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Seal the Deal

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Clarke Griffin smiled brightly at the short, tan-skinned boy who held the glass door open for her. "Thank you," She told him sweetly before stepping in.

"Enjoy your stay at the New York Marriott," he recited at the blonde and her date.

"We're just here for a party." She pointed out before jokingly pushing her hands up in the air in an attempt to 'raise the roof'.

Sporting a visible blush, the blonde led the way past the hotel lobby and towards the large ballroom near the back of the first floor. She had imagined this party to be more like… a party. Instead there was a stage set up ready to go with the band member's instruments and people gathered around drinking and talking.

The room was full by the time she and her date got there. She noticed that half the people were dressed up while a notable portion were slightly dressed down. Clarke didn't feel as bad for her semi-casual outfit that made her look like she just stepped out of an H&M catalog. She was wearing a white button up blouse, a leather jacket, and skin-tight black jeans. She was suddenly proud of herself for trading in her Converse for her recently purchased black booties.

"When Lincoln said dress semi-casual he really meant it," she told her date and they shared a laugh.

Clarke had been to her fair share of parties before, if you count college and the memorable apartment parties her friends like to throw, but never anything as planned and put together as this. And while the party wasn't really for her, she felt a little pride in knowing she still had something to do with it.

A few months back she had been approached by Lincoln, a friend of a friend, to do the artwork for his band's album. She accepted the job thinking it'd be a self-release cd that most emerging bands give to their friends. She later came to find out that Lincoln's band, Polaris, was actually releasing an album through a well-known record label - Grounder Records.

One thing led to another and before she knew it her art was being featured on the cover of the band's first major album, to be released worldwide. The cd wasn't scheduled to drop until the next day, but the label had set up a release party for the band, their friends, and everyone involved in the making of the album.

No more than five minutes after their arrival, Clarke noticed a tall, slender figure walk onto the stage and take the mic. "Hello everyone," the voice came from the stage causing the room to quiet down. "I'm Alexandria Woods, owner of Grounder Records."

As the owner welcomed everyone to the release party, Clarke and her date walked over towards the other side of the room where the bar was located. She kept her eyes peeled for Lincoln, wanting to buy him a drink as a 'thank you' for letting her help with the album.

"I'd like to give a special thanks to…" the owner continued as Clarke made her way through the crowd. "And finally, the album artwork artist, Clarke Griffin."

Clarke was almost to the bar when she heard her name. She had not been paying much attention to the brunette giving the speech but she looked up almost immediately upon hearing it. She smiled at the speaker but the owner had moved on to closing her speech.

"Shit," Clarke mumbled. "What did she say?" She looked over at her date but he was just as clueless as she was.

After the label owner concluded the speech, the band took the stage and began to play. Clarke had heard their songs when Lincoln and his boys played the album for her a few weeks back, but she had never hard them play live.

The rock music of the band and murmurs of the party attendees filled the room. Instead of completing her quest for an alcoholic beverage, Clarke decided to go and thank the label owner herself. The blonde looked around and saw that the brunette was standing alone, so she took the opportunity to approach her.

"I'll be back," she told her date.

She walked up to the other woman nervously, noting how beautiful she looked up close. She was wearing a black wrap jumpsuit and white leather jacket. The perfect mix of casual and professional, Clarke thought.

As she neared the businesswoman, Clarke couldn't help but focus on the woman's delicate facial features. To say she was a sucker for a well-defined jawline was an understatement, and this woman had one of the most aesthetically pleasing jawlines Clarke had ever seen.

Clarke drew in a sharp breath when the woman's piercing green eyes met her ocean blue ones. "Miss Woods," she said softly. "Hi, I'm Clarke Griffin." Her voice hitched slightly as she introduced herself. There was something about the woman that made Clarke nervous.

"Clarke, hi." She smiled back at the blonde. "I'm Al-" she cleared her throat. "Lexa."

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Clarke smiled widely. Definitely a pleasure, she thought to herself. "Thank you so much for letting me do the artwork"

"When Lincoln told me about getting art from an outside source I was completely against it," Lexa began. "It just tends to slow down the process when there's creative differences, you know?" She asked and Clarke nodded.

"But your artwork is beautiful and you really have a talent." Lexa continued. Her words seemed honest and not like the typical businessperson who spews out overly nice bullshit.

"Thank you," Clarke blushed. "I'm happy to help again if you ever need it."

"Well, now that you mention it, Lincoln suggested you weren't under contract right now."

"I just freelance," Clarke shrugged. "Mini jobs like this one from time to time."

"Would you be interested in working for me? We recently lost our graphic designer," Lexa admitted almost immediately. "I might actually have something for you."

"Well, I don't just draw I'm also good with graphic design." Clarke felt the need to defend. "I have a digital portfolio and a website."

