over and being unable to resist draping himself over Kyungsoo’s strong shoulders.

“Long day?” he asks, not moving to push Jongin away as he's become used to it.

“The little ones don't pay attention, and teenage girls are mean,” Jongin grumbles. “I get I'm hot, but there's no reason to be bitchy towards a married man for being married.”

Kyungsoo smiles, transferring the finished food to the plates. It had been finished for a bit, but he'd just been keeping it warm until Jongin came home. “You can go into your little space if you want,” he offers, handing a plate to Jongin. Sometimes when days are hard, Jongin immediately reverts to Jonginnie when he gets home, but it's rare.

“Nah, I'll suffer as an adult,” he snorts, taking a seat at the table. Jongin moves his chair around the corner of the small table to sit right next to Kyungsoo’s usual seat, opting to push the boundaries of space to lean against him as he shovels food into his mouth. Kyungsoo isn't a cuddly person, but Jongin is, and the older man doesn't have the heart to deny him or his domestic side these days.

The evening goes by swiftly, and Jongin forgets about the topic he'd set his mind on as he curls up on the loveseat, head lying on Kyungsoo’s lap and cocooned in a fluffy blanket they got as a wedding gift. His eyes are droopy as he watches the show Kyungsoo's been binge-watching on Netflix lately. Jongin doesn't care much for it, but he pretends to so he can feel Kyungsoo’s hands combing through his hair.

He startles when his phone vibrates in the pocket of his sweats, and Jongin groans when he fishes it out. It’s his reminder to take his birth control, Kyungsoo moves his hands as the younger man sits up, throwing off the blanket as he heads into the kitchen where he left his box of pills for this month. But then he stops when he holds the box in his hands, and he suddenly remembers what he was going to ask Kyungsoo tonight.

“Hey, Kyungsoo,” he timidly says, walking back into the living room with the baby blue box in his hands.

“Hmm?” the older man glances up from the television.

“Can we talk about something?” Jongin moves to take a seat next to his husband, feeling one of his arms wind around his waist instantly. Kyungsoo pauses the episode of the show he's watching and turns to him with a serious, calm expression.

“What's up?”

“Well, it's just…” Jongin’s gaze falls to the birth control box once again, biting his bottom lip in hesitation. Kyungsoo squeezes him once for reassurance, though his face shows his burning curiosity and confusion. “I was thinking about how I'm twenty-five now, and you're thirty…”

“Thanks for reminding me, Jongin,” Kyungsoo winces.

“What I mean to say is that, um,” the dancer huffs at his own irritating hesitation. He doesn't want to drone on and on. He needs to get straight to the point!

Looking straight into Kyungsoo’s dark eyes, he spits it out. “I want to have a baby - like a real one.”

Kyungsoo stares at him for a moment while Jongin inwardly panics. He expects him to say something worthwhile in response, but instead the older man says, “...As opposed to a fake one?” he cracks a smile.

“Shut up!” Jongin whines, slapping his husband’s arm. “You know what I meant.”

“You really want to try and have a baby?” Kyungsoo asks, still smiling as his husband sighs and leans against him. “I'd like to try too, but this is a pretty big decision. It's not something we can go back on once we decide, you know.”

“Really?” Jongin looks up with a wide grin and hopeful eyes, completely disregarding Kyungsoo’s last sentence. Sliding his arms around Kyungsoo’s neck, he maneuvers himself into the raven-haired man’s lap and presses a chaste kiss to his lips. “I was scared you’d say no. I couldn’t remember if you wanted a kid or not.”

“Are you listening to me?” Kyungsoo raises a brow. “Have you thought about it a lot? I mean, this is a life-long commitment, and you’re going to be carrying our baby for nearly a year. You won’t be able to dance or do a lot of things, baby.” He frowns and caresses Jongin’s hip, hoodie rumpled up to show a sliver of skin.

The younger pouts for a moment, fingers toying with the short hairs on Kyungsoo’s nape as he mulls over those points. He hadn’t really thought about the negatives of pregnancy; it wasn’t exactly poof! and then you have a baby. It will be nine grueling months of what sounds like hell, but Kyungsoo will be there. Jongin won’t be alone in this, and in the end, they’ll have a pretty baby that’s theirs forever.

