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Fading In To The Stolen Light

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Rei walked up the stairs which led to Asuka's computer room she pushed the door open looking at the blank screen as she sat down in Asuka's chair. She had come in and fed Erika but she had, had no idea what to even do with her self it was so quite and she was desperate for someone to talk to. She looked down at the leather jacket in her hands as she spoke to the black screen. "Freyja."

She watched as the screen fired up and Anneberg's face appeared as he spoke. "Voice code authored." His green eyes blinking as he looked at her. "Hello Rei." His animation turned sad. "You look so sad." He paused before speaking with uncertainty. "Is Asuka okay…it's just I don't know what's been happening?" Rei looked up. "She's not here Anneberg it's hard to explain, she's not dead but time is limited to get her back."

Anneberg's eyes blinked. "Has she been sucked into the Evangelion core?" Rei looked up feeling the tears start to run down her face. "Yes…I don't know what to do I feel so helpless she did it to save us all." Anneberg looked up. "I saw the news feeds I saw her end Bardiel and then create those two lances but then I saw her Evangelion start to rise just as you cut through and tried to stop her." He paused before speaking calmly and softly. "She told me in the event of her death or possible death that you should be well provided for."

Rei looked up sharply. "What?" Anneberg pulled up a digital written document high lighting part of it. "This house is yours its stipulated in her will, if the worst comes to worst you'll see the rest of this document but she wanted you to know this regardless because you said you loved it here and you were unhappy in your own home and had plans to sell it anyway." Rei felt her eyes dart. "She's giving me this place but I thought in the original will it was only her bike, computer room and Erika?"

Anneberg looked up. "She amended it after she found out that Bardiel had infected her spine, she felt the old will was written into much of hurry and her priorities have changed since then." His animation looked up. "Regardless though I believe she will return she would never leave you she loves you very much." His eyes blinked. "She drew you the most." Rei looked up holding Asuka jacket tighter. "I thought the sketch in the visitor centre was the only one?" Anneberg icon turned as he brought up three sets of folders. "No there are many images spanning nine years including the first images but there not on here. I believe they are in her school sketch book which is in the bed room in her cabinet's top draw."

Rei turned not thinking as she ran in to Asuka's bedroom seeing her brother's old walkman which sat on her bedside table she opened the top draw shifting through her things pulling out the old A4 sketchbook which was hidden under a pile of other things and looked old and tattered in places.

She walked back into the computer room sitting back down as she put her jacket on her lap. "Is this it?" Anneberg looked up. "Yes." Rei slowly opened the sketch book the first drawings were mostly just random items and fruit bowls she carried on turning only to stop as she caught sight of an image of herself from the back in school where she was looking out of the window the style wasn't as clean as her drawing style now but the basics were there.

She turned the page seeing yet another drawing of herself but it was side on and clearly from gym class as she was sitting apart from the other girls looking down solemnly lost in her own thoughts. She turned the page seeing a second version of the same scene which was a close up of her face and shoulders. She blinked realizing that Asuka must have been watching real close just to get these images which surprised her because all she ever remembered from those classes was being alone or with Shinji and Asuka surrounded by people and bragging her brilliance. They'd never talked that much but clearly nothing had been as it seemed.

She turned the pages finding yet another image of herself though this one truly surprised her it she was slightly older in it and winning the sports race and looking happy. Though unlike the other sketches she had blue hair and red eyes which meant these sketches were at least a year apart. She carried on seeing the last and final one in the sketch book which was of her reading in the library enjoying a book though her hair had gone back to normal colour as had her eyes and she looked even older. She looked up gently closing the sketchpad putting it next to the computer. "Please can you show me the others?"

She leaned forward watching as the images flipped slowly by with the passing of time one thing that was noticeable was Asuka was always trying to capture her happy moments even though she was never in them. She watched as the years flew by and the style became more and more finalized and refined and she looked even older and images started to appear of her in her white plug suite near her unit but she was always trying to capture the smiles and there was even one at her house warming party with her laughing. She watched though as two of them came up which weren't as bright but her sitting in bandages after she'd been burnt after the battle with Gaghiel.

