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This is bonus smut drabbling. I've done a series of smutty chapters involving the Blonde Ambition peeps. AGAIN - It's not apart of the actual story, it's only intended to be for fun.

If it pleases the ladies and gentlemen, we will have more of these. If it somehow ruins the story for you…. Gtfo.




Okay, now enjoy.



"Hey, Seph?"


"Do you ever... well, do you even remember... umm..."

Sephiroth watched from the bed as Cloud's shadow danced around nervously in a pool of light from the open door of his bathroom. He was sprawled naked in Cloud's dorm, half of his long limbs hanging off the narrow mattress, the other half curled beneath the puffy, warm blanket. They'd taken the opportunity to once again defile the room during Cloud's lunch break.

Cloud was still muttering from the bathroom. "Do you… well, a while ago… um… er…"

Sephiroth lost interest and looked around the small room. He saw the pile of his clothes strewn next to Cloud's bed on the floor, the open door of Cloud's packed full little closet, the purring, snoozing red kitten curled nearby on the windowsill, and the little cluster of photos tacked to Cloud's wall. Sephiroth's eyes stopped, and he sentimentally appreciated clipped newspaper photos of himself, photos of the two of them on New Year's, photos of Cloud's friends, and one of Cloud's female form and mother, April Strife.

"…And th-then it was… well, to put it one way…"

Sephiroth wagged his foot, becoming impatient while Cloud continued to stumble over his words. "For fuck's sake, just spit it out already."

"Okay," Cloud took a big breath, and Sephiroth could see his shadow touch a finger to his chin. "Remember way back, waaay back, back, back... the very first time you took me to work with you?"

Not really. "Sure. I remember."

"Remember how drunk Zack was that morning?"

Sephiroth squinted an eye. "…Somewhat."

"Do you remember anything he said?"

"…Not so much."

"Oh. Me neither."

Sephiroth laughed. "Bullshit. What'd he say?"

"He said... that he wanted to be gay, too. That he like, wanted to get with us..."

Sudden clarity dawned on Sephiroth. "Oh yeeeah. You blushed like a little girl. I remember, now."

Cloud huffed from the bathroom, and Sephiroth could see his shadow knotting and straightening his tie. "Well, be that as it may… did you ever..."

"Did I ever what?"

Cloud's wide blue eyes peered through blonde tresses around the corner. "I had a dream the other night..."

Sephiroth laughed loudly, and rolled up onto one elbow. "What about?"

Cloud fully emerged from the bathroom with his little fists clenched in humiliation. "Don't laugh! I'm seriously disturbed!"

Sephiroth held out his arms, and Cloud skittered across the floor to be wrapped in them. Although he would soon have class, he burrowed underneath the covers, lying against Sephiroth's warmth.

"So…" Sephiroth said, hushed and soothing. "You had a dream about Zack fuckin' you?"

Cloud sighed, "Ah, not... sort of. Something like that…"

"It's botherin' you?"

"It makes me feel unfaithful," Cloud admitted, his blue eyes full of regret.

"You can't help what you dream about."

"I know…"

"It'd prolly make you feel better if you told me about it."

"Noooo, Seph. I just wanted to tell you about it. Not.. tell you about it..."

Sephiroth rolled him over and trapped him with a true villain's delight. "You're gonna tell me aaalll about it!"

"I'll be late for class, Seph!" Cloud cawed.

"Quicker you spill, the less late you'll be."

Cloud made a mournful noise, and then slowly cleared his throat. "Well, I don't really know how it began... it just sort of... well, you and me were there…....."


"I want it! God, I want it.." Cloud chanted as his idol, hero, mentor, and lover herded him into the bedroom.

"Do you, now?" Was Sephiroth's one reply to the demanding stream of selfishness.

"Yes, please! I want it! Please! Just give it to me! Now! Please!"

"You dunno what it is, yet. Be patient..." Sephiroth gently warned.

Cloud wondered agonizingly over what the surprise could possibly have been. Some long suffering fetish that needed to be righteously fulfilled? A new toy? A kinky outfit? Porn?

Cloud then chewed over the word porn... maybe... the surprise was a camera.

Then Cloud nodded to himself in easy agreement. It could most definitely be a camera! His slightly voyeuristic boyfriend wanted to make a video of their lovemaking, perhaps. Or maybe take a few racy photos to accompany him on those dreadful, lonely business trips.

Cloud was fully prepared to ham it up for the sake of his beloved's spank bank.

"Let's do it! I'll do it! Whatever you want!" Cloud agreed vehemently, his lips racking Sephiroth's face and neck with small, sweet kisses. "Just... let me take off your clothes..."

After Sephiroth had told him of a mysterious surprise, he had immediately stripped Cloud in the living room, but he himself was still clothed in leather pants.

"Not yet... I just wanna watch for a minute."

Cloud smiled, backing away a little bit, and standing in a fashion that could only be described as 'come hither'.

Sephiroth laughed at his lover's enthusiasm. "Okay, sexy. Get on the bed for me."

Cloud almost skipped to it. He put a knee on the mattress, then looked over his shoulder. "How do you want me?"

Sephiroth had a grin on his face that couldn't be wiped away. "All fours would be nice."

Piece of cake! Cloud crawled slowly to the center of the bed – making a real show of it! – then pressed his cheek to the mattress, spread his knees wide and arched his ass up for all he was worth.

Almost immediately, weight pressed into the mattress next to him.

Sephiroth could move fast. Cloud would give him that. But Cloud was heavily schooled in the nuances of both Sephiroth's weight, and Sephiroth's bed.

That was not Sephiroth.

Too confused to be terrified yet, Cloud slowly pushed his head into the bedspread and peered between his knees, gaining visual confirmation that his beloved was still leaning against the wall, his green eyes lowered into something cunning.

