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Permanent Mark: Cloud

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He wasn't sure what to make of the whole process, really. They treated it with such importance.

"It won't hurt," Zack told him in a comforting tone.

"It will hurt," Sephiroth said in a decideably less comforting tone.

Zack gave Cloud an (entirely untrustworthy) look of intense sincerity and charm and managed to simultaneously glare at Sephiroth, although it did send him slightly cross-eyed. "It won't hurt much. I'll be quick."

Sephiroth was unaffected. "You wouldn't have used anything in preparation if I hadn't asked, would you have?"

That was worrisome. Cloud edged slightly away from Zack. It didn't do much good, as Sephiroth was on his other side and made a fairly immovable obstacle, but it did make him feel as though he were taking a slightly more active role in what was going to occur. "I, um. Don't. Preparation?"

"Less painful that way," Sephiroth said as sanguinely as any man would who wasn't about to have things put into him. "Stop calculating all the potential escape routes. You wouldn't make it in time, anyway before either of us caught you."

"I don't recall you giving me any special preparation," Zack muttered, and then focused on Cloud again. "Seph did mine, even if he was a bastard about it. And it'll be really cool, when I'm done with you," he coaxed. "Just sit down and let Seph grope you or something for a while, and I'll do it when you're distracted."

Sephiroth patted his back consolingly. Cloud breathed out, took one last reluctant look towards the door, and gave up. "Okay. Just... be careful. I don't want you to miss or something."

"Excellent!" Zack grinned. "You won't regret it, kiddo."

Between his gesturing fingers, the earring twinkled disarmingly, but the needle and icecube were another story altogether.