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Tall-Nuts Don't Cry!

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Stiles: Um, Derek?

Derek: What?

Stiles: Are you okay?

Derek: Why wouldn't I be okay?

Stiles: No reason. Except, that... that jock zombie ate you and now you're cracked and... OMG, are you crying?!

Derek: No!

Stiles: Derek...

Derek: You're cracked, too, y'know! Mind yourself!

Stiles: But it doesn't hurt. In fact, it feels like a massage when those miserable creatures eat me. Besides, if my cracking keeps our house safe longer, then I don't mind being eaten till there's nothing left of me. But, Derek. It's okay to cry if it hurts you

Derek: I can't! I have to be strong for our house! I was weak once upon a time and I got my family killed! So, no. I have to be strong. I am strong!

Stiles: A drop of tear just fell down your chin, though

Derek: I know...