"…Hi," A terribly familiar voice whispered near his ear.

Cloud rolled over and sharply looked up to find a big, dumb, incredibly handsome face grinning at him. "ZACK! What the fuck are you doing here?! Seeeeph!" He immediately snatched a pillow and hopped up off of the bed, holding it in front of himself and glaring between the two clothed men in the room.

… Zack still knelt on the bed where Cloud had been, tilting his head up at him, clad only in a pair of Sephiroth's thin flannel pajama bottoms. Sephiroth still stood against the wall, arms crossed.

Cloud looked between them both in innocent confusion. "Guys… what's..?"

"Surprise!" Zack bellowed, bouncing on his knees.

Sephiroth snickered softly. "I didn't think you'd believe me if I'd only told you. I had to… show you."

"Show me what?" Cloud gawked.

"This!" Zack declared, and to Cloud's astonishment, he stripped himself of the sleep pants.

Cloud couldn't even register Zack's nudity, he shot his eyes to the floor, and then glared at his lover, who was amused and obviously aroused against the doorway. "…You're sleeping together?"

"He won't," Zack pouted. "Not unless you're into it, too."

Cloud made two fists into the feather filled pillow, and forgetting that it was hiding his nakedness, he bashed Zack over the head with it repeatedly. "You're trying to fuck my boyfriend!? You're his best friend! And you're supposed to be my friend, too!" Then Cloud lost every ounce of venom in his system, as it was replaced with sickened shock. "…And you're supposed to be straight…"

"Surprise!" Zack bellowed again.

Cloud furrowed his eyebrows, and stood up, quickly putting the pillow back in front of his groin, which much to his dismay was extremely interested in this situation. "Well, fine. Fine! Sephiroth, go ahead. Make his day. What do you need me for?"

Cloud stormed towards the door, forgetting to do anything to cover his ass as he turned around. Sephiroth caught him easily with one arm before he could vacate.

"You're my whole world," He rumbled seriously into Cloud's hair.

Cloud frowned up at him, whispering although he was certain Zack could hear. "Then why is he here?"

Sephiroth shrugged a shoulder. "People do shit like this. People… ya know? Swing."

"We don't swing," Cloud's lower lip trembled. "I love you…"

Sephiroth stilled Cloud, cupping his face with both of his hands. "You know I need you more than anything. Nothin' could change that, ever. Nothin' could hurt what we have, ever. Never. Got it?"

Cloud melted, and nodded between Sephiroth's hands.

"Now…that bein' all understood… turn around."

Cloud did, hesitantly looking over his shoulder at Zack. Their friend was currently occupying Sephiroth's bed, the place they had learned the most intimate things about each other. He was on his stomach with his arms crossed under his chin, watching their exchange with interest.

Cloud's eyes moved over him. Zack's body was something he'd seen before, but never from the waist down. He was… different than Sephiroth. Smaller. Darker. Thicker…in every regard. And all those squats he always did had given him a fantastic, long set of legs and the cutest little tight ass Cloud had ever seen.

Zack noticed himself being scrutinized and flashed his dazzling smile. He wasn't shy, or embarrassed. He wasn't even abashed about Cloud's outburst and initial rejection of him. He just looked as though the entire universe was all going according to plan.

Zack Fair was indominatable.

It was something Cloud had always admired.

It was something Cloud had always found… sexy.

He was drawn to the faultless confidence, slowly turning away from Sephiroth and approaching the bed, certain not to let the pillow slip from his hold. "What are you doing, Zack?"

"Nothing… yet," Was the innocent reply, and Zack shifted up to his elbows as he grinned up at him.

Cloud sighed with a smile. "But…why? I didn't even know you liked guys."

"I don't. I like you guys."

"Since when?"

Zack sighed, and propped his hand under his chin. "Last mission we all were on… you didn't know it, but I actually had the room across the hall."

Cloud clamped a hand over his mouth. It was the first mission that first class SOLDIER Cloud Strife and General Sephiroth had been on together in quite some time. And they had the entire wing of the hotel to themselves…supposedly. And there was nothing quite like mission sex. The two lovebirds had taken the opportunity to claw the wallpaper off. Literally.

Zack saw the look of embarrassment on Cloud's face, and waved his hands. "I didn't do it on purpose, just that my room was being fumigated at the last minute, and they moved me up to your floor. After the first night, I couldn't tell you I had been moved, if you know what I mean. You've just…" Zack tilted his head mischievously. "…you guys've got my attention."

Cloud turned back to look at his lover uncertainly. Tanned fingers caught his wrist, and he looked down into familiar icy blue eyes. "Not just Sephiroth, you too. You sounded… interesting, Cloud."

"He is," Sephiroth agreed, sitting on the bed next to Zack's lounging form. He took Cloud's arm and pulled him until he between his knees. He gently took the pillow from Cloud, who reluctantly let it go and accepted his lover's hands on his hips, urging him ever closer until Cloud straddled him shyly.

"Wanna kiss me?" Sephiroth asked once Cloud had settled in his lap.

Cloud nodded and moved in uncertainly, half hiding under Sephiroth's hair.

The usual storm of complaints from Zack whenever the two dared to get near each other fell silent. He was mere inches away from the action, watching as their tongues and lips worked to create an ever-changing display of slow moving affection.

Cloud's blue eyes flicked nervously to Zack. He had shifted up on one elbow, utterly transfixed with a very slight sneer to his face, probably in memory of his recent repulsion upon seeing this act. It wasn't repulsion he seemed to feel now though, and that was evident as he licked his lips, and smiled almost shyly when he noticed Cloud's attention on him.

Cloud gently pulled away from Sephiroth, and leaned towards Zack. Cloud lost his nerve at the last moment, instead turning his head to press his lips into Zack's cheek.