She watched as the images carried on changing and the style became even darker clearly as Asuka's depression had sunk in. Something was becoming very obvious to her now as her images were starting to be washed with brighter light taking on an almost heavenly presence even though the room around her was getting darker. She watched as the last one came up which was half finished and had never been completed it was a close up portrait of her not really smiling with only the eyes completed. "When was this final image painted?"

Anneberg eyed the image. "Three weeks before the UN Alpha unit test incident, she tried to finish it but her mood wasn't right due to the depression, she only finished your outline and your eyes and just gave up." Rei leaned forward. "Does she ever draw herself?" Anneberg's blinked as he pushed the images back in to there folders but didn't move them back. "Yes but they aren't very nice." He brought up another folder. "These are from after Shamshel, she just won't explain to me why she draws herself this way because she never draws you or the others like this."

Rei looked up watching as the first images appeared after Shamshel he wasn't joking they weren't very nice at all they were close up portraits all with red eye's and dark looks some shouting at the viewer some showed her raised fist every single one was dark toned and had the foreboding feeling of self hatred. Rei looked up sadly. "Do you have anything after this?"

Anneberg brought up another file. "Yes but again they're dark and apart from one they are all from just before the accident." Rei leaned closer seeing the first pop up which was extremely dark as it showed Asuka dressed in her old plug suit trying to pull out a black lance from her stomach as red blood poured all over the floor she watched as the second shot up which was her looking at her right hand which was disintegrated away to bone.

Anneberg spoke calmly. "This is the one from just after the accident she had this one moment where Bardiel wasn't bothering her but it's very messed up and I don't understand it." He brought up the image which had Asuka transforming growing a tail and her hands turning to black with long claws as her teeth turned to razors and eyes glowed red everything was in pitch blackness like a violent, disturbing nightmare.

Rei breathed in sadly. "The skeleton one is about fading away and the spear image could be about wanting the pain to end but this one I think is her believing she was just like Bardiel and that they were one and the same. She must have thought maybe it was karma and that she was being punished for her past but the first thing I ever told her when she came out of the coma that she was nothing like Bardiel."

Anneberg looked up. "This drawing was done three days before that happened." Rei looked down feeling the tears start to come again as she clutched Asuka's jacket tighter. "I just want her to come home." Anneberg's animation turned very serious. "I believe she will return, she will do whatever it takes because she told me that she wants to spend the rest of her life with you."

He paused before speaking. "Before this happened she was thinking of asking you to move in but she was afraid of how you might react and that it might be too soon and that she might be pushing too hard." Rei looked down sadly. "I would have said yes." She eased up Asuka's leather jacket looking at the collar. "I have nothing that means much back in my apartment, I would rather be here." Anneberg looked up. "Maybe when she returns you can both talk about it?"

Rei looked up he was saying just what everyone else was saying that Asuka was coming back no one wanted to believe that she wasn't and she felt so painfully torn. Because she wanted to believe it so badly but another part of her just knew better as she had seen her mother and aunt vanish. "Why do you believe she'll come back Anneberg?"

Anneberg blinked as the folders and images vanished behind him. "Because I watched her video's the ones from her grandmother and number seven is very interesting with regards to human instrumentality." Rei looked up sharply she had heard that term used loosely in her mothers videos which documented her and Kiko creating 00 and 01 side by side. "I thought instrumentality was a myth I mean it's this whole concept of transcending and becoming part of everyone and creating this interwoven heaven with no beginning or end." Anneberg felt a smile form. "Yes but your aunt in the video is speaking to Asuka's mother about the concept of spirits in the cores and what if people got stuck in them what might happen, its all theoretical talk but its really interesting." He paused before speaking. "Maybe you should watch it."


