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I'll Make You Believe Again

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A few days after Christmas Stiles got the call from Laura asking him to come over to the Hale estate, because she wanted to give him some Christmas gifts. When he asked if he should bring Scott or Lydia or any of the other pack members, she said no. She wanted to see just him.

After getting dressed and climbing into the Jeep, he drove the twenty minutes to the Hale estate. The Hale house was situated in the preserve, and a little out of town, but Stiles welcomed the drive. It gave him time to think.

He hadn't really heard from Derek since they came home to Beacon Hills for winter break. And while he hadn't done anything to seek Stiles out, it was true that Stiles had not sought Derek out either. Things were changing between the two of them; Stiles knew that, but he wasn't exactly sure what it was changing into. It was that day in his bedroom when Derek had massaged him that things between them began evolving. And Stiles wasn't sure that he liked it.

Stiles was starting to care about Derek. Not romantically or anything like that, no, but more like a friend. He cared about Derek's well-being, about his feelings, about what bothered him. And that honestly bugged Stiles, because it wasn't a very big leap between caring and loving. And he couldn't - wouldn't - risk falling in love again. With everything that had happened in his life, with everyone he ever dated treating him the way they had, it was a difficult thing for Stiles. It seemed like whenever he allowed himself to fall in love with someone, an invisible switch went off in their heads that told them not to care about him anymore. And Stiles liked Derek way too much to let anything like that happen. Stiles was worried it would only crush him.

When Stiles got to the Hale estate, he had to give himself just a minute before going into a house full of werewolves who could smell every emotion he was emulating right now. That was actually something he hated about werewolves; he could never hide what he was feeling, try as he might.

Stiles didn't believe in going around, bitching and moaning and telling everyone about all of your problems. If Stiles had a fatal flaw, that was it; he kept everything bottled up, and didn't share his problems or feelings with anyone. But Laura knew him well enough to know what was going on in his head. Laura had quickly become one of his best friends after Scott had gotten bit, with the two of them clicking almost right away. Stiles would never admit it to anyone, especially not Scott, but Laura Hale was probably his most favorite person in the entire world.

Because if Scott had a fatal flaw, it was putting people before Stiles. Stiles loved Scott, he loved the guy like a brother, but he just wished that Scott wouldn't push him aside all the time. He wished he mattered more to him.

It was barely a moment after knocking on the front door that Talia was opening it. "Hello, Stiles," she smiled warmly when she saw him. "What are you doing here?"

"Laura asked me to come over," he said. "Something about Christmas presents."

"Okay," Talia said. "The kids are downstairs in the rec room."

Talia and Peter had turned the basement into a rec room of sorts several years ago. The kids had complained about not having a space that was just theirs, and since they had a finished basement anyway, it didn't take them very much time to add that.

Stiles nodded, entering the house and going to the stairway. He said a hello to Peter, who was sitting in the living room, a well-worn book in his hands, as he passed by, and went down the stairs. Derek, Malia, Laura, Cora, and Kira were all sitting on the couch, watching a movie.

"Hey, Stiles," Laura chirped cheerfully when she spotted him. "What's up?"

"You tell me," Stiles responded. "You're the one who called me."

"Right, Christmas presents. Follow me," she replied as she stood from her seat and heading towards the stairs.

Laura made her way upstairs, with Stiles following behind her, and led him to her room. She pulled two envelopes out of her desk and handed them to him.

In one envelope, there was a gift card to the PlayStation network, which he'd been wanting for his PS3, and in the other was a Christmas card that had a twenty dollar bill inside.

"The money is from Mom and Peter," Laura said. "The other one is from Derek, Cora, Malia, and me. We didn't know what else to get you."

"Well, thank you," Stiles said. "But something tells me that you didn't call me over here to just give me a couple of envelopes."

Laura glanced over at the door to make sure it was closed before patting the space beside her on the bed. "Sit with me, Stiles. You and I need to have a talk."

Now Stiles understood why Laura had brought him into her room. The basement wasn't soundproofed, but the bedrooms were. There were no secrets in a house full of werewolves, but there were some things about their parents that the kids didn't want to know, and some things about the children that neither Talia nor Peter wanted to know. Soundproofing the bedrooms was the best solution to the problem of privacy.

"About what?" Stiles asked, even though he was pretty sure he already knew the answer. He sat beside Laura and watched as she looked at him seriously.