Cloud slowly disengaged from Sephiroth, and settled next to Zack on the mattress. Not too close, but close enough to run his lips across Zack's jaw, smelling his aftershave and tasting it on his skin. Sephiroth didn't shave, and his own blonde hair was so fine that he hadn't had the need yet, either. Never before had he the opportunity to enjoy the spicy aroma and clean, artificial, baby soft smoothness on a man's skin.

He inhaled the keenly different scent deeply, filling his lungs with it before running the tip of his tongue along his jaw to his chin, where he kissed once before moving up to his lips.

Zack's back bowed out in a sudden effort to get away from Cloud. "Whoah!"

"Mm?" Cloud purred, centimeters from Zack's lips and focused on them, pursing his own in an effort not to simply lunge out to taste them.

"I… I can feel it."

"Feel what?" Cloud asked innocently, his sweet breath teasing Zack's lips.

Zack closed his eyes. "I feel your… boy parts, Cloud."

It was true. Cloud had moved closer to press against one of Zack's thighs. He shrugged at Zack. "That's supposed to happen."

Sephiroth laughed appreciatively and kissed Cloud's temple from behind. Zack swallowed. "I know that. I just..."

Cloud pouted. "Don't you like my boy parts?"

"They're great parts, Cloud, I'm seriously impressed. I just…" Zack whispered. "I, uh… I… Ever been totally drunk, then something kind of serious happens and you're alluva sudden totally sober? W-well… you were kissing, and then Cloud's cock started like, touched me and it kinda startled me and now I'm sober as the day I was fucking born and I'm rambling and I don't know i-i-if I can do this!"

Sephiroth laughed louder. "Cloud's cock sobered you up?"

Zack slapped his forehead with his palm. "Yeah. Cloud's cock totally sobered me up."

"I need to bring Cloud into work more often," Sephiroth smiled.

Zack chuckled before a thick sheen of nervousness took him over. He was still centimeters from Cloud, and the length of Cloud's worrisome boy parts was still pressed into his thigh.

"M..Maybe…" Zack was obviously brewing up an escape route, thinking that he ruined the moment.

Little did he realize, there was nothing that turned a gay man on more than a fearful straight guy.

Before Cloud could say anything or react, he blinked, and in that split second behind his eyelids, Sephiroth appeared on the other side of Zack. He had also found the time to push him onto his back and capture his wrists, trapping them above his head on the mattress.

It wasn't rough or violent, but it sent a clear message.

Zack breathed hard through his nose, unable to look directly at Sephiroth. His eyes found Cloud, darkened a bit, and then closed. "Maybe we shouldn't do this."

Sephiroth didn't move. "Why?"

"Maybe we just shouldn't…" Zack repeated. "You're my best friends."

"You're scared," Sephiroth accused with a smile.

Zack smiled a little, and opened his eyes. "You're an asshole."

"I always will be," Sephiroth agreed.

Cloud looked at Sephiroth, suddenly feeling like an intruder in his own lover's bed. Was this some sort of ongoing dynamic between the two friends? Was there some sort of sordid history that Cloud was unaware of? Would Zack have had Cloud's place if he were gay?

Zack didn't betray any information, only sighed as Sephiroth's grip tightened on his wrists. "Seph…"

"I'm not lettin' you up 'til I at least get a kiss."

"I've had enough of seeing you kiss for one lifetime, thanks!" Zack pled, squirming a little.

"Then kiss him," Sephiroth offered, tilting his head towards Cloud. "I wanna see it."

Cloud looked up at Sephiroth, biting his lip, "M-maybe this has gone far enough, Se – "

Sephiroth cupped Cloud's skull and gently forced him down onto Zack.

Their first kiss was really just an awkward press of their faces, but Sephiroth immediately let up, and Cloud backed away. He regarded Zack for only a moment before covering his soft lips again, less forced, and more genuine.

Zack's breath quickened into something just a notch below frightened, his lips stalled unsurely. Cloud closed his eyes, surprised to find himself in the dominant role with the second person he'd ever really kissed in his life.

He decided to put every effort into making it good for Zack, feeling much like the ambassador of fagdom to one of the hunkiest SOLDIERs in the fleet. Cloud worked Zack's mouth open slowly, slipping his tongue in and tasting minty toothpaste, coffee, and gin. Zack's mouth wasn't as soft or pillowy as Sephiroth's, but Cloud had always noticed the way his lips moved when Zack spoke and laughed, and he could feel those familiar shapes against his own mouth.

"Your lips are fun to kiss…" Cloud murmured against them.

Zack presented Cloud with a serious, seductive octave that he had never heard from the man before. It took Cloud a moment to realize it was a moan. He'd made Zack Fair moan… it was almost too bizarre to fathom.

Something hot flicked the side of Cloud's mouth, and it was Sephiroth's tongue.

He opened one eye to look at Sephiroth, who bumped his head into Cloud's affectionately. "You look so hot right now."

Cloud opened his mouth wider, and Sephiroth's eager, long tongue ran alongside his, sucking the side of his mouth into a kiss before moving to Zack's.

Suddenly, the kiss was closed off to Cloud as the two previously platonic best friends found one another. Zack melted into it with a shocking amount of passion, his nose buried into Sephiroth's cheek as he pressed his face close. Sephiroth's full lips forced Zack's apart, and Cloud watched flashes of his red tongue as the kiss deepened into something messy and unhinged.

He could see what Sephiroth meant, now. Seeing his lover kissing in action without being a part of it was fascinating. Not unlike seeing him dance with Genesis, only he didn't have much to feel spiteful or jealous over. He had an awfully sneaky suspicion that he was about to get fucked by Zack Fair. If Sephiroth was willing to share him to that extent, he was not only playing a risk, but also, displaying trust. Cloud would do the same.

