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My Touch is Black and Poisonous

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Art by Chen



Genos has been wandering for far too long, in search for his Master. He’s been walking in the endless haze, an endless stretch of road, and it’s been utterly, completely boring.

He walks on and on—


He immediately stiffens. That voice!

“Master!” he calls out, running towards the source. “Master!”

In the darkness, there’s a sudden sphere of light, and as Genos runs towards it, it surrounds the cyborg, pulling him into its warmth.

Genos struggles against it, kicking the tendrils of light that curls around his legs and arms.

He doesn’t understand what’s going on, and the light seems to expand, shining so brightly that his sensors overload, shutting down momentarily as it reboots.

Without his sensors, the cyborg cannot see, he cannot hear, he cannot speak. He lies there, unable to feel. Fear and despair overwhelms him.

When his system reboots, and everything goes back online, he’s abruptly released by the light. He freefalls and when his eyes open, he sees only galaxies of stars around him.

There is nothing to hold onto, nothing to stop him from falling.

His scanners detect nothing, there’s absolutely nothing, and Genos sighs, allowing himself to drop through space. He closes his eyes, sighing.

Ever since his first death, nothing has ever gone right.

Just as the thought of Master crosses his mind, he stops falling, and lands on something soft.



He opens his eyes, quickly getting to his feet. Master hates it when Genos is slow. He’s about to speak, to beg for his Master’s forgiveness when the words die in his mouth.

This isn’t Master!

The bald man who stands in front of him looks exactly like Master, only Genos knows Master would never wear such a horrendous yellow suit, with red gloves and boots.

His face is softer too, with none of the cruel lines that Genos is used to. This man has kind and warm eyes, and it causes the cyborg to feel irritated. Master isn’t like this. Master has cold eyes, and he looks at Genos with a savagery that no one else possesses.

This man… He looks…


“Black hair, red eyes… Black and red chassis,” the man mutters out loud as he regards Genos. “Different, and yet the same—”

“You’re not Genos,” the man says, and the cyborg scoffs. 

“You’re not my Master either,” he says. “Imposter!”

He quickly scans his surroundings. It’s a rundown apartment, and he landed on the futon placed in a tiny room. There’s barely any space for him to move freely, and fighting this mediocre version of his Master would be troublesome. Genos would have to destroy everything in his way.

“Err, my Genos calls me Sensei,” the man says, moving swiftly to the left when Genos tries to hit him.

He has an odd look on his face as he regards the cyborg.

Hmph, the imposter is definitely weak. He’s merely avoiding Genos’ blows, a cowardly act. He’s doing nothing to stop the cyborg.

He’s getting tired of playing around with this weak version of his Master.

“Die— Sensei,” he says mockingly, holding up his hand as the energy pools in his palm, a force that would blast everything within a 500 mile radius into ash and debris. There would be nothing left of this weakling, this useless version of his Master.

Just as he targets the beam at the man, the imposter vanishes. His sensors tell him that this weakling is actually moving faster than his scanners, that he’s near undetectable.

Huh! he’s fast!

The imposter is right in front of him. His thumb caresses Genos’ jaw as he gazed into the cyborg’s face.

He stares at Genos with an intensity that burns. As if he’s memorizing each of the cyborg’s features, the way he differs from the man’s version of Genos.

He continues the light stroke of his thumb upwards, fingers trailing up the side of his face.

It tingles, sending shivers down Genos’ spine.

What is it with this Sensei?

The air is stifling, the atmosphere electrifying.

His face is warm, heat pooling at his cheeks, and Genos feels breathless.

“Hey, other Genos, if I kiss you, will you give me…” He’s far too close, that Genos is able to feel the man’s breath against his skin. The imposter’s lips are so close to his own—

“My Genos back?”

Genos jerks back, the moment ruined by the instant disgust that travels through him. This man… Sensei… His hand falls to the side as the cyborg moves far away to the corner of the room.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” he shouts, “This isn’t some game!”

Sensei pouts, and Genos is taken aback by how Master and Sensei looks the same, and yet, completely different at the same time. Master would never make a face like that, he would never look so cute.

“Eh, that’s because I was just giving Genos a kiss when he disappeared, and you took his place,” Sensei says, scratching his cheek.

“A kiss might bring him back. And you might get to return to your home too.”

