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The Atrophy of Endurance

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Dave Strider, day one.

So some really serious shit went down today.

Fuck, where do I start.

The apocalypse has happened. By zombies, no less.

We're currently in a huge building we've blocked off. John, Jade, and Rose are here. All exits are sealed. We should conserve water, hey, Rose we should conserve water. The rest of you don't possess the finely tuned ability to survive solely on the juice of the gods like I do.

We can deal with your childhood traunatic events later, Dave.

Whoa excuse me

However, I agree we should save water. I think there were several containers sonewhere near all this furniture.

Yeah, whatever. Do whatever the hell it is you're doing. Rose thinks people need to know stuff. She can't talk very well though, 'cause her lip's all cut up. So here I am, recording this for some bullshit reason. Harley just happened to have all this random shit in her sylladex, and now we've got this dumb recorder thing. The girl is amazing.

I pulled a few muscles in my wrist, got a cut on my left upper leg. John has a gash in the back of his right shoulder. Jade's actually mostly fine, that girl with her first guardian powers has nothing to worry about. Rose, again, has got a cut on her lip, and her stomach is bleeding, but the wound is shallow. All of us are bruised up. No broken bones, I guess. She can still mainly talk, just as long as she doesn't move her upper lip.

We're dealing with some pretty heavy shit. The four of us were all just hanging out, in downtown.

Near the mall, someone started screaming.

No one was screaning yet, Strider.


A car drove by, darts shooting out of guns in the window. People were hit, they fell to the ground, ambulances were called, all of that. But before any of them arrived, the patients got up and started attacking nearby people. Everyone started to panic.

There were stampedes. Rose seemed to think the mall wasn't a good choice for a place to hide, because it was made of glass or something. I can't quite argue with her I guess, I mean I've seen enough YouTube videos to know at least the basics about this apocalypse stuff. Which is... probably the best thing about this planet? A+ to these guys for inventing YouTube again.

So we used some of Jade's science shit to jumpstart a car and we drove away. Thank fuck I can drive. A zombie tried to break in through the windshield. Half of it broke away in shards before we absconded the fuck out of there.

The thing is, this virus was manmade. I'd heard dumb fake news stories about scientists working on zombie-viruses. It was a fascinating subject I guess. Dead things and what not.

But someone meant for this to happen. Someone is trying to orchestrate mass murder.

The four of us know this, because we saw it. I don't think anyone else at that mall survived. The virus was fresher there, not having traveled through different immune systems, and it spread quickly. For reasons Lalonde is trying to figure out, as it evolves to be more resistant to the immune system, it overtakes the body slower.

Right now, John and Jade have gone out to get food. Not sure when they'll get back, but I'm pretty sure Harley can take care of herself, and John by extension.

Not very nice, Dave.


There isn't anything much else to say here. The summary is, shit is going down. Peace out.

Recorded 7:49 p.m. 4/7/12