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Night Time Bloom

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I lay there. In my bed. Holding my crown up high in front of my face. I remembered so clearly how my mother; Queen Tepes has been so clingy lately. She's been telling me to find a spouse or find someone special to me to marry me so I can be the next heir. I turn the crown around so I could see the sapphire jewels. I sat up. A mirror is in front of my bed. Whenever I wake up I see myself in the mirror. I closed my eyes and put on my crown. I can't see myself having a future here. A future locked up in a kingdom and watching how disgusting it is to see the vampires drain human blood out of their veins. I shivered. I can't imagine thinking of that now anyways.

I opened my eyes and saw myself in the mirror sitting on my bed. I crawled to the end of my bed so I can see myself closer. I looked at my reflection. Stared. I saw how the sapphires sparkled along with the rubies. I looked back at myself. I saw the same color in my eyes as I saw the sapphires. Ocean blue. I start to place my hand in front of my eye. I opened my mouth a little, then suddenly I heard my bedroom door creak open. "What is it?" I asked the women. She's in a maid outfit.

"Queen Tepes needs to see you immediately in the throne room," she said shyly. I nodded.

"Yes, I'll be coming shortly," I replied. The maid nodded sweating a little. She closed the door lightly. I sighed. She's probably going to talk about marriage arrangements again. Other kingdoms from other regions of the world that I have to marry. I don't want to meet them... I don't want to...  I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I gasped for air. I know this feeling-- I'm starving myself.

I ignored the pain as always; well; trying to ignore it. I stood up from my bed and fixed it quickly. After I've done that, I took off my crown. I don't feel like wearing it today even though it's a must-do-thing. Mother will be angry but then... I don't mind her yelling at me again for not wearing it. She's tiny but she's very strong. She's really old also. I don't know why I must be a new heir if she's going to live another 400 years but then... I just can't... I can't fight against the humans... I was once, one. I shook my head.

I walked out of my room and left the door closed. I started to talk down the narrow hall. Mother must be eagerly waiting for me. I bet she's looking for me right now. I just really want to escape from this. I don't want to rule any kingdom. I just want to run away. I put on a smile like a mask and walked through the corridors waving at the maids, chefs, and etc. My mouth was getting tired but luckily I had just arrived. I could finally stop smiling. I opened the door to the throne room and sighed. I saw her sitting on her throne alone. No one was there but herself. I gulped. "Mother--" she gave me a cold glare as soon as I said that. "Queen," she took it back. My stomach is hurting more and more, everyday is like this. The pain never ends unless I sleep.

"Mikaela," she called my name. My body stayed alert. I nodded. "Come," she was holding a vial of blood. Blood. I gulped. I knew I smelt something, a tingling sensation fills me all of a sudden. Queen Tepes gives me her blood since I refuse to drink human blood. I smiled. I suddenly felt woozy when I started walking towards her. "You're getting more sick," she says, "You need to drink human blood," I tried to grab the vial but then she refuses to give it to me. She holds back her arm. The blood inside of the vial starts sliding against the glass surface and creates miniature waves. I licked my lips-- I need this... I... need this...

She finally sighed. She saw how desperate I was for it. I let down my arms so she won't see anymore. I opened my hands and she gently put the glass vial on my hands. I grasped it tightly. I opened it immediately and started to drink it. The blood trickled along my tongue and I swallowed every last drop of it. Not satisfied enough I'll come back for more. This is all she needed? "Queen, what do you need?" I asked her wiping my mouth. My glove had stains on it now. Blood stains. Smudge marks.

"Mikaela, you need to drink human blood before--" I didn't mean to...

"Before marriage?" I interrupted her. She doesn't speak after that. She stands up instead. She walks up to me and grabs the vial out of my hands. Of course I'll need a refill. I just can't find someone that I like that's a-- vampire. I shook my head. She puts her hands on my cheeks and whispered into my ear as she forces me to lean in.

"If you don't drink human blood by next week, we'll just have to go abduct a human and force you," she growled at him into his ear. Mika's eyes widened as he heard those words. I didn't want to. I didn't want to lose his humanity just yet.

"Mother..." I backs up wiping her hands off of his cheeks. She smiled showing her fangs. I just remembered... I have those too. I covered my mouth in disgust and walked away furious. I had to though. I have no choice. They abduct humans all the time... I don't know why she's saying that just now. I don't want to drink human blood though. Human blood and vampire blood are mixed into my fluids. I just-- I can't...

I ignore who ever waved at me or greeted me. I glared down at the floor while walking back into my room. Everyone whispers as they crossed me. 

"What's with the prince today?" "He's unusually gloomy today," "I heard that Queen Tepes had a little chat with him," "What was it about?" "I'm not sure!"

I don't want to answer their questions. There's just so much in my mind. I can't think of that right now though. It's always in my mind whether if it's right to drink it though. What's right and what's wrong... to end my suffering or to start it. Either way I'll be stuck. I knew the floor I was glaring down on and it was the floor of the corridor that my room was in. The top floor. I suddenly looked forward to being locked up in my room. I noticed that my bedroom door was open though. I saw a diffraction of light peaking through my door. I quickly started to my bedroom and slammed open my door. I saw a maid going through my chores. My books...

"My books!" I shouted as she shrieked. She was reading it.

"P-Prince Mikaela!" she was sitting on ground sorting the books into a stack like she was arranging something. "These books--"

"What are you doing with them?" I started pacing to the books and started to pick them up. I didn't want anyone seeing them or else there will be severe consequences. The maid started to pout. 

"These books are trash! Human history? Human folklore? Human stories? Are you kidding me Prince Mikaela?" she retorted. I picked up some of the books with one hand and put them back in his chore. How I hated people that go through your private belongings. She doesn't even have the right to go through here anyways. What is she even trying to do?

"If you ever speak about this, I'll have your head," I hissed at her violently. The maid stuttered as she looked at those sharp cold blue eyes. She raised her eyebrow. 

"You're still half-human," she laughed at him. "You're a joke, Prince Mikaela. We're all waiting for you to turn into a damn vampire that you were meant to be--!"

"I still have my humanity! I still have my rights! I still have feelings, sympathy for them! I need those at least to be one! Vampires are so stale-- like they have no feelings! They aren't even vampires they're monsters!" I suddenly yelled. The shouting was so loud it echoed in his room. My room was roomy. The maid was shocked of what she was hearing. I closed my chore quietly and headed to get my crown. Luckily it was untouched by that maid. I closed my eyes and put on my crown. I told the maid to get out of my room before I slay her. She nodded in fear and stormed out whispering wretched things about me. About how rude I am to the race I am going to become. I couldn't deny it but it was true. I am going to become one of them. And I'm afraid to be one of them.

I clicked my tongue. Some books were still scattered along my coffee table in front of my window. The window was so huge it almost took up the whole walll. The curtains were a big help though. I walked up to the book hoping that she didn't ruin it. Luckily she knows her limits. I opened the book and scanned through it. No marks-- no nothing. I sighed in relief.

I picked up the book. I just noticed though, I didn't read this one. I snuck this one out from the human village. The store didn't have any surveillance. I looked at the cover as I closed it. The Happy King. I couldn't wait to read it but... not here. I can't read it in the damn kingdom anymore because if I ever find a maid ever looking into my belongings again I swear.

I'll slay her right on the spot.

I opened my closet and searched for the cloak I always use to go to the forest. The forest is beautiful, the waterfall is stunning. No one ever goes there anymore because of the frequent count of Four Horsemen of John that have been spawning there for some reason. I finally found it. It's still clean. I do my own laundry. I don't trust anyone with my belongings, if they found my cloak they'd think it belonged to a human. I sighed. They know it's mine anyways. I wore the cloak. I put on the hood and stormed out of my room slamming the door. I walked out of the castle without turning back. The vampires, yes, they looked at me suspiciously but then they knew it was me since I always go out like this. I don't want to be seen and they know that.

"What a lonely prince, if he'd just drink damn human blood he won't need to hide anymore," "He's such a strange person," "So mysterious, I like it!"

I ignored those comments. I don't look forward to love such a creature like them. I clicked my tongue every time I heard someone say something hideous or affectionate towards me. I can't return those feelings. I looked at the book I was holding while I took the path to the forest, my usual route. The route I chose is hidden so no one could search for me. I finally took off the hood of my cloak. I was able to breathe without looking down at the floor again. I stepped into the forest, one step and I already feel like I'm actually home. The forest is the only place where I feel like there's nothing but just... nothing.

And that's good enough for me.

I started walking upon twigs and bugs. I smiled. For real this time, I inhaled the fresh air instead of breathing in the air at the castle. I opened my arms and stretched my arms in the air. I yawned. I didn't get enough sleep last night. I was reading a story last night. The Spirit and the Girl. A story about a girl that stumbled upon an enchanted forest filled with spirits. She encounters a spirit that has been cursed. The spirit cannot be touched by any human or else he'll disappear. Forever. The ending really, is interesting. The way the man confessed to the women by helping a human boy from falling. She leaped into his arms. The air was filled with blue sparks. His life soon ending again. The touch. His touch. How she longed for it, she craved it. Her eyes closed and only embracing him until he is no more. His scent is gone finally, and his touch is gone. The only thing she is clinging onto now is just a pair of clothing that he has left behind. She sits there. Lonely, she cries to herself hoping that she'd see him again. In another life. The white cloth connecting the love between the two of them has vanished. The other end has disappeared.

I still remember the cover of the book. The man is wearing a mask. The women was beautiful, short brunette hair. But, the man. He was mysterious. Yet he was a formidable character to play that role.

I suddenly stumbled upon a log that blocked my way. Trees fell constantly in the woods at night because of the Four Horsemen of John are more active at night then day. I can't take this route anymore. Shame. But without this route I might end up lost. I don't mind but... I just don't want to be lost. 

I suddenly looked around to see if there was any more open routes I could take. I saw a path of fallen trees that have opened a pathway for me. Like it was fate. I jumped onto the pathway hoping it would lead to the same spot that my original route would take me.


Moments later, I was there. The same waterfall but just at a different spot. The spot was more beautiful though. A more-- explicit view. The birds were chirping and the deers prancing away from the scene. They feared me. I just wanted to fell them that-- I wasn't like those monsters. The monsters that feed off of humans. Nasty... those... ugh. Forget it. I took out my book and smiled. Finally. Peace. Something to do that isn't about killing anything. I sighed. The air was nice. The breeze swept me away. I don't feel like reading all of a sudden.

I feel like, exploring. I feel like running away officially. I just want to escape the hell I'm in. The vampires are using me for their own use. I want to at least... have my freedom. I turned down my book and put it aside. I took off my cloak. I sighed. I breathed in the precious air the humans also breathed in. I wanted to become a human again, human...

Human... it hurts so much just to think about it. The way they live is just so simple. They just... live. They're also very greedy though. So stubborn, they have power that they can't control. But they have feelings. Sympathy. I just beg to God for him to just make me... not one of them at all but... something. Something that's not a monster. Something that's blessed from him. I stood up. Rocks surrounded the waterfall. Many rocks. The waterfall took me away so swiftly. It wasn't even trying.

I took off my shoes so I would have better grip running around the place. I jumped onto the rocks, acting like a kid. I walked upon the rocks holding my arms out in order to balance myself. I giggled; this was the most fun I was having since I was little. I wanted to stay young. With no knowledge of what was around me. My mother treated me like I was an actual prince. Someone that was spoiled, someone that was greedy, someone that was loved. Now-- she just doesn't care about me but just getting me a spouse. My mother-- Queen Tepes. She no longer desires me to be her son.

She wants me to become someone else. As soon as I forgot the situation I was in at the castle-- in the vampire world I soon remembered it. Clear as day. More clear than a crystal. I smiled through the pain. I smiled. I wanted to forget it. I wanted to forget it so badly that... I might end up banging my head against a rock so I can just have a brain concussion but then... at the same time I can't. I'll just heal. The frightening way of telling what monster you are is to cut yourself with a sharp knife then see if it'll heal back. Humans don't have the ability to so, they're very unlucky. I forced myself to laugh. I forced myself to be happy. I suddenly fell to my knees. I started to remember what it was like back then. My mother loved me. My mother treated me like her own.

She didn't treat me like I was just another kid like right now. I started to see smudges. I began to choke as my laughs became more fake. I coughed and coughed, and then there it was. A tear drop hanging from my cheek that has fell onto the rock I walked on. I cheerfully walked on. I touched the mark where it fell. The silica turned into a darker color with the tear drop stained into it. I wanted to pull my heart out from my chest and throw it stab it with my katana.

I started to lose my smile. I frowned. I covered my face embarrassed. I knew no one would come but, the pain I'm going through is just... too much. No one accepts me for who I am. If I go to the humans for help they'll just try to kill me and say I'm a monster. If I go to the vampires I'll be turned into one of them and be forced to kill and slaughter. I have no choice but just to run away. Alone. As always. I buried my face more into my hands. I can't-- I can't-- I ca--


"Hello? Is anyone there?" A voice. A male voice. Judging by the pitch and tone it's a male that's around my age. I thought... I was the only one here. I started to look around to see where the source of the sound is coming from. "H-hey...?" the voice was close. It was closer than before, it was louder. I couldn't find the human. Then suddenly--


"GAHH!!" I shrieked in surprise-- someone scared me from behind and there. I tumbled into the water and my crown fell off of me and fell onto the ground. Stumbling. I suddenly felt the strong current pulling me away from the rocks as I tried to take my hand out and get a grip but my hands were too wet when-- something pulled onto me. 

"H-here!" I grabbed onto the hand tightly. So tight that I might just pop a blood vessel. They eventually pulled me out with such strength. I fell onto the ground and panted in fear. I didn't know how to swim. Mother taught me when I was little but then I forgot how to, it's been so long ever since. Good thing the water took away my tears. I started to realize that my crown wasn't on me. My drenched clothing made it heavy for me to move around but then the crown-- it was right in front of me! I attempted to grab it but then I was too weak... my energy was drained from walking onto the rocks and the current pulling me away. I thought I would die if that person didn't grab me but then--

I suddenly sat up in fear. I didn't know who it was! It might be a thief, a rapist, a human, a vampire looking for me when-- I felt a sudden weight on my head push my head further down. "H-hah?" I gasped.

"Nice crown!" the man chuckled as he put it on me. "It really suits you," I clicked my tongue. I turned around and stared at the man.

He had black silky hair, looked fluffy. He had shining, wide emerald eyes and with such compassion, his smile was the only thing I could see right now. I blushed. Who... Who is he... "U-uh..." I stuttered as I covered my cheeks. I didn't want him to see me like this. A prince, I'm not weak. A prince is supposed to be strong.

"Oh! Sorry!" he chuckled. He stood up. I saw him in front of me. He bowed down and leaned his face close to mine. I backed up. I could feel my ears tingling as his lips were so close to mine. "I'm Yuuichirou, Yuuichirou Ichinose!" I covered my face. God, something's wrong with me. My heart is thumping. I don't feel any stomach pain though. I'm not coughing out any blood or anything. I just feel, at ease right now for some reason when all of a sudden--

"Ichinose..." I whispered. He stood up.

"That's me!" he pointed at himself.

"I know... that... no..." no...


Please don't be him.

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He chuckles slightly. "Heh, I didn't bring my crown with me," awkwardly. He holds his hand out so he could help me up. I blushed. I... don't know what to do. I can't let him find out that I'm a vampire or else, he'll hate me. He's prince of the human kingdom. Ichinose kingdom. I don't want to hold my hand out. I stood up on my own. The drenched clothing made it hard for me to stand back up. His hand is still out. I stood besides him. He's slightly shorter than me. He looked up at me. Still, with that calm smile. I can't show him my teeth at all costs. "Aren't you going to introduce yourself?" he asked me. I turned my head. I don't... I stuttered as I laid my hand on his. His hand is really warm. The warmest I've ever felt. He grabbed it abruptly. I jumped and looked at him.

"W-wha..." I suddenly covered my mouth as I forgotten about not showing him my fangs. His eyes enlightened. He shook my hand. I had no grip so he did it himself. I continued to cover my mouth. My voice was stuffed. "I-I'm... Mikaela..." I didn't say anymore.

"Mikaela...?" he circled around me and observed me. I saw that he had a katana carried with him in his scabbard. I stepped back as I stared down at it-- what if he attacks me? He suddenly notices what I was staring at. He looks down at his katana and pats his scabbard. I took a step back each time he patted it. "Oh! This, no no no, I won't slaughter you or anything. The Four Horsemen of John's in this forest keep spawning so of course I had to come along with this," he chuckled. I almost dropped on the ground. My clothing was starting to get cold. I started to shiver. I had to take it off sooner or later but I can't right now. I ignored it but only felt the cold substance on my skin. "So," he walked up towards me. "I see you have a crown, so you're royalty?" he stood perfectly firm. "King, prince?" he shrugged. I don't reply. I kept my distance. I continued covering my mouth. I observed him thoroughly. "Judging by your appearance, you're around my age?" he asked me. I jumped. He's acting like he already knows me... "So, you might be a prince. There's a possibility that you might be a king but then if you were you wouldn't be out here. You'd be in your kingdom with a bunch of guards protecting you!" he chuckled. He walked up to me. I stood perfectly still.

My mind scrambled as he said those words, I was too scared to move. He walked up closer, and closer to me. Close enough to my face again. He stands right there. In front of me. He touches my nose with his and leans in on me. I continued to cover my mouth. I do think the goal he is trying to achieve is to make me take off my hand. I refused. "W-what are you doing?" my voice was muffled. I hesitated to speak still. Damn, I can't let this continue or else he'll think i'm weak. He stared right into my eyes. My eyes widened. I don't know what he's doing! What is trying to achieve here? Is he trying to study me so he could slay me later on? I'm confused. My mind is scrambled. He holds my cheeks with his two hands. His hands are so warm-- so warm! I started to shake. He started to cool me down. "W-what...?" I questioned his movements. He grunted as he moved in closer. His lips almost touched my fingers! I--I don't... what? "A-ah?" I started to blush. I looked away. Dammit. What the hell? This spell, he's trying to use witchcraft on me. God. My heart is beating faster than it usually does. His touch feels so... good. Great...

"Your eyes are really blue, Mikaela." he smiled. "So shiny, I could see my reflection, beautiful," he continued. I pushed him away. I saw him almost stumble onto the ground. "Wow, you're really strong too!" he chuckled slightly. I covered my whole face and turned my back on him. I hid my face so he wouldn't see how much my cheeks were tingling. His breath against my hand, ugh! I hate humans. I hate them. I just... I just came here to read my damn book but then ended up meeting him! I moved my bangs so they wouldn't poke my eyes. "Aha! That reaction!" he chuckled. I suddenly heard a scrapping, then I turned around to see what the noise was about.


I saw a shiny black katana pointing at my neck. I stuttered to breathe. I continued covering my mouth. "..." I don't say anything. I knew it, he was using me!

"Complimenting someone or showing affection could lower their defense and soon enough they will be vulnerable," Yuu snickered. I knew that he was pesky. I knew it from the beginning. Damn humans. I was right. They do have feelings, and what not but then they're not trustworthy. I grunted as I stumbled backwards. "You refuse to tell me about yourself, prince." his sword swayed me away. I refused to be killed here, right now. I should of bought my katana with me also but then I didn't know... a human wandered around here also? "Who are you?" he held his katana against my Adams Apple. I grunted. I won't reply to such madness, I won't. He finally sighed. He realized that I'd never talk. No matter what. He suddenly took away his katana from my neck. I gasped for air but then it was hard for me to. Covering my mouth like this will be a struggle. He finally walked up towards me and with me standing there perfectly still; I just noticed how much of a idiot I am for just standing there. He suddenly swiped my hand away in surprise as I lose my focus. I remained my mouth closed. I can't let him see what kind of monster I am-- "Just lips?" he questioned.

I turned my head. He should just leave. His first impression was aimed just to slay me. That's unforgivable. He suddenly turned my head back at him as he grabbed my chin. I grunted. "Ngh!" I stuttered to get his hand off of my chin. He finally takes his finger and touches it with my lip. I blushed. W-w-w-what?!

He gently pushes his finger against my teeth and suddenly-- he felt something sharp. His finger... inside of my mouth...


I almost bit it. I almost... good. He didn't cut his finger inside of my mouth.

"You--? A vampire?" he asked me. I looked straight into my eyes again. "But, you look so human, you don't have red eyes?" he asked me. I shook my head.

"Get your hand off of me," I demanded him. He finally held both of his arms in the air like he was surrendering. "

"Alright alright, I give," he joked around. I hissed at him as I grabbed my book from the ground. He stepped back. "You didn't bring a weapon though," I'm surprised he finally realized that.

"I didn't think a human would wander around about in the forest," I shrugged. I acted casual so I could seem friendly. I didn't want him to think that I was a blood sucking monster but then I can't change his mind. I'm a prince of the Tepes kingdom. Of course he'd think that I'm a monster. "I... just wanted to read..." I honestly spoke. I didn't think lying would solve anything. I sighed. I looked down at the cover of the book. I gently caressed the title, "..." I didn't continue. Useless. Useless Mikaela!

"I saw the book," he chuckled, "The Happy King," he sighed. He puts his katana into his scabbard. He starts to put his hands on his waist. He stares at me and I stared back at him. "It's truly a good book but," he pointed at me. "What the hell is the vampire prince doing out here?" he asked me. "Aren't you afraid of being abducted?" he asked. I don't reply. Instead I closed my eyes and scoffed.

"No human would think of wandering around here with the increase of Four Horsemen of John," I maintained. "I've always came here, sometimes," I started to look at the waterfall, "besides. I'd rather stay here than to stay at the castle," he suddenly paused. He's probably confused of what I was thinking.

"But being, royalty, is important right?" he asked me. I scoffed. I started to regret ever coming here. I set the book on the rocks.

"Being royalty is nothing but a joke to me." I retorted. "Being royalty of the vampires, being royalty and trying to find a spouse, prince this prince that-- it just sickens me!" I shouted. He heard me loud and clear. He puts his hand to his face.

"I honestly, don't know what's up with you," he stated. I nodded. No one does. That's why they all judge me. "But, you're different than the others," I suddenly jumped when he said that. I felt an electrifying current run through my veins making my mind scrambled. I felt a tingling sensation in my ears again. "Honestly, you're not ashamed to say that about your race--?" 

"My race?" I grunted. "My race is full of monsters. I despise them!" I retorted. "Being part of them is technically saying that I'm just a prince of monsters that use humans as livestock," I suddenly felt a huge weight off of my shoulders as I replied. I stood besides the rocks and rest my upper body against it. "I was once human too..." Yuuichirou jumps. 

"R-really?" he places his hand on his chin, I nodded. "That explains it then!" he ran up to me and pulled on my arm. I suddenly felt like I was being dragged by the arm. I hesitated to keep my balance. I looked down at him. I revealed my fangs.