“That’s a foolish idea,” the cyborg says, inching away each time Sensei tries to get close.

The man is not as weak as he thought.

Sensei might actually be as strong as his Master.

“It’s worth a try,” Sensei smiles, and it’s the smile that throws him off. It’s fond and mischievous, rolled together with happiness.

“No!” Genos says, and he feels… Frightened.

This imposter… Sensei… He’s an unknown variable. He doesn’t move or speak like Master. His thoughts are not the same. Genos does not know how to approach this situation. The cyborg is certain that if he were to fight this man, he would lose.

And upon losing…

He cannot lose!

There is no option for failure, Master would punish him if he fails— And this is the type of punishment that Genos cannot bear to endure… Unlike the punishments that give Master and him pleasure.

Therefore there is only one way to prevent his inevitable failure should he fight this man—

He must run.

He must escape.

Sensei steps closer, and Genos feels cornered.

The man does not possess the same air of brutality that Master possess, nor his eyes edged with cruelty. This man…

He walks with confidence, sure of himself. He holds himself with grace, every movement fluid and smooth. One might even underestimate him, from the way the atmosphere seems so calm and peaceful around this Sensei. His eyes look at Genos with fondness, even though the cyborg knows the man must be thinking of his version of Genos.

“Don’t come any closer,” he says, his voice steady.

“Just one kiss,” the man says, “Are we not lovers where you’re from?”


That’s not a term I would use.

I am his, and his alone.

“I belong to Master,” Genos says, “I am his beast, his weapon, his. I am not for you to kiss, to make a mockery of.”

Sensei cocks his head to one side, and he stares at Genos for far too long.

His core whirs, tiny electrical jolts moving up and down his spine.

Sensei is close enough to touch, and close enough to—

“Why do you look so… lost?”

He grasp Genos’ face with both his hands, pulling him down for a kiss.

Genos is unable to resist, not when the man smells like Master, tastes like Master, touching him the same way Master does.

Without meaning to, he loops his arms around Sensei’s shoulders, allowing him to deepen the kiss.

He has missed this. These soft, sweet kisses that Master would bestow upon him on those warm nights when they would laze around naked, looking at the vast sky above the world that they own.

Master I miss you, I need you.

This man… he isn’t entirely different from Master.

Perhaps Master would not mind…

“Sensei…” he whispers, and tilts his head to allow the man better access to nip at his neck.

His resistance is shattered, gone, scattered away like dust when he sees the predatory look in the other man’s eyes.

The cyborg pulls off his shirt, tugging impatiently at Sensei’s ugly yellow suit.

The man pulls him down to the futon that smells like oil and semen.

He touches Genos at all the right places, his fingers tracing the gaps between his metal platings and synthetic flesh.

“Is this okay?” Sensei asks nervously, his uncertainty ruins the moment, but Genos is determined to ignore the ways this man is different.


He wants the loneliness to go away, the emptiness to disappear. He wants to feel again—

The pain, the pleasure, the fire of passion that burns him from the inside out—

He wants to be filled.

Genos kicks off his pants, and that’s when Sensei stills. He jerks back, staring at the cock cage that the cyborg has on.

“What’s this?” he asks, a stupid, foolish, utterly unnecessary question.

As if he cannot see the thick black metal that encases his cock, snugly fitting over his balls. They’re unnecessary, but it pleases Master to know that Genos would only ever seek pleasure with him.

The villain has always enjoyed seeing the cyborg writhing in his bonds, choosing not to escape them.

“You look beautiful like this.” He would say, whispering the words that Genos loves hearing the most.

Genos swallows thickly. “I belong to Master,” he says, “Only he can open the cage up.”

“How cruel,” Sensei says, as if he knows, as if he understands.

Genos feels anger taking hold of him.

“Master knows what is right for me,” he shouts, “He knows that this is for my pleasure, for it is his right, I am his, and his alone!”

The cyborg starts to struggle against the man’s grip. The cock cage is a sudden reminder that this man is not the villain he loves. Perhaps Genos has been too hasty in his decision to fuck the man.

“Calm down Genos, I didn’t mean— I’m sorry!” he says, concerned.

This is wrong!

Master never apologizes!

He feels like crying, tears that have long dried up as he wandered across the space of complete solitude while searching for his Master.