So Bardiel wasn't lying he did tell me the truth my mama was closer than I thought she was in the Evangelion all along but that means then the one in the hospital that wasn't my mama it was an empty shell. She was here all along watching over me protecting me and soon we will meet again, wait now it all makes sense I finally understand the meaning of the AT field it's not just my soul its hers acting as a shield to guard and protect me and we were always together I just never realized it until now and knowing it now is such a wonderful feeling.

I do wonder though why she asked me to do this but I'm happy to go along with it whatever it is. I mean this place doesn't scare me and as I walk through the dark its feels strangely warm its not cold and every breath I take feels so light and nothing hurts its like a strange form of euphoria as I carry walking calmly and slowly forward watching as what looks like sunlight appears somewhere off in the distance.

Asuka walked slowly forward into the light watching as the darkness faded away and grass and trees appear but this time there was noise it was such a familiar nose it sounded like school kids playing.

She looked up seeing the sun high above her before looking down seeing the school ground where all the teenagers were playing and talking though none seemed to even notice her. She turned realizing that she was standing opposite the school ground which was some way from Nerv but it was in the past as she could see the newly completed training ground and building but also the foundations for the visitor centre were complete and huge diggers were digging out the second foundations for the media centre directly opposite.

Wait this had to be many years ago because when she'd come here at fifteen and the training ground had only just been completed then. She looked up watching as all of the kids stopped what they were doing as 01 was slowly brought up to surface causing them all to cheer. She watched as the huge water filled machine came up as it slowly washed it down as everyone watched as 00 was brought up opposite and the huge sprinkler moved as it began to wash it down as 01 vanished back underground as they cheered for 00.

This was so long ago it had to be back when they used to do the S² Engine tests underground she watched as 00 disappeared back underground and it all went quite again as people went back to what they were doing.

"Come here you little verfickte geeks!"

Asuka turned sharply seeing her younger self suddenly came out of nowhere coming at two young boys she could see the red interface clips and the school uniform as her younger self smiled evilly at them as she spoke. "You owe me my maths homework." The first boy looked up panicking. "It's not ready yet Asuka!" Her younger self moved closer. "You know I really don't like your verfickte excuses!"

The other boy turned looking very afraid. "Why don't you ask Rei or Shinji to do it?" Her younger self laughed. "Please Rei is a fringed silent bitch and Shinji is a limp dick of a whiner who cries about his mother and neither of them like me, so they won't help me with my homework." The first boy breathed in plunking up courage. "You're just being mean because Rei rejected you I heard that she slapped you real hard, hard enough to make you cry."

Asuka felt her eyes dart. Now she remembered this, this was her sixteen year old self and this was the day after Rei had rejected her and the young boy was right she had cried but behind a locked door in the girls bathroom hoping no one would hear her because her emotions had just been a violent, swirling mess.

Her younger self suddenly exploded with anger as she moved forward grabbing the boy's collar violently pulling him towards her as she spoke coldly. "How's about I smash in your front teeth you little piece of scheisse? Then we'll see who's crying!"

Asuka moved towards her younger self not thinking as she grabbed her by the collar pulling her off the boy who she remembered hitting hard for that comment only to realize for the first time that she could touch her younger self but not only that the boys could see her and were reacting to her. She spoke evenly. "It's not nice to pick on people."

She eyed the shocked boys speaking calmly ignoring her younger self who started to struggle violently trying to get out of her grip. "You should go now." She watched as they nodded running away for all they were worth. She eyed her younger self who looked truly pissed as she turned to her for the first time. "Get off me you verfickte weirdo!"

Asuka breathed in, how strange all of her life she had wanted to hit her younger self yet now in the moment she had no desire to do so as she felt so sorry for her. She wasn't holding her tightly just firmly but she just couldn't pry her hand free no matter how hard she tried. "You don't recognise me do you?"