"W-what?! What are you doing?!" He wraps his arms around mine and with that kiddish smile-- god! Witch! He's placing another spell on me! Like he can't get enough, I blushed. I suddenly became at ease; but I don't understand. Everytime he touches me it's like I'm not even here anymore. I feel as if I'm already free. 


Free. This feels nice.


"I really want to get to know you... so..." he finally unlocks my arm. I don't feel his touch anymore. He's probably wet from my sleeve anyways, "--you might get a cold if you even keep those clothes on. You're cold," he sighed. I can't believe I fell for that.


Wait. What?


I shook my head violently. He stares at me. "What are you doing?" he asked me. I suddenly looked at how he noticed me doing it, I blushed in embarrassment.

"N-nothing! The c-clothing is fine. I'm fine," I scratched the side of my head. He's confused watching me.

"You're a strange one, Mikaela Tepes," he shrugs. I covered my cheeks. I squeeze them together. He swipes my hands off of my cheeks. He sees my blush, my eyes widened.

"S-stop touching me! You make me feel weird!" I stuttered.

"But, it's just so weird, you're strange, I just want to..." he smiles. "I just want to touch you some more for some reason," he replied. I saw his cheeks slightly turning a slight peach color. I put my hands on his cheek. I caress his cheeks gently. "W-wait! WE just met! We just--"

"And you attempted murder!" I replied softly,

"B-but that was because you wouldn't introduce yourself!" he sighed. "J-jeez, be polite and reply to me sometimes." he folded his arms. My hands still on his cheeks. He forgot.

"I feel like I'll never get used to you," I sighed. Wait, does that mean...

"So it's settled?" he asked me. I looked down at him. I scoffed.

"What?" I asked.

"We'll come here every day and see each other," he smiled. I turned away. "It is settled." I jumped as he said those words. I didn't even reply! I didn't even object!

"I didn't say anything about doing that!" I replied,

"But you said that you'll never get used to me, so that means that you're coming back right?" he asked. I turned my head away. I just-- need to resist.

"So? That doesn't mean you should come here also," I slammed my hand against my head. I'm such an idiot. Why'd I ever say that? It's not like... I want to see him... but his presence feels nice all of a sudden. I guess I do. No denying it.

"But if you're here then I don't need to worry about being alone coming here," he tugged the back of my shirt. I folded my arms trying to ignore his annoying presence. He's my age, 16 and yet he's such an annoying little child. I started to feel a vein pop from my forehead as he kept continuing. He kept tugging and tugging and calling my name, "Mikaela, Prince Mikaela, Prince! Mikaela-- oh!" he suddenly stopped tugging. I sighed of relief. "Can I call you Mika?" he asked. We just met and he's already giving me nick names?

"God. Fine, just to make you silent." I murmured. I feel like I should call him something too. I looked at the green flowing grass going about the day. "I..." I paused. "It's fine if I call you, Yuu-chan?" I asked. He softly smiled and turned me around. I gasped.

"Yeah. That's fine." he smiled. I suddenly warm when he smiled but then... 


Achoo! I sneezed. "Ah?" we both kept a blank stare at each other.

"I told you to change!" he yelled at me.

"Well! Into what?" I retorted. I folded my arms. 

He sighed and put his hands to his head scratching it. "Take off your shirt," he ordered. I jumped. 

"W-wait! We just met around twenty minutes ago!" I shivered. He ignored what I said. 

"Take it off before I tear it off--" he grunted. I growled. I slowly started to take off my cape. I started to blush more and more. I finally turned around. I don't want him to see me like this. "Ah? Why are you turning around?" he asked me.

"If you see me like this--"

"Shirtless?" he asked me. He chuckled. "That's fine, we're both men." I grunted.

"Male... whatever..." I almost practically tore off my shirt myself when I took off my jacket. I unbuttoned my shirt and carefully shifted my shirt off of my torso and dropped the shirt on the ground. My skin felt cold. Everytime I touch my chest or my stomach I feel like my own touch is stinging. It's so cold. I heard a little shuffling in the back of me. I turned around and saw him taking off his jacket along. I jolted. "W-wait?" I blushed as I saw his undershirt. He walked up to me. 

"Caught your attention?" he asked me. He wrapped his jacket around me. I jumped. It felt like something just burned inside of my chest but it was... nice. He suddenly covers my shoulders with his jacket. I looked down avoiding eye contact to make this less awkward. I covered my cheeks with my hands not noticing. "You have a habit of covering your cheeks everytime you blush," he laughed. "That's uncommon," he added. I hissed.

"Yeah. Indeed," I closed my eyes. He finally placed his hand on my thigh and gripped it.

"G-Gyah!" I moaned a little as he grabbed it tenderly. 

"Oh?" he asked me. "Quite something," water drops formed when he squeezed it more. Kind of hurts... they're sensitive you imbecile. Water drops dripped down along my side and formed little puddles. I exhaled. "Well, we gotta do something about those pants." I snatched his hand away. He gasped. "What is it Mika?" he asked me. I rolled my eyes.

"You don't touch royalty like that," his scent started to fill my nose. I couldn't smell anything else but just his scent. God. I hate it. Humans are so demanding sometimes.

"But I'm royalty too!" he sighed. "Now, take your pants off." he demanded me. I screeched. I suddenly fell on my back and crawled backwards hoping that he wouldn't drag me to do it. I shuffled my hands into the grass for a better grip. I tore off some grass along the way. My pants started to get dirt all over them, making it more worst. Dirty and wet. I groaned. He started on his all fours crawling after me. I tried to kick him away but then it was too late. He grabbed my feet and took my ankle and dragged me towards him. Damn! He's a little strong, that idiot! What does he think he's doing?

"I-idiot! Don't touch me!" I tried to kick some more but then he had such a strong grip on my ankle that kicking won't do anything but just pull me closer.

"Don't resist," his snotty attitude. He's so cocky. I hate it. He started to pull on the end of my pants and I felt--

"GAH! STOP! N-NO!" I started to shout and lose control. I started to shake. No-- no no no!

"Don't worry! I won't bite..." he laughed. I suddenly felt my pants slipping off of my thighs and sliding against my knees. He pulls them down further and further-- soon my boxers were revealed. "Ah, they're coming off," he pulls some more until they reach my ankles. My pants were fully off of me when he pulled them off of my feet. I suddenly kicked him away-- he fell backwards clinging onto my pants and then I had to run over the nearest tree to hide behind it. 

God forbid... why do I have to stick around him? I sighed. "Y-You're insane!" I shrieked. I tried to cover my legs up with his jacket. I wrapped the jacket around my legs. I was hoping he wouldn't see me like this but then--

"So?" his voice was so close it scared me. I closed my eyes and imagined no one there. I imagined that the tree was talking to me like in the fairy tail. I tried to cover my ears so I wouldn't hear him but then the jacket wouldn't stick. I buried my face in my knees and started to become flustered. God. Humans are so arrogant. So selfish. I hate them. I hate them! "Are your boxers wet--"

"Shut up!" I interrupted him. I scrunched up a little more. God. I'll just have to wait until my pants dry. I won't be able to come home any sooner. It's already been thirty two minutes since then. Queen Tepes doesn't mind me spending my time here but then all she cares about is me finding a damn wife! I don't have any interest in anyone. Anyone... I heard his footsteps kick the leaves around. I pretended that I heard nothing.

"You can't ignore me forever!" he was sitting on front of me, "come on Mika..." he sighed. He started to play with my hair a little. "Your hair is practically dripping wet," he mumbled. "You're so reckless to fall in the waterfall like that--"

"W-well!" I raised my head up and pouted like him. "If it wasn't for you scaring me like that I wouldn't of fell! And if you properly introduced yourself without complimenting me I wouldn't be in this mess I am in right now!" I pouted clenching my fists. 

"But we'd meet anyways," he replied. I knew that. I'm not an idiot like him. I sighed.

"Do I really need to stay here with you?" I asked him. He nodded.


"Just go home already! I can stay here alone!"

"But then you would be lonely," he stated. He was right again. I ignored that comment though.

"..." nothing after that. 


God. I really do have to wait here with him, don't I?

Chapter Text

Mika relieved realized that his clothing has dried up. It's been a couple of hours. I usually do stay this late in the forest but then... I've never felt a feeling like this here. The forest is beautiful yes, with the stunning view itself but then with him added to it... I just... can't think straight. I avoided reading the book. I don't really understand what I was doing. I was sitting by him, talking. Chatting. Laughing. Telling secrets, telling tales, sharing our favorite books and hobbies. 

"Yuu..." I took the pair of clothing that belonged to me and returned his jacket to him. His scent was sticking onto me. I felt a lot warmer when I wore it when he gave it to me. But-- it was stuck onto my hand. I didn't want to let it go. 

"Mika?" he tilted his head. He held out his hand so I could give it to him, "Mika...? What's wrong?" I paused. I kept looking at how I didn't let go of it. Even if I tried I'd always just stay attached to it. Am I obsessed with jackets now? I don't know.

"Ah..." I sighed. "I... don't know, what's wrong with me..." I still wanted to be around him-- wait.

He slowly tugged on his jacket that was connected onto my hand. I suddenly realized what he was doing and immediately let go of it. "H-hah?!" I suddenly dropped it onto his hand.

"Whoa!" he caught it with one hand. I blushed. I was shirtless and raw.

"M-my apologies," I blushed. I took my hand and rubbed it against the nape of my neck. I stood up and walked to my clothing laying on the rocks. He started to laugh hysterically for some unknown reason.

"Really?" he asked me, I turned my head back at him. I tilted my head in curiosity.

"What is it?" I replied. He started to cover his mouth. He started to choke on air as he practically suffocated himself. He fell on his back suddenly. What happened? Did he collapse? I ran up to him.

"Yuu-chan! What's wrong?!" I started to examine him. I placed my hands onto his chest and checked for a heartbeat.

"Whoa whoa whoa!" he pushed my hands off of his chest. 

"You're alive!" relieved I replied. He started to sit up but then he started to chuckle some more. "What ever you are laughing at, it is not funny." I felt a slight breeze about my body. I felt a shiver rushing up my spine. I suddenly felt not so warm anymore. I suddenly touched my arms and remembered that his jacket wasn't on me anymore but I could smell him all over me... his scent is just-- really nice. He smells really nice...

"I'm not laughing at anything but you just walking around in your boxers!" I blushed when he said that. I looked down at my waist and saw me just sitting there in my boxers. I shrieked in embarrassment and tried to cover up my boxers by spreading out my hands. I started to blush hysterically. I looked down and scrunched up once again. "No- no no no," he stood up and walked over to the rocks to grabbed my clothing. "Here," he walked back to me and placed my shirt on my back. I dug my arms into the sleeves and he buttoned my shirt up from behind. Like he was cuddling with me from behind. I covered my face as he finished buttoning my shirt. "What is it?" he asked me.

He gave me my jacket and I put it on myself as I took it away from him. "T-this is embarrassing enough." I sighed. I put my arms through the sleeves and opened my hands up so it could fit the opening. I shuffled my jacket so it would look nice with my undershirt. 


After finishing getting dressed I walked over to the book laying against the dawned grass. I picked it up along with my cloak. "You're leaving?" he asked me. He stood besides me and put his hands to his waist. I nodded.

"Best for you to leave also. It's dawn." I assured. I put on my cloak. I ignored the crown and put on the hood. I looked back at him but he was frowning. "What is it?" I asked him.

"I'm not sure if you're going to come back here," he replied. He put his hand on his arm and stood there awkwardly. I saw a little tint of light peach on his cheeks. I closed my eyes and tried to avoid looking at him.

"Don't worry," I smiled. "I will. After all that talking you've changed my mind," I was holding my book on my right hand. He tugged on my left hand. I felt hot suddenly.

"I'll be waiting!" he demanded me to come. Without thinking I tightly gripped on his. His eyes enlightened. "So that's a yes?" he asked me.

I jumped and took my hand away. I started to gently touch the back of my hand. He scratched his head and laughed awkwardly. I smiled. "Y-yeah, it's a yes." damn. He's making it look like he's asking me to be his spouse. I blushed when I thought about it that way. I started to walk away from him and when I looked back, he headed a different direction from me. I suddenly felt down. I don't understand this feeling. I suddenly feel so lonely. I stopped walking and stared at him walking away. He headed into the forest.

Without a trace, he disappeared in the green and the sound of his footsteps trailed off into the distance. I sighed and continued walking into my new route. Every step I took I just thought about his smile. His laugh. His eyes. The way he lent his jacket to me. I stepped on twigs, and more. The sound of them snapping was boring enough without him here. I just-- wait. 


What did I just think? I shook my head violently. Gah! I need to get him out of my head. I hated him anyways. Him and those humans... I change my mind about humans a lot. I think they're nice, simple creatures at one point then I get frustrated because they're greedy and they always use others as pawns. I'm not even sure what I think about them now since he came into my life. I sighed. I could see the sun setting slowly, the green trees slowly starting to blend with the colors of coral. I could feel the gentle breeze swift against my hood but not strong enough to take it off. Kicking the leaves around I finally arrive at the bridge of the castle.


Now, in my room. It's near to seven. I usually sleep around ten to midnight but then now... looking upon the ceiling I could still see him. I place my hand on my chest and felt my heart thumping harder and louder than it should. He did see me practically naked. I guess that's why I can't forget about him. Through embarrassment. I covered my eyes and started to rub them. I was cold. I didn't have a cold though. I was too warm to have one when he lent me his jacket. No not again!

"Ughh!" I plop down onto my pillow and tried to forget about him. "I might go anyways tomorrow, just to see him one more time..."

"We'll come here every day and see eachother!" he smiled.

I remembered what he said. Ugh. I just remembered I promised him that I'd come back every day to see him. If I can't make it tomorrow what will I tell him? No matter. I will come anyways. Escaping this reality is a specialty of mine. But... is that so,




Pretty soon I started to pick up the book besides me laying on the other pillow to my right. The Happy King. I was originally meant to read it in the forest but then I ended up falling into the waterfall instead. 

"So," he continued the conversation with a simple word. "You're not supposed to read human books," he replied to the silence. I kept quiet still. I gulped.

"Correct," I mumbled. "I can't," I added. He was sitting on the other side of the tree. I didn't want him to keep seeing me like this-- naked. I cuddled with his jacket some more. I kept smelling his scent from his jacket. Smells like flowers, roses. I placed my hands on my cheek. I hated this habit. The habit of me covering my cheeks every time I blushed. I don't even know why... I'm doing this all of a sudden. I laid my head against the tree and looked up at the sky. "Human books are forbidden in my kingdom." I continued. I hear a shuffling of leaves from behind me.

"Why is that?" he asked.

"My kingdom thinks that if we read anything human-like it'll make us think that they're more than just what they are meant to be," I replied. "Livestock," I continued. I heard nothing else but the sound of the rustling trees and bushes move about the wind. He grunts. He suddenly turns my way. I could feel his breaths against my neck. I blushed. I covered my cheeks. 

"Wow, you do have a habit..." he continued. I squeezed my cheeks more. "The habit of you covering your cheeks each time you blush is just so accurate. You do this every time I'm by you," he giggled. I turned my head the opposite direction. 

"You're a horrible person, Yuu-chan," 

"I know. I'm horrible enough for you," he snickered. I felt like running away officially. I didn't want to see him anymore after he said that. He's too much for me to handle.


I flipped open the cover. I saw the font was a little different than the other books. They'd usually be in such basic fonts, neat. This is messy and it's in cursive. Luckily I knew how to read cursive. I read the first few sentences. "The king. He was although very lazy, he was a demanding king with high orders. He'd never leave the throne. He is also very caring and supportive of others. Meaning more to others than himself he thinks twice about what he's doing with his actions in sorts of times," I stopped. I soon realized what time it was. I looked at the clock above of the mirror. It was 9:21pm. Almost time for me to sleep. I threw the book aside the bed softly landing on the pillow. I took off my clothing and changed into my over-sized shirt that I saved for while sleeping. My pajamas in other words.

I started to snuggle into my covers. I started to close my eyes. 

Nothing. Black. Like his hair. I started to picture his flowing hair in the forest. He was standing right there in front of me holding his hand out. I started to feel uneasy. "Mika!" he called my name out. 


"Ah!" I gasped for air as I sat up. Ugh. I hate it. I hate him! I need to stop! I need to! I wanted to punch a wall but then mother would kill me. I sighed. I laid back down and closed my eyes once again. This time I avoided thinking about him. I started to think about the situation I had earlier. Forced to drink human blood if I don't this week. 



"AGH!" I started to bury my head in my pillow. God. This is just ridiculous. I started rubbing my head against the fluffy pillow thinking it would calm be down. I started to mumble. I was too tired to keep thinking about him. Tomorrow I'm going to see him but... I'm not sure if I'll keep going if he's going to keep being like that. "God. This is so messed up," my muffled voice. I turned around and looked up at the ceiling once more.

I remembered how I'd always look up and think about running away. I remembered when I was little, I would always run around the castle without knowing what the vampires are doing to the humans until... I saw her feeding off of one. I remembered running away to my room and hiding underneath my bed so she wouldn't find me. But she did. She saw me watch her, licking the blood off of her lips. Fresh blood that just... scared me. I remember covering my mouth so I wouldn't scream when she found me.

I closed my eyes. Finally.

A world with peace. A world with no vampires. Or humans. Just, people. 


I started to see a scenery of the forest again. I looked down at my feet. I was standing on the same grass. Stepping on the same twigs. The same route I took this morning. I looked behind me and it was all white. Nothing but white. The only thing that was full in color was just what was in front of me. Scared. I took a step back, but then there was an invisible wall not allowing me to walk back. I gulped. I felt a trickle of sweat run down my forehead. I wiped the sweat. I can not be afraid. I am strong. Stronger than the vampires and humans. 

I walked into the scenery. I remembered looking at the same trees, and the same sky. I remembered seeing the deers prancing. I remembered seeing the birds flying away into the ever disappearing sky. I started to grab the cloak I had on. I gripped on it. Ah. The cloak. I noticed a book in my hands. The Happy King. Oh. So it's this day. I started to walk faster and faster, pacing myself the scenery regenerated at my pace. Why am I walking faster? Why am I so obsessed with this? I caught myself from tripping on a log-- but then it was a log made out of books.

The books that he listed of his favorites. "Into the Forest of Fireflies light," "Twist and Shout," "Why I fight," all of these books he's listed. I suddenly remembered that I couldn't take this route this morning because of the log that was in my way. The log was gigantic. I couldn't even hop over it but if I had my katana-- I could've cut it in half and split it open. I turned my head to the direction of where I walked that day. My new route. I walked over to the route.


I appeared in front of the waterfall suddenly when I first stepped on the route. Like teleportation. It scared me more than it should have. But I had to stay strong. I took some steps in front of the rocks and gently laid my hands on them. They were soft silicon rocks. I rest my head on my hands as I put my shoulders on the rocks. The water rushing down the waterfall and creating such splashes made it more beautiful. I've never imagined that it would be this pretty. I gently dipped my fingers in the cold water. I soon put my whole hand in the water splashing water around. Creating tiny puddles, it looked magnificent.


"Beautiful, huh?" he asked me. I jolted. I turned to my right and I saw him standing there. Besides me. I sighed. My heart was beating more and more.

"You scared me," relieved. I looked back to see the waterfall.

"Huh?" he chuckled. "Nice seeing you here again,"


This is a dream.


"Y-yeah," I knew this was a dream when I suddenly heard those words come into my mind. He puts his hand on my shoulder and turned me around so I could look at him. "?" I blinked. "What is it?" I asked him.

"Mikaela Tepes." he demanded my attention. I groaned.

"Yes?" I asked.

"I..." he takes his hand. His hands were in a fist. "Take my hand." he spoke. I nodded. I laid my hand on his but then when I touched his fingers he suddenly opened his hands and revealed what was in his hands and put it mine.

"What is it?" I asked him. He doesn't reply. I scoffed and opened my hand up a little seeing a little crack. I saw something shining through the dark. I opened it fully, and saw a ring. I blushed. "H-huh?" I almost dropped it but luckily I caught myself. He started to laugh at my reaction. I suddenly stared at the ring. A sapphire jewel was in the middle of the ring while the rubies occupied the sides. I blushed. I covered my cheek with my hand and the other carrying the ring. He took the ring out of my hand and he grabbed my hand. "W-what are you doing?" I asked him. He delicately held my ring finger, and slid the ring onto it. I felt it sliding down to the base. I blushed as I looked at him putting it on for me. "Yuu-cha--"

He yanked on my wrist and pulled me towards him. I suddenly felt something touch my lips. Soft. His lips against mine, is he... kissing me? His soft lips rubbed against mine. He pulled away and chuckled. "Be mine already," he ordered me softly. I looked away.

"Yuu-chan..." I stared at the ring. It was truly beautiful. I looked at him in the eyes and, he stared right back at me. With those determined eyes. With how he waited for me to reply to him... I nodded. "Yes," I softly replied. His eyes enlightened. I saw how rosy his cheeks were like he was holding it back. His eyes started to glow like he was about to cry. "Of course," I leaped into his arms and hugged him tightly. I heard his breathing shake. Was he afraid that... I'd say no? "I'll be yours," he hugged me tightly and I felt his arms shaking as he responded. 

"Mika..." he stuttered.




I suddenly woke up and immediately pulled myself up. I started breathing heavily. I started to look at my hand-- I saw no ring. "Ahh," I looked out the window. The sun was already in the sky. I checked the clock. It was almost nine. I don't really know what time he wanted to meet up but then, I think he wanted to meet up of the time when we met. Around ten. One hour until I see him.

I got up, got dressed, and washed up. I picked up my cloak on the coffee table and wore it. I didn't bother picking up the book because I knew if he's there I'll just end up talking to him. Wait. Why...


Why was I dreaming of him?


He even asked me to be his spouse... God really isn't on my side right now. I don't even know what's with myself, I think I'm sick. I always feel dizzy when he touches me and when he speaks to me his voice just echoes in my mind. I hate it. I hate it all, are humans always using spells like this on vampires? He's using me like before. Isn't he? I'll show him who's dominant. I grunted as I exited my room. I put on my cloak.

I heard the same voices and I heard them whisper the same things like they did yesterday. I gritted my teeth. I'll show him to make a fool of myself!


It's almost ten and I'm already waiting for him the forest. Sitting on the rocks. My shoes besides me, I'm barefoot. I kicked the water in the waterfall around. Splash, splash. The water creates small noises once they hit each other. I imagined what I was going to do with him when he gets here. I heard rustling in the forest and I heard footsteps creeping in closer. I finally heard the bushes surrounding the area being pushed aside.

"Mika~" he called my name. He knew it was me from my cloak. When he called my name my mind automatically went blink and ignored what I was planning to do with him.

