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"My Summers with Yu" - Wang Qing and Feng JianYu (Dayu)

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Classes were in full swing. For Dayu, college was much more enjoyable than high school; he was studying all his favorite subjects. Acting, acting and more acting. Also a little bit of literature and history. Qing, his roommate, on the other hand, rarely made it to class. He spent a lot of time at home, which was apparently not that far from Dorm. The time that he did come to college, he spent a lot of it with ‘Chambers’. That was the name Qing’s nearest two friends, Cay-Z and Qiushi, went by. They were some kind of music group.
This morning Dayu woke up before Qing, as was usual. He was preparing to leave for his classes, when Qing called him out.
“JianYu, are you going to theatre class at 2 o’ clock today?”
“Yeah, you will be there?”
“Yes. I guess.”
“Okay, see you in class then.” But, Qing didn’t reply. He had gone back to sleep.
At 2, Dayu headed to the theatrical arts class. As soon as he entered, Kim called out his name and he made his way over to her. In the last couple of months, Dayu had made some good friends and Kim was one of them. He was still unsure if he wanted to date anyone, though. When he left his hometown of Shenzhen, he promised himself that his one and only goal would be to become a successful actor.
“Ready with today’s monologue?” Kim asked. Kim was there to just have fun, Dayu perceived and she loved to embarrass the teacher.
“You mean the 10 page Shakespearean monologue that people would barely understand. Yeah.”
Suddenly, there was an increased chattering in the classroom. HIs roommate Qing had just arrived with his friends. Qing’s friends circle was sort of the popular crowd of the campus, but as a roommate, Qing was quite modest. Qing could also cook, which always surprised Dayu and would frequently share his food with Dayu.
“Okay, class, this is our third class of the semester.” The teacher addressed the class. “Starting this week, our classes would get more regular in preparation for the upcoming class drama. So, I hope you all prepared your monologues for today. Who wants to go first?”
“He will.” Yelled out Cay-Z and pointed towards Qing. Best friend in the truest sense, thought Qing and mouthed “Fuck you” to Cay-Z.
Qing walked up to face the class. He had no idea what that fucking monologue was.
“Hello everyone, I am Qing and I will present to you the most chilling Shakespearean monologue you have ever heard. But first a little about Shakespeare, he was a good person, a very good person. He wrote some very good stories in his lifetime, like about this couple who died.” By that point, almost everyone realized Qing was trolling and many were laughing blatantly.
“Okay, okay. That’s enough. Please go back.” The teacher sent Qing back. “Someone else wants to volunteer?”
“I can.” Kim offered immediately. She pranced up to the front.
“Okay, mkh mkh,” Kim started clearing her voice, “So that you understand how serious I am, I'm going to say this in English. As your leader, I encourage you from time to time, and always in a respectful manner, to question my logic. If you're unconvinced that a particular plan of action I've decided is the wisest, tell me so, but allow me to convince you and I promise you right here and now, no subject will ever be taboo. Except, of course, the subject that was just under discussion. The price you pay for bringing up either my Chinese or American heritage as a negative is, I collect your f--king head. Just like this f--ker here.” The class was impressed and some were snickering but the instructor was not happy at all. Because, of course, this monologue from the movie ‘Kill Bill’ was in no way related to a Shakespearean monologue.
“Ms. Lim, please go back to your place.” The teacher was positively disturbed. “JianYu, can you come next?”
Dayu was quite well prepared with his monologue but somehow the cheery mood of the class was affecting him.
“Sure.” He walked up to the front.
“Hello, dajia hao? I am Feng JianYu and today I will present a monologue from Mid Summer Night’s Dream as Fuck… I mean Puck.” At this point, everyone burst out laughing. Qing smirked a little. The teacher realized that even Dayu is no good today, but he let him continue.

“Gentles, do not reprehend:
if you pardon, we will mend:
And, as I am an honest Fuck... I mean Puck”

By this point, every single student in the class was rolling on the floor laughing. Even Qing couldn't control himself anymore. He burst out laughing, his laughter all sunny and innocent. In that moment, Dayu’s eyes caught Qing’s cheery smile and his heart skipped a beat.