“It’s going to be hard, but I want this. I want to try. I’m sure,” Jongin says surely with sincerity. “I’ll stop taking my birth control, and whatever happens...happens.”

“Are you sure?” Kyungsoo asks again.

“Yes, I’m sure!” Jongin grumbles, rolling his eyes at his spouse. “You don’t have to ask me a million times. I’m a man. I know what I want.”

“Jongin, when I was gone on a business trip last month you ate nothing but macaroni and cheese for dinner for five days straight.”

“I’m a man who knows what he wants.”

Kyungsoo snorts. “Anyways, are we done talking about this then? Unprotected sex for a while?”

Jongin nods with a smile, moving to slide off of Kyungsoo’s lap so that the older man can resume watching his show. However, his vision spins as he’s suddenly pinned down on the cushions of the couch, Kyungsoo sliding in between his legs as he regards him with a sly grin. “Why not start now then?” He murmurs, leaning down to press his lips to Jongin’s - only to be shoved back, surprising him completely because neither of them ever say no to sex.

“No, we can’t!” Jongin shakes his head, determination in his eyes. “It has to be perfect!”

“...Are you serious?” Kyungsoo deadpans, pulling back with a sigh. Ah, yes, he forgot how much of a stubborn drama queen Jongin could be.

His husband scowls, crossing his arms. “Of course, I’m serious. I’m not conceiving our little Jongin on a couch. It has to be special.”

“Jongin, even if we go all out and do something disgustingly romantic - because I know that’s what you want - there’s a chance that you won’t even get pregnant. It’s not going to be instant anyways. You have to wait to take the pregnancy test,” Kyungsoo sits back. He knows Jongin won’t change his mind no matter what he says either way. He supposes they’ll be using that gift card Taemin gave him sooner than he thought. “Also, why a little Jongin? What if our baby looks like me?”

“It’s gonna happen!” Jongin insists, sitting up. “And do you see this face?” He points to himself. “It will be sad if the baby wastes these genes.”

Kyungsoo just stares at him, unimpressed.

Jongin grins sheepishly. “We can make out?”

His husband narrows his eyes.

“I’ll give you a blowjob?” Jongin scoots closer with sorry eyes.

Kyungsoo suddenly smiles, lips forming that adorable heart shape, and he reaches to drag Jongin to sit on his lap again. “I’d thought you’d never offer,” he murmurs against Jongin’s lips, hands sliding around his lithe waist.


They plan a date for the following Saturday because there’s no way in hell Kyungsoo is waiting any longer than that. They usually have sex four or five times a week, and Jongin has been depriving him. He can’t survive like this. Jongin, on the other hand, has been imagining a romantic dinner (because he’s a huge sap) at a nice, expensive restaurant and then coming back home and having passionate sex in their bedroom, maybe whipping out one of his cute lacy babydolls.

Instead, they don’t even make it to the restaurant - well, they do. They just don’t make it inside.

“You look so hot, baby, fuck,” Kyungsoo breathes as he kisses down Jongin’s chest, his black shirt unbuttoned and the both of them crammed into the leather backseat of Kyungsoo’s Mercedes. His secret weakness is when Jongin wears his chocolate hair up, a rarity, and when he stepped out of the bathroom like that, Kyungsoo knew they weren’t going to make it to that dinner.

“W-We can’t,” Jongin gasps, lifting his hips as Kyungsoo undoes his belt, “We can’t d-do”

“Hmm, so you want to go into the restaurant like this?” The older man slides his hand down to rub at the arousal trapped in Jongin’s slacks. A whimper escapes the latter, and he writhes against the seats, admittedly thirsting for Kyungsoo’s touch no matter how much he wants to deny it. “That’s fine with me. I’d love to see you squirm in your chair because you can’t control yourself when daddy puts his hands on you, can you, Jonginnie?” Kyungsoo moves his fingers to rub along the crack of Jongin’s bottom, rubbing at his hole through the fabric. Jongin moans and spreads his legs, foot hitting the center console in the front seat.