"The bet, Stiles. I need to know what's going on."

Stiles shrugged, "Not much to tell, Laur. Derek proposed the bet, I took it. I can totally go six months just sleeping with the same person without falling in love. It's going to be the easiest bet I've ever won."

"Did you think that maybe this isn't a good thing, Stiles?" Laura asked him. "Because I don't know if you guys should be doing this. What if something bad happens? What if, after it's over, the two of you never want to talk again? Mom will never forgive either of you if something like that happens."

"Feelings aren't going to get in the way, Laura," Stiles insisted adamantly. "I know that Derek barely tolerates my existence most of the time, and he and I aren't exactly friends. There's nothing that can be done to damage our relationship."

"Oh, Stiles," Laura sighed softly. She watched him closely for a good minute, her green eyes meeting his amber ones. "Things can always go wrong. In life, things rarely go the way you expect them to. What if the worst was to happen?"

Laura knew what she was doing. She was trying to talk Stiles out of this without really telling him why. She knew it would crush Derek if Stiles found out that Derek was head over heels for him. She didn't want her little brother to get hurt by this bet, either.

"Laura, I love you, and you're probably my favorite person in the entire world, but nothing is going to go wrong. I'm not forfeiting the bet."

Laura sighed, nodding, and then said, "Alright, Stiles. If you're sure I can't talk you out of it. careful, okay?"

Stiles nodded, "I'm always careful, Laur. That's just what I do."


John always worked a double shift on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, so he didn't get much sleep during the holiday. He didn't trust his deputies could focus on their duties during such a raucous holiday, which is why he always made the sacrifice of picking up the extra hours.

Lydia was throwing a New Year's party that Stiles was planning to skip. He was angry with Scott right now, and Scott would be at the party.

Stiles was avoiding Scott because they were heading back to Berkeley in a few days, and Scott hadn't come over to his house even once to check up on him, or to have a video gaming marathon - which had been their winter break tradition every year since middle school.

He was too busy with Allison.

And Stiles didn't want to be mad at her. Allison was so sweet and kind that you couldn't stay mad at Allison Argent for very long. It was almost impossible. But Scott had blown him off again to spend time with Allison. They had gone out with Lydia and Jackson several times over the break, but he couldn't even come over to see the guy who was supposedly his brother.

He knew that Laura, Cora, and Malia were attending the party, and he also knew that Kira'd be there as well. But early on in the day, Stiles decided he was just going to watch Netflix and have pizza. He didn't want anything to do with that stupid party.

He was halfway through an episode of Daredevil when he heard the knock on the front door. It startled him at first; everybody he knew that would want to spend time with him was at Lydia's party, so who would be here, knocking on his front door?

When he opened the door, Derek was standing on the other side. Stiles scrunched up his brow in confusion, "Dude, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to see you, duh," Derek said. Stiles stepped aside so Derek could get in the house, and then Derek backed Stiles up against the nearest wall. He cupped his cheek gently and then said, "Can I kiss you?"

And the way that Derek was bashful about things like this, Stiles didn't think it'd ever stop being endearing. He nodded, and Derek leaned down to capture his lips.

The kiss, while it started off soft and sensual, turned hard and demanding, and Stiles was surprised at that. Every other time they'd been together, Derek had been shy and awkward, but this time, Derek seemed to know exactly what he wanted, and he was going to get it.

That was okay with Stiles, though. He ran his tongue across Derek's lower lip, silently asking for access, and Derek willingly granted it to him. As he opened his mouth, Stiles caressed Derek's tongue with his own, tilting his head just right to deepen the kiss. They stood in the hallway, Derek pinning Stiles to the wall, just kissing him for what seemed like forever.

"Come upstairs with me," Stiles whispered, breaking the kiss to breathe. Derek nodded eagerly and Stiles grabbed his hand and led him up the stairs.

As soon as Stiles' bedroom was closed, Stiles positioned them so Derek's back was against the closed door, and he leaned in to give him another kiss. This kiss was chaste, but Stiles could see the lust-filled look in Derek's eye. It turned him on like he couldn't believe.

He started stripping Derek out of his clothes, starting with his Henley, and it wasn't long before the two of them were naked. Stiles glanced down and saw that Derek was hard, and he wanted - no, he needed - to put his mouth on him.

