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Disclaimer: Naruto does not belong to me.

Note: This story is AU, a Yaoi, and really Angsty. If you do not like any of that, I suggest you turn back now.

Pairings: Sasuke/Naruto, Gaara/Naruto.

Chapter One: Broken Heart

Things were long since past being fuzzy, but that didn't really matter because fuzzy was good. Fuzzy was his best friend, and anything other than fuzzy was unacceptable. Fuzzy meant no pain.

Once things went back to unfuzzy... Now that would bring back the pain, or it would make him so depressed that he would become reckless and end up blacking out at some unknown location.

No, right now, fuzzy it was. Fuzzy was great.

Naruto gazed down at the shot glass in his hand. He'd stopped count at his fifth drink, but vaguely, he wondered exactly how much he had consumed. The bartender that had been there when Naruto had first stumbled into the bar had left on some sort of emergency and his replacement hadn't exactly asked how much Naruto had gotten before him.

It wasn't like Naruto was a loud drunk either way, so the guy probably wouldn't throw him into a cab any time soon.

And considering how busy it was...

After a moment, Naruto picked up the shot glass and tossed the alcohol into his mouth. It burned on its way down, but Naruto paid it no mind. He signaled for another, and tossed that one back as well. He was an emotional wreck and a little burn was nothing compared to the shattered pieces of his heart.

The fuzzy feeling dimmed slightly.

Damn, but why did it have to hurt so bad? Shouldn't he have been expecting it?

Damn, Sasuke. Damn him to hell. The stupid fucking bastard. Naruto shouldn't have fallen for him, he shouldn't have.

It was bullshit.

He was bullshit.





Two years, and all of it is gone in less than a minute. And the asshole didn't even break up with him to his face. No, no, no, no. Naruto had thought he would at least warrant that.

Apparently not.

Not a call.

Not a text message.

No, Naruto had gotten an email.

Two years together and friends since their junior year in high school, and all he'd gotten was one measly email!

An email with under ten words, including the bastards name.

Naruto, it's not working out.

Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke didn't even wait until he got back from his business trip. The stupid fucking bastard had left and then not even a day later had emailed Naruto that life shattering message.

Naruto didn't understand it. They had been doing great, sure they'd had their arguments, their disagreements but nothing to ever break up over. Every couple did that. Every couple argued or had differences in opinion. They hadn't even really argued that whole week. Both of them had been busy with their work. Sasuke with more training from his father and uncle, and Naruto with his research projects and keeping Itachi's schedule up to date. They both worked for the same company, though in different buildings since the Uchiha Corporation had widespread influence and had a hand in literally everything. Every once in a while, Sasuke would be in the building that Naruto worked at but that was a rare occurrence.

In fact, that was how they'd met up again after losing touch with each other.

After graduating high school, Sasuke had gone off to college, while Naruto... Well, he hadn't. And his life for around six months had been pretty desperate. The foster home he had been in... they'd kicked Naruto out as soon as he'd gotten his diploma. The bastard of his foster father hadn't even waited a day.

Naruto had had nothing except for his backpack and whatever he could fit in it, which wasn't a lot. He'd ended up on the streets, luckily, it was summer and he hadn't been freezing his ass off. It was hard, but Naruto had managed to make enough money by taking a few odd jobs here and there.

Then, Naruto had applied for a receptionist job at UC, and he'd gotten it. For over a year, Naruto had worked the long ours. He started off at the main entrance, then slowly, he'd gotten the attention of some of the higher ups which was unusual. Naruto didn't know how but he wasn't about to let the opportunities slip by.

By the end of it, Naruto had become Itachi Uchiha's secretary. That had come as an unexpected surprise. Naruto remembered Sasuke talking about him, about how he was very smart and an excellent businessman, even better than their father. Itachi had even, by the age of nineteen, taken over one of the branches of the family business. Even though Sasuke didn't say it, Naruto saw how jealous he was of his older brother. Not that Naruto could blame him, in all honesty.

A few years after that, Sasuke had graduated from college, and had been sent to his older brother, Itachi Uchiha, for some training in their family business.

It had been a surprise to Sasuke, though Naruto had been maybe expecting it to happen at some point. Sasuke and Itachi were brothers after all. He'd even told Itachi about being friends with Sasuke in high school, though it had been after a few months of being his secretary. Didn't want his boss to think that he wanted a raise or something like that just because he mentioned Sasuke after all.

They had been good friends in the latter years of high school, though Naruto hadn't been sure whether Sasuke would care to renew their friendship after all that time.

Naruto had apparently worried over nothing, because as soon as Sasuke had seen him at the meeting, it was like they'd just seen each other only the day before. Friendly jeering and insults were thrown around, just like they used to. It had been nice, an old routine being reinstated.

