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So This Is The Seventh Time You've Been Here?

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Darcy knew the drive to the small medical clinic far too well. Living around secret agents, superheroes, and Norse gods was dangerous, even if you didn’t live in the same building or fight alongside them. Sciencing was also very dangerous. Kinda like ‘Wormholes, explosions and kidnappings oh my!’ She let out a small yelp as the car went over a pothole.
“Sorry Miss Lewis.” The suit driving, Agent Donegan, looked over at her, his eyes hidden behind dark wire framed sunglasses.
“So beautiful, what got mad at you this time?” Dr. Hawkeye Pierce asked his new “favorite” patient as he looked her over. He’d noticed that every time she came in she had another broken bone. Last time it had been a rib, the time before that it was her arm. This time, it was her leg. A union fracture on the tibia of her left leg to be precise.
Darcy scowled at him. “My shoe.” She wasn’t annoyed with him, she’d just had a very bad day. Thankfully one of the nurses had already brought her some pain medication. She huffed and told him as much, wincing as he prodded at her broken leg that already had the beginnings of a bruise.
“Stop moving. Gosh, you think you’d know by now not to move when a doctor’s looking you over!” He said with a smirk. “And what a pretty picture you make!” He started immobilizing her leg.
“Pierce! Stop being a lech!” The head nurse, Houlihan, shouted at him.
“But Margaret, we’re getting along so well!” He yelled back, waggling his eyebrows at Darcy.
“So I can see.” Margaret walked on over and picked up Darcy’s chart. “Alright, stats are normal. Broken leg.. This is the seventh time you’ve been here?”