When he couldn't stand it anymore, Cloud put his hands on Zack and kissed along the side of his face. He tasted his dark skin and felt the texture of his hair – course and static, thick and masculine.

The smell of male arousal was getting thicker in the air. Cloud realized he was panting, but he didn't care; Sephiroth's cookies and Zack's aftershave mixed into something yummy and enticing. Cloud didn't sense it, but he himself was pumping the scent of woodsy mountain sweetness into the air, both of the men noticing the foreign, exotic essence and were using it as fuel to ride to greater heights.

Physiologically, it was impossible for Zack to remain flaccid when face to face with the oncoming train Sephiroth could be when he was in seduction mode. Especially when coupled with the gentle sweetness of Cloud when he was coaxing a lover, tempting and lovely in all of his Nordic glory.

This was not what Zack had in mind when he decided to finally seduce the pretty pair. He was expecting to come in and teach his pals a lesson or two. Mistake!

"I'm not gonna fall in love with you if we do this!" Zack gasped suddenly, turning his head away from the General. "I'll always just be your best friend, okay?"

"I only love him," Sephiroth agreed, reaching out to bury his fingers in Cloud's hair, drawing him closer. When he was near enough, Sephiroth craned his neck to kiss him, the same as he'd kissed Zack, but edged with razor sharp possessiveness.

Cloud felt another, smaller hand bury in his hair, and he was pulled towards Zack. Sephiroth wouldn't give Cloud's lips up, so they wetly pressed against his neck, and ran a hot trail of wetness to his ear. "Fuck, you're pretty, kid."

Cloud turned away from Sephiroth, a hot flush dancing on his cheeks as he smiled. "Isn't this technically incest?"

"Would have been in our last lifetime," Zack admitted. "But ever since we met again, I've always thought you were… a really cute… um…"

"Piece of ass," Sephiroth supplied on a stage whisper into Zack's ear.

"Piece of ass," Zack completed, his signature grin finally spreading onto his mouth.

Cloud giggled, then shot a look at his partner. "What do you think of Seph?"

Zack looked up at Sephiroth. "He's…"

"Don't havefta say anythin'," Sephiroth drawled, sitting up. Zack's eyes seemed to thirstily drink in Sephiroth the way Cloud's always did. It was sort of funny to see that awed expression painted so obviously on someone else's face.

Cloud sprang into action while Zack was still paralyzed, and began to quickly undo the closures of Sephiroth's pants. Sephiroth allowed it, never one to be shy about revealing his body. It might have been the fact that he'd been parading around naked in front of rooms full of people all his life, or the fact that he knew every inch of said body was eye popping. Whatever the reason, he was shameless as Zack helped Cloud push his leather pants off of his hips. Cloud got to his knees and finished what Zack couldn't reach, and rolled the pants down the rest of the way, and off of Sephiroth's feet.

Zack didn't immediately reach for Sephiroth's arousal. His hands stalled, digging into the sheets like two scared bunnies.

Cloud did what Zack wanted to do. He brushed his fingers down Sephiroth's torso, and then took his cock. He caressed it slowly, his fist running over every inch, then pulled it tight enough to force out a tiny drop. Cloud kissed Sephiroth's bicep, looking at Zack invitationally, much the way a hostess would offer cookies at teatime.

Zack didn't move, and Sephiroth's fingers tilted Cloud's head up to look at him. "Just let him watch for a while..."

Cloud smiled up at him and Sephiroth chuckled back, a little bit of lover's telepathic eye communication revealing that both were completely disbelieving of the situation they were in, but were willing to let it ride as long as the other dared.

Sephiroth rolled over onto his back and tugged Cloud along with him. Cloud kissed him briefly before moving down, taking a position before him on the bed.

He kissed across his lower abdomen, taking his cock only to move it up out of the way. He flicked his tongue out against Sephiroth's tightened balls, taking one into his mouth and suckling it gently before turning his head to roughly suck and nip Sephiroth's inner thigh.

Sephiroth usually would have been swearing or moaning, but he remained perfectly silent, maybe out of shyness since there was an audience. Cloud only worked that much harder, expertly circling his tongue, a near professional in the arts of giving his lover oral affections.

Zack was sitting cross-legged next to them, straining his neck to gain a better view. His eyes widened as Cloud's small mouth and narrow throat eagerly accepted a full half of the thick length, before suckling softly back up, then dropping down again, then back up. After a few wet passes, Cloud finally was able to take the entire thing down his throat to the base.

"Oh my God!" Zack cried.

Sephiroth chuckled deeply, pushing Cloud's hair off of his face. "He's showin' off for you…aren't you baby?"

It would have been expected that Cloud giggled or blushed, but he was too busy to do either. Instead he became consumed with his performance of pleasuring his beloved, his ego stroked a bit with every awed little noise Zack made while watching him work. Cloud definitely was showing off, but he was also showing how intimate he was with Sephiroth, displaying all the things the entire world wondered but never knew for certain.

Yes, they had something real together. Yes, it was love. Yes, they fucked often.

And no, Cloud didn't just lie there and take it like a scared little bitch.

With Sephiroth's entire cock down his throat, he stopped and looked up at him with narrow, watering blue eyes. Swallowing repeatedly for Sephiroth's enjoyment and his own survival, Cloud then raked his nails down the inside of Sephiroth's thigh, catching all the lovebites he'd left behind.

Sephiroth let out a moan that curved upwards into a hiss; the first real, genuine sound of pleasure he'd made so far. When he did, so did Zack, a tiny, uninhibited little noise on his throat, somewhat higher pitched than his usual chatter.

The noise made Cloud stop and look at Zack. Without permission, but without resistance, either, Cloud let Sephiroth's cock slide out of his throat, and he crawled over to Zack. He gently pushed his legs apart and pressed a few kisses quickly down his tan stomach, less about stimulation and more in warning. Zack didn't try to stop him, so with a relaxed jaw and wettened lips, Cloud swallowed his cock down whole on the first pass.