“Genos,” Sensei says, soothing him with warm hands that run up and down his sides. “I won’t do anything that you don’t want me to.”

He pulls the cyborg close, allowing Genos to lie on his arm. “It’s alright,” he says, “You’re safe here.”

The way the man’s body mould against his, the way his chest rises and moves with every breath, the way he smells—

It’s exactly like Master, and Genos is soothed by his presence despite his mind telling him that he shouldn’t let his guard down.

Yet, the cyborg can’t help it.

Sensei is chipping away the ice cold loneliness that dug its way into his soul.

The emptiness appeared the day he fell into that other plane of existence, and it has grown bigger and bigger with each passing day.

It is his own fault for failing to kill the monster, for allowing the monster to send him off to that other dimension of sorts. He had strived to find his way back, but the journey in that lonely world has been tedious, and right now, to see a man who looks exactly like his Master, who sounds exactly like the villain Genos loves—

Genos aches.

“Please,” he says, giving it all up again, unable to resist, unable to move away from the pull of this man.

“Are you sure?” Sensei asks.

“Yes,” Genos snarls out, his fingers digging into the man’s back. “Just fuck me already, you infuriating fool!”

“I don’t need that cock cage to be released, just fuck me, just fuck me!

Sensei frowns, his mouth a hard, thin line, and Genos relishes in the fact that the man can make the same faces Master does.

“No,” he says, “I want you to feel good too.”

The cyborg stares at him in confusion. Does he not understand the concept of rough sex, of taking whatever he wants?

He watches the man stare at the cock cage before one hand moves towards it, his thumb presses on the smooth plating over at the root of his cock. It chimes once, twice, lighting up a bright red color before the cock cage falls open.

“Oh!” the man says, delighted. His eyes are dancing with mirth. “It’s open!”

Genos’ eyes open wide, and he’s about to ask Sensei if the man’s finally pleased and ready to fuck the cyborg—


He bucks his hips in surprise when Sensei sucks leisurely at his cock.

Ah, ah!

The cyborg claws at the futon, ripping through the fabric, as he revels in the hot, and wet, and oh, so sinful sensation that’s surrounding his cock.

His body feels as though it’s on fire.

Master does not do this often. He usually demands it of Genos, to suck him, to slick his cock up with Genos’ saliva before fucking the cyborg raw.

“Sto-stop,” Genos says, and Sensei immediately pulls away, a question in his eyes.

His hands reach out to the man, pulling him up. “Fu-fuck me,” he says, and Sensei grins.

“Wait,” he says softly, “Let me get the lube.”

“I don’t need it,” Genos says fiercely, unwilling to let the man go.

He turns, presenting himself, his spine arching with his ass up high.

Genos reaches back and pulls his ass cheeks apart, revealing the red plug that’s nestled in deep. It’s huge, opening Genos up obscenely.

He watches the way Sensei’s eyes go dark, the way his mouth trembles. His sensors note that the man’s heart rate has spiked up.

He sways his hips, trying to entice the man even more, though he doesn’t need to. Sensei’s cock is hard, precum beading at the tip as he continues staring at the cyborg with wide eyes.

“Only you can remove it,” Genos whispers, smirking.

Saitama runs a hand down Genos’ back, making him shiver with the movement as sparks dance under the man’s touch.

He presses onto the plug, and it starts to chime the same way the cock cage did, before it shrinks into a mere thin piece, falling to the floor.

Genos’ natural lubricants, his slick, leaks down as the plug falls, the thick heady scent filling the air.

“I’m ready,” the cyborg repeats, when the infuriating man doesn’t do anything but stare.

“Wow,” he says, and it’s so annoying—

How different is the version of himself in this dimension?

His thoughts are cut off and Genos moans when Sensei slides in two fingers easily, scooping up some of his slick.

Sensei sticks his fingers in his mouth, sucking and licking at his fingers.

Genos can only blink, mouth falling open as he pants.

The man looks ravenous, and his smile is hard and sharp, eyes dark with promise. “Tastes so good,” he says, his voice raspy, deep, sending a delicious flare of arousal that heats Genos up.

He pushes away the cyborg’s hands, using his own to spread open Genos’ ass cheeks, diving back with his tongue to lap up all the excess slick that drips down.

Sensei nips at Genos’ rim, sucking at the opening, like he’s fucking starving, his teeth biting at Genos’ thighs, leaving marks at the skin there.