“Daddy, please, please,” he begs, giving up already as he claws at Kyungsoo arms.

“Shh, be quiet, baby, you wouldn’t want other people to hear, would you?” Kyungsoo glances up, looking through the tinted windows. They’re parked in a heavily occupied lot for the restaurant, and anyone might see if they walk by, making it all the more thrilling.

He knows Jongin is already thinking about someone seeing them with the way his cock twitches beneath Kyungsoo’s palm. Kyungsoo smirks, a glint in his eye. “But you’d like that, wouldn’t you? Daddy’s little slut,” he snickers, hands moving to slip off Jongin’s shined dress shoes and tugging down his pants and boxers. His small erection slaps against his lower stomach, and Jongin writhes as Kyungsoo starts stroking him at a hastened pace, obviously in a hurry to get inside of him.

His daddy lets go of him for a moment to reach into the center console, digging around for a moment before producing the bottle of lube stashed there from a previous rendezvous. Jongin instantly moves to bend his legs, holding his knees to his chest to give his daddy easy access. Kyungsoo smiles at him approvingly, smoothing a hand down the back of one of his thighs.

Fingers wet with lube rub over Jongin’s entrance momentarily, and he groans when two of them press inside. Honestly, he doesn’t really care about preparation that much, but Kyungsoo always does it anyways, murmuring praises about how pretty his pussy is or how easily it sucks him in.

He seems impatient tonight though, pulling out his fingers after only a minute of two, and he surprises Jongin as he sits back in the left seat, unzipping his pants and pulling his cock free from his boxers. Kyungsoo turns his head and looks at him expectantly, and Jongin is quick to understand, clambering over with a whimper of daddy as he straddles him.

Jongin’s black dress shirt is clinging to his elbows and his hair is falling from its gelled state as he sinks down on Kyungsoo’s cock hungrily, throwing his head back and moaning. It’s been a bit since they last risked not using a condom, and now he can feel the direct heat from Kyungsoo’s dick inside of him, stretching him open and filling him up. It’s stupid, but he’s always thought that the other man was the perfect fit for him, from the moment they had drunk sex in that cheap motel the night they first met.

“C’mon, baby, ride me,” Kyungsoo breathes, lips brushing against Jongin’s neck, feeling his racing pulse. His hands caress Jongin’s curved bottom and hips, enjoying the softness of his skin, the firmness of his muscles beneath.

Holding onto his shoulders, Jongin starts to bounce in Kyungsoo’s lap, gasping as he swivels his hips. The windows start to fog up rather quickly as Jongin’s breathing becomes labored and his moans frequent. It doesn’t matter how many times they have sex or make love, he’ll always fireworks bursting in his veins as Kyungsoo touches him in the right places - the small of his back, his nipples, the dip of his collarbones, his inner thighs. It drives him crazy, and Jongin pauses his movements, tired as he dives forward to kiss his husband with intense passion, hands digging into Kyungsoo’s dark hair, enjoying the messy way their saliva mixes and the ticklish feeling of their lips brushing and attempting to devour the other.

He feels Kyungsoo pull out of him, and Jongin is pushed down onto the seats again, his back sticking to the leather. Kyungsoo, lips swollen and shiny, bends Jongin’s legs up to his chest and pushes inside of him again, eliciting a wanton moan. Jongin instantly cages him in with arms around his shoulders and legs around his waist, lips brushing against the shell of Kyungsoo’s ear as he lets out tiny sounds of pleasure with every thrust of the other man’s hips. His head bumps into the car door behind him as Kyungsoo’s cock finally brushes against his prostate, and Jongin claws at his clothed back, breath getting caught in his throat at the onslaught of pleasure.

Oh, daddy, please,” he moans, not really sure what he’s begging for, but Kyungsoo interprets it as a plea to go faster, and Jongin won’t complain about that. He’s sure that the car must be moving to some extent at this point with how Jongin is being pushed against the seats with the sudden aggressiveness of his husband’s movements.