Zack's hips leapt off of the bed, and Cloud pushed them back down. He sucked the wide length, further tasting the difference a different set of genes could make. He tasted nothing like Sephiroth, he felt nothing like Sephiroth. His skin was cooler, his taste was darker. Cloud's nose tickled as it fell against the thick hair Zack possessed, dark and course like the hair on his head. He also had dark hair dusting his stomach and legs, which Cloud explored with his hands while his mouth worked.

There were noises happening up above and Cloud looked up to find the two best friends engaged in another kiss. Sephiroth broke it to gasp as Zack's fingers hesitantly teased along the length of Sephiroth's wet cock, until he finally took it into his fist.

Zack's legs began to tremble a little, and Cloud couldn't have been more thrilled. He continued to suck deeply, his eyes straining a little in their sockets in order to keep watching Zack's fingers explore the General. Cloud sighed a little in his throat when they got bold and moved around to squeeze Sephiroth's ass.

He felt fingers in his hair that he knew belonged to Sephiroth, and tilted his head to look up at him. He was kissing Zack deeply, but his green eyes were on him. Cloud let his tongue flick out at Zack's tip, teasing both him and the General.

Zack's fingers raked through Sephiroth's hair as he disengaged, and bent down to Cloud. So close to Zack's cock that it brushed their cheeks, he kissed Cloud, then whispered privately to him. "You okay?"

Cloud nodded, and flicked his tongue out to lick Sephiroth's nose. "Yeah... Is it too weird to see me do this to someone else?"

Sephiroth smiled then looked back up at Zack, suddenly dipping his head down and taking the head of his cock into his mouth. Zack made a sputtering sound of shock as Sephiroth gazed up at him.

Cloud snickered a little in his mind. He knew Zack was worried about the teeth. Those fears melted as Sephiroth worked his own brand of magic on him. He knew what Sephiroth looked like while sucking cock, and he felt his own jump a little, begging for some kind of contact.

He decided to be bold. He got up on his knees next to Zack, not exactly putting his boy parts in his face, but clearly making a suggestion. Zack considered them up close for a moment before his eyebrow twitched."…I seriously don't want to disappoint you if you're used to Seph…"

Cloud smiled through a fierce blush, since he was basically wagging his cock in Zack's face. But if he was going to be a total slut, he might as well commit. "There's no such thing as disappointment when it comes to getting head."

Zack chuckled a little bit, licking the side of his mouth in thought. "I guess you're right…"

Zack put a hand carefully on Sephiroth's head to warn him, and he shifted closer to Cloud. He carefully touched Cloud's shaft, taking the sight of it in as if he hadn't seen one before. Cloud felt himself shake with arousal. The first, and perhaps only time in Zack Fair's life that he was going to suck cock… and it was going to be his. Cloud felt like weeping to the universe in his gratitude.

He watched as Zack's lips opened, and his tongue flicked out, tasting. He then carefully wrapped his lips around Cloud's head, and his icy eyes moved up to Cloud nervously.

"Zack…" Cloud whimpered, resting a hand on the bedpost to not fall over with a Victorian swoon. The soft tongue gingerly flicking against his slit while that hot mouth carefully worked him was almost too much to handle. When Zack took more of his long, thin cock into his mouth, totally uncertain and almost innocently looking up at him, Cloud gripped the post tighter. "…Shit."

Sephiroth had stopped sucking Zack and was watching the new display with his green eyes sparkling. Sucking cock was fine and dandy, but Cloud's legs were shaking and his chest was beginning to get flushed. Time to move things along or foreplay was as far as things were going to get.

Zack let go of Cloud's cock with a startled pop and yelped. Cloud's pleasure trance was shattered and he looked down at Sephiroth who was looking up at the two of them almost guiltily.

"What did you do?" Cloud demanded impatiently.

Sephiroth frowned. "I touched his asshole, that's all."

Zack wriggled beneath him on the bed. "I didn't agree to that!"

Sephiroth narrowed his eyes at him. "What did you expect you'd be doing when you agreed to fuck two guys?"

Zack sat up defiantly. "I agreed to fuck two guys! Not get fucked by two guys! And especially not get fucked by you! I don't want that thing in me!"

"Who's fucking who, then?" Cloud wondered aloud.

They both looked at him.

"Oh, real nice!" Cloud hissed, crossing his arms.

Sephiroth put his elbows on Zack's thighs thoughtfully. "Look. I didn't think this far ahead, but if we're gonna do it we need to decide now," He gave Cloud a calculating look. "Zack… you… can't have him."

Zack frowned. "Oh great. Now you're too territorial to share."

Cloud put his hands on his hips. "I'm not an object!"

Sephiroth got up on the bed from his knees on the floor and took Cloud's chin, kissing him. "I never said you were. I just don't think I would be cool with him… in you. I just can't. If you want to, though… I guess I could just…"

Cloud tilted his head and hugged Sephiroth's neck with one arm. "Okay. There's gotta be at least fifteen different ways we could do this. How about… Zack, I'm smaller than Seph. I've come to terms with that. Maybe I could… you think?"

Zack gave Cloud's genitals an appraising stare. "…Maybe. But not all the way in!"

Cloud then looked at Sephiroth and wrapped his other arm around his neck. "And you can fuck me…"

Sephiroth smiled and pushed his forehead into Cloud's. "Oooh, can I?"

Cloud giggled and nodded against him. "If you're good…"

Zack groaned impatiently as he usually did when things got too intimate between Sephiroth and Cloud. But instead of complaining that they put an end to it, he draped himself over the two of them, begging for affection. "So Cloud's in the middle. Fine with me, but maybe we can just do this porno style. Ya know? Sephiroth fucks Cloud, Cloud sucks Zack off. We all go home happy!"

