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Finding The Way To You

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"If you could describe your perfect woman, what would she look like?" Gracia said not turning away from her scene. She smiled a private smile as she felt JJ tense up behind her.

"I'm not gay, Penelope." JJ said in a tight voice as she stared at the map that she was pinning up. She missed the board and managed to stab her right pinkie in the process. "Ouch." She whimpered as she brought her hand up and suck the blood.

Gracia didn't turn around, she knew that JJ had everything under control. Sides she saw the thumb tack mistake through her computer scene. "You don't have to be gay, JJ. I am just asking if you could describe your perfect woman, what would she be look like?"

"I have never thought about it." JJ said firmly but Gracia could read the unsureness in her best friend's voice. She finally turned around from her beloved computer scene and looked JJ fully.

"Why not?" Gracia asked as she tilted her head. "I'm not gay or even bi – sexual and even I have had some girl crushes in my time." She smiled. "It's perfectly normal JJ, nothing wrong with it."

JJ blushed and turned quickly back to the map and pushed the thumb tack roughly into the edge of the map. "I wasn't brought up that way." She said as she turned back to face Gracia. "I was brought up to thinking it's a sin to even think along those lines."

Gracia tilted her head, "What do you, Jennifer Jareau truly think about the gay and bi – sexual life style?"

"I don't have a problem with it." JJ said thoughtfully.

"So who would be your perfect woman?" Gracia asked with a huge smile on her mouth. "And don't tell me you haven't thought about it, everyone has it's normal. So tell girl."

JJ sighed deeply as she closed her eyes. "She's outgoing, but calm. She loves to be out there in the world. Experiencing all that life has. But she also loves being cozy in front of a fire place. She loves her wine and champagne but mostly she loves it in the bathtub. She loves being around people but she doesn't do crowds. She loves children and animals. She loves just being with her loved one."

"What does she look like?" Gracia asked as she watched JJ's face intently.

"She has chocolate brown eyes, more like mocha than chocolate. You can read her emotions through her eyes, she doesn't hide anything. She where's her heart on her sleeve." JJ didn't realize how soft her face became the more she talked. "She's easily hurt by the world but she is strong and can handle herself. But she can receive comfort and support easily."

"What else?" Gracia asked as JJ paused.

"Her hair is a raven brown, styled in the latest style but her very own." JJ continued. "Her face stands out better because of her hair. Her eye lashes are black and long. Her check bones are high, high enough to almost disappear at the ear. Her mouth is normal sized but smooth and pink. Her neck is graceful like a swans."

Gracia had a thoughtful look in her eyes as she slowly pieced together whom JJ truly was talking about.

"Her body is thin as a dancers. Her hands are delicate and smooth. Her fingers are pianist." JJ stopped speaking and slowly opened her eyes.

"Why don't you tell her your feelings?" Gracia asked in a knowing voice.

"I'm not gay." JJ forcefully said. "Sides I'm in love with -" she stopped as she realized what she was about to blurt out.

"Spencer." Gracia finished. She laughed gently at JJ's shocked look. "Everyone knows it JJ, everyone expect for Reid." She shook her head. "But your feelings for Reid isn't the topic here." She looked meaningfully up into JJ's eyes. "It's ok to have a girl's crush, JJ. She can handle the feelings." Her head tilted. "Side's I think it would help her to open up and relax more."

JJ shook her head. "I'm not even bi – sexual. I don't want to lead her on." She frowned. "I don't want to hurt her. Not for the world."

"But you want to become better friends with her?" Gracia said as she stood to her feet and walked over and put her hand on JJ's right shoulder blade. "Tell her what you admire about her, I'm sure that will do the trick."

"She'll take it the wrong way, and she'll be hurt." JJ whispered.

"She's a strong woman. Very lonely but strong. Her entire life she had been told to hide her emotions and not to open up to anyone. That too allow anyone in would give the other person power to hurt her and use her emotions against her." Gracia said looking straight into JJ's eyes and soul. "She's truly friendless and she hates it. She wants to trust some one and let someone in, but she's too afraid."

"I don't want to hurt her." JJ softly said.

"You won't." Gracia said letting JJ go. "Out of all of us, JJ, you truly are the only one who can get into Emily Prentiss heart and soul. Once you are in I'm sure she'll allow the rest of us in." She stepped back and sat down in her chair and turned to face her computer once more. "Tell her what you told me, trust me."

JJ simply sighed and turned back to the map, they had work to do. But she would seriously think on what Gracia had said.

All this started with just a simple silly question. "Describe your perfect woman."