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Of Perverts, Stalkers, Leaders and, Dumbasses

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Chapter 1: Of Leaders, I love Yous and Notes

Wet sounds filled the room as a couple passionately made love. The bigger figure over the other teasing the small body to the point of tears.

“A-Ah~ Y-Yuuji…” Tsuchiya Kouta moaned out through his tears. “M-More…”

Sakamoto Yuuji smirked as he looked down at the usually so composed pervert. His hips rolled tantalizingly slow into the small boy as the grey-eyed male moaned again as another sob escaped through his lips as the other pushed into him again.

“What was that Kouta?” He questioned leaning down, while bending the other male in half, and nibbling on a delicate ear. “I couldn’t quite understand you.”

The boy in question gave a mixture between a sob and a moan.

“P-Please Yuuji…” He cried out. “I need more…!!”

Grinning, the red headed boy flipped the other boy onto all fours without removing himself and began pounding into the boy at unbearable speeds as Kouta began crying out in absolute pleasure.

“A-Ah!!” He cried out at the feeling of being taken roughly by the taller male. “Y-Yuuji!!”

“That’s right,” He grunted back. “Keep calling out my name until your neighbors can hear you!”

The two began to lose themselves into the undeniable pleasure coursing through their bodies at the moment. Kouta felt his end coming soon, everything began to heighten from his senses to his feeling of pleasure.

“Y-Yuuji…” He choked out. “I’m gonna...soon…”

He barely got the last word out between his panted breaths and choked gasps, the teen behind him groaned as the already tight entrance tightened up more due to the other coming hard as he cried out.

“Y-Yuuji stop…” Kouta cried out as the other continued to move despite him just coming. “Ii-I’m too sensitive.”

The thrusting went even to an even faster pace as Yuuji felt his own climax coming close, as the other began to sob from the overwhelming pleasure. Soon he felt his climax hit him as he began to ride it out.

Kouta squealed when he felt the other swell inside of him before everything slowly began to stop as a burning hot liquid began to fill his insides. He moaned tiredly when the other pulled out finally as his strength slowly gave way.

The last thing he heard was Yuuji whispering the quiet comforting words he’s always wanted to hear from someone.

“I love you Kouta.” The redhead leaned down placing a gentle kiss on the pale sweaty forehead.

He then gently laid down next to the other boy with a gentle smile on his face as he drifted off to sleep.

When Kouta awoke he looked to the side and caught sight of Yuuji lying there, still naked from last nights activities.

The small teen looked down at his own body and noticed tons of hickeys covering him from head to toe and he blushed wondering if most of these would be covered up by his school uniform.

'At least he didn't leave too many I guess...'  He thought with a wryly smile as he shook his head gently.

Wiggling out of bed he began to get read for school, before waking Yuuji up and heading to the kitchen to make breakfast.

"Ohayou, Kouta." Yuuji yawned after getting ready for school himself.

The teen nodded in greeting handing the other a plate filled with eggs and white rice.

Soon, they were off after a quiet breakfast. While Yuuji went ahead to their class, Kouta stopped by his shoe locker to go pick up his school shoes.

Arriving there shortly, he noticed something peeking out of the little door flapping gently in the wind by the part sticking out. Gently, he pulled it out and froze by what he read on the paper.

I'm always watching... I love you...

It didn't say from who so all he knew was... he had a stalker that apparently loved him. Too much if you asked him.

He shoved the letter into his pocket and began to make his way to class, even more cautious than usual. This... was going to be a LONG story in the future.