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Traveling Through Time

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In Sunnydale, California where vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures exists is the reason why Faith is in Sunnydale high school library trying to find books about different places where she could go to get away from the things that existed in Sunnydale.

Faith wants a change from slaying and the people there. Faith wants to see other places that are actually normal then good old Sunnydale. She wants a chance to be a normal teenager, something she hasn't had the chance to experience since she was call.

Faith is looking through some old historical books that they never used except for homework or projects for school when she comes across Hornblower's journal. Faith picks up the journal and begins to read about his adventures at sea.

As Faith is scanning through his journal, one entry catches her eye. She finds a table nearby and sits down and begins to read about what transpire aboard the HMS Renown while serving under Captain James Sawyer hero of the Nile.

As Faith is reading the events that took place on board, she realizes that the captain is slowing losing his mind and putting his crew and his ship in danger due to his recklessness.

As she continues to read through his journal, she hears growling nearby in the library and marks her place in the journal where she stopped reading and puts it down on the table to go find out where the growling came from to discover a demon over an Interdimensional portal.

She takes a fighting stance to prepare herself to send this demon back to hell before it has a chance to go through the portal the demon open and closing it before anymore creatures come through it.

She and the time traveling demon begin to fight. Faith is unaware that she is about to enter a world that she isn't use to. She will have adventure and an experience of a lifetime that will change history as we know it. She and the demon continuing fighting and throwing punches causing Faith to get knock into a book shelf causing all the books on the shelf to fall on the floor and on top of her, she then pushes the books off of her and gets back up to finish the demon off.

She then places herself between the portal and the demon preventing him from going through it thus making the demon very angry for her getting in his way. The demon is determined to go back through the portal if he has to take her with him.

All of a sudden the demon starts advancing on her causing her to fall through the interdimensional portal with him behind her causing the portal to close up behind them, leaving the library a mess of books all over of the place.