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The alternate love story of L and Light

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The Wedding – Part 1:

As L walked into the church the song ‘Hot Mess’ by Cobra Starship played. He was on the arm of a very proud and emotional Watari. They both wore smart suits, with sweets where the flowers would have normally been. They were followed by Near and Mellow, and at least 20 children, all in smart suits and dresses. The children dropped sweets as they walked from small baskets. As Watari handed over L to Light he wept a small tear, which L wiped away and then hugged him. As L and Light held hands they looked at one another, both dressed well and each couldn’t wait to be husbands. Light had always had a thing for married men. The music stopped and as the minister started the vows the sky darkened. A knock at the doors was met with a crash of thunder and a bolt of lightning.

As the doors opened they revealed Misa Misa and Matsuda. As the room brightened again everyone took in their outfits. Matsuda was dressed in a smart suit, shoes and white shirt. Misa was a black Lolita dress with a long black veil and wedge shoes. She had dark makeup on and her hair half-up, the only colour she wore was the deep red lipstick that contrasted with the mourning clothes and her blond hair.

As she stepped forward Matsuda stepped to one side. “I have an announcement to make, about the identity of Kira!” Another flash of lightning and thunder rumbled through the sky as everyone sans L and Light gasped. Light ran forward to stop her, but was held back by L. It had been a risk, albeit a calculated one, to abandon Misa. He had always though he could blame her love sickness for him to cast doubt on her testimony.

“Tell us then, Misa. But make it quick, I want to be eating my wedding cake in an hour. It has chocolate and strawberries on it!” L said, smirking at her.

She shrieked at him and said, “You asked for it. The great genius Light Yagami has fooled you all!” She pointed at him and started to walk towards him, “He tricked me into helping him with his schemes, and he has played you all against one another in order to hide his identity.”
Light’s family sat stunned, his sister looked at him, her eyes so angry and mistrusting. He looked away and at L, then back at Misa.

She pointed at Light and yelled out, “Light Yagami, you are the devil and you are Kira. You deserve death.” Her words reverberated around the room, they echoed and distorted, like the words of the man himself.

At last, Kira was discovered.