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Fading In To The Stolen Light

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Rei lay back breathing in deeply not caring that the sheets were tangled around her right now the world could crash down around her and she wouldn't even care she was just in pure heaven. She could feel Asuka's lips as they kissed her neck gently and slowly as her hands moved over her naked body slowly and sensually.

Once more she was the object of her affection and it just felt so good she could feel her naked body on top of hers pressing down gently. "Asuka?" Asuka carried on kissing a trail as she moved her hands to her waist speaking softly as she started to move them across her skin letting her finger tips glide over every curve. "Yes."

Rei breathed in closing her eyes enjoying the sensation. "What happened to you inside the core?" Asuka moved to her lips feeling Rei's hands move to her hair stroking it. "I don't remember." Rei looked at her for a long moment she knew just what had happened but she felt it only fair to allow Asuka to remember in her own time. "Do you think that maybe you met someone in the core?"

Asuka breathed in not stopping her actions. "If I did I just don't remember right now." Rei breathed in trying to concentrate which was getting harder now. "I know you don't remember everything right now but believe me you're going to be happy when you do remember." Asuka stopped looking down at her meeting her greens eyes straight on. "Really?"

Rei nodded moving her hand taking hers seeing that the other woman left eye which was alight along with the razor sharp teeth. Clearly they were Asuka's not Bardiel's because they still remained despite that he was now gone. "Yes."

Asuka moved her other hand up running her fingers down the other woman's neck gently and softly. "Did you believe when I came out of that core that I was really going to forget you?" Rei felt her eyes dart. "For a moment I thought maybe you had I mean you seemed so disorientated like you were struggling to make sense of anything, I wondered if out of spite Bardiel had wiped you off your memories." Asuka breathed in deeply. "Trust me I wouldn't have let him, I fought far too hard to get here and I would never give up what we have not for him or anyone else."

She moved her hand up running it through the other woman's soft short hair. "He never understood love even at the end of it all he only understood power and control." Rei looked at her feeling a warm smile form. "Both are nothing unless they are balanced through honour and justice." Asuka leaned forward kissing her again. "Yes."

Rei breathed in feeling another topic spring to mind. "Asuka do you want to go shopping with me tomorrow it's just we can get some new gym clothes for you and some really nice things for your bathroom and we can look around Tokyo Three." She paused before speaking. "You know because I'd still really like you to come and do gymnastics with me, because I think you get bored some days when you're alone."

She eased up her hand tracing the scar on Asuka's left eye. "You should never be alone." Asuka met her soft green eyes. "I would love to come shopping with you and I would like to try what you're talking about I mean you said I might be good at it." Rei looked up. "Yes I think you'd be very good at it given the chance and I get the feeling that other the hand to hand training with Kyo is not your entire world anymore."

Asuka raised an eyebrow. "No I guess it isn't, it used to be the focus of my life for many years but now it just doesn't hold the same appeal, I still want to train but I just don't want the long hours anymore I want to do other things." She moved her hand to her lips. "I would also like to at least get these teeth under control as well in our more intimate moments but I find it easier to change them back after anger but it's harder when I feel desire, would just once like to kiss you with my normal teeth if possible."

Rei looked at her. "Like I've said before I really don't care about the teeth they are not an issue to me but I'm happy to help you with that, however I can." She paused moving her hand up to Asuka's stomach were the long scar remained. "I did wonder if though given the chance you'd have wanted to return to how you were before the accident in the UN Alpha test unit because we did hear talk that, this could happen because the core can do all manner of things to you."

Asuka eyed the scar. "You know what I kind of don't mind them anymore I mean they just feel like they're part of me and I don't see them as some awful thing anymore like I did when I woke up in the hospital bed." Rei felt her smile widen. "You were so moody that day when we all came to visit you but I understood why, I mean being wrapped up in bandages is just no fun." Asuka turned leaning over. "That reminds me."

She opened the second draw pulling out Shinji's walkman. "You should really give this back to Shinji and tell him that I'm really sorry that it stayed in my hands for so long I just lost track of certain things, with everything that's been going on." Rei carefully took it from her hand. "Yeah I was going to talk to you about this because Shinji got sent a note from our grandmother that she's found some of our mother's old things."

She turned the walkman between her fingers. "One of them is another walkman but it's white and he wants to keep it and he wanted me to have this one, he just wants to borrow it so he can copy the digital tracks over." She eyed her father's walkman. "So this will be staying with us." Asuka watched as she put it back on the desk top. "I seriously have no recollection of you or Shinji giving me that, my head must have been so messed up."

