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Untitled Killjoys Fic

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Regarding the different versions of the podfic:

I like both the file with music and the one without. If you find music in podfics a little intrusive, I'd definitely skip the music version; it actually plays during the ending scene because there are references in the text to Welcome to the Black Parade. The music-less file is more bare, more stark, and I love it for the exposed emotion at the end.

But I also like the music version because the text says Gerard's feelings well up in him like a song, and in many ways, TBP album and that song in particular, were his rl!artistic responses to coming back from a drugged life and embracing the free, creative life that came afterwards. I wanted to include it and I love how it sounds as a soundtrack to the character's drama in this podfic.


Also, the bloopers are really short; I did not include the full minute of me crying my eyes out. #yourewelcome



Length: 17:26
mp3 link, with music: here

Length: 16:22
mp3 link, no music: here

Length: 00:59
mp3 link to bloopers: here