"W-what?" I didn't look back. I stopped kicking the water around and sat perfectly still. He ran up to the rocks like he was going to push me in again. I'll let him, I just... want to wear his jacket again. Instead he jumped on the rocks and sat besides me. He took off his shoes and threw it on the ground. "What are you doing?" I asked him. He placed his hand on mine.

"I'm obviously sitting besides you," he joked. He started to kick around the water. I became uneasy. His hand was so warm. I started to blush. I don't think he noticed that he placed his hand on mine. I tried to pull my hand away but then he shifted all of his weight onto that hand. I covered my face with my left hand. I took off my hood and placed my cloak besides me. "You didn't bring your book?" he asked me. I shook my head.

"I didn't think I needed it today," I continued. He nodded.

"Yeah, we're just probably going to talk all day." he chuckled. I scoffed. The water became warmer. I could feel his heart beat through his hand. His heart, thumping. I looked away. "Mika?" he asked me. He placed his hand on my chin and turned my around. "Mikaaa~" he laughed.

"W-what do you want?" I hit his hand away from my chin. I mumbled. He started to draw figures on my hand with his finger. I looked down to see what he was drawing. He kept drawing circles. I feel sensitive when he touches me. I didn't move my hand. Not at all.

"Don't you feel lonely coming here alone all the time?" he asked me. That's right. I told him I come here almost everyday and read alone. I just recently discovered the waterfall though. I nodded.

"Of course," I looked down at my feet in the water. Distorted. "I don't see much humans or vampires coming into the forest-- which his perfect--"

"So you don't want me here then?" he pouted.

"N-no, that's not what I meant..." I replied. After I said that everything went silent. I started to feel more guilty for saying that. I don't want him to leave me. Not ever. I spoke out breaking the silence. "H-hey..." I stuttered.

"Yeah?" he answered.

"Don't you ever feel... a sensation when you're around someone..." I confessed. He smiled softly.

"Like?" he continued.

"Like..." I couldn't explain it thoroughly or detailed but then I tried; "like you're about to collapse when the person touches you that makes you feel the certain... ah... emotion?" I asked. I refrained from looking at him as I said it.

"Yes." he admitted. I looked further down. "Haven't you ever felt it?" he asked me. I shook my head.

"Not since yesterday," I refused to tell details.

"Did you find yourself a princess?" he asked me. I jolted and shook my head violently. I blushed.

"N-no no no no! I didn't! I haven't!" I covered my cheeks. He laughed. He stopped slowly, then sighed.

"That's..." he mumbled. "That's good," he continued. I sat up from slouching and turned my head to look at him. He was slouching with such a dead expression, a hopeless expression. "I don't want you to find someone," his eyelashes are long, they've made his eyes more dreamy. Wait. What?

"Yuu-chan..." he grabbed my hand and he cupped his hands around it. I gasped. "Yuu--?"

"Please don't find anyone," he begged. "I don't want you to stop coming here, I don't want you to meet someone else," he continued. He held onto my hand tightly. I stared at him. He looked like he was about to cry, like in my dream. His hands are shaking. Making me lose my focus on what was around me but him. I suddenly felt like I... I feel... 

"Yuu-chan. I'll never leave you. I promise-- I'll stay with you forever, we just met yesterday but--"

"Who cares if we just met yesterday?" he interrupted. "I just want you to stay with me here, forever." he demanded. He looked down. "I just want to stay here, with you only..." his voice shook. I smiled. I grabbed his hand and pulled him closer to me. He fell into my arms.

"Of course. I'll come everyday to see you," I caressed his hair. He dug his face in my chest. This moment, it felt like we met a life time ago. He held me tighter than mother has ever. I heard his sniffles.

"Mika," he called my name. "The feeling that you were talking about," he was finally stable. "Is love." my eyes widened.




I felt this feeling ever since I've met him and now I'm... interested in him? That's why I kept dreaming about him.


"Your heart is beating really fast Mika." I felt his breathing against my chest. His sighs. His tears. They were stuck on me.

"I-is it making you uncomfortable?" I asked. He shook his head.

"No, I think it's comforting," I feel like he feels the same. I laid my head on his. I feel dizzy. I feel like if this keeps up I won't be able to sit up straight anymore without collapsing. He pulls away. I finally get to breathe without almost losing it. I sighed. "So," he wiped his tears. "You were saying that you suddenly felt the feeling of love yesterday, right?" I folded my arms and nodded.

"Correct," I scratched my head making sure he doesn't know that I felt that feeling towards him, I mumbled. "I'm not sure--"


"So who made you feel that way?"


I don't reply. I kept quiet, hoping that he wouldn't find out. This is different though. He's a male... and I'm a male... he's a human and I'm a vampire. I can't believe it. I'm such an abomination. "You won't reply," he continued. I covered my head with my hand. I scratched my head.




"Well then, it's ok if you don't want to tell me," he smiled. "If it's too embarrassing then you don't have to tell me." I didn't want to... I wasn't sure if I actually felt that way. Whenever I'm with him though I don't feel hungry though. I forget about the pain whenever I think about him and I always manage to think of nothing but him when I'm away from him and with him. "Ah, I know how you feel though..." he stretched. I don't want to look at him. I feel like he's going to realize I'm in... love with him. "There was this person--" he started.


I started to slouch more and more. I didn't want him telling me about him-- about love. "..." I don't reply. He keeps on going. Talking.

"She's a real beauty--"


My heart suddenly stopped. I felt a pain in my heart... like something was stabbing me. I felt like screaming. I felt like dying. I felt like... yeah. I felt like I was in love. I felt like I was in pain at the same time. I suddenly pictured him with someone else. Not me. Someone that was a girl... I don't know what his type was but... I can't just think about it anymore. I almost started to cry. I don't know-- I don't-- "She's really smart," he added. "Royalty. She's extraordinary."

Extraordinary. I felt weak. Vulnerable. Now. I don't mind him killing me. He fell in love with someone other than me and yet earlier-- he wanted me to stay with him forever. And now he's loving someone else while with me. Does he want to make me suffer for being an abomination? Of course. Yes. That makes sense. He knows me well. God, I wish I haven't talked to him yesterday about myself. The way he describes her, strong, willing, independent, and...

"She has the most beautiful eyes anyone could ask for. Sparkling, so dazing. The stars only shine because of her. And her smile-- oh-- it makes me want to just drop to my knees and beg her to be mine. She's as precious as a diamond and it's so rare for someone like her to exist. I'm glad that she does. I must bless her parents," he giggled. "But of course... I can't since she's--"

I stood up. He looked like he was imagining her in his head. He's staring into the blue. He looks like he's about to just doze off to her and propose.

"Be mine already,"

"I-I..." I stopped speaking. He suddenly looked at me.

"Yeah?" he asked me.

Don't talk about those things about her in front of me you human. "I-I feel like she's perfect for you."

"...really?" he asked me. He shifted his weight towards me.

No. Not ever. I chose to stay with you yet you wish to stay with her. "Of course. I'd love to meet..." I gulped. "her." I lost hope. I'm still clinging on a cliff of my dreams and hopes of him ever realizing that the only wish I wanted now was just... 




"... hm," he makes a small sound. "Are you ok Mika?" he asked me. I nodded.

"Just fine, fine..." I put on a smile and looked down at him. "I'm ok," I almost broke. His mood suddenly enlightens. He believes the smile and chuckles.

"I'll introduce you to her someday," he sighed. I laughed a little at myself. I'm a joke. I'm sitting on a throne of foolishness and yet he's still on my mind. Like he's attached to me. I nodded.

"Mhm." I replied. I hop off of the rock and laid down in the grass. He doesn't. He just turns around in my direction. I wish that he would feel the same for me, and not her. I wish...


I wish that he'd love me back.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Chapter Text

He laughs a lot. He touches my hair a lot and he tends to touch my hands a lot. I wonder if he truly feels for me or if he's fallen for me too. Who knows. Maybe I'm just imagining things. I'm not busy or anything but... I don't think I could ever talk to him after next week. It's almost the weekend. Three more days to go until it's Friday. I'd really need to rethink in the weekend about drinking human blood. He decided to lay next to me and look up at the fluffy white clouds. "The day is beautiful," he admits. I nodded.

"Yeah." I looked at the same sky he is looking at. I observed the clouds moving about in the baby blue sky. So beautiful. I hope that this moment would pause. But him talking about her is too much for me to bare anyways.

"Mika," he asked me.

"What is it Yuu-chan?"

"If I tell you who the girl is you would tell me who you love-- right?" he asked me. I don't reply.

"I won't tell until I meet her," I confessed. Of course he'd bring her though.

"Oh?" he asked me. He shifted his weight towards me and looked at me. I closed my eyes fluttering my eyelashes. He continues to put his hand on mine. He draws figures again. I can't tell what it is this time. I'm not looking. "Ah~" he sighed. "Then I'll tell you a hint!" I opened one eye to take a peak at him. He starts to move his hand around in the air. Hand gestures. "Let's see..." he tries to not make it obvious. "She has blonde hair, pretty..." I started to picture a girl with blonde hair. "She's always giving me a cold stare, like she hates me or something... but then she's always so open to me. It's ridiculously cute how she smiles and blushes." he sighed in satisfaction. I almost backed away. I imagine a girl blushing. He said she had beautiful eyes but he didn't tell me what the color was, so I just imagined her with blue eyes like me. "She's almost too cute-- anyways... she's always denying everything and she's strange. She is really strong. Holy hell she is smart. She's very unique, the first time I laid my eyes on her I knew... she was the one." my breathing stopped. I tried to picture her standing besides Yuu. I don't know how tall she is so I imagined her the same height as him. They seemed...


Horrible together.


"She seems perfect for you," I lied. He nodded rapidly. 

"Yeah! She's-- of course-- perfect for me. Ha ha!" he chuckled as he held out his hand to cover the sun. "She's my sun, my universe. She's almost too easy to read..." he smiled a little. A crooked smile. "But, I feel like she'll fall in love with someone else other than me," he starts to frown. His hand landed onto his chest in a rough landing and he kept on the face. "I'm too scared to lose her. If she leaves me I'll probably die," he worries. He covers his eyes and starts to laugh to himself. I hope she doesn't leave then. Him dying is just too much for me to bare also.

A world without him was so dull. So boring. I could feel nothing towards the humans than pity and towards the vampire hatred. I don't know what I would do without him though. He's the only human I would cherish. Yes, he has such power that he could've killed me yesterday but then he didn't. He was kind. I knew that from the start-- but I didn't know he was just using those words to sway me. I feel like, he's using her to sway me even more. "What's her eye color?" I asked. He kept saying her eyes were pearly and such. I just needed to know. He suddenly didn't speak.

"Ah, just picture her with eyes..." he replied. I nodded. "So, I gave hints. Tell me about who you love." he mumbled.

"I can't." I say, "If I do h--" oh. I was about to say he'll. Then he'll figure out it's a boy. He'll find that weird and avoid me at all cost. Even though he begged me to stay... "I can't." I repeated. I don't want to let him down but then if it means a lot to him then-- "Does it mean a lot to you?" I asked. He shrugged.

"Not really, I just really want to meet the person," he replied. My face enlightened. "If he or..." wait. He? He gulped. "...she," he suddenly continued, "is a beauty or something I'll meet her or him." he smiled through the complicated line he was saying. I shrugged.

"I'll just say it's an it" so he wouldn't be so upset. "I'll make it so you'll think about it too." I smiled. I hoped he finally understands the struggle I'm going through. He chuckled.


"Ah.." I started off. I can't believe I'm giving him obvious hints. He'll know right away it's him. I just know it. "It's gentle. Kind. When we first met I thought it was more harsh than I thought," I laughed. "But it ended up to be quite delicate. I knew right away that it was strong. It's confusing. Like the girl you like..." I went on and on. I finally went to his appearance. Ugh, how do I not make this so obvious as it is? "A-anyways," I struggled. "it's very beautiful. Silky black hair with such big round eyes... you'd see the stars through them," honestly. You would. The way he looks at me, the way his eyes enlighten every time he sees me is too much for me to think about. I would fall in love with him if I didn't even meet him here anyways. "It's really passionate and understanding. I never thought it would sway me though," I admitted. "I thought it was a spell at first--"

He started to laugh. I stuttered and covered my face in the grass. I turned to my stomach and covered my face with my arms. "A spell?" he was out of breath. "You're so new to this feeling that you thought it was a spell!" he wiped a tear. I heard him finally catching his breath. He sighed in satisfaction. "Ah... of course. It must mean a lot to you then, but then why are you saying it?" he asked me.

"I don't want to say what gender it is." I replied honestly. "If I do it's an obvious give away." I continued. "This is the first time I've ever fallen ill... so I'm... not good at this..." I blushed. He giggles lightly. I felt a sudden weight on my back. "H-huh?" I stuttered. I immediately got up and looked behind me and saw him laying his head against my back. I saw a smile across his face.

"Then, it's a he right?" he asked me. I don't reply.

"C-cor...rect..." I hit my head against the grass. "D-don't you dare ever talk about this." I raised my shoulders. "If you d-do I'll leave forever!" I demanded. He chuckled.

"No. You won't," he ordered. "If you ever leave me, I'll come and find you. Even if it means walking into that castle."

"Then I won't leave! I wouldn't want you walking into that place anyways!" I shouted. 




"Then..." he started to kick his legs around. "Did it hurt?" he asked me.

"Hurt? What are you saying?" I asked. He started to laugh.

"Did it hurt when you scraped your knee?" he asked me. I don't know... what he's talking about... I don't even understand what he's trying to say. Is he trying to sway me again?

"When did I scrape my knee?" I started to grow suspicious. He chuckled. Like he was waiting for this moment, I suddenly felt the urge to push him off of my back. I feel like... this time he'll kill me. But then he didn't bring his katana with him so he'd be hopeless to do so. Then he suddenly--


"When you fell for me."




Don't say that or else... I'll kill you. I-I'll do it! I'll kill you if you ever say something like that again! I... I... "W-w-w-what?! I-I don't understand!" I started to kick my legs rapidly and ended up kicking his face and his torso. I didn't notice. I tried to get him out of my mind when he said those words, I knew it! I knew he'd catch it! I knew he'd notice that I felt love for him! I suddenly regretted ever telling him about the details.

"OW OW OW OW!! Ok ok I give I give!!" he pleaded. Why was he pleading? Oh... oh.

I suddenly stopped kicking my feet. Good thing he didn't gain any bruises or such but then with him saying things like that to me... this was too much. "D-don't say that ever again,"

"Why? I'm just having a little fun!"

"A l-little fun?!" I almost kicked him one more time but instead he laid on top of me and started to hold my stomach. He buried his head in my back when he started his hands grabbed onto my stomach. "H-hey!" he started to create muffled noises while he spoke. I blushed when he started to hold me even more tighter.

"Let me have a little fun!" he cried. He suddenly took a deep breath. I couldn't... I can't...

"FINE!" I shouted in embarrassment. "G-go right ahead..." I blushed more and more. I eventually almost felt my heart bursting.

"So, Mika--" he crawled up to my head and laid his head on my shoulder. I could feel his breathing against my neck. "You know how Gods are created right?" he asked me. I nodded. Of course. This is simple religion knowledge.

"Yes. Throughout wishes of the humans." I've read a book about how they are created. 

"So, if I wish for something then you'd become a God and make it happen... right?" he asked me. He suddenly dug his head onto my cheek. I blushed. I covered my cheeks as always.

"Y-yeah..." I looked away. I stared at the grass but I couldn't... I couldn't help but imagine his green eyes when staring at the green grass. I started to have trouble breathing as he kept moving closer-- and closer--!

"Then let me tell you my wish," he snickered. "All I ever wish for..." he leaned in closer to my ear. So close his breaths started to tickle my ear. I gulped. I could feel my heart beating more and more whenever his breaths touched my ear. I feel like fainting but then... I suddenly thought. Does he do this to the girl he likes? Why is he doing this to me if he like someone else? I suddenly became more embarrassed when I figured he touches me more than he touches her. "Is your virginity--"

"AHHHH!" I suddenly pushed him away as he said those words. I held my arms out so he wouldn't come near me. I started to shake in embarrassment. My heart was beating faster then it normally would when I'm around him and every time he touches me he kept moving his hands towards my chest making him feel the thumping of my heart beat more noticeable. I suddenly started to breathe heavily panting. 

"OW OW OW!" I started to punch him in the chest lightly. Seemed like he was hurting. He held onto my wrists and stopped me from punching him further more. I couldn't blush any further-- I was already at my limit. I was about to faint. I was about to explode. His touch makes me want to scream and-- and-- just scream! "One more! One more!" him and his awkward sayings, they're making me feel so uneasy but... I just can't...

"One more then! You idiot!" I blushed and turned my body the other direction. I folded my arms and sat on my legs. I started to pout. He turns me around by grabbing my shoulder. 

"Nope, ah. You're going to have to look at me for this one this time-- and no covering your face with your hands!" he demanded. His soft voice was a trick. He was about to rape me. I know it. He's going to rape me. I'd let him-- WAIT! What the hell am I speaking about? I suddenly tried to cover it but then I realized I couldn't. "Oh~ your face is so red... it's like a girls face!"

"Just go on already!" I pouted.

He forced his hands onto mine and dug it into the grass. He leaned over with his face close to mine like that-- I almost lost it. I almost leaned over and pecked him on the mouth. "So, Mika!" he called my name. He was smiling with such confidence-- it was too cute. I'll try to make myself look uninterested. I murmured.

"What is it?" I asked him. 

"You have two choices." he leaned in closer than he should. So close-- his lips almost touched mine. I was so tempted-- so tempted to just kiss him. If he teases me like this once more I won't be able to hold it in anymore. I became more red. 

"A-and the choices are...?" I hesitated.

He snickered like he was playing me once again. He placed his hand on my chin and lifted my chin up a little. His lips so close to mine... he looks at me with such dazing eyes it almost would make me faint. Ugh... I'm such a fool to fall in love with someone like this. He has fallen ill for a girl and yet, he doesn't seem to notice me one bit even staring at me like that. I almost started to grow envious-- "Make me yours or--" I shuttered. I started to feel his other hand creeping down my back and in to my... "Or be mine--"

"Y-Yuu-chan?! W-what are you doing?" he gently laid me on the ground and he put his leg between mine. He started grinding his knee against my... "Y-Yuu-chan!!" I kept calling his name. "W-what are you doing?! I-I'm a--"

"Virgin?" he asked me. I tried to push him off but then he quickly took my hand and inter wined his fingers with mine. He laid my hand against the ground and held my hand while he teased me some more. I blushed. He started to put his right hand on my chest and-- "With that voice of yours you'd make a great--"

"S-shut up!" I interrupted. "I-I-If you dare touch me-- I'll execute y-you!" he giggled as his pointer finger guided his hand down to my... ahem... my... I can't... say it... I'm too innocent!

"Don't worry don't worry!" he chuckled lightly. "This is my first time too." he admitted. 

"T-then what are you-- wait! First time? This is... W-we're going to..." I started to squirm out of his attachment but then he didn't allow me to. "B-but you have someone you like! A girl! A girl that's... ah..." he started to unzip my pants. N-no... he isn't going... to... I finally managed to push him off. He fell to the ground on his back and started to laugh. I hopped onto him and sat on his hips I started to hiss as he started to cover his mouth so I wouldn't see him laughing.

"Ok ok! I give! Jeez, you're too innocent for me, I might just take that innocence from you--"

"W-why are you--?!" he pulled me closer to him and I fell onto his chest. I raised my head up but he took the back of my head and almost made me... kiss him. I could feel his heart beat, it's pacing... really fast... as fast as mine... does he... does... "Y-Yuu-chan?!" I swiped his hand off of my head and got off of him. "Who knew that you could be so reckless, you idiot!" I sighed. "You're innocent like me. You shouldn't be saying that sort of stuff--"

"But who said I couldn't?"

"I-I did!" I folded my arms and pouted. "You're a virgin like me too. You don't know a thing about sexual intercourse,"

"You don't know either. You thought love was a spell-- wait. You're saying you'd want to have sex with m--"

I covered my ears. "I'm not hearing anything until you keep your mouth shut about copulation!" he didn't say anything else. I finally let a huge weight off of my shoulders and sighed as I took off my ears. 


"But you would do it with me right?"


His voice was so close to my ears! I didn't hear him coming! I didn't even know! "Agh!" I jumped as he laughed. 

"You're so strange Mika, the guy you really like must be really lucky-- oh wait!" I stared back at him when he said the word lucky "That's me!" he giggled.

I almost slapped him. "D-don't say anything!" I can't believe I told him. Ugh. He's going to tease me now. A lot. A bunch. This is just... so much. I can't even think straight. I can't believe I told him, I regret everything now. Even being born. But if I wasn't born then I wouldn't have met such a wonderful man. 

God. This makes me feel more guilty. The girl he likes really must like him back. I wonder if he does touch her like that though... I wonder... "You know Mika..." I stood up and shook off the dirt from my sleeves. I started bend down and pat the dust off of my pants from the wrinkles he's created. I suddenly felt something grab my hips. Abruptly I was being pulled. Then my bottom hit against something. I started to feel something poking my bottom. N-no! I looked up and saw him grinding his hips against my bottom. I saw him holding back his voice.

"H-hey... this feels.. better than I expected..." he grinds his hips more and more. The thing poking my bottom made me almost fall. It kept making me feel weak. He was... sexually harassing me!

I pushed him away and started to keep my profanity. I blushed so much-- I couldn't even get mad at him! I couldn't even storm off or anything but just yell at him! I'm so vulnerable. I hate it. I hate this all. Ugh! I can't believe meeting him would lead to this too! "Y-You're sexually harassing!" I pointed my finger out while he was covering the front of his pants. The zipper. 

"Well, you do like me." he admitted.

"S-so! That does not mean anything! You just sexually harassed a prince--!"

"I'm a prince too."


"So, we're both princes', we're both male, it's possible for us to do it, and you like me. So?" he asked me. I folded my arms.

"So if I like you and you don't like me we can't do it! You're practically using me!"

"I never said what color her eyes were or else it would be too obvious for you to know that..." he stopped speaking. I suddenly turned around, I don't know what's wrong. What is with the eye color that makes him so worried? "It's..." he gulped. "Her eyes are blue," 

"Same eye color as me. So?" I pouted. I don't know what's making him so worried about this. I'm not stupid. Many people have blue eyes and blonde hair. 

"S-she's a tad taller than me..." he's into girls that's taller than him? Oh. "And she has this habit of covering her cheeks when she blushes!" he started going on and on about her. Like he's trying to make me jealous. I have such similar features I couldn't help but imagine myself as a girl next to him. "She's really smart. She likes reading and she really likes to come here a lot too."

"She does? How come I never see her?"

"You're so dense..."

"Dense? How so?"

"J-just... no... this is better." he said mischievously. What? What is better? I shook my head. "She's strangely dense. Too cute;" he acted like he was flying. So. He's saying that she's a lot like me then huh? How come then... I'm not the one you love? "She's really cute when she smiles but when she does it's so rare. She's super adorable when she calls my name 'Yuu-chan! Yuu-chan!'"

