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Just Your Last Goodnight

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Zac growled out softly as he threw his phone on the bed, a soft thud sounding beside him after he had done so. He knew it was probably stupid to get angry now when he should have gotten angry over the phone when talking to Kate. It should be her he was taking his frustrations out on but instead it was his phone, the thing she had used to tell him that she had made a drunken mistake.

A drunken mistake that consisted of her losing her virginity to some guy who went to her college. A mistake she was sorry for because she had promised to do like him and wait until their wedding night in June to finally go all the way. Though they had really done everything but have sex Zac had stupidly chosen to wait because Kate had wanted too and now Kate had already done it with some other guy while wearing his engagement ring more than likely.

It was a ring he hadn't even wanted to give her because they were young and what was wrong if they waited a few more years? But Kate had been persistent always threatening to break up with him if he didn't marry her and that usually frightened him because what if he never found someone like her again? Someone who was pretty and loved him enough. Zac was just a fool and he always gave in to what Kate wanted in the end.

Yet what did that get him but a fiancee who had made some fucking drunk mistake with a prick who she'd probably never see again after college once she was his wife..if she even became his wife because Zac was having doubts though in the end he knew he'd go back to her because she was pretty and she loved him enough or at least enough to want him despite his flaws in appearance.

Coming out of his thoughts as he heard a knock on the door of his bedroom, Zac raised an eyebrow knowing it wasn't Isaac the man who was his roommate at the moment in the pool house that they both lived in on their parents property. Isaac was out on a date with Nikki who was visiting from Florida since she wouldn't be able to be here on Valentine's Day and he was sure it wasn't his parents. It was nearing midnight and they were both at least usually in bed or close to it by now.

So that meant it had to be one of his younger siblings though anymore they did their best to avoid him more than likely because they knew he was busy with wedding planning already and house hunting or well apartment hunting.

"Who is it?" Zac finally called out as he kept his eyebrow raised.

"Avery," his younger sister's voice came from the other side of the door. "I umm wanted to talk to you about something but i if it's not a good time I can come back later."

Zac sighed softly as he heard Avery and he knew he should probably tell her that now really wasn't the best time because it wasn't. Not when he was dealing with the news of Kate cheating but it wasn't often that his siblings came to him to talk. They usually chose Isaac because at least he was responsible and not dumb like Zac or Taylor.

"Now's fine Avie," Zac answered watching as the door to his room opened after he said that and his younger sister walked in, already dressed in her pajamas. A pink tank top and matching pajama pants. "What did you want to talk to me about?" he asked her as she sat down on the bed beside him slowly and he could tell she looked nervous. She was biting her lip so hard he was afraid she'd draw blood.

Avery took a deep breath at his words and she avoided his gaze by looking down at her hands, " know how I have a boyfriend..Holden," she spoke as she mentioned the boy she was dating. A boy who Zac was sure she had only been dating since December.

"Yeah," Zac nodded his head as he looked at her curiously. "Am I going to have to go all big brother on him and kick his ass for you?" he asked trying to joke and make her laugh, maybe lighten the mood so she wasn't so nervous about whatever she needed to talk about.

Avery finally cracked a smile at that, though it was a small one. "No," she said as she shook her head turning to face Zac as she scrunched her nose up as if she was contemplating what to say next. "I..I think he wants to have sex with me," she said and her words made Zac's cheeks turn hot.

They weren't words he was expecting to hear from his fifteen year old sister, a sister who he hadn't even realized had somehow grown up right under his nose but now as he took her in he couldn't help but swallow hard.

"And what gives you that impression Avery?" Zac asked taking on a firmer tone and now he kind of did want to kick Holden's ass. He wanted to kick the ass of every boy who had sexual fantasies or thoughts of his sister because that was his sister and hell he knew what fifteen year old boys were like. He had been one and he knew what he had thought of fifteen year old girls back then.

"He bought condoms last week and he told me about it," Avery answered her cheeks turning a bit pink.

Going silent for awhile Zac now went to chewing his lip because well yeah that did sound like Holden was implying he was thinking of having sex with Avery. But Zac wasn't really sure why she was coming to him. This had to be a topic better suited for Jessica or even Isaac maybe though Isaac would probably want to kick Holden's ass too so Jessica would have been the safer bet.

