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I’ve bloomed in the direction of you but I keep becoming thirsty

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||| |||


So now Seokjin wants his own pack and he tells his parents just that, they agreed with him of course. He could easily stay there and maybe in the near future be the alpha leader but he has a goal now and he’s more than eager to fulfill it.

His father tells him about a house in an unclaimed territory and with all the things he needs packed, he leaves on the summer.

The house itself hasn’t been used in a long time, the territory is the closer to the city and it actually belonged to a human. But Seokjin has no problem with the cleaning and the process to make it all live in once again. He also makes sure to mark all around the area that now belongs to him.

Seokjin, since little, had thoughts about his own pretty harem of pretty things just for himself and always willing to please him. And he will always get what he wants.



The first pretty thing he wants he finds it just on the limit of his new territory. It’s a really, really pretty omega. He can smell the unmated boy from the distance, eyes shining in bright red, instinct afloat.

The blond omega is currently and apparently playing around with a white bunny, the little animal doesn’t seem to be afraid of him because every time the blond stands in front of him, it jumps at his arms.


Not even Seokjin himself realizes the moment he approached the other or how fast. The sudden need just exploded within.

The boy tenses a little but does his best to feign calm. "What do you want?" he asks giving him a nasty look and looking back at his little friend in his arms once more.

Seokjin blinks, well, he is used to submissive and polite omegas, so this is totally new but new experiences are good, right? He manages to regain his composure quickly whatsoever. "You’re pretty" he says matter of fatly. "Come with me" he isn’t using his alpha status because he doesn’t really want to force anyone but–

"Excuse me?" the omega looks almost offended which is illogic, Seokjin just called him pretty, that's a compliment. "Who the hell do you think you are?"

"I’m Seokjin." Oh right, manners. He should introduce himself first. "I have my own territory now. You are very welcome to come. So come." Up this close Seokjin can take in deep detail how fair his skin is, how cute his nose and pink lips are, how his eyes look so fearless yet so kind. "You’re so pretty. What’s your name?"

The other seems at least a little affected now by his compliments, cheeks getting a little rosy across. "I’m Yoongi" he says lowly. "And I have my own pack, so no thanks"

"You’re not mated yet."

"That’s not of your business."

"It is if I want you to come with me"

The omega looks even more flustered now. “What makes you think I’ll just go with you? I just met you"

"Not saying right now. Don’t you think I’m suitable enough for you to at least consider?" Seokjin knows all his strong points and let’s be honest, he is handsome like in i bet i can make you drip wet just with my eyes on you type of handsome for another wolf.

Yoongi laughs, eyes crinkling, “Maybe”


It takes Seokjin a total of three months wooing Yoongi till the omega is willing to mate with him and to Seokjin is all worth the effort. Yoongi is just perfect.



||| |||



For all Namjoon brags about being super smart, he is also terribly clumsy, reason that leads him to stumble into the scene of an alpha trying to force himself onto an unwilling omega. Namjoon also has come down with the flu so his nose isn’t the best at the moment.

The cornered omega takes the opportunity and kicks the alpha in the crotch before running away as fast as he can, which is impressive.

Namjoon’s eyes go wide when he realizes he is now alone. He turns to flee as well, and he is successful in taking five steps away before a strong hand closes around his shoulder. "Well, since you made me lose that piece of ass you'll have to do"

And Namjoon thought it would be an uneventful day going to the city to get some medicines from his human friends.

"I don’t think I would be suitable enough for it" he weakly tries, he feels bad and he knows his fever is getting back up again; his head is starting to spin.

"Oh but I think you are" the alpha runs his fingers through his recently bleached hair and down to his neck where he takes a firm hold.

Well, Namjoon can pretend to go along and when the other lets his guard down even a bit he'll take his leave.

"I can hear how hard you’re thinking" The alpha's breath hits his ear. "Thinking you can escape. Give me more credit, hun" He licks at his earlobe. "Maybe I should just take you here, right?"

Fuck! Brain think! "Wouldn’t that be a–"

"Shut up"


"I said shut up" the alpha shoves him down onto the soft grass, pressing his head. "You need to learn manners"

Like him? Namjoon’s jaws tenses and with all the strength he can muster he pushes the alpha and crawls enough to get out from under him.

Like hell is Namjoon going to let him, he turns and gets on his feet. He runs ad runs even faster when he hears the other behind. Maybe he should shift?

But Namjoon’s luck has abandoned him since he got sick because he manages incredibly to bump into another wolf. Yep, another alpha. Perfect.

"Hey there"

This one, unlike the other, has a nice smile though.

So Namjoon weighs his options. "Help me"

"Mm?" a perfect brow rises, "What do you mean?"

The other alpha catches on with them. "Give him to me" he says.

Namjoon clings onto his arms, pleading look. "What do you mean?" the brunet says again, this time to the other. "What matters can you possibly have with my beta?"

The alpha scoffs, "I can’t smell you in him."

"I’m old fashioned, courting is fun" he steps forward leaving Namjoon behind himself.

"Don’t take me for a fool, he is not yours."

"Let me make it clearly enough for you to understand" he smiles with grace, "My name is Seokjin and you’re getting too close for my liking to my territory. And this is my beta" he takes a pause, bright eyes shining, "Leave."

"What if I don’t want to? This land belonged to nobody last time I came around here so that only means you’re new."

"Then shall introduce myself better"



Namjoon has a deep pink covering his cheeks. He is sitting outside the house while Seokjin is getting dress; previous clothing shred in what was Namjoon’s first time witnessing an alpha fight.

Namjoon is as flustered by the fact that and alpha he didn’t knew till one hour ago has just fought for him when he had no need and the fact that there's an omega (quite beautiful, might he add) looking at him from his spot under a tree with dark glaring eyes.

"Don’t look at him like that, Yoongi." Seokjin steps out the house.

The omega frowns, "You haven’t fight for me but for him?" he points an accusatory finger in Namjoon’s direction.

"Circumstances." Seokjin says simply.

Once Namjoon is out of shock, he sits by Seokjin’s side only to be pushed away seconds later by Yoongi who promptly sits on the alpha's lap.

"So cute when jealous, Yoongi" Seokjin caresses his cheek and the omega purses his lips, pretending to be annoyed.

Namjoon might still be affected by his sickness but this close he can perceived Seokjin's scent in the omega and looking closer he can see the mark on his neck.

"Is just the two of you?" he asks not really meant to come out disrespectful.

"For now" Seokjin eyes him carefully. "Where’s your pack?"

"Not too far" Namjoon doesn’t look away from Seokjin’s eyes. "It’s getting late" the sunset is already painting the sky.