Cloud and Sephiroth stared at each other for a moment, and Zack thought they were about to agree whole heartedly with that arrangement. Then suddenly Cloud wrapped his legs around one of Zack's, trapping him, and Sephiroth sat on the other one.

"Nice try," Cloud smiled wickedly. "I'm gonna fuck you."

"This is non consensual!" Zack declared, and tried to kick the two men off of his feet.

Cloud dropped onto Zack with a feral grin. "Scream rape then, nobody will believe you!"

"Baby, be nice…" Sephiroth said softly, surprising them both. "It's his first time."

Cloud frowned guiltily, then softened against Zack. "You… do want me, right?"

Zack was expressionless for a moment, then tilted his chin up and caught Cloud's lips by surprise. He let his eyes close and relaxed into the kiss, playing with Zack's tongue while reaching down between his legs. Something wet dripped into his fingers and he glanced over through the kiss to see that Sephiroth had kindly drizzled some lube out for him. He continued kissing Zack into distraction as he hinted with his fingertips around his opening.

Zack sucked in breath as Cloud's middle finger slid in. This was a rarity for Cloud, something Sephiroth offered but he almost never took. Sometimes topping the General was exactly what he needed, but there had been a few times where he'd felt awkward and inadequate, and perhaps a bit small. But with Zack lying back and submitting, letting him be the aggressor, and it felt incredible. He let his finger ease in and out before adding another, and was glad when Zack gave no sign of pain.

Cloud squeaked a little when he felt two fingers pop into him. He let go of Zack's lips and turned around to see green eyes close to his. "Warn me next time…"

"No way," Sephiroth grinned.

"So um…" Zack breathed, putting a hand on Cloud's arm. "Are you gonna fuck me, or what?"

Cloud blushed hotly. So much for being the big, bad aggressor! "I-I will, yeah… but you've gotta relax first…"

"He's being gentle," Sephiroth smiled at Zack, while slamming a third finger into Cloud.

Cloud gritted his teeth. "I… Just, um… Ah…"

Zack watched wearily what Sephiroth was doing to Cloud. Cloud was flushed deeply and arching against Sephiroth's fingers, his delicate features twisted like he was about to turn around and punch the General square in the face… but in a good way? Queer sex was strange in Zack's opinion, but hot.

Just as he thought maybe he wasn't mentally equipped to gain pleasure from this sexual act, Cloud's fingers shoved against Zack's prostate, and both paused when Zack cried out loudly. They knew that sound was a positive one, but Cloud asked in be certain. "Like it?"

Zack growled impatiently. "Will you do something, already?"

Cloud bit his lip and withdrew his fingers. He knelt between Zack's legs and pushed one up slightly, inverting Zack the smallest bit while steadying himself at the virgin entrance. "Zack…"

Zack arched up slightly, unsure of what to do with himself. Cloud's fingers buried themselves into his spiky mess of dark hair and they hissed together as Cloud eased his way in. He should have taken more time, should have prepared him more but… fuck it.

Once inside, Cloud stopped and let Zack take a minute to breathe. The two stared at each other for a moment.

Zack grunted softly. "…Aren't you gonna be a gentleman and ask me if I like it again?"

Cloud snorted a little. "I know you don't like it. Not yet, anyways."

"…Why do you like this?" Zack asked curiously, wincing slightly as he shifted beneath Cloud.

That question made Cloud smile secretively. "I can show you."

"Stop talking about it and do it," Sephiroth dismissed, coming up tall behind Cloud's shoulder.

Zack's eyes widened a bit. Cloud's smallness with Sephiroth looming behind him gave Zack a perfect view of both men. And they both moaned simultaneously as Sephiroth smoothly slid into Cloud.

Sephiroth kept himself still for the most part, and let Cloud thrust carefully into Zack. Between the two SOLDIERs was an overwhelming position, and there was no relief to be found for an instant. He rolled forward and found tight heat in Zack, and thrust back to take in more of Sephiroth. Cloud panted, tightening and relaxing himself around Sephiroth's cock with every breath he took.

Sephiroth closed his eyes and ran his hand over a leg, pausing when he realized there was fuzzy hair there. He looked down at Zack and found him glance up shyly, clearly surprised by the intimate act. He shifted his leg away.

Zack was his best friend. Cloud, the love of his life, was currently fucking him. What were they if not intimate? Sephiroth grabbed his leg back and held it, staring down at Zack with a fond appreciation.

Drunk or not, there's no way he could have suggested this sexual encounter if there were nothing but platonic, lukewarm feelings between the three of them. There was more, they felt more for one another. Sephiroth decided that things could get tricky if this occurred a second time. He loved Cloud with all his heart, but there was still clearly room for …love for Zack Fair.

He wasn't sure if he wanted that. So he decided that this one time was going to have to count for quite a lot.

Soon, Zack was moaning under his breath, moving beneath Cloud with a snaky rhythm. Cloud began to pop his hips quicker to give more of himself to Zack, always aiming for the button that made the dark haired SOLDIER tremble and buck his hips. All the while, Sephiroth's thick cock was inside him, filling his void and brushing up against all the right, familiar little places within.

Bless his heart, Cloud began to pant and clench, too overwhelmed by the feeling of both men to last any longer. Sephiroth wrapped both arms around his chest and held him through his hard, abrupt orgasm, while Zack closed his eyes and gritted his teeth at the feeling of being filled, unsure if he liked it or hated it.

Sephiroth let himself slip out of Cloud, and easily scooped him up into his arms and kissed him, tasting salty sweat on his lips. "You liked that?"

Cloud could hardly speak, he mumbled and nodded, then took a closer look at the two males he was between. It dawned on him that he was the only one who had climaxed.

"Oh, crap!" He squeaked, looking at both with large, apologetic eyes.

