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Hate To See Him Go. Love To Watch Him Leave.

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"Oh my!" Kurt Hummel gasped as he and Blaine Anderson headed into the senior commons at Dalton Academy for warbler practice. "Who is that magnificent creature?"

"Ehh," Blaine shrugged. "Dunno but he's not that cute."

"You can't be serious," Kurt protested. "Look at those green eyes and that ass. I bet he's straight."

"Guess again," Jon interrupted pushing between the two friends. "He's on the Lacrosse team with me. He's an incredible player. He's gayer than a rainbow flag at Mardi Gras. He told us his name's Seb."

"So hot," Kurt was practically drooling. "Is he auditioning? I need a duet with him."

"I thought I was your duet partner," Blaine whined, feeling totally discarded.

"Don't be so needy," Kurt rolled his eyes. "You'll always be my best friend Blainey Days but Kurtie wants a boyfriend. I have needs."

"And you think that guy can fulfil them?" Blaine scoffed. "He looks like a chipmunk. Look at his huge teeth."

"If I didn't know better I'd say you were jealous," Kurt teased flopping down on a sofa to admire his new crush. "Do you want me Blaine?"

"Don't be ludicrous," Blaine laughed. "That would be like hooking up with my brother."

"Your brother is hot," Kurt reminded Blaine with a smirk. "He's the best looking man in North America. I'd totally hook up with him."

"Eww," Blaine scrunched up his face in disgust. "Keep your hands off Cooper. He's way too old for you and he's straight. He has a lovely girlfriend."

"Never mind," Kurt shrugged. "I'm more interested in the Disney prince over there anyway. He's so tall and lean and look at his hands."

"His hands? Really?" Blaine looked confused.

"Big hands, long fingers," Kurt raised his eyebrows grinning.

Blaine laughed at Kurt's insinuation. "You are so dirty."

"Warblers! Quiet Please!" Wes called beating his gavel on the table.

"I've heard he uses the handle of that thing as a sex toy," Kurt whispered to Blaine making them both giggle.

"Warbler Kurt!" Wes frowned. "Would you care to share with the group what's so funny?"

"Kurt was just saying how pretty the new boy is," Blaine teased.

"Shut up," Kurt blushed gazing over at the new kid. He looked slightly embarrassed too.

Wes looked at Kurt and Blaine with disdain. "Do we need to separate you two again?" he threatened.

"We'll behave," Blaine promised trying to keep a straight face.

"I won't say another word," Kurt added, sarcastically making a zipping motion over his mouth.

"Thank you," Wes rolled his eyes. "We've wasted enough time. Sebastian is here today to audition for the Warblers. He comes to us from Paris with a background in tap dancing and acapella."

"He's an Aquarius," Kurt added mockingly "who loves sunset walks on the beach and ..."

"Kurt!" Wes glared as all the warblers roared laughing.

"Sorry," Kurt giggled. "I'll stop now, I promise."

"This is your final warning," Wes frowned before turning his attention back to Seb. "Please step forward Sebastian and tell us what you'll be singing for us today."

Kurt eyed Sebastian hungrily as he stepped out in front of the group. "Hot Damn!" he mumbled to Blaine under his breath.

"I'm Sebastian Smythe and I'll be singing Shawn Mendes's Stitches."

Personally Kurt loved that song. He subconsciously held his breath sincerely hoping that the heavenly angel before them all wouldn't butcher it. He was pleasantly surprised and breathed easy as Sebastian sang. His voice was as smooth and silky as the flawless skin of his, that Kurt longed to explore. Kurt was mesmerised. The phrase love at first sight lingered in the back of the Warbler's mind.

"Thank you," Wes nodded approvingly as Sebastian's song ended. "The Warbler's will vote now if you are successful you'll be contacted within 24 hours by email with an invitation to join our group. Good luck. You may leave now."

"Thank you for your time," Sebastian smiled. Kurt melted under the warmth of it watching as Sebastian left the room.

"I hate to see him go but I love to watch him leave," Kurt smirked at Blaine.

Blaine shook his head looking thoroughly amused. "You're terrible."

"Honestly you two," Wes chastised the duo.

"Sorry," they replied in unison.

Wes sighed in exasperation. "Time to vote."

"I liked him," Kurt replied. "But I think his top register needs a little work. I'd be happy to coach him every afternoon in my dorm. I'm sure I could have him hitting those high notes in no time."