"You know, I was going to go hunting tonight" Seokjin’s right hand is now on Yoongi’s thigh. "You said back there that you would do anything in return." Namjoon did. After the other alpha was unconscious so he nods, "Well, he looks cute and small but he eats a lot"



And Namjoon is proud of himself when he makes the perfect plan to bring down two preys at once. Seokjin is fascinated and doesn’t doubt when he asks him to join him. Namjoon is certainly attractive, not that Seokjin is that shallow but he does need at least one beta with him and Yoongi.



||| |||



The first time Seokjin lays his eyes on Jeongguk, the young alpha is trying to steal his omega. Not like Seokjin thinks someone can actually steal Yoongi from him. Yoongi seems amused by the pup so Seokjin waits a bit more behind a tree until he catches how the younger is getting slowly closer to the omega.

"Hello" He greets and when he gets a better view of the younger alpha he sees beautifully sculpted features that he wouldn’t mind to have for himself.

So here is Seokjin's wild one.

"And you are?" Even his voice is attractive.

"I’m Seokjin. Yoongi's alpha"

The other doesn’t seem deflated though, "You haven’t fully claim him"

"Not yet" Good things come with patience.

"Mm, I'm Jeongguk" he gets closer to the rocks where Yoongi is sitting at and leans his body in them.

Either the boy is oblivious of his situation, in denial or he is just simply that careless. "What brings you to my territory?"

"Your territory?"

"Yes, these are the limits" he turns his gaze towards Yoongi. One simple look is all it takes to remind the omega that Seokjin has told him not to come there alone.

"I saw a temptation and decided to fall in it" Jeongguk’s eyes glimmer red, fixed on Yoongi’s frame. Jeongguk knows he is way too cocky and maybe a little reckless but since he left his pack he hasn’t found any omega around and he has needs.

And Yoongi is pretty.

"Well, look at that" Yoongi speaks, "A dispute" He flops onto his stomach both hands under his chin, "Fight for me"

Seokjin rolls his eyes, "You wouldn’t like the result of that" he says calmly and turns to Jeongguk. The younger’s eyes are back to black. "Come" he gestures with a hand, "Almost time to eat" Jeongguk snorts. "You ran away from your pack, isn’t it?" Jeongguk cocks up a brow. "That’s one of the couple reasons a young alpha pup would be around here"

"I don’t get it yet" Yoongi tilts his head.

"I matured early" Jeongguk says. "Folks didn’t like it. The leader thought of me as a threat so I just took off before hell exploded" Jeongguk could have easily take down the old fart but he has found himself wanting more than what he could get back in there.

"He…llo" Namjoon walks up to them.

When Seokjin turns he manages to content himself from laughing at his appearance. Namjoon has smoke on his hair, his face and fingers tinted black from the burned branches probably.

Namjoon opens his mouth, close it, looks down all flustered, back up and he downright pouts. "I tried to cook the meat how you told me to but it just won’t cooperate!" No matter how clever Namjoon is for most things, there are some he has no idea where they start or end.

Jeongguk takes the invitation only because he hasn’t eaten since the day before.

Seokjin has a pleased smile the rest of the evening and night; he knows his pack is growing when Jeongguk also takes Yoongi’s offer to spend the night –because Yoongi is actually nice.

(Seokjin also has to tuck Yoongi to his side because Jeongguk just couldn’t stop flirting with him nor stop trying to slip onto his side)



||| |||



Namjoon remembers his face from somewhere...

The rain is coming down harder by the second and when a strike of lighting illuminates the forest he finally recalls. It was the omega that that awful alpha was trying to force back when he met Seokjin.

"Hey!" he hollers trying to be heard despite the rain, the boy hears him turns his head.

Namjoon is a little taken aback when he starts waving his hand enthusiastically at him getting on his feet to walk closer. "Hi!"

"What can you possibly be doing sitting under the rain?"

"Mm, I like the rain"

Weird and dangerous for an omega alone. "Don’t you have somewhere to shield yourself?'

The boy shakes his head. "I ran from home"

It’s not his problem but Namjoon sometimes is nosy so the question pops out of his mouth before he can think better. "Why?"

The boy shrugs, "Alpha wanted to take me against my will even with all the omegas he already has, my parents weren’t much help so–" he shrugs again. Then his eyes brighten with the spark of someone who just got an amazing idea. "Do you have a nice pack? Can I join? I don’t really wanna be alone!" he says quickly whining and stumbling on his words finishing with the cutest pout Namjoon has ever seen.

"I have. I don’t know, we could ask the alpha. And no one should be alone, really."



So Namjoon introduces Taehyung, that's the name, to Seokjin and Seokjin is stricken by cuteness at first sight so is a yes from his part. Yoongi and Jeongguk eye the apparently new addition with not that much interest but none of them are bothered by it.

They only get bothered and downright mad when Taehyung proves to be an active sleeper, kicking and talking –Seokjin manages to calm him with an arm around his waist.

(Yoongi lets them know about how annoyance he is about sleeping all together but shuts when Seokjin tells him okay, you can share a room with only Jeongguk then and that’s a no because Jeongguk has threaten him enough with filling him with pups. It’s only later that Yoongi thinks about it and of course Seokjin is not going to let his omega mate sleep with someone else than himself.)



||| |||



Watching all of them around, talking, lounging around or just playing, Seokjin realizes proudly that his pack seems to be filling with members without much effort on his part.

Hoseok used to belong to Yoongi's old pack and he is now standing in the front door with a little bag and his brightest smile, having followed Yoongi’s scent with his skillful nose.

When Yoongi opens the door, Taehyung behind him, he immediately knows what the other is up for so he quickly closes it in his face with the thought that maybe he'll leave if they ignored him long enough.

Of course stupid Taehyung opens the door again and assures him he can be part of their pack "Alpha is really nice, Namjoon too. Just don’t look Yoongi and Jeongguk in the eyes and you'll be fine."

Yoongi says Hoseok is hyperactively annoying which is kinda true but that only charms Seokjin more once he meets him.

(A month later they find out Hoseok is actually Yoongi's cousin –almost like his little brother since Yoongi’s parents raised them together)



||| |||



Yoongi is breathing hard beneath him, heat clouding his judgment but he knows he is safe with Seokjin. His alpha. And Seokjin is by now no stranger to Yoongi’s heats cycles. As Yoongi has been with him he has experienced two. since they occur with the mere purpose of breeding. Taehyung has had his also, almost at the same time as Yoongi and here, Seokjin has understood completely what his father told him once, alphas can have more than one omega but that doesn’t mean he is gonna be able to satisfy them all.

Seokjin has done his best with his two omegas but Taehyung turned out to be as clingy and territorial as Yoongi in the heat of the moment so by some point he has had to call for Jeongguk’s help before Yoongi acted of his threat of clawing his eyes out if he touched Seokjin’s dick again. Jeongguk is very capable of helping Taehyung in the remaining time so Seokjin doesn’t worry about it.