"So why are you telling me this?" Zac finally asked as he broke the silence he had created.

Avery again looked away from Zac and he watched as she took several deep breaths obviously getting more nervous by whatever she wanted to say.

"I don't know how to please a guy," Avery said as she turned back to Zac and her cheeks were now verging on the color red. "I don't even know how to please myself. I've know..." she trailed off and Zac had to look away from her because he wasn't sure he was supposed to even know that his sister had never masturbated yet. "I was kind of hoping that maybe you could teach me," she finished off in a hurry her worlds coming out jumbled but Zac had heard them despite that.

He had heard and he just sat there in silence trying to find words as his mouth closed and opened repeatedly. This wasn't something he had been expecting. Avery wanting him to teach her how to please herself or even how to please a guy. Though it made a bit more sense why she hadn't gone to Jessica or Isaac.

"I'm your brother," Zac said once he could find the ability to talk. "I'm probably not the best person you should want teaching you how to pleasure yourself."

Avery nodded her head, "I know that," she said and she did sound like she knew and understood so it made no sense why she had came to him. "But I trust you Zac," she sighed as she shrugged her shoulders. "I trust you and things like that should always be with someone you trust right?" she questioned as she raised her eyebrow.

"They should but Ave..." Zac started but stopped as he shook his head. "Not if that person is your older brother," he said as he watched her look change. She now looked like a sad child who had just been told no and Zac hated that he had hurt her feelings. " should just do things with Holden even if you're inexperienced. I mean I wasn't that experienced when Kate and I started fooling around," he said knowing all he had done before Kate was get an awkward blow job at fourteen in the bathroom stall of some venue.

It wasn't the best thing that had happened and hell now when he and Kate did have sex on their wedding night he'd be inexperienced again at least compared to her. Which meant she'd probably be comparing him to the dude she had drunkenly lost her virginity too.

"Yeah but you still had some experience," Avery countered as she shook her head. "Wasn't that experienced is completely different from not experienced at all," she argued as she kept her eyes on him and while she still looked sad she also wasn't backing down either. She was truly being a Hanson in this moment. Stubborn.

Shaking his head Zac went silent again because he wasn't sure there was much more arguing he could. Not when Avery was being stubborn to Hanson level extremes. He knew what that was like because most of times he was like that too.

"You really want me to be the one to help you?" Zac asked as his voice caught a little in his throat as he spoke again.

Avery nodded her head as she gave him a tiny smile, "I wouldn't be here right now if I didn't."

Heaving a sigh Zac locked eyes with Avery and he was sure he was going to regret the next words out of his mouth. "If it's what you want then..then I'll do it," he told her almost hesitating between finishing his sentence. "But if you want to stop anytime during what we do please tell me Avie," he pleaded as he inched closer to her, knowing he'd feel guilty if she went along with something she didn't want to do.

The last thing he wanted was to make her feel like she had to keep doing something she didn't like even if she did trust him.

"I will," Avery said as she smiled a bit bigger now. "I promise."

At her promise Zac took a deep breath as he did a silent prayer for what he was about to do, knowing he was probably going against at least a few bible verses. Which was something Kate probably wouldn't be too proud of seeing as she wanted to be religious again and all but well he was sure she had went against a few too when she had drunkenly cheated on him.

Once Zac had released the breath he had been holding in, he leaned over towards Avery, letting his lips brush across hers softly. It was a chaste kiss at first even when she started responding to it but the moment he felt her move a little bit closer to him Zac couldn't help but deepen the kiss an action that lead to it losing all the innocence it even had.

Now he was kissing Avery in a way he usually kissed Kate and from the way she kissed him back he was at least sure that she and Holden had the kissing part down good. She didn't seem too awkward at this or seem like she didn't know what she was doing. Hell she was probably slightly a bit better at this then he had been at fifteen but then again Zac had been one hell of a geeky teenager.

As the kiss progressed Zac reached out, letting his hands go to rest on Avery's waist and without even thinking he helped maneuver her into his lap.

The moment she was there he bit down on her hip softly as he let his hips go up into hers and he couldn't help the smirk that formed when he heard her gasp out at that.