"Very generous Kurt," Wes smiled completely missing the sexual innuendo in Kurt's words. "All in favour of having Sebastian Smythe join the Warblers please raise your hand."

The majority of boys in the group raised their hands at Wes's request including Wes himself and of course Kurt. "Okay majority rules," Wes completed the count. "Sebastian Smythe will begin as a Warbler next meeting. Kurt, I'm appointing you to mentor him until he settles in and as such request that you prepare a solo to perform before the group. Please nothing inappropriate this time."

"Of course not," Kurt replied innocently.

"I thought Kurt's rendition of You Can Leave Your Hat On was amazing," Jeff giggled.

"That's because you caught his tie when he threw it off," Nick frowned at his boyfriend.

"Heaven help me," Wes looked up at the ceiling in frustrated desperation. "Let's rehearse our numbers for invitationals. Places please gentleman."

The Warblers took their places in the centre of the room and began their songs.
"This last one is lacking something," Blaine observed as they tried it without satisfaction for a third time.

"The dance is lame," Jeff complained. "It feels amateurish."

"I agree," Wes acknowledged. "Let's leave it there for today. We can all give it some thought and try out some new moves next time. See you in two days gentleman." He pounded his gavel on the table. "You are all dismissed."

The group quickly dispersed. "Can you help me with my French homework after dinner?" Blaine asked Kurt as they headed up the hall to the cafetaria.

"Again?" Kurt frowned. "I guess but I have a lot of modern history homework to do. I wonder what's for dinner tonight. I'm starving."

"The menu read vegetarian lasagne and salad, chicken curry and rice or beef wellington with roast vegetables." Blaine replied.

"How do you memorise that but you can't remember a few French verbs?" Kurt joked.

"I like food," Blaine grinned as they stepped into the crowded dining room. "French sucks ass."

"French is so simple," Kurt sighed as they joined the line for dinner.

"There's your new boyfriend," Blaine pointed at the new kid who sat alone across the room.

"He's so beautiful," Kurt sighed wistfully. "Do you think we should join him? Introduce ourselves maybe? He is going to be a warbler."

"I really don't understand what you see in him," Blaine shrugged indifferently.

"I told you, eyes, ass, long fingers," Kurt giggled. "Plus he's got a hot sexy voice that I can imagine screaming my name in passion when he finally lets me defile him."

"You're too much," Blaine laughed ordering the beef wellington as he reached the front of the line. "And the veggie lasagne for my best bud here too please," he added.

"Thanks," Kurt smiled as he took two cokes, one regular for Blaine and one diet for himself and two pieces of cheesecake.
Kurt headed straight for Sebastian with Blaine in tow.

"Do you mind if I sit down?" Kurt asked the new kid pulling out the chair beside him.

Sebastian looked up at him surprised. "Go ahead."

Kurt smiled sitting down. Blaine took the seat opposite. "I'm Kurt and this is Blaine." Kurt introduced himself and his friend.

"I'm Sebastian...Seb Smythe," Sebastian replied quietly.

"We know," Kurt smiled as he began to eat. "We're warblers. We saw your audition today. Your voice is amazing."

"Thanks," Seb blushed at the compliment.
"I hope I make it in. I like to perform and I really need the extra curriculars if I want to get into Columbia."

"You're planning to go to college in New York?" Kurt asked sounding delighted.

"Family tradition," Seb shrugged. "Every male Smythe since the beginning of time studied at Columbia."

"That's a lot of pressure," Blaine chipped in.

"My father calls it incentive," Seb shrugged.

"We are planning to go to NYADA," Kurt informed his crush. "I want to make it onto Broadway."

"I wish you well," Seb smiled. "That's quite a goal." Kurt sighed dreamily practically swooning under Seb's gaze. Blaine gave him a small kick under the table to bring him back to reality.

"Th...Thank you," Kurt stuttered. "We're studying in my room after dinner if you'd like to join us."

Sebastian shook his head. "I wouldn't want to intrude on your time together with your boyfriend."

"We're not boyfriends," Blaine corrected Seb laughing.

"Oh sorry. I just assumed," Sebastian replied awkwardly.

"It's okay," Kurt reassured him. "I'm single. Very very single...very very available."

"Good to know," Seb smiled shyly finishing his meal. "Me too. I might see you both later."

"Room 2F," Kurt replied eagerly. "It's on the second floor obviously."

"Obviously," Seb acknowledged before he walked away.

"That ass," Kurt growled watching the new kid leave. "I want."

"Keep it in your pants," Blaine laughed shaking his head as he ate.