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Long before the creation of man, there was darkness.

Within this darkness was Matter—the essence of existence. Without Matter, the darkness would not have existed, and without darkness, the Matter would not have sustained itself. So was the cycle of Reality.

Matter obeyed neither time nor space. Yet, through the long expanse of time, Matter conformed itself to the limits of space, merging within itself to create a conscious being.

This being was neither bright nor dull—only alive. Conceived from Matter, it wandered the darkness for many ages. However, as the being roamed, its thoughts began to mutate, forming new and random patterns separate from the emptiness of Matter. It began to ponder its own existence.

And create.

The being bestowed upon itself the name of Arceus—meaning "The First".

Arceus created many things within its own mind. The first of which were names for states of being, such as "is", "was", and "will be". The second—names of desires and needs, such as "want" and "must". From these names stemmed the thought of creation outside of Arceus, leading to the concepts of existence. "I", "you", and "we" were the first of these.

When Arceus completed its creation of cognition within itself, it uttered the first words in all of Pokémon history:

"I am born."