“Jin!” Yoongi whines and pushes himself up cupping Seokjin’s face, “Kiss me more” He demands and Seokjin complies immediately. “Jin–” His breath hitches when Seokjin takes a firm hold on his thighs and pushes in again. Yoongi feels so full but still so needy. "Move" he begs pushing his hips towards the alpha’s. "Oh" Seokjin lays one hand flat besides his head and rams aggressively into him.

"Want me to fill you with my cum, babe?" Seokjin whispers, "Want me to give you pups?"

"Yes, yes please–"

Yoongi is everything Seokjin’s inner wolf has ever wanted in an omega, despite initials impressions; Yoongi is what any alpha could possibly wish for in a mate. "You’re so pretty" he makes them spin around successfully keeping Yoongi connected to him. "Ride me, baby."

Yoongi gaps at how the penetration goes deeper with the new angle, "You– you always say that."

Seokjin lips curl into a grin "That?"


"Because you are" He thrusts up making Yoongi fall forward, both hands on his chest, taking the opportunity thanks to the proximity he catches his mouth in another heated kiss.

Yoongi rolls his hips slowly, feeling every inch of Seokjin, "Fuck, that's good" So, so good.

"...Bet you're going to melt with my knot hot inside you, babe" Yoongi rocks his hips faster, delicious boiling heat forming on his belly. "Wanna cum?" Yoongi gasps and nods before collapsing on top of him, orgasm hitting him and Seokjin's knot growing. "You're squeezing me so right, Yoongi. So good."

Of course Yoongi can make him feel good. Did he have doubts? Yoongi should be the only one allow it, he'll make sure to tell him later, it's too good now. "Just give me pups."

Seokjin chuckles, Yoongi would only say something like that in a moment as such.

(The next day Seokjin finds Taehyung sleeping all sated and Jeongguk sporting scratches all over his back –match to Seokjin’s. Weeks later Taehyung doesn’t show any sign of being expecting so is all good, the alpha doesn't think the younger is ready for that yet.)



||| |||



It's been already several months after Hoseok’s arrive, Seokjin is so pleased with himself and life that he doesn’t make a big fuss when he finds Jeongguk pinning Yoongi to a wall, ravishing his mouth and Yoongi kissing back. He knows Yoongi is his (especially after his latest heat cycle), they are all his, all of them wearing his mark of claim (except Jeongguk, but is only a matter of time with him).

"C’mon!" Taehyung whines, "Let’s go out all tonight. I wanna run!"

Seokjin finally agrees since they haven’t done it in a while.

"Pass" Yoongi mutters, reading a book Namjoon brought him.

“But–“ Taehyung starts but Seokjin stops him.

Hoseok smiles widely, "Don’t you know?" Yoongi rolls his eyes. "Yoongi is expecting cute baby pups"

There’s a 10 seconds silence before Taehyung shrieks, "Oh my god!"

"Just imagine" Hoseok carries on, "Little mixes of Seokjin and Yoongi running around"

"Shut up" Yoongi doesn’t look away from his book, cheeks flushed.

"I’ll stay" Namjoon speaks. "I went out yesterday. It’s okay."

Seokjin trust him so he takes the others.



||| |||



Seokjin can smell the blood before they shift; the night is only illuminated by half the moon and stars. He knows the others have picked up the smell as well and without word they all turn in that direction.

When they arrive at the foot of a mountain just outside Seokjin’s now expanded territory, they find a horrible scene. There’s a small pup crying and holding to his chest his arm that is without doubt hurt, blood dripping down his long shirt that is apparently everything he is wearing. Across the pup there's a body, another wolf that has his head almost detached from his neck.

"Hunters" Hoseok whispers, no trace of the usual smile on his face.

Taehyung is already kneeling in front of the pup, "Hey we're not going to hurt you"

The pup keeps wailing and protecting his hurting arm. Jeongguk suddenly stands in front of him, face pale. "...Jimin?"

Just then the pup dares to look up and like a blur he stands and throws himself at the immediately open arms of the young alpha.

"T-they said he was a threat for them so they ki-killed him and they wanted to kill-kill me too"

"Where are they now?" Seokjin asks softly.

The terrified pup shakes his head, "They left just a minute ago"

"Seokjin" Jeongguk’s eyes are shining red, hold on the pup tightening.

When the hunters, three, appear again, ready to ambush them. Hoseok and Taehyung have already shifted, Seokjin not so far behind.

"Get on me" Jeongguk mutters and Jimin nods. He shifts to his black wolf and kneels to help Jimin up. He knows they are going to be fine, Hoseok is a fighter, and Taehyung might be an omega but has sharp claws having to defend him himself a bunch of times before joining them and Seokjin is one of the strongest alphas he has met.

Once Seokjin watches them getting away, he settles for his first target.

Hunter number one with the big bloody sword.

He enjoys ripping his neck and hears the sound of bones breaking under Taehyung's and Hoseok's fangs.

All wolves have an enemy in common, hunters, and they all will gather despite any difference to destroy them if the occasion comes.



||| |||



Jeongguk used to play with Jimin back in his old pack territory. Jimin is the alpha leader's son and an early bloomer like Jeongguk himself. Jeongguk can smell the omega in him perfectly fine without all the blood covering him. The wolf that was dead supposed to be Jimin's mate from another pack, the mating process never took place thank god.

Jeongguk is relieved that he has found Jimin before someone else took him or those hunters killed him, back when they played Jimin used to always say how much he wanted to be Jeongguk's mate. It was cute.

"I see he is not just a normal pack mate to you" Seokjin catches him laying down with Jimin curled on him, arm bandaged, body gaining warm thanks to Jeongguk's.

"No." Jeongguk eyes the alpha carefully "He is mine." His tone doesn’t let space for misunderstandings. Jimin is his –or at least Jeongguk plans on it.

Jeongguk must admit that more than once he thought about taking him from the pack. Easier to say than to do.

Seokjin runs his fingers through the silky brownish strands, "Okay, but for him to be part of this pack he'll have to take my mark too." Seokjin looks up, eyes red. "Like you."



||| |||



Seokjin has let Jeongguk drag this matter way too long and more than once Seokjin has had to bite the inside of his cheek when Jeongguk acted on his status leaving Seokjin below. Jimin is positively fast asleep, tired so he takes a hold on Jeongguk's wrist pushing him up and dragging him out of the house. Yoongi is already asleep cuddled with Hoseok. Taehyung and Namjoon are chatting lying down across each other; they don’t say anything to them when they watch them leave.

Once outside, Seokjin takes Jeongguk, still by the hand, deeper into the forest till the younger’s back hits the trunk of a thick tree, Jeongguk’s expression is solemn, lips sealed in a tight line. Seokjin hovers over him, caging him and waiting. The river is flowing calmly at this time next to them.