Before Lexa could continue the conversation, she heard her name being called by a group of men in suits. "I better go," she said as she nodded over to the guys who called her over. She pulled up her small purse and dug through it before pulling out a white business card and handing it over to Clarke. "But if you're interested, call me tomorrow."

Clarke was about to speak when she noticed her date walk up. "I got us beer" he said as he held up two cold bottles.

Lexa watched as the shaggy haired boy handed the blonde a beer before turning to face her. "Hi," he held out his empty hand. "I'm Bellamy."

"Hi Bellamy," she shook his hand as she spoke, trying not to grimace at his cold, wet hands. "I'm Alexandria Woods, label owner."

"Do you want one?" Bellamy asked the brunette as he held up a beer.

"Oh, I-I don't drink." Lexa shook her head. Lexa turned her attention back to Clarke and gave her a small smile. "I should probably make my rounds." And with that, she waved at the couple and moved on to speak to other party guests.


Clarke paced around the small living room of her New York Apartment. She had her phone in one hand and the business card she received the night before in the other.

"You're going to burn a damn hole in our floor if you don't stop pacing." Raven commented as she observed her roommate from their living room couch. The brunette sat cross-legged with their tiny sand-colored puppy in her lap.

"Eat your yogurt and shut up." Clarke snapped back at her best friend. She continued to pace back and forth, occasionally looking down at the number printed on the bottom of the card.

"Call her or sit down," Raven said before taking a bite of her yogurt. "You're driving me insane." She said in a muffled voice.

"I don't know if I should call." Clarke admitted, finally stopping in her tracks. She had told Raven everything about the night before, including the potential job offer.

"What's the big deal?" Raven asked. "Just call her and set up an interview. She's clearly interested in hiring someone."

The blonde knew her roommate had a point but yet she still felt nervous about making the call. She couldn't tell if the nerves were from the fear of being rejected for the job or just having to speak to the hot owner again.

Clarke began to pace again causing Raven to sigh audibly. "I don't know if I'd be good for the job." The blonde admitted.

"Since when are you so self-conscious about your working ability?"

"I haze zero business experience," Clarke pointed out. "I can draw and design but I have no idea what I'll get myself into."

"That's why you take the interview and go from there."

Clarke stood quietly, looking between the phone, the card, and her roommate. She debated whether or not she should make the call or forget about it all together. But a small part of her wanted to speak to the gorgeous brunette again.

Raven couldn't take it anymore and quickly left the room, leaving the blonde to fend for herself. As soon as Raven was out of sight, Clarke began to type in the ten digit number into her phone. She waited nervously as the call went through.

"Hello, this is Alexandria at Grounder Records," the voice said lightly from the other line. "May I ask who's calling?"

Clarke swallowed hard before speaking. "Hi, Miss Woods, it's Clarke."


"Clarke Griffin," the blonde answered. "The art-"

"Oh yes, Clarke!" Lexa interrupted. "I'm sorry I've been in meetings for the last three hours and have forgotten everything."

"It's no problem. I was calling to discuss the open position for graphic designer."

"Well, Clarke," Lexa began but paused almost immediately causing Clarke to grow nervous. "I'm about to go into another meeting and won't be free until 6. Are you free to meet me at 7?"

"Yes!" Clarke replied with little to no hesitation.

"Great. Let's meet outside of The Ark at 7." Lexa suggested. "Don't forget to bring whatever portfolio you have."

"I will! I'll see you then."

"See you then, Clarke."

She was beginning to like the way that Lexa pronounced her name. The way it rolled off of her tongue was almost seductive.

As soon as Clarke hung up the phone, Raven reappeared with two coffee mugs and a smile plastered on her face. "So you got the job?" She asked.

"I didn't even get to ask about the job," Clarke sighed. "She's busy but we're meeting for dinner later."

"So you scored a date with a label owner?" Raven laughed. "You're totally getting laid before me. I'll get my money ready."

Clarke couldn't help but laugh at her roommates comments. The two had gone quite some time without sex and it was Raven's idea to start a bet on who'd get laid first. "Keep your money, Ray, i'm not going on a date and i'm most definitely not getting any tonight."

"But she's taking you to dinner and you know what follows after that." Raven joked.

"We're going on a business dinner not a date," Clarke pointed out. "Plus with my luck she's probably hella straight."

"Not that that's ever stopped you before." Raven pointed out. Clarke instantly recalled the time she slept with a straight girl in college but that was a whole other mess.

"If I get this job she'll be my boss," Clarke reminded her best friend. "I'm sure that breaks like ten different rules."

"Well if you don't get the job at least try to get laid," the brunette joked. "You could use a woman's touch."

"After Finn, I could use anyone's touch." Clarke admitted.

"Do you want any help picking out an outfit?" Raven asked, trying to change the subject from the blonde's ex. "Even if it will end up on the hot girl's floor."

"Fuck you." She rolled her eyes and flicked her best friend off. She turned to leave the room but the brunette silently followed.