She watched as her younger self turned sharply eyeing her. "Should I you pervert?" Asuka looked at her. "Yes you should since I'm you." Her younger self laughed coldly. "Oh so you are me? I would never wear some butch nasty leather jacket like that or those crappy cheap clothes, you look like some loser not to mention your left eye is verfickte glowing and messed up."

Asuka shook her head sadly, she had been so full of misdirected rage it was so sad, everyone was her target because bullying was the only thing that gave her any sense of power and control. "One day you will."

Her younger self eyed her in utter disgust. "If you don't let me go I'm going to hit you!" Asuka kept hold of her collar turning her forcing their eyes to meet directly as she spoke calmly. "I know why you're lashing out it's because that's how you feel in control when you have power over others but it's not real power it's an illusion."

She paused as her younger self stopped struggling staring at her in utter confusion. "I know you won't understand this right now and it will be years till you do but true power comes from knowing yourself not by having power over others and bending them to your will and desires." Her younger self sneered in disgust. "You know nothing about me how dare you judge me you creep!"

Asuka moved her other hand ignoring her struggling as she eased open her bag knowing just where the sketch book was she eased it out flipping the pages finding the picture of Rei who was looking out of the window.

She turned to the next image where she was looking down sadly where she was seated away from the other girls in gym class alone from them as they chatted. She turned the page seeing the version which was much closer up showing her face and shoulders. She felt a smile form on her lips. "She's very beautiful." Her younger self screamed with rage as she kicked her leg she ignored the pain as she carried on looking at the image taking in all of the delicate details. "She's so delicate every feature is like soft silk and she smells like alpine forests on a summer's day."

She ignored the pain as she was kicked a second time even harder. "She's going to become even more beautiful as she gets older and she going to become even more of a divine goddess." Her younger self suddenly stopped struggling as she stared at her in utter shock. "She's going to be the first person you're going to truly love." She turned to her. "Because you are worthy of that you know." Her younger self suddenly looked very afraid almost scared and it came out in her tone as she spoke. "Let me go!"

Asuka closed the sketch pad putting it back in her school bag closing it. "It's just right now you think you're bad and that everyone hates you so you hate them back." Her younger self's eyes turned to deep fear as she spoke but in a half hearted desperate tone. "People love me, I'm the most popular girl in school I can have any boy or girl I want!"

Asuka moved her hand to her younger self's shoulder. "No that's just what you want to believe because you like the attention and people are not things for you to own but let's face facts you don't really want any of them it's only Rei that interests and fascinates you." She moved her hand putting her finger on her younger self's chest. "It's that flutter in your chest that knot in your stomach when you look at her, you just don't know what it means right now. You mistake the feelings for lust and desire but one day you'll realize what they mean, I mean why else would you be drawing her?"

Her younger self suddenly came at her with her fist she eased up her hand stopping the punch feeling her younger self press harder trying to move against her hand only to find she couldn't and now she looked truly afraid.

Asuka felt her pull her fist away she knew why because now her younger self feared that the tables would now turn and she might be hit she looked at her speaking softly. "I'm not going to hurt you, you can hit me a hundreds times if you want but I won't raise a hand to you, because I know violence won't solve the problem and it would only hurt you more and I'm long past hitting people unless its for a very good reason."

She paused speaking sadly. "Deep down your very sad aren't you? You believe no one wants you or loves you and you hate that Rei rejected you but you will come to know love and one day you'll know that people really do care." She watched as her younger self suddenly started to cry, she moved forward putting her arms gently around her ignoring her sudden struggling to get away. "Its okay easy now, I know what you're going through I've been there, because you and I are one and the same."

She felt her finally stop struggling as she leaned against her crying harder she moved her hand up stroking the red hair gently. "I know this because you are me and you're a good person and one day everyone will see you for who you really are and everything will change for the better believe me." She looked up as everything around her blasted into silver and gold light as the world once more faded away.