"It's okay, babe. I was thinkin' that…"

Cloud got the hint as Sephiroth's eyes raked over Zack's body, still lying there spread apart, panting and watching the two of them curiously, the expression on his face slightly demanding when he met Sephiroth's eyes.

Cloud understood and kissed Sephiroth briefly. "…Will you let me watch?"

"Of course," Sephiroth deposited Cloud next to Zack on the bed. He rolled onto his side, pressing into Zack and feeling his warm, dark skin press back immediately. Zack turned his head and surprised Cloud with another kiss, and even after having completed the act, Cloud still greatly enjoyed the feeling and taste of his lips.

"Was that any good at all?" Cloud whispered to him.

Zack kissed the side of his mouth. "It was alright."

Sephiroth moved between Zack's legs carefully, slowly. "Just alright?"

"It was alright," Was all Zack would admit to.

Although he'd teased Cloud about being gentle, it was obvious that Sephiroth and was far more careful with Zack's body. He moved inside carefully, as though he were unsure about it. Sephiroth pursed his lips against Zack's tightness. He could feel the wetness from Cloud's spent load drip between Zack's cheeks as he pushed in. The grip and the heat felt no different than Cloud, but at the same time felt completely different.

He could tell Zack was attempting to give him easy access, but couldn't help gripping him out of nervousness. He could feel the fluttering of Zack's heart, the overall anxiety that radiated from him. Zack was kissing Cloud to distract himself, and although he'd been slightly broken in, he was new to everything. Sephiroth leaned down to join their kiss, pressing his lips and sliding his tongue against both of theirs. He let his hand wander up Zack's side, and slide over tight muscle before beginning to slowly pivot his hips between Zack's.

Cloud regarded the two of them thoughtfully, how they'd reach out to touch each other, then recoil as if it were too much. He decided he liked the look of Sephiroth's creamy skin disappearing into Zack's dark, Gongagan complexion. He liked Sephiroth's long fingers on thick, muscular thighs. And he liked the pieces of silver hair that fell into and mixed with ashy black.

But they were overly nervous of each other. Sephiroth thrusted, but not as hard as he could have. Zack arched up, but not as much as his body told him to. Cloud decided that maybe his presence was holding their passion back. "Do you guys… want me to leave for a little bit?"

"No!" They both cried simultaneously. Cloud's eyebrows shot up and he looked between the two of them.

Zack panted a little and curled his arm around Cloud, pulling him close. "No way, I want you here, too."

Sephiroth leaned down and kissed between Cloud's eyes. "Don't go."

"Well then," Cloud smiled, curling an arm under Zack's head and lying down on the pillow next to him. "Don't mind me."

They began to move together again, a bit more confident. Cloud helped, kissing Zack's neck while running his hands over Sephiroth's thighs, touching them both, connecting the two of them as much as possible. He felt himself slowly grow hard as Zack began to growl and add to Sephiroth's momentum, rolling his body up and pulling with his legs.

Cloud could tell that Sephiroth was still trying to remain stoic and quiet, and was almost glad for it. Hearing Sephiroth moan and swear was his own treat, and if Sephiroth wanted to hold it back from Zack… Cloud was touched. He was sharing his lover's body, but the level of intimacy they gave each other was absolute.

"I love you…" Cloud told him, letting a hand run up his stomach.

"Love you too," Sephiroth sighed, taking a hand off of Zack's thigh to put it over Cloud's.

"I love you, toooo," Zack cooed and smirked up at the two of them. Sephiroth smiled and leaned down to kiss him, an act that looked as natural as it felt.

While the two of them made love to each other, Cloud let his hand slip between their bodies and curled his fist around Zack's erection. It pulsed in his palm and Zack began to arch his hips up, his face and chest furiously pink.

He ripped his lips away from Sephiroth's mouth and pulled a few strands of silver. "Hurry up, Seph!"

Sephiroth face scrunched with disapproval. Cloud looked up at him and it took a great effort to withhold his amusement. 'Harder' or 'Faster' or 'Oh God your big fat cock' would have bee appropriate for Zack to shout at him, but blatant criticism clearly was not the way to get what one wanted with Sephiroth in bed. This was something Cloud had found out himself, the hard way.

His green eyes burned, and Zack could clearly see his error, but it was too late. Without mercy, Sephiroth jerked out of him and flipped him over onto his stomach.

"C'mooon Seph! Gentle, remember?! I'm a virgin!" Zack squawked.

"You fuckin' are not," Sephiroth growled and squeezed the back of his neck and forced his face into the mattress, while pulling his ass higher with the other.

Cloud watched with wide eyes, and hardly noticed his hand trail down between his legs to answer the demands of his boisterous genitals. How could he help it, though? Especially when Sephiroth's hard, slick cock pushed back inside, and an attractive little shudder traveled through both of them.

Cloud's ass was a thing of beauty to behold, but Zack's slim hips and muscular, hard lines were perfect in that moment. They weren't as mobile as Cloud's and that made Sephiroth have to work harder, but that was fine with him. The cheeky, playful little bastard that was Zack Fair… it felt so good to fuck him, to hold him down and force true, raw emotion out of him.

Zack gripped the sheets and pushed back, "Yeah? Fuck me…"

Sephiroth's eyes clamped shut and a small moan was forced out of him. Cloud wasn't certain, but he figured Zack must have figured out how to clench down on him. Sephiroth's hand moved so fast that Cloud couldn't exactly see it, but there was a crack of his palm against Zack's hard, muscular ass and a red handprint bloomed on the tan flesh.

Zack then reached back and seized a handful of long hair and yanked so hard Sephiroth doubled over on top of him. He bared his teeth and sank them into Zack's shoulder. Cloud watched them abuse each other and his hand began to work over his erection faster. The awkwardness was gone; the slow passion, the lingering touches. This was the way Zack Fair and Sephiroth were meant to make love to each other – rough, painful, bruising, and above all, fun. Cloud moaned in appreciation at the hot scene the two created, just for his viewing pleasure.