“Shit,” Kyungsoo groans from above him, his brows furrowed and sweat dripping down into his collar. “I’m gonna come, baby.”

Jongin shudders and reaches down to jerk himself to orgasm as well, only for his hand to be slapped away by his daddy.

“You’re gonna come when daddy does, baby,” Kyungsoo pants with a smirk, faltering as his eyes close, and he feels his release coming. “Mmm, I’m gonna fill you up, baby. Do you want it? You want my cum in you?”

“Yes, yes, daddy, yes!” Jongin cries out, throwing his head back as he feels Kyungsoo’s thrusts turn fast and sloppy. And then there’s the familiar hitched groan before Kyungsoo’s hot spunk fills him up, and Jongin is soon to follow, dirtying his own stomach with his seed.

Both of them come down from their high slowly, letting out gasping breaths to calm down. Jongin can already feel the sweat sticking his back to the seat, and he resents the leather for once. Speaking of resentment…

“I told you I wanted it to be romantic!” He whines, reaching up to slap his husband weakly in the chest with a glare.

“What’s more romantic than sex in a car outside of an expensive restaurant?” Kyungsoo replies, obviously satisfied with his own decisions.

“Literally anything else! We could have dirty sex in the bed, and I could moan, ‘Ugh, daddy, fill me up with your baby batter,’ and it would be more romantic!”

“Please don't ever say that while my dick is still in you,” Kyungsoo grimaces and pulls his soft cock out of the younger.

Jongin huffs, reaching a hand up to brush back his messy hair. “Fine, whatever, just clean me up, and let's get something from the McDonald’s drive-through on the way home, I guess,” he pouts, and Kyungsoo knows he'll be pouty for the rest of the night, so he steels himself up to deal with it.



The older man stumbles as Jongin tackles him the moment he walks through the door, knocking the briefcase out of his hand. His laptop bag manages to stay on his shoulder, and Kyungsoo, confused, hugs him tight, patting him on the back.

Jongin pulls back and shoves a white stick in his face. “It's not positive,” he says with a frown, and Kyungsoo looks to see only one pink line on the pregnancy test.

“It’s harder for men, you know,” Kyungsoo rubs a hand comfortingly on the small of Jongin's back as he leads him inside, shutting the front door behind them and picking his briefcase back up. “It's okay. It's not the end of the world, Jongin. We can keep trying.”

The younger man doesn’t say anything, still pouting as he walks into the kitchen and drops the disposable pregnancy test into the trash can. He was really hoping that the past three weeks would be enough, and he would be pregnant right now. But Kyungsoo was right, and they should probably start trying harder, maybe not having sex every night, but more often?

“Kyungsoo!” He shouts for the second time, running into the living room where the elder is lounging on the couch, eyes drooping tiredly as he watches the T.V. He had gone to a dinner with his boss and coworkers, staying out late, so Jongin knows he’s probably sleepy, but this is important.

“What, Jongin?”

“We have to have sex, right now!” Jongin clambers onto Kyungsoo’s lap without warning, placing his hands on the male’s chest below him. Reaching back to the side table, he yanks the drawer open and takes out the bottle of lube stashed there before frantically tugging off his gray t-shirt.

“Jongin, Jongin,” Kyungsoo reaches up and grabs the other man’s hips to stop him with furrowed brows. “We have plenty of time to make a baby. It doesn’t have to be right now, damn. Plus, the less we have sex, the better chance we have. I’m gonna run out of sperm at this rate.”

“But that was just proof that we have to be aggressive! We have to even more sex, starting now.” Jongin looks one-hundred percent serious, but Kyungsoo can tell that he’s also a little disappointed that the pregnancy test was negative. It makes him feel a little sympathetic, so he caresses the younger’s tan hip and reaches to take the bottle of lube out of his hand.

“How about we wait until this weekend? We can stay home and do nothing but lie in bed and have sex, hmm?” Kyungsoo smiles at him charmingly. He can see how Jongin ponders over it, how his cheeks become pink with arousal as he thinks about it. Long naps and sex - that’s basically Jongin’s heaven.