"She calls you by that too?" I asked. I placed my fingers on my chin.

"Yeah. You two are really alike." he admitted.

I smell like him. This is bad. "I don't think I have a sister," I shrugged. I know I don't since I was an only child. He continued.

"Every time I look at the sky, it's like looking at her blue eyes. Every time I see the sunset it's the same color as her hair. Every time I look out my bedroom window and see this forest-- I see her. I-it's not creepy or anything that once when I was little I saw her in the forest and started spying on her or anything--" he started to chuckle. I ignored the last sentence he said. He's cute. Way too cute when he's nervous.

"Then," I started to walk up to him. I placed my hands on his shoulders. "You said all those features about her that's alike to me so..." I started to shake him violently. 

"Whoa whoa whoa!" he started to shout.

"Why don't you just introduce me to her already!!!" I cried. I am so selfish. I want to see her for myself so I can execute her if she ever even glances at Yuu-chan ever again.

"I-I will I will!" he started to break free from my hands. 

"T-that's... good..." I started to pant along with him. I sat down on the grass. I grew worried for him, although me and the girl he likes were strangely alike it scared me. He doesn't like me but he likes her. Is it because I am a boy? Is it because he knew her longer than he has known me or is it... just that I'm useless... I'm not sure. I'm never leaving him though.



That's for sure.

Chapter Text

We ended up at the beginning again, sitting on the rocks and kicking our feet in the water. We got our feet dirty so we decided to clean off our feet. "SO!" he spoke out of the silence. I grunted.

"What Yuu-chan?" I whispered. I was angry. God. How I hated how he touches me and he obviously likes someone else. He keeps talking about her.

"So, tell me more about who you like?" he asked me. He started to kick his legs in the water creating splashes and puddles. He giggled while I sat there covering my face. 

"W-why... you know who I like you idiot!" I cried. He laughed. It's so obvious that he wants to see me suffer. He hated me just as much doesn't he? But if he likes a girl that's just like me just-- just fall for me already! It's like you're telling me you like me but the different gender! What were you even implying when you said that we could do it! You like me. So? That's all you got to say? "Gosh, Yuu-chan... are you really that desperate for--?"

"Of course. If it's coming from you I'd happily be desperate." he cheerfully spoke. I turned away.

"You're typical," I blurted out.

"You're obvious!" he replied.

"You're strange!" I retorted.

"You are too!" he says.

"No I'm not! I didn't harass a prince! Did I?" I bet he's going to be defensive about this. He's that type of guy--

"Do you want to?"

"N-no! What are y-you--?" what exactly is he planning. I'll slay him on the spot if he ever touches me again-- but then... I can't... I HATE IT!

"You can touch me anytime you want." w-wait...

"S-STOP!" N-NO!! This isn't what I wanted! I covered my face up some more raising my shoulders. I feel like I've been under a spell this whole time. Maybe I have. I feel like it. Me? In love with this idiot? Sure. I'm not dense. I'm not even one bit dense. The girl that he just likes happens to have the same exact features as me. Strange. But then I think it's possible. He scoots closer to me. I don't move. 

He nudges me with his shoulder. "Yeah... it's fine," he licked his lips. I gulped. I felt dehydrated for a moment. I pushed him away hoping he'd back away from touching me. 

"I-I won't..." I confessed. He blushed. 

"W-why not...?" he started to scratch his head. "You like me, so..."

"Because I-I'm not the type to touch someone after meeting them a day before!" I admitted. He stopped kicking the water. His legs lost its spirit and so did he. He frowned. I suddenly became worried-- for some reason! I started to look down at him.

"W-what's wrong? Yuu-chan?" I asked. He moves away a little.

"Nothing. It's fine." he mumbled. I can't believe he called me dense when obviously he's upset about something. I almost slapped myself for being so cruel but then he started to slouch. He looked down at his feet. His feet dangling in the water and his green eyes looking so moist. Like he was about to cry. I suddenly moved closer to him. I didn't notice.

I tugged on his sleeve. "Y-Yuu-chan... if there's anything wrong you can just tell me," I smiled awkwardly. I tried to make him tell me but nothing's working. I suddenly decided... it's time for me to make a-a... move. I didn't have any objections but I started to hesitate. I tried not to look away but-- this is beyond embarrassing. I gently laid my hand on his and looked away blushing. I finally took a deep breath and felt a heavy weight off of my shoulders shatter. I started to notice that he's not shaken up anymore. I turned to look at him to see if he's alright. "Yuu-chan--?"

"Caught ya!" he slides his hand away from mine and embraces me making me tumble over to the ground and hit my head on the grass.

"Urgh! Yuu-chan!" I cried out as he started to rub his head against my chest. 

"Please tell me more about who you love?" he looked up fluttering his eye lashes and started to blush. He gave me a smile a little kid would give and started to stare at me with p-puppy eyes... I blushed and looked away.

"Fine! Only to make you feel better!" I sighed. I took a deep breath and started to compliment him. "H-he's a..." I gulped. He kept looking at me like he was about to devour me. "He's g-great and... he's very open... h-he's enchanting and I--I'm--!!" I don't want to continue. After all I found out that he was only trying to use me so he could take off my jacket sexually harass me again! "I'm glad I met him!" I blurted out. He suddenly stopped moving his fingers down inside of my shirt and blushed. O-oh... he's strangely... cute... when he blushes...

"Y-you are?" he asked me. I stuttered.

"A-ahh... of course I am! You idiot!" I hit him on the head trying to get him off of me. He laughs and clings onto me. 

"I'm never letting go~ y'know?" he teased. I grunted and blushed violently. "You're such a mess," he giggled.

"You're the mess!" I retorted. 


Jeez! What's his problem? I arrived at the castle. The way he kept teasing me made me feel so embarrassed... I can't believe I'm walking home now realizing that I was just violated by a man I met yesterday. My precious virginity-- my precious... virginity will be taken by him. I can't believe I'm saying this but I... I can't believe he touched me... he likes someone else and yet he wishes to touch me! He likes me more than her! Does he? He wished for me to not leave and yet he loves her. I hate her! I hater her I hate her! Wait! What am I saying? God! I hate myself! I hate him for making me feel this way and I hate him for making me feel like I'm such a vulnerable prince! I... I love him... yet I hate him! Is this what love feels like?

If this is what love feels like I absolutely loathe it! And yet, he's still in my mind-- n-no... he's always going to be on my mind. God! I started to stomp to my room. Ignoring what everyone said about me I don't care. I don't care about it anymore. When I first stepped inside of my room I switched my focus on what time it was. I hope it wasn't too late, the sun already set when I stepped foot out of the forest. It's almost 10. I better get some rest. Seeing him tomorrow will be a drag but then... he's right. I am in love with him.

I took off my clothing and put on my pajamas. It's strange. Thinking about another male in your head while you are one is just... strange. His smile, his eyes, his voice, his whisper. The harsh cold wind hitting against his fragile skin. He's so delicate towards me and yet he's so reckless towards me also. Laying a finger everywhere on my body like he's using me. No doubt about it, he's trying to make me jealous so when I meet her he could see how in disgust I am when I see her. I simply felt just...


Horrible knowing that he loves someone else other than me. Horrible knowing that he's using me so he could make me jealous, and yet... I feel like it's just right that he's-- laying his hands on me. I laid down on my bed without smothering in my covers I laid there bare. I shuffled my bangs behind my ears and closed my eyes. I start to see her. I start to see him and myself.


I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my heart.

So sharp it felt like a sword impaled my heart and dug it it out of my chest. I gulped. I swallowed the lump in my throat and ignored what I thought about.

I see her while she's calling his name. I wonder. I wonder if he's really... in love with her. Not me-- but I know he's using me since he is human. Tossing the word 'love' around like it's just air. Like words are empty air, I start to cling onto him more than I should. I started to clench my fists without thinking. I thought of how he's wrapping his arms around her and then saying her name. "Mika!" he called my name. "Meet ..." inserting a name.

"Mika! Hi!" I heard her cheerful voice. I saw myself. No smile but tears and my crown smashed on the ground. I saw how eagerly desperate I was for him to touch me again but... he touches her instead. He caresses her cheek while leaning in closer for a kiss while on top of her. She's on her back in the green grass with such an expression she shakes and thirsty for his touch-- he finally lets her become tainted.

I hate her.

I loath her.

I envy her.

I... she disgusts me.

I want him to touch me more... I want his touch... the way he whispers in my ear, the way he sneaks his hands underneath my shirt, the way he calls my name and so pleasingly-- I allow him to touch me. Now... I just feel like... 

GOD!? WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING?! Being easily played and being manipulated will not be tolerated in this relationship we have. I'll claim revenge. I'll do it. I'll touch him! I'll violate him how he did to me today, I'll do it! I don't care what he says I'll t-t-touch him! I'll m-make him suffer through what I have went through! I'll b-be...

Corrupted too, will I not be?

I shook my head. I'll plan this tomorrow. After I dream of... him.


God. Why am I here early? It's 9:50 and I have to wait ten minutes for him to come here. I hate this. I hate this so much. I wish that I'd perish! I wish he was happy with me instead of her. I hate life. I hate it. Why does it have to be like this? The world is so cruel, so cruel! I hate it so much... I hate him so much... gosh. I feel like I have said that word for over an hour. I sit on the rocks once again. I stare down at the clear crystal water. I want to smash my head against these rocks so I could forget about him. I shook my head. No no no, that's bad. I'd rather-- I'd...

Do nothing. I finally hear the rustling of the bushes coating the forest being violated. It's him. He's early too. I sighed. I tried not to notice again, two days and he already knows I love him. These days feel like months and years, so soon yet so long. I clenched my fist as I thought about it. I hated it. She's probably a better fit for him anyways! A princess, blue eyes and blonde hair like me, a flashing appearance, and she's adorable. I really want to see her to rate her myself. I probably doubt that she's possible better than me. I heard the grass shifting about with his feet displacing the grass. Splitting. I thought of the way he hurries to see me. I thought of how he seems to always be around me rather with her.

But then. It's strange. Tepes never really notices that I left so much that all I see is the forest now. The titan green, the blending of the frost of blue. I never thought it would be more appealing with him here. W-wait... with him here... it's not the forest and the waterfall that makes me want to... no. I covered my cheeks. I started to blush while thinking about him-- even memories can make me feel like this... I hate it. This is love? Isn't it.

Love. When a person feels affection/strong feelings towards their significant other or their love interest. I suddenly feel like, that's like me. Is it not?

I felt steam coming out of my blushing, ugh. This stirring emotion makes me feel woozy. "T-this..." I whispered.

"This what?"

"Agh!" I jumped. I almost fell into the waterfall again. "You little--!" I turned around and swing my arm to punch him in the face but if I'm fighting him I lose control and become vulnerable. I can never hit him... not ever after I started punching him when he kept saying those-- corrupted words.

"A-a-ah!" he teased. He grabbed my wrists and pulled me close to him. He put his finger to my mouth and whispered, "If you just wanted to touch me you should just ask--" 

"G-gah!" I pulled away instantly and covered my cheeks. I forgot, I was supposed to make him suffer the way I did the other day. Ugh! This messed up mind of his, I hate it. I wish he was innocent. He probably wishes to take her virginity along with mine. He is playing me! He's playing her probably too! I better warn her! I better kill her off before he falls for her completely! He probably... did though. The way he describes her makes me feel like I would want to be her. I really do-- what? No. I do not want to be a pitiful human like them. But. If it's for Yuu-chan, I would-- GOD! Kill me! Please! "Y-you're insane..." I folded my arms.

"I'm the insane person you chose to love--"


"So--?" he repeated.

"I-it's your fault that I fell for you anyways,"

"Aha! So it did hurt when you scraped your knee!"

"I never did!" I retorted. He's not wearing his crown. He scratches his head and sighs. " come you never wear your crown?" I asked him.

"How come you always are?" he replied, "Aren't you afraid some bandits will steal it when you are not looking?"

"No. If they do I'll kill them." I replied. He shuttered.

"C-coming from someone like you, I'd believe it."

I turned my head in disgust. "You're rude," I growled.

"You're too sensitive, and way too dense," he laughed. I blushed a tiny bit. I don't need to cover my cheeks if it's not noticeable.

"Y-you're reckless, touching other people and using them..." I pouted.

"Using?" he suddenly realized what I meant. He walked up to me and placed his hands on my hips. I ignore what he's doing. I don't care now. He's just trying to make me look at him-- well this won't do anything! "Who said I was using you?" he asked me. I clicked my tongue.

"I-I know you are using me, you like her and you obviously don't like me. You're just toying around with the both of us!"

"The both of y-- no!" he denied. I scoffed. I shook my head. He pulled me closer trying to get me to get me to look at those big, round green pearly eyes. He rubs his head on my cheek. The repeating dragging among my cheek was itchy but his hair was tickling me. I couldn't help but chuckle a little. "What are you laughing about?" he asked me.

"Your tickling my cheek with your hair," he backed up a little. I looked down at him and saw him blushing. His face was red-- like a girl! I finally looked at him and laughed. "You look like a girl! Yuu-chan!" I added. He hisses and then he--



"You look like a girl," he snickered.

I quickly placed my hands over my mouth. His lips! His lips touched mine! He's so... strange! H-humans! I tell you! There's always something wrong with a human, and he's just so dirty! He's always so perverted! He violated me! Again! With his tainted lips... his soft lips... tender... sweet tongue; what am I thinking!!! GOD!

"Y-y-y-you kissed me!" I blushed. 

"So? I'll kiss you again if you keep covering your lips like that--" I took away my hands. I d-don't want him to kiss me--!


"You said you wouldn't k-k-kiss me again!" I stuttered. He moved his hands to my back and held me. I didn't notice how close we were. He licked his lips.

"Your lips taste wonderful. Can I taste a little more?" he asked me. I suddenly tried to push him away but he wouldn't budge! T-this sicko! I fell in love with such a strange human! The most perverted human that has ever lived! A perverted prince! He's wishing to touch me and the girl he loves! Why?! Why is he doing this to me!? I am not sure what I did to deserve this but... t-t-this is just too much!

"N-no! Think about what you h-have done!" I folded my arms. He placed his forehead on mine and gave me puppy eyes. He puckered up his lips.

"Please?" he plead. I shook my head.


This... this wretched...

I finally pushed him on the ground with his guard down. I was on top of his hips and I held his hands against the ground so he wouldn't think about pushing me off. "I caught you! Human!" I laughed. "You will now suffer what I have went through--"

"Ohh~ touch me, touch me my prince-- I want you to make me feel good--"



Chapter Text

I soon placed my finger on his mouth so he could keep quiet. "Shh!" I shushed him. He smiled and kept his lips locked together. I started to blush wildly, and with the suffering and violating I've been through... it's finally my turn.

Though, the girl he is madly in love with will not forgive me for this but I will not forgive her if she ever takes him from me. I really do want to spend more time with him. Meeting here everyday isn't enough. Seeing him everyday isn't enough. I want to see him when I wake up. I want to see him when he's besides me at night sleeping on the opposite side of the bed-- and I-- am in love.

I am in love. I really want to scream it. "If you're so into her why won't you like me?! We're practically the same!" I kept shouting and screaming that in my mind that my throat started to ache. I could hear his breathing and I could hear how fast his heart is pounding. My legs spread on his hips-- I feel a lump underneath my bottom. I don't know what it is but-- it was the same feeling when he grind his zipper against my bottom. I'm not sure what it was but... "Yuu-chan, why is there something poking underneath my bottom?" I asked. He covers his eyes. 

"I-it's nothing, just touch me already," he sighed. I started to grow tired of the lump. I got off of him.

"Stay down," I demanded. He snickered. 

"If I don't-- w-wait? What are you doing?" he suddenly gasped. I bent down and stared at the lump. The zipper wasn't the one causing it! It was what was inside of the pants. 

"I want to see what you're hiding," I replied. He stuttered. "But... this area is where the penis is--"

"N-NO SHIT! Haven't you ever heard of an erection?" he asked me.




"Nope," I felt his thighs jump when I placed my hands on them. He let out a small noise.

"Y-you never touched... yourself?" he asked me. I shook my head. He sat up and looked at me. Carelessly, I unzipped his zipper and saw it getting bigger. The noise made him sit up and raise his legs up. "Y-you're actually going to--?"

"Going to what?" I don't know what he's making such a big fuss about. Something must be covering his penis. I'm not sure what he's trying to hide but it sure is big. The lump is getting bigger-- and it's inside of his boxers. Is he hiding a weapon? What the hell is an erection? "What's an erection?" I asked.

"I-it's when your--"

"Never mind. I will find out myself," I thoroughly observed the lump. The zipper was being pushed aside. The lump twitched. Ah! It is some sort of... protection... thing... I am not sure. Some contraction he made is making a lump covering his penis. "I will now take off your boxers." I cracked my neck. He started to panic and blush. He's... really cute... when he blushes.

"N-no no no! I'm-- I'm--!" he hesitated as I slowly grabbed the top of the boxers. I dug my fingers underneath his boxers and slowly started to pull it down. "I'm... I'm saving it for my girlfriend!" he suddenly blurted.

"..." I stopped trying to pull it down. "Your contraction that you are hiding underneath your boxers?" I hissed. He nodded while covering his face with his arms. His mouth was trembling and almost practically drooling. "Wait..." my heart stopped. I didn't realize it.


When he said the word girlfriend, he did mean a girl that is a friend. Correct? We usually address them as our spouse or so but then girlfriend... that's slang. I suddenly fell onto my bottom and backed away. He saw me with such an ignorant expression. "You have a..." I stopped. I gulped. I started to cover up my face with my knees and dug myself into my own grave. I heard a crack-- a slight crack in my chest. A crack that was repaired and now my heart has been destroyed. Once again Yuu-chan, you have made me... weak. 

"Y-yeah, what's wrong?" he asked me. He sat there. Still. He didn't bother to comfort me. I comforted him but he ended up violating me and yet... I wish that he would touch me once again. With his delicate fingers, and the way he's so flexible with his movements about my body..

I paused. I started to feel wet, my face was wet. I felt something tickling my cheeks. I immediately looked up and looked at my hands trembling with fear and such doubt. I fell in love with him when I first set my eyes on his and yet-- she was his love interest when we meet also. I started to hear my own breathing become hesitant. I just-- I-- 




I saw something stain my hand as it dropped from my cheek. A tear-- a single tear drop that has fallen onto it. I saw it slide down onto my arm and fall into the cold air. Clashing onto the grass it splatters into the dirt and remains. I looked up at him. He stares. He stares at how vulnerable I am right now-- like he's surprised. I started to cover my face with my arms and dig my head into my knees once again. I started to feel the mourning through my breaths become more visible. More noticeable. The way he looked at me was so... hurtful. So full of-- nothing. I started to soon feel myself screaming in the inside but in the outside... nothing. 

Nothing but a little pain, nothing but a little tears. Nothing but little tiny regrets. The choice I made the day I met him to come here was a horrible one. He's going to run off with her and have a pleasant family. A family that would've been mine! He was supposed to be with me... he was supposed...


" be with me..." 


I sniffled. I wiped my tears with my sleeve and started to feel the lump in my throat choke me. "Mika?" he crawled up to me slowly then placed his hand on my head.

"Why..." I don't know what's happening. 


"Why won't you... love me...?" I asked. I don't know what's happening, this isn't me... this isn't me speaking.

Calm down.

Calm down.

Calm down.

I can't.

I can.


"What...?" he asked me. "What are you... joking?" he asked me. I suddenly pounced on him. With such great force I tumbled on top of him and saw his frightened expression on his face. Angry. Frustrated. Jealous. Worried. Safe. Calm. Ignorant. Weak. He makes me feel all of these, he makes me feel like I should just disappear. Maybe I should... Maybe...


I should. "I hate you so god damn much!" I stated. "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!" my words soon breaking when I realized what I was saying. His eyes widening. Afraid he tries to speak with his mouth shut. "But..." I suddenly stopped. My grip became more unbearable. He groans. "I love you..." I suddenly let it out. The heavy weight off of my chest crumbled into little pieces and onto him. "I love you so much... I can never let you go..." I started to hear my tear drops fall onto his jacket. The salty tears. "I... I just... why...?" I asked him. I closed my eyes and squinted them trying to get the tears out of them. I want to empty out my feelings and dump it onto him. I just... want him to finally understand what it was like for me... to hold it in... "I'm just like her-- so love me!" I wiped my tears. I took my hands away from his arms and covered my eyes. Everything was dark. A world without him was, dark. "So just-- love me. I hate this unrequited love, I hate it!" I started to break down some more. I mentally challenged myself to hang on to him some more but then it didn't work. "I hate this all--!"

"Maybe playing around with you was a bad idea," he finally replies to me. He grabs me by my shirt collar. I fall into his chest and he places his hand on my head. I start to blush a little, I hate him. So damn much. I started to shiver. He gently caresses my hair with a caring smile on his face. He lets out a sigh and with his terrified expression blown away from him-- he's at peace now. "The girl," he starts.

I grabbed his shirt and clenched on it. "..." I waited for his continuation.


"She's not a girl."


He ruffled his hand in my hair and held onto me tightly like when we met-- he held onto my arm tightly. I blushed. "W-wait? What?" I needed him to repeat it... I needed--


"Because the girl--" he sits me up and holds me by the shoulders. He moved his face so close to mine that it almost hurts to see him again after that breakdown. "Is you."


"WHAAAAAAAAT!?" I screamed. I started to become more teary, I felt my nose hurting and I felt my lips shaking. Too embarrassed for him to look at me once more I covered my face blushing more wildly. "I-I can't..."

"W-what?! You're crying? Are you ok?" he asked me. He started to shake me gently and took my hands off of my face.


"I... I was jealous of myself..." shyly, I admitted. "I can't believe it!" I started to sniffle. "I am-- I am weak!" I pouted. "I'm so stupid! So dumb! I hate myself!" his hands still grabbing my wrists I can't move it. He starts to laugh. "D-don't laugh!" I shouted at him. 

"No no no, you're too adorable," he started to cover his cheeks with my hands. "Your habit is too cute," he smiled at me with such a pleasant taste. I blushed and furiously turned away.

"You're not cute." I replied.

"You're right," I looked at him.

"N-no no no! I lied I lied!" I pouted. I started to shake my arms. 

"No no, you're right. I'm not cute-- I'm--" he suddenly licked my fingers and bit it gently. I moaned a tiny, I saw a bite mark on my finger. I blushed as I looked at it. "I'm sexy--" I took my hand out of his grasp and slapped him. 

"Y-you're not!" I blushed.

"Ha ha!" he kept laughing at my dumb self. I started to wipe my hand against my jacket and cover my cheeks. Damn, he's so tricky! I hate it! He's been lying to me this whole time saying that he was in love with a girl and he actually loved me! I was worried and terrified because of myself! I hate him!