"Don't do that, Cloud," Sephiroth ordered, jerking the back of Zack's hair and raising his chin up. "We have a bitch, now. Choke him with it."

Zack snarled over his shoulder at Sephiroth, and winced with the effort of his clenching. "You sick fucking faggot! Fuck you both for this!"

"Gag him, baby. Shut up him for once," Sephiroth sneered, taking Zack's face and squeezing it between his fingers.

Cloud paused, wondering where the fuck the line was and if it had just been crossed or not! Then Zack stared at him with the burn of something welcoming and demanding. Cloud gulped and shifted to his knees before Zack.

"Suck Cloud's cock you fuckin' slut," Sephiroth began to pound himself against Zack. "Taste your fuckin' a – ahahha… ass on it..." Sephiroth laughed a little in the middle, but it was a valiant effort at true sadism.

Zack smirked over his shoulder and Cloud had to giggle, and the pretty tenor notes were somehow not at all out of place with the slap of wet flesh upon flesh. Zack was still slightly unsure, and completely unfocused on the task, but Cloud couldn't help but moan as his cock was swallowed down.

Cloud knew when Sephiroth pounded like that he could have lasted all night and day, as passed the point of merely making a union and crossed over into something more along the lines of making a point. Cloud was kind at first, not forcing his way into Zack's mouth, but that wasn't really apart of the current program. He felt himself tightening again, and wanted more.

He wanted to see Zack climax, but even more, he wanted to see Sephiroth's lips part and his hips jerk, he wanted to feel the wave of heat come off of him as he came. The thought of it made Cloud grab a handful of Zack's hair and surge against the back of his throat. Zack gagged.

Sephiroth heard the wet, uncontrollable little noise and his eyes closed. One of his hands disappeared beneath Zack's hips, and Cloud felt him tremble and gasp around his cock. Instead of giving him relief, Cloud thrust and gagged him a second time. All three men moaned in their throats simultaneously.

Zack's watering eyes shot open and then fluttered, and Cloud saw his back arch up like a cat's. He took his cock out of Zack's mouth, wanting to hear anything he might have to say as he hit his peak with Sephiroth's cock fucking him.

Zack didn't talk, only gave an elongated groan that waned into a hiss. Cloud and Sephiroth's eyes met, and Cloud began to twist his fist around his cock. He turned his eyebrows up as the pleasure turned to something unbearable and he released his second load between Zack's shoulder blades for Sephiroth to see.


Sephiroth smiled at him before sliding his hand through the thick, white puddle and pushing it up into Zack's hair. He fisted the back of his head and closed his eyes, and Cloud could see the effort he made at keeping himself silent. The expression that played across his face was beautiful, and Cloud immediately moved over Zack to kiss him.

After a moment, Sephiroth pulled out, and rolled over onto his back lazily. Cloud did the same, and spread his leg until one draped over Sephiroth and the other draped over Zack, and sighed loudly. Zack was panting, and whimpering dramatically until both Sephiroth and Cloud giggled.

The dark haired one propped up onto one elbow and muttered sarcastically, "Double fucked. Thanks a lot."

"You're welcome, friend," Sephiroth sighed, lacing his fingers behind his head.

"Wanna stay here?" Cloud offered casually, but somewhat sincerely.

"No way. Aerith's making chile," They all paused at the mention of her name. Zack then got up, and picked his pants up off the floor, and stepped into them. "So, gotta run. Don't mean to be unromantic."

Sephiroth eased the tension. "Get the hell out."

Zack flashed a smile and yanked his shirt on, seeming to be more in a hurry to vacate with every passing second. "See you guys at work! Have a good one!"

He then showed himself out. When the front door slammed, Cloud blinked up at Sephiroth. "…What just happened?"

Sephiroth then turned into Cloud's third grade teacher. The bed turned into a textbook, and he was suddenly trying to find the fountain of youth with Cam, Skylar, and fourteen Junish terriers.


Cloud had been hiding behind his hands for quite some time.

Every time he peeked out from behind them, Sephiroth was still wearing the same expression – a broad smile and one eyebrow permanently hiked.

"Ugh," Cloud finally moaned.

"It was just a stupid dream, what are you so embarrassed about?" Sephiroth finally chuckled, tightening his arms around him affectionately.

"It just felt real…"

"Did you wake up in a puddle of baby sauce?" Sephiroth purred, poking at Cloud's sides.

Cloud didn't have any humiliation energy left to spend, he only weakly affirmed.

"Well, to tell you the fuckin' truth, I'd vomit all over Zack before I'd fuck him," Sephiroth snorted. "He's vile."

It was Cloud's turn to hike an eyebrow. "Oh yeah? You don't find him attractive?"

"Surely not."

Cloud stared into his eyes, the water blue irises flicked intently at him. "…You'd never? Not even just a kiss?"

"I'd never go there. Ever…" Sephiroth then stared back. "You would?"

"No way," Cloud's blue eyes continued to bore into Sephiroth's green ones, searching for a lie. After a moment, Cloud shook his head and gave Sephiroth a kiss on the nose. "And even if I would, I wouldn't share you with anyone!"

"…Not even once?" Sephiroth challenged.

"…Hell no."

Sephiroth kissed Cloud's jaw and released him, allowing him to finish getting ready for the rest of his school day. Cloud wriggled against him affectionately before getting up with a sleepy groan.

They both knew that they were both lying through their teeth. And they both knew that the other knew. But sometimes, the truth is better left unsaid. No harm in sharing a silent crush on Zack Fair.

But both had a feeling they'd be watching Military Men that weekend…


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