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How to Have a Successful First Date - A Guide by Bakugou Katsuki

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Build up enough courage to ask them out on a date. 

  • People love it when a boy asks them face to face.



Katsuki tapped his foot, eyes darting around the classroom. It was nearly a week since the festival and Katsuki had spoken to Deku in a full conversation a total of three times. Not counting the occasional brisk talks which were quite awkward as the two danced around the "topic" of the festival. Katsuki couldn't call what happened a date, it was a confession and that's all. They had had their first kiss, which even now Katsuki couldn't help grinning about, but that was it in terms of the progression of their relationship. He drummed his fingers, scowling as he thought and droned out what Aizawa was saying. What even was Deku and him? Thinking about it Deku never really said if he'd go out with Katsuki. He said he didn't hate Katsuki, but not that he 'd go out with him.


 "Bakugou, please pay attention."


Aizawa warned, eyes looking at Katsuki who was tapped his footand drumming his fingers noisily. Katsuki sighed, grumbling to himself as he lowered his eyes to his paper, gripping his pencil tightly and scribbling his notes off quickly. Aizawa can't complain about him not paying attention if he actually has his stupid work done. Katsuki dared to look ahead at Deku, who was casting a glance at Katsuki, but quickly looked away when he noticed Katsuki's gaze. Katsuki bit his lip, frustrated beyond belief. They couldn't keep dancing around this! What were they!?


Katsuki looked toward the clock as the bell rang, unaware how much time had actually passed. He watched people rise around him, chatting with whoever was near, while Katsuki let his head drop onto the desk, ignoring the ache he got. Eijirou walked over, hands in his pockets with a sigh.


 "What's up with you?" He asked, poking at the unresponsive Katsuki, who only let out a groan, swatting the other away. What the hell was he supposed to do about this whole Deku situation? Since the festival it's just been awkward, which Katsuki can't determine if that's good or bad. On one hand, Deku sees him in a new light and they seem to be a bit closer if those brief hello's and three conversations were anything to go by. However, at the same time it was so awkward around the two. Even when Deku's idiotic friends were around it was still awkward. Katsuki looked toward Deku who was waiting at the door for one of his two friends.


Katsuki wanted to fucking punch him.


For being awkward. For being adorable. For being a fucking idiot. For being so cute it was probably illegal and Katsuki should really call the fbi because holy shit.


 "Ah." Eijirou hummed, catching Katsuki's attention. "C'mon. We have lunch. Besides, I doubt you want to talk here." He rolled his eyes, shrugging as he turned to head to the door. Katsuki grumbled, pissed at Eijirou.


 "What makes you think I want to talk to you?" Katsuki spat, lifting his head and glaring at the red-head.


 "I mean, I got you the idea to google your problems." Eijirou told. "And it brought you two a bit closer, right? I mean, you actually talk now." He crossed his arms, raising an eyebrow, giving Katsuki a look, who was opening his mouth to retort, but couldn't get the words out. It had brought them closer, closer than anyone knew. Katsuki flushed red, rising to his feet suddenly. He flipped Eijirou off, stomping away towards the door.


 "Fuck you! Leave me alone, asswipe." Eijirou followed suit, ignoring Katsukis "request".


 "I mean, but now that you're close, and based on how painfully awkward you two are-" Katsuki shot him a death glare "-He knows 'bout your thing for him, right? He's cool with it, so it seems, so that's cool. Yay for modern times." Eijirou looked at Katsuki, who was focused ahead. "I guess he didn't feel the same, though, so that sucks."


 "He didn't say that!" Katsuki snapped, realizing too late that he had actually said it out loud.


 "Ah, so you two just don't know how to go on about step two?" Eijirou gave a smirk, one that made Katsuki want to blow him up with the biggest explosion known to man. One that would leave the world stunned, if it even survived. "Well, step two is just ask him on a date." The redhead told him, stopping by a vending machine to buy a drink. Katsuki didn't wait, walking ahead. "Why not google it again, that worked out last time!" Eijirou called as Katsuki turned the corner, ignoring the other. "Tsk." He clicked his tongue, rolling his eyes at the way Katsuki so stubbornly ignored him like a child.


Katsuki sat at a table, tray of food in front of him and no one else at his table. His phone out, fingers tapping away with a scowl. He felt embarrassed by the fact he was actually googling how he could ask Deku on a, er, date. He slouched in his seat as people walked by, glaring at them even though they probably didn't even know. A few gave him skeptical looks, others cowered, and a few just ignored him. He continued browsing on his phone, soon finding a website. It was trustworthy, right? It was the same one he used before...


Katsuki read over it briefly, step one just ask them on a date, huh... It really shouldn't be that hard. Katsuki looked at Deku, who was a few tables away. He gripped the phone tighter at the image of Deku and him on a, uh, date. What kind of date would Deku even like? Probably a trip to some nerdy and lame place that Katsuki wouldn't really be interested in. He groaned, sinking further into his chair and pulling his eyes away from Deku. He supposed he could worry about where to take him when that time came. Or if. No use fretting over it before it's even confirmed.


