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Maximoff Twins x Reader One Shots

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We’re All Mad Here
Request for CyberPr1m3


Avengers Tower was loud and pumping, the music vibrating the floors as it blared from the speakers and the bodies pressing against one another to create as much friction as possible. You didn’t know most of the people here, and there was a good chance that even Tony didn’t know most of the people here. He loved a good party with lots of attendees, regardless of where they came from or why they came.
You’d only come because it was a Halloween party and you loved dressing up. You wore a blue and white striped dress that was corseted and hugged your curves beautifully. Your feet were clad in blue and white striped socks along with blue Mary Jane heels. Your hands were clothed in blue and white striped arm warmers, a fluffy blue and white tail was attached to the back of your skirt, and blue and white cat ears sat atop your head. You’d curled your hair and applied a bit of mascara, using blue and white eyeliner to add some stripes to your facial features.
You’d always adored the Cheshire Cat.
You were seated on the couch beside Maria and opposite Thor. Steve and Bruce were seated beside the god and Natasha claimed the seat on the other side of Maria. Tony was lounging in an arm chair, Clint was on the floor, and Pietro and Wanda stood off to the side awkwardly. Though they’d been accepted as part of the team, they hadn’t quite blended into the routine just yet, and they were still shy and awkward. Pietro was grateful to the lot of them for saving his life during the fight against Ultron, but other than “Thank you” or “I owe you my life,” he didn’t have a lot to say to anyone besides his sister.
You were all talking and laughing over your drinks when Tony stood up, his face lit up as though a light bulb sat illuminated above his head. “I know what we can do!”
Natasha smirked while you and Maria groaned. “What, Tony?” you inquired.
“Seven Minutes in Heaven!” he grinned, grabbing the nearly empty bowl of nuts. He gestured to the napkins that sat in a stack on the table. “Everyone write your name on a napkin, then stick it in the bowl.”
Surprisingly enough, everyone obeyed and scribbled their names on the napkins. You watched as even Pietro and Wanda added theirs to the mix. You smiled softly – they were trying to fit in. They wanted to be part of the team.
“Who should go first…?” Tony mused aloud.
“Why not one of the newest additions?” Clint smirked, looking up at the twins.
“Yes!” Tony agreed, shoving the bowl into Wanda’s hands. “Ladies first.”
She gulped inaudibly, plucking a napkin from the dish. Unfolding it, she read, “Steve?”
The blond smiled and stood, offering his arm to the girl. She nervously accepted it, following Steve as he led her to the closet that Tony had appointed for the game.
“Why don’t you go while we wait for your sister?” Tony suggested, nodding at Pietro.
He shrugged before reaching in to grab a napkin. Setting the bowl down as he unfolded it, he read, “(Y/n)?”
All eyes turned to you as you stood up, looking at Tony to see which closet he wanted you to use. He gestured to one of the storage closets across the room and you nodded. You began walking that way with Pietro in tow. Once inside, Tony closed and locked the door behind you, sealing your fate.
“Of course he would lock it,” you breathed as you leaned against the inside of the door.
“Does he always do this?” Pietro inquired.
“Whenever he gets the chance,” you replied. “He’s like an overgrown horny teenager, really.”
A chuckle escaped your closet partner’s throat, causing you to smile. You loved his laugh. You loved his smile.
“How long are we to stay in the closet?” he asked, scooting closer to you. You’d sunk down so you were seated on the floor with your back against the door, and he shuffled in beside you.
“Well, it’s supposed to be seven minutes, hence the title of the game, but Tony likes leaving people in longer to make something happen,” you explained. “So we could be in here for an hour or more.”
“Should we?” he asked softly. Your breath hitched in your throat as you realized just how close he was to your ear.
“Should we what?” you replied softly.
“Make something happen?”
You turned to look at him, unable to see any details of his face but knowing where he was. He leaned forward until his forehead rested on yours.
“Do you want something to happen?” you breathed.
You felt him nod against your head and you gave in, leaning in until your lips melded with his. Sparks exploded inside your body as your fantasies came to life, soft sighs escaping your lips every time you pulled away to start a new kiss. His hand slithered up your arm and shoulder to your neck, cupping the back of your head. One of your hands tangled in his hair while the other rested on his chest. His free arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you as tightly against him as he could.
He pulled you into his lap by the arm around your waist and you gladly obliged, wrapping your arms around his neck. You rested one knee on either side of his hips, straddling his lap, fingers tangling in his hair. The hand in your hair grasped and tugged gently, causing you to tilt your head back with a soft gasp. His lips grazed your neck, sending tingles through your entire body, as footsteps approached the door.
You tried to pull away to save the embarrassment, but his hold wouldn’t loosen. He kept his arms around you lovingly, his lips pressing against your jaw.
“What if they open the door?” you whispered.
“Let them,” he replied, bringing his lips back to yours.
“They’re not gonna be doing any- woah!” Tony was caught off guard by the sight that awaited him on the other side of the door. You were still straddling the Russian’s lap, your hands in his hair and his hands on your hips, his lips on your neck.
“Get some, Superspeed!” Tony cheered before being dragged away by the ear by Natasha. A blush stained your cheeks as you looked up at the door to see the other team members walking away respectfully. Wanda smiled supportively at you as she closed the door, returning your privacy. You turned your attention back to Pietro, who grinned like the Cheshire Cat you were dressed as.
“Where were we?”