Rei moved her hands to her shoulder running her fingers over the refined muscle. "That's putting it mildly, you were reliving you childhood and teen memories Maya believes this happened because that was the point when Bardiel fixed himself to your cerebellum but in doing so he some how messed up all of your memories in the process. It must have taken your brain a whole day to fix it and reorder itself and because of the stress this caused your body which was trying to heal itself you kept on being violently sick."

Asuka moved closer to her. "I only remember one thing from the night before that he said to me during my dream which was that I had to find this sweet spot between agony and ecstasy then he put his clawed finger right through my left eye." She paused before speaking. "I never understood what he meant I thought he was referring to battle or something like the experience of pain and pleasure."

She eased up her hand running it through Rei's hair. "It wasn't though he was referring to my feelings towards you, the agony was that you felt nothing for me and the ecstasy was that you might and if you did I'd not know how to deal with it."

Rei looked at her as she moved her hands down her back. "I think you dealt with it quite well, I thought for a moment you might just run I mean I caught you by surprise." Asuka took in a deep breath letting it out slowly. "Yeah that's true but I really didn't expect you to ever say you loved me." She shook her head. "But then I also didn't expect you to fulfill my whole fantasy of making love to me in my own house, you know the one based on the book."

She felt a warm smile form. "Really wish Misato hadn't interrupted that great moment in the recliner though." Rei looked up at her. "Yeah that kind of got on my nerves to because she stayed till really late and by the time she was done you were tired and so was I." She moved her hands gently up Asuka's back. "There will be another time though so don't worry."

Asuka leaned forward kissing her lips again. "Yes you're right we do have all the time in the world, I mean I don't have an angel in my head anymore and we can finally do things without the annoying bastard of a third wheel." Rei laughed as she pulled her close. "Considering what you went through I think you really did great."

Asuka felt a smirk form. "Does that include the time I came out of my coma and started trashing my hospital room?" Rei gently kissed the side of her face. "I was very annoyed by Maya, Kaji and Misato they just didn't understand that it was pain causing you to lash out that day not violence and you had been in that hospital room so much." She paused easing the other woman's head up so she could see her eyes watching as the left one's patterns pulsed in the soft light of the room. "They wanted to see a violent monster you're not a violent monster you're a good person and I love you more than words can say."

Asuka felt a wide toothy smile form as her molars turned to razors and her left eye ignited again. "People can call me a monster all they want I don't really care but they should always remember that I'm your monster and if they touch you they do it at there own peril. Because I'd destroy everything in this world if it means being here with you, because I waited so long to be with you and I will never surrender that lightly it means far too much to me."

She leaned forward meeting her lips making the kisses as passionate and loving as possible feeling the other woman's legs come up locking on to her body it was going to be a long blissful night and


"We finally have it Pharaoh."

The dark haired woman in her sixties looked up as a man placed a suite case down in front of her. "We had a lot of problems getting this and our scientists had to work doubly fast but we acquired the gene sequences as you ordered." The woman dark brown eyes shifted as she opened the case looking at the thin vial which was filled with LCL but had a pure DNA sequence in it. "This is Bardiel's?"

The man looked up as he stepped back. "Yes we stole it from the tongue but we had to return the tongue otherwise Nerv might have been on to us." He put his hands behind her back. "Cerberus and Ouroboros were also an issue we had to kill a lot of them." The woman smile widened. "How long will it take our scientists to build two fully working Evangelions using this pure source?" The man looked up. "Very quickly we have two of the five scientists Ouroboros had though as you requested they are being well treated and they have everything their hearts desires."

The woman's eyes narrowed as she put her feet up on the table. "Good and that should to remain so even after the project is over they can be given a huge pay out and told that they can go anywhere and be set up for life and protected from Ouroboros." She put a hand on her chin. "I'm not interested in using Ouroboros's barbaric old world methods to get people to do what I desire I want forever loyal assets that I can call upon whenever I want."

The man looked up. "It appears that your late son's bastard child was useful for once then." The woman turned a sneer forming. "Asuka Langley Soryu is not a true Langley! She just has the name and the other Mari who is of our blood is just a pathetic waste of space." She turned watching as her grandson and granddaughter appeared out of the shadows both remaining quite they were both in their late twenties. "Meet those of true and pure Langley blood my granddaughter Achika Langley and my grandson Christopher Langley they the true dynasty."