The blonde looked back at Deku. Okay, focus on just asking him out. It shouldn't be hard. Easy peasy. No worries. Just go up and ask. Katsuki sat up, only to let his forehead bang against the table a few times, letting out a frustrated groan. Why the fuck was he getting cold feet? His quirk was explosions! Hot, fiery, smoky, burning explosions! Not fucking ice like that half-idiot half-moron.


 "Yeesh. You alright?" Eijirou's voice asked, looking down at Katsuki from where he took with a tray in hand. 


 "Fuck off." Katsuki spat at him as he sat down. "No- don't fucking sit here."


 "Hm. Anyway, are you stressing out about how to ask him?" Eijirou asked, taking a bite of his sandwich. Katsuki just glared wordlessly at him before taking a huge bite of his own food and standing, stomping away, leaving Eijirou to watch him storm out of the cafeteria. "Hm. How unmanly." He frowned, leaning his head on his palm as he looked toward Deku, thinking. He supposed he'd have to help Katsuki, who would likely not actually do anything and just make up excuses as why he couldn't. Such as the timing, the place, meaningless things like that. He'd never admit his embarrassment, after all. He was far too tsundere for that.


Eijirou chuckled a bit to himself, closing his eyes as he took a sip of his drink, a plan already whizzing through his brain.


- - - -


Katsuki stared from around the corner, out of sight of Deku who was outside talking with that idiot Shouta. The bastard. The blondes grip on the edge of the building tightened, glaring daggers at Shouta. He widened his eyes a bit when he was suddenly pushed out from his hiding spot, whipping around to glare at the offender, Eijirou.


 "Howdy!" Eijirou called out, more so to Deku and Shouto than Katsuki, as if Katsuki didn't exist.


 "What the fuck!?" He snapped at Eijirou, but was ultimately ignored.


 "Ah, Eijirou. Hello." Shouto greeted, and Deku waved.


 "Hi, Kacchan! Ejirou!" He gave a warm, angelic smile toward the two, which made Katsuki want to squish his cheeks and kiss him. He was snapped out of these thoughts when Eijirou spoke again.


 "Bakugou wanted to talk to you privately, Izuku." He smiled, pointing at Katsuki. "It's very important!" This made the blonde freeze, quickly catching onto what Eijirou was doing. He was forcing him, wasn't he? He was going to keep doing things that would obviously get more and more obvious each time. He would do them until Katsuki just asked.


 "Uh, okay."


 "Great! We'll leave you two alone." Eijirou pulled on Shoutos arm, tugging him away. Shouto didn't seem too bothered, shrugging and waving a goodbye to Deku, who turned his attention back to Katsuki.


 "What did you want to talk about?" Deku asked politely, smiling. Katsuki opened his mouth for a bitter retort, but found himself unable to speak. His mouth felt dry as he stiffened, glaring down at Deku, who just looked confused.


 "I- No, I mean- Not like... Though I-I was wondering- I mean, if you want. You don't have to- it's fucking stupid anyway. Like you. You're a-an idiot." Katsuki stammered out, face going red at his inability to speak properly. Deku just stared, leaving the two in complete silence. Katsuki too embarrassed to ask, Deku clueless, leaving the both of them quiet and awkward. Deku blinked owlishly, rubbing his knuckles with his palm as he waited for Katsuki to speak, only to realize it was likely he wouldn't.


 "Ah. I-I think I get it." Deku looked away, which made Katsuki jolt slightly. He did? No he couldn't of. "Th-This is about the festival, right?" No, but yeah, kind of. "I-If it is, I mean, I don't mind what happened. I- er, you can just pretend it didn't. I mean, we're super awkward and it's pretty obvious we just get uncomfortable around each other." No, no! There was no way Katsuki could just pretend he didn't confess. "I... What I'm trying to say is..." Deku cleared his throat. "We're friends, right? Kind of, I think. I consider you my friend, I don't know if you d-do. Uh, But!" Deku flailed his arms around slightly, and Katsuki just stared. "I don't want to be awkward around you! When w-we were kids I had tons of fun being friends, s-so can we just, I don't know, hang out? Or something...?"




Why was Deku... acting like he was the one who confessed and thus made everything awkward?


Katsuki stared blankly at Deku. The situation was ridiculous. Katsuki blinked, unable to stop himself from chuckling slightly. This caught Deku off guard, and the shorter stared up at Katsuki. It wasn't very long, no was it loud, but it was a laugh nonetheless. Deku couldn't remember the last time Katsuki laughed since they were children. He always seemed so angry and bitter. Deku blinked, smiling himself and letting out a short and quiet laugh himself.


 "S-sure." Katsuki finally answered, hands being tucked into his pockets in an attempt to hide the nervous sweat on his palms. "I guess I don't mind." He scoffed, regaining his bitter composure. Deku smiled brightly, and Katsuki was sure he'd go blind.


 "Great! I'll see you tomorrow after school, then!" He gave a wave. "I have to go right now..." Katsuki nodded stiffly, giving a wave in return as Deku turned and hurried off. He finally allowed himself to let out a grin, doing a slight fist-pump at his side as he turned and walked off, grinning the whole way.


He only realized he was going the opposite way of his house five minutes later.