People existing inside cores that impossible, my mother's research notes spoke nothing of this plus it sounds insane but I'm going to watch this video regardless. I mean I've seen all of my mothers and aunts videos seeing more of Asuka's might help solve the puzzle.

Rei slowly sat in Asuka's recliner keeping a tight hold of her jacket as she looked at the flat screen. "On!" She watched as it turned on. "Play video seven from Asuka's personal list!" She watched as the screen turned to colour as the unit 02 appeared in the bay though it I was in its pure muscle form and skin was growing and it was up to its shoulders in bloody water its whole body suspended in the tank.

A work team above were slowly pushing in the huge port where the entry plug went into the camera panned out showing Kyoko looking at a huge being which didn't have any features on it. It had an odd inhuman face with red glass eyes and half a body with huge arms it was similar to an Evangelion form but much creepier due to having no mouth and it had pipes coming off it and it was attached to a grounded section. "Remind me again why we have to put this piece of shit inside the core?" Kiko's voice came as she walked with the camera. "Because Ritsuko wants it and Gendo has ordered it."

Kyoko moved her hand up flicking her middle finger against the head. "If I said it once I've said it a thousand times this an awful idea, I mean it's not even a leaning AI and it comes off as really controlling." Kiko looked at her. "This is the best we have Kyoko."

Kyoko didn't think as she punched the robotic head a sneer forming on her lips. "Best we have, can you imagine if you got sucked into the core with this thing? It would be like being stuck with some abusive gas lighting husband or wife for the rest of your days it'd be a fucking nightmare. I mean look at the specs this thing is even programmed to play nice but will do whatever it takes to keep the core running I mean that's just dangerous."

She eyed the black creation. "No surprise Ritsuko built it it's so much her style, emotionless, cold and scientific just like she is." Kiko looked at her. "I know you don't agree with her idea Kyoko but don't get angry over this again I hate it when you get this angry I mean it's not like you." Kyoko eyed the black monster. "I just wish we could somehow copy the soul and put that in instead, anything would be better than this heap of fucking junk." Kiko put her pad down then put the camera on its stand making it stationary. "Yeah but that would be a sin against the gods and you know it, I mean we are not meant to copy souls."

Kyoko sat down folding her arms. "A soul would have more feeling that this emotionless piece of shit." Rei looked closer seeing something which surprised her, despite how different Asuka looked compared to her mother they wore the same angry expression and Kyoko's anger was just like Asuka's as she clearly wanted to force a point.

Kiko moved towards her putting a hand on her shoulder. "Yeah but I don't think any soul would want to be trapped in a core." She paused eyeing the black creation. "I mean it would be hell." Kyoko looked up pointing at the AI monster. "No being with that would be hell but if you got rid of it, you could be god, I mean you could control the whole Evangelion and when you can't be bothered you could just create your own heaven it would be like a form of human instrumentality." Kiko rolled her eyes. "You've been my sister's notes again haven't you? You know you shouldn't read that shit I mean Gendo put those ideas in her head."

Kyoko looked up. "Okay I get that but I noticed that Yui's ideas are different to Gendo's in those notes I mean Gendo talking about this weird shit of a combined heaven where people are all connected which sounds like a recipe for disaster if people have issues."

She raised her hand. "Yui though talks about this concept of a single heaven inside a core free from others where you are god and you can control the Evangelion it's fascinating." Kiko breathed in deeply. "Yeah but no one in their right mind would want to be a part of an Evangelion I mean you'd loose your body you'd never be able to touch or feel again."

Kyoko looked at her. "No but that's it you could do anything you wanted it's your own instrumentality you could create oceans see galaxies make love nothing would be beyond your grasp. You would only be limited by your imagination and imagination and vision is what makes things happen in this world along with ideas and creativity."

Kiko shook her head. "You know some days I think you'd have been better suited as an artist." Kyoko looked up. "Sadly I can only draw technical drawings but some day I want to learn to paint with oils or acyclic." Her face turned very sad as the last of her anger faded. "In my created world at least people who claim to love you wouldn't throw you to the wind."