Seokjin’s hands travel by his sides down to his hips and the first sign of rejection appears with Jeongguk shoving him away, Seokjin is trying to impose over him, dominate him and Jeongguk’s nature is against it.

With a hand pinning his wrist above his head, Seokjin takes a hold of his chin, not even once has Jeongguk looked down, always with his head up like a true alpha. “It's not as bad as you think.” He leans forward pressing their lips just the slightest, “I can’t really assure you that but you need to understand that with me you’re not going to stop being an alpha.”

Jeongguk moves forward this time taking Seokjin’s lower lip between his teeth. “You’re just going to be the alpha leader, right?” he lets go but Seokjin catches him kissing him fully.

Jeongguk relaxes and doesn’t put a fight when Seokjin holds him by the waist moving him around but regrets it the moment Seokjin lets him fall into the water. “You fucker!” he shouts once he surfaces.

“We need to take care of that mouth first.” Seokjin takes his clothes off and dives in, he holds Jeongguk before he can get out and with difficulty rips his clothes off his body.

“Damn it!” Jeongguk curses under his breath and turns around ready to push the other away only to have Seokjin pressing his body against his own, mouth going straight for his neck where he nips gently on the tender unmarked skin.

Jeongguk’s back is pressed to the slippery rocks, the edge of them digging into his middle. "I heard is nice to dive during the night" Jeongguk shakes his head, Seokjin’s left hand trails down grabbing his thigh to gain the impulse to lift him up, “I’ll be easier if you cooperate”

“Shut up”


Jeongguk lets his head fall back, “Why?” he is looking at the shining moon above, “You only have to mark me not–”

“Because you’re mine as much as I’m yours”

That’s what mating is. Belonging.

Jeongguk laughs, "Funny you say that, really? Is not just because you’re lusting after my perfect ass?"

Seokjin smiles, "Why would you say that?"

"Cuz I can already feel your huge dick getting hard"

"Think I have a huge dick?"

"Mine puts you on shame, of course."

Seokjin doesn’t say anything, just bites hard on his swollen lip and makes the younger turn around, "Hold on"

Slippery rocks with something green and sticky ew Jeongguk grimaces but then he can’t think anymore, palms flat against the cold surface.

Seokjin should and could have been more gentle but Jeongguk has a big mouth so he is not really sorry about the two finger he just shoved in. "Sure you're tight"

"Feel honored"

"Jeongguk" Seokjin sighs licking a stripe of skin from his shoulder up his neck. "I want to know how you taste"

"Fuck no" Jeongguk states but lets Seokjin manhandle him on top of the rocks, high enough for Seokjin to comfortably part his butt cheeks.  

"Hey Ggukie" nickname Taehyung gives him sometimes and only from the safety of Seokjin’s arms. "You’re free to tell me how much you like it"

"As if– ah!" Jeongguk curses Seokjin’s name over and over again in his head as the elder moves his tongue over his rim and inside. Stupid Seokjin.


Jeongguk feels his entire body weak when he embarrassingly cums with just Seokjin’s tongue and fingers up his hole.

Of course the alpha is not going to bite him yet, Seokjin is just a pervert. Damn.

Seokjin carries him out the water into the soft grass to lie there, settling himself between his parted legs. He tries to be as delicate as with Yoongi and Taehyung at the beginning but the way Jeongguk half lidded eyes are looking at him and the way he licks his lips are too distracting.

Jeongguk’s swallows his cock like he was meant for it.

Jeongguk doesn’t refuse any more or talks back at him and when Seokjin leans down to kiss him passionately, the younger kisses back eagerly.

So when the bite comes it goes smoothly.

Jeongguk submits to him.


When Namjoon spots them getting back, Taehyung’s already fast asleep, he quirks a brow at Jeongguk dressed in only Seokjin’s shirt while being piggybacked by the elder.



||| |||



Yoongi is not going into heat anytime soon because of his condition so when the time comes is only Taehyung and Jimin. Jimin tells him, with a crimson red face, about how he just went away and took care of it the first time, being this his second.

Jimin is the only still underage but not by much, surprisingly just behind Jeongguk who got his maturity age just a month before and he is now just a couple days away. He is just skinny and tiny which is totally cute in Jeongguk’s opinion.

"You have to be cute. You're my mate." Jeongguk says and shifts his eyes towards Seokjin’s.

The main alpha is pleased by the gesture. Jeongguk is looking for permission. It’s a slow process still but everything is getting well.

Yoongi is full of hormones and needs though, doesn’t matter if he is having babies or going through a heat cycle so Seokjin stays with him.

Taehyung drags Namjoon and Hoseok since Jeongguk likes to gravitate around Jimin only.

Seokjin marks Jimin after his heat is over, right next to Jeongguk's mark. He doesn’t take him, his inner wolf already pleased with Jeongguk's submission.



"You still haven’t fight for me and I’m already giving you pups" Yoongi whines into the crook of his neck. They’re cuddling.

Seokjin chuckles, "All you need to know is that I will fight to protect any of them but you're the only one I'm willing to die for."

Yoongi is still the prettiest thing he has ever laid his eyes on.

"Whatever" Yoongi smiles, resting his head on his chest.



||| |||



Taehyung arrives at the house one afternoon with a little rain falling over covered in blood and crying. He has gone out just to walk around with Yoongi and Hoseok earlier. Seokjin instantly feels his heart drop to his feet at the sight. "T-they cornered Hoseok and Yoongi near the riverbank"

Seokjin and Jeongguk are out of the house in a heartbeat.



Hoseok has managed to keep the hunter away from Yoongi after killing the second one with Taehyung's help. But this one fellow turns out to be smarter than the other and his fucking gun is making Hoseok's moves almost impossible.

And then an arrow passes right beside his face, scratching his cheek when he makes the slightest move to peek "Shit"

And again, there are two hunters.

They're hiding between some tangled trees but is not gonna be for long. Yoongi is shaking and holding his rounded belly behind him "Hoseok…"

"Sshh, Seokjin is going to be here soon."

Hoseok concentrates on the sounds then, filtering Yoongi's breathing and heart rate. He is almost sure one of the hunters is behind a bush ahead of them but he can hear steps surrounding them, he can also distingue Jeongguk’s and Seokjin’s scent getting closer.

"He is gonna be here any second"

Jeongguk growls close enough to cause a reaction and it’s then that Hoseok takes his chance and launches forward shifting in the air and catching the hunter with arrows before he can aim at him.

It’s all silence after. Yoongi gets out from between the trees and looks around and just when he turns the hunter with a gun is pointing at him.

Yoongi sees his sinister grin and then he hears the gunshot. He hears it only and watches as Jeongguk in his wolf form tackles him down with his neck between his powerful teeth.