She paused turning her in chair to the window behind them where a massive solid stone Lance of Longinus hung down over looking the huge bay where they had already built two huge Evangelion skeletons complete with cores and entry plugs ready to be placed. "I'm really tired of being a lesser to Cerberus and Ouroboros, my son wanted a world were Evangelions are gods but he was murdered before that dream could be fulfilled and I will see it realized."

She looked at the DNA vial. "Evangelion's should not be tools to help humanity they should hold sway over humanity as living gods." She raised her hand. "Ouroboros can create their shitty half cast abominations but they will never have the same power as Adam because they were created from his half god children."

She looked down. "Bardiel on other hand has opened a window for us, when he recreated himself he used 02's reproductive cycle to recreate a body shedding his parasite bonds." She tapped the vial. "Thus we now have the DNA to create two new living gods from this." The man breathed in deeply. "Then our time has finally come." The woman turned. "It was most unfortunate that our plan to get Shigeo in control of Nerv didn't pan out but the fool messed it up with his stupid obsession with Gendo's daughter."

She breathed in sharply. "My son also had a similar failing in that he followed tail far too often and then tried to bring up his third child and other bastard child to very strict gender role ideals. Children should be free to experiment and do as they please it's how they obtain their best qualities my son was forever searching for the flash in the pan and some stupid Aryan race ideal for all of his children."

She breathed in deeply bringing up Mari's and Asuka's recent images side by side. "Thus the result, I now have two children who are utterly worthless to my great Langley dynasty." She looked at the vial again. "Asuka's now screwing Gendo's daughter and Mari has now sided with her completely and even stated that she will side with step sister what ever."

She breathed in sharply. "My son hated Asuka because she wasn't his and he believed she wasn't intelligent and Mari he rejected because he viewed her as weak. He also hated both of their gay tendencies which appeared at a young age." She looked up. "What a waste and they could be on our side now had he not screwed up."

She turned a smile forming as she eyed her older grandchildren who were from his first marriage before Kyoko and the whole mess with Mari's mothers Lydia. "But all is not lost I have you my wonderful grandchildren and you are going to help me reshape this whole world in our image." Christopher's mouth formed a dark smile. "It will be our pleasure grandmother." Achika folded her arms speaking dryly. "We'll finally get to pilot?"

Her grandmother smiled. "Oh you're going to do more than that my precious grandchildren, you're going to get your bastard little step sister to breathe life back into that stone Lance." She raised her hand. "Because the whisper from Ouroboros is that they are very afraid of what she created which were not two Lances but two Spears of Destiny which can stand up to the Lances of Longinus but they said something else most curious."

She took in a deep breath. "That once up on a time the two Lances were also in Asuka's hands and that she can somehow breathe life back into them again." Achika raised an eyebrow as she adjusted her round classes. "She would never do that willingly." Her grandmother looked up. "No my precious child she won't but you see she doesn't know everything, Nerv will not tell her the whole truth and believe me I don't want either of those Lances in her hands once she awakens them."

She felt a cold smile form. "I want one in your hands and one in your brother's then you will be both have the world at your mercy." Christopher looked up putting his hands in his black leather jackets pockets. "But we do not have the other lance grandmother." His grandmother looked up. "Fear not my precious child, once Asuka rekindles one she can use it to call up on the other which is hidden somewhere on earth or so we've heard but we are unsure as to where. Not even Nerv or Ouroboros have found it yet it would appear that she hid to the point that even she probably has no idea where she put it."

She eyed the vial again. "But we have plenty of time to think on this right now getting your living gods created is much more important." She turned pressing a button. "Bring in all vertical wings, flying wings and jets we are diving into the dead zone!" She opened the three way window of the huge flying ship Hatshepsut with hits huge bird like wings which were painted gold while it had parts made of white whale bone as it hovered up in the air. She watched as all of the planes went inside the huge hanger bays this was how they remained unseen by everyone.

She watched as both bays closed as the wings folded inwards as they nose dived entered the red sea the whole ship sinking down in to the dark red depths. A woman's voice spoke over the com. "Your orders Pharaoh?" The woman breathed in deeply. "Take us to the deepest of the ocean trenches there we can remain away from Cerberus and Ouroboros and create our living gods in peace."

End of part 70


End Of Book One