The cyborg can’t hold himself up, slumping to the ground in a hot, wrecked mess as Sensei continues fucking him with his tongue.

He’s breathing so hard, sobbing with how much he wants this, how good it feels.

The sounds of Sensei panting is filling the room, along with his own breathless moans.

“Please, please,” Genos chants, “Want— I want your cock, fuck me!”

Master would—

Master would stop sometimes, just to tease the cyborg. He would smirk at Genos, his eyes savage and hungry and he won't move, just to hear Genos beg, over and over again.

Please Master— God, please fuck me hard, I’ll be good, I’ll be so good for you—” Genos says, whimpering. “I’ll be so good, Master!” 

“It’s Saitama, it’s Sensei—” the man growls out, thrusting in four fingers, crooking them, hitting that spot that’s so deliciously electric.

“Fuck, ah, Sen-Sensei!”

The man’s fucking him with his fingers, coaxing out moans and whines from Genos’ throat, making his hole gape open, wet, sloppy, yielding.

When Sensei finally, finally fucks him—

He blanks out, his system’s shutting down from how good it feels, that deep, thick, satisfying stretch, filling him up—

“More,” Genos slurs out, “Harder, faster.

“Greedy,” Sensei laughs wildly, and the obnoxious imposter has the nerve to pull out, leaving only the tip in, before moving so slowly, sliding in inch by inch.

“Harder!” Genos shouts, breathing harshly.

He wants this with a staggering hunger, a debilitating need to be fucked till he breaks.

Genos tries to tilt his hips to get more, more.

He needs it deeper, harder, faster—


Sensei goes so slowly, his nails digging into the cyborg’s skin, piercing through it till he reaches metal.

Genos whines, moving his hips in little circles, pressing himself against the man, a burn low in his gut that flares outwards, seeking, searching—

“Fuck me, fuck, fuck me hard,” he sobs, begs, “Till I break, till it hurts, please, Sensei, Sensei—”

“Shush,” the man says, “I’m here.”

He keeps moving so slowly, his thick, hard length fucking into Genos, carving a space within the cyborg for himself, gently filling him up.

In and out, in and out, slowly, carefully, touching the places that makes Genos moan.

The cyborg can only hold on, throbbing around the man’s cock, tears leaking out as he moves, taking up everything within Genos, leaving nothing, nothing at all—

Not even the air to breathe and he pants, moans, trying so hard to remember to suck in oxygen.

“Sensei,” he whispers, a whirlwind of pleasure within him, making him dizzy with it.

The sex that he has with Master—

It’s different.

Sensei fucks him faster, and even then, it’s not the pace that he’s used to. It’s not the brutal speed that Master fucks him with, where there are cracks in his chassis when Master goes a little too hard.

“Oh, so good for me, Genos. Beautiful, so beautiful like this—”

Genos sighs in pleasure, chest constricting, core spinning, dancing in joy.

“Touch yourself,” Sensei says, and Genos hesitates.

He gets on his elbows, somehow summoning the strength to look over his shoulder at the man.

“I can’t come until— Until you tell me to,” he manages to say.

Sensei looks at him strangely, and for a moment, he looks exactly like Master.

“Ahh!” Genos screams when Sensei fucks him hard enough, and it’s like a fire spreading through a forest, lighting up all his nerves, sharp and painful, and so good.

Tears stream down his face as the man fucks into him ruthlessly with abandon, his voice rich and dark as he keeps crooning Genos’ name.

Sparks dance up his spine, making his eyes roll back, mouth falling open.

“Come for me Genos,” Sensei says, and he screams his release as his body seizes, pleasure turning him into a hot, sobbing mess.

The man comes soon after, spilling into Genos.

Master isn’t going to like that when he finds out, the cyborg thinks, laughing softly.

“What’s so funny?” Sensei asks, as he pulls out gently, maneuvering them so that they’re both lying side by side, catching their breath.

“Master won’t like that,” Genos says, trailing a hand down the man’s face that’s so much like the one he loves.

“Indeed I won’t,” someone says, bleeding with anger that turns the room frigid.

They both startle, and Genos’ core starts to tilt on its axis, spinning far too fast.

“What’s the meaning of this, Sensei?” another says, and it’s a voice that’s filled with hurt and betrayal.