I hate him so much!


Chapter Text

We both lay underneath the shattering sky.


"Hey," he speaks.

"Y-yeah?" I'm still flushed by him. I'm truly, confused. He likes me and I like him, so why couldn't he just say that when he found out that I liked him?

"Do you want to... uh..." he scratches his head and chuckled nervously. "K-kiss?"


I got up and backed away. "You touched me and violated me and now you're asking for a kiss?" I clicked my tongue, "You are strange, Yuu-chan."

"G-get back here!" he blushed. He pouted and turned the other way. I lay back besides him and tap on his shoulder. He grunts. "You're not getting that kiss now," he groaned. I laughed.

"W-what?!" I stuttered. "I don't want a k-kiss! I just want you to face me!" I covered my cheeks. He slowly shifted and faced me. I looked at him while he blushes a tint of peach. He sighed. He's just making this more awkward. He touched me in so many places, and said so many violating things but I've never seen such a sweet innocent side of him like this. I take my hands off of my cheeks and stared at him. "Wow," I said.

"W-what?" he pouted.

"You look like a girl-- hehe," I giggled. He placed his hands on my shoulder and aggressively started shaking me, I almost became dizzy but then I kept on laughing because he's too adorable to be angry right now.

"T-take that back!" he demanded. I shook my head.

"Nope," I joked. He suddenly lets out a disturbing noise. A noise of embarrassment.

"...ngh," he blushed. He suddenly gasped like a light bulb went off of his head. The ideas he always has are horrible. They are either sexual harassment ideas or idiotic ideas like jumping into the water so I could save him. Gosh. He's the most reckless person I've ever met besides myself, at least. I brushed off the back of my pants as I stood up. I sighed and felt the warmth beating off of my skin. He stood up too, then tried to hide his smile by covering his face. I rolled my eyes and acted like I didn't see his desperation. He suddenly coughed for my attention. Cough cough, I didn't look at him.

"What?" I asked.

"Remember earlier?" he asked me. I started to turn my head.

"Earlier?" I replied.

"Yeah, earlier, when you were about to uncover what kind of... ah... contraction I was hiding underneath my boxers?" he reminded. I placed my fingers on my chin.

"What was it?" I asked. He suddenly sighed and scratched his head.

"You really don't know what a erection is?" he asked me. I shook my head.

"I never heard of it." I mumbled. He laughed. I looked back at him. He was laughing so hard that he almost fell on the ground. He held onto his stomach and covered it with his arms. Unable to maintain balance he kept stumbling everywhere he leaned towards. "H-hey! Don't you dare judge me!" I retorted. "You're the one to laugh about!"

"About what?" he wipes a tear while still chuckling to himself. "God Mika, you're dense! Way too dense!"

"I-I'm not dense! You are!"

"No, nope. You are. You didn't even know that I liked you when I was obviously spitting out features about you~" he continued. I blushed. I-I didn't know! I'm not a girl! You're hopeless! Hopeless!

"I-I'm not a girl!"

"You don't need to be called a male in order to know that I was talking about you," his smile makes me just want to-- punch it! Softly-- ah! I'll punch it anyways! I clenched my fists and growled.

"Y-you're stupid!" I suddenly let out. "You don't even have a girlfrien-- ah?" I stopped. He stopped laughing as I said those words. He finally became stable. He was able to breathe again. "Ah..." I let out another noise. "This- this is..."


"Awkward." I added.


He placed his hands on his hips and gave me a posture of a women. "You're right. I don't have a girlfriend." he says, "I'm about to get one though." I gasped. No. I'm not falling for it again. His tricks are useless.

"Who this time...?" I almost growled at him again. I suddenly calmed down. Breathing in and out as he was about to reply, I couldn't help think of... someone else. I know that he said I was the girl that he loved but then, he also said that the girl he loved was his girlfriend so is that--


"You." he chuckled.


"Y-y-y-you didn't even say anything about me being your spouse!" I blurted. "Y-you little--!" I ran up to him and threw a punch in the air but then missed. My coordination was way off too. I was too reckless, and I lost my balance. I almost fell forward until he caught me from behind. He lifted me up from behind and squeezed me tightly with his arms around me. I blushed. He laid his head on my shoulder and kissed me gently on the nape. "A-ahn..." I let out a small moan. Damn. My neck is one of the most sensitive spots in my body since, ah, I am ticklish.

"Remember what I said while you wanted me to touch you?" is he talking about that damn time when he violated me. I don't remember begging or asking for him to touch me places that were supposed to not be touched. I hissed.

"I d-didn't even ask you!" I yelled.

"But you really wanted me to, right?" he assumed. I shook my head.

"N-no! No no no!" I tried to get him off of me. He started to chuckle, "You kept v-v--" I stopped. "violating me!"

"Then that means you do remember what I said if you remember what I did~" he chuckled. He tightened his grip and started to kiss my nape again, gently pecking on my neck, and moved up to my ear. I closed my eyes pretending he wasn't there but... it felt... ticklish. I tried to not let out any noise. He licks the back of my ear--

"Ngh... no... n-not..." I stopped. "A-agh..." I let out. He snickered. He sways me better than how we met, I hate him. I hate this! He keeps violating me without my consent! I hate him I hate him I hate him! But... just... just a little... more-- a little more is fine. He laid his head on my shoulder again and digged his hands underneath my shirt. The sensation is too much-- I'm too innocent! But-- no more! No more! "S-stop... hnn!" he moved his hands up to my stomach.

"Oh~ you're quite fit," he continued to move his hands upward. His hands moved up to my chest. I gasped for air.

"S-stop! I said... stop!" my eyes start to tear up. This is so bad. I hate it. Please stop, please... not now... not here! What if someone comes by? If someone does! Please stop! Stop! "Ah... ngh..." I covered my mouth with my right hand and held onto his arm with my left. He giggled.

"You're really sensitive, maybe if I touch you a little more you'll collapse?" he started to play around with my breast. "Wow, you're like a girl. So smooth-- so pale. You have a really puffy chest for a guy... and your nipples are so soft!" he added. I let out a moan on accident. His fingers twisting them, and sliding his fingers on top of them-- too much! Too much! I can't! I felt something from my spine building up. Something weird, strange... my... my penis hurts... it's rubbing against my pants... it hurts... I looked down and saw a lump in my pants. My eyes widened. I saw it twitching. It's-- it's alive! AH! What is it? What is that!?

He cupped his hands around my chest and started to play around with them. No... something's coming out... "S-something's... coming out!" I blurted. He looks down at where my penis is at and sees the lump.

"You have an erection," he answers.

"S-stop! I don't know what an erection is! You i-idiot... ha..." out of breath I say. His hand in the air-- "W-what are you doing? Where are you--"

"Don't worry, don't worry," he made me feel more worried. When he says that it usually means that he's going to do something stupid. I covered my eyes. He started to merely poke the lump slightly then--

"Ah--ahh!?" I let out a noise by accident again. My legs gave out and made me drop to the ground. Something! Something's coming out! I covered my penis and started to... p-pee... this is too embarrassing... "Ah-- ngh! N-ahh! Hah... ha..." I started to run out of breath. I looked down at my hands and saw white thick liquid cover my hand. I looked down at my pants and saw it splattered all over my zipper and my arms. "W...what is this...?" I questioned.

Yuu knelt down in front of me and stared at the splattered area on my pants filled with white. "Wow. You came a lot. You might get raped easily--"

"R-r-raped?!" I cried.

"Yeah. You're really really sensitive, and you're very cute. Your pale, suppl skin, and your beautiful blue eyes just might get you raped." he sighed and grabbed my hand. He started to stare at it. "You should masturbate. You'll be satisfied, your cum is really thick--"

"C-cum?! That's what this is?!" I suddenly started to blush realizing he's getting closer to my hand. I closed my eyes. This is too embarrassing. I start to pant. Too hot outside today, we should go inside a building or something. I suddenly felt him tug on my wrist and something slimy rub against my hand. I opened my eyes-- "Y-you're licking it!?" I tried to take my hand away. He licked between my fingers, it tickled. He shoved my index finger all the way inside of his mouth. I felt his tongue wrap around my finger like nothing. His saliva is dripping down my finger. "Hey..." I blushed. "You're going too far... you don't need to help me clean..." I gulped.

"Clean?" he asked me. "You're really to pure, aren't you?" he asked me. "I just want to taste your cum. But..." he opened his mouth. I pulled my finger away and saw his tongue covered in white, translucent liquid. He closed his mouth and closed one eye in disgust. He swallows it. I could see the lump in his throat moving. I blushed and realized...

"YOU DRANK MY PEE!" I covered my eyes and dug my head in the dirt.

"P-PEE? No no no! I drank your semen!" he opened his mouth. He panted. He placed his fingers on his chin. "It's bitter..." he licked his lips to remind him of the taste. "This is your first time ejaculating, yes?" he asked me. I looked up.

"Ejacu... lating?" I asked him. "What is that?!" I crossed my arms. I had to intention to have sex or anything with him but... this is awkward.

"When you have an erection-- didn't you feel something crowd around your spine or something?" he asked me. I nodded. I covered my cheeks and realized that I had cum on my hands. I forgot. Now my cheeks are dripping with it. "Ahaha! You got cum on your cheeks! Such a habit!" he laughed. I started to tear up-- no... this is too embarrassing. I wiped the cum off of my cheeks with my arm sleeve and rubbed my hand against the ground so the cum could come off. My hands smell weird. My cheeks became a little crusty. I wiped my tears with the back of my hand. "Mika?" he asked me. I sniffled. I buried my hand inside of my knees and started to cry. This can't... get any worse. I try not to let out any noise so he wouldn't see how weak I was. I started to shake in embarrassment. Go away! I don't want you to see me like this! J-just go home! "Hey... it's ok..." I felt his hand ruffle through my hair. His warm hands made me jump. I felt hot like this. I want to take off my clothing. "Are you... crying?" he asked me.

I shook my head. "NO! No I'm not! I'm... sniffle... not!" I retorted. "I'm... fine! J-just...! Go away!" I wiped my tears but more kept coming out. I started to hear my voice crack on its own. "Just... sniffle-- turn around..." I cried. He doesn't. He instead lays his head on mine. He wraps his arms around me and hugs me.

"Shh... don't cry. I'm sorry I made fun of you." I don't say anything back. "Mika, you were just too adorable," he added. He starts to giggle. "Remember when we met, and you fell in the water?" he joked. I wiped all of my tears from my watering eyes and felt no more tumbling down. I don't say anything. "When I saw you half naked-- I was turned on." he confessed. He buried his head in my hair. "God... wait... let me rephrase that--"

"...hehe," I giggled a little. I smiled confused. I don't know the term "turned on" but then it was--a-- little funny when he said it awkwardly.

"You were so shy, and whenever I touched your body your cheeks automatically became a reddish color. You always covered your cheeks with your small hands..." he zoned out. I blushed. T-this is embarrassing still... why is he telling me such weird moments... "I really wanted to see your cheeks when you covered them," he gushed. He finally pulls away. I raise my head alittle-- then he takes my chin and observes me. I started to blush some more, this...

He takes his hands and wiped my cheeks. They were so moist, a little crusty. He smiled tenderly.


"Will you be my spouse?"


I gulped. "H-huh?" I rephrased. "W-wait!" I became bright red. He starts to giggle.

"You heard me, be my spouse." he suggested. I rubbed my cheeks against his hands. So warm. My cheeks became cold after the crying. I stammered.

"F-fine," I admitted my love. "I-- I love..." I gulped. I looked him straight in the eye. His eyes are gleaming. "I l-love you!" I cried.

He finally takes his hands away from my cheek. "Fuck..." he suddenly swore. I jumped. ??? He tumbled down on the ground and scrunched up in a little ball. His cheeks flushed and his whole body red. He lays on his side. 

"Y-Yuu-chan?" I asked.

"Too fucking cute..." he looked like he was in Heaven. I started to sweat.


"Don't say my name like that, not in that voice, god you're such a tease!" he covered his nose. Red liquid started to drip down between his fingers. I started to shake him.

"T-tease? Hey! That's blood!" worried, I say, "You're having a nosebleed!"

"You're too much for me, god dammit all. You're so cute, moe..." sparkles filled the air. He sighed still covering his nose.

"You're an idiot," I told him.

"Your idiot~" I blushed and tumbled backwards. I fell on my bottom.

"I-I know already! Stupid!" I crossed my arms and scratched my cheek. He laughed. He sat up. Getting his white gloves painted red with his blood he observes my face thoroughly. I stare at him in the eyes. I want to win this competition.

"Shit." he swore. I tilted my head. My jacket slid off of my shoulder and gently laid there. "CRAP!" he fainted.

"Yuu-chan?" he was laying there. Unconscious. I crawled up to him and started to shake his shoulder. "Yuu-chan! Wake up!" he doesn't reply. His eyes are closed and his eye lashes fluttered.



"Moe..." I heard him whisper.                                      

Chapter Text


"Ngh..." I heard a noise. It's Yuu. He woke up. I sit besides him and try to comfort him as he wakes, but instead he rubs his eyes carelessly. "Ahh--ah?" he yawned. He looked at his gloves. I cleaned it for him. The waterfall is almost as magical, the blood immediately washed off the gloves when I gently dipped it into the sapphire water. The way that his eyes reflected against the stars made it worst... he was too dreamy to look at... "Mika?" he asked for my name. I jumped. I wasn't paying attention. I don't reply. I'm pretty sure he can't see a thing really, it is super dark outside.

I don't have a clock with me obviously, and I don't have a pocket watch with me. I sighed. "Hopeless..." I uttered.

"Oh! So you are here?" he looked around and eventually saw me laying down. "I thought you went home?" he asked me. I shook my head. I looked up at the starry night sky, and noticed some beautiful suns. 

"No. You would've died if I let you to rest out here without me," I sighed. I didn't see any Four Horsemen of John but I did see wolves hanging around here. Still-- if they saw Yuu-chan he would be dead. Torn up to shreds. He can't be fainting on me anymore. "Don't faint anymore," I looked up at him. He looked down at me. "Ok?" I asked him. He chuckled nervously and scratched his head. He started to sweat.

"Ah, alright," he sweats of embarrassment. He wipes his forehead. "Thanks for uh, cleaning my gloves." he blushed a tint. I nodded.

"No need to thank me. I wouldn't want you walking around with bloody gloves anyways," I sighed. He looked at me like he was shot.

"So you did it out of the kindness of your heart?" he asked me fluttering his eyelashes.

"I did it so I wouldn't have a spouse with bloody gloves." I selfishly said. He smiled.

"At least you called me your spouse--"

"H-hey!" I sat up and hit him on the back. "S-stop!" I hesitated. He laughed.

"You're too adorable," he continued to argue against me. He treated me like I was a 10 year old boy. I stood up and ignored him. He kept babbling on and on about how strange it is that I called him my spouse. Of course I did! D-dork! You would call me your spouse too, wouldn't you? I crossed my arms and looked away. "Anyways, let's get out of here," he chuckled nervously. 

"Yeah. Let's go." I uncrossed my arms and let them dangle besides me. He walks nearby me, he seems a little frightened. "The forest is a tint brighter than I thought it would be though. Enough for us to see a couple of details," I added. He nodded. I started to blush. Ah, we're finally... a couple... this is too much... I cant't handle this--

"Say, Mika," we walked ahead in front of us. "Should we go left or right?" he asked me. I didn't think of that. 

"Let's just go straight ahead, I don't remember any other routes but the one I always take but I always see some things when taking them." I say, "Maybe it's best if we go straight ahead anyways." I scratched my head. Hearing the fading of the water splashing together of the waterfall go away I soon grow closer to Yuu. We kicked around the bushes. leaves falling off of the bushes landing on our feet and falling onto the ground. Walking straight into the woods without anything to guide us but the trees and the empty space we walked through-- we recklessly walked ahead without thinking. He smiles eagerly while ahead of me. I adored that side of him. The side of him that's so determined to overcome anything.

When we met he told me that he recently discovered the forest. He said that it was nice, and he kept seeing a person walking in the forest. Me. He kept blabbing about the view he would always get when looking through his bedroom window. I would always ignore the comments about me. I don't know why he's so interested in me, he's just using me. Even though he says that he is not, all humans use people as pawns. They're tricky. I don't understand why he's different. 

Looking ahead, the forest began to became to become separate. More empty spaces and more bushes. We walked into the bushes without thinking what was up ahead. 

"Ohh~ it's..." his shoulders rise. I looked at him. His eyes were reflecting the atmosphere. I blushed. My mouth nearly dropped. He's-- he's so... I hate him. His eyes was shimmering. I looked ahead. 


"What... is this?" I asked.


An empty space. Full of Begonia, Hibiscus, Lilac, Tuberose, Pansy, red, purple, and yellow flowers everywhere. The flowers were so beautiful, so rich. But most of all, I saw Acacia. I never grew an interest in flowers but these were beautiful. The ground painted with pedals. Yuu runs recklessly through the riches, and with an expression with excitement I can't help but also too. I took off my shoes and threw them aside where I could see them clearly. Yuu also did the same, we both ran with the flowers tickling our feet. I could see the luminescent shades of blue shine against the flowers while the wind whistled through the air. Taking the pedals away slowly by slowly,

Until we dropped on the ground panting for air. Laughing, we lay there together.

"Ha... ha..." he catches his breath. We lay down on the ground with our limbs stretched out. I chuckled at him trying to talk with him out of breath. "I... I'm so... tired..." he smiled. We were laying across from each other, head to head. I stared at the moon reflecting the light towards our eyes. The stars accompanying the moon, was truly fascinating. "Say..." he sighed.

I ruffled my hands through the flowers. I finally was able to pick one up. Pansy. "Yes?" I asked. I hold the flower by the stem, and raise it up in the air. I cover the moon with the flower. The flower grew dark. The color was hard to see. Blocking the moon's reflected light he replies.

"The stars are truly appealing," he acknowledged the stars. He sits up. I turn the flower to the other side, still unable to see the color of the flower I adjusted my posture.

"Yes. They are." I sat up also. I let my arm down too tired to hold it up once more. He sits next to me side by side. He continues to look up at the stars with lust in his eyes of travel. He ruffles his bangs and tries to make it so his hair wouldn't be in his face, I blushed. This moment was perfect for the both of us. He doesn't say a thing with that perky smile on his face. He starts rub his hand against the stems of the flowers hoping to pick a beautiful flower, then finally snaps off the stem. He smells the flower with his eyes closed. I blushed as I stared at him. He opens his eyes slightly and looks down.

"Lilac," his voice echoed in my thoughts. His soft voice, his soft eyes. His delicate smile. Tender. The way his green eyes shined so bright-- cherishing the light it scared me to see the real beauty of what tonight was about. I stared down at my flower while he stares at his. "Mika..." he whispered my name gently. 

"Yes?" I replied once again.

"Look at me," he smiled. I turned my head. I placed my hands on my lap. He turns to me also, then with the flower in his hand, he caresses my cheek with the other hand. "Suppl..." he voiced. I blushed a little, closing my eyes unable to know what he was going to do next. I felt something rubbing against my cheek sitting on my ear after wards. I opened my eyes pearly. I noticed the flower wasn't in his hand afterwards. The thing poking me was a little prickly but soft. No sharp edges, something was popping out at the edge of my vision. "Don't touch it," he smiled. I nodded.

"What is it?" I tempted.

"The flower behind your ear?" he asked me. I blushed and leaned back slightly. "Don't worry, it's beautiful. Looks better with it on you." he admitted. I blushed some more covering my cheeks. I smiled a little. He stared off into the crowded stars. Shining brighter than the flowers-- they seemed to mock. I sit there too. Looking at the moon's shades of bright baby blue. I sighed. He finally speaks. I decided to say something, after all... it was too much not to speak anyways.


"I wonder," I started. He listens. "How can space be so beautiful," I confessed. He looks at me. "The scenery..." I whispered. "Just it alone made the skies so much prettier," knowingly I spoke. He shifted his weight towards me, leaning more, I don't look at him. I'm too nervous to look at him now, seeing him with that face... he's just so eager for me. He makes my skin feverish whenever he touches me. I wouldn't reject his touch but I might flinch. 

His mouth opens ever slightly, then I feel a quick breath against my skin turn into acid melting



"I'm not sure if it's wrong to think this but," he says, "the night sky isn't what makes this the perfect scenery, in fact..." he places his hand on mine, squeezing it I blush. I turned my head and noticed his lustful eyes so close to mine. He tilts his head leaning in towards me. 


"The only scenery I see, is you," his tender lips touch mine, and as soon as his soft lips touch mine I felt an undying feverish electric flash spike down my spine making me unable to move. He holds me by my waist. I blush wildly, I feel... tingly... I feel like... like...  "Mika..."



Oh no, he's saying my name... no... not now... not here... the bed of flowers soon comfort me as I fall onto my back. "Yuu-chan..." my eyes teared up with joy, and fear. He grunts while shifting his leg between mine. He touches my cheek with his gentle hands. 

"Say my name one more time," he demanded. My mouth is watering, tempted to cry, I can't...

"Yuu-chan..." I say one more time, unsatisfied he kisses my neck with his hair rubbing against my chin. Tickles. "Ngh..." I moaned, not my voice, not yet! N-not yet!

"One more time," he softly whispered. His breath crashed against my skin. He moves his lips down to my collar bone, then I felt his teeth bite on it. Creating a bruise, he made a hickey. He licked the bruise with his slippery tongue and smoothly caressed the rest of my collar bone with his tongue. I blushed some more. I felt my lips burn, his lips against mine... I'm so vulnerable... against him... why him... why do I have to... fall in love with him...


"Y-Yuu-chan-- ahh! Ha..." he finally moves up to my mouth and licks my lips. He soon takes his tongue and shoves it into my mouth. I licked his tongue not knowing what to do. He wrapped his tongue around mine making his saliva drip down into my mouth. I swallowed, my mouth is watering and aching for his taste. So sweet... so sweet... I raise my arms, shaking in this melting feeling, my weak grip clenches onto the back of his shirt. I felt like my hands would fall from holding onto him. I blushed as he took out his tongue. The saliva connecting our tongues together collapsed. Cold and warm we both felt so comforting. Out of breath, I soon became too weak to do anything but lay down besides him. He rolls besides me. I turn my attention to him. We both shift our bodies towards eachother.

"Mika," the flower in my ear remains behind my ear. I smiled knowingly, I'd stay with him, no matter what. The smell of the flowerbed was pure. Tuberose and Acacia flowers crowded us. "Mika--"


"Achoo!" I sneezed. Both of our expressions lightened up. I started to turn red and cover my nose and mouth with the both of my hands cupping them. I'm... I'm so embarrassed! I just ruined the moment by sneezing! Flowers! Dammit! I suddenly heard a small noise come out of his mouth. His eyes are closed, and a hint of a smile is on his face. His voice soon becomes noticeable.