And a few months after that... Sasuke had kissed him.

Needless to say, Naruto had been shocked, but he'd also been excited. He'd had a crush on Sasuke during high school but Naruto could never tell Sasuke because he didn't want to ruin his first friendship. He'd locked it down and thrown away the key. Therefore, he'd never told anyone about his sexual preferences, not that anyone would have cared to know anyway. But that kiss from Sasuke...

It changed everything. And Naruto had kissed Sasuke back. From that moment on, they had grown closer than ever. Eventually, Naruto had moved in with Sasuke. Things were great, they were amazing, his life could not have been going any better.

Then the email..

And now...

Sasuke wouldn't even pick up any of Naruto's calls. At first, they would ring, then they would be sent to voicemail. After a few times of that, suddenly all of his calls were being sent directly to voicemail.

The last few times that Naruto had tried to call, it was answered but only by an automated voice telling him that the number was no longer available.

The prickling of tears made Naruto realize that he needed to get out. He only got this emotional when he'd drank too much, and considering that he'd been here more than five hours and he didn't remember how many drinks, it was high time he left.

Unsteadily, Naruto pushed himself away from the bar, and made his way through the swaying bodies to the doors. It really wasn't a night club sort of bar but they did have a dancing area and it seemed that tonight was one of those kind of nights. A few times, Naruto accidently stumbled into someone, before finally making it out of the building.

Thankfully his hotel room wasn't that far away so he wouldn't have a long way to go. If he was still living with Sasuke, that would be a different story.

After longer than he would have wanted, Naruto finally made it to the hotel. It wasn't anything fancy, far from it, but it was the only place Naruto had for the moment since he had taken all his things, mostly clothes, and moved out of the apartment that he had shared with Sasuke.

Of course he had friends that he could technically stay with, but most if not all of his friends were also friends with Sasuke. They had also been friends longer with Sasuke. It was only in junior year of high school when Naruto had started being friends with them, while they had stayed in touch with Sasuke after graduation, none had with Naruto. Being homeless hadn't helped in that since Naruto really couldn't have stayed in contact.

Before junior year, Naruto had been a loner. Not by choice, no- far from it. Naruto had an outspoken, and an outgoing personality. A jokester, a prankster. Attention seeker.

People just hated his name. Not because of anything he'd done, but because of his family. His older brother had been a serial killer. He'd murdered many women and men. Now he was in a high security prison cell. Trials were still on their way. It seemed like every year, more bodies, more victims were connected to Kurama.

Kurama was never going to be free again.

But because Naruto shared Kurama's last name...

Naruto Uzumaki.

Kurama Uzumaki.

And he shared his blood.

Just because they were brothers, related, people thought that Naruto would turn out just like Kurama.

And so they hated Naruto. He was a pariah. Parents told their children to avoid him. People told relatives about his past, that he was a demon like his brother. That he would become a murderer, a monster. That it was only a matter of time before it happened.

Sasuke had been the only one to talk to him them, but that was more fighting each other than talking. But it had been an outlet for Naruto's frustration. For his pain. The one thing he could always look forward to were his fights with Sasuke.

Naruto shut the door and slid down it, staring blankly up at the ceiling, thoughts still in the past.

Then they'd somehow become friends. He remembered it well. Naruto had been on his way home. Dark had long since descended, but Naruto always stayed away from his foster home as long as possible.

He wasn't liked, not by anyone.

His foster parents... Well, they had loathed him. It was a wonder that they kept him for a long as they did. Though, now that Naruto thought about it, he had been Mizuki's punching bag. The man would keep him around just for that. And the money he received for taking in Naruto was also another motivation for the drunk to keep him.

Until he graduated, that is.

His life was fucked up. Naruto thought that he'd finally found his happiness... He should have remembered that everything he touched, everything he loved, ended up leaving him. Nothing and no one stayed with him long. Parents, dead the day he was born. Brother, a serial killer. Friends... not really his friends. Lover...

Naruto banged his head against the door behind him as the tears rolled down his face. He gritted his teeth together to keep the sobs back.

He wasn't going not cry, not again. Not over him.

It was easy thinking that. Actually doing it, that was the most difficult thing. Naruto had given Sasuke his everything.


So why?

Why did Sasuke have to end it? Why?

Hadn't Sasuke loved him?

Or had it been a lie?

A heartbreaking lie.

Naruto's chest heaved as tried to hold back his tears. Blue eyes, dull and full of pain. Face drawn, the smile gone from the normally happy face. With a broken voice, Naruto finally spoke for the first time other than ordering drinks. "Fuck you, Sasuke. Fuck you."

A/N: Another short story I'm working on. Let me know what you think and if you find this interesting. I'm wondering whether to continue it or leave it as a one-shot, still haven't decided.

Thank you for reading!