The next day when Qing returned from class to the dorm, JianYu was agitatedly going through his stuff. He seemed nervous and in a hurry. Qing watched him for a minute or two.
“You okay, bro?”
“Hmm, yeah yeah. Umm..” and he continued fidgeting and messing with his stuff.
“You were funny yesterday, that was damn good. Haha.” Qing mentioned the Shakespearean ‘tragedy’. Dayu thought about it for a moment and stopped.
“Haha. Thanks. You were funny too.”
Dayu’s cell phone started ringing at that point.
“Hello.” There was a female voice on the other end and JianYu took the phone outside.
But, Qing had already heard the girl’s voice because, of course, JianYu being JianYu put the phone on the highest volume possible. Silly chipmunk, Qing thought and smiled internally again. Qing had never come across anyone like JianYu in his entire life. JianYu probably had no idea how unintentionally funny he was. The other day in the gym, JianYu fixatedly kept hitting the basket ball with his behind and insisted that it was funny. It was funny, but Qing wouldn’t admit that. Qing usually liked to keep a little distance with people (unless they are his really good friends). But, with JianYu, it was getting more and more difficult. He always managed to make Qing smile and Qing did want a friend like that. May be he would slowly let JianYu in his circle. But, Qing was aware of his gullibility and some people in his circle were really mean.
“Date?” Qing asked Dayu, when he came in back after he was done on phone.
“Huh, no. Just a friend. We will hang out a little.”
“Female friend.”
“Umm,” Dayu hesitated a little. “Yeah.”
“Then, that’s a date. You sure you wanna wear that, bro.”
“Hmm, why? Doesn’t look nice?”
“Gosh! A flowery shirt on a first date. Are you dating a guy or what? Gosh!”
“Hey , hey, hey! This is a good shirt, okay. It brings out my complexion.”
“Fuck complexion! Wear something nice and simple, that matches you. Do you have a black or a white shirt?”
“Yup, I have a black one. 1 sec.” Dayu quickly changed into a black shirt.
“What are you doing?” Qing asked again when he saw Dayu tucking his shirt in his pants. “Is this a job interview? Tuck it out.” Qing almost ordered Dayu.
“No, this looks more manly to me.”
“Gosh! Would you tuck it out or what?” Qing was this close to pull Dayu’s shirt out himself.
“Okay, okay.” Dayu relented. “You know in my hometown, this dressing is not considered manly at all.”
“Welcome to Beijing.”


After JianYu left, Qing himself started thinking about calling up his ex and ‘spend some quality time’ with her. But then he didn’t have the energy to deal with her shit again...ever. So, instead he called the Chambers and asked them hangout with him. They lived one floor above.
“Ummm, when will college end?” QiuShi asked sleepily. “Guys, will you please not smoke in here?”
Qing and Cay-Z had just lit cigarettes and on hearing QiuShi nag, Qing placed his mouth right in front of QiuShi and exhaled all the smoke. Sometimes Qing would love to tease QiuShi’s diva-like personality, but instead of getting angry, QiuShi just smiled faintly.
“By the way, I found out about a street dancing group. You guys in?” Qing asked the Chambers. He was always keen on dancing and knew he must have some good moves if he wanted to make it to the show business.
“Sure.” Cay-Z agreed.
“I will be there to just watch.” QiuShi said, like a true lazyhead.
“Come on QiuQiu, try to move your body a lil. Otherwise, you will forget which is your hand and which is your leg.” Qing teased him again.
“Shut up”.
Cay-Z’s phone started ringing. His kinda sorta girlfriend was calling him. After he finished the call, he informed the other two that he had to go.


Dayu returned to the dorm at 9o’clock, which he would say was quite late for him. In the north, where he is from, people would rarely stay out after 7 p.m., you see. As he was approaching his room, QiuShi open the door and came out of it.
“Hi.” Dayu greeted Qiushi
“Hi…Oh Hiiiii. Looking handsome!”
“Haha, yeah. Just went out with friends.”
“He means his girlfriend.” Qing shouted from inside.
“The color suits you.” Qiushi chirped happily and left.

Sometime later that night, Qing asked JianYu if he wanted to join him for the street dance group. Dayu readily agreed.
“I know some moves already.” JianYu informed him.”You wanna see?”
Then, JianYu did some hip-hop and b-boying. Qing was impressed.
“At least, there is something you are good at.” Qing said.
“There are many things I am good at. You just don’t know, yet. Haha.” jianYu replied and Qing wondered what those things could be.


Next day, Dayu, Qing and Qiushi went to the dance class. Cay-Z was still busy with the thing he was busy with the previous night. As Qiushi had indicated, he had no dancing skills at all. He had the worst hand-eye-body coordination Dayu had ever seen and Dayu could barely control his laughter. Eventually, Qiushi just gave in and sat in the corner. Qing, on the other hand, was not bad at all. He had a natural sense of rhythm. Dayu himself took dance classes for several years and his dancing looked quite professional. He figured he had to be as well-prepared as possible for his future career.

“Okay, let’s divide ourselves in groups of two and come up with some acrobatia moves.”

Dayu and Qing decided to stick together.
“Can you pick me up?”
“Huh?” Qing was taken aback by Dayu’s question.
“I know some moves but you need to be strong enough to pick me up.” Dayu clarified.
“I can try.” Qing lifted him up bridal style.
“Oh god, no no. I wasn’t talking about this. Haha. I get the idea. Okay, okay. Put me down, put me down.” But, Qing kept on holding him up and just started fooling around and running around with Dayu in his arms. Qing thought it was rather funny. Eventually, after he put Dayu down, Dayu whispered into his ears what moves he was thinking about.

“Okay, Qing and JianYu, you are next. Let’s see what moves you guys came up with.”
Both of them stepped up. Dayu jumped onto Qing’s arms and then his back and likewise, they performed the series of acrobatic moves the way they had planned. It was smoothly executed and everyone there was very impressed.
“Wow,” the instructor said, “That was very impressive. You guys practiced very well.”
“No, no. This is the first time we are doing this.” Qing said proudly.
“Wow, you two have the perfect coordination.”
“Of course, we do.” Dayu said. “We are a match made in heaven, haha.” Dayu bantered and Qing smiled, faintly.
A Match Made in Heaven.