Fortunately, he’s satisfied with that proposal and sighs, flopping down onto Kyungsoo’s chest and squirming to get comfortable. “I hate you. You’re so smart and perfect,” Jongin turns his head to look at the television. He feels Kyungsoo petting his head and hums, closing his eyes.

“Well, you’re not wrong.”

“Fuck you.”


Jongin wakes up on Saturday morning to Kyungsoo running a hand along one of his thighs, spooning him from behind, and lips kissing his jaw. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he groans and turns his head to see Kyungsoo wide-awake. He remembers their promise of staying in bed and doing nothing all day and relaxes in the other man’s hold.

“Already?” he asks, voice hoarse.

“Mmm, wanna get one round in before breakfast?” Kyungsoo suggests, although he knows Jongin won’t resist. Sleepy Jongin is way hornier, and that shows in the way he groans in his throat when Kyungsoo moves his hand to palm the front of his cyan blue boxer briefs. The bright color is so cute against the dark skin of his thighs, and Kyungsoo wishes he could fuck Jongin with them still on.

“‘kay,” Jongin mumbles with his eyes still closed. Kyungsoo knows he’s coherent, just drowsy.

He maneuvers his husband to lie on his back, his eyes admiring Jongin’s mussed hair and slightly swollen face, sleepy brown eyes opening to look at Kyungsoo when he doesn’t move for a bit. Jongin grins crookedly at him, spreading his legs as Kyungsoo moves between them.

“Your hair looks ridiculous,” Jongin remarks, a hand delving into Kyungsoo’s raven hair when the older man slides back and bends down to mouth at his crotch. He retaliates by nipping at the soft skin of Jongin’s thigh, receiving a whimper in return. Kyungsoo sucks and mouths at his thigh, leaving red marks in his wake, and the younger whines, impatient as his cock throbs in the confines of his underwear. It doesn’t help at all when Kyungsoo moves to press his face against the fabric of Jongin’s briefs, nosing at his cock as he sucks at his balls through the fabric.

“Take them off already,” Jongin breathes, bucking his hips for emphasis.

Kyungsoo does as asked, not really feeling up to being a tease so early. He slides Jongin’s brightly-colored cotton boxers off of his slim legs and licks his lips as he eyes that cute puckered hole. Indulgently, he rubs at it with the tip of his index finger, noticing how Jongin’s erection drools precum languidly onto his stomach at the sensation. Kyungsoo grins at how his asshole winks at him, and he pushes Jongin’s legs up to his chest before sliding further down the bed and presses an open-mouthed kiss to the younger’s taint, listening to Jongin moan as he skims his lips down until he meets Jongin’s hole. He kisses and sucks on the rim before attempting to press his tongue inside. Jongin’s legs tremble, and his arms dig into the pillow beneath his head, moaning out breathily, eyes closed in bliss.

“Hand me the lube,” Kyungsoo asks as he pulls away, lips shiny, and Jongin practically throws him the bottle of strawberry lube from the nightstand. He squirts some onto his fingers, glad that they decided to buy more because they’ll definitely be using a lot today.

Kyungsoo presses two fingers in quickly, knowing Jongin can handle it, though he doesn’t expect him to suddenly cry out, shudder, and come against his stomach. The younger is usually good at stopping himself from coming too soon, but Jongin catches his breath and smiles sheepishly.

“Really?” Kyungsoo raises a brow, pulling his fingers out.

“Guess you need to hurry up and get inside me then, huh?” Jongin smirks, obviously fully awake now as he dips a finger into the newly made mess on his stomach and cheekily smears it on Kyungsoo’s cheek. He anticipates the playful growl, the strong hands that flip him onto his belly. He can hear the sound of Kyungsoo lubing up his cock before it nudges his hole and presses inside.