"Just do what I do," Zac spoke as he pulled away briefly to look into her eyes. "Roll your hips down into mine eventually. It will feel even better that way, I promise," he said as he leaned in to kiss her again, doing his best to forget still that this was his sister. He was sitting on his bed having a make out session with his sister.

When she finally kissed him back again, Zac let his hips roll up into hers again and he soon felt her copying his actions and before he knew it they had somehow built a rhythm of getting in sync with each other. A rhythm of their hips meeting at the same time and somehow that simple action was enough to get Zac's cock half hard and he knew then he was screwed.

Letting his hand slowly slide under the hem of her shirt Zac felt Avery shiver at the contact and as he kissed her deeper, he pushed up the shirt slightly exposing more skin to him. Skin that he could feel goosebumps forming on and as he rubbed the newly exposed skin he heard her moan into the kiss.

It was probably an action she hadn't even been aware of but somehow Zac had found he liked. He liked that he was making her feel good just from kissing and well didn't that also mean he was doing what she wanted? He was giving her experience, helping her find out what she liked.

Pulling away from the kiss Zac locked eyes with Avery briefly before he lifted her tank top off and throwing it to the floor, his eyes going to her chest. Of course he had expected she hadn't been wearing a bra but to finally see it, see her breast right there he blushed but then he looked back at her as a tiny smile grew on his lips.

"You're beautiful Avery," he admitted and he was being honest. She was clearly still developing but she was beautiful and he wished he had, had someone at fifteen to tell him his body was fine but no one had. All he had was the sometimes hurtful things fans said and even now he had that and hell even when he fooled around with Kate she wasn't much better than the fans at times.

"I'm nothing to look at," Avery said as she shook her head, her cheeks getting a darker shade of pink. A pink that wasn't caused from kissing Zac. "I'm still flat chested a bit and gawky."

At her words Zac just shook his head, "You're beautiful," he repeated wanting her to finally get it. "Even if you see flaws you're beautiful," he smiled as he watched her cheeks turn a bit more pink now.

"If you say so," Avery finally spoke obviously giving in to what he was saying regardless on if she truly believed him or not.

"I do," Zac said before he let his hands softly run down her breasts and as he did so he watched her eyes fall shut as her hips involuntarily moved into his and they both moaned at that. "You like that?" he asked her softly, watching as she nodded her head yes though she kept her eyes shut.

After Avery had given him her answer in the form of a head nod, Zac repeated the action, watching as her nipples hardened at his touch this time and he couldn't help but lick his lips and lean into her, letting his mouth go around one of them as he began to suck on it.

It was an action that again caused Avery's hips to move into his again though this time instead of moaning out Avery began to whimper, her whimpers remaining almost constant as he kept sucking on her hardened flesh. It was something that sounded almost erotic to Zac and he wasn't even sure if he had heard this much from Kate every time they fooled around.

Moving his mouth off her nipple he looked up at her, seeing that her eyes were open again and he swallowed hard at the look he saw in her eyes. Zac almost swore it was lust or something like it anyway and he wasn't sure how he felt about it, though if he had anything against it that didn't stop his lips attaching themselves to her other nipple nor did it stop him from feeling a bit pleased at having the same effect sucking on this one as he had sucking on the first one.

After a while when he felt he had, had her worked up enough, Zac pulled away before looking back up at Avery, "Lay back on the bed," he told her as they locked eyes again. "Want to get you out of your pants and show you how you can really feel good."

At his words Avery seemed to obey him, moving off his lap and laying down on his bed. The moment she seemed to get comfortable, he chewed his lip hard as his hands went to the waistband of her pajamas pants and he slowly pulled them down, watching her lift up to help him slightly.

Once they were off her, Zac threw them to the floor with her shirt and then he again let his eyes roam her body seeing her blush again as he did so.

"Nice panties Avie," Zac spoke as he laid down beside her, his lips going to her ear which he nipped slightly as he let his hand go to the front of her panties, feeling her shudder slightly as his hand gently caressed the front of them. "Pretty pink panties."

"I thought you'd say no and stick to it," Avery said sounding genuine with what she said. "If I knew you were going to say yes maybe I would have worn a better pair than pink cotton panties."

Laughing Zac just nipped at her ear again, not even sure if he believed Avery had anything much sexier or skimpy. Their parents would probably die if she did.