Yoongi then feels the weight of Seokjin's body falling over him having taken the bullet that was meant for his own heart.



When they get to the house, Jeongguk and Hoseok carrying Seokjin, Namjoon is not there, Taehyung is crying and Jimin is trying to help with the wound in his arm.


"He said we're gonna need more help" Jimin is sobbing.

They hear a weird noise outside and then Namjoon is at the door sweating and exhausted. "I brought friends. Those are silver bullets." Namjoon eyes go wide when he sees the wound in Seokjin’s chest.

"Namjoon" a tall guy walks in, another getting some things out of the jeep.

Namjoon's friends treat Seokjin and Taehyung there but take both of them to the city later where they can provide all the proper cares they need.



||| |||



Yoongi caresses his prominent belly gently, lying down in a comfortable chair next to the bed where his mate is resting. "Please," he speaks softly, "Don't ever be as reckless as your father. I don't think I can handle if anything happens to any of you so always listen to me, okay" he chuckles, throwing a tiny kiss. These are his private moments when he expresses himself fully without worrying about annoying Hoseok or Taehyung listening.

It's been already two days and even though wolves tend to heal fast, silver is a powerful poison that hunters use against them always. Yoongi has stayed there in the city along the rest of the pack thankful of Namjoon's friend’s hospitality and kindness. Yoongi hasn't move out of the room except to eat and stretch his legs, waiting for his mate.


It takes one more day.


When Seokjin recovers consciousness, the first he sees is Yoongi's red face because despite everyone's good words he can't stop himself from crying a little bit out of frustration.

The first Seokjin does after open his eyes is smile softly "...See?“ He whispers lifting one hand to touch a rosy cheek, "I would die for you."

"Shut up" Yoongi leaves the chair to throw himself at his still hurting body, hugging him, kissing him.


Hyosang, one of Namjoon’s friends, is still worry about Yoongi's babies despite Yoongi himself telling him it will be okay. Still he makes Namjoon and Hoseok carry two boxes full with formula milk and a third to Jeongguk with all the things babies need and makes then swear to come back to him for more once it runs out.

Yoongi secretly takes a liking in the baby’s pajamas so Seokjin promises more baby clothing. 



||| |||



Jeongguk is mumbling under his breath preparing the formula for the babies in the blender because Namjoon says electricity is a need and managed to make all the electrical outlets work with Hyosang, Donghyuk and Ikje's help.

Jeongguk likes children but these two are something else. "Here’s your food" he announces once he gets back to the room.

The two babies that have being playing with toys under Jimin’s watchful eyes crawl their way towards him. Jimin laughs taking one bottle and one baby. "Here, Jisu”

Jeongguk offers the bottle to the baby at his feet, who looks at him in wonder stretching his tiny hand towards his promised food. “I’m not gonna give it to you”

“Jeongguk” Jimin calls, already feeding the other baby, “Lift him up”

“But I don’t want to” He frowns, “He is gonna pull my hair and leave all his gross saliva in me”

“What are you going to do when you have your own?” Jeongguk picks the baby up and sits beside his mate, Min already opening his mouth hungry. “They are really cute”

“I know”

Yoongi, Seokjin, Hoseok and Namjoon are out hunting.

Taehyung finally decides to wake up from his all-afternoon nap. "Yah! Can I have some too?" he asks from the doorframe, rubbing his eyes.

“Oh my god Taehyung, is baby food" Jeongguk frowns, "Don't be gross"

Taehyung shrugs, "It's tasty"

With horror Jeongguk is about to say something else to him when Min, still drinking, pulls the closest strands of hair from his head, "Jimin!" He whines annoyed when his mate only laughs cutely.

Later and out of the sudden Min, after finishing his drink, shifts still in his arms, fur as beautiful as Yoongi's. "Jimin"

"God Jeongguk. You're useless" Jimin lets Jisu down and soon enough he is following his brother, shifting.

Taehyung stays playing around with them while they go to another room, Jimin accepts him in his arms when Jeongguk nuzzles his neck. "I want you."

"And I want my own pups" Jimin replays.

Jeongguk rolls his eyes but chuckles, "Of course you want pups" he pecks his nose running his fingers through his hair gently, kissing him chaste.

"Don't you?"

Jeongguk sighs, "With you I want it all and I bet our own are not gonna be as annoying as them" he sighs deeply again. Jimin hits his arm but then entering to the room bursting the door open appears Min not stopping till he's able to jump onto Jeongguk's chest barking and trying to bite his nose. "...He hates me"



It's during one night, when Seokjin and Namjoon are out patrolling the area that Jeongguk catches Yoongi talking to his babies, outside in the porch. Each baby sitting in both his thighs and listening carefully sucking on their pacifiers -a treat gifted to them by Hyosang. "...So when your teeth or your growing human teeth start bothering you just go with Jeonggukie, you can chew him all you want, yes?"

And Jeongguk sees with horror as the babies nod in agreement.



||| |||



(Besides his trauma with Yoongi’s pups, Jeongguk still wants his own.)

The moon shines bright and high above them and the breeze is soft on their bodies, Jeongguk pushes gently his back forward, Jimin bites on his lip and braces himself for what's coming now. Jeongguk's eyes travel south for the curve of his back till his butt, up to his wish. He spanks him softly, Jimin gaps and a tiny moan leaves his mouth as well by the sudden action that does nothing more than to send a shiver of anticipation through his body.

Jeongguk's index and middle fingers slide in between his crack taking in their way some of the substance leaking out his body. "So wet for me already, Jimin" eyes darkening dangerously, "If I've known you wanted me this bad I would have done this before"

"Please" he whimpers.

"I'll do whatever you want" Jeongguk leans down, chest to back. "Just tell me"

Jimin's face is red in embarrassment and because of the raw need to be taken running through his body. "Please, Jeongguk. Knot me…"

The words are filthy and even more coming from him, Jeongguk growls allured, cock already pushing into Jimin's twitching leaking hole. "There's nothing I want more right now that do just that."

Jimin's nails dig hard on the soft sheet beneath them just as Jeongguk doesn't take a moment before ramming against him, heat pooling all around them and within their burning bodies. "Jimin" He breathes the name out, leaning down enough to suck on the tender skin of his throat.

Jimin pushes himself back against Jeongguk's hips meeting his trusts, bottom lip caught between his pearly white teeth. "Hmm, Jeonggukie, it feels so–" a gasp cuts his sentence with a well-aimed trust to his sweet spot.

"There, baby?" Jeongguk runs his fingers through soft thighs and hips. Jimin is almost drooling and by this point is a little hard to form coherent words. "Gonna fill you up so good"

"...yes, pl-please"

Jimin wants it, all of it. He wants Jeongguk's knot to lock him in place, he wants to squeeze around it. He could feel ashamed of his own thoughts but not right now, in the heat of it.