Jongin’s back arches as he gasps, his dick twitching back to the life at the familiar feeling of his lover inside of him. Kyungsoo reaches down to pump his cock back to full hardness, only letting go when Jongin tries to thrust into his hand. Resting a hand on Jongin’s lower back, he pushes him down to lie flush with the mattress, slapping his ass lightly and enjoying the look Jongin sends him when he turns his head away from the pillow. But that look doesn’t last long as Kyungsoo starts to move his hips in a steady rhythm, snapping them down in expert movements. Gripping the pillows in his fists, Jongin cries out, swollen lips parted as he tries to deal with the sudden sensations. It’s been awhile since Kyungsoo’s fucked him this way. The angle is so deep and the movements rough, and Jongin loves it.

“K-Kyungsoo!” He gasps out, just to say his name.

“Feels...good, right?” Kyungsoo pants, sweat dripping down his neck from the strain of his muscles. “You gonna...gonna come again for me?”

“Yes!” Jongin manages to choke out, overwhelmed as Kyungsoo’s movements have him moving against the sheets, giving delicious friction to his erection.

Just to tease, the older man slows down, rolling his hips sensually as he sits back as pulls Jongin’s cheeks apart, watching his thick cock slide in and out smoothly, glistening with lubrication. Kyungsoo bites his lip as he nearly pulls all the way out, ignoring Jongin’s whines of protest as he gingerly feeds himself back inside. And he knows he’s got Jongin right at the brink of delirium when saliva drips from his mouth and bleeds into the sheets.

He slides his hands along Jongin’s back as he builds up the pace once again, and Kyungsoo feels his own orgasm building. Digging his fingertips into his husband’s shoulder blades, Kyungsoo’s hips stutter, and he gasps as a tidal wave of pleasure washes over him, grinding into Jongin’s ass sloppily as he releases thick ropes of cum into him. When Jongin clenches down on him and moans loudly, he knows he’s reached his end too.

Exhausted, Kyungsoo pulls out and topples over to lie down. He’s sweaty as fuck, and his bones feel like jelly. He hadn’t had much time to work out this week, and it’s showing.

Jongin turns his head to look at him tiredly. “Well, breakfast isn’t gonna make itself, babe.”

“Give me a moment,” his husband breathes out.


The day turns out perfect, in Jongin’s opinion. Kyungsoo feeds him a hearty breakfast in bed, delicious as always, and then they both nap and cuddle for a few hours, that familiar pink plug nestled in Jongin’s ass to keep him stretched until they work themselves up to another round of sex, this time tired and slow as Kyungsoo murmurs sweet things to him, about how he can’t wait for Jongin’s belly to be round with their child. Jongin gets so overwhelmed that he tears up and clings to his husband’s shoulders tightly, remembering why he loves Kyungsoo so much.

And now they sit in the bathtub because Jongin doesn’t like feeling all gross and sweaty.

“Stop washing me. I can do it myself,” the younger mumbles as Kyungsoo rubs the foamy body wash all over his chest. He feels a bit bad that Kyungsoo is doing all the work today - only a little bit though. Jongin likes being taken care of.

“Do you really want me to stop?” Kyungsoo asks with amusement in his voice, and Jongin huffs, closing his eyes.

“No, it feels nice,” he smiles, a hand moving to pet Kyungsoo’s thigh that rests alongside his own beneath the water. “If we actually have a baby, do you want a boy or a girl? Have you thought about it?” Jongin turns his head to look at Kyungsoo, whose eyes wonder down to the water thoughtfully.

“Anything is fine with me, I guess,” he says after a moment, wide eyes drifting to Kyungsoo. “I guess you want a boy that looks just like you?”

“Preferably,” Jongin grins, reaching up to tickle Kyungsoo’s chin and snickering when he swats him away. “I’m just joking, you know. You’re handsome too. If we had a girl, she’d be cute if she looked like you.”

“Are you calling me cute?”

“Kyungsoo, you can hardly grow stubble and you’re thirty.”

“...You should be glad this tub isn’t big enough for me to drown you in.”

Jongin just laughs, cupping water to wash the soap off of his torso. He can tell Kyungsoo is tired by the way he sighs, and he rests his head on Jongin’s shoulder, water dripping from his hair and running into the younger’s collarbone. “Do you want to nap again?” Jongin asks.

“Yeah, but aren’t you hungry?” Kyungsoo murmurs softly, eyes closed.