"Heh," he starts to giggle. I flinch a little, then I start to giggle too. He starts to burst into laughter as he moves closer towards me. I start to blush and burst out laughing also, he's too adorable. He places his hands underneath his chin clenching it into tiny fists. The air full of soft laughter, then we both slowly stop realizing what a couple of kids we are. "You little dork," he said while catching his breath once more. I smiled softly. 

"I-I'm sorry for sneezing," I suddenly apologized. He wiped his eyes hoping no tears would come while laughing. He soon kisses me on the nose for a tease, then leans back.

"You don't need to apologize for being so adorable," he replied.


Ah... uh... hmm... "I-I like your eyes!" I nervously sweat. I soon began to blush covering my cheeks. He began to laugh at how I complimented him... he's... such a strange human!

"Ahahaha!" he started to chuckle some more after catching his breath. I blushed.

"Y-you're not making this situation anymore comforting!" I boasted.

"You're too cute, sorry, sorry... you just don't say 'I like your eyes!' to someone that just kissed you on the nose though-- only you would though. You're wayyy too cute. You might as well be a puppy," he joked. He took my hands and tightly embraced his fingers with mine. I blushed some more. I couldn't cover my cheeks. "YOUR CHEEKS ARE SO RED!" he laughed some more.

I turned away nervously swiping my hands away from his. I scrunch up into a little ball facing the other way staring into the dark green forest. It's got to be around midnight by now. The moon peaks through the tips of the green. I covered my cheeks, a little steam came out. I groan frustrated. "Y-you're so... rude..." I cried a little. He puts his arms around my stomach and forces me to turn around.

"Aha, ok ok, my bad. Look. It's not bad to tease though, at least I could see how you really look like," he smiled.

I blushed and dug my head into his chest hoping he wouldn't say anything more. I suddenly felt, a little-- "Ahhh," I yawned.

"Tired?" he asked me. I nodded while nudging my head into his chest. He caresses my hair softly, "Ah, then I'll put you to sleep," he suggested.

Soon, I started to close my eyes as I hear him inhale, his voice gently starts to hum me a melody, a sweet melody... the start was a little rough, he chuckled while singing me a couple of the lyrics,


"You've got it all, you've lost your mind in the sound," he starts to sing a little more clear, I start to become more tired as he sings. He's so good at singing, brilliant I must say. I'm so impressed... so... impressed... so tired... must... "There's so much more," he continues, "You can reclaim your crown; You're in control, rid of the monsters inside your head," he kisses me on the forehead.


"Put all your thoughts to bed," his voice fades away as my mind starts to go blink. His voice is so soothing... I want to hear more... "You can be king again,"


Asleep, I dream of him once more. 


I could still feel his arms around me, safe... so safe... I feel so warm. I feel so loved. I finally realized that-- without him I wouldn't be here right now. Seeing the flowers, new routes and a new discovery, and the taste of another filling my thoughts and taste buds. I crave more. I want more. I need more. I need him so much. I want to run away with him, I want to see him more than ever. But finally. I've got to sleep besides him. I'm so happy I could burst into a millions of pieces. 



I'm so glad that he's mine, and I'm his. A tear drops down my cheek. He wipes it. He kisses me one more time on the cheek, then lays his head on mine to rest. 


Goodnight Yuu-chan. Sleep like the prince you are.


Chapter Text

"Hey! Mika! Wake up!" Yuu-chan's calling my name. I soon rub my eyes. I start to shuffle my hair around, messy. I yawn. I stretch my arms out, but he grabs them. "Mika, I have to return home." he concerns. I tilt my head. 

"Why am I..." oh right. I remembered. He fainted and then we ended up sleeping in this field of flowers. That's why my hair is crowded with pedals. I wipe off the pedals in my hair and leave what was behind my ear. His flower he put there. I suddenly jumped. "O-oh! Right! We have to return home before the kingdom gets too concerned!" I informed him. He nods. He soon starts to rub his forehead and slick his hair back. I blushed when I looked at him do that.

"But, I don't really know where we came from..." he chuckles nervously. I scratched my head, I don't know either. Don't expect me to know if we got lost here at night. I soon start to look around-- "Our shoes!" I shouted. He turns to where I was looking and runs towards our shoes. His feet tumbling over the flowers, but they still stand up. Crooked. I stared down at the path he was creating. Begonia and Hibiscus. He tramples over them without thinking. I rest my eyes. I soon try to forget what we did but I also mark it as one of my favored memories. He kneels down besides his and quickly puts them on.

"I don't want Guren worrying about me...!" he grunts. I nodded. I don't know who this Guren is but I'm sure he cares deeply for him. I chased after him and put on my shoes also.

"Mother will worry..." I whisper to myself. He doesn't listen. He's too focused on going back. I wish he'd stay with me a little more but then Tepes will be concerned. I'm sure that we shouldn't see each other after this-- but-- I don't really know if he'll want me to come back here anyways so might as well just ask... "will... you... come back?" I ask. He looked at me. He stands up and smiles.

"Of course. To see you everyday is just enough for me." but I don't want just that. I want more. I need more. I need more of you... I'm obsessed with him. I'm obsessed with Yuu-chan... I never wanted this. "So you'll come back right?" he said that like he was almost demanding me to. I nodded.

"Yes. If you're here then I'll come," I replied. He soon looks behind me. He sees wrecked leaves and twigs forming a little path. "That must be where we walked, it was dark so I'm guessing we made those twigs snap and the bushes rustled." I scratched my head. My bed hair is really bad. In the mornings sometimes I have to brush my hair with water so it would stay down. A couple strands of hair never stays down, so I just leave it. I see it's the same with Yuu-chan. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem.

He walks onto the path as I followed behind him. He looks around. He soon opens his mouth. With a little air being inhaled-- he doesn't speak at all but just closes it immediately. I don't pay attention to the forest but just him. I continue to walk pretending I didn't see him open his mouth. I see the waterfall appearing more and more visible to us. The green is fading. I soon regret saying I wish I never met him but I don't at the same time. I wish love wasn't so complicated. Especially falling in love with a human like him. A prince of the royal human family, and I'm going to be forced to drink... human blood... I... "Say, Mika,"

He says my name. "Y-Yes?" I didn't think he'd say my name.

"I'll never forget what we did together from the beginning," he said. "I just really--" he sighed. Seems like he doesn't want to tell me. I never attended to be in a relationship with him but... if it's for him not to fall in love with anyone else but me, I'm sure.


Oh. I just remembered. He never said he loved me. I studied relationships some time ago, of course it's a little creepy when you're walking around observing others as they're on 'dates' but then it's really important for me to study them. I noticed when someone says they love you the normal response is to say it back. He didn't say it. He just fainted.

So is he just... using me after all?

"Mika?" he called my name. I suddenly lost my breath.

"Y-yes?" I reply. He turns his head towards me.

"Is something bothering you?" he asked me. I shook my head nervously. I don't want to say them right now. He's going to end me if I do. I don't want him to leave me, anyways.

"N-no..." I chuckled nervously. He soon furrows his eyebrows and stops walking. I soon stop too. I tilted my head in curiosity. He stopped for no reason. I don't understand what got him so worked up. "What is it?" I began. He sighed and took me by the shoulders. He grabs onto them tightly. I soon start to groan in pain a little. He's grabbing a little too tightly.

"You're lying to me." he furrows. I shook my head.

"No. I'm not," I added. I shook my head.

"You are. What's wrong?" he asked me. Quit it. Quit asking me. I don't want you to go. If I tell you, I won't be prepared coming here without seeing your face. Ever again. I started to hear my heart beat accelerate and become louder.

"Nothing is wrong Yuu-chan," I put a smile on my face like a mask, and as always, he believes it.

"Ah..." he backs up and lets go of me. I stiffened. "...ok," he walks up ahead. I wipe the sweat from my forehead. I'm glad he didn't notice. It's so confusing. A smile could represent such emotion, and such expression but yet people use it for a mask. I do too but it's common that it scares me. I usually never interfere with anyone else's problems so I wouldn't say anything if I notice a mask. I walk behind him with my legs trembling.

"..." I don't say anything back but just simple regrets that fill my mind. I should of just drowned in the water. If he never pulled me out we wouldn't of been like this though. I don't want him to become a necromancer though. (Someone that is in love with dead people/bodies.) I soon clench my hands into a fist as he walks away to his route without saying a single word. No goodbye, nothing. But then he turns back around and looks at me with such a smile.

"See you later!" he turned his head. 


I walk home thinking about why he never replied. He didn't say it when we were together in the field, and he always talks about my appearance. He rarely says anything about my personality but how "adorable" I look. I started to see the castle not far from the forest entrance. I exit the forest and walk a slower pace than usual. I don't want to say anything about last night. 


I'm walking through the corridors leading to my room. My room shut, and my crown resting on its purple pillow. Royal. I soon opened my door-- but then saw mother sitting on my bed on the edge staring right back at me with her cursed bloodlusted eyes. I jumped when we came across contact-- and soon tried to leave--

"Mika." she called my name. "Come here," she demanded. Her words forced me to cease my walking-- then sit besides her on the bed. "Good." she continues.

"What is it mo--" then again, that glare. The glare she gave me when I first met Yuu-chan. I soon become aware of the situation. She's going to talk to me about the night with me in the forest. "Queen Tepes." I murmured. Her shoulder eases and rests. Her face rests. I close my eyes prepared for what she's about to say but... this feeling isn't going away. Fear. Sadness. Anxious, I soon feel like I'd break.

"The maids have been saying you smell like human when walking across the corridors." she stares off into the window. I jumped. 




"R-really..." I replied.

"Yes, Mika, why were you gone yesterday night?" she asked me. I soon felt sharp pain pierce me through my stomach. I soon remember... "Were you spending time with the humans?" she asked me. I tried to resist. I tried to resist the pain so badly... but it hurts so much. Like I was about to be decapitated if I lied or even told the truth. I soon place my hands on my stomach. My eye twitches, and trembling I soon start to tear up. "Aren't you hungry?" she placed her fingers on my chin and playfully turned my head towards her. I stare at her making that wretched expression.

"H..h..." I don't want to say it. "H..." huffs of breaths. "H...hun...gry..." I soon mutter. She starts to giggle. Her other hand is holding a vial. Scrunched up. She raises her hand and shakes the b-blood in the vial... joking around... "Blood..." I soon regain my consciousness. I feel like puking. I feel like vomiting my organs out. I'll sleep this pain away. Forever. "Blood...!" I soon slammed her forcing her to lay on my bed with her wrists locked with my hands. I jolted my head towards her neck and forced my fangs into her neck. She grunts in pain. Then she soon starts to chuckle through the process.

"You're so weak, vulnerable," she jokingly says. "Humans..." she starts. "So useless, livestock," she laughs some more. I ignored her words. The blood caressing my tongue and forcefully swallowing it down while it floods my mouth... it's a little bitter. This is what blood tastes like after a while. I start to feel my body regaining it's power and waking up. I felt like it was a new morning after all. She pushes me off of her. I tumble on the floor laying on my bottom. "Useless humans," she utters. "I don't care what you do to them," she smirks. "I don't care now. I never cared." she admits. "Now," she slams her foot on my stomach, making me cough. The pain in my stomach increases. I feel vulnerable. I feel strength also.

"T-Tepes..." I muttered. "I'll... never-- drink human blood-- gah!" I coughed some of my blood. She starts to kick me on the side of my waist. I tried to get up but the pain is aching so much. I dropped to the ground once again as my knees gave up. I soon started to hyperventilate. She sits besides my body and smiles casually. She does this almost all the time when I'm with her. She beats me, then I run away. I don't have the strength to fight her. I don't have the power. If only... if only I could just run away forever... from all of this... I would. She wouldn't search for me. She already abandoned me a couple of times.

"Useless son, why I ever raise you?" "You're not even a fully-fledged vampire and yet you're prince. Consider yourself lucky." "You are a pain, Mika, if only you'd perish sooner..." she'd say those words to me, she'd always threaten me, she'd say that if I ever remain like this I'd eventually die and become a useless spirit or a man-eating demon. Disgusting. I soon start to think about her words. She's saying them right now. "You're as useless as the humans, you think humans are worth more than immortality?" she chuckled. "You're wrong as always Mika. I could crush your puny life right now." she's saying those words to her own son without regretting them, it hurts.... I want... Yuu-chan... I need...


"Yuu...chan..." my eyes began to flood with tears. Specs of color-- so blurry.

"Yuu-chan?" she questioned. "That prince?" she questioned. I closed my eyes in regret. "Humans are using you Mika. If only you'd listen to me I would at least give you one more chance." she scoffed. "Yuuichirou is using you like how all humans use others." she marks her territory on me. She lets me get up from being stomped on. I sit there to rest. It's almost time to go back to the forest. "Yuuichirou is a joke," she adds. You're wrong... "You're going to be killed if you ever stay with him," you're wrong! She looks at the clock. When I go to the forest it's usually time for her to start her duties. "Remember this Mika," she adds.

"..." I can't ignore her. She's wrong anyways...




"Yuuichirou is known for luring many people to think he's innocent. He's not. He killed many vampires before, and used them." she began. What? No. That's not possible. He said that he wanted to see me everyday... and he said if I'm ever missing he'd search for me! Even in this castle! Anywhere! He'd die searching for me! I start to cover my ears. Her voice gets louder each second. I remember how she'd always lecture me like this when I was little. I'd do this. Cover my ears and start to think about other subjects other than the problem we'd be talking about... but... we're talking about him... and he's all I think about. "Yuuichirou's already being planned to have a spouse--"

"Huh?" I uncover my ears suddenly as I heard her words echo through my mind. Breaching my walls, I soon start to feel something begin to break.

"Yuuichirou is going to marry a young women, I have heard. Soon." she starts. I soon begin to hyperventilate again. After all... that's why he never said he loved me.

So he was using me after all. Just to kill me. I soon start to scream internally. Memories filled my head of me with him.


His eyes, his hair, his lips, his voice, his touch, his body, his cocky personality, his smile, his... his-- just-- just--- him. 

I try to forget it all in one instant but then when the parts of my body where he touched starts to sting-- they start to itch. I want to just-- cry. I start to shiver. I start to realize that he was using me all along. For my body, and for entertainment. He never said he loved me. He just wanted me to stay so he could use me when he is bored, I hate him. I hate him. I never wanted to meet him. Fate forced us together. I knew it. I knew it...

"M-mother..." I soon utter. She starts to smile. She stands up as I continue to slouch there with my hands laying on the ground helpless. "Mother..." I start to cry. She soon caresses my hair. I feel numb. Her cold hands rubbing against my scalp. I soon closed my eyes.

"You're in love with Yuuichirou. Aren't you?" she asks me.

I don't reply. Those words are so dull now. I don't know what love is. In fact,


What is love?


I sit there instead. My mind just so blank, it scares me. "I knew I smelled that stench before," she giggled. She exits my room like nothing happened. Nothing but her laughter filled the room. She leaves me clinging onto my hopes. This cycle again. This pain.


I change into another pair of clothing preparing to see him one more time. Then, I don't know what to do after that. I want to kill him. I want to kill myself. I sat on the edge of the bed once more. The space. The empty space. I saw a note besides me sitting there. Mothers handwriting. 


He's using you.


Her handwriting is so easy to read but so hard to comprehend. I don't want to understand it though. I wish I never knew anything. I want to be a clueless kid once more, please, just let me... just let me sit here forever with nothing but myself. My undying corpse. My undying lust for him, and yet I'm so angry... I could cry...

I could explode. I folded the paper and stuffed it in my pocket. I don't want to throw it away. In fact, I'll cherish it. I'll never fall in love again. 


I'm in the forest waiting for him now. Not prepared to say anything although. I sit there with the note in my hands reading it once more. He's using you. He's using me. I just need to remember. I need to remember how hopeless humans are. The hope I'm now clinging on is almost on the brink of falling into a pit of nothing. Endless falling waiting for it to hit the ground but yet it never does. Those are regrets. Regrets that you could never change. Emotions. Feelings. Him.

I sit there on the rocks. I hear the bushes moving about with his feet kicking against them. I hear his breathing. He's here. Ah. I don't care anymore. Just please...



Don't let her be right. Don't let me be right.

Chapter Text

My hands are sweating. The very texture of the note still sticks to my skin. I hate it.


"Ah, Mika~!" Yuu is close to me. His voice is getting louder each second and so are his footsteps. I hate it. I hate him. I never should of fell for him. I don't regret it anymore. I want to forget him. I need to. I can't get him out of my mind... I can't... I fucking hate it. I hate this all. Why me? "Mika! You're not saying hello back?" he jumps on the rocks and sits besides me panting. Maybe... maybe if I say 'I love you' one more time he'll say it to me.

"Yuu-chan," my voice trembles. He turns his head towards me.

"Yes?" he asked me.

"I--" I gulped. I started to hear my voice crack. No. I will say it. I clenched my fists. "I love you." 


He smiles softly. Then he puts his hands in his lap. "I know." 


I heard a little crack in my chest. A sharp pain. Slight. I let him ravish my mind. "Don't you love me too?" I don't know why I just said that. Why am I so worried? He doesn't even love me. I shouldn't ask him such an obvious question.

"Of course." he doesn't sound confident but his perkiness showed. I don't know what's wrong with me. Why are you lying to me? I don't want to die like this. I felt an agonizing pain still cruising through my veins. I soon placed my hands on my chest to where my hear was located. I started to become less and less interactive. His arms raise from the corner of my eye and he soon tries to put his arm around me but I soon swipe his hand away viciously. He tosses that aside. I soon uncover myself. I turn myself around and face the right side of the waterfall. I no longer want to look at him anymore. He doesn't love me. He's lying. He lied to me and he promised... he said he wouldn't lie to me. I soon began to feel more moisture in my eyes. Tears were forming. I tried to wipe them but they wouldn't come out yet. "Mika?" he asks.

"What." I say.

"Is there something... wrong?" he asks me. It's so early for me to cry like this but it's so common that it hurts. I shake my head hesitating. I'm lying too. It's only fair. I put my legs on the rocks and buried my face in my knees. "You're lying, aren't you." he didn't even say that in a form of a question. He was demanding me to answer but nothing comes out. This is usual. "Mika." he calls my name again.

"What is it Yuu-chan?" my voice is almost on the verge of giving up.

"You're crying." I reveal my face. My eyes widen as I notice the tears finally coming out smothering my cheeks. My knees are wet. I see little stains of tears. I avoid blinking from making the tears flow down but then-- it just hurts so much. I shake my head. He forcefully turns my whole body towards him and places his hands on my chin. He tilts my head up and stares at my eyes. His glare is making me want to stab myself. He soon tries to wipe my tears with his sleeve-- I slap his hand away and push him away. I fall on the ground and tumble. He doesn't help me up. He instead watches me get up by myself. "Are you... ok?" he asks instead. I nod.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine..." I feel like I broke my arm. The sharp pain from my chest isn't going away. Why isn't it healing? Why... just heal dammit! Heal! 


S-shit... it hurts so badly... I just want to cry...


I mourn. I plead. I pray. I want his to end already. I sank to the ground as I just stood up. My legs gave out from overthinking. "Mika," I heard him come closer. Thump. He jumped off the rocks. I struggled to stand up once more. The overthinking is creating a toll on my body. It hurts. I felt the note scramble from my chest pocket. I finally stand up as tall as before but more sluggish. He stands in front of me one more time. The light is so bright, it's burning my eyes. I soon wipe my tears so he wouldn't touch me. Just say it. Just say you're over me. I don't fucking care. It's so painful seeing you right in front of me with this emotion on my face. It's different than last time.

He tries to hug me with his arms wide open prepared for embrace-- but instead I walk the other direction than his arms. 

My chest hurts. Hurts so badly. Why won't it heal? I keep asking myself. 

"Why won't you let me touch you?" he asks me. I don't look back at him. I stand in front of the rocks and place my hands on them. I took a deep breath ready to explain-- "Don't you love me?"


Fool. "I do! I love you! I love you!" I yelled back. "You don't love me though," I quietly whispered. Silent. He comes a little closer but he knows I'll just push him away; so he stops coming closer in an instant.

"Of course I do." he assured. "You're important to me." My eyes widened as his words are finished. Then... why are you engaged? Why are you going to marry a young women? I don't believe it... but she's almost always right. 

"Then why are you engaged?" I suddenly asked. I clenched my fists and bang it against the rocks. "Why are you lying to me?" I continued.

"W-where did you hear that?" he starts. So...


"It's true..." I soon broke down. "You're using me..." I continued. "Y-you..." I fell to my knees while my arms are clinging onto the rocks. I looked down at where the grass meets the silicon. I rubbed my eyes against my sleeve softly. 


"Just shut up!" I yelled. "You never loved me! You loved her! You're just using me! You're using me to be your toy, and you... you..." I stopped. I started to mourn. I sniffed and shut my eyes so I wouldn't see the green anymore. Not now. "You never... cared for me..." I heard my own mind breaking and my heart being ripped apart. Like he was the person tearing it apart. Mother was right. Humans are tricky. I was right. 

"Mika--" he grabs me by the shoulder. I jumped. He pushes me onto the ground and lays on top of me. He grabs my wrists and tightly locks me. I struggled to get him off of me but he's just-- "You're crazy in the mind to think that I'm using you." he replied.

"Then..." he stares down at me. He gives me those eyes. Those eyes of determination. He's not even worried. He's not even focusing on me. He just wants to protect his repetition. I don't feel like I belong in his life after all. I don't belong anywhere. Not even in this world. I just want to perish. "Why won't you say you love me?" I stated. I started raising my voice without even realizing it. "But..." I zoned out. "I don't care." I started to cry once more. Seeing my own reflection in his eyes hurt so much. "Just say it, even if it's a bitter lie," my heart is completely,




"..." he doesn't say anything. "I love you... Mika..." he starts. 

Tears drip down to my ears. Thank you... for finally saying it even if it's a lie... "I was so obsessed with you, Yuu-chan..." I'm tired. "I couldn't stop thinking about you every second of each day, whenever I'm with you the pain just goes away and I feel like I'm in a surreal world..." I continued. What am I saying? "Whenever you touch me the parts of me ache and they sting so much-- why is it?!" I screamed. "Why do I love you so much?! Why do you... mean so much... to me..." I started to lose my breath. 

"..." nothing. No reply. Yes. Of course there's no reply. 

"Don't worry Yuu-chan," I stopped crying. Ah. I understand now. He's so in love with her. He's not... into me... "You can use me. You can just... in fact kill me..." I held my breath.


"Quit fucking around!" he retorted. "You mean more than me than she does to me! I don't fucking even like her!" I felt something drop on my shirt. Wet and cold, I stared up at his watering eyes. "I never could get you out of my head either," he shakes his head. His tears fly all over the place like rain. "But I'm not even using you..." he tightens his grip. I groan a little in pain. "So stop fucking around!" he yelled once more. He drops his head on my chest. I feel numb. I can't feel anything now.