Jeongguk bends forward hovering completely over Jimin, knot fully settled "Jimin"

It's just perfect. The mating.



||| |||



Near Yoongi's twins second birthday, Jeongguk is positively glowing knowing his own pups are finally on their way. He's so thrill by that fact that he doesn't mind when Seokjin asks him to take his boys out and that said cute boys decide later to play hide and seek without telling him, he nearly gets a heart attack before being ambushed by the two cubs jumping on him out of nowhere but he's still happy (even when Jimin gets moody and hates him for short amounts of time).


And Seokjin is satisfied. He has what he had wanted since always, a mate, pups, a happy growing pack.  He can't be more thankful.





Chapter Text

Jeongguk chuckles softly when the three baby pups whine cutely at Namjoon whom quickly proceeds to give them more cookies from the jar Taehyung keeps in the top shelf for himself. They are only three years old and already know how to get what they want with minimal effort. Jeongguk is proud.

"Daddy! Daddy!" One of the pups spots him and runs as fast as his little legs let him.

Jeongguk picks him up, "Yes, Minjung?"

"Papa says you should go and help him with Chimchim"

"Your little brother has a name"

"Chimchim" the other two boys are already at his feet, munching on their cookies.

"Fine, let's go then"


When they come into the room, Jimin is laying down sideways with the little baby trying to learn how to crawl. It's beautiful.

Chimchim, like the three angels like to call him, is an unexpected surprise since they weren't really trying for more and were just taking a walk into the woods where they found him abandoned and luckily for the pup in time because he surely wouldn't have survived a night there.

"How's the fighter?" Jeongguk sits across the baby calling his attention. "Come here, Chimchim" the baby's ears pick up at the nickname he has become accustomed for the past month.

Jimin smiles and receives with open arms the other three boys whining for kisses. "Did you eat Taehyung's cookies again?"

"But daddy, uncle Joonie gave us the cookies" Jisuk blinks innocently cuddling in his neck.

"TaeTae didn't hide his cookies well" Baemin, the younger of the three, finishes with his last piece.

"He's gonna be upset again"

Jeongguk rolls his eyes, picking the baby up in his arms, "He can asks Namjoon or Hoseok to get him more and if he's smart enough then he'll ask for the boys too"

Jimin hums all happy with his children demanding to be as close to him as possible, his eyes wander back to Jeongguk though, "You love babies now" Jeongguk stops making funny faces for the pup and denies the accusation immediately, "Right"

Who could have guessed? Jimin thinks.


(That night, Taehyung whines, cries and Namjoon accepts to bring him all the cookies he can find by the next day. Taehyung also promises to hide them really well from the evil pups —Baemin tells him he'll find them either way).

Chapter Text


“Bite me!” Yoongi yells back while bending down over the bed to pick up the towel at the other side when he feels teeth burying in the soft flesh of his bare left butt-cheek. He screeches out of pure impression.

Seokjin gnaws a bit before letting go, eyes never leaving his mate’s bottom. He licks his lips too smug look on his face, “The kids went out with Jeongguk, Jimin and Hoseok. And yes, Yoongi. If I want to accept other wolves in our pack i am going to”

Yoongi still can’t process well the fact that Seokjin literally bit his ass in the heat of their discussion when his brain chooses to take his new words instead. “No! You’re not going to let those two in here”

“And w–”

Yoongi, still pretty much naked because where the hell is his clothes, stomps to him grabbing him by the neck and pulling him down eye level, “If I say no then that will be it. You might be the alpha but you can be sure as hell you’re going to do exactly what I tell you to or else” he leans forward a bit more, “You’ll see how I look when angered”

Seokjin cocks up an eyebrow at his mate’s sudden outburst of authority. And fuck, Seokjin would be lying if say he didn’t feel a bit of arousal. Yoongi is already bossy enough but this side of him…

“What’s the deal with them anyway?” He says trying to compose himself, Yoongi’s hand lets go of his shirt. “If you know them–”

“Yes. I know them. So I don’t care whatever they have told you, they’re not going to stay here”

“Yoongi–” Yoongi looks downright murderous “Did they do something to you?”

“…They are from my old pack” he pauses, “They were never nice to me so tell them to fuck off before my babies come back and if you still don’t understand my words you can go away with them too” and with that he turns to finally dress.


Seokjin is muffled; the conversation obviously has reached its end if Yoongi’s back to him if anything to go by. He turns as well and exits the house not much later. He finds the other two wolves and tells them he discussed with his pack and they don’t feel comfortable with others joining –Seokjin is sure that the moment Yoongi said no the rest was just going to follow him. Fuck, who is the leader again?

Seokjin doesn’t come back till he’s sure the two are out and away from his territory. He doesn’t go back to the house but to where his nose leads him, Yoongi’s scent mixing with their babies and the others. When he catches up to them, his two sons throw themselves into his always open arms.

“Appa! Appa!” high pitched voices rings his ears.

“Hey there!”

“Hoseok gave us candies!”

Yoongi picks up Min, “How many did you ate?” the toddler shows him one tiny finger, “Really?” he smiles wide and shows him all of his fingers. “Oh my god, Hoseok!”

“How can you tell no to those faces?” that’s Hoseok’s excuse for his weakness.

Jisu shows Seokjin another candy still wrapped, a lollipop. “Open” he asks.

“Me too! Me too!” Min raises his arm and his brother searches inside his pocket another to hand to him. Yoongi sighs heavily.

Luckily for Jimin and Jeongguk, his own pups are still content with sucking on pacifiers. Yoongi whines internally because by now he knows how children react to that much sugar, Hyosang has explained to him, he knows his babies aren’t going to sleep or stay still anytime soon. Min is already crawling out of his arms to run along his brother to jump on Hoseok, successfully pushing him to the ground. “No fair!” the beta hollers.


Yeah, well. That’s life.


(Later that night, the twins are still jumping around so Yoongi decides to sit with the triplets to show them the niceties of sucking on candies instead of pacifiers –Jeongguk notices with horror too late.)




Chapter Text



Under a big thick old tree Seokjin is stroking Taehyung’s head when the younger sees Namjoon and Jeongguk running nearby and immediately chases after them. And while Taehyung jumps on Namjoon’s back, Jeongguk shifts and walks towards Seokjin.

It’s a lovely afternoon in the woods; the sky is clear as the water flowing through the stream.

Jeongguk approaches hesitatively, teeth sinking on the inside of his cheek, tender skin of his face and ears gaining some color as the alpha’s eyes across him follow his every move. “Hey Jeonggukie”

“Don’t call me like that” 

“It’s cute, don’t be embarrassed”

Jeongguk sits beside him, trying to seem aloof but Seokjin just knows. “Oh, Jeonggukie just want to be pampered by your alpha too? You just have to say it”

The younger scoffs, ready to shift back and hightail form there because he is so embarrassed now. Why does Seokjin has to be like that?