When Stiles took Derek into his mouth, he wasn't expecting the deep moan to come from Derek. He hollowed out his cheeks, sucking lightly, and then started to bob his head. He wrapped one of his hands around the base of Derek's length and used his other hand to massage his balls.

Derek's head rolled back and hit the door as Stiles sucked him off. Stiles sucked cock like he was made for it; he had so much enthusiasm and you could just tell that he loved doing it.

By the way that Derek was tensing up, Stiles knew he was going to come soon. He pulled off of Derek's cock, looked him straight in the eye and said, "C'mon, Derek, I know you want to come. You need to come. C'mon, baby, come for me."

And then he swallowed Derek back down to the root. With one long, hard suck, Derek lost it, bitter come flooding Stiles' mouth. He drank it all down and let Derek go with a soft pop.

"God, Stiles, come up here," Derek said, making grabby hands for Stiles. He did as Derek asked, and crashed their lips together once more. Derek chased the flavor of himself that was on Stiles' tongue, and moaned when he found it.

Derek led Stiles over to the bed, pushing him down onto it. He situated himself on his knees as he watched Stiles' face intently.

"I need to return the favor," Derek half-moaned out. He was already jacking Stiles' cock, even though he didn't need much help to make it hard.

"Seriously?" Derek asked, glancing at Stiles' cock and then looking into his eyes. "You're hard already? Is this just from blowing me?"

Groaning, Stiles nodded. "I love sucking cock," he said, a smirk on his face. "It gets me hard like nothing else ever has."

Even though he didn't need it, Derek jacked Stiles' cock a couple of times before leaning down and nuzzling his balls. He sucked one, and then the other, in his mouth, rolling over them with his tongue. He let them go with a soft pop and saw the euphoric look on Stiles' face.

Stiles' eyes rolled back and he let out a low groan. Derek thought he had never heard anything sexier than his name on Stiles' lips, and so he put all he had into this blowjob, taking him as far down as he could, until his cock was hitting the back of Derek's throat.

Stiles' hands found purchase in Derek's dark hair, and he had to do everything in his power to resist bucking his hips, but that's when Derek pulled off and looked in Stiles' eyes. He licked his lips and then said, "Pull my hair. Fuck my mouth. C'mon, Stiles, I can take it."

Stiles could do nothing more than just nod. He grabbed a fistful of Derek's dark hair, pulling slightly as Derek took him in his mouth once more. He sucked lightly, bobbing his head up and down, and cupped Stiles' balls gently. He massaged them as he sucked a little harder, and actually felt the shaky breath that Stiles let out.

"I'm so fucking close, Der," Stiles groaned out. "Oh, God. So close."

Still massaging his balls, Derek pulled off Stiles' cock, looking up and catching Stiles' eyes with his own, "C'mon, Stiles. Come for me. I wanna feel you come."

Putting his mouth back on Stiles, it only took a few more long, hard sucks before Stiles was coming down Derek's throat. Stiles let out a low groan as he fell apart.

After swallowing compulsively, Derek's tongue peeked out to wipe the stray drop that landed right under his bottom lip, and Stiles fell backwards, landing on his back on his bed, and he let out another groan.

"Holy fuck, Derek, that was simply amazing," Stiles said. He reached up to wipe the sweat from his brow, and gave himself a little time while his breath evened out.

"I'm going to give you another kiss, okay?" Derek asked, and even though Stiles said nothing, he nodded. Derek leaned down and captured Stiles' lips with his own, and this kiss was nothing like the ones they'd shared before. It was soft and sweet, and Derek wanted more kisses like this one. With this kiss, it was easier to pretend that this wasn't just a fuck buddy relationship; it was easy to pretend that Stiles wanted him more than just physically, that Stiles actually loved him.

When Derek leaned back, he said, "I guess I'll just go now." He looked so forlorn, so sad that, as he turned around, Stiles sat up and said, "No, Der, don't go. We can catch a movie or something."

Derek perked up a little bit, even though he was trying not to let Stiles see it, and then Stiles said, "Do you like Daredevil?"

"I love it," Derek said.

"I've got pizza downstairs," Stiles offered. "We can watch Daredevil and eat some pizza. Might be nice to have some company."

Derek nodded, "Absolutely. Lead me to it."

And with that, Derek and Stiles made their way down the stairs.