I hit my head against the grass behind me. Forget him forget him forget him. I kept telling myself. "Don't cry Yuu-chan." I slapped a smile on my face. "Just live a happy family with her instead of me," I croaked.

"I don't want to love her, I want you-- I need you!" he rants. "I love you I love you I love you!" he starts screaming. "I love you..." his voice died down. "I love you so much that it even hurts..."


"I love you too, Yuu-chan," I replied. "I love you more than you think," I embraced him. Even if he is using me I don't care now. I don't fucking care, tell me sweet lies, touch me, use me, I just want to see you more. He isn't crying anymore. We both lay there vulnerable. I want to stay like this. He means too much for me I realize. I could never let him go. He's the only one that understands me. I looked up at the sky. The abnormal blue. I felt the note slipping out of my chest pocket. He could see it. He'll kill me.


He wasn't really crying. Was he?

Chapter Text

His arms around me. Warm. He snuggles closer towards me to never let me out of his sight. This false warmth made me feel so safe. I could hear nothing but his breathing. 


"Mika," he starts. I closed my eyes to forget what happened earlier.

"Yes Yuu-chan?" I asked.

"..." he sighed. "Do you know what an arranged marriage is?" he asks me. I do. I might get an arranged marriage but... I won't. I won't do it. I nodded. "You're so dense." he says once more, softly. I bury my face in his chest.

"W-what?!" I muffled. "What makes me so dense?" I sat up and looked down at his scattered hair. While he replies, I take out the leaves in his hair and the grass stuck in it also.

"Of course I love you. I wouldn't marry a girl I have no feelings for," he giggles. He starts to fidget. "Tickles..." I blushed a tiny. He has a lot of grass in his hair. "I don't love a girl so I'm going to marry her," he says. Wait...

What? "Y-you're joking right Yuu-chan?" I giggled. After hearing him yell at me earlier; I started to believe he actually cried for me. I don't know why... I don't know... why would he love an abomination like me? He laughs.

"You seriously are dense," he chuckled. I folded my arms.

"You have so much grass in your hair!" I wiped off the dirt and grass on my hands. I remained sitting. Yuu-chan laughed in embarrassment. Every time we go home he does get some stuff in his hair from being so reckless.

"Hey!" he sprung up. I jumped as I saw how close his face was. I-I-I'm not used to kissing yet! I'm not! Stop! He moves in a little closer. So close his nose starts to touch mine. He blushed. "Let's go to the field of flowers!" his perky smile. I suddenly felt eased. I remembered the first time we set foot in the forest. I felt at home sleeping with him there-- wait--! What am I thinking?! I started to shake my head roughly. I placed my hands on my head and started to freak out. Did he touch me when I was sleeping? Did he do anything to me? Gah! "M-Mika! Let's go~ hurry up!" 


I suddenly realized I was being dragged by my foot.


"Y-Yuu-chan!" I slapped his hands off of my foot so he wouldn't be dragging me. I got up and swiped the dirt off of my body. 

"Ha ha! You're dirty too Mika!" he laughed. He's such a child.

"Q-q-quiet! You're the one that started to drag me on the ground! And you always get grass in your hair!" I retorted. I started to blush.

"Just look at your clothing! Who do you think you're talking to?" he smiles with a sparkle showing in his teeth as he poses. He shows off his sparkling, clean, clothing. Nothing. No dirt or anything! His hair is filled with grass! "See! Clean!"

"Yuu-chaaaan..." I growled. I suddenly pounced towards him trying to grab him by the torso-- but then he dodges instantly making me almost trip to the ground. 

"M-Mika... I'm going to lose my breath laughing if you try to catch me..." he starts to pant. I hissed once again.

"You child! Get back here--!" I leaped towards him again. The same thing happens. "Yuu-chaaaan!" I yelled. He starts running away. We're in the forest, so it's harder for me to find him with all of these trees around. 


Growing tired of chasing him while he mocks me... we eventually found our way to the field of flowers. We both fell on our backs as we first set foot on the field. He starts laughing once more, but then instantly loses breath. I start laughing at him trying to catch my breath but-- I do the same. The smell of the flowers only make his scent weaker but stronger. Every time I see these kind of flowers, they always remind me of him. I grow desperate of trying to pick a flower from the flowing grass. "M-Mika... hah... you're so... ahh... dense..." he covers himself with the Begonia and Pansy flowers. 

"S-shut... up..." I picked a flower. Finally. A yellow flower. Yellow. Representing... god dammit... hopelessly in love. I start to giggle while catching my breath at the same time. I caught his eye, he soon stares at the flower I'm holding. 

"What?" he asks me.

"Yellow," I soon repeat. "Yellow; meaning hopelessly in love," I sit up. My legs are tired from almost tripping. I see how dirty my clothing are after all. The markings, and the brown rubbish. I don't wipe it off. I want to be as dirty as him after all. He crawls up to me. He doesn't want to get up. I look down at what he was doing. "Yuu-cha--?" he places his head on my lap. "Y-Yuu-chan?!" I blushed. I covered my face. His hair is so fluffy and messy. He looks at me with those eyes, like he wants to ravish me.

"I want to do this more," he chuckles. I buried my face in my hands some more. "Let's come here often, Mika," he smiled softly up at me. I looked down at him covering my cheeks and the rest below. Only my eyes are showing. I nodded.

"Y-yeah, lets..." I covered my smile. 


We sit there for a couple of minutes. Picking multiple flowers around us. He talks to me about his arranged marriage. "So, this girl," he sighed. "She's all sorts of annoying, like she's really just... annoying..." he rubs his eyes from the sun beating down on his face. I chuckled. He's annoying too. Super annoying also. In fact, he's not that annoying. He's just... clingy. "What are you laughing about?" he asked me. He places his arms on his torso and raises his legs.

"Oh, nothing," I replied. He shifts his head. His hair is tickling my thighs... ah... uh... this feels... tingly. I suddenly picked a flower from the ground with a sweet scent. Acacia. "It's just that, you're annoying too," I covered my mouth so he wouldn't see me smiling.

"H-hey! That's not a nice thing to say about your boyfriend," he crossed his arms. I started to laugh. My shoulders raised a little. I'm kind of glad that he called her annoying but... it's not that fair that he is calling his fiance annoying too. They're going to be... married... I let that slide out of my mind. I want to erase her from reality. "Ah, anyways, she's really short..." he adds. "Purple hair, the only reason why I'm going to marry her is because the Ichinose and Hiigari family are creating a family for us. She's kind of into me but I see her around this Mitsuba girl a lot." he adds. I scrunch my nose, and sneeze.

"Achoo~!" I rubbed my nose. These flowers' scents are strong. 

"Bless you-- wait--" he points his finger up in the air with an enlightening expression. "I should be blessed,"

"Why's that?" I shuffled the flowers around. A few more finishing touches then it's done.

"Because I have you~ silly~" he starts to laugh hysterically as I start to cover my face.

"Stop... saying those things..." I murmured.

"Nope-- ah-- never." he replied. I ignored what he said then continued creating a gift for him. I pouted. "I love that part of you," he resumes. I tilted my head. 

"What?" I asked.

"The part of you that's so dense. The part of you that doesn't know anything." he continues to smile. "I love how you're open with me, and whenever I'm around you-- you make it so obvious that you're hopelessly in love with me," he starts to blush. I tried to concentrate on creating the gift but... he's telling the truth. God! I'm so obvious! I raised my shoulders. Poking the stems through tiny openings in the crown. I finally finished the final touches. "And when you smile, it always lightens up my day." I paused. 


"W-what...?" I started to feel uneasy. Are these even compliments!?


"You heard me," he raised his hand in the air and ruffled my hair. I slouched down so he could reach. "See, you slouched down for me," he forces my head to duck. He quick pecks me on the lips. Quickly but softly, he pulls away. i blushed as I sat up tall. I soon tried to correct the touches as I looked down at the crown. We never bring our crowns anymore, so we wouldn't be reminded that we are princes but rather... a couple. "You're so smart, so brave, adorable, seductive--"

"S-seductive?" I gulped. S-stop saying those words... save them f-for your spouse-- T-THAT'S ME! 

"Yeah. You're so attractive and, well, sexy..." he snickered. He saw how embarrassed I looked and immediately blurted something out-- "s-so you're very... uh..." I looked away as I blushed intensely. My whole face. Red. I could feel my cheeks tingling along with my ears. They tickle. He's stuttering throughout his words, "y-you're... very... uh..." he blushed. He gulped. "YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED--!"


"Ah?" he adds.


I shuffle the flower crown around on his head so his hair couldn't be in the way. He already smells nice but-- well-- I mean with f-flowers added but... he smells nice anyways! Whatever! He looks up at me with such a surprised expression. Like he's too shocked to speak. "And... there!" I smiled cheerfully as the flower crown stays in one peace. He sits up slowly. He starts to touch the flower crown like he has no clue what it is. I laughed as he stares at me blushing.

"H-hey! W-w-what are you laughing about?!" he tries to make me stop but it's just too cute!

"You're so cute, ah..." I suddenly realized something as I opened my eyes. I placed my face on the top of his head-- then shuffled his hair around. The flowers remained still in a crown. He closes one eye, then makes a small sound. "Yuu-chan's so short--!"

"N-no I'm not!" he pouted. "Y-y-you're like-- three inches taller than me!" he continued. He's too cute! I'm going to die! I feel like... I'm in love with an angel... but with horns. I laughed some more thinking about it.

"You're short! Short little Yuu-chan! Tiny Yuu-chan!" I joked around. 

"Hey! S-stop messing around!" he clenched his fists and waved them around like he's about to punch me. I immediately forget about the situation earlier. The pain in my chest went away. He was my illness and yet-- he was my cure. I felt so comfortable whenever he puts his arms around me; and whenever we're laying down or sitting down besides me his breathing always makes me feel at ease because he's here with me. I cherish him more than I should but that's enough for me. I never want to forget him. I would rather die than to see him hate me, "You look like a girl!" and yet... I realized...


"I fell in love with a child." I sighed.

"What does that mean?!" he retorted back. His flower crown makes him look more appealing than he actually acts. I love that part of him. The part of him that's so mature and childish. He's so kind, full of joy and comfort.

"I said you're like a child!" I crossed my arms playfully. He points at my forehead and starts yelling.

"You're like a girl!" 


"Girly!" he pouted back.


"Yeah!" he smiled mischievously. "When we're married in the future you're probably going to get pregnant when we have sex!" he shouts.

"No-- wait-- what?!" I blushed more than I should. I immediately felt embarrassed. "I-I'm a boy! A boy! I can't get pregnant!" wait-- did he just say we'd get-- "M-MARRIED?!" he starts laughing as I realized what he said was... like we're fated to grow old together. I blushed as he placed his hands on my thighs. He grips them. 

"Yeah! We should get married!" he assures. 

"But we can't! I'm a v-vampire and you're a human!"

"That doesn't matter!" he replies,

"But we're princes! We're from enemy kingdoms--"

"Then let's run away!" he replies again, ah...

"B-but we can't have children!"

"Then let's adopt!"

I immediately fell to the ground backwards, then fell like I actually did fall in love with a child. How are we going to run away? Just pack everything and head here? I always did want to run away but... I needed... mothers blood to stay alive. "But... I..." I swallowed the lump in my throat. "I need blood..."

"Then drink mine," he kisses me on the cheek and lays down besides me. I opened my eyes and turned my head to look at him. What is he saying? Does he actually mean it? "I don't mind, I heard it actually feels good when you--" I-I didn't expect you to know! S-shut up! Shut up! Shut up!! I started to do the same thing I did earlier. I started shaking my head with my hands stuck to my ears.

"Idiot, idiot, idiot! I'm such a fool!" I blushed. 

"You are..." he grabs my hands then pulls me towards him. With such force... he kisses me gently on the lips. My eyes widened. He pulls away as soon as my breathing becomes troubled. "You're my idiot." he said.

I pushed him away nervously. "B-be quiet..." he licked his lips, and I licked mine too. 


Arriving home was troubling. I couldn't help but actually think that mother was right but wrong at the same time. I soon realized how important I was towards him. He's so important to me... this is my first time falling ill. The thing is... l-love. It's complex, so complex. I studied it so many times it almost hurts to actually want to feel it. but that was before I met him. I don't want to feel it anymore now. I just want to feel... I don't know! Love! What the hell am I saying anyways... 

I walk up the stairs, and look down at the throne room while I'm at it. The throne room is gigantic. There's such little space. Mother and my seat. I never sit there. I never wish to sit there. Mother and Ferid took care of me when I was little but now they barely even see me. Ferid doesn't come to my room a lot. He's practically just a stalker-- kind of. I see mother staring back at me. I turned my head away immediately. I can't let her see me in this state or else, she'll know I never broke it off with Yuu-chan.

I fastened my pace up the stairs and walked down the corridors to where my room was. I highly suggested myself to make it seem like I wasn't with him but my feelings... they make it so hard for me to actually lie. Mother isn't looking back at me now. She's doing nothing but sit there with blood all over her mouth. Human blood. I closed my eyes not paying attention to anyone I come across. 


But mother is never like this. She's never concerned about me. 


What is she planning?

Chapter Text

A clinging sudden weight on my shoulders felt like it was getting heavier each time I exhaled. I opened my eyes.


"Ah..." I covered my mouth softly as I yawned. All I have in my mind right now is Yuu-chan. Why him? He's not that important to me... I mean he is my spouse but... he just-- he's a child. "Nn," I scratched my head with my bed hair. I sat up and saw how badly shaped my hair was. I sighed. Brushing my hair... I hate it. I could just imagine Yuu-chan criticizing me about how messy my hair is. "Why would he criticize me if his hair has dirt and grass in it..." I mumbled. I yawned once again. Waking up and dragging myself out of bed makes me more tired. 


After getting prepared and washing myself, I started questioning why Yuu-chan adores me so much. Why does he love someone like me-- an abomination? I'm not sure why he's so clingy. He's just... him..

I took a glimpse at the clock. I usually wake up much earlier than this. Oh well. He's getting married anyways. He won't need to worry about me any longer. That girl-- that purple haired Hiigari girl. I never got to see her. I walked out of the bedroom. The corridors were empty. It's usually like this now. Ever since I met Yuu-chan, it's been empty. The stench of Yuu-chan stuck into my clothing making it irritatingly hungry for them and sometimes... me.

I ignored the silence. I couldn't be late right now. I've reached the end. The whole castle seemed so empty but it still felt alive. The stairs seemed so open to me. I took a step. Thud. My footprints stained the stoned stairs. I looked down at the throne room where the room was visible from here. I saw mother staring off into space as always-- she never leaves the throne room. She wants everyone to be reminded that she is the queen, and she shall forever stay the queen. It's been years and years, centuries. I've argued against her countless times and yet she still remains to be my mother. I too ask myself why I didn't run away yet. 

I see her eyes shifting all over the room like she's waiting for something. I ignore her. I'm early though but I consider myself late. I'm not sure if he'll ever come early, that's why. I want to be the first one there so when we meet, it'll be like the first time we did. When he said hello first and, I said it second. I never said it-- although-- I wish mother would understand but she couldn't. I hold my breath back.

I take a couple steps. The loud thuds soon catch her attention. I don't look at her but at the corner of my eye-- she's staring right at me. Like she's looking through me. She probably knows what happened. I don't know why she's so suddenly interested in me and Yuu-chan. I know she met him when he was little. She tried to kill him. I sighed. Maybe if I never met him I wouldn't be so alive right now though. Maybe that got her. 

"Mikaela," she calls out my name abruptly. Her voice was so stiff. I kept walking. "Mikaela, are you heading off to the forest again?" she asked me. I don't reply again. I keep walking, and walking, until my feet start to shake as she kept speaking to me. "I know you're going to see someone there, your clothing reeks of human," she yawns.

"..." I don't want to be breathing right now. She could break me any time. I don't think Yuu-chan would be happy to see me broken once again. Besides. We sorted everything out.


"I know that you're still seeing your precious Yuuichirou, Mikaela." I paused.

I finally looked back at her. I could see her frown raise a little. She places her head on her fist and rests her elbow on the arm rest. "What do you want, Tepes?" I demanded.

"Come here," she commands. I don't move. She smiles some more. "Are you hiding something?" she asks me. I grunt. I started down the stairs again faster. I started for the throne room. I felt a different kind of aura around her though. The throne room was empty also. The whole empire was. The maids would usually come in and out with some fresh human blood to give her but there's been none since. I feel like fainting. "Mikaela, you remember what I told you, no?" she shook her head.

I nodded. "Yes, Tepes. I do." I replied. My chair is right next to hers. I start walking closer to her. She crosses her legs formally. I can finally hear my thoughts clear enough. Screaming so suddenly it deafens me almost. "What do you need?" I asked her. I'm not hungry.

"As you may know," she began, "Ferid and I raised you quite well," she sighed. "But--"

I stomped my foot down. I don't know what's happening to me. "You didn't raise me! You just wanted your status! That's all you wanted! Ferid... he was the only one that cared. You never even wanted to touch me when I started growing up because--"

"You were still half human," she grits her teeth and slams her hand against the arm rest. I hesitate to continue. This is how it always is. I just have to calm down. I just have to breathe in, and out, don't worry Mikaela. It's going to be alright. I could hear my thoughts overlapping her screaming. It's torture. I have to get out of here soon before she starts beating me.


I never asked to be born like this. I never asked to have a careless mother that only wants her status to stay.


"And you're still clinging onto the damned human world!" she curses at me. She gives me those eyes. Those 'You're-dead-to-me' eyes. I felt open. "You're still hoping that becoming human would save you,"

"Humans are nothing but greedy animals!" I retorted. 

"Then why are you clinging on one?!" she replies.

She's getting on my nerves. I have to get out of here. I want to see Yuu-chan. I want to see him so badly my heart starts aching whenever I start missing him. This feeling never goes away. Not until the next day when I get to. I swallowed the lump in my throat. I feel forced. I feel like something is just forcing me to scream out those very four words. The words of regret and war. I just want her to accept me... I just... "Because I love h--"


Because I love him.


"Because you what?!" she stands up. Her foot digs into the ground, and creates a hole. Her voice echoes throughout the room making me suffer. 

"Because I..." I zoned out. My head hurts. I feel guilty of something. "I..." I almost broke down. Right there. So weak, vulnerable. I could never show it. "Because..." my voice fades away like when vampires die, their ashes fades away in the wind. 

She sighs again. She walks up to me like she's disappointed but-- she's also very gentle for some reason. I couldn't comprehend--?!


I felt something cold rest on my shoulder. I feel a stabbing feeling-- I'm scared. What do I do? Yuu-chan... Yuu-chan... "Disgusting," she whispers in my ear. I start to become numb. Her hands are so cold it's effecting my mind. "Vampires and humans weren't destined to love," she continues, "They are our live stock." she moves away from my ear. she folds her arms. I suddenly felt a chill caress my spine. I couldn't avoid it anymore. The option to run away was a must. I gritted my teeth. "You're also a male Mika," I am aware of that already. I was hesitant at first. I'm... g-g-ga-- homosexual! "I didn't raise my son to be homosexual." she furrowed her brows. "You are truly,"


"a disappointment." 

"The hell with you!" I yelled. I started running the opposite direction. I suddenly felt an urge. She'll never accept me. She'll try to see right through me, but all she will see is just him. Not the loneliness that I've dealt with, the constant fear of becoming like her, to never age, to never feel! To never... feel... safe... I ran out of breath as the castle gates were still open, I ran to the forest path. Would take me a couple minutes to reach the forest but then... it would take me a couple more if I kept at this pace of just walking slowly full of doubts. 

My mother. She's not my mother. No. My real mother is not her. My real mother is alive, feeding my real father, and hopefully she's human. Hopefully I was adopted. I really... just want to be normal. I wish I wasn't so scared of my mother. I felt like turning back now would be a mistake. She obviously gave me a chance to stay or to go with the humans once more. I could clearly see it in her eyes. I'm sorry mother, I'm sorry for being such a disappointment.


I'm so sorry for being an accident. I'm sorry for meeting him. I'm sorry for ever falling in love with-- with-- him. I'm so sorry... I wiped my tears as it starts rolling down my cheeks. I could taste the salt. I sniffled. "Yuu-chan." I wanted him here. Right now. In front of me. I could see the forest becoming more visible. "Yuu-chan..." I need him so badly in front of me, I want his locked embrace, I want to hear his heartbeat racing once we touch, I just want... to be with him only... to run away... away from all of this... I hate myself so much, I feel so lonely without him, I HATE MYSELF I HATE MYSELF I HATE MYSELF SO FUCKING MUCH! I want to die! I just want to disappear! I fell to my knees as I finally arrived in front of the forest. So scared to see the green I tumbled on the ground and saw how my tears flooded the soil. "Yuu-chan..." I suddenly remembered how he always said how strong I was. How fortunate he was to see me. 

I got up slowly, almost crashing to the ground I finally got my balance back. I wiped my tears. The dirt stained my white cape. He's probably waiting for me right now. Asking himself where I am. I walked straight in the forest looking down, not caring if I would be stalled by a tree. I want to escape this reality. Forever.


"Ah! Mika! There you are!" ah. His voice. Perfect for this moment. I almost panicked. I almost ran up to him. I would slam him onto the ground hopelessly. 

Yuu-chan, Yuu-chan, Yuu-chan... I wanted to be in his arms already. "Yuu-chan!" I yelled his name. He suddenly blushed.

"Mika--? M-Mika--!" I couldn't help it-- I couldn't! I ran up to him and slammed him on the ground like what I just thought of. I rubbed my head in his chest. I wiped my tears all over his shirt. "What's wrong? Mika?" he asks me. His voice, his warmth, his body, I'm so glad you're here. I'm so happy. I'm so frustrated. I'm worried for you. "Mika!" his heart is beating so fast like mine...!

"Yuu-chan! Yuu-chan! Yuu-chan! I'm so... happy..." my muffled voice. I hid it so he wouldn't hear how broken I am inside and out. "Yuu-chan..." I whispered.

"Mika..." he held me. His hands dug into my arms. I could feel his fingers digging into my body. "Ah, you're making my shirt wet," he chuckled slightly. I just realized. I was tearing up so much I didn't realize I was making stains on his shirt.

"A-ah! Sorry, sorry!" I got up-- then fell to the ground again. I wiped my tears quickly with the palm of my hands. I soon enough got sick of crying and tried to hold it in. I need to say it now. "Run away with me, Yuu-chan! Now!" I would beg him. I needed to--

"Mika, tell me, what's wrong!" he grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled my up.

"Run away with me! Yuu-chan!" I plead. He suddenly had a blank expression on his face.

"W-wait-- this is all so sudden--"

"Run away with me! Please! Yuu-chan!" I could feel my tears pushing out every second I stared at him. I instead dropped my head and covered my eyes with my hands. "Please..." I begged. "please..." I kept murmuring it.