"You've got this pair soaked though," Zac commented as he kept rubbing her through her panties. Panties that were wet in the front and Zac would be lying if he didn't admit that he kind of liked she had gotten this wet because of him. "Let's hope whenever you do things with Holden that he can get you this wet," he muttered as he moved away enough to push Avery's panties off of her, leaving her entirely naked in front of him.

It was a sight that he swore made his hard cock a bit harder, especially when he took in her pussy and he was a bit surprised to see that she shaved down there because he hadn't been expecting that. Though he figured one of her friends or even Jessica had told her about that or maybe she had learned that herself even if she claimed she didn't know anything about sexual pleasure of herself or anyone else.

Biting his lip again Zac let his hand go back between her legs and he couldn't help the moan that came from his own lips as his hand connected with her bare, wet flesh.

"So wet," he commented as he watched Avery suck in a breath when his fingers slowly grazed over her slit, her hips lifting into his touch.

Avery moaned out softly as her head moved a bit into the bed, "Is it bad to be that wet?" she asked as her voice caught in her throat.

"It's not bad at all," Zac answered her as he slowly let one of his fingers slip inside of her and he kept it still for a few seconds as he watched her face scrunch up and he was almost afraid that he had hurt her or that she would ask him to stop but when she didn't say anything Zac started to move his finger in and out of her at a slow pace.

It was something that had his own eyes falling shut as he laid back down beside her, his lips attaching to her neck as his brain against his better judgement started to become filled with images of fucking her though it wasn't his finger he was using in his fantasies. Instead he was full on fucking her and he moaned out at the mere thought of what she'd probably feel like around his cock. Avery was tight even just around his finger and the feeling felt good, maybe a bit better than how Kate felt.

Zac knew he'd probably have to go to confession or something at this rate because his body was already committing a thousand sins and all of them were sending him to hell fast.

When he heard Avery's moans and whimpers getting louder, Zac opened his eyes and he knew, he could tell from her face that she was close. She was going to orgasm soon and he wanted to bring her over the edge.

"Come for me baby," Zac spoke as he added a second finger inside of her. "You can do it, you're almost there. Just relax and let it happen," he whispered as his lips continued to leave light kisses on her neck.

Avery just continued to moan at his words but the moment he felt her walls beginning to close around his fingers, Zac smirked when he heard her mutter a slew of curse words. Words that would probably make their mom blush and then ground her for. Though then again she'd probably ground Zac for this whole situation that was happening so.

Once her orgasm had ended Zac slipped his fingers out of her and he brought them to his lips, sucking them off. He was a bit surprised that he liked the taste of her but then again he was surprised at how much he had happened to like everything they had done so far.

"What the fuck happened?" Avery asked as she looked up at Zac and now her whole body was a pink tint with a bit of sweat on it.

Zac smirked a bit more as he leaned over to peck her lips softly, "You had your first orgasm Avie baby," he told her feeling a bit dirty for using her childhood nickname. "It happens when.."

"I know when it happens," Avery spoke though her voice came out a bit soft. "I just I never knew it felt that good," she laughed softly as her eyes soon trailed down to Zac's jeans where his bulge was still at. "Do you want me to help with that?" she asked and Zac found it funny how shy she seemed after everything that had just happened between them.

"Nah, I can take care of it soon on my own. You need to get back in the main house though," Zac told her knowing Isaac and Nikki would be back soon and he didn't know what he'd say if he had to explain why Avery was here in his room.

Avery nodded as she sat up on his bed and she paused briefly as she turned to look at Zac who was still laying down on the bed. "T..thanks," she said as she offered him a tiny smile. "I mean for well showing me some things like what you just did."

Zac laughed softly as he blushed under Avery's stare, "I fingered you Avie," he told her as he watched her look away acting all shy again. "Now you know how to get yourself off and make yourself orgasm, in case Holden can't whenever you two do have sex."

"Hopefully he does," Avery spoke as she finally stood from the bed and got dressed.

Watching her leave once she was clothed Zac just let out a tiny groan as he turned to look at his ceiling, "Damn it," he growled as he reached down to undo his jeans, knowing he couldn't hold off any longer. He had to get off and he knew when he did he was going to be thinking of his sister. "I'm going to hell."