Kiko kneeled down looking at her. "I know you're angry about your former husband and his wife but you shouldn't dwell on it Asuka will be born soon I mean you told me that it's only three more weeks in the chamber and then you'll have a whole new life ahead of you."

Kyoko looked down speaking sadly. "Sometimes I just wish I could have had her naturally." Kiko stood up slightly. "You know why you couldn't Kyoko, the miscarriage you had last time nearly killed you and it really scared me when I visited you in the hospital. Because they told me how close you came to dying even your mother who is made of iron was crying, so you're doing the right thing believe me."

Kyoko looked up. "Yeah but is she going to see herself as fake because she came from a birthing chamber? I mean what if the other children make fun off her for not being born naturally." Kiko felt a smile form. "No I don't think she will see herself as fake plus if I'm sure you'll tell her everyday that she's special."

She paused looking at the camera. "Hey how's about you and me get something to eat, I know you're hungry because when you're hungry you get grouchy?" Rei watched as Kyoko looked up giving her aunt a look which was so much like Asuka's it was that little lost kitten look before she spoke. "Yeah lets gets something to eat, I might feel better." Kiko grabbed her arm pulling her out of the chair. "Come on then, you can do this crap later after you've eaten and you're not so tired."

Rei watched as the camera cut out was it her or had there been something going on between these two? Come to think of it she had always found it strange that her aunt had never spoken much about her relationships even when she'd been a child. She had also been very different to her mother who was a people person and who was always surrounded in her videos by people who admired her work where as her aunt had preferred to fade into the back ground and had been more of a loner.

There had never been any jealously between them though and her mother in her videos had always passed on credit to her aunt regardless. Kyoko in these videos seemed more the reverse she was really forward and powerful much like Asuka but she wasn't quite as cagey or sassy as she could be.

She leaned forward thinking over Kyoko's words as something hit her hard, which had not entered her mind before. Years ago during the battle with Ramiel she had seriously damaged 00's right side and when this had happened she had, had a weird vision of her aunt telling her it was all okay and that she loved her. Before Asuka had grabbed her unit and heaved it back to safety and shielding her so she could recharge the long range rifle and fire it again.

Her only use during that battle had been as their back up and to put up the shields to protect them while they both fired the specialized rifles as the battle had taken place in the Nevada desert outside of Las Vegas and they had, had to drain half of the USA's power grid just to fire both weapons.

Asuka wasn't allowed to fire the rifles because her rifle skills just weren't that good and that had not changed in all these years, her second duty had been to make sure no power cables snapped so that they could keep firing. As they only had three shots each and it had to be rotating fire so when one was firing the other had to be charging and needed guarding.

Everyone had told her that vision of her aunt wasn't real and Shinji had also had a vision when he'd gone berserk during the first battle where his said his their mother had come to him and calmed him down and that she wished him all of her love and her as well even though she couldn't see her. He had been told that it was a vision as well and not real by everyone at Nerv, what if it was real though?

She paused looking at the video list, wait what if they were alive and in these types of heavens. She tensed as the image of 02 licking its canine teeth came through her in mind again what if Kyoko was also there what if the unit had not sucked out her mind but her soul as well leaving an empty shell?

That would explain everything and why the unit had come to Asuka's rescue. What if right now Asuka was staying in that unit because her mother wanted her there? If so did this not mean that the seven day time limit was a lie and that in truth people didn't die and if that was so could they come back?

Her thoughts were broken as she turned seeing military range rover come up the drive it parked near the window it was Toji's she watched as he got out followed by Mari, Shinji, Kaworu and Sakura who was still in her school uniform. She breathed in she heard a knock on the door she stood up once more not letting go of Asuka's jacket as she opened it watching as Shinji came into view Mari was standing next to him as he spoke. "Hey we came to see you."