"But... why?" he asked. "I-I don't even know what's happening..." he added. He doesn't need to know, I'll tell him later, he just needs to run away with me... tomorrow or now! I don't care! Soon! I raised my head. I stared at him directly. 

"Please!" I begged further more. "I need you!" I praised him more, "I need you with--" I broke down. I started mourning. I started to shake and tremble, and I started to cling onto him more. I hear him call my name, he keeps calling and calling and it hurts so damn much. "Yuu...chan..." I felt like collapsing. He wipes my tears. I want to just spend every single second with him until the day I perish. I'll still be with him, no matter what, I closed my eyes. 

"Don't cry Mika, don't cry..." we sit down laying against the rocks. He lays my head on his shoulder. "Shh... don't cry..." he caresses my hair with his soft delicate fingers. Comfortable. I still felt tears creeping out of my eyes. I want to cuddle with him more. He puts me on his lap, and I lay my head against his shoulder still. He kisses my forehead and hums me a song to calm me down. He sings me the song he sang me when he was putting me to sleep the day we slept in the flower field. I felt so at ease. I felt so uneasy and yet... I felt so calmed. He holds me closer to him even though our skin is already touching.

I soon begin to feel faint. He has such a nice voice... it's so soothing... I like it. He's the only reason why I'm sane. 


Ah... I'm falling asleep. I do need this rest. I stayed up late, so that must be the reason why I woke up late. 


"You're alone, you're all alone," I shook my head slightly. "So what, have you gone blind, have you forgotten what you have and what is yours?" he sings more pleasantly. "Glass half empty, glass half full; well either way you won't be going thirsty--" I almost started to dream.


"Count your blessings not your flaws," he wipes my tear. He sings the chorus, leaving me breathless. I heard his voice fading away. The lyrics are perfect, they're so understanding. Like I made the song but-- I didn't. I don't know where he got it, I don't know how he's so good at singing. "You don't get what all this is about," he continues. He quiets down knowing that I'm half asleep. I'm... drifting... away... "You're too wrapped up in your self doubt," 


"You've got that young blood-- set it free," he smiles. My mind permanently shuts down.



Chapter Text

I tossed and turned, only to be woken up his warm arms still embracing me. "Ngh... Y-Yuu-cha-- ah..." I yawned before I could finish saying his name. I rub my eyes. He's laying his head on my shoulder, asleep. I smiled a little. Ah. He's really sweet. I needed that nap, but then I never got an answer from him about running away. I sighed. I rub my head against his fluffy hair. Silky. I almost panicked as he shifted his body for a more comfortable position. "Ah..." I slapped myself on the cheek. What am I doing... I'm so hopelessly in love with this damned human. I caressed his hair.

"Ngh..." he rubs his cheek against my shoulder. I kissed him on the forehead hoping he's dreaming of something good. I-I hope... he's dreaming about me--

"N-no, no no no!" I blushed. I covered my cheeks. W-w-w-what am I thinking?! Ugh! I truly do hate myself for thinking about that. I don't want him to see me like this. This is really embarrassing. Good thing though-- he's sleeping. I inhaled. Exhaled. I don't know why my mind is so scrambled. He's always on my mind. Why am I like this? Why do I like Yuu-chan? Why am I homosexual? I'm not sure. The last time I fell in love was when I read my first book. I fell in love with my books. I became so obsessed with human folklore, and their strange history that I almost forgot that I am part monster.

Still caressing his hair, I feel like he'll wake up soon. Looks like he fell asleep a little later than I did. I yawned again. I yearn for him to feel how I feel. Not just about him but, about running away. I don't want him to go through a horrible marriage, I don't want him to sit there at his throne and be married to someone besides me. I want to be with him forever. I want to be with him until the day I perish of course. But. I feel confused. 


Why am I so upset?


Does Yuu-chan like his status right now? Does he enjoy being with his human friends... does he want to be with them than me... I'm guessing.

"M-Mika..." he whispers my name gently. I shook.

"Y-Yuu-chan?" I suddenly jolted. He raises his head then rubs his eyes. He gently caresses my hair. I soon felt like collapsing again as his soft warm hands touched my hair. I blushed a tiny. He pulls his hands away. I slide off of him. We sit side by side. He stretches out his arms and then puts his arms around me. I looked away. 

"Ah," he yawned. "Why do you look so perfect even when you wake up?" the first thing he said when he wakes up was my name then that sentence? I twitched. 

"S-shush." I silenced him. He giggles instead. I crossed my legs and attached my hands to my ankles. He snuggles closer to me. Today was too silent. I didn't like today. I only liked the silence when he made a noise. I rubbed my cheek against his arm; like I was pouting.

"You're too cute, Mika." he gestured a sweet kiss on my cheek. He pecked. I suddenly turned my head away and left his kiss mark there. I covered my face. 


"You're practically taunting me," he joked. He leaned over on my shoulder then tried to kiss me once more on the neck. I felt his breath collapse against my silk skin. I shuddered and tried to push him away. He licked my neck-- then he almost pushed me over on my side. J-jeez! We just woke up and you're already like this! Humans! I blushed some more. I started leaning on the other side of my body, shifting my weight. "Mika," he whispered my name in my ear. My ear twitched. I felt like I was going to be ravished some more. I always have this feeling with him, I hate it so much... "You're always resisting... when are you just going to give up and do it with me?" he suddenly licked my ear with his s-slick... tongue---

"S-stop! Stop stop stop! Not now! Not now!" I suddenly warned. He ignored my warning then took my hand and yanked it towards him. 

"Ah... you're so boring~" he joked. He suddenly backed away. 


"S-so," I wanted to start a new conversation... I don't want to keep continuing this-- I mean I do but it's too much! "Did you make up your mind?" I averted my eyes. 

"About what?" he asked. T-that... little...

"About running away with me!" I suddenly yelled. I could feel myself regretting not running away in the first place. I would of lived happily dull if I didn't meet him anyways. But, I really want to run away with him. I do want to spend eternity with him. My mixed feelings aren't helping anything right now. He suddenly jolted.

"Oh! That!" he realized. "I..." he trails off. His voice is shaking. What is he going to say? "I, uh..." he stops again. I wonder if he's only doing this to make me worried. 


"I... I can't," he softly giggled.






Silence fills the air. It's deafening. 


"Oh..." I mumble softly to myself. So all of those tears, and all of those thoughts of him, those dreams and desires were just... for me to leave him?

"B-but!" he tries to ease the situation. "You're kidding, right?" he joked. "You must be lying--"

"I don't know why I would be lying." I replied. Monotoned. Did he ignore my crying? Did he not see what kind of expression I had when I was running to him, when I finally felt his touch?

"I mean, you have a family here! Why would you run away?" he asked. He wrapped his arm around me. "You should stay here, and we can meet up here everyday like we promised!" he kept on smiling even though I was going through pain. The tears were forming once again. My swollen eyes didn't get any better from the last two hours. I chuckled softly to myself. I can't believe I fell for someone like him anyways. 


"Yuu-chan," his warmth is a lie. "Do you know how important you are to me?" he seems so happy for me to leave him like he doesn't even care about me at all. Was I right this whole time?

"Of course I do! You're my spouse after all," he cheerfully spoke.

"You don't." I say, "You don't know... you don't know what you're saying..." I scrunched up into a ball. I felt like I was being tortured by my feelings. I feel pressured and rushed all of a sudden. "You don't know what you're talking about..." I mumbled to myself once more. I could feel his arms slowly sliding off around my neck. 

"I do Mika, I do," he tries to lift up my arms that I'm burying my face under. "Mika, please," I could still see his smile even though all I really see is pitch black. "You're just-- you're just a little stressed right now, you should calm down," he chuckled lightly. I could imagine what kind of face he would make after I leave. A smile that would make the stars shine brighter than they could ever. His flustered expression. But what face would I be making?

"Stressed?" I asked myself. After all we talked about, and yet he uses the term stressed on me? "It's more than that, Yuu-chan," I heard the grass rustling. He must be moving around. 

"Mika please, wait--"

"I love you," I felt the tears crowding between my sleeves and my eyes. "I really do love you," I repeated. "I just want to spend the rest of my life with you..."


"That's not a lot to ask for, right?" I'm burying my own grave.


"No, no it's not," he caresses my hair. His soft hands tangled with my hair. His scent is all over me. I feel violated. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you too Mika but it's not that easy--" 

"I wanted you to hold me more." I started. "I wanted you to run away with me," I begged. "Please..." why won't you just-- "Please come with me..."


I cry, I plead, I pray, I believe. 


"I just can't." he replied once again. "I just-- I just can't leave." his hand dropped to the ground. "Mika, just stay here. Alright? It'll be ok." I looked up at him taking a little peek. I could see his teeth showing through that smile. He's not showing any emotion towards me but just joy. "It's going to be fine. I'm here with you."

"But that's not enough!" I blurted out. I screamed at him once again. I felt the chills creeping down my spine. I need to leave but you just don't understand! No one does! "I need to leave with you Yuu-chan! I need to!" I shook him; he psychologically tears my heart out. His words are nothing but empty air. Right? Right? "If I go without you--"

"I said I can't!" he yells once more at me. He screams it at my face also. He swipes my hands off of him. "You're just too selfish to realize it!" he added. 

"You are! You didn't even notice how broken down I was earlier!" I retorted. "You just sit there and smile, with those empty words..."

"It will be okay! I promise you it will!" he countered. "I promise you by tomorrow you'll be fine and happy! You'll be smiling and laughing along with me, and we'll be great!" he tries to make sense of what he's saying. To me it's nothing. It's nothing but just shallow breaths.

"You're insane for thinking that I'd be okay about this! I--I've been thinking about running away for all of these years! I even told you! I told you about running away, we even... WE EVEN TALKED ABOUT IT TOGETHER! You even said that you'd run away with me!" I threw those words at him.


"Well, well ignore what I said then! I'm throwing away the things I said in the past about that and now I'm saying that we're staying here! I can't leave with a marriage coming up--!"


What... did he just say?

"Ah..." he finally realized. I could feel the regrets rushing out of his body. 


"So..." I stood up. "That's why... you're staying?" I said. "You're staying for her?" I averted my gaze once again. 

"W-what? No! No no no! My kingdom needs this--!"

"Your wife needs this! You love her more than I do! I'm right! Aren't I? Aren't I?" I demanded an answer. "The weddings drawing near, and you're willing to marry someone you don't love rather than to run away with the person you do love?" he stands up also. He grabs my hands. 

"No! I love you and only you! But... this is too important. The kingdom needs this marriage. They changed the date-- they did! It wasn't supposed to be this close but it is! I would of been able to run away with you but--!" he stops himself. I take my hands and cover his mouth. His muffled voice can't stop me anymore. I'm leaving by tomorrow. I'm done talking to him. I'm done with this.

"No. I already decided to leave by tomorrow," he throws my hands away and pushes me against the rocks. I almost tumble backwards into the waterfall. What is he thinking?

"You're not leaving! Not ever!" he disagreed. "I never would lay my eyes on her! I would never!"

"Don't you have a brother, a sibling to replace this arranged marriage?"

"I do but--"

"Then run away with me!"

"I can't!"


The heated argument kept getting worse and worse. All I could think about is just burning the kingdom into the ground along with mine so there wouldn't be anymore arranged marriages, so we would see each other publicly, so we could be together till the end... like how we promised also. I felt my heart beating and beating, faster and faster! It hurts! I can't keep up with the pace... I'm going to faint...

"Yuu-chan! If-- if you won't run away with me then we won't be able to see each other everyday!"

"I can't run away with you! Can't you just understand what I mean?" he retorted. His voice is getting more louder each second. My ears hurt along with my heart. My lungs are about to collapse. 

"It's not like you can understand what I mean!" I screamed back.

"I would run away with you if it was a choice! I would!" he's making me feel vulnerable again... just leave. Leave me then! Go back to your damned kingdom and leave me here! I wish you a grand family! A brilliant child, with your loving wife, and such... such things I can not possess... a happy ending. "You're being too damn selfish! Think about my situation too!" I am I am! I'm trying not to though! Every time I do it keeps getting worse and worse like this argument! "You're crazy to run away-- you just are! You're a prince of the vampire kingdom! Do you think they will not be searching for you?" he asked me. 

"They don't care about me. If I even die they'll just leave me to rot!" they would. They just care about you humans. As livestock. "You would too!" I screamed.


"No! I would never!" he shrieked.

"Just go to her! I don't care anymore! Marry her! Have a caring child, a happy family--"

"Shut up!" he screamed. "You're not leaving!"

"Get married already--!"


He swung his arm all of sudden in the middle of my sentence. I suddenly felt something hit against my cheek. I turn my head along with the movement. My cheek, the pain starts to sting... "..."




I couldn't even hear our breathing. I could only hear my voice screaming inside of my mind, and the enraged crying. I looked at him directly in the eyes. They're filled with regrets. I suddenly felt a tear drop down my cheek forming into a little drop. It tickles, the salt water crashes onto the grass. 

I hold my hand on my cheek touching the rash.

Why. Why would he do this. I thought he loved me. I thought he loved me enough to not hurt me. I loved him. I loved him so much I'd move mountains just to see him... but... 

I started to regain consciousness of my surroundings. I start hyperventilating. I tried to take another step back but I'm already against the rocks. He holds up his hand realizing what he just did. "W-wait... Mika..." he calls my name.

I can't. I can't do this anymore. 

"Wait, no-- Mika!" his voice becomes more dull and nullified. He tries to hold me as I tried to walk away from him. He takes my wrist and tries to pull me towards him. Back into his arms. Full of lies-- lies! The things he said to me were full of shit! "Mika, don't go!" he plead. I yanked my arm away and ran for it.

I ran and ran until his voice completely disappeared. I vanish into the woods, I quickly skip over the rocks and twigs in front of my way. I run and run-- oh god my feet hurt. I felt like screaming. I felt like crying once gain. 


I tried to erase the memories of him inside of my head. Little by little, I'm forgetting my humanity rather than him.

Chapter Text

(Yuu's POV)


I really fucked up this time. I started pacing around back and fourth. I couldn't believe my eyes-- I couldn't believe my ears. What was I saying. For the good of my kingdom, I have to stay. Fuck that! I just wanted to be with Mika but he refused to stay. I know his times are hard in his kingdom and I know he didn't want to become a vampire but then-- he's destined to become one.

I really hate the strings of fate, how he's so tied to me and how I can't let go of him. I don't want to let go of him but I hate how stubborn sometimes he is. He suddenly runs up to me crying, begging me to run away with him and not explaining the situation he was put in. I don't understand him at all. I really didn't want to marry that Higarii girl either. She's such a nuisance. She's annoying, bratty, and... annoying! Gah.

I hate myself for this. He hates me now. I even fucking slapped him. God. What the hell is wrong with me. I want to chop off my hand now. I want to run back to him and beg for him to forgive me, but he's probably packing up his things and leaving right now. That's just how he is. His first priorities are done right away... but... 


My first priority is to find him.


"I got to find him-- I just have to..." I muttered to myself. I kept repeating his name, over and over again. I'm so worried... what if he never returns and finds a new lover? Well he hasn't broke it off with me yet.

What if he gets the family he always wanted without me?

What if he forgets about me?

What if he dies!

What if... what if I run away with him?


That would be a great idea-- but I just can't! I'm scared! I just can't abandon my family because I have to run away with my boyfriend since he's always upset about his family challenging him about things he doesn't want to do! What kind of careless person would do that? But if I were in Mika's shoes and I had to do the same thing as he is doing right now...

He'd run away with me no matter what. He's there to protect me and he never broke his promise about meeting here everyday. 


I really threw away a precious gem. One that could never be found just like that. Only one that would come around once in a lifetime-- yes. 


"GAHHH!!! WHAT THE HELL!" I screamed. The skies were flooded with crows as they flew away from the scene I was making. The scream made them afraid. I covered my eyes due to the sun burning them. "I hate my life." I snickered softly, sarcastically. I remember when Mika used to make me look away, because of his innocent, bright smile.

An image flashed in my mind. I could hear him giggling. His cute little smile always made my day. I'm so stupid-- I messed up. I shouldn't have just let him go. I shouldn't have done that. I should have just ran away. I want to see him again. My heart started to sink like our relationship. He didn't officially break it off with me though. I don't think so at least. "I'm sorry Mika," I shook, "Don't let me go," I wanted to scream again. I hate being sincere like this. 

I heard rustling in the bushes. The twigs snapping, fragile, like him. He was so slim-- pure. His fluffy hair, and how it bounced when my fingers would go through his strands, caressing. Soft. I ignored the sound from the background trying to remember him. Not this forest, not this waterfall, not the field of flowers-- or the books he used to bring. Damn it. Just remembering him made me a little hard.

"Now is not the time, boner." I whispered. Why the hell am I talking to my boner anyways? I sighed. The rustling started to become a nuisance. Frankly, it's getting annoying.

I don't have my katana with me so if it's something that is a threat, I have no choice but to reason or to run. At most it is depending on who or what it is. If it's a vampire I have to run, if it's a human he'll surely be able to bow down to me since I am the prince-- but if the human has a weapon I may be able to beat him-- although... if he/she was part of the army... he'd/she'd be curious about why I'd be out here alone. I can't tell them-- I just can't. If it's an animal it's just normal for it to be a nuisance. But I better be careful no matter what. I don't have my katana on me, I have to keep that in mind. Hopefully it doesn't attack or try anything towards me. I just... need to find Mika.


I'll save him from his family and run away with him, do what I was scared to do. 

I feel like I'm going to regret marching in the castle but whatever! I'll do anything for Mika! At least now I will...


The rustling stopped. Hmph. It must of been an animal. Now, I just have to retrace his footsteps... where did Mika run off to? I turned around and instead of an open path that Mika usually takes I saw--


"Oh~ you must of been desperate to go back and save your prince, right?" 


I felt an immeasurable power compared to mine crush me slowly. I felt gravity pulling me more and more, forcing me to sink to the bottom six feet under-- but...


Who is this exactly?


"Hmph." he scoffs. "I can't believe my beloved Mika fell inlove for this fool of a human-- and you're the prince of the human kingdom?" he asks me. He has snowy white hair, red piercing eyes-- damned vampires... I should run... but I can't escape. I should have thought of this earlier... they're stronger and faster than I. Humans. I fucking hate vampires... b-but Mika's an exception. He's cute and innocent. He wouldn't turn into those monsters. 

Ah... I forgot... he's going to be forced to turn into one of them...


GOD DAMNIT... but right now isn't the time. I have to get him out of the way so I can see my beloved. "Who are you?" I asked. It's getting more hot out here...

"I'm... not important." his ponytail bounces as he turns his head. He gives me this strange look-- as if he's lustful towards me. His slanted eyes. His white covered outfit with a sash... no... he couldn't be...? My eyes expanded as I finally realized who he was. Guren-- my father warned me about this man. The man in the white hair. I should avoid fighting him. I'm strong but without my katana I'm not as strong. I examine him all over to see if he's concealing a weapon of sorts. "You're smart--" I gasped. I feel shaky. I focus on him some more.

"What do you want?" I gritted my teeth.

"I just want to know why you'd waste a perfectly healthy boy like him," he sighed unsatisfied. I groaned.

"What business do you have with him?"

"With Mika?" he giggled. I felt like beating him up. All vampires are like this. Snotty and full of themselves. "Oh Mika, I'm so glad you're finally going to be able to become a full fledged vampire!" he almost squealed. What the hell... what is wrong with him? "Everyone knows him. He of course is the foolish half-human-half-vampire son of the powerful queen--"

"Queen Tepes. Tepes Krul," I felt a burning sensation of anger coursing through my body.

"Why, yes, but it's very impolite of you to use her first name like that when you don't even know her personally, you know?" he laughed. I want to smack that smile off of his face and crucify this bastard.

"Tch," I clicked my tongue. I'm sick of him already. "Just tell me your damn name, white-haired-vampire..." he snorted as I finished my sentence. 

"Fine! Since you asked so nicely, I'll tell you my name. I'm Ferid. Ferid Barthory," he doesn't have the same last name as Mika so I'm pretty sure he's not important. "I've been sent here to spy on you and Mikaela to find out what kind of relationship you and Mika have," he smiled sinisterly. "Sadly..." he closed his eyes and shifted into a dramatic pose. "Mika and you were... more than friends of course," he mumbled. "That's a shame," he added.

"Hey-- don't you dare talk about our relationship like shit!" I retorted. I don't care about fighting someone that's stronger than me without my katana but I have to go save Mika from this wretched family! I can finally see why Mika is so angry at his family anyways... this Ferid bastard is a fucking asshole! "I love Mika! With all my heart!" I bursted out loud. I don't care anymore! He talked crap about Mika and now he has to pay!

"Oh really?" he giggled. "Then...


How come you didn't run away with him?" 




"I..." my chest tightened up. I really really regret what I did... "I need to stay here because I need to stay with my family... I-I'm a damn prince!"

"So your human family is more important than your lover? Being a prince is more important than staying with your lover?" he kept asking me these questions... the questions circling and twirling, torturing my mind. I hate it. I just want to get rid of him... damnit! If I only had bought my katana...! "Hmm... anyways--"


"Shut up! I need to go and find Mika! He's my first priority and now he always will be!" I screamed at him. He seems astonished. 

"Oh? So he's your first priority now?" he took a step forwards towards me. I should keep my distance but who cares now! I need him out of here! "You have such a satire personality, it's so humiliating you know? You sound like Mika is your first priority but really... your first priority is just staying here and making Mika your possession only, correct?" I flinched. I felt a chill tickle my spine. I swallowed the lump in my throat as the tension grows. Each step he takes makes me dizzy. Something's wrong... "Hm... so it's finally kicking in now?" he asked. 

"What is?" I tried to stay perfectly still-- but my legs started to feel like it's melting and my head is... hurting... badly... "W-what the... hell?" I started to feel dehydrated. 

"Hmph, the poison of course. Why? Did you want me to bring aphrodisiac?" he giggled. (aphrodisiac is a drug that boosts your sexual desires making you more sensitive than you already are) Oh don't worry, I'll make sure Mika gets his revenge on you leaving him... like a total idiot.


"No! Get away!" My legs started to shake and quiver, I suddenly dropped to the ground as he started walking up towards me. The gap between us started to shorten-- I tried crawling away but my fucking legs! "F-fuck!" I can't throw a damn punch if I'm on the ground anyways! I can't possibly punch his legs anyways with the strength I have right now!

I... I... "S-stop... no..." I heard rustling in the bushes again... ugh... but my head is killing me... I can't look... not now...

"You're coming with me," I...


"No... St..."


Unconsious, I fell into a deep sleep. I could taste the poison coursing in my mouth... tastes like shit... fucking bullshit. I should have ran away with Mika.


Now look at what I've done.