“No. Come here, baby” Seokjin pats his lap.

Jeongguk is honestly about to leave but he finds himself crawling up into Seokjin embrace. The older alpha nuzzling his neck right away, hands coming down on his waist. “You’re so cute when you’re like this” he bites his earlobe. “So handsome and sexy” Jeongguk tilts his head back giving him more range to nip at his neck gasping softly.  

Seokjin runs his hands gently over his baked back and down the swell of his ass. “What do you want Jeongguk? I’ll give you anything”

Jeongguk wants his fucking alpha leader to do something about this itch crawling up his body. “…Please”




Seokjin fingers him gently, the young alpha still on his lap but lying down sideways. Frustrated with the slow progression Jeongguk pushes his ass against the big hand and reaches with his own Seokjin’s obvious bulge.

“So eager boy” He pats his butt gently but the shiver he gets in return makes him repeat the action a little harder. Jeongguk is so tempting when he’s so submissive like this. Seokjin loves to see him around Jimin but he also likes to have this little moments. “Be good for me”

And Jeongguk is, sucking him in between his stretched lips. And fuck does Seokjin likes the sight of his pretty pack mate choking on it. Seokjin is always going to love Yoongi above all of them but he has a piece of his heart to each one of them –even Jimin. “Turn around, Ggukie” he pats his butt. “Want me to eat your ass?” Jeongguk gets weak on the knees, “Or to just shove my dick inside your pretty hole?” both options very tempting to the younger.

“…Just do something. Stop talking”

Seokjin gets on his knees, moving the other to a better position, pulling his dick out rock hard and leaking pre-cum, he aligns it with Jeongguk’s hole.  “So tight just for me” he pushes till his buried to the hilt. Jeongguk moans low at finally getting what he wanted. Seokjin bottoms out slowly before pushing back in and out again, going for a fast rhythm.

Seokjin thinks he catches sight of Hoseok walking closer but the beta hurries away quickly.

And Jeongguk asks for more, more and more. He ends up on his back with Seokjin above him and between his legs fucking him while holding his legs up and apart, “You’re quite flexible”

Jeongguk pants, mouth hanging open “…Knot me” fuck he’s so gone.

That’s only for omegas and betas but surely Seokjin has heard before of alphas being able to take a knot. “Whatever you want, darling”



Jimin tilts his head when Jeongguk enters their bedroom limping, with Seokjin practically carrying him. He doesn’t question mostly amused by his mate and their alpha.

Chapter Text


Taehyung’s heat brings unexpected things after is gone.

For example, pregnancy.

And this wouldn’t be a problem if not for the fact that he has no idea who the other new daddy is.


Yoongi laughs, laughs out loud and doesn’t stop till there are tears around his eyes. Jimin is more supporting, hugging him and telling him is going to be okay and how exciting it is to have more pups running around.  

Seokjin, as his alpha, is the one he runs to bury his face in and to ask for guidance. “Don’t worry. All of us are going to love them no matter what, besides if you don’t know now you definitely will when they are out”


“The scent”

Oh, right. How silly.

Either way, there are only three options for him.

Seokjin, Namjoon or Hoseok. And they are all good.


Pregnancy is good and bad at the same time. Taehyung totally understand Jimin and Yoongi now when he’s waddling inside the house after a calming bath he decided to take on the recently discovered hot springs close to their territory. Namjoon and Hoseok were around so it was no problem. He plots his ass, tired all of the sudden, on the first loveseat he finds. Jisuk and Baemin walk to him, “Hi” they greet in unison.

“Hey boys!”

“We brought you something, TaeTae!” Minjung comes into the room as well bringing something behind his back.

“It’s a surprise, TaeTae” he says, “Close your eyes!”

Taehyung does as told only opening when he Baemin pulls softly at the sleeve of his sweater calling him in whispers. Taehyung is faced then with a medium sized circular pastel blue box he eagerly opens to find the inside filled with cookies. “Oh” he could probably cry.

“You like it? You like it?” Jisuk asks.

“We got them for you from the city” Minjung supplies.

“Yeah, we even went by ourselves” Baemin says proudly which is partially true.

(They wanted to go get the cookies for Taehyung to cheer him up and his pups –maybe they’d go out sooner to play– but Namjoonie caught them on the door and wen with them.)

It’s funny; Taehyung thinks how the three of them used to steal his cookies before, and now this. “Thank you”

“You’re welcome, TaeTae”

“Yeah, we love you” three pairs of arms hug him at once. “Please bring your puppies soon”

“We want to meet them”

“And play with them”

“Chimchim, Min and Jisu think so to!”


It takes three more months but then finally Taehyung has the babies. They are two and they have everyone in the pack going crazy, even the children are excited about them.

And by the scent Taehyung knows, just like all of them, who the other new daddy is.

Currently, said wolf is feeding one of them –Hoseok has the other to allow him a little more rest.

“Aren’t you two the cutest?” Namjoon says softly, tiny uncoordinated hands touching his big hand while big brown eyes focus on his face. “You are” Hoseok is by his side showing him the empty bottle. “She ate that fast”

“Namih wants for you to hold her” the baby is indeed looking at Namjoon.

Namjoon sets the formula down when Tooruh pulls her face away, is a little complicate but he manages to take one baby in each hand. Hoseok is smiling and cooing saying how he wants more babies around.

Maybe later.




Chapter Text


Min, Jisu, Baemin, Jisuk, Minjung and Chimchim are eagerly playing outside the house, they have left their clothing behind on the porch to shift in their natural form. Namih and Tooruh are taking their second nap of the day inside.

Jeongguk pouts crossing his arms annoyed because he didn’t get to go hunting since he has been given the babysitter task (he pullet the shortest straw) –the pups are all cute though, yelping and rolling around in the grass, Jeongguk thinks he can teach them one thing or two maybe to make the most of their time together which is not an idea shared by the two rogues Jeongguk suddenly feels creeping on the edges of their territory.

He gets on his feet quickly, the boys perceiving his sudden disturbance and some of them picking on the strangers. “Go inside” he commands them and they all obey, except his oldest son and the twins who stays at the door looking back at him with worry. “Keep an eye on all your siblings” he says to his boy.

“Daddy is coming” Jisu whispers.

“I know, now do as I say”

Jeongguk stays in front of the house because his pack mates are the only one he is going to be let get pass him.


A couple minutes later, he finally gets sight of the rogues confirming that they are indeed only two –he can’t sense more.  

The two are equally big and ugly looking, their fur dirty and wet with some fluids Jeongguk doesn’t want to know about, and their eyes empty but flashing red along their open jaws showing pointy teeth with their tongues hanging. It’s a nasty view.