“It’s okay. I can find something to eat.” Jongin reaches forward to unplug the drain of the tub, the water quickly starting to drain. His fingertips are pruned as he sits up on his knees and turns around to smooth Kyungsoo’s wet bangs out of his face, giving him a chaste kiss on the lips before they both stand up and dry themselves off. Trudging back to their room, Jongin pulls on some basketball shorts and a t-shirt, while Kyungsoo just throws on some clean underwear and flops down onto the bed, face buried in the pillows. Jongin snorts and pats his ass lovingly.

He turns off the lights in the bedroom to let Kyungsoo sleep for a little bit before heading downstairs to the kitchen. Jongin finds some leftovers from last night’s dinner and heats those up. Sitting down at the table by himself, he quickly devours the entirety of the tupperware container and wonders how Kyungsoo isn’t starving. Knowing him, he’s probably just more tired than he is hungry. Jongin stares out the window and into the backyard that’s ridden with weeds because they never use it, but now he imagines them with their baby, playing in on the imaginary swing set. Jongin’s become so domestic, and he can’t help it. He knows he’ll be so disappointed if he doesn’t end up pregnant in a few weeks.

Scratching a random itch above his bellybutton, Jongin chews his last mouthful of food, cheeks stuffed because he has no control. He spots Kyungsoo’s IPad resting on the edge of the table, wrapped in his black leather case. Furrowing his brows, he remembers earlier during breakfast that Kyungsoo had been distracted, reading something on the screen with squinted eyes because he was too stubborn to put on his glasses for his terrible astigmatism. But when Jongin asked him, he had quickly locked the IPad and played it off as just checking an email, and Jongin definitely knew he was lying. And Kyungsoo only lies about things he’s too embarrassed to talk about.

Jongin grins to himself and reaches over to grab it, unwrapping the cover and unlocking the device, rolling his eyes at the lock screen, a picture of the view from one of the hotel’s they stayed at during their vacation to Japan earlier in the summer. Instantly what comes up is a safari window on an article titled Ways to Up Your Sperm Count, and Jongin snickers quietly to himself, though he finds it endearing that Kyungsoo is just as committed to this as he is, and when he taps to view all the tabs, Jongin feels a bit emotional at the tab of popular baby names.

He looks down at his lower half. “You better be making a baby, goddammit.”


By the time Kyungsoo wakes up from his nap, it’s around six o’clock, and he’s starving. Jongin isn’t beside him on the bed, like he figured him to be, so he walks downstairs and into the living room and finds his husband passed out on the couch, an old episode of Pokémon playing on the television, illuminating the dark room.

He just makes himself a simple sandwich before managing to squeeze himself onto the couch next to Jongin and finding some show to watch.


Three weeks later, Jongin stands outside of the bathroom door, nervous. Kyungsoo is right there with him, peering over his shoulder. What lies within that bathroom is their fate - four pregnancy tests that Jongin left in there to process. Part of him is itching to open the door, but of course the other, pessimistic side of him is thinking that it’s probably negative again. They tried so hard these past few weeks, and he doesn’t want it to all seem pointless. At this point, if it turns out negative, Jongin considers going to see a doctor or something.

As if knowing what he’s thinking, Kyungsoo lays a comforting hand on his stomach. “Just open the door, Jongin. It’s not the end of the world if they’re negative again.”

“Okay, okay,” the younger sighs, opening the door. He closes his eyes upon glancing at the four white sticks lying on the counter, apprehensive to see, but Kyungsoo does it for him.

“Jongin, look.”


“C’mon,” Kyungsoo hugs him from behind, and Jongin thinks he can hear him smile.

Gingerly, he opens one eye and looks down.

They’re all positive - all sporting two pink lines.

All of the oxygen gets sucked out of Jongin’s lungs, and his cheeks ache from the wide, overjoyed smile that breaks onto his face. He’s pregnant. They’re going to be parents. Kyungsoo squeezes him tight, and Jongin turns in his arms to kiss him passionately.

Heaven be damned if they aren’t about to have sex against this counter right now.