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I've Been Thinking

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There is something enthralling about watching Wade sing. Now that the mask is off, Peter can see how emotive Wade is, carrying the mood of the song and his expression. Lyrics fall from his lips so perfectly, who can blame Peter if it draws his attention?

"I see something on the surface, well, it kinda makes me nervous. Who says that you deserve this and what kind of God would serve this? We will cure this dirty old disease." Wade sings

Peter suddenly reminded of the times Wade almost kissed him–as a joke, obviously. It has not happened in a while, but Wade has been trying to be more mature. Wade would grab him by the waist and pull him close, rambling about something, anything. It was always so sudden that Peter would freeze a little. His spider-sense never seem to mind, it did not see Wade as a threat. It's not like a post-combat smooch would have been emotionally damaging. He would have been embarrassed, he thinks, but they would have laughed it off.

That begs the question, though, of what it would be like to kiss Wade. There is a reckless quality to Wade that paints him as the Bad Boy™, but Peter is pretty sure that is just because the Deadpool suit looks badass. Wade, when he's not Deadpool, wears old faded t-shirts with superhero logos on them, and he is really exactly the kind of guy you could introduce to your family–carefully. He makes the best pancakes and jokes 90% of the time. Who wouldn't want to know him?

Peter sort of wants to stick his head into the washing machine as soon as he gets out a load of laundry. Maybe that would wash the thoughts from his mind. It is not like this is warranted. Wade hasn't done anything to provoke the sudden mild obsession. In fact, it could be argued that he has done the opposite. He used to try to kiss Spider-Man all the time, but now? Not so much.

"You live in your head, dontcha?" Wade asks taking the basket of laundry from the younger man.

"Sorry, Johnny mentioned finals the other day and I can't stop thinking about it." Among other things, he adds to himself.

"Finals, huh? I didn't go to college, what's that like?" Wade asks.

"You're more than welcome to take them for me if you want the full college experience." Peter jokes.

"Only if you wanna fail."

"You watch enough science fiction that you could bullshit your way through my classes." Peter says. "Freshman year, Johnny and I had the same physics class and instead of studying, you watched all the Star Treks. He got a C minus."

"No shit?"

"No shit." Peter laughs. "I mean, he's pretty smart, but so are you." Peter is pretty sure he sees Wade blush, but he doesn't stick around to see, especially not after the thought he's been having this morning.


"She gets offered a sleepover with all her friends, cake, pizza, the whole nine yards, but she wants to come here and have a cake and pizza with just us?" Wade says for probably the sixth time that night. "Honestly, I don't get it."

[me either]
{you're annoying as shit why would she want you}

"Maybe she wants to spend her birthday with the one and only Spider-Man." Peter jokes.

"Ha-ha." Wade says sarcastically. "Hey, stop-" he pulls the spoon out of Peter's mouth and tosses it into the sink. "Don't eat all the frosting. Go eat some real food."

"Yes, daddy."

{well that's going right to the spank bank}
[he can't be flirting]
{does it matter}
[no, not really]

"So..." Peter says, popping a hotpocket into the microwave, "When is your birthday?"

Wade stares at him blankly for a few seconds before shrugging. "February sometime. I haven't celebrated since...well. I don't really age anymore, so there's no point."

"No point?" Peter seems shocked. "Cake, presents, party. What's not to love about that?"

[people looking at us]
{having to take off the mask to eat and show our disgusting face}
[people expecting us to be happy]
{no friends}
[no one knows what to get us as a gift]

Wade shrugs again. "Didn't have anyone to celebrate with."

"You have me." Peter argues.

That makes Wade smile, despite the boxes immediately insisting that this friendship won't last. "Thanks, baby boy."


They have a great time after Ellie comes over. Streamers, confetti, glitter-the apartment is a huge mess-and the grand finale: the cake. Chocolate chocolate chip with chocolate frosting. Wade spent all day on it, totally homemade.

Gifts are secondary to the day, according to Ellie herself. She opened them and thanked Peter and Wade, but was more interested in playing hide and seek with them than playing with toys. She can do that any day. Of course, Peter wins hide and seek by sticking to the ceiling of a closet.

At the end of the festivities, Ellie stares at the eleven candles on her cake and ponders.

{wish for a different dad}
[or for this one to die]
{it's what we wish for every year}
[if we had a different dad, would we want to die?]
{don't go too deep, you'll drown}

"Whatcha wishing for?" Wade asks.

Ellie shrugs. "I already got my wish, I'm here with you."

[oh god]
{my fuckin heart}
[kill me]
{precious cinnamon roll, too good, too pure}
[ugh, between the sweetness and your memes I'm going to be sick]
{hey fuck off you're ruining the cutest moment ever}

Wade clutches his chest dramatically. "Right in the feels." Ellie giggles and blows out her candles.

"So what did you decide to wish for?" Peter asks.

"If I tell you, it won't come true." She says.

{I still say wish for a different dad}
{well what? we fucking suck}
[the cake is great, and we are the reason Spider-Man is here]
{are you saying the big guy did good?}
[just this once, maybe. we'll fuck it up later, for sure, but just this once, he did okay]
{okay, that sounds fake but okay}

"But like I said, my biggest wish of the year already came true." She grins.

{things are going like ominously well}
[maybe this is just a fan fiction where everything is happy, like an "everyone lives" au]
{someone is really optimistic today}
[yeah, you're right. we just aren't that lucky.]