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Tell me I'm pretty

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Karamatsu knits his brows together as he looks into the bathroom mirror before him. Something just isn’t right with the figure that is reflected before him. Of course, his devilish good looks are still there, he makes sure to give himself a wink to show his appreciation for just how smooth his skin is.  

His face is the only positive quality that is present before him because his body is being covered in cloths that are not part of his regular wardrobe. Instead of his usual tank and leather jacket combo with sparkling jeans included, he’s donning plain black slacks, ugh, and some kind of white button-up with a light gray sweatshirt over it. The only thing that gives this look even a bit of “Karamatsu” is the blue coat thrown on top, and even then he’s reaching to find his sense of self in this outfit. Where’s the sparkle, the flash, the exuberance that would bring all of that Karamatsu girls to their knees? He sighs as he walks into the living room and sees the time. He’s going to be late if he doesn’t book it! He bids farewell to whichever siblings are still home, he’s sure Ichimatsu and Jyuushimatsu had gone out since early morning, leaving only Osomatsu who’s probably still asleep and Choromatsu doing whatever it is that his younger brother did. He grabs all of his necessary items, making sure not to forget his signature sunglasses, and heads off towards the station.

He races down the empty streets until he reaches the station; thankfully the train hasn’t arrived. However, he can see his date, and even from this distance he sees the negative expression on the other’s face. He tries to contain his unease and approaches at a calmer but still fast pace.

“Excuse me, but are you aware that heaven has been missing one of its angels, because I think the search is ove-.” He’s interrupted from his panty-dropping pick up line with a swift punch to the gut.

“Keep that up, nii-san, and next time I’ll aim for your sunglasses.” The voice does not match the image before him. Long brown hair fixed into twin braids, a cute beret in place, long flowing skirt, and a pastel pink cardigan, with an overall sweet presence did not elude to the devilish aura lurking underneath the superficiality of his date.

Karamatsu gasps dramatically as he whips the glasses off his face, wrapping them in an attempted hug to protect them from the ferocity that is his youngest brother. “Not the glasses, Totty. We’ve been together since I was in high school.”

“Just watch yourself with the painful remarks.” Todomatsu says, throwing a threatening glare to his brother. Karamatsu stiffens up at that and thankfully the train arrives just then because Totty drops his evil expression, and goes back to the sweet smile and the older brother lets out a sigh of relief before smiling too and accepting the outstretched hand before him.

Karamatsu feels giddiness as their skin touches. Even with Todomatsu being the one with the job, his hands are still as soft and perfect as they’d always been. His fingers, in contrast, were calloused from using his guitar so much. He hoped that Todomatsu wouldn’t mind. Todomatsu seems to feel his reluctance because he only squeezes their interlocked fingers and it feels as though all of Karamatsu’s insecurities have flown right out the window.

He feels like a teenager again. Karamatsu’s no stranger to this feeling, because despite what most people would think of him by seeing him now, he was actually popular in high school. Having many dates and relationships along the way. Though none of them ever lasted because…

He’s broken from his memories by his brother’s voice. “So I thought today we could go to see that new movie that just came out and then grab something at a café and go clothes shopping. I’m tired of always wearing the same thing when we go out.” Todomatsu pulls him out of his thoughts with that cute pout of his and Karamatsu unthinkingly moves a piece of the other’s bangs behind his ear before cupping his cheek.

“You look cute in whatever you wear, Totty.” He says as he removes his sunglasses so Todomatsu can hopefully see the sincerity in his eyes. He notices the adorable pink hue tinting his brother’s cheeks as his eyes widen and even seem to sparkle a bit.

That is until they hear a couple of giggles from their side, pulling them away from their moment. Two high school girls are pointing in their directions, smiles obvious even behind their hands and Todomatsu turns back to Karamatsu only to headbutt him. He glares at the pair and pulls on Karamatsu’s hand, so his dizzy bother is now leaning on his shoulder. That shut the girls up real quick. Karamatsu feels happy, even behind the dizziness and stars he sees every time he opens his eyes. Todomatsu’s always been the selfish type, so if he wants to keep to Karamatsu all to himself, he doesn’t mind at all.