Mari looked at her speaking sadly. "Like I said before Asuka will kick my ass if I don't take care of you tonight." Rei moved back. "Come in." She watched as they all came through taking there shoes off as Sakura's confused voice hit the air. "Asuka's house is weird what's with all the rooms wooden doors."

Rei looked at her. "It's based on a European house design you get used to it after a while believe me." She turned. "She said she would replace the two seat sofa with two three seats but she never got around to it, so there are not a lot of places to sit, I'm sorry." Shinji eyed his sister he could tell she'd been crying but who could blame her, this had to be the worst thing ever for her to go through and it just wasn't fair as her and Asuka had not been together that long. "Its okay Mari told us that, we brought blankets and pillows we all wanted to stay here with you tonight and keep you company."

He paused before speaking. "Misato let us all go she says that they are bringing Judas restraint up from the void but she said it will take all night to set it up and they can't turn it on until tomorrow probably late morning though. Ritsuko's angry because it also needs to have a fix you see there's a huge part that goes into the jaws on both sides but it was made to fit 01's jaws but its going need a massive refit so it can go into 02's because of that massive gape that the unit has."

Sakura watched as they all seated themselves while Rei went back to sitting in the recliner she could see Asuka's jacket in her hands. "Yeah but her ripping off that things head was cool just wish the media feed hadn't censored blurred the whole part up until those spear things came out of her units stomach and I'm not old enough to see the adult version they're showing tonight."

Mari eyed her. "Trust me it was probably for the better you're way to young to see what she did after she eat its head and secondary arms. I mean I'm her big sister I know what she's like but even I was kind of surprised by the raw carnage she let loose on him." Toji eyed his little sister. "She's right about that, it was hard to watch even for us."

Sakura shrugged. "I don't see what the big deal is I mean she ate that thing but so what? The media were only surprised by how much she ate, they didn't seem surprised that she ate it." She laughed. "Should have heard the announcer he was like okay she's eating massive amounts of this thing sorry we have to cut the feed."

Rei looked up as Shinji sat opposite her putting a hand on her arm as Kaworu looked around Asuka's home with deep curiosity. "I know why she did what she did it was an act of revenge." Sakura blinked as she seated herself on the pillow she had brought near Mari who sat on the sofa opposite Shinji. "I don't follow." Rei turned to her. "How much do you know Sakura?"

Sakura looked up. "Toji told me everything about the angel in Asuka's head and that was the thing that she killed as she was somehow able to expel it from her body using unit 02 but the media knows nothing they're all speculating as Nerv just won't tell them anything until tomorrow."

Rei put Asuka's jacket to her chest. "When he was in her head he could see our relationship and he saw some of things we did together but he went a step further and he watched us once when we were slept together." Sakura eyes widened. "Seriously he did that?"

Rei looked up. "Asuka does not like company, she hated him from the start but that was the straw that broke the camels back, it made her extremely angry. So when she finally got him out she just let go and let all that rage out, no I didn't enjoy watching what she did but I understood why she did it, granted Ritsuko will probably brand her an animal or monster if they ever get her out of the core but I know that’s not who or what she is. She did it out of love for us as strange as that sounds and she probably wanted to send a message to the other angels watching to never try this again with her because she'd do the same thing to them."

Sakura looked up. "She's going to come back from the core right, I mean they can bring her out?" Rei looked up at the video list again as she held Asuka jacket even tighter unable to stop her tears as they came as a flood. Suddenly her brother's arms were around her as he pulled her close while Mari was on her other trying to comfort her she looked up painfully seeing the others move closer wanting to help. "I really want to believe they can…she can't just leave me here like this not after everything we have been though together."

She looked sadly. "I spent so much of my life ignoring her or treating her like she didn't exist because when she was younger she wasn't that great to be around because she wasn't that nice. Also there were times when she was trying really hard to be good to me and I outright ignored her. I hate that now just when I get to know her and find out that she's a really loving and good person that she gets taken away from me."

End of part 63