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Chase them away(I'll be your lighthouse)

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(Quinn:This is a story about control)

Lima,Ohio  21:46

Six months before the start of the Maze Trials

The rain was dripping on the car's window.He wished everything would stop for a moment a second.He faced the gloomy weather while making small drawings on the window.If anyone of his former collegues was to see him now,they would quote something from an old romantic movie.

After all,in every sad moment(which was usual in all romantic comedies)there had to be rain.Either that or it was God's punish for his mistakes.He didn't really seem to care.

"We're almost there"the driver's voice did not seem to interrupt his daydreaming.He was in his own happy place,which wasn't far from the truth,a place that he had experienced before everything changed. People say the dog days are over,people say the happy days will come.Deep down he knew they were right,but those days would not come just yet.

"You're awfully quiet"then came her voice.A sound that was like the sweet song of birds mixed with the calm sound of the sea.She was beauty and she was grace,but he was a mess. Maybe this was why he didn't talk to her and refused to look at her.He was ashamed and broken,a man that had no guts to look what he destroyed.He did not deserve forgiveness. So why did she give it to him?

"You aren't sleeping,right?"

"Um?No,no I'm fine" She gave him a fake smile.She was his best friend,she knew he wasn't fine.He have never been fine after she came back and he probably never will.

"We're here"the driver's voice was heard once more as the pair handed him the money.The two of them walked inside the restaurant and exchanged a suspicious look.

"I'm not here to judge but"she began as she looked around.The music was loud,the waitresses were running each one holding at least four bottles of booze while the drumming made it impossible to hear."are you sure this is a place fitting for a genius?"

"Honestly speaking,I was expecting a library"he chuckled and took a look at the menu"or at least a decent restaurant.But this is the place"

"So what do we do?"she asked while he pulled her chair for her to sit"We just wait for her to bump into us?"

"Probably yes.Miss Paige said that she is worth the trouble"

"I sincerely hope so"

He slightly nodded and got lost in his thoughts once more.Maybe they shouldn't do it.If they did,if she did it,and the results showed something Will had said he would die.

His life just wasn't a romantic comedy,but it made him wonder.What was his story about?

This is a story about control

He looked at the blonde woman singing as her eyes darkened.That was some good timing-and a quite enjoyable song-he let out a chuckled and continued watching her.

My control

Control of what I say

Control of what I do

And this time I'm gonna do

It my way I hope you enjoyed this

Perphaps that was what he needed.He needed to take control of his life and stop being the puppet for others.He was tired of being manipulated by everyone.He was tired of his former boss,tired of his new one and tired of playing games with the one he loved.

As much as I do

Are you ready?I am

'Cause it's all about control

And I've got lots of it

She knew there was something off about him.Well there has been something off about him for many days but,she was worried about him exploding.Calmly she took a deep breathe and watched a man taking the lead to the song.Honestly,he put too much gel on his hair.

When I was seventeen,

I did what people told me, uh

I did what my father said, and

Let my mother mold me

But that was a long ago I'm in control

(Never gonna stop) Control

(To get what I want) Control

(I've got to have a lot) Control

(And now I'm all grown up)

She tapped her foot to the beat causing a small smile to leave from his lips.She gave him a confused look"What?Don't you think I enjoy pop music?"

"No,just didn't think you would like Janet Jackson"

First time I fell in love

I didn't know what hit me

So young and so naive

I thought it would be easy

But now I know I've got to take control

(Now I've got a lot, ow) Control

She laughed and playfully punched his arm.This was one of these moments that he missed,the moments he longed to take back.

(To get what I want, uh) Control

(And never gonna stop) Control

(And now I'm all grown up)

Jam, wooh wooh

Rebel, that's right I'm on my own,

I'll call my own shots

Thank you

The two of them watched their target getting on stage and doing a back flip.He was left with his mouth hanging while she just scoffed.

Got my own mind

I wanna make my own decisions

When it has to do with (my life, my life)

I wanna be the one in control

So let me take you by the hand

And lead you on this dance, ah

'Cause what I got is because I took a chance

I don't wanna rule the world

Just wanna run my life Ooh

So make your life a little easier

When you get the chance just take

Of course when their target began dancing in a...daring-if she was to describe the tweeking-way,the younger woman felt sick to her stomach.

"This is so so--"


She gave her friend a glare who just looked at her like a lost puppy"What?Didn't you see how many breadstixs there are here?"

And that was when she knew,he was the most awesome and adorable man in the world.

Control, ooh ooh (Now I've got a lot Ooh)

(To get what I want, ow) Control

(I'm never gonna stop)Now I'm all grown up,

wooh (Uh) Free-ee at last

Out here on my own

Ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah


Now control this


"We are getting some of these back to the base,right?"the woman just nodded her head as his face lighten up.

'Cause I've got my own mind

Gonna make my own decisions

When it has to do with my life

I wanna be the one in control

I'm in control (Uh) I'm in control (Ah)

I'm in control (Uh) I'm in control (Ah) 

The pair stood up as the song finished and headed towards the table their subject was sitting.She was a blonde woman,tall enough-quite flexible,and one of those people who screamed 'naive'.It made them wonder how could she be the one.

"Brittany Lopez?"she questioned as the blonde turned to face them.She let out a chuckled and took a sip from her beer.

"Ex-Lopez.I go by Pierce now"

"Fine,miss Pierce"she smiled as she took a seat next to her"We are from ΨΥΧΗ's department and--"

"The old woman said I was stupid"the blonde simply interrupted.She sighed and turned to face the man and the woman"I put up with a lot of things but calling me that isn't one of them"

"She knows"the man replies"She has been trying to call you for days--"

"Well I am not going to work for her"

"Your work is brilliant"he continues.Brittany's eyes lighted up,she couldn't help but a let a small grin appear"We saw it ourselves,it is why we came here.If we work together we can make it happen"

"Just give us a chance"the woman added

"Fine"Brittany replied"only because I have nothing better to do now that the 100 killed of Lexa"

That was definetly not what they imagined the brightest woman of the century to be like.

"So,I'm Brittany Susan Pierce"she smiled and extended her hand"Genius,unicorn and creator of Fondue for Two.And you are?"

"Fitzsimmons"they both said at the same time"I'm Leo Fitz,engineer"

"Jemma Simmons,biochemist"

"Nice to meet you"the blonde chuckled"Here's a question for you Fitzsimmons"The pair leaned closer to the grinning blonde as she took both of their hands"Are you ready to see who you love the most?"