There’s suddenly a loud deep growl in the distance –Seokjin.

The rogues look at their sides and back at Jeongguk whom is one more gesture away from ripping his clothes to shift.

More howls are heard, every time more closely.

Jeongguk snorts, the others apparently don’t want him to bother. 

“If you go now, you might be able to conserve your little lives a bit more” he simply says.

His pack is already inside their territory again.

By the time the all arrive, Jeongguk is sitting down in the grass –pouting.

The rogues gone.

Seokjin shifts quickly, kneeling in front of him. “Are you okay?”

“No. I’m bored. Like, I could literally die. The pups are awesome and are nice to be around but I have needs.” He needs his body pumping adrenaline, he feels restless.

The alpha chuckles the others coming closer, Namjoon and Hoseok dragging their hunt.

“I’m sorry, Jeongguk-ah. I’ll make sure to give you something fun to do next time.”

Jeongguk gives him an eye roll before going for his mate’s open arms. Jimin pats him gently in the back caressing his hair. “Were you good?”

Jeongguk huffs making him laugh, “Of course!”


The next time they go on a hunt Hoseok and Yoongi stay behind, Jeongguk as always tries to go for a big prey by himself but Seokjin has already anticipated, control his little alpha comes easier now.


Jeongguk is still restless after the hunt and meal so Jimin takes him into the woods behind a large tree out of the house’s view –Seokjin follows.

Jeongguk is easy to rile up for sex, all of them know by now, so it doesn’t take much for him to be on his knees sucking Jimin off with their alpha and his fingers behind.

“Make Jiminie feel good, Ggukie” Seokjin mutters in his ear, biting on his lobe.

Jimin whimpers, throwing his head back against the tree trunk where he’s leaned in, both hands on his mate’s head. He throws one leg up Jeongguk’s shoulder then the other. Jeongguk groans slipping his dick out of his mouth to go further –Jimin yelps high when he feels his tongue between his cheeks over his asshole.

When Jimin finally reaches his peak, cum splattering all over Jeongguk’s head, Seokjin has the younger alpha already on his hands and knees pushing his cock inside him.

“Always warm and soft for your alpha” Seokjin hums closing his eyes. “Let’s fuck some of that extra energy out of you”




When they get back to the cabin, Namjoon is sitting on the porch, “Everyone is asleep already”

Jimin and Jeongguk get inside quickly, lazy smiles and ready to hit their bed.

Seokjin stops in from of the beta, “And what are you doing here all by yourself?”

Namjoon shrugs, “I’m not sleepy yet”

The alpha sits next to him offering his lap for Namjoon to lay his head on.

Namjoon purrs when he feels his alpha’s fingers running through his hair gently.

“Is Namjoonie feeling neglected, perhaps?”

“What? No!”

“That was fast. Are you sure?”


Seokjin chuckles, “Do you wanna sleep with me tonight?”

The beta pouts, “Yoongi would hit me”

“Yoongi wouldn’t” Yoongi’s probably going to do that exactly, “But we can shift and stay out here is you want?”


“Yeah, it’s a pretty night”


The plan is to shift and cuddle but as soon as Namjoon is bare Seokjin feels like doing something else first, “I have been neglecting you, didn’t I?”

“I–” Namjoon blushes and it’s pretty.

Seokjin loves pretty things.




Chapter Text



Namjoon is so…soft –like, really soft.

And Seokjin absolutely loves it.

The beta whimpers letting out a cute little moan when his alpha thrust in again, pushing Namjoon forward losing the balance of his hands and knees falling face forward on the nest. Namjoon tries to catch his breath but Seokjin leans forward keeping him down, cheek pressed down, unfocused eyes on the omega across them. 

Yoongi is watching from a corner, lower lip caught between his teeth. He hasn’t said a thing when Seokjin brought Namjoon with him to their nest. He stays still during the whole act up until Seokjin finally lies down beside Namjoon, spent and satisfied. Only then, Yoongi crawls towards them snuggling between both, his sweet scent rising around.

“…I’m all wet” he mumbles against the alpha’s neck, “It’s your fault” Namjoon turns on his side, burying his face in Yoongi’s hair, one hand reaching for his waist.

“Rude” he groans.

Yoongi nods making Seokjin chuckle, “What should I do to make it up to you then baby?”

“Make me feel good too. Make me cum.”

“So crude” Seokjin is not even surprised “Anything else?” he drops a light kiss on Yoongi’s nose, one hand trailing his way down the omega’s hipbone.

“Kiss me”

The alpha kisses him, soft and then hard, teeth sinking on Yoongi’s bottom lip. “Anything else?”

Namjoon pouts reaching with one hand Seokjin’s.  

“…Feeling neglected again?” the alpha’s eyes shine.

Namjoon knows he’ll have all the attention he wants and needs.



Seokjin runs as fast as his four limbs allow him to, with the adrenaline of a good race pumping through his veins. Jeongguk is about to catch up and probably surpass him, the baby alpha always competitive.

Jeongguk comes to stop though, ears picking up from the noises his pups are making. The four kids have been playing around the area and are now running after him –little Chimchim more in control of his wolf’s form.

Seokjin halts too, sitting back to observe the scene of Jeongguk’s eyes widening right before his offspring collide at full speed against him, just eager to play with their daddy.

It’s beautiful, Seokjin’s been there too.

The alpha leader heads back to their home, leaving Jeongguk entertained.

And he gets back just in time.

Yoongi is fuming –for some reason.


“Where were you, bastard?”

 “What?” The omega throws the first thing he can reach at him, Seokjin dodges it. “Yoongi?”

“You were supposed to be here when I woke up!”

Seokjin’s eyes widen, “I’m sorry. I went–”

“I don’t give a damn your excuse!” his face is puffy and blushed, cocooned in a blanket on their nest.

Seokjin wants to smother him in kisses because Yoongi is just so damn cute when pregnant.

“That was…idiotic of me. I’m sorry. I’ll be here. I’m here.”

“You’re not on our nest!”

“Sorry!” Seokjin goes quickly, embracing his mate.

Yoongi visibly calms, burying his face on his chest. Seokjin thinks a little scenting would be a nice idea.

“Stupid alpha”

Seokjin chuckles, “But you love me”

“I love you”


Jimin arrives later with the twins and Hoseok, the young boys jumping to cuddle with their daddy and mommy because family time is the best and they’re so excited about new brothers or sisters on their way –also, they don’t think is fair his cousins are four and they’re only two so they also hope for new brothers the most though they’ll be happy with sisters too since Tooruh and Namih are so nice.


Yoongi and the twins fall asleep together, under the watchful eye of their alpha.

Seokjin can’t be more gratified.