The rest of the ride is quite tranquil, the two step out of the train when they arrive at their stop and walk through the busier streets. Karamatsu’s eyes shift to all of the guys who keep looking in his direction, or better yet, just a bit next to him. All of these young hot-blooded men are checking out his little brother, the scoundrels! He reaches over to the slightly smaller hand and grips onto it like his life depends on it as he leads the way to the theater. He looks over and sees Todomatsu smirking and even though he isn’t making eye contact, there is a knowing glint in his eyes; the little devil!

Karamatsu buys the tickets with the little pocket money he manages to save for their much-anticipated dates and when they hand over the tickets to enter the building, Todomatsu smiles sheepishly and gets an enamored glance from the movie ticket guy.

He lowers his glasses and gives his strongest glare to the man before him, but only receives a half-hearted scoff and a small wave to Todomatsu as the younger brother begins to walk away.

He rushes over to Todomatsu who’s on route to the concession stand, instead grabbing onto his date’s wrist and yanking him in the direction of their movie; at least in the dark room, there will be no more guys trying to pick up his date. Todomatsu seems only momentarily surprised before he pulls Karamatsu in a different direction. Karamatsu doesn’t protest and allows himself to be dragged into one of the emptier hallways and into a deserted bathroom. Todomatsu still doesn’t let go until they’re securely in one of the bathroom stalls.

Before Karamatsu can even react, Todomatsu slams him against the door and pushes his lips harshly against his older brother’s. Karamatsu’s body instantly reacts, quickly kissing back. He’s used to Todomatsu’s antics. Though they’ve only been together for over a month, each of their “dates” always ends like this. Sneaking off into bathrooms, dressing rooms, that one time with Todomatsu sucking him off under the table at this really fancy restaurant that he’d spent most of his savings on for their month-aversay. Karamatsu couldn’t stand being there anymore so they left soon after they’d brought out their first dish.

Now, Karamatsu wouldn’t say he didn’t like all of the special attention, aka sex, but when they first got together, he expected a normal relationship. Well, it would never be normal considering he’s dating his brother. But he’d been in relationships before, he knows how much time is needed before they move onto holding hands, kissing, even having…a more intimate relationship. He’d only ever been in one solely physical relationship and it was not good for him, especially when he realized his feelings for Todomatsu. He’d put an end to the other relationship and stopped dating, completely immersed in his one-sided pining. So when Todomatsu confessed to him, and even though they soon after had their first serial experience together, Karamatsu had these expectations set way too high. And now, as he felt the zipper of his pants go down and hear Todomatsu falling onto his knees, there’s a pang in his heart telling him this isn’t right either.

“Todomatsu stop.” He speaks before he’s even registered what he’s saying. His youngest brother slowly brings himself to his feet once more and looks at Karamatsu with a dumbfounded expression, and Karamatsu understands why. He’s never been one to deny Todomatsu anything, even before the start of their relationship.

“What is it, nii-san?” He asks, innocently, almost nervously, so out of character for the youngest Matsuno.

Karamatsu has a big intake of air, steeling his nerves. He knows what he has to do, and even if it throws Todomatsu into a fit of rage, he has to continue for the sake of his sanity and his heart.

“We have to s-stop. I don’t want to do this anymore.” He feels the waver in his voice but finishes his sentence anyways, quickly flinching away as an automatic response.

He’d expected a lot of reactions from Todomatsu: a punch to the gut, him breaking his glasses, insulting him personally or even his manhood. He’d quickly prepared himself for any of the violent outcomes, but what he hadn’t expected was for the reality before him. He turned after not having been confronted for a good minute and a half and felt himself do a double take as he faced Todomatsu.  

He was crying!