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There Can Only Be One

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Chapter One: The Mirror Leaf


“All I’m saying is why can’t we ever do anything normal in this town?” I ask as we sit in Watch’s lab inspecting an unfamiliar plant.
“Adam, you’ve lived here long enough to know that nothing is ever normal in Spooksville,” Sally answers. Watch nods in agreement as he sends the plant into his radiation detector.
“Okay, good point, but why can’t we go for a walk without finding something supernatural? The last time we went for a walk we found the wishing stone….why do we keep going for walks?”
“Why? Is Adam Freeman, the big strong hero, afraid of walks?” Sally teases.
“No, I just would rather live one stress free, supernatural free, day in this town,”
“Hate to break up this interesting yet pointless conversation, but I just found high levels of radiation on this plant. It’s something that we have to be very careful touching…we don’t know what it can do yet,”
“And this is more interesting than our conversation because?” Sally questions. Watch rolls his eyes as he uses a napkin to pick up the leaf.
“Because, this conversation has a point…yours didn’t. We all know that something supernatural happens in this town everyday so let’s just leave it at that,” Watch explains.
“Whoa, Sally being snappy I’m used to, but Watch?” I state.
“Hey, hey, I’m not a turtle, it’s called being pessimistic thank you very much,” I look at her as a way of saying “Really?” and she just shrug.
“Pessimistic, Snappy, whatever, we just have to be careful around this plant okay? Nobody touch it until I’ve done some research on it,” Watch explains, as he puts the leaf into a petri dish.
“Fine. Can we get out of the lab now, we’ve been here all day!” I exclaim.
“Okay, let’s go to the library to research this thing,” Watch replies. Sally and I both groan.
“No! I’m pretty sure Mr. Spiney hates me and I‘m tired of going to the library,” Sally complains as we exit Watch's house.
“Well you did threaten to donate our bones to the museum of natural history,” Watch replies. I give out a small laugh; remembering that moment.
“Only to stop him from poisoning us with that stupid bone strengthening drink,” Sally says bitterly.
“Pessimistic and dramatic…that’s new,” I say, but quickly regret, as Sally punches me in the arm.
“Ow,” I whisper as I rub my arm.
“Complain all you guys want, but I’m going to the library with or without you,” Watch says as we get close to the Library.
“Ok, see ya,” Sally begins to turn around, but I grab her arm to bring her back.
“No, Sally, Watch is our friend. We can’t just ditch him,” I explain. Sally rolls her eyes.
“Fine,” she groans as we enter the library.

After what seems like hours of researching, Watch finally breaks the silence.
“Aha! I found something!” Watch says as he’s pointing to a page in the book.
“About time,” Sally replies. Watch just ignores her, which is what we do 90% of the time.
“The mirror leaf can make a copy of anyone or anything, but beware. The copies can become evil,” Watch reads.
“of course the leaf can create evil copies…when is something we find not evil?” I explain.
“Ok, nobody touch the leaf we don’t want-“
“Too late-“ Watch and I look up at Sally who is now standing holding the mirror leaf.
“Sally, put it down! What did I tell you?” Watch questions. Sally drops the leaf on the table.
“Sorry! It dropped to the ground and I didn’t want anyone else to accidentally touch it!” She explains.
“Well, it looks like nothing’s happening. Maybe the book is wrong,” I say as I shrug my shoulders.
“The books are never wrong,” Watch states.
“Well, genius, nothing’s happening so Adam is right and the book is wrong. Now I’m going home before it gets dark, bye” Sally starts to leave.
“Careful! Let us know if anything weird happens,” Watch calls after her.
“Will do!” Sally replies as she raises her arm.
“Do you think she’ll tell us?” Watch asks me.
“Not a chance,” I reply.
“But she can handle herself if something happens right? I shouldn’t be worried?” Watch adds.
“She absolutely can handle herself, but there’s nothing wrong with being worried about her,” I simply say. Sally is a tough girl. She’s saved me and Watch countless of times so there’s no reason she can’t save herself if she needed to. However, there’s this pit in my stomach that makes me think something bad is going to happen to Sally. I’ve been feeling that a lot lately, but it wasn’t always like that. It wasn’t until after the fear eater had taken her that I realized I had to keep an eye on Sally. Not very closely, just a look out for her kind of thing. The pit got even deeper after I had lost her to the fog. She was in my grip and I let her go. I felt responsible.
“Adam, did you just hear anything I said?” Watch questions;breaking my thoughts.
“What? no, sorry,”
“I said maybe we should keep an eye on her tonight….you know like when the fear eaters came?” Watch says.
“No, like I said she can handle herself. The fear eaters were different,” I explain.
“Okay, but I’m blaming you if something happens to her,” Watch says as he leaves the library.
“Yeah, I’ll blame me too,” I say to myself.


Okay, so that was the first chapter! Let me know what you think! This is my first ever Spooksville fanfic and the first real fanfic that I'm putting online! So feedback is much appreciated! By the way, I'm so mad that they didn't make a second season! If you want to save the show there are some petitions going around to help bring it back! Sign as many as you can! :)